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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 29, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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suspect 44-year-old william lynch is expected to postbail and come out any time in the next hour or two. his attorney, you can see him talking on the cell phone in his suit is here waiting to talk to his client. we understand that lynch turned himself in about 1:00 tonight after the santa clara county's sheriff's department sent out a report on tuesday. lynch assaulted his former jesuit priest that's gerald linder in los cados, that happened back on may 10th of this year. that's what the sheriff department says happened. >> he shows up in front of other people and starts attacking the father with closed fists until he actually goes down to the floor. >> reporter: we understand that linder did go to the hospital with injuries to his face and
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body. they were able to track down lynch through phone records, lynch's attorney told us just in the past hour that his client was abused by linder back in 1975 during a church outing in the santa cruz mountains. >> he took the two of them out in the woods, he sexually abused both of them, forced them to actually have sexual acts with each other and then physically tortured them as well. that's the history here. >> reporter: now bail has been set at $25,000. again he is expected to postbail and be out any time shortly. but we understand he's been charged at felony assault in this case. if found guilty that could put him in jail for four years. we are expecting mr. lynch to come out shortly and we will be here and bring you an update when we get that. jana katsuyama. we have new details and
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what could be a major development the case of an apparent suicide pact by twin brothers. sheriff's brothers have recovered a note that sheds light in what happened. a sheriff's briefing just wrapped up, debra villalon has the story. >> reporter: the 15-year-old was affixuated with a rope. and that the surviving brother who tried to get police to kill him had signed a note apologizing to their family of what they were about to do. >> it just says that they were unhappy, and when they seem they are happy it's a facade. probably the most telling thing about the note is, it says don't bother to look for us because you're not going to find us. >> reporter: this tragedy ended
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tuesday night when the surviving teen burst into a home near the ravine. turned the gas stove on and lit a fire. then tried to stab himself with fives from the kitchen -- fives from the kitchen. he managed to puncture a knife. when police got there, he told police shoot me, kill me. they tased him and took him to the hospital. >> he used a rope, a long rope. if you had a suicide pact, one did it and then the other one would do it thereafter. if you could imagine what the family is going through, this is just devastating, just so tragic it's unmanageable. >> reporter: unmanageable too because investigators describe the boys as good kids,
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sophomores at hayward high school, good grades, good family, there's no underlying details of why they are suicidal. and the sheriff's department will know more once they interview the surviving twin. debra villalon, ktvu channel two news. authorities say they found packages with explosives that were addressed to locations here in the united states. they discovered the packages in enlands and dubai and that they had been isn't from yemen and they had explosives. that led to homeland security officials stopping and searching ups plants in philadelphia and newark, new jersey >> i directed the department of homeland security and all our law enforcement and
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intelligence agencies to take whatever steps are necessary to protect our citizens from this type of attack. >> no explosives were found here in the united states. coming up, tom vacar will be here with a look at what authorities are doing in the bay area in response to this latest terrorist threat election day is now just a few days away and according to an exclusive ktvu field poll, the race for california attorney general is a dead heat. but there are still a lot of voters who say they are undecided. republican steve cooley is leading pamela harris by a raiser thin margin. pamela has won three consecutive elections, despite democrats outnumbering republicans. harris could face hurdles in southern california where she
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is not known so well. harris has 38% of the votes with 17% still undecided. both candidates campaigned by mail, and mail is a popular way to reach voters, but is it turning people off? >> reporter: it's been said that america get the government they deserve. but perhaps many in the bay area that get these mailers may be wondering what they did to deserve all this. these are just some of the mailers that came into the postoffice just today. all of them will be sorted and delivered tomorrow. about two to 300,000 pieces of political mail come in daily. >> this is the most volume i've seen in my career. quite a lot of volume daily, and a lot of candidates and a lot of propositions on the
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plate. >> reporter: every resident we spoke to said enough is enough. >> it's a huge waste of money. especially the stuff that comes in the mail. it's a lot of stuff. every day. >> any fliers we get in the mail or on the phone always seem very biased. >> reporter: what do you do with them? >> throw them away, recycling. >> reporter: what may be trash to one person may be gold for a candidate. >> it's a matter of overwhelming the electorate with a lot of information and hoping you reach those people that are undecided. >> reporter: trama tola says that many has become coming by air, especially meg whitman. >> if you took away her millions upon millions we would
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be looking at a fairly normal campaign. but with her millions, it's unprecedented. >> reporter: shoeters say that many are causing them to tune out -- voters say that so much information is causing them to tune out. >> reporter: do you listen to them at all? >> not at all. the more i listen the more i get confused. >> we have more campaign coverage for you on our website. just log on to when you're there click the election 2010 tab. dedicated giants fans were at at&t when family members boarded buses to the airport and games to texas for games three, four and five if necessary. team officials say it's important to keep things in perspective as the world series
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now heads to arlington, texas. >> it's a humble experience because we know there's a lot of work to do. >> we're going into their park. it's a hitter's park. we have to win two baseball games to bring this thing home. >> reporter: since interleague play began in 1987. the giants have 14 wins including their two world series wins this week and only two losses when playing the texas rangers in san francisco. however the giants have only three wins compared to five losses against the rangers when the games were played in texas. and now that the giants are no longer on their home turf, texas fans are getting a little more, shall we say confident. ken pritchett is in arlington, where orange and black is hard to find, right ken. >> reporter: yes, it is. the grounds crew just left the field after touching up the
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diamond following batting practice. the giants left from batting practice just about a half hour ago. giants fans have reason to be excited about tomorrow night's game. i can tell you as someone who grew up in arlington for decades, the rangers was a hard team to get excited about. but for fans, it's inconceivable. >> they look, they snap picture, they pose. often in disbelief. >> it doesn't seal real until we came and saw the signs, now it's becoming a little more real. >> reporter: on this day before the game, this sign hanging at the ballpark in arlington was the star attraction. >> we've waited a long time for this. >> is it hard to believe? >> oh, yeah. i mean i still sometimes can't wrap my brain around it. >> that that banner is hanging. >> that that banner is hanging up there. >> reporter: derrick mcculla and his family flash their
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antlers as well as the claw, symbols of this memorable season. they hold the biggest antlers in the world next to the stadium. while the players took to the batting cage hoping to get into the series. i am sure giants fans will have something to say about that. our goal is to hear from those giants fans, get their reaction win or lose. in arlington, texas, ken pritchett. we received this shot of the international terminal lit up in orange light early this morning. remember you can send us your fan photos as well, you can e- mail them to photos @ you can also see more photos on
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our website it made for a rainy morning commute. we'll give you some looks now of what it was like along the embarcadero and san francisco where drivers navigated slick roads and people were carrying umbrellas. the trees blocked arkansas street until crews from the department of public works arrived to clean up the mess. >> weather held off just long enough for the world series the two games we played here. on over to our chief meteorologist, bill martin, what do you think for the weekend? >> right now we have showers outside. we'll get to the weekend in just a little bit. right now we have showers sitting offshore. they've been offshore all day. we have rain in the north bay as we roll around here, we have wet roads north. you can see the showers up around santa rosa, san rafael, we have rain and showers in san jose. around here, nothing, maybe a
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sprinkle as best. these showers over the next few hours are going to push us an shore overnight. a good shot at sprinkles for part of the weekend. the other part of the weekends looks good. in arlington for the ball game tomorrow, 67 degrees, mostly sunny, the sunday game almost 70 degrees. we have great weather for baseball. i'll tell you what you can expect in weather. >> for your current weather in your neighborhood, you can always go to our website the work around the tower of the bay bridge wrapped up about an hour ago. the major phase of the bay bridge construction involved hoisting sections of the spans 524-foot tower some 10 feet in the air. and caltrans' spokesman is going to be joining us live to tell us what to expect moving
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forward. >> do you know the day, why it happened? >> god only knows why, i don't know. ktvu's rita williams is the only reporter to sit down with former bart police officer mehserle. what he would have done differently if he could relive that new years day. he answers that question and more, next. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. over the course of the past 29 months, just about everyone has formed an opinion about former bart officer mehserle. but they did it without hearing from mehserle himself. that is until now. for the first time mehserle has opted to talk publicly and he
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did it with ktvu's rita williams. >> reporter: he's been behind bars for almost four months now but he never sees this. this is his world, protective custty in the los angeles county jail -- protective custody in the los angeles county jail. mehserle almost spends 24 hours a day in a single cell. knows he's marked for death. >> i don't worry about myself. i'm sure my family probably. i know they worry about me. but i worry about them. >> reporter: he says he worries most about his son born the day after the former bart police officer says he accidentally fired his gun instead of his taser and killed oscar grant. the baby was two weeks
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premature. >> one moment you're holding your son and -- and you're happy but then the next you're in tears. >> reporter: mehserle says after he realized he had shot grant new year's morning last year, grant's friends yelled at grant was the father of a little girl. >> i started thinking about, thinking about my son that wasn't born yet. why it happened? i don't know. >> reporter: do you know today
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why it happened? >> i think only god knows why, i don't know. >> reporter: mehserle says for six months before the shooting he had been working lots of overtime to save money to buy a house. as he left to work, a doctor ordered bedrest for his pregnant fiance. >> reporter: in hindsight, how would you have changed that morning? >> probably called in sick to work. stayed with my fiance. waited for my son to be born. so mr. grant could go home to his family and be with his daughter. >> reporter: mehserle says he knows his life will never be normal. that behind bars or out, he'll never be free knowing his actions killed a man, fearing he will never be safe. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and to see more of rita's exclusive interview with
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mehserle, tune in to the 10:00 news tonight. tonight as 10:00 he asks him how he could mistake his gun for his taser and what he would say to oscar grant's family if he had the opportunity. the project is called ebart. i would go from the bay point station to antioch. the extension is estimated to cost $462 million. officials say that 50% less costly than building a conventional bart line. >> a unique project, the coordination of caltrans, the widening of highway 4, additional lanes together with bart. >> reporter: the project is expected to create 600 yards during construction and about 80 permanent jobs once ebart
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the complete. i'm seeing a lot of green behind you bill. >> that's the rain now. it'll show you where the rain has been falling, where it is falling. we go outside right now and show you what we have. you see the rain showing up in the north bay. the main rain bans are north. see how it skirts to pacifica and the avenues of san francisco. i'm going to stop the latest imagine and you see a few showers showing up after the cliff house. really this has been all about the north bay, up in sonoma and santa rosa. that's where the showers are and that's where they'll continue to go. over the next few hours tonight, this will start to slide to the east, this whole area and now as it does those showers will move in. that's tonight and early, early tomorrow morning. so your forecast for tonight as you go out and about, some clouds, some sprinkles, especially in the north bay, but san jose, redwood city, freemont, just drop, drop, not
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a big deal. am showers tomorrow, but again not a big deal. they should be out of your hair at 9:10. when you wake up tomorrow morning, you see a glaze. just like you did this morning. that's how tomorrow morning will be. but as you head out of the house to go do what you want to do, you should be dry, you should be dry. dry pattern continues into the early part of next week. there is some more rain out there but it's past the five day. the system sits offshore. that's the trough and it's big looking system. but all the energy is just going straight up like that. and that's why we're staying basically dry in most of the bay area. so today the showers are north, tomorrow the showers move off. more specifics when we come back in a few minutes. we'll question more into thewet -- we'll get more into the weather for your neighborhood and halloween. and the city of san francisco is getting high scores when it comes to its
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streets. we'll explain in just a few moments. plus the change that pg & e is doing to the pipeline that exploded. and a cholesterol medicine has been pulled off the shelves. how the way the drug smelled alerted to the problem. allegedly shackled and tortured for more than a year, a teen at the center of a horrific case of abuse takes the stands. we're at the courthouse with the latest on his emotional testimony. also a rare sight at bay area political event. how people were scrambling to get rid of shares before one candidate showed up. and partiest are swarming all over the area, we're talking to police to see how they are planning to keep everything safe, tonight at 6:00.
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pg & e says it remove had the pipeline that exploded last month out of the san bruno neighborhood devastated by the explosion and fire. the attorney says it plans to
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tear out the line between san bruno avenue and lane. residents have been asking the utility to move that pipeline ever since the blast. they even said they would not move back as long as there's a gas line moving through their homes. streets and sidewalks in san francisco are getting cleaner. the city scored better in 14 of the 19 standards used to measure cleanliness than it did last year. inspectors foundwell maintained trash cans and less dumping. although graffiti on city property is also down, graffiti on private property is at its highest levels in years. a drug company is recalling
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the cholesterol drug lipito. tizeer r . pfizer is recalling the drug because of a moldy smell. los angeles television reports quote students saying that pests have been detected in campus housing. but usc officials say in a statement released today that the students are actually living in housing that is not owned by the university. they also say that fewer than 10 confirmed bedbug cases have been confirmed on campus in the last six months. the university says it's aggressively responding with pest control services. is it a new wrap for terrorists activity or is it just something we don't hear about too often. i'm tom vacar, what we're learning still ahead. you want to make that video available to the police department, that opportunity is available to us here. virtually policing the bay
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area's largest city. what police say about privacy concerns raised by a new surveillance system. we explore the controversial prop 19 debate to learn what impact legalizing pot would really have, sunday on the 10:00 news, complete bay area coverage.
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they do apparently contain explosive material. the president this afternoon addressing the nation in an attempt to calm fears of terrorism brought on by a discovery on board u.s. flights. the president confirmed that officials had detected two packages on their way to synagogues. tom vacar has the story. >> reporter: that's in fact, the case. really when you take a look at here and everywhere around the
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world, it's all about a deadly case of cat and mouse against terrorists and those appointed to defend against their everything goes tactics. >> official investigation has confirmed that they do contain explosive material. >> reporter: the two packages were intercepted in dubai and england but not before they got well into the stream of commerce. that propertied federal officials to step up security in the u.s. >> those measures led to additional screenings of some planes in newark and philadelphia. >> reporter: a cargo plane was escorted to jfk by fighter jets. the steel foundation, a san francisco based security intelligence and risk management firm says this type of threat is nothing new. >> the reality of it is, that this type of testing if you
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would is going on all the time. so there's incidents that are occurring regularly that we the public don't hear about. >> reporter: local reaction was mixed. >> why do we have the intelligence that nick that is in the bud before the package is already placed in the air and already made its way to the european continent. we have to act sooner. >> people are human and they make mistakes. nobody can tell where everything is at all times. >> it's just terrible. really disturbing. >> reporter: why? >> fear. safety. >> well if they have any type of hint or clue that some type of activity like that is going on, it makes me feel safe that it's been intercepted. >> reporter: the department of homeland security will enhance screening of cargo and passenger jets much of which do
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carry cargo. that could make holiday travel a little more cumbersome than it already is. reporting live, i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. federal investigators are also looking into a frightening injury on board an american airlines flight. they're trying to figure out how a hole opened up in the fusolage on air. the 2-foot hole was discovered shortly after the flight took off to boston. the cabin immediately depressurized and that caused a lot of people on board to start panicking. none of the 154 people on board was injured. police have arrested a 47- year-old middle school teacher in lafayette on suspicion that he had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student. investigators say teacher michael merritt sent the girl up to 150 messages a day many
5:34 pm
of them of a sexual nature. he's accused of having sexual contact with her during tutoring sessions. merrick is being held in $3 million bail. a new program announced today is supposed to make people safer. it involves cameras that you can monitor on your computer or cell phone. he says for people concerned for their safety, knowledge is power. >> what we're really trying to do here is to give members of the public the ability to see where crimes have happened to take ownership, perhaps change their behavior so they can protect themselves, their property and their communities. >> reporter: surveillance cameras will soon help police police neighborhoods everyone when they are not there and
5:35 pm
residents can watch as well. the cameras cost $249 for an outdoor system with night vision or $200 for an indoor camera that people can mount inside. >> if you are a member of the public and you feel that your neighborhood is better served by making video available to the police, that technology is available for you here. >> reporter: san jose's police chief said he didn't have any concerns about violation of privacy or vigilante issue. saying that the cameras are a modern day neighborhood watch. >> we haven't experienced
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vigilantism due to having a neighborhood associations out there. >> logitech donated 60 cameras. if you live in that city and want to have one at your home or business you can e-mail the company, the address is alert @ cameras will be given to those who live in high crime areas. and the work on the new tower of the bay bridge is now wrapping up. we want to show you live pictures now. two pieces of the signature tower have now been put in place. three more will be installed. once they are all in place that tower will be about 525 feet high which is about as high as the towers on the stretch of bridge from yerba buena island to san francisco. bart these pieces are huge, put this in perspective for us, how difficult is it to get these pieces in place.
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>> i tell you, our hats go out for enterprises team that worked around the clock, 24 hours, 12 hour shifts for the last four days to lift four 600- ton segments into place and finish, again three or four hours early when there's still sunlight out. it's a big challenge, it's a big milestone for us and we're ahead of where we're supposed to be. >> reporter: working with these enormous pieces, what's your big concern? >> a big concern, one was traffic on the new bridge because work was so close and nothing materialized thanks to bay area motorists. the second one was wind. because these pieces weigh a lot but they can still catch a little bit of wind. the weather cooperated with us and we were able to complete on time. >> so far so good, how long until the other three towers will be in place do you think? >> well, we should be receiving the next sections in december and doing this again. and then we will probably top out the entire tower by
5:38 pm
february of next year. >> all right, bart nay talks to us about work there on the new bay bridge. you can see the progress they are making as that bridge starts to take shape here in the bay area. it looked like an emergency, but tonight what was really happening when san francisco city hall was evacuated. and an economic lift came to one bay area neighborhood. what this new store is bringing when it comes to jobs and services. they've been prescribe the kids as young as three, in tonight's special report, the controversy and the dangers behind the drugs used to treat an increasingly common medical condition in children.
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the last trading day of the month wrapped up with relatively flat numbers today, trading was light on wall street dispute news that the economy grew at an annual rate of 20%. the dow rose five points closing out its best october in four years, the nasdaq was up a fraction of point. -- comments come after new figures show the -- >> as we continue to dig out
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from the worse rescission in 40 year, our mission is to accelerate that recovery so that business like this one can continue to prosper and we can get the millions of americans who are still looking for jobs back to work. >> economists say that a 2% growth rate is positive but not enough to make a dent in the high unemployment rate. lowe's opened its first store san francisco this morning. it's located on the bay point neighborhood. the 80,000 new score will carry 32,000 products and employs 200 people. apple continues to make strides. apple is now the fourth biggest manufacturer of cell phone,
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passing blackberry maker. cupertino has had a very good fourth quarter. nokia is still the leader in the market. a disruption in san francisco's civic center plaza today, why thousands of people were forced to leave their workplace in the middle of the day. and there's rain just a few miles offshore. i'll let you know if that will have an impact on your saturday or your halloween sunday. allegedly shackled and tortures for more than a year. a teen at the center of a horrific case of abuse takes the stand. we're at the courthouse with the late on his emotion story. why volunteers were scrambling to get rid of chairs before one candidate showed up. and from the world series to halloween, partyers will be swarming all over the bay area, we're talking to police on how they are trying to keep everyone safe, tonight at 6:00.
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a lot of people over 40 years old are on cholesterol lowering drugs these days as doctors try to help them avoid
5:46 pm
heart disease. in some cases, the patients using these drugs are children. as john fowler tells us, there's a lot of controversy about that. >> reporter: new statistics show more than 2 million children nationwide are taking cholesterol lowering drugs. >> i think people would be shocked by the number of children who have high cholesterol. >> reporter: cpmc pediatrician nadine north says that she sees it in children under three, it's linked with diet. >> it's tough to keep kids on the right path. >> reporter: the drugs are lipitor, crestor and others, known as sta to the best atins, the most prescribed medication. the latest pediatrician
5:47 pm
guidelines call for prescribing for children starting at eight. >> are you going to give them medication and allow the kid to sit on the couch and eat flaming hot cheetoes the whole day. >> nobody knows the consequences of a child beginning a drug like that at the age of 15. >> reporter: although doctors say there's no good long term studies with children, studies with adults show no much side effect. >> too often they are seen as a magic bullet. >> reporter: dr. ronald clous is finding that genetics can
5:48 pm
twist the appearance of cholesterol. >> we know that statins don't improve. >> reporter: worse very long term statin use may have consequences. cholesterol is fundamental to every cell in the body and tinkering with it may have negative effects on your bones and even brain. diet and exercise is the right choice for the vast majority of high cholesterol children. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up next at 6:00, exclusive new poll numbers on who is leading on the race for lieutenant governor between newsom and maldonado. julie haener is in the newsroom. >> reporter: binding testimony from the teenager who police say was held captive for a year and tortured before he finally escaped. the things he says happened to him are almost too hard to believe. also a violent encounter, more on the bay area man who tracked
5:49 pm
down the priest who he says abecaused him when he was a -- abused him when he was a kyle. what authorities say happened when he found him living in a local retirement home. and the big outdoor location in the city where huge tv screens will be installed to watch the world series game three. as many as 6,000 people from city hall and other neighboring buildings participated. they were asked to leave their workplace just after noon and gather in designated spots in civic plaza. this was the first ever coordinated emergency drill in that area. several streets were shut down and nummi was rerouted during the course of this exercise. -- was shut down because of a suspicious package. after examining the item they determined there was no danger.
5:50 pm
in fact, the suitcase they found just some folded up clothes. a lot of things going on this weekend, including halloween. bill martin you were saying a moment ago that rain is just a couple of miles away. >> just offshore. it has been for the last 24 hour, unless you're in santa rosa. they've had almost an inch of rain today. everyone else south of san francisco has had hardly any. so we go outside and you see the footprint. you see the showers just offshore, we'll do a little measurement here and you can see what we're talking about. the leading edge of these showers really no more than 14 miles offshore and they're right near shore and pacifica. showers are going to kick on shore tonight so there'll be more showers in your forecast. you'll see the satellite start to roll here. you see the san francisco bay area, you see the showers and this motion is like this. but it is all going to start to
5:51 pm
translate east. there it is for tonight. tomorrow morning take a peek, saturday morning 8:00 a.m. if you have morning events, a chance for a sprinkle but that's it. watch what happens saturday afternoon it's gone. a little something up here but that looks like it's going to stay to the north. as we go into saturday, sunday halloween looks dry. that's a little different than you've been seeing in the past week. good news for trick or treaters, good news for people who have outdoor activities planned this weekend. 62 in napa, 63 in fairfield, only 60 in petaluma. east bay temperatures mid-60s. a nice mild day tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine late in the day. in the morning you might see a sprinkle or two. kind of like this morning.
5:52 pm
tomorrow afternoon mid-60s then you have mid-60s. you have baseball in arlington, good weather for both of those games in arlington texas. with this five day forecast you're looking at temperatures on the increase as we roll into, the early part of next week. a real nice fall weather forecast. the rain right now mainly a north bay deal. almost an inch in santa rosa. here in the station at oakland, nothing. 30, 40 miles north. >> halloween looks great. >> halloween is going to be good. >> that's fantastic. thanks, bill. it's a different border battle. the red tape that's keeping border patrol agents from doing their job. ♪
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[ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is.
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choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. a new report suggests that federal environment laws could be -- border patrol is increasingly being forced to wade through environmental red tape to be cleared to operate on federal land. the report found agents has to go through such a series of delays in new mexico and california while waiting for the bureau of land management to give them the green light. according to a conservative
5:56 pm
group, the center for immigration stuties, the report is a red flag -- study, the report is a red flag. >> it's the reality check. whatever the government may say that the border is secure, the cameras tell us a very different story. but a federal investigators involved in the study disagrees saying the delayed encounter did not affect border safety. despite the problems, the gao said that the laws didn't need to be modified that they need to work more officially to avoid delays. >> stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. a story of torture with chains and balls and bats unfolded in a court today.
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5:58 pm
beaten, burned, cut and held captive. a tracy teenager who police say was tortured took the stand for the first time in frontof his alleged abusers. and two mayor races, plus
5:59 pm
why gavin newsom supporters were frankicly removing chairs today from an auditorium where he was about to speak. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. disturbing new details are being released tonight about a teenager who under went torture. he described in detail how his captor, shackled, beat and burned him. jim vargas join us now, he's live in stockton where the alleged captors are in jail. >> reporter: 6'two weig


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