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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 3, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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facing charges. a new crash in solano county may be blocking rains. where the rain goes this afternoon and a stronger part for your weekend. gunmen on a mission to rob a restaurant in walnut creek. all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome to friday it's december 3rd i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. let's get to mark who is in for steve on weather. [ laughter ] >> we are tracking the clouds even a few light showers in the weather department this morning. even a few moderate cells as well. activity has been closer to vallejo and right around
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fairfield. as far as showers this afternoon the bulk of the action moves out to the north. i will have details of a stronger storm. sal has an update on traffic. good morning. good morning, mark. traffic is moving well. still a little bit wet from overnight rain. the traffic looks good if you are driving to the san mateo bridge. now let's go back to the desk. an unimaginable crime. the rape of a two-year-old girl and the convicted sex offender accused of that attack is due in court today. it all took place inside a store in union city wednesday afternoon. kraig debro joins us from union city with more details. good morning, craig. >> reporter: good morning. union city is of course where the registered sex offender lives. we have become used to sex crimes against children. we are not desensitized to it.
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what is shocking about this crime is the age of the victim and where the crime took place. >> i really can't believe it and i'm very, very scared because i have a five-year-old and three-year-old. >> i have never seen anything like this. this is as bad as it gets. >> reporter: they are all talking about a rape of a two- year-old girl. it happened at a the dollar store. the girl was the store with her grandmother and aunt when they went to return a ribbon to one aisle. they say the girl was out of their sight for a minute at the most. >> the grandmother rounded the corner she found the suspect pinned the little girl to the floor. >> reporter: police say 36-year- old eugene ramos sexually assaulted and raped the girl and jumped up and ran away. he was tackled by some
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bystanders later and later held for police. when police arrived they took him into custody. ramos has confessed to what he is accused of doing. as we mentioned before he is convicted in the past of a similar crime. but police say he had already completed his patrol and was not required to do the things that other sex offenders were required to do that makes them easier to track. this morning we are working on finding out why and if we can talk to the suspects neighbors to see if they had any idea of this man's past. reporting live in union city kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. we also talked to the family ostoses sect yew -- family of the suspect. 36-year-old eugene ramos was acaused -- accused of attacking a seven-year-old girl. however police say ramos was not under court supervision because he served his sentence
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for that crime. his mother reacted to the latest allegations against him. >> i'm very sorry. he did that not intentionally. maybe something went wrong with his mind that he didn't know what he was doing and he did not -- i'm very, very sorry. >> family members says ramos struggles with mental depression and anxiety. they did not take his medication the day he went to that dollar store and sexually assaulted that two-year-old child. our channel 2 website has a link to the sex offender data base. you can search for offenders in your area. later today johannes mehserle impose before a judge. his attorney will argue that mehserle has a very good chance of overturning that conviction
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but that there is another important factor in this effort to get mehserle out of jail. >> the grounds for our motion are essentially that mr. mehserle is not a flight risk, has never been a flight risk and is not one today. >> last month a judge sentenced mehserle to two years in prison. he will likely only serve seven months for time served. city with ktvu financial coping -- stay with ktvu channel 2 for more coverage. you're time now 6:05 the parents of a two-year-old antioch boy who was shot and killed when he and his brother were playing with a gun are facing child endangerment charges. police say two-year-old jayon
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car and their mother were playing in the living room. that's when the grandmother heard one gunshot. the boys father bought the gun. >> something no parent wants to go through. anyone that has a weapon in the house a handgun they need to make sure it has a trigger lock on it. if it doesn't have a trigger lock it needs to put a way in a safe out of the reach of kids. >> yesterday was jayon's second birthday. they have been arrested on child endangerment and reckless storing of a gun. his father is being charged of a felon in possession of a weapon. several boats were damaged in a fire.
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firefighters were called to dutch flew road. two peel that live nearby saw the flames and dove into the water. they were rescued by the coast guard. the santa cruz county sheriffs office is asking for your help to find a missing woman from felton. debra collins was reported missing by a friend. they believe that collins left her home a little more than a week ago. they left without her pets, cars or personal belongings. she's described as a 5'5" tall. what is left of a transbay terminal will be demolished. nice is a live look at the -- this is a live look at the area. we can see the area they will be working. take one final look at the
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terminal at first and mission. it has been torn down to make way for a new transit hub for buses for bart and high speed rail. the $4 billion project should be finished by the year 2017. >> seems like a very long time from now. [ laughter ] let's check in with sal. how is traffic? >> doing pretty well so far pam and dave. this friday seems to be starting off pretty nicely. a little bit of a backup right now. we can see the traffic will be or tell you the traffic will be okay going into the city. interstate 880 that traffic continues to look good. there is no major problems as you drive to downtown oakland. southbound 101 moving well if you are going to the airport out of san francisco. the south bay commute is
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starting off very nicely. 6:08 let's go to mark. good morning to you, sal. you can see have a little bit of a shower activity going on here. a few sprinkles in san rafael and closing in on right around napa and between fairfield as well. lingering rain showers out there light. even a few moderate cells. as far as current numbers we are showing you 40s and lower 50s. san francisco 51 degrees. santa rosa 51 degrees. the pattern we have lingering clouds and lingering showers especially for the north bay. as we go into saturday this frontal system approaches. it could produce showers. the second one moves into the weekend. we could be talking about moderate to heavy rainfall. for this morning we do have this clouds and drizzle a
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possibility of showers. especially for the northern portions of the region. and into the afternoon hours mostly cloudy. a chance of a light sprinkle or two. we have the 40s this morning by lunchtime. you can see temperatures warming up to 53-58. and the eventual temperature range from 50s to 60s. santa rosa 58. san francisco 57. and antioch 59 degrees. here is the look ahead. your five-day forecast. chance of a light shower for your saturday but rainfall redevelops for sunday. clearing out the storm clouds for monday and tuesday of next week. now the san francisco giants is the world champions it may be harder to get tickets for next season. tara moriarty is joining us live. she is in san francisco to tell us what is happening this morning. good morning tara. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the ballpark
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dugout store. in four hours the store doors will be opening. we expect a lot of people to line up here in order to grab tickets for next season. this is the earlest we have heard of single game tickets going on sale. obviously the giants want to keep the momentum going. capitalize on their world series victory that happened a month ago. usually the tickets don't go on sale until january. nonseason ticketholders will be able to buy into games from today to december 12th. lower box, view level, and bleacher seats will be available for 33 games from april to june. you can also on store shelves is the world series video. major league baseball produces one every year. here is a sneak peek. >> they were called castoffs and misfits. but in the end they were just
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one word left to describe them. >> champions. >> champions. >> reporter: the one hour dvd is narrated by comic rob snyder. it should be on store december 14th been you can preorder online. there is a video made by the giants themselves which includes footage from the entire season including spring training. here is a look at the cover of the world series video. this is produced by major league baseball and through sports illustrated packet. as far as tickets you can get them here at the dugout or other locations. we're live in san francisco tara moriarty@v channel 2 morning news. now police say one employee and two teenage customers were
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inside at the time when two gunmen wearing hoodies banged on the restaurants locked door. police say despite seeing the guns the teenagers did the right thing. officers arrived and searched the area fortunately no one was hurt. police are investigating an early morning stabbing at a bar. that happened shortly after 1:30 this morning. police tell us that a man was stabbed in the neck during a fight outside the bar. officers say he was transported by air to a san jose hospital his condition sun known. they are interviewing witnesses but no arrests have been made. some are calling it a big buzz kill. an international hot spot that attracts customers looking to buy weed now looking to let that tourism industry go to
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pot. disappointing jobs report is out today. i'm carroll ho -- i'm carol hahn in washington.
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well good morning to you. welcome back. the latest job numbers just came out. they are showing the nation's unemployment rate climbed 1.8%. this is turning the spotlight on congress and whether the lawmakers will extend federal
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unemployment benefits. let's go to washington now. carol hahn is standing by. good morning carol. >> reporter: good morning, dave. most insiders are taken back by numbers. they expect the unemployment rate to remain unchanged. instead it climbed to seven month high. this is putting pressure on congress to extend federal jobless benefits that expired february 1st. yesterday in the u.s. house democrats passed the bill extending tax breaks only for families earning less than a quarter million dollars a year. >> i'm trying to catch my breath so i don't refer to this maneuver going on today as chicken crap. all right. [ laughter ] but this is nonsense.
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all right. the election was one month ago. >> reporter: tomorrow the senate will be holding votes to extend cuts for the middle class but not for the wealthy. both bills under consideration are not expected to pass. live in washington carol hahn ktvu channel 2 news. a federal appeal court judge is refusing to step down from the proposition 8 ban. he will be able to rule impartially. the hearing on the constitutionality on prop 8 is scheduled for monday in san francisco. and supporters of the ban argue that judge reinheart should disqualify himself because of his wife bans same sex marriage. . >> wikileaks has been dropped by its american domain name. they say it dropped it because of hacker attacks. wikileaks has moved into a swiss domain name.
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the site publishes tens of thousands of names. many of them embarrassing diplomats and world leaders. they are wanting assange to face -- >> this allowed to be carried out incapacitates this nation to carry out business and it's theft of very important data. >> assange is claimed to be in great britain. he faces an arrest in sweden where he is accused of rape. the charge is retaliation of the leaks of the documents. mexico president filipe calderon and hugo chavez will meet in -- it was a 2009 u.s. state department cable that
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says president calderon told a u.s. official that latin america needs a visual u.s. presence. calderon was concerned that venezuela may have connections to iran. it may soon be much more difficult for tourists to buy pot in the netherlands. the dutch government wants to force the marijuana caffeines to become members only following a wave of drug related violence. the city of amsterdam which has a image of a heavy of pot smokers is not enthusiastic about the idea in fears it will hurt tourism. sal will help you get to work on this friday morning. you are watching every place. >> i'm looking to see if there is anything new popping up. we are doing pretty well out there on this friday. sometimes on friday we do have traffic that is a little bit better than normal. let's go outside. i want to let you know the
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traffic here is moving a long very well if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are driving there any time soon. it should be a nice drive for you. let's go to the toll plaza. the traffic is moving a long relatively well. you can see down there that it is backed up only to i don't know maybe a three minute delay. people that are in fast track are not effected by this. once you get on to the bridge it moves well. south bay commute looks good on 280 and 101. let's go to mark. good morning to you, sal. we have clouds in place and still lingering rain showers. you can see the loop over the past two hours on live storm tracker two. here is the latest imagery targeting solano county and vacaville. this is shooting out to the north and east. as far as rainfall over the past 24 hours you can see the north bay we are expecting most
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of the accumulations to be up in the north bay. that is nicely for santa rosa and napa. san rafael just a couple ..1 of an inch. if you are heading to lake tahoe chance for showers saturday and sunday. snow levels hovering very high at 7,000 feet. back in the bay we do have this. clouds and drizzle. a possibility of lingering shower. 45-50 degrees. into the afternoon hours mostly cloud bien maybe a light shower up in the north bay. 57 and 62 degrees for your afternoon highs. chance of a shower still into saturday. the next event that is set to move into the region on sunday especially by sunday afternoon. another weather check coming up in a few minutes. the bank used most beebee
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forward madoff is being sued for millions of dollars. claims jp morgan chase was willfully blind to the fraud even after numerous red flags surrounded madoff. executives of chase says the trustee distorts the banks role. madoff is serving 150 year sentence in federal prison. one of the cities best known office buildings is almost full despite tough economic times. the former bank of america building at 555 california street was home to several wall street tenants but other tenants have expanded to take on that place. now only 4% of the building is empty. time now 6:23 am fascinating story. a local high school athlete that goes the extra mile at the championship but she had to crawl to get there. why she was so determined to
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finish that race. officials accused a san rafael woman of cutting down trees so she can have a better view. traffic is moving a long pretty well on 24. we'll tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning right now traffic on bay area bridges looking pretty good westbound as you come up to the little of bay bridge park. san mateo, golden gate, and richmond bridge doing really well. thank you. a san rafael come accused of vandalizing trees contends she was doing a -- county officials say she cut the trees from the view of the bay from her home. she claims she cut the trees because they could fall over. the case is expected to go to back to court. a local high school athlete incredible story. the athlete collapsed during a race showed incredible streng and commitment as she literally crawled across the finish line. 16-year-old holland reynolds of
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san francisco university high school was ranked third in the state in cross country. she was second in a race on saturday at the state meet in fresno when she collapsed just short of the finish line but then look she starts crawling across the finish line. turns out she had a slight cold. she may have been dehydrated. she said she wanted to finish for her coach jim tracy that was diagnosissed with lou gehrigs disease. >> before the race we did a cheer for him because we knew that in order to thank jim for our season, and for all the coaching he has done, we needed to win for him. >> miss reynolds also knew if she placed high coach tracy would win his eighth division five title. a state record which did happen after the team won that title. why some oakland residents may be entitled to a public defender because of the type of
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case they are involved in. also an unthinkable crime inside a local store. a two-year-old girl sexually assaulted. how good samaritans helped capture that man. and the opening bell is about to ring here is live look at the trader on the new york stock exchange. tell you the big news that happened an hour ago that is certain to effect stocks around the world.
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welcome back to the morning news. the big news this morning the unemployment rate up to 9.8%.
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analyst expect the it to stay steady. that is taking stocks down not only here in the u.s. but the european markets have pretty much turned negative as well. take a live look at the big board. not as bad as it could be. the dow jones is down 40 points. we will continue to watch and see how investors respond. we will move ahead and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. an unimaginable crime to tell you about. the rape of a two-year-old girl and the man accused of the attack is due in court this morning. it happened in a union city store. kraig debro is joining us live. he is getting reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: good morning, fear, surprise, even a little anger. we're now confirmed that eugene ramos suspect in this crime lives in union city. people we talked to none said they had anything but the vaguest idea that ramos had a prior conviction for a sex crime. >> i'm really scared.
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i'm like so nervous right now. i don't want to live in this place. >> some kind of investigator went around. when she tried to follow up she got nowhere with it. >> reporter: nobody spoke to you guys? >> no. >> reporter: that was back in 2007 neighbors say ramos and his family moved into the union city neighborhood. police arrested ramos yesterday near a dollar street store. later this morning he will be arraigned with kidnapping, rape, and false imprisonment charges. he completed husband probation and patrol and wasn't required to report his whereabouts and movements. >> there are others that are not on probation and patrol that occurred in this situation and that person wasn't on probation and patrol but they are still required to register as a sex offender within five days of their birthday annually. >> reporter: it happened
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yesterday at a dollar street store in union city at 1:00. the two-year-old victim was hat the store with her grandmother and aunt when they went to return a ribbon in one aisle. the girl was out of their sight for one minute. when they looked for the girl they found ramos and the girl in the aisle. ramos had disrobed. the little girl had also been disrobed. he was chased out of the store by the grandmother and two good samaritans helped subdue ramos. they called police. they sat on him literally. we're also hearing from a neighbor here that police were out in this neighborhood yesterday. somebody else may have been taken into custody as well. we'll have to check into that as well and find out what exactly the requirements are for somebody in ramos' position. people around his neighborhood are pretty surprised, upset, and angry they had little idea of this man's past.
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reporting live in union city kraig debro. >> our channel 2 website has a link to california sex offender data base. you can search for registered sex offenders in your area. just look for the link under ktvu right now. we have new details on a story we told you about yesterday. roanoke park officials say a two-year-old girl was killed her mother seriously injured after they were hit by a teenage driver. it happened near snyder lane and medical center drive. two nearby public safety officers witnessed the crash and tried to help the victims. the cause is still under investigation. we are getting information about a deadly shooting in san francisco richmond district. police say 37-year-old travis del rio was shot and killed inside of his apartment on 23rd avenue wednesday night. he lived there for 2.5 years
6:36 am
and some of the tenants complained about heavy traffic from his apartment after a new male roommate moved in a year ago. there is suspicious that drug activity is involved. >> it's very shocking. >> yeah it's a big surprise in a neighborhood like this where there is tons of families and we're walking around all the time. >> at this point police don't have a suspect description and they are not confirming reports the killer may have left the scene in a black mercedes. 40 people accused by oakland city attorney being dangerous gang members would not be entitled to a public defender. explaning that since it's a civil matter not criminal, laws providing a public defender would not apply preponderate city is -- would not aplay. the city is seeking an
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injunction. the december 17th hearing is likely to be postponed. let's check in with sal. i know it's friday light. how are things going on out there? >> we don't have too much going rob when it comes to the traffic. if you have updates you can get ahold of me by going to right now traffic is moving a long pretty well getting up to highway 17. and again on friday's we normally do have a better than usual commute. you can tell looking at 237 right now on a normal day we already have stop and go traffic. i'm not saying it's going to be a complete walk in the park but it should be better than normal. as we look at the toll plaza it's backed up to the middle of the parking lot area which no longer exists. they are building a new building there. 6:37 let's go to mark.
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thanks. we are taking a look at the south bay. the clouds still in place. mostly cloudy skies patchy fog and currently san jose in the upper 40s. right now on live storm tracker we can show you this a little by of activity as we do zoom in. nothing too extreme here. fairfield recent observation reporting light rain. probably with these cells shooting out to the north and east. as far as current temperatures most areas are in the 40s. san francisco right now 51 degrees. oakland 51. in fact we've warmed up a little bit in some spots. as we take that back there is a few low 50s out there. here is the satellite and radar you can see the clouds move into the region for today. as far as the shower activity there is a chance primarily up in the north bay for later on today. the bulk of the organized activity is moving through. we will still hold on for cloud cover. it brings in the chance of a light shower.
6:39 am
that will be for the second half of the weekend as the main storm moves in. that will increase the rainfall rates especially as we head into sunday afternoon. here's our forecast model. we will put it into a motion. here is the afternoon highs. chance of a few light showers. tomorrow morning lot knot a lot to show you. into the afternoon we could have a light sprinkle or shower for your saturday. not a big deal. for this morning clouds and drizzles. temperatures in the 40s. by lunchtime mostly cloudy skies. 53-58 degrees. by mid afternoon mostly cloudy skies. upper 50s to lower 60s. here's a look at the numbers. 50s for vallejo. and look ahead your five-day forecast a chance of a light shower for your sat. there is that rain cloud for the second half of the weekend. another forecast check coming up. cell phones in the hands of california prisoners.
6:40 am
the particularly dangerous inmate found with a phone and the new program that will be tested to solve the problem. a court hearing has bart police on alert for a protest. good morning if you are driving in the east bay so far it has been a pretty decent drive to work. i will tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. here's a look at some of the top stories we are following for you. a convicted sex offender of raping a two-year-old girl is due in court at 9:00 this morning. eugene ramos attacked the little girl inside a dollar tree store. jobless numbers came out this morning a couple of hours ago. the jobless rate climbed to 9.8%. that's the highest level in seven months. employers added only 39,000 jobs. there was weakness across the board. the experts have predicted enough new jobs have been created to fall to 9.6%. the world championship giants are striking while the iron is hot. they are selling a limited number of single game tickets for the 2011 season.
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they go on sale at 10:00 this morning. johannes mehserle goes back before a judge in los angeles. he's trying to win his release on bail while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction. christian captain joins us. good morning. >> reporter: you can see commuters coming and going. and police of course are on alert here as well where a protest could develop if former bart police officer is released on jail. the bart station is the new location of the shooting ofst gash grant. former bart police officers attorney says his client should be released on bail. >> the grounds for our motion are essentially that mr. mehserle is not a flight risk,
6:45 am
has never been a flight risk, and is not one today. he's not a danger to the community if released. >> reporter: oscar grant supporters say they will protest if mehserle is released on bail. they are keeping an eye on what happens in that los angeles county courtroom. >> i hope there will be no protest. i don't think people should go around vandalizing people's property because of incidents like this because mistakes happen to everybody. >> any way you want to see it, he killed a guy. >> reporter: now some legal analysts are weighing in and they are saying it's unlikely that mehserle will be released on bail. meanwhile a lot of business in the area are taking precautions in case there is a protest later on today and in case that protest turns unruly. we're live in fruitvale. >> thank you. we'll check back in with him for a little bit.
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stay with us throughout the morning for continuing coverage. the bail hearing is set for 1:30 this afternoon. claudine wong is in los angeles. she will have a live report beginning on the ktvu channel 2 news beginning at noon. time now 6:45. a federal judge in san jose plans to rule how to shape the legal battle of the execution methods. executions have been on hold since 2006 because of a legal challenge for lethal injections. they say that method is cruel and inhumane. they have built a new execution chamber and say there are strong safeguards in place to carry out humane executions. officials have also purchased a fresh supply of the one of three drugs to carry out a lethal injection. contraband cell phones are becoming so prevalent in prisons they can't keep it out
6:47 am
of the hands of violent inmates. charles manson was found with a phone. california officials will soon test a syst that will only allow calls from approved phones to transmit through the towers near the prisons. 30 days were ated to charles man -- 30 days were added to charles manson's sentence. also lawmakers continue -- california lawmakers continue to enjoy perks. lawmakers pay a percentage of their vehicles cost. 10% for less expensive cars and more for higher end models. right now california is the only state in the country to provide vehicles to its rank and file lawmakers for unlimited use. time now 6:47 let's check in with sal see what is happening throughout the toll plaza and the bay area.
6:48 am
>> traffic is doing pretty well. we have been doing pretty well for awhile now. looking at the commute here as traffic continues to move a long very well. so there are no major problems here. as a matter of fact it looks pretty good here coming up to the pay gates. this is a look at 880 and that traffic is moving a long nicely with no major issues if you are driving out to downtown oakland it should be okay for you. this morning's drive on the commute here northbound 101 looking pretty good in san jose. 280 is pretty slow. let's go to mark. hi there sal, good morning to you. we have a few clouds in place throughout the bay area. not only clouds but areas of fog that could impact your visibility on the roadway. in terms of the shower activity it has been phasing out in the past hour. you can see action in solon know county. the bulk of the activity moving
6:49 am
to the east of fairfield. rainfall totals we have been accumulating rainfall totals up in the north bay. barely measurable in san francisco and oakland. if you didn't have measurable rainfall, most likely still some wet roadways with mist and drizzle that occurred last night. as far as current numbers you can see quite a few 40s and a few low 50s move into the picture. san francisco 51. santa rosa 49 and concord at 47 degrees. satellite and radar quite a few showers. you get a bulk of the organized rainfall moving out to have town. we still have to hold on to a possibility of rainfall primarily in the north bay and chance for saturday. for sierra scattered showers for today. a chance of showers on
6:50 am
saturday. snow levels relatively high at 7,000 feet. we could have rain around lake level and light rain being reported at blue cannon right now. into the afternoon hours mostly cloudy skies. a chance of a sprinkles. the highest chances in the north bay. forecast highs this afternoon in the 50s warmest location approaching the lowest regions. here's a look ahead. the five-day forecast we will hold on to a chance of isolated showers on saturday. tomorrow will be the best day of the weekend. we introduce that rain cloud on sunday. thank you. starting in february california drivers that cut back on their road time can cut back on their autoinsurance.
6:51 am
rates for pay as you drive plans are based on mileage and could be 10% less than current rates. checking in on wall street kind of surprising the numbers are not down further than they are with the dow, nasdaq, and s & p500 losing a little bit of ground. the unemployment rate the monthly numbers came in this morning disappointing and doesn't bode well for the retailers. divorce attorneys have a new way to use facebook. a new survey finds two-thirds of attorneys use evidence from facebook in their divorce cases. lawyers say photos and flirtation messages could help prove infidelity. >> i didn't know that. it's a space mission so secret we can't even tell you where it is. where an unmanned spacecraft returned to work a couple of hours ago. and the odor that won't go
6:52 am
away. it's astick that pre-- it's a stink that is preventing some people from going outside. und. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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6:54 let's go to tori to find out what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> coming up in minutes what is happening today to a convicted sex offender accused of attacking a two-year-old girl in the middle of a union city
6:55 am
store. we'll also hear from the suspects mothers and neighbors. jerry brown won't be governor for another month. find out what he is doing to tackle the deficit and two other big challenges faces the state. we'll be live in san francisco where you can soon get your hands on tickets to see some 2011 games of the world champion giants. why they are being offered so early and a sneak peek at the official major league baseball video celebrating the world series. back to you on the morning news. thank you. the loud tv commercials may soon be a thing of the past. that's because the u.s. house approved a measure that would forces federal communications commission to set new lower volume standards for tv ads. commercials have been louder to get your attention. the legislation which is already gone through the senate is now waiting for president obama's approval.
6:56 am
an unmanned space plane landed this morning at sanerberg air force base. compared to a space shuttle the x37b is like a sports car with a small trunk. the air force will not say if it carried anything in its cargo bay. they launched this last april. the officials said they were testing the space plane themselves. hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on this program. interesting. it's coming up on 7:00. let's go back over to sal to check in on the commute. how sit going -- how sit -- how is it going? >> it's going pretty well. it's kind of rough getting through. we have chain restrictions and open and cheesed roads we want to tell -- and own chosed --
6:57 am
open and closed roads we want to tell you about. let's go to mark. hi there, sal good morning to you. clouds, fog, and drizzle across the bay area. in the afternoon hours we will hold on to mostly cloudy skies and a possibility of a pop up shower. the rainfall redevelops by sunday. storm clouds will be moving out of town by monday and tuesday of next week. an updated forecast coming up during the 7:00 hour. labor costs will increase san francisco's budget gap by $101 million. that's according to a new audit. even after labor unions agree to a quarter million in concessions nearly one-third of the increased spending will come from salaries, health benefits, and pensions. that comes at time when the city is projected to lose more than $86 million. senator barbara boxer not only defeated fiorina but she outspent her. democrats were worried that
6:58 am
fiorina would pour her personal wealth into her campaign but it didn't happen. boxer spent $28 million while fiorina spent $22 million. fiorina loaned her campaign a million dollars. people in nevada feel like begin any pig -- ginny pigs. air quality officials say they will be doing a complete inspection next week. time now 6:58 coming up on mornings on two. an east bay store has become the scene of an unspeakable crime. the suspect in the case is due in court in two hours. a very disappointing report on the jobless market is taking stocks down is not as bad as expected but a live look there the dow jones down 20 points.
6:59 am
we'll get a complete report coming up.


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