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tv   News at 530PM  FOX  November 14, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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for fishermen to start fishing season on time, all of these crab pots should be on right now. what are they doing still on the boat? sent firefighters rushing to the side of the road. and a popular toy star on the verge of closing is up and running. hear what saved the local mom and pop store. ♪ [ music ]
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good evening, i'm ken wake. >> i'm heather holmes. we begin with the start of crab season. the official season begins at midnight. many fishing boats remain docked. live from san francisco with the story. >> reporter: heather, nobody is more interested for crab season to get started than the fibbermen who run these boats. but they say they may have to wait for weeks before they can get these thousands of crab traps out in the water. in half moon bay today, dozens of boat hes bobbed lightly in the water. weighed down only by empty traps while fishermen spent the day checking their gear instead of hauling up crab. >> i think everybody here is frustrated. we're all geared up and ready to go. we're anticipating a fairly good season. >> reporter: frustrated because
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early catches indicate, while there's plenty of crab in the ocean this year, the crustaceans haven't completely filled out their shell. captain jim anderson is on the california dungeonesque crap force. >> we've found crabs that are reasonably hard, and taken them home and didn't find much meat in them. >> reporter: the crabbers also want to make sure they get paid for their work. if the crabs yield less meat than expected, that price could drop. many are willing to wait for the crabs to grow a little more. >> it's kind of like holding it in the bank. let's wait until our money matures, then take advantage of it. >> how long will that be? >> i would like to say tomorrow. but it could be a week, it may be a month. >> reporter: that uncertainty
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makes crabbers nervous, because thanksgiving is just around the corner. a -- >> i will eat crab every day for a week, once the season starts. >> i touched it. >> reporter: crab dinners are also a holiday tradition for 9- year-old tiffany iseman. >> if you could wait like a year or two, like i've been, just for the next crab season, you can wait a few more days. >> reporter: experts say the crab may not have grown enough either because there's so many of them this year. there was too much competition for food. or some other, as of now, unknown environmental factor. tomorrow, fishermen will cook and weigh them and see what how much meat. if it's not over 25%, the delay will likely continue at least
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for several more days. ktvu, channel 2 news. power has been restored to hundreds of sonoma county residents, following a blackout, caused by downed power lines. the lines came out around 11:00 a.m. and started a grass fire not far from todd road. the lines were brought down by strong winds in the area. the gusty winds in the north bay were also felt today on east bay peaks. this is what it looked like, and sounded like today on mount diablo. winds whipped above east bay hills. a wind advisory is in effect through tomorrow morning. more on the high winds later on in our newscast. san jose police are investigating the death of a transient woman, who's body was found floating in the guadalupe
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creek. police received a call around 6:00 last night. they say the unidentified woman appears to be in her 40s. the medical examiner's office is looking into the cause of death to help investigators determine if there was any foul play. police in oakland are trying to determine what happened to a man found last night unconscious on a sidewalk. he appeared to have suffered blunt force trauma to his head. the man was found on the 400 block of parkins street. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. investigators are looking into whether the head wound was caused when the men fell to the pavement, or if someone hit him. a manhunt continues for a suspect in a fairfield double homicide. police say ricardo de leon maybe headed for mexico. police say he may be driving a 1999 white dodge van with a
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blue stripe on the side. it has the california license plate number 8h03092. investigators also say he has access to a white ford pickup, with a camper shell which is registered in oregon. gas pipelines following the deadly fire in san bruno. the california public utilities commission has nine inspectors to check the gas line. the cpuc is the only state agency that does not meet the government's minimum inspection levels. the agency acknowledges that it's short staffed, but it seas, it's inspectors are quote, very aggressive, and very effective. it seems kids want to have the latest electronic gadget, game, or movie action figure. whatever happened to simpler toys that sparked imagination?
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turns out they're still here, in a mom and pop store that almost disappeared. >> reporter: less than six shopping weeks remain before christmas. people in burkly are still learning that this city institution that almost shut down is still thriving. for almost half a century, mr. mops has been the place to go for toys in berkely. >> i think because it's small. it's got a lot of specialty kind of items. you can find things that aren't in the main stores. >> reporter: this year, the owner decided to shut down, because he couldn't find someone to take over the business, that is until a couple of months ago. >> we were not happy about that. and we're very happy they were able to find someone who is local who is keeping it up. >> reporter: this store still has a variety of toys. >> these are recycling trucks
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that are made out of recycled milk jugs. and they're durable. they're cute. >> reporter: holding that truck was devin mcdonald. one of the people who paid big money to save mr. mops. >> i yew up coming here and there's a lot of emotional reaction surrounding me. >> reporter: the toys might seem rudementry. not so, say the parents. >> the kids actually like the stuff that we grew up with. they don't have to be oversold, and over manufactured, and all that stuff. >> reporter: the kids like it so much, they're almost speechless. >> i like it. >> what do you like about it? tell me some of the things you've seen? >> reporter: they can rest easy, because mr. mops isn't going anywhere. >> it's just really awesome to be able to support small businesses like this, and find different kinds of unique
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things. >> reporter: after the holiday season, mr. mops will be closing, but it will be only for a couple of weeks in january, so the store can be refurbished. channel 2 news. an east bay city is looking at putting more restrictions on cell phone towers. walnut creek will consider imposing a 6 month moratorium on new wireless towers. residents have complained that the city's 13-year-old wireless facilities ordinance doesn't go far enough. that ordinance regulates the height of antennas and what they can look like, but not where they can be placed. the suspects in the gang rape, and beating of the richmond high school are set to appear in court tomorrow. seven suspects are accused of assaulting the girl at her homecoming dance. tomorrow's preliminary hearing will determine whether there's sufficient evidence against each of them to proceed to
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trial. prosecutors say 17 witnesses are scheduled to testify at the hearing, which is expected to take several days. the man arrested last week after a standoff on the bay bridge is due in court tomorrow and strain for arraignment. kraig carlos valentino faces several charges. including kidnapping, and another felony for making a false bomb threat. the highway patrol says he was distraught over marital problems. the standoff halted traffic on the bridge for about two hours. president obama back in washington. hear what he accomplished on his asian tour, and the possible compromise that might be waiting for him. a couple is now talking about their horrifying ordeal. the warm weather pattern continues to top our weather headlines. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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president barack obama is back at the white house tonight, following a ten day trip to four asian nations. he made stops in india, and indonesia, before going to a g20 summit in seoul, south korea. he also attended the asian summit in japan. he med with the russian president, and assured him he would work to get the senate to ratify a new nuclear weapons treaty between the u.s. and russia. the battle over extending the bush era tax cuts may be averted. they're suggesting a compromise in the works. >> reporter: with time running
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out on those bush era tax cuts, this is the number 1 issue the lame duck congress and president will tackle. the top white house adviser david axlerod refusing to reveal the president's hand. walking back from earlier comments that the president was ready to give in, insisting the white house hasn't changed its position against a permanent extension for cuts for upper income taxpayers. >> i've heard many different variations discussed over the past week publicly. i've heard a variety of efforts. we're looking forward to getting together with the leaders of both parties in congress. >> reporter: if they don't hammer out a deal, and do let the tax cuts expire, the bottom
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tax rate will jump from 10 to 15%. the top rate to 35.6%, from 35%. >> well if that's all we could get out of the president, and he is the president, so we'll work with him on that, but i hope he doesn't come back with the idea, we're going to raise taxes on 750,000 small businesses, as he's been talking about. i think if he can work on our side of the ledger, we might can work together. >> reporter: sounds like a compromise might be worked out with neither side ready to tell americans that their paychecks are getting sliced because their taxes are going up next year. freed human rights leader,
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ang san suu kyi spoke for the first time since her released. she urged her supporters to help create democracy in myanmar. the world community has denounced the elections as a sham. a mexican resort is cleaning up after a deadly explosion. this morning, gas somehow ignited, and blew up the lobby at the grand rivera princess hotel in plia delcarmen. no natural gas lines were in the area. in eastern afghanistan today, militants torched a nato convoy of fuel tankers. all 12 truck drivers managed to escape the fire. the attack happened in the same
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area, where yesterday, suicide bombers tried to destroy a naval base. bombings killed 11 people across the country, including 5 nato service members and 3 afghan police officers. somali pirates have released a british couple held for more than a year. paul and rachel chandler met with somalia's president. pirates kidnapped the couple from their yacht in october of 2009. although the pirates received $400,000 in ransom, they demanded more money. another ransom of $300,000 was paid to free the couple. >> happy to be alive. happy to be here. desperate to see our country and friends. [ inaudible ] >> the chandlers were flown to
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kenya. according to regional observers, somali pirates are still holding more than 500 people hostage. the oakland fire department took over a land mark east bay ice cream shop today, and scooped up donations for a good cause. they were at fenton's on piedmont avenue. the firefighters were helping mark november as the seventh annual oakland firefighters random act month. 25% of the ice cream sales go to help firefighters create random acts of kindness in oakland. >> all the proceeds in this go to the oakland firefighters random acts program. it helps create positive memories for us. future firefighters also had a chance to climb aboard a restored oakland fire engine. some people also dropped off toys for the holiday toy drive. hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner, because it was pretty warm today, especially where i was in san francisco. >> that's right, san francisco in the 70s.
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actually, quite a few 80s to report this hour. so mid-november, we're still talking about 80s. if the like the warm weather, make the most out of tomorrow. we have significant changes showing up in the five-day forecast. right now on the maps, a few high clouds moves into the region. you can see over the bay area right now, for the most part clear to partly cloudy skies. maybe a few high clouds star e.tar -- clouds targeting parts of the south bay. you can see the 70s, and 80s. look at santa rosa. 84degrees. the 70s toward liver moore. san jose, 79, and oakland topped out 81 degrees. we still have the winds to talk about. you can see the winds really a big factor for the higher terrain. mount diablo, 54. own the oakland -- even the oakland hills around 22 miles per hour. we still have this wind
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advisory in place through 10 tomorrow morning, for elevations above 1,000 feet. especially 2,000 feet, gusts up to 45 to 50 miles an hour. clear and breezy tonight. warm once again for your monday. the extended forecast, a drop off in those temperatures, but the rains for tomorrow once again. quite a few 70s, the warmest locations touch the 80-degree mark around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. this has been the weather pattern, it sticks around monday with high pressure, and also that offshore flow in place. tuesday, we begin our cooling trend tuesday. by wednesday, thursday, and also into friday, look what happens. this weather system moves in. we reintroduced the shower chances to the bay area. a chance on friday. a better bet into the weekend, and a significant drop off in temperatures, especially by friday with mainly some mid- to upper 50s. that's just about it for later in the period. tomorrow morning, mostly clear and breezy. for the afternoon hours, we are warming up. there is the eventually temperature range around 3:00.
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around 70 to 80 degrees. oakland, 76. san jose in the upper 70s. these temperatures check in around 2:00, or 3:00 tomorrow. san francisco, 74. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures down a little bit tuesday. we well accelerate the cooling friend for wednesday, thursday, and friday. there's the chance for a shower. this is probably a surprise factor in the forecast. by next weekend, we could be talking about low snow levels even here in the bay area. >> going from the 70s and sunshine to snow. >> even some 80s across the bay area tomorrow. >> that's crazy. winds up to 64 miles per hour in mount tam. >> especially mount diablo. thanks mark. we have some developing news we want to pass along to you. we are just getting word that a cable car conductor in san
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francisco has been stabbed. officials tell us, it happened about 4:15 this afternoon on mason and jackson street. the conductor was taken to san francisco general hospital. there is no word right now on the conductor's condition. no one else was hurt on that cable car. we will of course, be following this story, and have much more information on this developing story coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. coming up, police and firefighters face off on the ice. we'll tell you which sidewalked away with bragging rights at today's benefit ice hockey game.
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it was a face off on the ice today between oakland firefighters and police officers. it was annual event known as guns and hoses. new flood hockey program, a lab program gets children and adults with physical abilities on the ice. >> i've been on the ice with the kids about a dozen times. it's all smiles. >> starky, the sharks mascot showed up for the game. as for several members of the sharks team, they actually donated the ice and labor for the event. and there was an auction
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featuring sharks memorabilia. for the winner of today's game? the police edged out the firefighters 4-2. bragging rights, here with highlights of the 49ers team. seeming like they're picking up where the giants left off, giving us their version of torture. >> torture and comeback victories. they've won three of their last four games and third string quarterback, troy smith showed he has more fire in the belly than that other smith. what's his name? oh, yeah, alex. it was tied 10-10 at halftime. stephen jackson runs like a hummer with cleats. jackson gets st. louis a 17-10 lead after 3 quarters, but troy smith is the first niners quarterback in six years to pass for more than 350 yards. smith to michael crabtree. that's a touchdown, folks. niners and rams go to overtime, tied at 20. smith leads them down the field. the former stanford star,
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called for the penalty. he made singletary happy with that penalty. they still win, 23-20. they're now 3-6 overall. the seahawks flew down into the arizona desert today, and came back with soul possession of first place in the nfc west. nice tackling arizona. bartlet goes 63 yards to score. the cardinals 3-6. the raiders took the day off. no doubt liked watching the game today, because that result sent oakland into a tie for first place. the chiefs never got off the ground. denver scores three touchdowns in the 1st quarter. kyle orton, look at that throw and the super catch. the chiefs ask for a review,
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but that's a 40-yard touchdown for the broncos. the chiefs fall to 5-4, the exact same record as the idle oakland raiders. one down, nine to go. after today's race phoenix, it's the cobalt 200. hamlin led 190 laps today, but kyle edwards passes him with 47 labs to go, and edwards snaps his 70 sprint cup race losing streak. hamlin leads johnson now by a slim 15 points. stanford wins and cal wins in basketball women. that's sports. that's our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes, for all of us, thanks for being with us. join us at 10:00 for more on
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the stabbing of the cable car driver in san francisco.


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