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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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their public sand boxes. the sand in this sand box is safe but in two other sand boxes it was contaminated with e.coli bacteria. the city is removing the large sand box. last year two young siblings became sick after playing in here. tested shows the sand had high levels of e.coli back bacteria. >> we were very surprised that there were high levels. we were trying to figure out why. >> reporter: maddoxx park was tested and e.coli was found. investigators believe, leaky diapers and cat and dog feces
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caused the problem. >> i won't take her to probably any sand boxes anymore. certainly if there's any chance that's worth not doing to begin with. >> we don't stay out of sand boxes but i do watch, i don't want them eating it and playing with it and stuffing their hands in their mouth. >> reporter: officials say there are no federal state or county health codes requiring municipalities for testing sand boxes but redwood says they are doing it any way. >> there's standard for water, there hasn't been anything with sand. >> reporter: we called the california department of public health to ask them if they've had ever reportsover e.coli from sand boxes and whether it's considering imposing any regulations on cities, our calls were not returned. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel two news. a 36-year-old convicted sex offender was arranged this
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afternoon under charges that he sexually assaulted a 2-year-old girl inside a store. he is charged with attempted intercourse with a child under 10. police say the attack took place at the dollar tree store in union city when the girl was out of sight from her family for about 30 seconds to a minute. ramos was ordered today to be held without bail. >> because he's obviously a danger to society, he grabbed a little girl, tore her diaper off and tried to rape her. >> reporter: the girl underwent a medical exam and is recovering, but they did not release any further details about her condition. authorities are reporting the cause of a fire on bethel island. contra costa fire officials say two boaters jumped over board to escape the heavy smoke, but they were quickly pulled from the water. no one was seriously hurt. the memorial garden honoring the victims of the 1991 oakland hills fire storm
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is getting a security make over. surveillance cameras, lights even thorny bushes are just some of the security updates planned at the site. twice in recent years, thieves have vandalized cooper material. police in richmond are asking for the public's help tonight as they crack a cold case. ktvu's john sasaki spoke to the victim's family and police today. john is live in richmond tonight on more of what they're saying. >> reporter: frank, this is frank's market now a neighborhood eyesore. five years ago that back area was a place where a 16-year-old was killed in a crime that remains unsolved. >> they took a way a away a person. but it's not going to stop anything to keep me from
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looking for who did this, i'm never going to stop. >> reporter: officers say they still have no suspects or motive in the case. >> he was located back here, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. police talked with several witnesses. >> they described a black male about 5'10" that just popped out of nowhere and shot him. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know why moore was targeted. no previous gang or criminal activity, no known dispute with anyone. >> before the homicide occurred, the people that were on the street said they seen him laughing, giggling, walking. >> jerrelle was a very special person to me because he was my cook, he was my friend, he was my carpenter, he was my handyman, he was my right hand man. >> reporter: helping moore's family and others like him is
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the group m.a.s.k. or mothers against senseless killings offering help. >> that is the hope that they will be caught. >> reporter: something else that might get a person to come forward with information in this case, a $60,000 reward. live in richmond, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. in a news conference that ended within the past hour, the family of a 60-year-old napa man killed by police last sunday says they want to see the evidence authorities have collected to determine if they want to hire their own investigators. investigators say there was an altercation and that when pachia pulled a gun, one officer used a taser and the other fired a rifle killing pachia. family members dispute police acts saying they are still waiting for investigators to
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release details about pachia. a judge in los angeles denied bail for the former b.a.r.t. police officer. claudine wong has the details now from the bail hearing and reaction from oscar grant's family. >> no bail for killer cops, justice for oscar grant. >> reporter: the family of oscar grant stood in front of protesters today shocked by the decision of a judge to deny mehserle bail. >> we're really surprised that the judge actually denyed the bail. >> we're extremely surprised. we are happy. >> reporter: the defense had argued there was substantial mistakes made on trial and argued mehserle should be released on bail pending appeal. >> in order for a judge to allow bail pending appeal, the judge has to rule that there's enough evidence for the grant of appeal. this was not a shock.
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>> reporter: there is still a question of where he will spend the rest of his sentence which is about six more months. his attorney says safety kopbs to be a top concern. >> given that level of fear that i have about his safety, i would be concerned about him serving out a sentence in cdc where i think it's less predictable that they could keep him safe. >> reporter: but the family of oscar grant says they believe los angeles county jail is too easy a sentence. >> he needs to go to prison, we need to be clear about that. to sit here in l.a. county for the next six months, is not being held accountable for the crime he committed. >> reporter: the decision about where mehserle will serve out his sentence will be made by the judge, the los angeles county sheriff's department and the department of corrections. all we know for sure is that he will spend tonight in the l.a. county jail. in los angeles, claudine wong,
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ktvu channel 2 news. in oakland, community groups are applauding the decision by the judge to deny mehserle release on bail. the coalition for justice for oscar grant called today's ruling bittersweet. the group displayed a blown up copy of the letter they sent to the alameda county district's attorney o'malley. for more on the mehserle case and today's bail hearing you can log on to our website and click on the special mehserle tab. police say quick thinking workers at an east bay restaurant fended off two would be restaurant robbers. it happened at the panda express on oak grove road. one employee and two teenage customers were inside when two gunmen banged on the restaurants just locked door
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demanding to be let in. the teenagers refused to answer the door and called police. the gunman got away. police say they are described as two white men in their late teens or early 20s. demolition crews lowered the boom today in san francisco's old transbay terminal. the wrecking ball smashed through the bus promenade on the center. plan for a $4 billion terminal is set to open in 2017. a survey out today is shedding new light on the defeat of proposition 19. the initiative that would legalize marijuana. the postelection survey shows that republicans latinos, women and older voters were all strongly opposed to prop 19. more than half of respondents
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called this outcome very important. >> we want to do the most interest with about four in 12 voters saying that was the proposition they were most interested in. >> the vote had the most important in younger votes. doctors say a visit to the san francisco zoo where they treated a very special patient. in the hospital with the first of its kind procedure on a gorilla. that story still ahead. the newest california supreme court chief justice is sworn in. hear why this judge is such a trail blazer. i'm tracking showers in the bay. i'll let you know what that means for the bay area weekend, we'll see you back here.
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new details emerged today about a plane crash in montana. although it's not finished it's investigation, the transportation board released the 10 passenger plane was overloaded and carrying too much weight when it nose dived into a cemetery nuke butte. the plane had fuel pressure problems. icing and turbulence may also be factors. we just received new video showing the moments right after that alleged attack on a little girl in union city. it's surveillance video from wednesday in the dollar tree store in union city. it is shot from the front of the store showing customers and workers. you can see a suspect running by. that man is identified as eugene ramos. he's accused on that attack on that 2-year-old girl. he was in court today facing
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serious charges. president obama made a surprise visit today to afghanistan. he arrived early this morning for a short six hour trip. the president spoke in front of 3,500 troops and thanked them for their service. >> thanks to your service we are making important progress. you are achieving your objectives, you will succeed in your mission. >> reporter: the president was also supposed to meet face to face with afghanistan president, that meeting was abruptly cancelled because of rough weather. instead the leaders held their meeting by phone. at the san francisco zoo a female gorilla is recovering after a first of its kind surgery. health and science editor john fowler live now with a story you will see only on two. john-- >> reporter: well, they are trying to solve a bit of a
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medical mystery. the gorilla is now awake and alert after the surgery. technicians anecessitate his sister zura and took her to the zoo hospital. >> she's like my baby, sort of. one of my babies and she's at the hospital. so i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: gorillas are vulnerable to human disease so the rest of us wear masks. >> she has had chronic medical bones with her gastrointestinal tract, mainly diarrhea, bloat. >> reporter: unlike other gorillas, she will eat items dropped at her reach. doctors needed to get a closer look, so this first of its kind called a capsule endoscopy,
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which is a tiny camera put down zura's intestines. >> we think she's suffering of chrones disease. >> reporter: dr. shield donated his services. dr.shield says they should have results in the next couple of days. visitors can help by not dropping or throwing objects into the animal enclosures. john fowler, ktvu news. >> that is really something. we have put together a slide show on our website, and click on the slide show tab. >> new unemployment numbers out today show an unexpected increase in the nation's jobless rate. the labor department reported
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this morning the unemployment rate rose to 1.8% this month. employers only added 145,000 jobs. the numbers represent more than 15 million people without jobs. lawmakers in sacramento are preparing for next week's special session to try to meet last week's labor shortfall. california is facing a $6 billion deficit for the budget that was passed back in october. governor arnold schwarzenegger will release his plan on monday. also today governor arnold schwarzenegger administered the ceremonial oath of office to
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the california supreme court. arnold schwarzenegger nominated tammy satuco. she is the first philipina to take the post. >> i feel confidence that the governor and the attorney general has faith in my ability to see it out and carry it out. and i will with the help of all you good people. it was another gray day around the bay area. let's take a look now at our weekend forecast. bill martin is in the weather center, bill. >> we have a few showers out there now. take a look at live storm tracker 2. this is all the minimal stuff. this is how your day has gone. up towards bodega bay, up farther north i think we're getting a few sprinkles.
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but this is a nonevent basically. the five day forecast will show at's coming that's going to be on sunday when we get some rain. here's what we have right now. just lots of moisture streaming into the area. that moisture will continue to move in our direction and as we move into sunday, the dynamics this area system will combine with moisture. today clouds, tomorrow a slight chance. this deal on sunday looks like some rain. especially mid-morning sunday for most of the bay area all the way through sunday evening. so best bet on the weekend is going to be your sunday for -- our best bet for dry will be saturday. best bet for rain will be sunday. here we are sunday morning, you see it organize then sunday evening. probably snow in the mountains as well. be prepared for that. that's how it hashes out. 60s in the warm spots tomorrow. tomorrow is basically a carbon copy of what we saw today. mid-morning to about 4:00 in
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the afternoon. saturday looks like today. next week looks dry into the middle of the week. snow in the mountains. so we'll see snow pop up sunday afternoon, sunday evening. >> thanks bill. >> sure. coming up here, see why some oakland a's players doubled as elves this morning. >> the bcs open division championship is just about under way. it'll be valley christian against pa palo alto, needles to say, these two teams don't like each other. the dow was up almost 20 points, the nasdaq gained about 12. we'll be right back.
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we have breaking news out of the east bay, a chase and an arrest. a suspect driving a stolen car was arrested in oakland tonight after leaving the chp on a freeway chase. two lanes were shut down for about a half an hour during the chase. no one was hurt. some bay area children received a few things on their holiday wish list today thanks
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to the oakland a's. bret anderson, kayhill and tyson ross received gift cards to buy whatever they wanted for themselves and their parents. >> $200 for me, $200 for my brother, 50 for my parents, that's awesome. >> the children were chosen from the salvation army garden. after the shopping spree, the children were treated to lunch where they were able to get pictures and photographs from the players. ktvu's fred inglis is live now with the preview of the big game. >> reporter: it's the ccs open division championship, 12 in palo alto against valley christian warriors. both of them are coming off bowl victories in their semi
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final game just last weekend. palo alto, they averaged more than 30 point as game while allowing nine points on defense. the vickings are led by their senior quarterback bono. yes bono, son of former 49er quarterback steve bono. he's run for four passes, christoph has grown in so many ways. >> he's a year older, more mature, he's grown probably you know four inches. and you know he's had a year or two to know the offense, study the offense, he knows exactly what we want and what's expected of him and he just makes it happen. 12-0 coach, is this even gone beyond your expectations? >> i don't know about the expectations as far as that. we really do try to stay one week at a time. i know everybody tells you that, but we started looking too far ahead, then our kids get away from us a little bit. we have to really keep it down
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and focus. >> reporter: are you concerned about having this being a big moment with your kids. do you talk to them about that, making sure they have a perspective about making this just another game? >> well, we don't try to make it just another game. they know how to read. so they know that this is a very important game and some of them understand that it could be their last game of high school. but at the same time we're stressing, let's go out and experiences and have fun with it too. >> yeah that is palo alto you are looking at right now as they prepare to go against the valley christian, which is 11- 1. this is going to be hopefully an exciting high scoring game. mark ibanez will have highlights tonight at 10:00. regardless of who wins, the possibility is the winner will go on to a state championship at some division level. the other one, they will
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probably go home and realize that for some of the seniors this will be the last time ever they will put on their shoulder pads. mark ibanez at 10:00, we'll see you then. >> that sounds like it could be a good game. coming up on tv 36 at 7:00, a battle is brewing, a local constitution is about to get the boot and residents are up in arms. what community members plan to do to try and keep that institution from being evicted. that story coming up at 7:00 on newschannel 36. that is our news for now. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener, have a good night.
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