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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 29, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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johannes mehserle mess good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, october 29th. let's begin with a quick look at weather. steve, how long is it going to rain? >> well, for parts of the east bay and peninsula there won't be rain at all until saturday. you can see the heavy rain in santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma county, marin county, parts of
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napa county. it was raining in fairfield, vacaville, orinda, oakland, sfo, pacifica. south of that, east of that, nothing. put it north, yes. put it in tighter here and we'll show you towards the north bay that's starting to stack up heavy and when you start to see yellow, red, orange. so far the rainfall has been generally about less than .5. let's get to sal. steve, i've been looking at the chp list here. wherever the rain moves through we see a spike in the number of collisions. this morning in san francisco, there was some flooding and that caused serious collisions. you can see from these pictures here that the crews had to get out here and unclog this drain. this happens all of the time as debris gets caught in here. you can see they had had to
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unclog the drain. the wet weather's also caused a problem with a downed tree in san francisco. crews are working to clean up after a tree fell over in the potrero hill neighborhood about three hours ago. the tree came within a foot or two of parked cars. no one was hurt. it did cause other damage. ktvu's jade hernandez is there and she'll have a live report from that scene coming up in just a few minute. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. there's more excitement at at&t park this morning. in fact, the barricades are going up outside the ballpark as the giants get ready to leave for texas. this follows their thrilling back-to-back world series victories at home. ktvu akraig debro is live -- ktvu's kraig debro is live with more. >> reporter: i got this jacket when they opened the park and i'm wearing it this morning.
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there are barricades up. the reason for that, we have an insource telling us the giants are leaving this morning no later than 9:00. the team figurings the word will get out, the fans will come down, and so they put out the barricades. this morning, they are just two wins away from clenching the world series. >> to the right. >> and the giants win it 9-0! [ cheers ] >> reporter: giants have a 2-0 series lead over the rangers of texas. the giants also have history on their side. giants have set some records along the way, 20 runs in the first two games. 11 wednesday night and 9 last night. >> always played a lot of close
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games. that's just the way this ballpark turns out games to be. it's one of those things where you get used to pitching and then try to really understand, you know, which situations to bear down on. >> probably expected shutouts but our -- shootouts but our guys have been putting out good hits. sticking to the plan. it's paying off. >> sheer dominance, cain really pitched well. he set the tone of the game. nothing waiverred his decision. nothing got him scared. >> freddie isn't chez has a world series record for doubling his first three times up. last night's giants here, it seems like it's a different
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person every night. renteria broke up at scoreless in the 5th by hitting a homer off cj wilson and then in the 7th, his bases loaded single brought in two runs. renteria had three rbis. that's the first time he has had three rbis in a game this year. that's including the regular season. giants scheduled to leave here for texas later this morning, arriving this afternoon. after they get on the plane, they are gonna call it a night. tomorrow's game is at 3:30. it will be on fox. let's hope they win. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a lot of people are actually hoping that they will lose a couple of games so they can come back and win the world series at at&t park, right? >> reporter: how dare they! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's not like the yankees, where it happens often enough where you have the luxury of saying, let's lose a couple. have it back here. [ laughter ]
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>> there will be a celebration in san francisco. thank you, kraig. well, this morning the internet is buzzing about the world series. we czeched on a few of the latest tweets. from the bay area, karen massie writes "rise and shine on the way to work drop, dropping my friends off. wish i could go to texas with them." another, "go giants! i would be happy if they sweep the rangers." the first pitch in arlington, texas takes place just before:00 p.m. west coast time. major league baseball are hoping earlier start time will bring in more viewers, especially younger fans. just a reminder, you don't have to budge. you can watch game three of the world series right here on ktvu channel 2. fox coverage begins at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. some fans who thought they
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bought world series tickets never made it into the ballpark. instead, they were ripped off, victims of scam artists. police say they bought from private sellers online, only to be turned away when they showed up to the game. some people paid as much as $1,000 for those bogus tickets. a teenager from tracy is scheduled to testify against a man accused of torturing him as he was held ptive more than a year. anthony waiters is charged with false imprisonment and torture. waiters lived next door to the house where the police say the teen was chained to a fireplace. three people who lived in the house have immediated guilty to beating, burning and starching the teen. the release of an autopsy report could answer some questions. the body of a man that was stabbed was found in a ravine.
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it's yet to be determined if he was killed or committed suicide. police arrested the boy's twin brother. he was confronted by police and demanded to be shot. sal, any problems from the rain? >> well, we're certainly seeing the spike in collisions from the chp. it looks like rain will pelt and usually followed by that is collisions. let's take a look at what we have. westbound bay bridge, there is a little bit of a backup, 10 to 15 minutes. not major. there's no problems on the bay bridge. getting into san francisco, we've had just a lot of slow traffic. some clogged drains near the
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freeway. tough driving. some people have gotten into fender-benders as they hydroplane out of control. this morning's commute at 680 has been better. we've cleared that -- one of the accidents in the area. watch for some slow traffic on the east shore traffic. richmond and pinole already getting some slow traffic. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning. happy friday, everyone. kind of a hit-and-miss forecast. for the north bay you will have rain. for the south bay, not much rain. it will be partly cloudy, mild, warm, upper 60s, low 70s. the rain line was moving east. it bass moving south. it put on the brakes and now it's retrograding back to the north. the line was about at pacifica, snow, oakland, concord, fairfield north. now everything is lifting northward. from san francisco, goal golden gate it will be rain.
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for everyone else you will be waiting for it. it will come in late tonight and saturday morning. in the yellow, that's calistoga, pet lima, point reyes to san rafael and over the san rafael bridge. again, it is moving north. parts of the peninsula, south bay/east bay just clouds. very mild conditions. let's get to the satellite picture and show you what's going on. the system has been there all week long. you can see a little bend in the clouds. san francisco, 45/100ths. san bruno, also 45/100ths. santa rosa, 41/100ths. i expect mill valley to be updated. at sfo/oakland, point 05. for some none. you can see how the front does this right there.
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right there. that's what's going to happen until the low gets kicked in by that system tonight. cloudy, mostly cloudy, with rain for some. cooler for others. mainly, again, towards the north bay. we look for santa rosa, rain most of the day. 52, 58. maybe a little decrease, 62. 52 to 58. oakland berkeley is at 58. 40s in the mountains getting windy. ukiah has rain. the low will come in. the focus should be there. that next system might clip the north bay but that's much weaker. rain for some. partly to mostly cloudy. cooler. breezy. that's out of the east. umer 60s to a low 70s. we'll keep unsettled going into saturday. a better condition on saturday and then warmer. >> thank you, steve. developing news. another shooting at a military building in washington, d.c. overnight. what the targets all have in common. also, a giants' player was
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taken off the roster. now "the new york times" says this player may be the probe of a federal investigation. we'll have more of ktvu's exclusive interview with johannes mehserle, including what his life is like behind bars and whether he blames his training for his deadly mistake.
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fbi agents are investigating yet another shooting overnight at the marin corpse museum in northern virginia. this is the second time somebody has fired shots at that museum this month. the fbi has now tied the gun used at that first shooting at the museum to other shots fired at the pentagon two days later
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at a marine recruiting center on tuesday. luckily, nobody was been hurt in any of those shootings. we'll bring you a live report from washington at 7:45. in the past couple of day, meg whitman has said her former housekeeper should be deported. then she backed away from that comment. on wednesday, meg whitman said in a tv interview that her former housekeeper, an illegal immigrant, should be deported for forging documents and lying about her immigration status. when she was asked about that comment during a campaign stop in stockton yesterday, whitman said the decision is up to federal authorities. that's the same stand she had had taken when the news first broke that she had had employered the house housekeeper for nine years and fired her when whitman first learned she was here illegally. there is a sad side to the world series this year.
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giants outfielder, jose guillen, is not on the roster. at first the giants said it's because of a health problem but we're hearing now it may be tied to some serious drug allegations. "the new york times" says they are looking at drugs. in a ktvu exclusive, we hear from former b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, about his life behind bars. he sat down with ktvu's rita williams in the los angeles jail where he's awaiting sentencing one week from today. mehserle spends almost 24 hours a day in a cell by himself. when he does go outside, he must be escorted by a deputy for protection. but mehserle says his safety is not his biggest concern. >> i don't worry about myself. that's not my -- i'm sure my family -- i know that they worry about me but i worry
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about them. >> in july, a jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of b.a.r.t. passenger, oscar grant. mehserle says he went to use his taser on grant since the shooting, b.a.r.t -- grant. since the shooting b.a.r.t. requires more training. >> do you blame your attorney? >> you know, i'm -- i don't know if i can point fingers. do i think it could have been better now that i've heard everything? yeah. >> mehserle says when he realized he had had shot grant with his gun, he was in complete disbelief. he said he tried to calm grant and applied pressure to the gunshot wound and when grant started to lose conscious nbc, mehserle said he prayed that grant would be okay. rita's interview with mehserle lasted about an hour. if you want to hear more about
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the interview, rita williams will be here live in about an hour and she will have different excerpts on the 5:00 and 10:00 news tonight. 7:18. four protesters who took to streets after the mess verdict are facing charges. oakland's city attorney filed a civil lawsuit yesterday. police say darryl dugas of castro valley and terry williams stole jewelry from a store. the lawsuit names raquel sharp and paul rasol of oakland. the city attorney says he wants to send a message as the mehserle sentencing date approaches. this afternoon, there will be a ceremony dedicate the b.a.r.t.'s office of the new independent audi -- auditor. sandre swanson will be
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recognized for his work for this event. the presidential panel looking into the huge oil disaster in the gulf issued its first finding, indicating halliburton should have known the cement mixed used in that well was not strong enough. the panel says that of the four tests done by halliburton before the blowout, only one indicated the mix would hold. the failure to prevent oil and gas from entering the well has been identified as one of the houses of the blowout. some changes are coming to an airport near you. you will find out what that will mean for airline passengers and the searches some will have to endure. and plus, why one lucky driver is getting $1,000 worth of free tolls. good morning. it's already a little bit slow and also rain. and the rain is making for tough driving conditions in
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certain parts of the bay area.
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philadelphia police and other agencies are at the remote area of this part of the airport. we don't have much information. but these are live pictures of a u.p.s.
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plane that a bomb threat has been phoned in about. it's being investigated. as we have more information we'll bring it to you. airline passengers, you can expect to see and even feel new patdown security procedures at u.s. airports soon. that's because the tsa is changing its method of patting down airline passengers. the tsa isn't saying specifically what that new method is but says this change involves moving from a screener's hand patdown to more of a hand sliding motion. the tsa says it regularly reviews and updates its screening procedures. talk about a lucky lady. ten years after the fastrack toll system first went into effect, it just got its 1 millionth usier. the bay area awarded this woman $1,000 in free tolls just to
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commemorate the occasion. she says she intends to spend her prize commuting toll-free and making plenty of weekend trips into san francisco. >> that's a very nice bonus. >> it is. it's 7:24. we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the commute and some rain out there might be impacting your commute. >> absolutely, tori and dave. this morning, it's been the big story. a lot of people don't like get into n the rain because collisions. this is a look at highway 4 westbound. it's dry here and if the rain goes so will the big spike in clickses. let's move -- spike in collisions. let's move -- you can see the ktvu tree is trying to get attention from highway 24. such a praise hog. my goodness! westbound incline bay bridge, that's a nice picture of traffic coming into san francisco on the bridge after a short wait at the toll plaza. >> this morning on 280 northbound, it's moving along
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very well. it's dry there. that means the south bay commute has been pretty good so far. here's steve. the ktvu tree is in walnut creek. i think that's the ktvu bush. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> sal's right, clouds. it is moving north, this rainline. i just poked my head out. the system is retrograding, it kind of goes up back to the north. it was raining, concord, fairfield, not anymore. it was also raining towards parts of the peninsula but not anymore. cloudy, rain, cooler. the low is digging south and then it will start to pull back and then come in tonight as it gets bumped along. there's plenty here. there's been steady rain up into mendocino county. today it's been about san francisco oakland north. temperatures, san jose.
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not the 79 you had yesterday. 70 today, under partly cloudy skies. 62, though, napa. rain off and on. san francisco, cluedy, kind of rainy at times. but moving north. walnut creek, more clouds than anything else. oakland had hadsome rain but it -- had some rain but it looks like it's calming down. the system will go peninsula/south bay, they won't get into this until later on saturday. so 60 to near 70 for some. but upper 50s and low 60s if you are stuck in the rain. sunny and warmer, monday and tuesday. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at sfo. we've tracked down some giants' fans headed to texas. we'll tell you what they have to say about their trip -- coming up. fema has made another controversial decision involving the pipeline disaster in san bruno.
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7:30 on a cloudy, wet for some. the rain is actually going south to north. in san francisco we had had had some rain and jane hernandez is there with a -- jade hernandez
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is there. the rain looks like it's ending in san francisco. but let's go to jade for an update. >> reporter: we're live at 18th and arkansas. crews have been out here for a few hours just trying to clean up this mess. that mess is create -- created by the rain. i want you to take a look at this video. this is workers cleaning up. workers are cutting up that tree in order to reopen the street. there are a lot of vehicles that can get in and out as long as they are nowhere near where this tree fell. the tree is closed at 18th and arkansas. the rain caused problems. it also causedflooding. crews were trying to clear the
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flooding. so what happened to peter chan, a royal taxicab driver, won't happen to anyone else. peter showed us how the water seeped into his cab after he says he was rear ended by a chp officer. he told us driving became impossible for him earlier this morning around 4:00, when a semitruck driver sped past him throwing huge amounts of water onto his windshield. >> it's dangerous. when i was driving on the left lane, a big truck was driving parallel to me. the water spill through the windshield. i can't see -- i can't see. it was heavy. >> reporter: you are taking a live look at the san francisco department of public works employees trying to clear a tree that fell sometime overnight. we are live out here in san francisco. we've been monitoring any problems that commuters or
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anyone here in the city has been having because of the rain. we'll continue to update you throughout the morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. >> you can visit our website at for up-to-the-minute information about the weather in your -- about the weather in your neighborhood. the giants are set to arrive at at&t park sometime in the next hour and then head to sfo for the world series in texas. >> here is a shallow to right center. >> the giants destroyed the texas rangers in a 9-0 rout last night. the texas rangers allowed four straight walks and seven runs. san francisco has won the first two games. 80% of the teams that have done
7:34 am
that have ton the world series. but the giants know that every situation is different. >> we're going into their ballpark where they will feel more comfortable, just like we're more comfortable here. >> matt canematt cain pitched another masterpiece. jonathan sanchez pitches for san francisco tomorrow. colby lewis will be on the mound for folks. the giants are leaving for texas this morning. and claudine wong is out at sfo. i know you found some giants' fans and rangers fans and they are all following the teams to texas. >> yes, they are. >> we know there will be giants' fans in arlington. we saw a lot of orange and black in the terminal this morning, even though we didn't know if the giants would be up this many games, two games, we
7:35 am
did know they would be playing game three in texas. we did find two men who came up from mexico to watch the game. giants fever, they say, is spreading. >> these gentlemen came all way from mexico to follow the world series. >> i didn't believe we would go 2-0. i was just hoping we would win a few games. they are such a good hitting team. we definitely have the best pitchers. >> reporter: now, we did talk to one woman who said she was disguising her orange as halloween stuff because she wasn't sure what kind of reception she would get after getting off the plane in dallas. we did talk to giants fans about that, about going to arlington to play in this game. we talked to some rangers fans about what kind of reception
7:36 am
they received here and how they think our fans are be treated there. we'll -- will be treated there. we'll have that coming up. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> can't wait to hear that. and you can watch game three of the world series right here on ktvu channel 2. fox coverage begins at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. 7:35. and inmate at the contra costa county jail in martinez is now facing murder charges. that's after a nurse he attacked died. the newly-admitted inmate attacked 55-year-old cynthia palomata with a lamp monday afternoon after he faked a seizure in the jail's intake area. palomata underwent surgery for injuries to her head but died yesterday at john muir hospital. her aunt said she had been concerned about her niece's safety. >> i told her, aren't you scared? you are dealing with these people that just came out of
7:37 am
prison? she said, auntie, it's a job. >> palomata's death following the killing of another health worker at napa state hospital saturday. the california nurses association is calling for new legislation to improve workplace safety. fema, once again, said no, and denied federal disaster aid to the victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion. fema is standing by its original determination that resources were not overwhelmed by the disaster. residents who suffered damages from the blast, got information from their insurance companies. steve poizner hosted this insurance recovery form for residents who have questions about how insurance claims will now proceed. >> my husband who couldn't be here tonight, we basically want
7:38 am
to know how it really works. what are the limits and so far. san bruno residents who were displaced by the disaster, you are getting a break from having to pay utility bills. a request has been approved by pg&e to have pg&e pay the bills. this relief will last until 2012. 7:38. city leaders in san francisco want to remind people there will be no halloween celebration in the castro district this weekend. bars and restaurants will be open for business but there won't be a big street party. the city barred the castro celebrations in 2006 after several people were shot. you can find a link for
7:39 am
halloween events for both children and adults around the bay area at the cool thing about this, you can wear orange and black and have halloween and the giants. [ laughter ] sal, you would wear the colors? >> absolutely. absolutely. good morning to you and everyone who is watching. let's start off at the toll plaza as dave mentioned. it's kind of a typical delay about ten minutes. the good thing is there are no big problems at the toll plaza. off you go into san francisco and it's off to -- it looks like the rain has stopped in san francisco. san francisco looks drier than it was this morning in the 4:00 and 5:00 hour it's pretty dicey. we're looking at livermore, still some slow traffic in some areas. 84, you can see. and in the south bay we have a couple of areas, 101 northbound
7:40 am
bro cough there is a problem there. 7:39. here's steve. all right, sal. thank you. a very happy friday to all of you. yes, yes we made it. very interesting challenging week weatherwise. we had the system that came in and now it's raining this morning. is that a sign or what? the system -- before i get going, you can see the clouds going south to north. we had thesome coming in. he was in the east bay, parts of the east bay. now it's retrograding and heading back to the north. watching the last few frames. santa rosa, about .05. you can see the yellow there. that's about the line. it made is south to sfo, walnut creek and fairfield. it stop and is now lifting up. south bay will have partly to mostly sunny skies. tonight the system will
7:41 am
accelerate and come back in. there's plenty here but it's lifting back up north again. santa rosa now, .47. st. helena is at .42. i didn't have thyme to fix that. san francisco .05. napa, .32. mill valley over .25. watch in the last few frames how this -- see the little bend? it comes in. comes in and this this will go like this. it will stop and come in tonight. that's the key. for some, it will be a cloudy, partly to mostly cloudy day. it will be cooler, not as warm as yesterday. but from about the golden gate north, there will be rain. rain most of the day, 52, 58. we'll go 62. maybe the rain decreasing later on this afternoon. 53, 58, 52 depending upon if you have the rain or not. some of the clouds, the low.
7:42 am
this system looks good. it may clip the north bay but it will stay mainly to the north. that system will bump everything in by late tonight into saturday which will continue some rain. it looks like the low is coming in around the santa cruz mountains. that would be saturday morning which means the south bay finally getting in on the rain but there will be 70s in san jose after yesterday's 79. cloudy for some, rain for others. widespread rain will kick the whole thing out of here. monday and tuesday looking warmer. 7:42. it's called "operation boo." what state parole officers are doing to make sure registered sex offenders don't face temptation on halloween night. found out how to participate in the jon stewart and stephen colbert event.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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police are investigating whether an overnight shooting at a marine corps museum can be linked to other attacks on buildings in the area. carol han has more from
7:46 am
washington, d.c. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is urging the gunman who has been shooting -- shooting repeatedly to surrender. let me take you to the scene to the latest scene. no one was hurt. no artifacts damaged after someone shot at the marine corps museum overnight. police have been out there this morning with metal detectors. police say someone shot at this last week with the same shooting style this week. and the same gun was used a third time to shoot out the empty building. it's too early to see if last night's shooting was connected. ballistics testing will be done. but clearly, police and the fbi are investigating a serial shooter would targets military buildings. now, complicating things further, the marine corps marathon is taking place this weekend. 30,000 runners are expected and
7:47 am
security's been beefed you. live in washington, d.c., carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, carol. 7:46. we've finding out more about how american troops and their families feel about allowing gays to serve openly in the military. this morning, the pentagon sent out 400,000 surveys to troops and another 150,000 to family members asking them about the military's policy for gays. the poll finds most american troops and their families don't care whether the gays are allowed to serve openly. 7:47. state patrol officers plan to be out in force on halloween night to make sure sex offenders comply with special rules for that evening. registered sex offenders had have a 5:00 p.m. curfew on october 31st. they must remain indoors until
7:48 am
5:00 p.m. the next day and turn off all interior lights so people will think no one is home. they are only allowed to open their doors to law enforcement officers such as their parole agent and may not offer any candy to children. people who party too much on halloween night can get a safe and sober ride home for free. the rides are courtesy of berg injury lawyers who have provided 4500 free rides over the last ten years. the people who live in oakland, berkeley, alameda should call veterans company and san francisco residents call luxor. tell them the ride is on berg injury lawyers. the company is launching a home surveillance service that's called lodge i tech alert. it will give residents an easy way to report suspicious
7:49 am
activity to the police as well as neighborhood watch groups. the system lets people keep an eye on their computer, tv or smartphone. it's integrated to something called neighborhood central. san jose is one of the first cities in america to take advantage of this new technology. police in hayward, they are trying their best to get more guns off the streets. the police department is hosting another gun buyback program tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 in the afternoon. you can bring guns to the overflow parking lot at the south hayward b.a.r.t. station. those guns can be surrendered, no questions asked for $50 per firearm. so far, 700 guns have been brought in. 7:49. in tuesday's red sox, many bay area cities are pushing ballot
7:50 am
-- election, many cities are pushing ballots. many measures are tax-related. san francisco wants to raise its hotel -- its hotel tax to 16%. half moon bay is asking for a tax increase. san leandro wants to raise their tax up to .25%. and nearly every city would like a special tax for paramedics. what started out as a spoof in washington, d.c. could help win over young voters. that stage is being built on the washington mall. comedian jon stewart will be hosting a rally to restore sanity, while stephen colbert
7:51 am
leads a march to keep alive. there are several rallies taking place all over the country. one of them takes place here tomorrow at the civic center plaza at 9:00 a.m. coinciding with the rally in d.c. among other event the organizers say there will be a sarah palin and stephen colbert lookalike contest.
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state budgets cuts are crippling my classroom. they can't believe the sacramento politicians will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax giveaway. lobbyists have the ear of people who are just thinking about wealth. when you cut the budget, then you cut these students' opportunities. passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate giveaway and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24 because it's time to give our schools a break.
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twitter is becoming a tool for international relations. a spokesperson for hillary clinton sent a birthday greeting to the president of
7:54 am
iran via twitter. part of the request was to free the two remaining hikers. sarah shourd was released last month on $500,000. a trial is scheduled for all three next month on spying charges. back to the world series, the back-to-back world series victories has a lot of giants' fans flying high. in fact, rangers josh hamilton said he could smell marijuana at this -- marijuana' was playing in this week's games. some of the reporters in texas are amazed. >> we are truly in san francisco. i'm like that's not cigarettes. that's weed. that's weed! this is not really news -- news to bay area fans. no problem finding people rolling joints outside of at&t park. the giants gave a couple
7:55 am
dozen tickets to the agency for work lowers keep traffic moving outside the stadium. but when it came to distributing the 30 tickets offered for the world series games, some muni executives thought the tickets should go to the executive staff and governing board. when word got out, they scrapped the idea and made sure the tickets went to the muni works. i don't know if you know or not, we have wed roads this morning. that's one reason sal's checking the south bay. >> that's right. we're checking the south bay. but fortunately the south bay is not flooded. however, there is always a caveat, southbound 80 is very slow. there was a crash and now you can see all of the red sensors. it's not exactly an easy commute, especially not southbound 280 at this time in san jose. let's take a look at 237. some stop-and-go traffic as you
7:56 am
cross 880. it's been slow to about zanker road. then it picks up for the ride to sunnyvale. and the toll plaza is backed up to about a 10 manufacture minute -- ten-minute wait. here's steve. >> thank you. the north bay is looking for rain for most of the day. rain will return tonight. there are already breaks as it's returning north. san francisco, ended, oakland, ended, fairfield, concord and moving north. it's up in napa county, marin county and points north toward lake county and mendocino. sunday things start to improve a little bit. monday and tuesday looking warmer except for i'm sure there will be patchy ground
7:57 am
fog. so it will be drive for halloween? trick or treaters? yes. it looks like it. steve mentioned it's been a rainy friday morning. we'll continue our storm watch coverage with a look at the travel -- problems.
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the north bay will be in on the rain. but for others the rainline continues to move toward the north. there's pretty, steady moderate rain moving in for parts of marin county, sonoma county. we'll have more on this coming up later and also the weekend forecast. >> thank you, steve. the wet weather in the bay area is causing some problems this morning. ktvu's jade hernandez is in san francisco where crews are cleaning up some downed trees. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the rain is giving some of us a reprieve. it's tapered off. you can see here, san francisco department of public works crews are clearing up a tree which fell within a couple of
8:01 am
feet of two cars. crews have been working for the last couple of hours to try to clear the street along arkansas. the weather caused fight a few issues. the california highway patrol are staying busy, as they always do, when it rains in the bay area. there was flooding, flooding which caused one minor accident involving a cabdriver and a chp officer. luckily, no one was hour. peter chan, the -- was hurt. peter chan, the cab involved, showed us how the floodwaters seeped into his cab after the accident. he couldn't believe drivers weren't alerted by a lane closure. by 5 5:00 this morning, the rain tapered. crews haven't finished cutting up that downed tree at 18th and arkansas, where we're live this morning.
8:02 am
luckily, though, when the tree fell, it didn't topple over any cars. it did no property damage. it just caused quite a bit of work for the crews. in the next couple of minutes, they are gonna have arkansas opened up in san francisco and that's good news for neighbors who heard workers this morning. they also heard all of this commotion when that tree fell overnight. reporting live from 18th and arkansas, jade hernandez, back to you in the studio. 8:02. well, there's even more excitement at at&t park this morning, barricades are up outside the ballpark as the giants get ready to leave and fly out to texas. all of this follows their thrilling back-to-back world series victories here at home. kraig debro is joining us live from san francisco. he has the very latest. what's happening right now, kraig? >> reporter: well, dave, i can barely hear you. there is a bus pulling in. this bus is the bus the giants will be getting on me mentally
8:03 am
and they will go to the -- momentarily and they will go to the airport. i just spoke to the spokesperson. he said when the giants get there, they are gonna work out, get a feel for things and then get a good night's rest. the rain came today. thankfully, it did. otherwise we wouldn't have been able to play the game last night. it didn't spoil the game. >> it's a humbling experience. we know we have a lot of work to do. >> here's the pitch to renteria, to left, down to the corner. edgar renteria! >> reporter: he turned on a fastball from c.j. wilson and sent the ball into the left field stands in the fifth inning. it was the first one in the game. in the 7th, renteria struck again, this time against the
8:04 am
texas rangers bullpen. renteria never managed to drive in that many runs in any game in any season. as good as wilson was, mat cain was better. he continued -- matt cain was better. he continued and has not allowed and earned run in four postgame series. >> buster's done a great job of really pushing me to throw pitches in different counts. you know, i owe credit to him. we've been really trying to maintain the work ahead of the guys. >> reporter: fans went crazy. had reason to go crazy. game was tied in until the starter had to come out. since the rangers didn't score any runs, it didn't matter. now they go to texas for game three. we see the bus is out ear to pick up the giants. got a couple of equipment trucks, they will follow the
8:05 am
buses. the equipment trucks carry their baseball baggage. they have these bags that are about this wide and this tall, their cleats and such go in there. the game is at 3:30 tomorrow. it will also be broadcast on fox. i heard brian sabian say, the rangers are a good team and the 2-0 lead can quickly evaluate. the good news, the giants cannot lose the series in texas. so if the worst case scenario happens, they come back to san francisco to play. let's hope it doesn't come to that. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you got us up to date. we'll see you at 8:45 to get the latest. there's also a buzz on twitter about the world series. we checked order a couple of the rate -- we czeched on a couple of the tweets. "ha ha. if the rangers don't win the next game, it's time for the
8:06 am
giants to bring out the broom." another says, "i think the giants will sweep on halloween night since their cars are orange and black." and the start time tomorrow is the earliest game -- start time. they hope this earlier start time will attract younger viewers. and you can watch game three on the world series right here. watch coverage begins at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. our time is 8:06. in other news, a teenager from tracy is going to testify against a man who aabused him. anthony waiters is charged with false imprisonment and torture.
8:07 am
he lived next door. three people who lived in that house have pleaded guilty to beating, burning and starving that teenager. the release of an autopsy part could give us more information on the 15-year-old boy would was discovered with stab wounds in this area of alameda county. it's still not determined if he was killed or committed suicide. police arrested the boy's twin brother on monday. they say he broke into a house, tried to set it on fire and that he demanded to be shot by the police. >> this is a very unusual, comblycated case. it seems every door that gets open, there's two doors behind that that has to get open. >> now, the owner showed us the burn marks. she says the teenager broke in the window and had streaks of blood on her face. she said he chased after her but she managed to escape.
8:08 am
the highway 4 bypass between brentwood and antioch is back open again after being shut down for six hours overnight because of a fatal accident. a pickup truck flipped off the roadway between lone tree way and san creek lone. the truck landed upside down in a creek and bust into flames. the driver was killed. no one else was hurt. the bypass was reopened just after 5:30 this morning. sal was telling us there were a lot of crashes this morning. what's the latest in the commute, sal? >> well, the latest is -- pardon me, my voice is shot. let's go out and take a look at what we have with the latest. 280 has improve a little bit downtown san jose. we did have traffic affected by an earlier problem there. that problem has been taken care of. traffic is going to be a little bit slow. also this morning's commute is going to be okay at the toll plaza over the bay bridge with no major issues.
8:09 am
that traffic continues to look good getting into san francisco. and the morning drive on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that traffic looks okay. this is where we had the earlier problems in san francisco. but now things have improve. here's steve. thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. happy friday. we made it. it's been a very challenging, fun, interesting weather week. had had the system come in. just tease, tease, tease. giants are out of town, we brought the rain in. rain to snow, millbrae, burlingame and then over to oakland, walnut creek, vallejo, cordelia, vacaville. there will be moderate to heavy rain. some of the reports are coming in. cazadero and the russian river this whole thing will swing in late tonight with more rain. so the south bay -- i mean, yesterday, san jose was about
8:10 am
80 degrees. today about 70, under partly to mostly cloudy skies. it looks like late tonight in to tomorrow the rain will make it. a mix of sun and clouds east and south of that. rain tonight into saturday but by sunday there might be some rain toward the north the trend will be the next system stays to the north and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, look sunny and warm he. dunkin's mills on highway 1, they've had .0 a. st. helena .42. mill valley, .25. last few frames you can see hue the system is coming in and then it bows or bends back and therein lies the forecast for today. if you are on the line, it will had rain, if not -- the low right there needs something to
8:11 am
come bump it. that's upstream and that will send the low in tonight through saturday. today it's mainly in the north bay. cloudy, rain, mostly cloudy. cooler, santa rosa you're in the rain today. 52, 58, 62, maybe a little decrease as the front weakens, it's still holding up in the north bay. 50s, low, mid- to upper. 40s up in the mountains. tahoe, truckee the wind has turned southerly. ukiah has had rain at last couple of days. 50s, 60s, even 40s. 49, 47. the upstream kicker is right there. that's going to send the low and it's going to stop digging and moving east. it looks like it's going over, somewhere across the mountains. so rain for some, north bay mainly. mostly cloudy, cooler for many, not as warm as it was yesterday in the santa clara valley but still not bad. low 70s there. upper 60s to low 60s to mid-60s
8:12 am
everywhere else. cloudy, rain to the north and tonight that system swings in. that gives us saturday rain. decreasing by saturday night. for most, it will be a partly cloudy and then warmer, monday/tuesday. it is 8:11. there is now a scandal tied to the 2010 world series and it involves the giants' player who is not even on the roster.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
rita williams sat down with an interview with johannes mehserle. this is the first time mehserle has spoken publicly about the night he shot and killed b.a.r.t. passenger oscar grant. mehserle will be here sentenced in one week. thanks for being here. >> it's a little early.
8:16 am
a beautiful sunrise. >> what was it like to talk to him one-off on-one? >> well, i had heard him in court when he talked a little bit about what happened that night. so i kind of knew a little bit about what to expect. but meeting him one-on-one inle jail for the first time and sitting -- we were essentially knee to knee because of security issues and they took his handcuffs off and we talked for an hour and we didn't stop until they had to take him back. >> a lot of people want to know how he could have fixed up the taser and the gun, two very different weapons. he told you how he got confused about the two. let's listen. >> my taser is just left to the center line of my belt buckle and my gun was to the right on my right hip. >> so you used your right hand?
8:17 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> that doesn't really tell you the answers. essentially, he says he doesn't know what happened. he says he never intended to draw his gun. he intended to draw his taser. he had had his taser out twice already that evening. he was only on the platform for two and a half minutes from the time he arrived until the shot was fired. it was very quick. and he had his taser out twice and removal stored it and then the -- reholsterred it and the fired time was when he thought i took it out and shot as car grant. he said he did it under stress, under duress. the first times weren't. he grabbed what he -- he had been carrying a taser only for three weeks at that time. he talked about training. as we know, b.a.r.t. has ordered more trace -- taser training and you cannot draw
8:18 am
with same hand you draw your gun with. >> he had a fiancee and a baby coming. >> i asked him about that. his first child was due to be born two weeks after new year's day. as it turned out, the baby was born the day after oscar grant died. and he talks very emotionally about that in one of -- in one of the interviews. you can hear a little bit about what he said here. i was very surprised by this question and this answer. >> let's listen to the next take. >> in hindsight, how would you have changed that morning? >> probably called in sick to work. stayed with my fiancee. waited for my son to be born so mr. grant could go home to his family and be with his daughter.
8:19 am
>> some real emotion there obviously. >> well, there's much more emotional sound that you will hear or have heard last night on the 10:00 and more to come today. but on the -- it just shows how our lives are such happenstance. he says he thought about calling in sick that day. he wishes now he had had and oscar grant -- he had and oscar grant would still be alive. >> what surprised you the most? >> well, he didn't believe he would be convicted of anything. as you know, he's the first police officer in california to be charged with murder ever in the line of duty like this. he says it's an accident. he never intended to kill oscar grant. he didn't expect to be convicted. he didn't expect to be in jail. and he does not hope obviously that he's sentenced to prison next week. >> until next week, a week from today, a judge will be sentencing him. what are the judge's options here? >> essentially from probation, he walks out for the four
8:20 am
months he served in jail or up to 14 years in state prison. quite a difference. >> yeah. all right. well, rita, thank you very much for joining us. fascinating interview. you can see more excerpts from this interview tonight on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 and on the 10:00 news. dave? >> all right, tori. 8:19. in the past couple of days, republican gubernatorial candidate, meg whitman, has said her former housekeeper should be deported and then she backed away from the comment. on wednesday, she said in a tv interview that her former housekeeper, an illegal immigrant, should be deported for forging documents and lying about her immigration status. when she was asked about that comment about a campaign stop in stockton yesterday, whitman said the decision is up to federal authorities. that's the same stance she had taken when the news first broke. she employed the housekeeper for nine years and then fired
8:21 am
her when whitman said the housekeeper was here illegally. >> well, there is a sad side to this year's world series. jose guillen is not on the playoff roster. at first, the giants said that was because of a health problem but we're hearing now it may be connected to some very serious allegations of drugs. "the new york times" reports investigators are closely looking at shipments of human growth hormones. agents says those drugs were sent to guillen's wife right here in the bay area. 8:21. there is a disturbing new development in those massive toyota recalls. it involves reports of secret and allegedly unethical buyback deals. if you are driving to your job in the valley, if you are trying to get in from, let's say, mill meet tis, there will be slowing a -- milpitas, there will be slowing along your way.
8:22 am
8:23 am
man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
8:24 am
new numbers out on the u.s. economy show growth at a slightly faster pace over the summer, as predicted. the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2% from july to september. and while that's up slightly from the previous quart he, it's still down from the beginning of this year. it shows consumers boosted spending last quarter for the biggest quarterly increase since 2006. that's before the recession
8:25 am
hit. airline passengers you can expect to see and feel some new patdown security procedures at airports soon. that's because the transportation security administration or the tsa, is changing its methods from patting down airline passengers. now, the tsa isn't saying specifically what this new method is. but they say the change involves moving from a screener's hand patdown to more of a hand sliding motion. the tsa says it regularly reviews and updates its screening procedures. some newly filed court documents are accusing toyota of secretly buying back vehicles from owners would reported unintended acceleration. now, this latest claim is part of legal proceedings in federal court in los angeles. toyota allegedly forced owners to sign confidentiality agreements as part of a buyback deal. automaker is saying only that it repurchased two vehicles, a corolla and a tacoma.
8:26 am
toyota says no problems were found in either of those vehicles. let's check the roads. >> i think we got a little lucky because earlier in the morning, it was raining pretty hard. san mateo, golden gate, richmond traffic bridge looking good. no problems on the dumbarton bridge. here's steve. thank you, sal. happy friday, everyone. for some it was a rainy morning and for others, it continues. there's a lot of clouds.
8:27 am
the rainline has been moving north since about 6:00 this morning. very heavy totals coming in from the russian river about 1 to 1 poi 5. santa rosa over 1. marin county starts to stack up and napa county toward lake and mendocino. watch how the system bowings back and goes south to north. it actually aligns itself. even if you don't have the rain, it's probably cloudy to mostly cloudy. that system has a lot of moisture with it. it will weaken as it starts to get closer. 60s, to near 70s for high. not as warm in the santa clara valley as yesterday. but still not too bad. rain on saturday morning. then it breaks out in the
8:28 am
afternoon. we'll clear it out monday, tuesday. it looks sunny, mostly sunny and warmer. we've got developing news from san francisco. in fact, right now, this is a live picture. buses are lined up outside at&t park. they are read yesterday to -- ready to take the giants to texas. we just found out who is going to throw out the first pitch sunday night.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
we're watching the giants as they -- they are getting -- well, the giants are about to arrive at at&t park any moment. they will then go to sfo for a big flight to texas. kraig debro is following all of the developments and had have a report. there are the buses. the giants are now halfway to
8:32 am
the first championship since moving to san francisco in 1958. >> here is a shot into right center! [ cheers ] >> but the giants, they destroyed just destroyed the texas rangers last night. the rangers' bull pep, they just melted down in the eighth. they allowed four straight walks and seven runs. the giants have now won the first games. history shows 80% of the teams that have done that have gone on to win the entire world series. but the giants know everything could change this weekend in texas. >> we've put ourselves in a good situation. but we're definitely going into their ballpark where they will feel comfortable, just like we're confident playing here at home. >> last night, matt cain, he pitched another masterpiece. he's not given up a single earned run in three postseason
8:33 am
starts. scranton sanchez will -- jonathan sanchez will had pitch for the giants tomorrow. and colby lewis will be on the mound for the texas. take a look. this is a picture of the airport's international terminal. a glow in the orange lights. that's just a couple of hours ago, earlier this morning. claudine wong is there at sfo. she's been talking to giants and rangers fans on their way to texas. >> reporter: good morning. you can sigh the orange lights over the international terminal. all you have to do is walk through the terminal to see people decked out in their okay and back -- orange and black. we saw rangers fans heading back home to their home tougher hoping things turn around. the giants have had a great couple of days but how did they street those ranger fans.
8:34 am
>> i think the traditions are unique. the giants' fans, singing the songs. i don't like how they stand up all of the time. when you pay that much for a seat, i would like to see some of the game. >> they were very enthusiastic. but over all, nice. >> rangers fans say giant fans when heading to texas shouldn't have to worry about their reception. one woman wore her orange and black in a disguise because she was worried about get -- about the reception. >> i think the fans in texas are very nice. >> i will make sure they treat them right. >> reporter: fans of both teams
8:35 am
are on their way. the giants should be on their way from sfo in a couple of hours. already we know -- we actually saw some folks would work for major league baseball headed to the airport trying to get out. they have to make it back for a gaha schedule -- gala scheduled. back to you. >> thank you. you can watch game three of the world series right here with us. fox coverage begins at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. it is 8:35. we have an update to the breaking news we mentioned last hour about suspicious packages on u.p.s. planes. this is a live picture out of the philadelphia airport where a car go plane is being searched. another cargo plane is being searched at the newark airport in new jersey. cnn is reporting all of this following a concern on the u.p.s. flight headed to chicago from yemen. there were reports from a toner
8:36 am
cartridge aboard that plane had been disguised as a bomb. but there's now conflicting information about that. that plane is now at an airport in london. and this just in, the fbi wants to get a message to the gunman targeting military buildings in the washington, d.c. area. carol han is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with more on this. good morning, carol. >> reporter: good morning. let me take you straight to the scene of the latest shooting. the bottom line, no one was hurt. no artifacts damaged after someone shot at a marine corps museum overnight. this morning police have been out with metal detectors gathering evidence. it's not the first time the museum's been attacked. the fbi said someone shot at it last sunday, using the same weapon someone used to shoot at the pentagon two weeks later. just this past tuesday at a marine recruiting center in
8:37 am
virginia, the same gun was used a third time to shoot at -- time to shoot at the empty building. clearly, police and the fbi are investigating a shoot serial -- a serial shooter. the fbi had a message for the gunman this morning. "we appreciate that he's struggling right now. he hasn't hurt anybody. we don't think he wants to. we'll hoping he will turn himself." you're looking live at a press conference. we expect the fbi to step out to give updates. the marine corps marathon is taking place this weekend. 30,000 runners are expected to attend. you can imagine that security has been beefed up. live in washington, carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, carol. 8:37. murder charges are now being filed against an inmate at the contra costa county jail in martinez. that's after a nurse said he
8:38 am
attacked died. the inmate had just been admitted to the jail on monday when he attacked 55-year-old kam with a lamb -- cynthia palomata it a lamp. she had surgery for head injuries but she died yesterday at john muir hospital. her aunt told us she's been concerned about the safety of her niece. >> you know what? when she took that job, i told her, i said, aren't you scared? you are dealing with these people who just came out of prison and then they are like problems? she said, auntie, it's a job. >> ms. palomata's death follows the killing of another worker last saturday at a healthcare facility. the california nurses association is calling for new legislation to improve workplace safety. fema has denied once again federal aid to the victims of the san bruno explosion.
8:39 am
it's standing by its original determination that its state and local resources had had not been overwhelmed by the disaster. residents who suffered damages in the blast did get some much- needed information about dealing with their insurance claims last night. the exact cause of the pipeline explosion has yet to be determined. and san bruno residents displaced by that deadly explosion are getting a break now from having to pay their utilities bill. the commission has approved a request by pg&e for the company to pay those bills. it applies to all residents whose homes were destroyed or left uninhabitable by the blast -- by the blast. let's let sal help you get you to where you need to go this morning. >> all right. it's getting calmer after the rain. right now, it's dry. maybe a little windy here as we -- i wasup watch our camera -- i was just watching our camera.
8:40 am
on 880 on the right, you will see traffic. things are getting better. a lot of the red has been replaced with yellow and green which means speeds are beginning to pick up. if you are driving through the livermore valley, westbound 580 looks much better. if you are wonder if there are any mishaps on the bridge, not so far. >> here is stave. thank you, sal. for many, the rain has been coming in. there's heavy rain especially towards the russian river. marin county, sonoma, and that's where the focus will be for a while. the system is aligning itself south to north and it will come in tonight and the associated low will come in late tonight into saturday. even if you have the clouds or no rain. it will make it. it may be later on. a lot of cloud cover and cooler
8:41 am
today. but the rain really heavy around point reyes, when it lights up in the red and yellow, that's pretty good. the clouds are going south to north right there. see how that is moving back away from the coast. the low is digging down. it will stop and then move in. dunkin's bills, sonoma county. st. helena, probably up to .05. the city, .41. napa, petaluma, .3. snow, oakland and even out to -- sfo oakland, and even out to concord, .31. watch it. it comes back like this. you can see the low right offshore, eventually, that will be late tonight and tomorrow, it will be helped by a stream. san jose state meteorology department, even san jose, cluedy. you won't be as warm as yesterday when it was 79 in san
8:42 am
jose. 62 along the coast. 60s around the bay. the north bay will get the rain. santa rosa is in there. it lookings like a cloudy rainy day. a lot of upper 50s and low 60s in santa rosa. san jose under cloudy skies. beautiful sunrise for some. rita was just telling me that portola valley -- no rain and then it will come in late tonight. the low looks like it's coming in somewhere around santa cruz mountains. it will be more than showers. it's rain for some today in the north bay. then by tonight for everybody. 60s, near 70. and san martin. morning clouds will give way to rain and then a little system clips the north bay sunday. it is 8:42. we're following developing news.
8:43 am
in fact, right now we want to take you out live to at&t park where the giants' players and their family are arriving, getting ready to board the buses and head to texas. speaking of families, american troops and their families are weighing in on don't ask/don't tell. results of a survey conducted by the pentagon. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
the giants are arriving at at&t park. >> reporter: people are trickling in. cody ross there. national series mvp. giants are leaving here probably around 9:00 taking the plane to arlington, texas and then getting off the plane and working out at the stadium for a couple of hours.
8:47 am
we've seen a lot of players. buster posey drove in a few minutes ago. travis ishikawa, we also saw here. the players' only bus. we spoke to the manager, bruce bochy. he said there's still a lot of work to do. >> they are a very dangerous team. we're pleased to be in this position. it's humbling because we know we have a lot of work to do.
8:48 am
>> reporter: okay. >> reporter: the giants are gonna leave here at 9:00. it's on to texas. game three is tomorrow. 3:30 start time in arlington, texas. see cody ross still trying to get it together with the little kids. anybody who has had little kids that small, it isn't an easy thing to do. pat burrell getting on the bus. the texas are getting out of here, going to -- the giants are struggling to get out of
8:49 am
here and get to texas. the best position the giants can put them in to, they can't lose the series. even if they win all three -- they cannot lose the series in texas. even if they lose all of games, they have to come back here. there is a new field poll out that indicates, senator barbara boxer may have a good chance of keeping her u.s. senate seat. the poll shows boxer with 49% of the vote. that's a full 8% points ahead of carly fiorina who has 41%. 10% of the voters polled remain undecided. the field polls say -- s what turned into a has turned into a huge event. a large state is going up on the washington mall for the
8:50 am
political parity tomorrow. jon stewart and stephen colbert will store a rally to restore sanity or fear. as many as 100,000 people are expected to attend. there -- there are several satellite rally taking place across the valley -- valley. they will have a sarah palin and stephen colbert lookalike contest. >> we're learning more about how american families an troops are feeling about serving openly in the military. a poll went out to them and the poll finds that most american troops and their families don't care whether gays are allowed to serve openly. the pentagon doesn't plan on releasing the results of the survey until after december 1st
8:51 am
but those results were leaked to the media. ten minutes before 9:00 this morning. fremont based logictech will get together with san jose place to announce a new crime- fighting tool. the company is launching an alert service that also gives residents an's easy way to report suspicious activity to police and neighborhood watch groups. the system lets people keep an eye on their home or business by computer, tv or smartphone. it's integrated to something called neighborhood central for sharing information. police in hayward are working to get more guns off the streets. the department is hosting another gun buyback program from tomorrow -- tomorrow. from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 you can bring the guns to the south hayward b.a.r.t. station. the guns can be surrendered, no
8:52 am
questions asked, for $50 a firearm. that date, police have bought more than 700 guns. we're still following breaking news coming from philadelphia. a cargo plane, that one you see right there is being searched for possible bombs on board. and they are the hottest tickets in town. how some lucky workers in san francisco could get free world series tickets.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we have an update to the breaking news on the suspicious package -- to the suspicious packages on u.p.s. planes. another plane is being searched. all of this stems from a plane headed to chicago from yemen. a toner cartridge was found on that board -- on board that plane that had been tampered with. we're hearing no explosives were found. however there were still planes being searched. 8:55. halloween partygoers in downtown santa cruz could place triple fines if you are caught drinking in public. police hope the higher fines
8:56 am
result. several roads will be closed in the downtown area. and city officials want to remind you there will be no halloween celebration in the castro district. bars and restaurant will be open for business. there won't be a big city party. the city banned this after several people were shot. can you find a link for halloween events for children and adults throughout the bay area on the channel 2 website, 8:56. some muni works, may get a chance to see the world series for free. when it came to distributing the tickets that were offered for the world series tickets game. some executives thought the tickets should instead go to the executive staff and to the governing board.
8:57 am
8:56. sal says we have a problem on the peninsula. what happened? >> there is a crash on 101. fortunately, it's a minor crash. southbound 101 at university. i have it on the maps for you. you can see traffic can slow in both directions. you will will be waiting for maybe five minutes. no major problems. and in san francisco right now, northbound and southbound 101, i think it look the pretty good -- it looks pretty good. at 8:57. here's steve. on this friday we've had rain for a while, it pull. it will stay there when the whole mess swings in. a break saturday afternoon evening. one system could produce rain in the north bay. after that, sunny and warmer weather on monday and tuesday. getting about an inch, inch and a half. >> you said the timing was good
8:58 am
for the giants' games. want to take you book at&t park -- take youback to at&t park. who is this? uribe! the hero! he's getting on. they are gathering and getting on the buses to head to the airport to go to texas. game three tomorrow -- >> warm. >> game three tomorrow, coverage starts at 3:30. >> bye now.
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