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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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seat at this morning's giants parade you better get here. there are already hundreds waiting. how the city by the bay is going to celebrate its world series champions today. good morning to you. welcome to wednesday. it's november 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. i hear very nice parade weather today. let's check with steve. >> that is correct. pamela, dave, good morning everyone. skies are clear. fog is out there. it's november usually not coastal fog it's inland fog. there are some areas of fog going up and down the coast. doesn't stand much of a chance. it was there yesterday and doesn't stop 70s from showing up and 80s on the coast. more of the same and a whole slew, a boat load of low 80s inland. good morning. traffic westbound bay bridge looks good coming up to the toll plaza. no major problems there. traffic looks good getting into the city. also in san francisco
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northbound 101 traffic still looking okay. at 5:00 go back to the desk. thank you, sal, we are bringing you all of the latest election results this morning in the california's governor's race it looks like jerry brown will make a return trip to sacramento. checking in on the results jerry brown with 54% of the vote. meg whitman 41%. now ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez joins us live in oakland where jerry brown made his victory speech last night. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at the fox theater this morning. this is where jerry brown celebrated with his supporters last night. the marquee is still lit right now. full of energy, key yaift and ready to serve the people of california once again. governor-elect brown the democratic ticket beat former e bay ceo meg whit man. his resume included governor of the state nearly 30 years ago and two term mayor of oakland did not make him a shoe in to replace governor
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schwarzenegger. recent exit polls had him up double digits less than two weeks before the election. he will become the oldest governors in state history ironic when he was the youngest. he told the crowd last night he's ready to take office. >> i take as my challenge as forging a common purpose. but a common purpose based not just on compromise but on a vision of what california can be. >> reporter: this was an expensive race to sacramento. meg whitman, the republican challenger spent $141 million of her own money. although campaigning on not owing anyone in anything in sacramento her image took a hit after refusing to pull negative ads after brown challenged her to do so. she gave her concession speech in los angeles. >> in many ways this election was much bigger than governor brown or me. it was about the struggles and dreams of millions of
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californians. our challenges are daunting. and they won't be solved by politics as usual. >> reporter: governor-elect jerry brown plans to hold a press conference here in oakland at his headquarters at 11:00 a.m. later this morning. live from oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. in the u.s. senate race it appears voters are sending democrat barbara boxer back to washington for a fourth term. the associated press called her the winner of republican challenger fiorina. you're looking at the latest numbers. boxer with 52% of the vote. carly fiorina with 42% of the vote. well, senator boxer declared victory at an election party in los angeles last night. she told her supporters it was the toughest and roughest campaign of her life. >> this is my eleventh straight election victory. [ cheering and applause ] and what a sweet one it is.
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>> boxer's projected win helped democrats keep control of the senate but with a smaller majority. but the republicans have won control of the house. senator boxer talked about the changes. >> i would hope that most of the people in the united states senate and house regardless of the changes want to get our economy back on track and want to make sure our kids where educated well so they can get the good jobs. >> boxer says her number one priority will be creating jobs. barbara boxer's opponent, carly fiorina has not yet conceded the race. she watched the election results with her family last night. the former ceo says the race is too close to call. and she told supporters she promised to run a tireless and fearless campaign and thanked her supporters for doing the same. >> we're going to be watching returns all night. but all those people who have already declared this race
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maybe that was probably not a smart thing to do. >> but carly fiorina reportedly raised $17 million during her bid to unseat barbara boxer. $6.5million from her own pocket. proposition 19 the landmark legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is losing. let's take a look at the latest numbers. right now 54% of the voters have voted no on prop 19. 46% that is have voted yes. now at oak store dam university in oakland, supporters of prop 19 tell us the battle is far from over. they say they are already working on introducing a similar initiative for the 2012 elections to legalize the use of marijuana. time now 5:05. a very strange election day story here triggering a bay area police search this morning. a san francisco voting inspector is suspected of stealing as many as 75 ballots from a polling site.
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the ballots disappeared from an unidentified precinct in the 11th district in san francisco's exelsier neighborhood. officials say the suspect also took a voting roster and a memory pack that records all of the votes that were cast. officials say they know the suspect's name and that he could face criminal charges. >> this is a very, very serious matter. whatever we can do to help the law enforcement agencies capture this individual at this point we're going to do. you know whatever -- the main thing is we get materials back. >> officials say when they locate the missing voting inspector and the ballots they'll carefully look for signs of tampering. san francisco police looking for a pair of overnight shootings. two men were wounded in the i thinklingside district around 1:00 a.m. one victim shot in the face and is in critical condition. the other victim's injuries are less severe. no word on what led up to that
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shooting or if police made any arrests. now police say a 22-year- old man was shot and wounded in the mission district. that happened at about 11:00 p.m. last night on mission street between 16th and 17th streets. according to police, the victim's injuries are not life threatening. there are two suspects and only a vague description. no word on a motive. vallejo police searching for three women described as extremely dangerous and blamed for four recent strong armed robberies. investigators say the victims were all elderly and handicapped women who were physically attacked before they were robbed. police say the three suspects have been spotted in a late 1980s volvo. there's sol damage to the right side of the car. other big story this morning, hundreds of fans have already gathered for this morning's big victory parade for the world champion san francisco giants. the ticker take parade begins
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at 9:00 p.m. claudine wong joins us now with the story. my goodness, look at the number of people behind you. >> reporter: i know. we have a crowd of very excited people ready for this parade that doesn't start for several hours now. but take a look at behind me we have talked to some people who say they came out here at 9:30 last night wanting to get these front row seats here at civic center plaza. this is where the parade is actually going to end. it starts over on montgomery and washington. but then everyone will make their way over here and then the mayor is going to giver the team the keys to the city. so we have a variety of people here. says star is here. tell me how long you've been out here? >> we got here maybe 30 or 40 minutes ago but we've had friends waiting here last night. made it easier for us. not able to sleep, thinking about this for so many years and to finally happen i'm very happy to be here right now.
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>> reporter: were you surprised to see the number of people taking up these seats? >> i was surprised there's not that many more out here. >> reporter: why come. we see kids out here missing school. we know people are missing work. we know 100,000 people are expected to come see this thing. why come out here and why do you want to be here so badly? >> you know, we never know if this will ever happen again. i hope it does but you have to cherish every moment. for me being as a partial season ticketholder, going to new york to see the giants, it's worth it. i'm soaking in and never going to forget this. >> reporter: you got a good seat. let me show you some of the set this is really pretty remarkable. of course city hall decked out in orange, a lot of bleachers set up. we drove the parade route this morning, there are balloons lining the streets, barricades already up and preparations well underway. keep in mind the day after the election not an easy thing to do. we talked to the mayor last
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night about preparations for the day. >> yeah, we worry about finding orange confetti. we got trucks literally coming up overnight from los angeles. and we're out there getting the right balloons and putting it together. >> reporter: of course the mayor has promised this will be the parade to end all parades. the festivities get underway at 11:00 but they start through the city and make their way again here to civic center plaza. we'll be out talking to folks this morning and keep you updated here on the morning news. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we will check back in with her in just a bit. don't forget if you can't make it to the parade, you can watch the victory parade right here on ktvu channel 2 beginning at 10:30 a.m. we are also streaming it live on our website at time now 5:10. you know whose face will be right out there in the middle of the crowd. >> i think i can guess. >> i know you can. >> that face. >> i hate to disappoint you. >> really? you're afraid of the crowds
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aren't you? >> no. i'm not afraid of the crowd. i'm going to be working here today. >> oh. >> along with mark -- easy for me to say. and we're going to be providing you know the parade coverage. >> well, good. >> going to tell us how we need to get to where we need to go now. >> as of now it's pretty simple to get places because it's light n. is a look at highway 24 westbound driving up to the tunnel looks pretty good. no major problems driving up to the tunnel. also at the toll plaza it is light. we recommend if you're trying to get into san francisco that you get in early because people from all over the bay area will come for the parade. this morning's drive okay in san jose. northbound 280 off to a nice start. at 5:11 let's go to steve. thank you very much. did you like yesterday? then you'll like today. okay. boy, i seemed really big there. [ laughter ] all right. patchy fog. now there's a few high clouds coming up. then we'll have temperatures
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very close to yesterday. the storm track continues to go way to the north. way to the north. so sunny and warmer weather. patchy fog then sunny and warm 70s by the coast. 80 around the bay and inland we'll even see some low 80s as well. now 50s and low 60s. city sitting at 60 degrees already. 32 tahoe. sacramento 52. big system out there. won't impact us today. but it will as we get towards friday and also sunday looks like rain. patchy fog and then sunny and warmer. most of that fog is right off the coast. so enjoy today. the parade looks good as well. 70s to 80s. we'll have some low 70s today and lots of sunshine. back to pam and dave. all right. thank you, steve. well, we will continue our live election coverage bringing you the very latest results up next. and will state ious be a thing of the past? changes state lawmakers made when it comes to passing the budget. >> and toys for fast food kids
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meals. supervisors made a resounding decision. and last night's election results mean a dramatic power shift here in washington. we'll have the latest results and reaction from party leaders coming up. good morning. northbound 101 san
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continuing our election coverage. prop 23 is on its way to defeat which means california's landmark global warming law will remain in effect. about 60% of voters rejected the measure which stops the limits on greenhouse gas emissions. governor schwarzenegger was one of its supporters. the group says the measure was designed to kill the state's fight against global warming. supporters say it was needed to save jobs. time now 5:16. the 2010 election is making history. and it means dramatic changes in washington. ktvu's allison burns is live in our washington d.c. newsroom. congress is going to look a lot different in january. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's right. it is the biggest republican sweep in the house in decades and dozens of races across the country republicans ousted democrats in what many are interpreting as a rebutte to president obama. let's take a look now at the
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latest results. republicans have won 239 seats in the house. democrats have won 183. it's a net gain of at least 60 seats for the gop. there are still several races undecided. that means ohio congressman will likely be the next speaker of the house. and he responded to the wins with this message for president obama. >> we must remember it's the president who sets the agenda for our government. the american people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight. and that message is change course. >> reporter: san francisco congresswoman will serve as speaker since december. she is sounding a defiant tone. >> we are not going back to the failed policies of the past. we are fighting for the middle class. thank you for being part of that fight. >> reporter: democrats were able to keep control of the senate but they lost some seats. now we're looking at 49
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democrats, 46 republicans, two independents. it is a net gain of at least six seats for republicans. three races in washington, colorado and alaska are still undecided. president obama weighs in with a white house news conference later this morning. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. and president obama will hold a 10:00 a.m. news conference this morning. we will bring it to you live right here on ktvu channel 2. and let's take a look at a couple of other key issues this morning. first, proposition 26 which requires a two-thirds vote for certain state and local fees appears to have passed. it's aimed at making it harder for governments to charge fees to businesses by reclassifying them as taxes. now proposition 25 meantime has also won. it's design today make it easier for the legislature to adopt a state budget every year. there are the latest results on prop 25. it will lower the threshold for
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passing a budget from two- thirds to a simple majority and aimed at avoiding future gridlocks that are plagued the state in the past. and proposition 20 concerns congressional redistricting. the measure would transfer the authority to a 14 member commission instead of elected legislators. time now 5:18. san francisco is about to become one of the first cities in the whole country to ban toys in fast food kids meals. that's after the board of supervisors approved an ordinance setting nutrition requirements for the so-called happy meals. the board voted 8-3 they're going to ban the practice of offering toys in meals that lack fruits and vegetables or if they have too much fat or sugar. that ordinance will take effect december 1st of next year. 5:19 is the time. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. the city certainly some areas to avoid today. >> absolutely. and i would just say that if you are coming into the city even if you're not going to the
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parade take public transportation because it's going to be tough driving all over the place. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza. still light getting into the city with no major problems there. also the morning commute looks good if you're driving in oakland near the coliseum. it is a nice drive in both directions. and if you're driving in the south bay we're off to a nice start. right now is a good time to get around if you have to take the car. but today we recommend public transportation for san francisco. at 5:20, let's go back to steve. all right, sal, thank you, sir. high pressure built in in a big way yesterday. few high clouds will clip the north bay. that's about all. there's some fog out there. it's very shallow. and it's again just kind of hovering out there runs into too much resistance in the way of high pressure. we will have a sunny mostly sunny day. already 60 in san francisco. system getting closer will start a cool down tomorrow but not today. we have patchy fog but that's like clockwork, they usually
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do. sunny and warmer. 70s, 80s and low 80s today. few high clouds. 52 napa and santa rosa. they're low has been coming up every morning here. san jose 55. there's a 60 in downtown san francisco. balmy conditions already. 30s in the mountains, 40s and 50s elsewhere. 71 in los angeles. lots going on out here. and it's going to impact our weekend. cold air and a very strong system developing. but it's a slow mover. today it won't make an impact but starting tomorrow it will start to push the fog in and by friday and saturday we have a lot of clouds and much cooler temperatures. today patchy fog. most of that is off the coast. sunny and warmer again to mostly sunny. there will be a few high clouds. 70s to 80s by the beaches and then low 8 0z upper 70s inland. everybody pretty close if you're heading to the parade today all systems go for sunshine and warm weather. 70s start around 70 and end around 76. warm today. fog starts to move back in thursday. clouds roll in here friday.
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could get some light rain north bay. i'll mention it. saturday clouded up. sunday looks like rain and don't forget we fall back saturday night, sunday morning on those clocks. european stocks are starting the day with small gains following the lead from asia overnight. hong kong closed up 2% with south korea, australia and the philippines also higher. many investors are encouraged by republican gains in the u.s. congress. checking in on our numbers and where we start the day, right now it looks like a slightly higher opening. ahead of the results of fed meeting which we'll talk about in a moment. the dow jones up 64 points yesterday. now later today federal reserve chairman ben bernanke and his colleagues will wrap up their two day meeting. it will put between a half and three quarters of a trillion dollars into the economy. supporters of the idea say it's a good stimulus plan, critics worry it will further weaken
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the dollar and negatively effect trade with other countries. time now 5:22. car dealerships bouncing back after major car makers ended agreements with some of the franchisers. several dealerships that had been shut down have reopened under new ownership in the last few months. ford fairfield is back in business after being purchased from the previous owners. another newly formed partnership has opened the doors on nine new dealerships including several asian brands in vallejo and fairfield. construction is also underway on a new mercedes dealership due to open next year. will people in oakland find some peace of mind? the results of two key measures dealing with police funding. and when the space shuttle discovery heads to the international space station it will carry a crew of six humans and one robo naught. the most sophisticated hand ever. good morning. traffic is moving well this
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morning on the san mateo bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. we do have some fog. mainly from about. [ indiscernible ] north. sonoma coast and then fog free. city, san mateo sunny today and warm with a lot of low 80s. all right.
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steve, thank you. time now 5:26. there's a high surf advisory along the san mateo coast. that is attracting some pretty brave surfers out into the big waves. more than a dozen were spotted riding the curl. that's where the maverick surf contest is held north of half- moon bay. the tallest waves were 40 feet high. surf advisory continues through today. but if you're daring enough to try these waves, you better bring your wet suit. water temperature's only 55 degrees. in oakland voters had to decide on two very important measures dealing with police funding. now they rejected measure x. that's the initiative that would have required homeowners to pay $360 parcel taxes to fund police services. that needed a two-thirds approval to pass. now measure bb on the other hand was approved. it restores $20 million in police funding by removing a requirement on the number of police officers the city must
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have. the city comes from a parcel tax approved in 2004. measure bb does not carry any new cost for the residents of oakland. we want to remind you up to the minute results for all of the local races you can see them right there on the bottom of your television screen. and our complete bay area election coverage continues online at for the results of many of the smaller races, plus you can see video and a lot more. the launch of the space shuttle discovery has been delayed again. this time by electrical problems and bad weather could threaten tomorrow's rescheduled launch. but whenever the shuttle takes off, it will have an unusual crew member. take a look. r2 is the first human floyd robot. it will be packed in the cargo bay. once in space he will be tested as an astronaut helper. >> ability to utilize the same connectors, the same tools and
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do the same sorts of tasks that the astronauts can do on a space station. >> the robonaut weighs 300 pounds. nasa says the real gem of this creation is the hands and arms which can move and grasp very much like a human. if the tests are successful, r2 could be next sent outside into space for some of the most dangerous repair jobs. >> wow. time now 5:28. it could be another day before we find out who will become the leader of a major bay area city. why that race is still up in the air. >> reporter: what happened at a home in the excelsior district yesterday that could change the final tally in every election race. also hundreds of giants fans are already gathered in san francisco for a once in a lifetime parade. good morning. northbound 280 traffic moving well getting up into san jose. we'll show you more about the morning commute coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news middle of the week wednesday november 3rd. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. it's now 5:32. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for a look at weather. >> pam cook, thank you very much. dave, good morning. we have clear skies except for a little bit of fog. but there's a lot on the coast but it's very shallow. i should emphasize it's mainly on the marin coast and also the
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sonoma coast. highs today big ridge of high pressure over us a lot of upper 70s and low 80s. traffic right northbound 101 approaching the 80 split not a bad commute at all if you're trying to get into san francisco. the best way to do it is without your car today because of the parade. westbound bay bridge traffic is light so far getting into the city. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. >> san francisco polling inspector could face some criminal charges when the police catch up to him. he's accused of running off and taking a bunch of ballots with him. ktvu's kraig debro is live in san francisco now with the details. >> reporter: good morning. they know who this person is. i guess motive would be the next question asked why would somebody do this. this is the polling station right here. it's precinct 11. it's in the excelsior district. this is where the ballots were stolen. the actual polling station was in the garage here. the only sign there's a polling station here is a tattered american flag which you cannot see and this port a potty outside. the theft took place while a
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polling station volunteer was inside. the suspect isn't just a worker but actually precinct inspector. registrar voters tells us the inspector whose name hasn't been released took 75 ballots, a roster and memory pack that records all the votes cast. person accused of the crime has worked for the registrar in the past without incident. >> there wasn't any notes in his file that indicated he would be a person that could not handle the responsibility of being an inspector. he scored very well on the assessment test given to him. he interacted fine with our staff throughout the training process. and also from election to election. >> reporter: there's no indication there are any races so close in san francisco with the loss of those ballots might effect the outcome will change vinyl vote count, final tally even though officials haven't released the name of the person behind the heist. the sheriff's office which is the agency in charge of investigating what happened
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knows the person's name and address. we need to try to talk to them this morning about whether an arrest has been made. reporting live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. we've been following some big races. and in the california's governor's race it looks like jerry brown has his old job back. take a look at the latest results. 54% voting for brown. 41% of the voters for whitman. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is live in oakland this morning where jerry brown held his victory party. jade. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at the fox theater. this is the theater that jerry brown says represents the change he brought to oakland since it's a building that was not torn down on his watch but renovated. this is where he celebrated with his supporters last night. he says he's full of energy, creativity and ready to serve the people of california once again. governor-elect brown the democratic ticket beat former e bay ceo. his resume included governor of the state nearly 30 years ago and two term mayor of oakland did not make him a shoe in to
5:36 am
replace governor schwarzenegger. but recent exit polls had brown up double digits over whitman less than two weeks before the election. the 72-year-old democrat will become the state's oldest governor ever. he told the crowd he's ready to get rid of the polarization and hostility that has grown in the capitol. >> but we will have times that are tough. how long will they last? a year, maybe longer. but if we all pull together and if we operate with honesty, if i tell you when i understand, i level with you and we include everybody and it's transparent, here's the key point, we want to be fair. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: this was an expensive race to sacramento. meg whitman the republican challenger spent $141 million of her own money in this fight. although campaigning on not owing anyone anything in sacramento, her image took a hit after refusing to pull
5:37 am
negative ads after brown challenged her to do so in a debate. she gave her concession speech in los angeles. >> let's never lose sight of what united us. the hope of good jobs, smarter government and better schools for our kids and our grand kids. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and although he may have some competition from the san francisco giants parade in the city, governor-elect jerry brown plans to hold a press conference at the same time here in oakland later this morning. live from oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. and it's looking like san francisco mayor newsome will be moving from city hall to the state capitol. take a look at the latest numbers in lieutenant governor's race. he has a comfortable lead. he has 50% of the vote. -month-old 39%. he's the republican who was appointed to the lieutenant governor's position by governor schwarzenegger. and his campaign headquarters
5:38 am
last night gavin said he wants to transform the lieutenant governor's office. >> i didn't come up there to play in the margins and be the anonymous lieutenant governor, i came in to do some bold things and to be aggressive. i want to remake that lieutenant governor's office. i want it to mean something again. >> he tried to run for the governor's office but he ended up dropping out of that race. when he takes over as lieutenant governor in january, san francisco will need to find a replacement mayor to finish out his term. now the attorney general's race is still neck and neck this morning. let's take a look at the latest numbers. 46% voting for harris, san francisco's district attorney. 45% for republican steve coolly. he's the district attorney of los angeles. our other big story this morning, hundreds of giants fans are up early again this morning getting a good seat for today's parade. it begins at 11:00 a.m.
5:39 am
near the transamerica pyramid on montgomery street. it then moves up market street and ends at the civic center. it is the same route the giants took during their welcome to san francisco parade when the team moved from new york back in 1958. 200,000 people are expected at this morning's parade. it's hard to say, but we will continue to cover that. if you can't make it or want to avoid the crowds, you can watch the parade right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 10:30 this morning. we are also streaming it live for those people who maybe watch it from work. that will be at that's true. time now 5:39. newly released records show a dramatic increase in a tax at napa state mental hospital. l.a. times checked some of the hospital records following last month's deadly attack on psychiatric technician. those records show a tax on napa hospital workers have soared in recent months. there's also been a big jump in patient on patient attacks.
5:40 am
hospital created several new security measures responding to last month's deadly attack at the hands of a mental patient. the idea of speeding up san francisco's muni service by cutting down the number of stops is resurfacing at city hall. transit officials say 12 minutes of every hour muni buses and trains run are spent picking up or dropping off passengers. now they're considering a plan to eliminate more than 100 stops on five routes. they say those stops are mostly on flat terrain and the distance between the average stop s is about 700 feet. most riders should be able to walk to the next stop. interesting. sal's going to help all of us get to where we need to go this morning. >> all right. you guys, right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. let's go out and take a look at 237 which is typically crowded a little bit later in the morning. right now looks good getting into the valley. also this morning's commute looks very nice if you are driving on interstate 880 here in oakland right near the
5:41 am
coliseum. you'll find traffic very light. and when you get to the toll plaza westbound traffic looks good getting into the city. at 5:40, here's steve. all right. i'm here. [ laughter ] >> not much traffic going on, steve, right now. >> sal, will you be covering the parade today? >> i will be. >> all right. thank you very much. we have some fog. fog is about point raise north and goes up towards the sonoma county. a few high clouds might breakthrough. hi. how are you? good morning. right there sunny, and warm. if you're on highway -- just right near the coast might encounter some reduced visibility but otherwise it's going to be a beautiful day. patchy fog and sunny and warm. 70s, 80s and 80s. oakland forecast today looks really good. 56. 70 go for a high of 80 today. and it will be sunny. 61 already in san francisco. 51 palo alto.
5:42 am
i did see santa rosa sonoma county airport dip today 48. 50s san a fell and napa. 30s in the mountains. little cool there. sacramento 53. same for monterey. and santa maria and santa barbara cooler. few higher clouds mainly taking aim north. we're okay today nice sunshine. warm. pretty good system will work into our forecast as we head towards the end of the week. fog near the coast but mainly marin coast north. 70s and low 80s. looks good to me. sunshine and sunny and warm. it's already 61 in san francisco. won't take much to get into the low 70s by the time the parade starts. we start the cool down thursday with fog increasing. clouds roll in friday. could be light rain in the north bay more likely we increase clouds saturday. sunday looks like a rain day plus we set the clocks back one hour. all right. don't forget. thank you for reminding us.
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bearing arms in public. how california lawmakers voted on a proposed bill to restrict people from openly carrying guns. also toyota is adding something jazzy to its prius line. they're hoping to change the image of the car.
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ticker take parade begins at 11:00 a.m. midterm elections will
5:46 am
bring a power shift to capitol hill in january. as expected, republicans will take over control of the house of representatives. democrats keep their majority in the u.s. senate though. however republicans picked up several seats. jerry brown is going to be the governor of california again. brown defeated republican challenger meg whitman. he was previously governor between 1975 and 1983. it could be another day before we find out the winner of the race for oakland's mayor. right now state senator protell has 35% of the votes. councilwoman juan holds 24% of the votes. but with ranked choice voting the winner needs 51% to claim victory. now the front runner was out celebrating last night but he left his party early partly because he's suffering from a bad case of laryngitis. he did tell us he's optimistic about the results but doesn't
5:47 am
underthe ranked choice process. >> we've been told that you have a substantial lead coming out of the election day, it holds up. but this is not a science. >> he also talked to us about his plans for the future of oakland which include revamping the city government and reinstating those 80 officer recently laid off from the police force. time no 5:46. his main opponent, oakland councilwoman says she's not surprised by the early results. at her party in oakland last night she told us he spent a lot more money earlier in the campaign which may have given him an advantage in the early absentee balloting. still, she says she's confident the ranked choice system may work in her favor in the end. >> i think that. [ indiscernible ] anybody but coalition among the voters. now i believe if i'm within three to five points now we're about eight points if i'm
5:48 am
within three or five points the ranked order voting may still give us the victory. >> also talked about the issue of police funding and layoffs. she says if she's elected she'll make the police union pay a fair share of its pension in order to save more jobs. the third top candidate in the race for oakland mayor is councilwoman endorsed by the city's biggest paper the oakland tribune. right now she holds 21% of the votes. the final will be announced on friday to give officials enough time to vote for first, second and third choices under the ranked choice system. reminder of how that system works. if no candidate receives a majority of first choice votes, then the process of redistributing votes happens. first the candidate with the fewest first choice votes is eliminated. in the case we just showed you a candidate b and then those voters who chose an eliminated candidate will have their vote
5:49 am
goes to the second choice candidate. if those give the majority to the candidate that candidate wins. if not then redistributing votes continues. across the country voter turn out was up slightly from the last midterm elections. look us like 42% of eligible americans voted. that's up more than 1% from 2006. here in california the voter turn out was estimated to be higher at 55%. and the number of early votes probably exceeded the votes cast at polls on election day. now we want to remind you up to the minute results for all of the local races are right there on the bottom of your television screen. and our complete bay area election coverage continues online at look for the results of many of the smaller races and see the video and a lot more. california lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public. the san diego assemblywoman
5:50 am
fought the bill after gun rights groups held a series of demonstrations openly carrying unloaded weapons. the bill would have made it a misdemeanor to openly carry a handgun in a public place. 5:49 is our time. sal is back. what's happening on the roads, sal? >> right now things are pretty good if you are driving in to let's say san francisco or oakland or here it is a look at northbound 101 in san francisco. looks pretty nice getting up to the 80 area. no major problems coming to downtown. also traffic is looking good if you are driving to san francisco right now. but i wouldn't recommend it because later on today it is going to be one of the biggest messes you've ever seen. you think waiting this long for a world series champion is -- i wonder what that's going to look like in the city? i think i have an idea. move along to northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. that traffic is moving well. 5:50. here's steve. thank you, sal. good morning. we have some very low, shallow
5:51 am
fog i should say about point raise north. little fog towards sonoma county airport. nothing new there. few high clouds might skirt to the bay north. get out of the way so you can see them. leading edge of our cooling trend is just moving into the picture. that won't be until tomorrow though. today we start off on the mild side and end up on the warm side. napa yesterday 70. go 80 today. 76. that's the spirit. beautiful degrees in san francisco. walnut creek 79 yesterday. 80 today. oakland 76 to 78. and san jose 80 to 82. if you have a minute, just a second here, the oakland airport now has been running warmer than downtown oakland for about two weeks now. this never used to happen. now it happens every day. i don't know what's going on. but the oakland airport now is warmer than downtown. i talked to a colleague of mine, we both said that's nutty but it's the way it's been working. napa and santa rosa 52.
5:52 am
palo alto 51. 30s in the mountains. 55 santa maria-santa barbara. a lot of cold air and very impressive system there which will play into our weather towards friday. but not today. patchy fog, mainly marin coast north. sunny and warmer today. fog near the coast. if it's not there you can probably see it offshore. 70s and upper 70s and low 80s. looks like a beautiful day for a parade. 70-degree temperatures in downtown san francisco. it will be warm today. fog starts to work its way back. cooling trend starts and really kicks in friday. we cloud it up on saturday. rain on sunday. we also set our clocks back one hour. thank you, steve. ford and general motors are expected to release october sales numbers later today. analysts predict the entire industry will post a seasonally adjusted annual rate of nearly 12 million cars. that's up from 10.4 million at the same time last year. on an individual basis toyota and gm are expected to post declines. chrysler could post the biggest
5:53 am
gains. toyota says it will unveil a sporty version of the prius at the las vegas car show this week. the limited edition hybrid will have several external features. toyota says will make the prius look for sleek and speedy. they include front and rear bumper squealers, a side skirt and the car will sit lower to the ground. no word on the cost, but toyota engineers say the changes don't effect mileage. i want one, pam. >> it looks pretty cool. >> okay. safer sidewalks. they were one big issue that drew san francisco voters to the poll booths. how the voters spoke on the controversial law and what is next on the safety issue. and you can bet the mayor of arlington, texas, will be told to pay up now that the world series is over.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
in our election coverage want to look at a couple other key issues. measure l is the ordinance latest numbers show voters are approving it. bottom part of your screen it would prohibit sitting or lying on sidewalks in san francisco from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. and it targets aggressive panhandlers. in other news the mayor of arlington, texas is getting ready to pay off the world series bet he made with san francisco mayor newsome. the win over the rangers means
5:57 am
arlington mayor will mail off a texas beef brisket meal with all the fixins to san francisco city hall next week. and next spring the mayor of arlington, texas, will be flying to san francisco to pay off the other part of the bet. he'll have to wear a giants jersey and help out several bay area volunteer groups. the uc berkeley graduate freed from a prison in iran will join in a vigil tonight in oakland to call for the release of the other two americans still imprisoned. she will join the family gathering at 7:00 p.m. at the intersection of grand avenue and harrison street near lake merit. now just this week iran announced it has postponed the trial of the uc graduates originally scheduled for this saturday. now we will hear from sara herself this morning when she's our guest coming up on mornings on 2. time now 5:57. a lot happening in our commute, sal, how are we looking? >> pretty good so far.
5:58 am
calm before the storm really as people trying to get into san francisco today for the parade right now. san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up into the valley. and also we're looking at the traffic on the grade that traffic moves well. now let's go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. well, republicans won big and the votes are still being counted in yesterday's nationwide election. we'll get an update. and after spending $140 million, meg whitman will not be going to sacramento. tonight has not turned out quite as we had hoped. >> what whitman asked her supporters to do in her concession speech last night.
5:59 am