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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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making firefighters suspicious. good morning thank you for waking up with us on monday december 6th i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we still have some rain a long to livermore and fremont and santa clara valley. we're on the backside of this system. look for partly to mostly cloudy skies. 50s and 60s. here is sal. right now westbound 24 traffic looking pretty good getting up to caldecott tunnel. another traffic up date in a few minutes. let's go back to the desk. it's a wet and windy monday morning throughout the bay area. ktvu jade hernandez son our storm watch. jade is joining us live. she's in hayward right now. what is it like out there?
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>> reporter: we're live at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. at no point from our drive to oakland the rain was coming down hard but the rains are definitely wet. we can show you up close san francisco on the san mateo bridge this morning traffic is steady right now. but computers should keep in mind to head out the door sooner to give enough time for slow traffic and possible accidents which might pop up. the weather has caused slow to windy conditions on the bay area bridges. blustery winds slowed down drivers a few hours ago on the bay bridge. the weather has created problems all over the bay area. there was minor flooding yesterday near the northbound lanes at 880 and the california she patrol monitored traffic.
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crews were not sure when power would be back on in santa rosa. more than 1,000 customers lost power in downtown santa rosa. overall pg&e told us up to 10,000 bay area customers lost power because of weather related outages of all of those customers should have had power turned on late last night. reporting live jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. an early morning fire in walnut creek is being called suspicious. it started at 1:30 this morning at a building on oak grove road that has been empty for years. no other buildings are damaged and no one was hurt. firefighters say the building used to be a restaurant. 5:02. an investigation continues at this hour after a bart police officer and a suspected car thief were both rushed to the hospital following a crash hours ago. this happened just after
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midnight at bee street and grand. the driver ran a red light and looked at it flash into the bart police patrol car. both were badly damaged. this very same driver intentionally rammed the car of a sheriffs deputy just before this crash in heyward. the battle over same sex marriage reaches a historic level this morning. a federal appeals court is healing a legal challenge to prop 8. kraig debro joins us with today's arguments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this case will probably end up in the supreme court. but for days it will be the the ninth secret court of appeals. there is a man who arrived here at 4:30 this morning in front of the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals to make sure he can be chosen to hear oral arguments in today's appeal inside the courtroom.
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opponents of prop 8 stood in the rain in front of the courthouse. they say morality supports equal opportunity. california voters approve prop 8. that is a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and the state supreme court upheld that vote. now proponents want to heal. >> that is really what this case is all about. to take discrimination out of our constitution, take proposition eight off the books, and restore full equal -- restore full equality to the state of california. >> it allows voters to speak directly on a subject like this. but they also believe a marriage should be between a man and woman. >> reporter: a three-judge panel will hear two arguments. the first two hours will decide if they have a legal standing to appeal. the state has declined to
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appeal. instead the southern county will decide. we will talk to this young man. ask him why he got here so early and later on there is a group of people that will get out here early and try to get in the courtroom to share their support. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro channel 2 news. >> we will stay on this story throughout the morning and throughout the day our channel 2 website will have live streaming broadcast of today's hearing. you can find the history of the proposition 8 case by clicking on the prop 8 trial cab. there is now a inside investigation into oakland into the death of a four-month-old baby. police were called to house shortly after 1:00 a.m.. the baby was rushed to a children's hospital but it was
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announced dead. there are reports that the baby may have been suffocated. later on today police in herb lees plan to question a nine-year-old girl who was the victim of a terrifying crime. she was shot and critically wounded after answering a knock on her front door. she is making a rapid recovery. the police are still searching for the gunman and they do not believe the girl was the intended target. vallejo police are look for two separate murders. a map was shot and killed at 11:40 saturday night. two hours later another man was stabbed to death on lewis brown road. the police identified the man shot and killed. a second man was wounded during that shooting. he was taken to the hospital and under went surgery but his condition has not been released. the second murder happened
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outside the parkway liquor store. 35-year-old arenaria doll ever was stabbed after an argument. we know roads are wet. probably still raining in a lot of areas. how are we looking out there? >> we are okay. it's a little windy out there. today is not the best day to drive to work. right now it's still very wet out there in some areas. westbound bay bridge looks okay. san francisco highway 101 they just finished clearing up an accident there. we will tell you about that in a minute. once you get on the bridge getting over to 101 is not a problem. the traffic looks good. they cleared an accident. you may see flairs out there. 101 third base 280 but the cars are off to the way. taking a look at northbound 280 that traffic looks pretty good. let's go to steve. thank you. we still have light rain down
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toward santa clara cath and back toward the santa cruz mountains. we are almost rounding third and heading to home. but winds are still in place. system will blast through and temperatures last week they were very cold and now they are very mild. it looks like the pattern has changed. not one that is so arctic in nature. 30s up in the mountains. not the below zero or single digits. 40s and 50s to upper 50s. top to bottom. one system went slamming through. the next one sitting out there. a lot of cold air in place. it looks like northern california could be in line for decent rain this week. last night rain went through. today we will get a combination of freezing rain. the next system looks like it will want to come in here late tuesday into wednesday. today's highs 50s and 60s on a mild pattern. actually near normal on this pattern for the afternoon highs
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after a very cold november. increasing clouds lead to rain. a lingering rain on thursday and improving weather on friday. 5:08 is the time right now. an unusual budget meeting in san francisco. the revenue lawmakers counted on that did not come through. a rare interview the federal reserve chairman describes how long he thinks it will take for the unemployment rate to get back to normal. and coming up from washington, d.c. i will show you why members of congress could be closer to a deal on your tax rates for next year. highway 4 base point traffic moving a long pretty well so far. we will tell you about the morning commute and bay weather straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back to the morning news. lawmakers will meet in a special session called by governor schwarzenegger to deal with the budget deficit. the budget deficit is already $6 billion short. that's because it was based on overly optimistic financial districts. a new deficit is estimated for next years budget. 5:12. republican and democratic leaders in congress are indicating they could reach a deal as early as next week to extend bush era tax cuts to all americans. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to
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explain what the tax cut means to your bottom line. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. before we get into the politics let's look at what is at steak, what will happen if the bush era tax cuts were to expire. it says a couple with two kids making $75,000 a year 53s $1500 in taxes now. if the bush era tax cuts expire like they are to do at the end of the month, the taxes go up to $4,300 a year. the senate held two votes over the weekend to extend the cuts for people making $250,000 a year and up to those making $1 million a year. republicans blocked both of the measures saying tax cuts should stay the same for everyone. republican leader mitch
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mcconnell is optimistic about a deal. >> i think it's a pretty good break that tax cuts will not go up. i think we are discusses how long we should maintain tax cuts and there are other issues people feel is important to address. >> reporter: democrats want to extend unemployment benefits that expire this month. i will show you what this compromise deal might look like during my next update in about an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. federal reserve board chairman ben bernanke says it could be four or five years before it's back to 6%. it's one of the reasons for the feds controversial decision to start a $600 billion bond buying program. in a tv interview over the weekend, bernanke said the
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program is meant to keep interest lates low and promote job growth. the former commander of nato is adding his voice to the don't ask don't tell policy. he says troops just want to do their job without concern over sexual orientation. >> when they are in combat together they pull together on a task, they work together for a common culture. i think that's what is overriding in this case. >> it's still not clear if congress will vote on repealing the don't ask don't tell policy. the founder of wikileaks even if he is arrested or his website shut down files will still be released. all he has to do is release the password to that material and they will post it. critics say there is nothing commendable about what wikileaks was doing. >> i was very much involved
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when the pentagon papers came out. this has no relationship to something like that. this is wirism. this is an act by someone that wants attention that is not repealing a truth about a government lying or policy that has been misled. >> since amazon stopped supporting it it's now getting funding out of switzerland. nuclear arm talks about iran and the united states is beginning in switzerland. this is the first time in more than a year this group has met. just ahead of the meeting iran announced it had taken a major step forward in a nuclear fuel process producing what is called yellow cake. it's a vital component in
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uranium. >> mining and then turning it into yellow cake. >> iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful programs. the facility that is making it could be making enough for a making a bomb. time to go to sal pip know i could feel the wind over the bridge this morning and trees and debris on the roadways. >> yeah you can feel the wind if you drive a small car in some areas. the san mateo bridge a long flat bridge just like that bridge you might be able to feel some of that. just be careful. make sure you republic not drift -- make sure you are not drifting in some ways. it's still wet from overnight rain. you're looking at interstate 880 right here near the
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coliseum. traffic is looking pretty good in both directions. and if you are driving across the bay bridge, the signs may still be up. i drove up a cross it a little while ago it didn't seem that windy to me but be careful any ways. let's go to steve. we still have light rain santa rosa to sfo. the big power house system that came flying through last night we are on the backside of that system. the rain will be tapering off. as it moves out the wind will ramp up to 30-40 miles an hour for some. not so bad at the surface but some of the bridges also a long the coast and higher elevations. we are not done yet. the next one already beginning to get closer it might spread in higher clouds later on but after this early morning rain we'll have a combination of sunny and breezy. low 60s for the temperatures out of the 40s and 50s.
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the coolest san jose at 53. everyone else is really close. 30s up in the mountains. 40s and 50s for almost everybody. that includes eureka. plenty of cold air. this is a whopper of a system out here. it is sending in a series of clouds that will effect the north bay and us probably by wednesday. today the transition day as we go into the rain and wind. we'll have sun clouds and breezy conditions. morning rain ends. most of it is about over here. tuesday we'll see increasing clouds. 50s and 60s for temperatures. some low 60s for coast bay and inland. upper 50s everyone will be close. sun clouds and breezy after the rain ends. mostly cloudy. we will bring in more. it looks to be improving on friday. european markets are mostly lower at this hour. that follows the lead of investigators in asia that
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reacted to ben bernankes comment that europe might buy more. check in on the u.s. markets. right now it does look like a lower opening. continued concern about the debt crisis in europe is fueling global markets and mostly this morning. stocks dow jones at 11, 382. they were up a little bit on friday. the average price for a gallon of gas is up to $3. gas is higher here in the bay area with san francisco drivers paying $3.28. time now 5:20. the board of supervisors in san francisco will take up hiring construction workers. if it's approved developers would be required to make sure that one quarter of their work force on every public
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construction project lives in san francisco. now this would begin january 1st. the percentage would increase by 5% a year before it reaches 50%. the city has guidelines on local hiring that is not always followed. a wayward sea lion goes on an incredible journey. plus the latest on an antioch couple who's young son was shot and killed inside their home and what could happen today. good morning northbound 280 traffic still looking good right through the valley but it's wet out there. we'll tell you about the morning commute and bay area straight ahead.
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good morning. we still have light rain around. livermore and sfo say light rain. also breezy and cloudy skies. we will see a combination of partly sunny and cloudy sky. overnight the biggest wild wire in israeli history claimed another victim bringing the death toll to 42. it burned 10,000 acres. the u.s. and other countries contributed crews and equipment to help control the flames. the israelly government says the flames are under control although one isolated fire continues to burn.
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today the contra costa district attorney office cities they will fire charges against an antioch family. they were released on bail last night. their son two-year-old j-yonn carr was playing with their brother. time now 5:25. a wayward sea lion remains under very close watch. over the weekend. the sea lion wound her way up the delta. she wondered more than a mile on land before resting on a school campus in contra costa county. the sea lion immediately became a big star in this small community. >> it's cool. [ laughter ] >> it's our new mascot.
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>> the marine mammal center has rescued maood twice. she had been eating toxic algae. she may have to be neoteniesed if she suffered permanent brain damage. she has been missing for days her family sick. a 12-year-old oakland girl that turned up over the weekend. we are live here in walnut creek. an incredible fire destroyed a building that had been vacant for two decades. and we're about to get new information on a serious overnight crash involving a bart police car. good morning if you are driving out there it's windy it could be a little bit tricky driving in some areas. we'll explain.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news monday it's december 6th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. it's almost 5:30. are we going to get more rain today? >> just a little bit in the morning. it's still dry. the snow level has gone way up. that is rain at blue canyon. the snow is a mixed bag. mix precipitation both being reported. temperatures in the mid 30s. a far cry from what we saw the last couple of weeks when it was really cold and the snow
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level was very low. we still have a few light showers here. here is sal. steve, right now traffic is doing pretty well although there are a lot of fender benders out there because of the wet roads. more than usual. people getting into collisions here. this is a look at 880. northbound traffic is moving a long pretty well. we'll run down the collisions when we come back. cal tran is on time. let's go back to the desk. an early morning fire in walnut creek is being called suspicious. it started before 1:30 this morning on a building at oak grove road. that is claudine wong is to tell us why firefighters say this was set intentionally. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. there is nothing left of this building. you can see behind me it's just wreckage at this point. we want to show you the pretty incredible pictures from the fire fight. this was a tough fight for firefighters.
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they got the call after 1:00 this morning. a security guard saw the flames shooting out. they got here and it took them 90 minutes to two hours to get the fire out firefighters say it was rocking and rolling and they couldn't get inside. they had to put water on it from the outside. it's a bit of a mystery when the fire started. this building has been vacant for 25 years. 25 years ago it started to house a restaurant. walnut creek police did tell the investigator that every so often they do have transjanuaries in and out of here. we do know there should have been no one inside. there should have been nothing that started this fire. what is happening this morning is that a fire investigators are still on stand by watching this scene it's extremely dangerous to go in or near this
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wreckage. he is not going to do anything until he gets daylight to work it w it. even then he's not how deep he will go in there. he doesn't want it to collapse on him. certainly that is the fear this morning because of the state of the wreckage. this building will need to be fenced. this investigation under way. at this point the cause is still unknown. live here in walnut claudine wong. 5:31. an investigation continues into an overnight crash involving a bart police patrol car and a stolen car. this happened around midnight at bee street and grand in hayward. jade hernandez is joining us live a long with a spokesperson from the alameda county sheriffs department. good morning jade. >> reporter: good morning we are live where this incident happened. it lasted all of four minutes. within that short amount of time the suspected car thief suffered is a serious head injury and several law enforcement cars were damaged. joining me this morning is sergeant jd nelson.
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thank you for joining us. talk a little bit about the pursuit that started just before midnight. >> that is right. deputies on patrol found that a car had been stolen out of the bart station. that car pulled into a long driveway. deputies pulled in behind it. they got out of the car and ordered the driver. the driver put the car in reverse slammed his car into the deputies car. >> reporter: we are taking a look at some of the pictures. the sheriffs car is badly damaged been were the officers hurt? >> no they were out of the car at the time. he went through a chain link fence and got back on to bee street where he collided with a bart car. >> reporter: now we are live at bee and grand and that is where the bart police officer who was not involved in this pursuit at all just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> that is correct. he had the red light. the suspect went through the red light and collided with his
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car. >> reporter:s -- the suspected thief is being identified as a 23-year-old from hayward. >> that is correct. >> reporter: he's in a local hospital. >> yes he's at eden high school with a very serious head injury. >> reporter: thank you so much. sergeant jd nelson joining us about an incident that lasted four minutes but had serious preprocushions. we'll have more live from hayward coming up. the oakland police department is facing the challenge of operating with a dwindling force. the chronicle reports six of the 33 patrol beats are left uncovered. there are only five officers to handle all investigations ranging from car thefts to burglaries. opd is expected to lose more officers to retirement and other police departments.
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a voter approved parcel tax keeps dozens of officers from street patrols. the battle over same sex marriage reaches a historic level this morning as a federal appeal court takes up a legal challenge to proposition 8. the panel will hear two hours of arguments beginning at 10:00 a.m.. first both sides will argue over whether the sponsors of proposition 8 have legal standing to appeal a federal judges ruling that struck down california's same sex marriage ban. the partial will hear arguments about the constitutionality of proposition 8. >> that's what this case is all about to take discrimination out of our constitution, take proposition 8 off the books, and restore full equality to the state of california. >> the republican party not only values voters but of course they believe that marriage should be between a man and woman. >> whatever the outcome, both sides expect this battle to reach all the way to the u.s.
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supreme court. our channel 2 website will have a live streaming broadcast of today's hearing. you can also find the history of the proposition 8 case by clicking on the prop 8 trial tab. we have an update on a 12-year- old oakland girl that showed up at children's hospital after dis appearing for several days. she took a bus to a san leandro home and sexually assaulted by two adult men. we talk with sheriffs deputies a short while ago. they are telling ktvu there were a lot of inconsistencies in her story. when she was questioned further, deputies say the girl admitted to making up the story and it looks like she was at someone's home the entire time. the registered sex offender accused of sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl in a union city store is expected to enter a plea in court this morning.
5:37 am
36-year-old eugene ramose is being held without bail. he sexually assaulted the little girl when her grandmother and aunt were shopping in the next aisle. three people are expected to learn their punishment for torturing a tracy teenager. today's sentencing comes two years after 16-year-old kyle ramirez escaped from the tracy home wearing only boxer shorts and a chain shackled to his angle. he was badly bruised and had cigarette burns on his body. 5:37. parking for free at a broken parking meter can soon become a lot more complicated in san francisco. that's because the city is considering limiting the amount of time cars can park at a broken parking meter to one hour. right now about 300 to 500 parking meters are broken all over the city on any given day. that can amount to a $65 ticket if motor rests are known to be
5:38 am
-- if motorists are known to be in the spot for more than two hours. sal is checking in on eastbound crashes, welt roads. how does it look? >> it's not looking all that great out there for driving. if you take it easy i think you should be okay. some people have found they got into a crash for example 580 at greenville. a couple of cars up on the left hand shoulder talking about the insurance matters i'm sure. and then in contra costa county concord northbound a crash. you have a lot of fender benders that have been pulled off the road already. just take it easy. stopping someone cut you off and you have to stop suddenly you may not be able to. just plan on the guy in front of you doing something dumb and then you can take it that way. that's what i do. i never trust a guy over there. westbound bay bridge that traffic is okay coming in into
5:39 am
the toll plaza area with no major problems. but again it's wet. and this mornings commute an 880 north and southbound that traffic is moving a long very nicely. here is a very good driver. it's steve paulson. sometimes i think i'm the best driver out there. you know how that works. >> exactly. >> good morning. there was a little pipeline problem the national weather service had data issues. a lot of the datas have not come in on the rain totals. i had a tweet how come you never mentioned the rain in the alameda valley? because nobody reports it. i'm doing the best i can here with limited data. santa rosa did pick up an inch and a third. there was about a quarter of an inch to a half inch the south bay and peninsula. the north bay and this pattern we've seen the north bay has been getting good rain.
5:40 am
the north bay was like where is our rain this year? the north bay is way ahead on the rain. it has been that kind of pattern last night. it was pretty good half inch to quarter inch to over two. there goes our system. had a lot of wind and there is still wind on the backside but we are done with this system expect for light rain. next system is howling across. it will start to spread clouds in here later on. morning rain and sun and clouds. low 60s notice how the pattern was much more milder. temperatures i believe was three degrees below average. that is a cold november. now we are sitting in the mid 50s for many locations. the pattern has changed. many things are coming across north to south. that makes a big temperature in the temps. a mix precipitation being reported. probably snow but i'm just going by the observation. 50s for temperatures to 40s and 50s. plenty of cold air that is a heck of a system wrapped up
5:41 am
there. two of them have gone in. today those system few lingering showers in the morning. sun and clouds breezy to windy. mount de alabama low 50 miles an hour. morning rain giving away to sun and clouds. morning highs 50s to 60s. not those 40s and 50s we had last week. looks like a warm system on wednesday carry rain in. the weekend believe it or not at this time is looking much better. >> good. stranded for six days in the woods. a santa cruz county woman is telling her story. how the action of a stranger saved her life. also inside the mind of a woman accused of kidnapping. jc dugard with her husband with new jailhouse letters revealed
5:42 am
and how they could impact her case. the weather is not good for driving to work today. we'll let you know how the traffic and weather is doing for your commute to work.
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good morning. still light rain around. most of it is about to move off toward the sacramento valley. so for us light rain and getting partly cloudy skies with breezy conditions. high today in the 60s. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. there is a homicide investigation at oakland into the death of a four-month-old baby. the baby was rushed here to children's hospital yesterday morning but it died later. it appears the baby may have
5:45 am
been suffocated. today governor schwarzenegger will give details of another round of state budget cuts. they have called lawmakers into a special session to deal with a $6 billion shortfall. it's in that budget that just passed back in october. and the white house and congress are working on a compromise on extending the bush era tax cutted. reportedly democrats will go a long with extending the tax cuts to all americans if republicans also agree to extend expiring unemployment benefits. about 50 people are believed missing in columbia south america after heavy rains made a landslide and burying 50 homes. rescue crews search for the people still missing columbia's president says the number of people left homeless from all the rains could reach 2 million. an italian fishing boat
5:46 am
found the remains of two champion balloonists that disappeared. the balloon was found with the bodies of the 74-year-old man and 50-year-old woman still inside. the two took off with 20 other balloons. contact was lost four days later. 5:45 a hiker rescued after being stranded a week in the santa cruz mountains is expected to be released from the hospital today. debra collins slipped and fell into a ravine. she went hiking november 28th and reported missing two days later. you are looking at the video of the rescue. the man and his seven-year-old son heard she was missing. >> i said let's go for a hike. let's look in an area where we might get lucky. >> the man found miss collins off a remote trail. she was suffering from
5:47 am
hypothermia, she couldn't walk because of an injured ankle. authorities say miss collins had no food throughout her ordeal but was able to get water from a network creek. a piece of history is up for sale. the nearly 1.5 acres in montana was onced owned by unify bomber ted cay rich ski. there is no run avenue running water or electricity on the property. he was critical of technology and is currently serving a life sentence for killing three people his cab inis not included. it's on display in a museum. we are learning new information about holding jc dugard captive. she mentions her husband phillip give redo in the letters. saying if we had living god in our life we wouldn't be in this
5:48 am
mess. they are charged with kidnapping dugard in 2001. 5:47 california bars and restaurants may soon be able to infuse some of the alcohol they serve with different flavors. right now it's against the law for establishments to infuse alcohols to make a new flavor like fruit flavored vodka. they are only able to mix individual drinks with fruits and vegetables as they are consume. the new bill being introduced by mark leno will help them generate new business. 5:48 is the time. we've been reporting wet roads out there and wind caused trees to be blown over. how do the roads look? >> it will be a good morning for you to get out on the road early. you're thinking maybe i should give myself an exedra few minutes that's the call this morning. highway 4 looks pretty good. i don't want to alarm people
5:49 am
it's not brutal out there yet. i think an extra few minutes would be nice. let's move a long and take a look at commute an westbound bay bridge. it's not all that bad. we've had fenner benders just mainly -- we've had fender benders but minor ones. and this is a look at the south bay. you can see northbound 85 it looks like there is a new problem that popped up. we will find out more about how serious that crash is on 85 northbound near camden off ramp. it looks like that is almost gone there as i read the clicker here. and moving a long to the peninsula highway 101 looks pretty good. 5:49 let's go to steve. thank you. still light rain around but most of it is about done and our system which give it credit last week we had the confidence level was very, very low for
5:50 am
obvious reasons. there was no forecast consensus. one brought it over us. it came over us. it was a decent system. again not a big system. we are getting systems a quarter inch to half an inch of rain. more reminiscent of a la nina. that's what we are seeing. the next system is getting closer. today is our between day. some of the rain totals again there was a technical problem. a lot of information did not make it down from the national weather service. they fixed the problem. i have to search far and wide so get a list here. santa rosa 1.39. oakland three quarters. crocket and napa two-thirds of an inch. san francisco and sfo all .41. and san jose and mountain view a quarter of an inch. about san francisco oakland east north has been pretty good rain south of that the system tends to fall a part.
5:51 am
at least you got some rain out of that. the system is producing some snow. but the snow levels have gone way up. we're in a much milder pattern. sun and clouds rather breezy to windy at times. 50s on your temps. 56 in san francisco. 37 tahoe. 40s and 50s to upper 50s to near 60 degrees. one system moves out. this is a whopper of a system. this system will spread in. looks like the north baby wednesday. for us today's system is winding down. it has moved off to the sierra so we are in a calmer pattern. there is still partly mostly cloudy skies. breezy conditions to windy. the morning rain is about done. there could still be light rain but it looks like most everything is over with by now. 50s and 60s by the temps. we couldn't find 60 a couple weeks ago. now everybody is close. upper 50s to low 60s. mostly cloudy tuesday rain
5:52 am
moves in on wednesday. showers thursday and clearing on friday. another bank is being sued trying to recover money for victims from bernard madoff. they ignored money from their own accountants. the suit says the british bank helped funnel $9 billion for madoff in europe, caribbean, and central america. they are not commenting on that lawsuit. well it's going to cost more to ship packages and envelopes by fedex. the second delivery service is increasing its deliveries by 5% starting january 3rd. earlier this year it announced a similar rate increase by express rates starting january 3rd. and bloomingdale in new york is offering a free ipad. the ad in the new york times says next weekend only take
5:53 am
home a free ipad with almost any $1500 purchase in yef. the offer applies only to the flag ship manhattan store. that outfit in the ad there costs $605 not including the hat. you have to spend another $900 to get the ipad. 5:52. for years they have been a symbol of the gay community. why the wind have change may soon blow across very colorful symbols and why. a christmas time crisis for needy bay area children. looks like santa can use some help. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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welcome back to the morning news. this high school say season is presenting a problem for groups helping disadvantage children. they were able to spend $4,000 on toys for needy kids but firefighters say the donations are only half of what they were last year and it went be enough for kids. >> it's families from all walks of life. people that had jobs a year ago that don't have them now. when you say disadvantage now, it's everybody. >> mostly those needy families
5:57 am
say they have two or more children. toy drive organizers are pleading for more donations. the toy give away happens december 22nd. 5:56. san francisco supervisor bevin is pushing for new rules to allow rainbow banners to stay on lamp posts. some of them need to be replaced. however city rules only allow temporary banners. according to the examiner the new law would allow permanent banners a long market street and provide more oversight and fines for any violations. it's almost 6:00 let's go back to sal to check in on traffic. >> all right. right now traffic is still busy in many areas but it's not stop and go. this is 280 it looks okay. going out to the commute on the sunol grade 680 traffic looks
5:58 am
pretty good. on the bay bridge toll plaza we don't have a big delay. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. a bart police car was involved in a very serious overnight accident. we just got new information from the investigators. plus just hours from now the start of the next big legal battle over california's same sex marriage ban tensions expected in the courtroom and out on the street. good morning rain is about over with. the rain is still there. in more rain in the five day, we'll have that coming up.
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