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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 2, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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at least one runner has been taken to stanford medical center suffering from heat exhaustion and that 12 other runners are being treated on the scene. again this is happening at the crystal springs cross country course in belmont. a number of students overcome with heat exhaustion as we do get more information we will bring it to you. there is so much at steak on this election day. right now voters are deciding who will be california's next governor. who will respect our state in the senate and other crucial races across the state and the country. we have our rita williams on the governor's race. mike mibach covering the oakland's mayor's race. but we start with jana katsuyama live in san francisco. >> >> reporter: it is very busy out here at the polling places. they've moved people over to the side to extra over flow spots. that's because there is a line
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that stretches down the hall and around the corner out of sight there. it's been like that for much of the day. this year could exceed the last midterm gubernatorial election when the turn out was about 60% in the city. election officials were doing traffic control in the basement of city hall today as a steady stream of voters lined up to cast their ballots. some people reported waiting 60 minutes or more. >> big thing for me is the governor. >> reporter: to those who wanted to vote on whether to legalize marijuana. >> i'm going for the prop 19, i think it's going to make history in america. i want to be a part of history. >> reporter: the county registrar says so far there have been no problems reported at the precincts or at city
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hall. workers were busy preparing to count the vote by mail ballot. mail many ballots must be received by 8:00 p.m. tonight so don't take it to the postoffice. >> if you do have a vote by mail ballot, you can drop it off after any polling place in the city. you can call us, give us a call. we'll tell you where the closest polling place is. >> reporter: once the polls close, they will take all the ballots and begin counting them. we'll be sure to bring those to you. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama. east bay officials are reporting a lukewarm turn out at polling places. alameda county dave mcdonald is projects a 60% voter turn out. voters are using the new ranked choice voting system in oakland, berkeley and san
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leandro. the idea is to prevent run off elections and save money. the contra costa registrar voters is expecting a lower turn out. that would be the lowest in the past eight gubernatorial elections. voters are also deciding a key number of issues and races, including races for city council, the school board and local tax measures. polls remain open tonight until 8:00 p.m. in santa clara county today some sharp by voting officials spotted problems with some ballots. >> we have extra help in some of our election workers working on that on cleaning the ballots or cleansing on the ballots. >> reporter: a number of ballots came in with streaks. that doesn't mean the votes weren't counted. robert handa will have the rest of the story for you a little bit later on in our broadcast. this midterm election has huge ramifications when it
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comes to national politics and the balance of power. will republicans take over control of the house and possibly the u.s. senate as well? we continue now with our election coverage with reporter carol hann. good evening carol. >> good evening frank, this is a place to be if you're a republican, an invitation only gop watch party where the crem of the crem of the republican party will be watching the numbers come in. let me throw two buzz words out your way, 39. that's the number of seats republicans must win to win control of the house. the other buzz word, banner, john banner is a republican poised to become the next speaker of the house. the big question is if republicans sweep the election tonight, where does that leave current house speaker nancy
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pelosi? political insiders tell me there's little thought that she'll want to stay on as minor speaker of the house. and she might be getting ready to retire. >> it's going to change a lot of things in washington. >> reporter: now, speaker pelosi has not said what her role will be if republicans sweep the election tonight. she could stick around as minority leader for a few months to help smooth the transition. but what we do know is that after the elections, house democrats will be holding their own elections for leadership on november 16th. in the meantime, the count down to 39 is on. they've started the music. a lot. some people are starting to gather, although the number of media seem to be outnumbering the folks here. live in washington, carol hann. one of those key senate seats being decided is the one currently held by barbara
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boxer. we have team coverage. lloyd lacuesta is at her challengers carly fiorina. but we're going to start with rita williams, that's where boxers supporters are gathering. >> reporter: we're right here at the heart of hollywood. some of the democrats movers and shakers, those that are not having parties of their own will show up. democrats are expecting to be partying here in just a few more hours. right now outside our door here and maybe that is significant. a touch of the unreal if you will where california democrats are predicted at least to hold on to it's targeted u.s. senate seat. barbara boxer painted by her republican opponent fiorina as too liberal and too out of touch with most californians is
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having her last campaign today in oakland. boxer 69, a former marin county supervisor is seeking her fourth the fourth term on if senate. as you heard carol hann, democrats fear it maybe low for them. certainly not like two years ago when president obama was elected. so the night is young here in hollywood, get out to vote wherever you are. and determine whether democrats will be here celebrating or lamenting. lloyd lacuesta is live with carly fiorina. >> reporter: we're live in irvine. a republican spokesperson says
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they are very optimistic of chances of 56-year-old carly fiorin. she is trying to topple the four term senate barbara boxer. she is focused on economic issues, labeling boxer as a tax and spending democrat. fiorina voted this morning in los altos hill. she will be watching returns at her hotel room, her granddaughters are spending the night and she smilingly said they are going to have a sleep other. polls have her behind boxer by as much as four points, but her campaigns says her republican wins in the east gives her home that the trend will continue toward the west. as of now, fiorina is not expected to take the podium till well after 10:00 tonight. we will be here for that and report to you live.
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lloyd lacuesta. and along with the boxer and fiorina campaign, meg whitman has also set up her election night headquarters in southern california. we see a couple of news repoers and a couple of staffers running back. but the night is young. we'll hear about the over all mood of her campaign. we're also going to be checking in with the jerry brown campaign. please visit our website for the latest information. now to the san francisco giants and their big world series win. the team returned to the city very early this morning and they were greeted by hundreds of loud and very proud fans. they were out at 4:00 this morning when the giants arrived
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back at at&t park from texas. bill nucum gave the fans a close look at the trophy. >> it's 4:00 in the morning and these people are out here supporting us. this is what it's about. it's awesome. yeah. >> the giants ignored their underdog status and made franchise history last night in their game four win. they captured the fall classic 4-1. those are big crowds. but as many as 100,000 fans are expected to pack the sidewalks for tomorrow's victory parade to welcome the giants home official little. sal castaneda live in san francisco where preparations are under way. >> hi, gasia. pretty exciting to be here as work continues to get civic center plaza ready for san francisco's first world series champion. on the other side of the the park, the lines were long early
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in the morning to buy world series gear. anything with the words world series champions logo on it was flying off the shelf. if opening up your pocketbook is showing affection, this store was full of people in love. michelle clark said she stood in line for about 40 minutes just to get into the store. >> how long did it take you to shop? >> a lot longer than that. >> reporter: one thing seemed to be very popular. the world series cap, the same one worn on the field by players. tonight's rush was especially frantic because of tomorrow's victory parade. >> for me personally, i want to wear something to the parade tomorrow morning and it won't be here soon enough if it order online. >> reporter: politics took the
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backseat to world series fever. >> sports really brings us all together. >> reporter: it's really exciting to be here. we watched hidef tvs be set up. we watched platforms set up all for at least 100,000 people expected here as the parade will end at city hall here. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the celebrations that followed last night's decisive game five spilled out to the streets all throughout the city. rob roth is live in the city now with more on the celebration and the aftermath there, rob. >> reporter: first we want to show you what's going on outside city hall where construction workers are building a video screen for tomorrow's giants celebration. so everything seems ready to go for tomorrow. now if we look across the street, workers have built a
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stage, this plaza is where the giant's celebration began. on mission street and 22nd avenue store workers were still cleaning up from one of their rowdier giant celebrations last night. vandals spray painted the world giants and the paint went on easier than it's coming off. >> i should be mad but i'm not. it's part of the celebration, right. >> i'm just glad there's no broking windows. >> reporter: last night after the giant's victory, the celebration broke into the street. >> the sofa was set on fire. thirty-firstand mission. >> reporter: in the midst of all this, two people who came from the peninsula tried to drive through the celebration. police say some people in the crowd pulled the driver and passenger out of the car, they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. in all six people were arrested, one officer was injured after being struck by a bottle. but police say other than a few isolated injuries the celebration was mostly peaceful. law enforcement from oak land,
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berkeley and san mateo sheriff's office were brought in. >> there were thousands of people on the street last night. it was a high visibility of officers out there. it was a celebration and with very few pockets that turned badly. >> reporter: tomorrow, the streets are expected to be lined with giant fans on the street. police say they'll be out watching the parade watchers. >> plans for the police officers are cancelled. there's going to be a high visibility of police out there. hopefully there won't be issues similar to last night but we will be out there. >> reporter: the parade is expected to begin at 11:00 tomorrow morning. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow is the big day, the world series champs are getting a ticker parade in san francisco. as rob just mentioned the festivities get started tomorrow morning. the parade starts at 11:00 a.m. but you don't have to fight the crowds. because we're going to bring
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you the entire parade live right here on ktvu starting at 10:30. if you can't get to a tv, no problem just watch it online. go to right now we have reporters up and down our state and we'll have more election day coverage when we come back. including-- >> the most expensive general election campaign in california history comes to an end tonight. we have both sides of the governor's race. live reports from southern california and the bay area coming up. and right now i'm tracking a warming trend, we're watching the weather as we head into tomorrow's big parade. how warm will it be in your city?
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one of the biggest and most watched races in california is the race for governor where meg whitman has spent more of her own money than any other
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candidate in history. will that be enough for her to beat her opponent jerry brown? we have reporters covering both sides. mike mibach is with the brown campaign. but we go first to maureen naylor who's with the whitman campaign. >> reporter: it's been more than a year and a half of campaign stops up and down the state. and this is where meg whitman's campaign will end tonight. this is where her supporters will be watching returns come in. this is inside the hilton ballroom. where the last minute preparations are under way for tonight's party. this afternoon, dozens of members of the media from all over the globe set up to cover this closely watched race. crews have been outfitting the ballroom, testing the lights, speaker system, all preparing for whitman's speech later on. last week she voted by mail, turned in her ballot at san mateo county. now the billionaire
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businesswoman has spent $142 million of her own money in her bid for governor. she is a political newcomer and she hopes that that's going to pay off in this fight against attorney general and former governor jerry brown. now whitman has tried to paint brown as a career politician. she faced some of her own challenges and has often gotten personal. but the controversies will be over tonight and now it's up to the voters to decide. her messages have been about job creation improving education, cutting government. she arrived at the hotel, i spoke to her as she arrived. she'll be watching the results upstairs. and the polls show her trailing jerry brown by about 10% she says it's a much closer race than that. and we go to mike mibach who is live in oakland with the brown
5:20 pm
campaign. >> reporter: democratic supporters hope to throw a very big party tonight as jerry brown hopes to become the next governor of california. and voters are going to have to decide is it going to be the former ceo of silican valley or former governor jerry brown. how much of that is going to play a part in this race? meg whitman trying to become the first female governor in california. will the female vote impact jerry brown? and also the latino vote.
5:21 pm
will the controversy involving meg whitman's worker play a part? a 16 year drought, then he got back into the mix as the mayor of oakland for eight years. of course the attorney general of california. will that political experience persuade voters to go with jerry brown? we'll just have to wait and see and we're going to be here all night at the fox theater for you in oakland. reporting live, mike mibach. ktvu channel 2 news. even if you don't have a way to get to the polling place, that's not an excuse. you can get a ride from friendly. friendly cab that is. friendly cab was on the road this morning giving free rides to voters. if you need a ride to vote or drop off your absentee ballot,
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call friendly cab and ask for an election day free friendly taxi. we're talking about the huge giants parade for tomorrow. what do you think for the weather, bill? >> looking good. tomorrow for the victory parade. it's going to be 70 degrees at 11:00 in the morning. so if you're heading out to the parade, plenty of warmth. it's going to be hot at 1:00, 2:00. pretty warm right downtown san francisco. mostly sunny. this warming trend is going to last, it's going to take us into tomorrow. temperatures on the increase as well. tonight it's going to be cold just like last night. overnight lows have been getting down into the 30s in the cold spots. mostly sunny and warmer for your tomorrow. warmer than it was today as we head into the long range forecast. more khrouz and -- more clouds and there's a chance for rain
5:23 pm
as we roll into the weekend. a cool one when you start up sun up at 7:36. when i come back i have the seven day forecast, i'll tell you which will be the warmest and which days will be the coolest. we are getting some of the our first election results and we'll have much more election night coverage when we come back. including-- >> there are big state and federal offices up for election today of course. but also the mayor of oakland is up for election as well. we'll have details coming up. just over two hours a story we think is hour -- just over two hours left before the polls close. we're getting all the details about the giant's victory parade now less than 24 hours away. and where fans are gathering, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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the tea party has grabbed headlines. so far we know that two tea party candidates have scored victories in the senate. ron paul won the kentucky senate seat and florida voters are sending marco rubio to the senate. christine o'donnell lost. the future of oakland is at steak tonight as voters pick a replacement for outgoing mayor ron dellums. whoever wins is going to have a very tough difficult ahead. john sasaki is now in oak land. >> we are on broadway, the main street through downtown oakland. this is a city that's had more
5:27 pm
than their share of financial difficulties. today voters have choosing the person that will lead them through these tough times. mayor dellums is stepping down. the candidates are don perrata, quan and capland. the election comes as the city has laid off six city police officers. i talked to brunner and she told me that the new mayor will face a tough election. >> the question to you, if you have a new mayor that says i don't want to cut the police officers, they have to find $18 million immediately.
5:28 pm
>> reporter: more possible police lay offs just one problem the new mayor will face. crime and education continue to be the top issue for residents here. the mayor will have to work hard to keep the oakland a's from leaving to the south bay or any where else. john sasaki. our election day coverage continues. we have crews up and down the state, more on that when we come back. to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. just wanted to make sure that the counters count the ballots accurately. it's the kind of problems officials don't want especially on election day. an issue that sets off warnings that there may be a problem with ballots.
5:31 pm
a lot of ballots on this election night 2010. thousands of ballots are pouring into santa clara county tonight. many of them started coming in last week. that's when scanners first started detecting a problem with ballot after problem. the problem, smudges from the ink that caused many ballots to be rejected. robert handa has our report now from san jose. >> reporter: there usually isn't an area designated as the cleaning room at the santa clara office but there is now. workers are taking the rubber erasers and going through ballots. they turned out to be small smudges from ink toner used to print the ballot, found mostly in the folds or creases in the ballots. >> as you can see there maybe a little bit of a smudge there, we wanted to ensure that we were going to clean this part out. >> reporter: officials emphasize the scanners only warned them of the smudges and did not disqualify the ballots in any way.
5:32 pm
the cleaning process has been working on the ballots that have been reprocessed. >> we want to make sure the shadows from the toners didn't cause any issues in the ballots being misread. >> while they are erasing, any chance that any of the ballot markers will be misread? >> not at all. because we tell our voters to specify that they use ink either in black or blue. >> reporter: officials say they will be erasing in quite a while even in ballots that don't seem to have smudgeless. they plan to process 35,000 mail in ballots tonight. it all depends on how these erasers work. robert handa, ktvu news. the big story nationally here is the potential for a dramatic shift in the balance of power. republicans are expecting a big night. we know so far they've already picked up two seats in the senate, one in florida, one in
5:33 pm
kentucky. republicans are also expected to take control of the house. they entered this day needing to pick up 40 seats in the house. analysts have predicted they will reach that threshold with ease. polls have already closed in more than two dozen states. republicans lead in more than 10 house districts which currently belong to democrats. the california's polls of course are still open. but in other parts of the country, voting is closed. any changes to the balance of power are already sealed. let's go back now to washington, d.c. to check in again with our carol hann and our viewers there with more. >> reporter: i'm joining you from the gop watch party where things are starting to get a little louder. the doors have just opened for those invited to watch the results come in. republicans are hoping for a win. meg withman just spoke, she seemed to sound optimistic. the party lost ground among
5:34 pm
women, middle income voters and independent voters. privately i'm hearing democrats are preparing to lose seats and the presumed next house speaker is sounding confident she'll be getting a big promotion. >> i've been after this election for the better part of nine months. if you look at what the races around the country, i think we have a real opportunity to win the majority and hopefully my colleagues will elect me speaker. >> reporter: if the republicans sweep the election, it's not known what nancy pelosi will do. in the meantime the count down is on for 39, that's the number of seats that republicans must win to take control of the house. folks here are just starting to party. live in washington, carol hann, ktvu channel 2 news. what will it mean if the
5:35 pm
republicans win back congress? we're bringing randy shandobil into our coverage to give us a perspective on what it will mean if a major shift. 18 more families filed suit yet in san mateo court. the áf reporting that pg && e did not properly respond to warnings calls. and officials in san francisco are blaming a water surge for several water breaks. the contra costa water district says there was a break in detroit avenue and another one
5:36 pm
in oak drove and apple. 30 homes and several apartments were without water because of those breaks. crews also worked on broken pipes in the city of pleasanthill. firefighters rescued several people in a burning apartment building, including two children. about 40 fire fighters responded and rescued seven people from the upper floors of that building. one adult and two children were hospitalized for treatment of smoke inhalation. it appears the fire began in the basement. they estimate the damage to be 1/25 of a million dollars. we have much more election coverage when we come back. supporters of proposition 19 are getting ready to watch the election returns, their opponents are doing the same in sacramento. both sides are waiting to see if california voters will legalize marijuana for recreational use. we'll have the latest in both campaigns straight ahead.
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leading up to this election day, one of the most controversial issues on the state ballot has been prop 19. which if passed would legalize marijuana for personal use. allie rasmus is live with the latest on prop 19. >> we're live in downtown oakland where supporters of proposition 19 are signing up
5:40 pm
if -r their campaign party this evening. prop 19 would legalize marijuana for personal recreational use in california. that party is going to be taking place through these doors down the bassment of this building. the yes on 19 people would not allow our tv cameras to be downstairs in their basement for the party. they said there just wasn't enough space. so instead what they're going to be doing, they're going to be a projector outside and they're going to film the party themselves and broadcast it out here on this wall for media and other supporters out here to see. now their campaign headquarters is a block away from here. right now volunteers are down there doing some last minute polling, last minute phone calling to get their supporters to the polls. the latest ktvu field poll shows opponents of prop 19 outnumbers supporters 49-42%. earlier this afternoon we stopped by a polling place and we found people with a variety of opinions on the issue. >> i voted yes just because of
5:41 pm
the possibility of extra tax revenue for the state. >> i voted that down. i'm totally against that, what it means for oakland. >> i left it blank. yeah, i have my hands up in the air on that one. >> i have my opinions on that one. and i have mixed emotions about it. >> now the no on prop 19 organization has their head quartzers in sacramento. so that's where tay will be watching the e election return -- so that's where they will be watching the election return this evening. live in oakland, allie rasmuss. now to some business, san francisco bail plans to build some parking. it hasn't announced when it
5:42 pm
will begin construction. has about 10,000 workers in san francisco. and common stock of gm is expected to sell for between 26 and $29 a share. that would value the company at more than $46 billion, about what ford is worth right now. stocks held steady during the excitement of this election day. analysts say investors were thinking about a meeting with the feds. the dow jones ended up up 64 points. the nasdaq ended up almost 29 points. coming up next, more of our election, including the possible change of power. and if republicans do take control of the house, what happens to nancy pelosi?
5:43 pm
could this be the end of her long political career? and as i said i'm tracking a warm up in the city. but there's a warm up out there as well. we'll tell you how that may impact your morning commute. just over two hours left before the polls close. what's making this election the most unusual in years for some bay area residents. also at 6:00, we're getting all the details about the giant's victory parade. now less than 24 hours away. and where fans are gathering, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna -- wow. [ beep [ man yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. [ woman did it just -- [ both target the blood? [ man yeah, drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®.
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more election results are coming in as we speak.
5:46 pm
in arkansas blache lincoln has lost. republican josh busman beat her. this is the first time since the civil war that a republican from arkansas has been elected to the senate from arkansas. republicans need to pick up 10 seats to take control of the u.s. senate. the democrats have made huge waves in the 2008 presidential election. but thatmomentum is expected to shift to republicans in a big way tonight. all 435 seats in the house are in play and they lead in several districts currently controlled by democrats. we learned that republicans have captured seats in florida and virginia. they need to take a total of 40 seatfrom democrats to win control of the house. and giving these latest results it appears as if republicans are winning back control of the house of representatives and making gains in the senate as well. >> randy shandobil joins us now. if this trend holds, what changes here? >> first and fore most, life
5:47 pm
gets a lot more difficult for president obama. obviously that in large part has meant until now, president obama has gotten pretty much what he's wanted out of congress. well no more, if this trend holds the new speaker of the house will be congressman john boenher. rolling back the presidents agenda, even trying to reverse key components of health care reform. how will the president respond, we could find out tomorrow when president obama will speak. >> and what will happen to pelosi? >> she's not saying. after apparently losing the house tonight, will democrats even want her as their congressional leader? no word yet. of course there's always the
5:48 pm
possibility that she'll resign from congress. some speakers who lost control in the past have done that. and again for now there's no hints from pelosi. she's not saying, just a little while ago, she told reporters she still thinks the democrats will hold the power. plumes of smoke blackening the sky, the eruption could last for months. the government ordered airlines to choose routs that go around the ash. air asian and singapore air suspended several flights today. they hope to resume operations today. and we've been talking about the weather, and over to our chief meteorologist, what are we looking down the line here? >> one thing we have is the high surf advisory, that stays in effect until tomorrow. of course out at the coast you thought the big waves were
5:49 pm
coming in. mavericks is breaking today. the swells tomorrow won't be quite as big. these pictures taken today. the wind got on a little bit. but you can see these big surfs. those boards about 10 feet long. that's a big wave out there. biggest wave we've seen all season. stay away from the coast because it's going to be big again tomorrow. not as big as today but big again tomorrow. a lot of rip currents. your forecast as this jet stream stays to the north. it's going to stay to the north. it's not moving until the end of the week. and when it does it's going to drop down here and cool us off and bring some moisture. that's not till the end of the week. for tomorrow mostly sunny. a warming trend continues. started really yesterday and warmed up today, it's going to warm up again tomorrow. overnight low as we mentioned mostly in the 40s. started off cool, ended up warm for your wednesday afternoon. watch out, you're going to see 80s popping in here.
5:50 pm
those are 80s. we're going to see low 80s in your forecast for wednesday. then things change around. thursday a little cooler. 77 in napa, 78 in fairfield. air quality is good. i'm not sweating the fire danger. daytime highs tomorrow in the livermore valley, 82. 81 in danville. 80 in walnut creek. a really, really, really nice day tomorrow. what's going on tomorrow? big parade tomorrow in market street. outstanding weather for that parade. we'll have live news chopper 2 out as you know. it's going to be one of those days. one of those san francisco days. forecast highs tomorrow without the fog, 70s. remember high surf advisory along the coast. dangerous, when it gets big, not only does big knock you off a rock but it starts the rip currents going. very dangerous. you can go look but stay way back. warm tomorrow, warmer still as
5:51 pm
we head into thursday or about the same. not much changed. warmer for the next 48 hours and then cooler as we head into the week end, with maybe a sprinkle in the forecast as we head into sunday. it's not a big deal though. not a big deal at all. just kind of a mild sprinkle. >> you couldn't have asked for better weather. we have this huge parade tomorrow. sounds like it's going to be great. >> an election day too. you wanted a good day for election day and we had it. tomorrow, for the parade it's going to show our city off. >> 100,000 people expected, it's going to be great. and it's a first in space. a robonot what this guy or girl is doing on board the shuttle discovery.
5:52 pm
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nasa late tonight postponed launch of discovery. launch is now postponed until late afternoon on thursday. it's the first flight for a ten if fingered passenger that's not human. >> it's a robot. a cross between star wars c3po and r2d2. it's something you have to see. >> shuttle discovery is to
5:55 pm
deliver to space the first humanoid robot. packed in the cargo bait behind the six astronauts is a permanent module with this robonot. 32 for short. its twin remains behind for testing. multiple cameras in its head and what nasa says are the most sophisticated robot hands and arms. >> what you're really looking at is probably the most advanced upper body in the entire world. >> reporter: on its way out of this world to the international space station to be tested as an astronaut helper. >> it allows us to utilize the same connectors, the same tools. >> reporter: unlike the star wars robots this r2 cannot move around. the 6iss crew members
5:56 pm
celebrated their space station's tenth year in orbit. but soon it may get a leg and be send into the cold vacuum of space. >> more dangerous than staying inside your spacecraft. so it'll be great to be able to send a robot out to do certain simple tasks. >> reporter: and robonot ii may go to the moon in less than six years. called project m funded by general motors. today say they could have a walking robot exploring the lunar surface for $150 million and do it in 50 days. engineers have five days to fix the spacecraft or slash the mission until 2011. we have more ahead coming up on ktvu channel two news at 6:00. some alameda county voters
5:57 pm
got a chance to vote in a new way. we'll show you how the system works. ♪ [ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪
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because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. polls are still open for
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two more hours but not everything is going smoothly. the problem counting thousands of bay area ballots and the solution. and in the next minute and a half, polls will close in 12 states and the results could potentially shift the balance of power in washington. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. there is a lot at steak tonight here at the bay area and across the country as millions of the voters head to the polls on this election day. polls here in california will remain open until 8:00 tonight. on the east coast, some polls have already closed and a dozen more are closing as we speak. and results are starting to come in as the balance of power is up for grabs in washington. we have our eye on races across the bay area, the state and the country. but right now we begin with