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tv   KTVU News Special  FOX  October 30, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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away. you would have liked to have seen him come in, in the eighth inning, correct? >> ozzie: no doubt. you'd have your best pitcher. but ron washington rolled the dice and he knows the team better than we do. it worked out for him. >> chris: all right. one of the hitting stars tonight mitch moreland became just the second rookie in the last world series to go deep in a game. a few moments ago, ken rosenthal caught up with him. >> ken: mitch moreland, three-run homer off jonathan sanchez. nine-pitch at-bat. four pitches falled off. take me through it. >> player: it was tough. i had a runner in scoring position and had a slider to work with. i wanted to get a good pitch to hit. battled. finally got a pitch i could drive and put a good swing on it. >> ken: you hadn't played that long. that was a first career homer off left-hander and first for rangers in the world series. did you realize that? >> player: no. i was happy to get runs on the
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board. let colby work. >> ken: how important was it for the team tonight and how much did the feeling in the dugout change after your home run? >> player: it was big. we needed this. we knew we had to come in and do our job today and get us a fresh start going after the road series. we came in, did our job. colby threw a great game and we put things together and came out with the "w." >> ken: new series? >> player: that's right. >> ken: thank you. back to you. >> chris: thank you very much. this place is rocking! with good reason, because we have ourselves a series. tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern/5:00 pacific, game four the scheduled starter madison bumgarner. 21 years old. he will become the fifth youngest pitcher to start a world series game. tommy hunter, winless in the post season but 7-0 at home in the regular season. what are you looking forward to in game four? >> eric: both of the pitchers can do well, you i guess this is a bullpen game.
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bumgarner threw well in game six. but his start earlier in the series nlcs not so good. both bullpens are rested and have confidence. that's why the game will be decided there tomorrow. >> chris: you're ron washington, you have to feel good. you got contribution from guys you were looking for, andrus, young, hamilton and cruz, right? >> ozzie: i think so. right now, you win one game. takes the pressure off the players. i said it today. this is the biggest game they'll play because they'll come and relax, they have support of the fans and they can swing the bat in this ballpark. look for a got game for them. >> chris: first time since the 2001 world series between the new york yankees and arizona diamondback the home team won the first three game of the series. ozzie, give them one of those back there. >> ozzie: give them one. [ applause ] >> chris: unbelievable. we're ready for game four. it will be a lot of fun. coming up next is your late
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local news except on the west coast. when it will be seen at the regularly scheduled time. later on late night "friends" followed by "running wilde." join fox sports tomorrow for huge day, the n.f.l. double-header with a pre-game show at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific. packers and jets headlining the action as well. and randy moss returns to foxboro, big part of the game two slate. following that, we bring you game four of the world series from arlington. coverage begins at 8:00 eastern/5:00 pacific. promotional consideration paid for by the following -- for more information on tonight's game and latest in major league baseball news, log on to fox this is chris rose saying so long from arlington, texas. fox sports is your home for the 2010 world series.
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down two games to none. the rangers were victorious in their first world series home game. showing no signs of fading showing no signs of fading away. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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three run shot, 3-0, texas. >> and with that three-run homer by ranger rookie, mitch moreland. it puts the range in the one
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for good and they do take game three, but the giants still lead the world series two games to one. p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@ you are looking at a live picture from the rangers paul park in arlington right now where fans are streaming out onto the street. our ken pritchard is live in arlington with, of course, some very happy ranger fans, ken? . >> reporter: we are here where you can see a lot of happy ranger fans, obviously, leaving the ballpark. we have some giant fans -- >> yeah, giants! >> reporter: i want to talk to you. what are your thoughts about the game? >> you know what? i have to say texas fans, good fans, easy to get along with.
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we are going to take it home. we want to win it at home. >> let talk to kevin turkelson from new york. >> giants fan, born into it, but you know what? we came here, we lost the game, won the first two -- you know what, but we'll come back. we are here monday, is it monday? >> i think we will go to san francisco because the fans deserve it. >> reporter: what are your thoughts, randy? >> one bad thing. one bad pitch. 2-1 game. i'm not worried about it. >> reporter: what would you like to be here? >> it's fantastic. fans, always fantastic. never give it up.
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keep the faith and -- >> reporter: what do you see forthe next two games? >> close games, but we are good. very underrated. a lot of people don't know the giants. >> there are some joins fans here, we'll hear more from them later on in the broadcast. back to you. >> always a lot of fun to be in enemy territory when the home team wins. we welcome you to this special edition of the ktvu news. it was a very tidy and well played ball game. two hours, 51 minutes. it starts out with the inspirational nolan ryan. clocked it at 87-miles per hour and it looked from the beginning like sanchez might
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have some problems. guerrero takes him deep into the first. pretty nice catch. a live ball from the get go. they call it pass the bat. how about pass the glove? problems in the 1st, but not the second. look at the first pitch by jonathan sanchez. almost threw the centerfield wall. he has himself a double and a nine pitch, mitch moreland, and finally, on that 9th pitch, into the lower seats in right seat, 3-1 shot, take a look at it, again. up there and he blasts that thing, three-run homer and the ranger bench, finally something to about. that's the way it went. lots more highlights to talk about as we continue and ron washington, manager of the
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rangers, celebrating his first ever managerial victory, on the podium as we join him in texas. >> dream come true. when we hit spring training, it's to get to the world series and somebody made a statement to me "if we told you in february that you would be 0-2 in the world series, how would you feel about it?" i would feel tremendous, those guys put in hard work. they work hard every day. they care about each other and the thing i like about them, they never quit. kobe and josh, two examples of what the texas rangers are all about. kind of a quick talk from
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the manager of texas rangers, ron washington. > >> giants fans, optimistic, up two games to one. >> reporter: all of these people are having the time of their lives and now they are making the best of it. [ cheers and applause ] >> across the bay area, bars packed with people looking for a win. most of them wearing their colors, but orange and plaque, but some going further. these cousins dressed up at accurate sized versus of ross and wilson. >> all of the people out.
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we are here to support the giants. >> reporter: some fans came in costume, most did not having a single minded focus. >> the energy is amazing. so much positive energy, it's great! >> one of the most popular fans was the one who took the giants and a rallying cry where no one else dared. >> i wanted to be dressed up and you have to be great and think like brian wilson you want a a beard, you have to put it somewhere different. >> and you have to remember this is extreatmently political crowd in san francisco, very leaning. every single time that president bush appeared on camera, this crowd went nuts. threw eggs at the president, very, very political oriented even if -- >> definitely not subdued.
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we are going to go back to texas. josh hamilton on the left and mitch mooreland, let join the two of them live. >> not at all. i'm in the lineup. i just try to go out and i know my job is to go out there and grind out at bats and i do what i can to see some pitches and throw the bats out. judge jp. >> reporter: when you started, there was a lot of talk about justin being the one in this organization. was that something that you used as motivation? >> not so much that, just me trying to go out and take care of what i can do. stick with my game plan and my approach and i knew if everything fell into place that i would be in the right spot at
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the right time and i have opportunity and it has just been a lot of fun so far. >> josh, you hit that first world series homerun in the first game here, running around the bases, fire works are going off, music is playing. with everything you have gone through to get to that moment, how sweet is it to be making the trip around the bases? >> it's pretty sweet. at the same time, i was thinking about -- it was great, i put a good swing on it, but, you know, thinking about that swing i just took and thinking about how to replicate the swing. so, it was all great, you know? i have got some family in town. crowd was good. but, you know, that's what we try to do. we try to entertain folks. >> reporter: one last one on this side, eric?
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>> josh, what has colby meant to you? >> he has meant everything. focus level intensity, when you see him go out there, he is on a mission and he is pitching well and fortunately, we scored runs when he pitch. we were joking around we saved our runs for the season for the playoffs, but he has been tremendous. he has been just as good as cliff and cj. so,. >> you looking at the two guys that provided all of the runs for texas. mitch mooreland on the right and josh hamilton with a solo shot later. 4-2 the final, if you have just joining us, you know having the world series falling on the weekend is creating problems
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for some families. debra has been watching families try to balance both. debra? >> reporter: you could either carve a pumpkin or watch the two teams try to carve each other out. this pumpkin patch emptied out once the game started, but we found many families trying to juggle both. >> listened to it on the radio and we are going to try to get back there. >> reporter: as for sunday's game, we have a plan. >> i have two young kids. they want to go out and go trick-or-treating and i might be able to be home and hand out candy while the game is on. we'll play it by ear. >> as southland mall health a trick-or-treat event. some families were moving fast to make their way home.
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>> just 30 minutes, spend time with my family and watch my game. >> actually, i'm recording it right now on my tv, i'm going to watch it later. >> reporter: and not let anybody tell you the score? >> no. >> kids first. number one fan. i'm going to go home and watch the game. can't miss it, i'm telling you. go giants. >> reporter: away from home, the malls radio shack store provided at least a view of the game as the game wore on. not cozy, but communal. >> i'm kind of sweaty because i'm trying to watch the game. >> reporter: like so many moms and dads, he doesn't. after all, halloween only comes once a year, giants in the world series -- never mind. >> take the kids out, let them have fun, be safe and -- oh, my
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god, they just made a homerun. >> it's orange october and giants fever, i'm one of them. >> reporter: are you watching behind the counter back there? >> no comment. >> reporter: we are back live where this pumpkin patch, opened until 9:00 may start to rebound in business now that the game has ended. certainly, though, no one happy with the score, scarier than any halloween costume, reporting live, debra villone, ktvu news. >> giants still lead the series. they could not get across much against colby lewis. giants scored 20 runs in the first two games, just two tonight off lewis. we'll join him on the podium in texas. >> i think it's a situation where you can get ahead early and throw the pitches you want
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to late and you know you see it with all great pitchers. it's a situation where you are able to throw pitches when you want to. >> reporter: in the back here, tim? >> reporter: there has been a lot of talk since the loss in game two, what might heap. who would pitch for you guys in the event of 0-3 or something like that. do you hear that kind of conversation or are you thinking let's play the game? are you insulted at all by it? >> we take one game at a time. we have to go out and play and compete and make the decisions after the game. >> on the left, peter. >> reporter: as you were putting on your game plan, what was the most important aspect of it? >> for me, with the previous
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series, yankees load up up the line with lefties tonight, i mean, i threw a lot of sliders. that's a situation also with my breaking ball that worked well with basically, that was it, trying to command the fast ball. i felt like i was kind of feeling off, jerking the fast ball and not really commanding the inside. -- >> reporter: that's tonight's winning pitcher, colby lewis, 7 and two-thirds innings worth of work. giants man aned two-runs. 4-2 the final. we are coming back with a lot more. we'll get back down to texas and look at some of the giants fans wandering the city.
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we welcome you back to our world series coverage. no matter what, this will be a series of first. neither franchise has ever won the world series. they have never been to the world series and tonight was their first ever world series victory, so naturally, the fans more than excited about that. ken pritchard is live in arlington with more of the rangers fans and their reaction to the first ever rangers victory in a world series, ken? >> reporter: right now, the fans are -- we have some giants fans we we are talking to. what do you think about the game here tonight?
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>> we made it exciting. we are not worried about it. we are up 2-1. we'll go back to san francisco and we are still going to win. >> reporter: what was the atmosphere like? >> it's not as passionate as the fans in san francisco. i think we are a little more passionate at at & t. >> reporter: you are also from san francisco. what were your thoughts? >> it was a very exciting game. giants gave it their best shot. we are excited to get back out here and see madison on the hill. we are expecting a big win tomorrow. >> reporter: san francisco fans that live here in texas, you saw the game and you were obviously -- >> we were looking for a sweep. i want to see us win this thing in san francisco for the fans there. trust me, i have seen the
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giants fans and rangers fans, i'll tell you what, i'll take the giants fans any day. as far as passion and knowledge of the game. trust me, giants fans. >> we'll see you all here tomorrow night to talk to the fans, we'll see what happens, for now, back to you. >> all right, thanks, ken. i don't think giants fans would be picky about where they would win the world series. >> in san francisco, let take a look at some of the rest of this ball game. mooreland gave the rangers a 3- 0 lead, but the giants defend really keeps them in if. three, nice double play here, uribe -- sanchez getting a foot down in time. 3-0 lead, quickly turns to 4-0.
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you know it was a matter of time before this guy gets unleashed. fortunately for the giants, at this point, nobody was on base, hamilton smashed one. solo homer, look at it again. sanchez tonight four and two- thirds, uribe got six hits four runs. giants making this a ball game. ross, who else? 5th season homerun. both teams get two homeruns, but the giants, with nobody on base as you take a look -- yet another one, solo homer in the 7th and the giants are down 4- 1. they would make it a little tighter, but it's not just folks around the at & t ballpark celebrating san francisco giants, almost every spot in the city full of fans,
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orange and black all over the place. mike neibach is live in the sunset district with more. >> reporter: the fans here are not crying. they are not celebrating, but they are confident. we have been covering a lot of victories. they fought back, you mentioned the solo shots for the giants and they like that about this team. as you imagine, we came out here to the inner sunset district. fans are everywhere, neighborhoods everywhere and not everyone wants to go down to the ballpark. on this night, it came down to a little saloon called yancy's.
7:30 pm
>> reporter: at the end of the game, we decided to talk to them and see how they felt. a lot of confidence from giants fans out here in the inner sun set. >> they put up a good fight. >> we held them down. they only scored four runs, but i think the it will come up a lot tomorrow. >> giants all the way. they always come back. they are known for that. >> we have come this far. we are not going to go out like that. >> thank you so much, mike. even with the victories, giants not getting a lot of respect, it would seem from the dallas media. we say that tongue-in-cheek.
7:31 pm
don't start e-mailing. this is a story that ran down in texas. talking about benji molina and his show of respect for tim lincecum. >> first at bat, molina tipped his bat to tim like tom daschle -- when he came up to bat, you can see him tell him hey, i love you. >> reporter: all right, when you haven't seen the name before and you are not a sports fan, that's easy to happen. tim likekecum as he is known there in texas.
7:32 pm
>> rangers -- here a when you probably expected a sign that would refer to brian wilson and his now famous or infamous beard. they were letting him have it down there. brians manager, stressed that he has decided to leave of a controversial player for the roster because of health reasons. investigators are investigating jose -- before today's game, he said he left him out from the roster because of problems with the outfielder's neck and nothing else. cording to new york times, investigators told baseball officials they are looking into shipments of the hormone allegedly sent to his wife here in the san francisco bay area. >> if you are just joining us, joins fall shy, 4-2. both teams
7:33 pm
-- giants fall shy. giants lead the series two games to one. let's take a look at some of the latter stages of this ball game. giants trailing. out of the park. lewis to the right in the 8th inning. suddenly, you are thinking "we have ourselves a ball game." have another look. nobody on base. that was the problem for torres and the rest of the giants. their homeruns not coming with men on board, but after that, it gets real interesting as lewis, apparently, tiring, hits aubrey huff with two outs. they bring in relieve are darren owe day. he gave up the homerun to uribe
7:34 pm
the other night in the 9th inning, right hander, youngster out of the pen and he puts the giants down in a hurry. uribe strikes out to end in. nolan ryan and the rest of the texas rangers have themselves a first ever win to in the world series. we go to manager bruce. sanchez was a pitch away from having a pretty good outing. felt like he was getting out of the jam and made a mistake. settled in after that, throwing the ball better, but you know, that's what you deal with. >> is this the kind of game or final score more like you were expecking this low scoring? not a ton of offense going on? >> i would say, yes.
7:35 pm
both teams have good pitching staffs. they have good pitching over there. we think our pitching is good, too. this is a good ball game. pen did a nice job of keeping us in the game and gave us a chance to be back in it. we didn't mount many rallies because they pitch well. >> reporter: that's the joins manager, bruce -- you know the two games in san francisco, absolutely perfect weather wednesday and thursday. great weather in texas today, we'll see if that continues to be the case for game four tomorrow, with an hour later start. we'll go to our meet, mark. the weather will be great in texas tomorrow. no threat of rainfall, here's the game plan for game 4. mostly clear skies. temperatures on the mild side in the mid-70s. rainfall and a bit of a breeze out there from 10-15-miles an
7:36 pm
hour, bay area, we have been tracking clouds and showers. mostly cloudy for tonight. it will be dry for your sunday and the extended forecast, a big change in temperatures. warming back up into the mid-to upper 70s. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies, chilly, santa rose that, 47, san jose, right around 50. clouds will be a factor in the morning hours. you can see on the satellite and radar all of the clouds and rainshowers we have for today. there is the frontal system off shore in the specific. all of the energy will be heading to our north as the pressure rebuilds. a bit 0 of a warming trend by monday and tuesday. warmest by tuesday, on track to reach the 70s. here's the plan first thing tomorrow morning. 45-52 degrees. we gradually strip away the clouds to the afternoon hours. temperatures ranging from 60-69
7:37 pm
degrees. here's a look at the numbers for your halloween. afternoon numbers. 60s for santa rosa and fairfield, livermore, 6 and concorde right around 67. san jose at 68. so a string of 60s across the entire bay area tomorrow. the big forecast for tomorrow night for all of the trick-or- treaters, no umbrellas needed, mostly cloudy skies, light winds, temperatures right around 55-60 degrees. here is a look at your five-day forecast. temperatures, can you see. we are talking about the warming trend. we say "hello" to the 70s. the warmest location at least in the mid-70s, a few spots in the upper 70s and pretty much heading into that weather pattern for wednesday and thursday. >> partly cloudy for tomorrow and the mood is partly cloudy for giant fans tonight as they do fall in game three to texas
7:38 pm
rangers. score 4-2 the final -- more world series coming your way right after this. [ son my parents have always lived in the states.
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cardinal simply crown drowned this one out. taylor -- score 14-0. >> how about taylor grinding route grinding out -- 41-0 win. the first time since 1976 washington has been shut out at home. >> some might call the colors at oregon state appropriate for halloween. maybe a bunch of giant fans in corvalis. >> 11-yard touchdown pass to colby prince. they have lost their own qb, kevin riley completed to marvin joan, but he was hit as he threw. he suffered a hyper extended
7:42 pm
knee that forced riley to leave the game. rogers in the end zone for the third time in a game. 119-yards rushing as oregon state wins dropping dropping -- new mexico state trailing in the 4th quarter. they go in front. 4:37 to play. aggies needed one shot. matt runs down and find -- aggies pull it out as the spartans fall. >> 2-0 golden state warriors will be in los angeles to play the lakers. they will do it without the guard curry. he sprained an ankle.
7:43 pm
he will not make the trip to l.a. he is listed as day to day. >> a few hours from now, 49ers hope a new starting quarterback, troy smith will be stadium translate into better football. niners playing broncos. >> take care of that jet lag, too. joe was over there for awhile covering the 49ers getting ready to face denver. >> meantime, giants and their fans -- this has been a lot about youngsters, madison, 21 years old. you saw how the rangers closer all 22 years old tonight with a 123 night. picked up the victory.
7:44 pm
he throws 15 and two-thirds inningingses worth of proseason ball. it will be tommy hunter, a right hander for texas rangers. game four tomorrow, 4:30 our broadcast begins with world series coverage right here on ktvu, we'll be back with a lot more to set up tomorrow's game and review more of the defeat. rangers win but the giants still lead the series two games to one.
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7:46 pm
good evening, we welcome you back to our special
7:47 pm
coverage following a 4-2 defeat at the hands of texas rangers, giants still leading the series two games to one. so used to doing the broadcasts with victory to talk about. a little come down for the giants and their fans, but as john reports near aa & t park -- >> reporter: this crowd still very, very fired up. they are ready. here at the giants dugo -- giants fever in full swing. the crowd before game time was huge. people snapping up what giants and world series souvenirs they could. >> i thought seeing there was no game today that it was a good time to come.
7:48 pm
obviously, everyone had the same idea. isn't this wonderful? it's great for our city and our team and great for all of us. >> reporter: this was no easy task. the line stretched all the way up stairs a stairs and finally to the registers. >> it's crazy. never like this before. >> reporter: some fans said they didn't want to wait into that line, but this man and his wife stuck it out for 45 minutes. >> this is like christmas eve, maybe and it has been like this every day. >> reporter: that's what it feels like? >> like christmas eve, yeah, it does. last-minute shopping. have you to get everything done. >> reporter: these fans are ready for another couple of games, joining me, tracey. tough loss today, how do you
7:49 pm
feel? >> i have to say one thing -- >> reporter: they suffered through this, they are ready to get back on the horse and take another one tomorrow and another one, hopefully, wednesday. >> thanks so much, as we continue our special world series coverage, fred english is in texas. he has been in the giants clubhouse, we'll get some reactions from fred as we continue. rangers four, giants two.
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
all of the scoring tonight courtesy of long ball. both teams hit two homeruns apiece. however, the difference, a rookie, mitch mooreland, the
7:52 pm
three one shot off jonathan gave the rangers early 3-0 lead. josh hamilton adds a solo homer. fred has been staying with the joins throughout the postseason, out on the road with them. you were in the giants clubhouse, your thoughts and reaction and how they are feeling following this 4-2 defeat, fred? >> first of all, mark. i think jonathan sanchez admits he might have pitched benji molina a little too closely. he said he threw the pitch he wanted to mooreland, but he got it, lined it for a three-run homer and took a lot of energy out of the giants locker room. there is a lot of issues going issues going on with them. we had a chance to catch up with codey in the locker room.
7:53 pm
are you learned enough about this ballpark to learn how to play it offensively and defensively? >> no, my first game here, so no. >> reporter: as a team, do you change your philosophy. it looks like power and pitching is the name of the game. >> i think we still have to stick with our approach, go up there and try to hit the ball as hard as you can. that's what i'm trying to do. that's what a lot of these guys are trying to do. it doesn't matter if it's 15 up the middle. as long as you are hitting the ball hard and trying to make something happen. that's the approach we are taking. >> how different was your energy after the 3-0 homerun? >> obviously takes some wind out of your sail, but the game is still early, we have to keep battling and keep fighting. colby wouldn't let us do that.
7:54 pm
he was pitching great and got some key double plays and he pitched great. that's the thing. it's the reason he is the number three guy. judge. >> i didn't want to leave anything on the plate. i tried to get him out. >> moreland pitch -- you worked him well, it was a little too much over the plate. >> actually jonathan sanchez pitched well enough perhaps. but it was colby lewis. the kid from bakersfield.
7:55 pm
now, colby lewis, 26 of the 30 batters he faced, he threw a first pitch strike. he was in control. colby lewis 3-0 in the postseason. no one figured this would be a sweep and the giants know they are in a dogfight for sure. >> reporter: fred, you mentioned some of the issues going on with the giants, potential lineup changes. i have to ask you, matt pearl has been an intricate part of the success since he came off the wire from tampa bay. many clutch hits, no doubt, but this guy is really struggling to throw out a couple of stats at you, so far, he is 0-9. he is not touching the ball, 0-9 with eight strikeouts, what is going on with pat? defensively, he has never been a whiz in right field.
7:56 pm
any expected lineup change? >> i think you can probably see some changes. when you are 2-0, you don't want to change anything. but they are 2-1, now, and now they might have a reason to let pat sit down about this. he is just missing -- he was striking out on an 82 mile-an- hour fast ball. he just is not seeing the ball. i think there will be some lineup changes. he will not earn the privilege of trying to play the game as the dh. he didn't show much. we might see something going on with bruce -- he has not been afraid to switch things up, play all 25 men. i'm not sure, but tommy hunter will be the right hand pitcher for him. i say pat burl, as you said, it's getting ugly out there for him. he didn't make any excuses in
7:57 pm
the clubhouse. it might not be the -- it might be the time to not panic, but maybe just use all 25 guys. >> pablo has not played at all tonight, the problem with him, swinging the bad pitches and grounding into the double play. what does he do? he comes up with one out, codey ross. we have a double play ball and one more pitch in the dirt. he struck out. it's just not happening for pablo even in the world series with his first shot at it,. >> he has 27 double plays. i believe that leads to leads. giants lead the league in double plays, running into them. this is a team that does give up a couple double plays. pablo, how can you expect his confidence to be up? he might feel rusty,
7:58 pm
intimidated. if you get down to 3-0 in this ballpark. it's lights out, the giants have to score early and quiet the crowd, all of a sudden, the rangers are not just happy to be here, they expect to win a couple of games and they win their first ever world series game. >> reporter: most of us did not expect a sweep. but rangers fans had their say as did their ball club. 4-2 the final. don't forget game four right here tomorrow evening, 4:30, starts 4:57 will be the first pitch of that ball game. it will be madison on the mound for san francisco against tommy hunter, a right hander, two consecutive right handers used by the rangers, meantime, i want to thank you for joining us for this special newscast.
7:59 pm
we'll see you back here at 10:00 with heather holmes and ken wayne. good night, everybody, take care.


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