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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 7, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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that. oh, we're so happ-ay. look at us. she survived six long days at the bottom of a ravine deep in the wilderness area of the santa cruz mountains. >> we shivered all night. there was no way to relax or sleep at night because it was so cold. so i just uncontrolably just shivered all night. >> good evening everyone i'm
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julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta live in santa cruz with our report. >> reporter: we're learning that donna collins was discharged from dominican hospital a few minutes ago. today she talked to the media for the first time since she was found. she said she was in an area called fall creek when the unexpected happened. >> i just slipped and lost footing and ended up in a ravine and luckily the ravine had a spring in it that i could catch water. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a two hour hike became a six day ordeal. collin said she didn't have the upper body strength to pull herself out of the steep ravine. each time she tried she would slide back down.
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but the experienced triothalon runner did not give up. >> it's that survival instinct. i kept thinking, i'm going to hear my name. i'm going to hear my name. i knew people were looking for them. >> reporter: on saturday, joe deguara and 7-year-old dillan decided to hike in fall creek after hearing debra was missing. he said, are you debra collins, i said yes. i was so shocked he knew my name. i said, i'm found. >> reporter: the sheriff's department now says it should have launched an no carrierring0
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contributed to her survival. and several in congress came out today against it. here are some of the key points
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in that deal. the tax cuts in place for the past decade will continue for two more years. in exchange, republicans say they will drop opposition to extending long term unemployment benefits for some 2 million americans. the deal would also reduce social security payroll taxes by two percentage points for one year. the house and senate need to approve a deal or taxes will go up for more than one year. enthusiasm got stocks up to a strong start today. the dow was up as much as 81 points but ended the day down a little more than three points. the nasdaq gained 3-1/2. you can read more about the tax cut deal on our website ktvu come. a late night meeting is underway right now at san jose's city hall. the city council voted just moments ago on a plan to annex is home of 1,000 people and
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make them part of san jose. the candrian neighborhood is wedged between san jose and campbell. but some don't want to be part of san jose, they would rather be part of campbell. >> reporter: i just stepped out of council's chambers where moments ago the city councilled to annex that plot of land but also they agreed to internegotiations with the city of campbell -- to enter negotiations with the city of campbell. th-t the this is the plot at the center of annexation. homeowners have wedged a fierce four year fight against becoming part of the san jose. it always has been part of campbell. it has a campbell zip code, we
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bought the home thinking we were in campbell, we participant in campbell activities. >> you have a small town feel. san jose is a large city of a million people. it's a huge difference of living in a huge city and living in a smaller town. >> reporter: homeowner kerry whittaker calls it a quality of life issue. she's decreased in services of police and fire. says campbell is better given san jose's budget issues. >> when you have budget issues and then you're annexing people. >> reporter: a town michael christmas says he feels a part of. >> everything is within walking distance. if we want to participant downtown san jose, we would have to get in the light rail to go to downtown campbell.
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it just makes life hard for us. >> reporter: but again, frank and julie the big headline tonight, a compromise. again this deal will require campbell and san jose to reenter negotiation over this disputed property for the next six months. if there is no deal, then the cambrian 36 neighborhood will become part of san jose. reporting live, heather holmes, ktvu news. a san francisco man pleaded not guilty today to attacking a retired jesuit priest who allegedly retired years ago. lynch says he wants a trial. lynch claims the priest sexually assaulted him and his brother when they were both boys. lynch is accused of tracking the priest to a retirement home in los cados. then going and beating up the 65-year-old priest.
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the union city man accused of sexually accusing a 2-year- old girl is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning to enter a plea. eugene ramos allegedly attacked the toddler at a dollar tree store in union city last wednesday. five years ago the 36-year-old ramos was convicted of sexually attacking another child. julian assange is in jail. assange is says the charges are politically motivated. >> the sweeds dropped any sexual allegations from assange long ago. what happened was there's a politician in sweden asked a
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prosecutor to begin another investigation. >> despite the arrest, wikileaks remains online. the website released another batch of documents today. the dream act could come up for a vote as early as tomorrow. the site supporters of the measure gathered across the country including san jose. the legislation would allow immigrant children who were brought here illegally who have brought legal status. an estimated 65,000 youngsters in the u.s. illegally graduate from u.s. high schools each year. she was an attorney, an author and a political confidant. elizabeth edward dies today. the estranged wife of john edwards lost her battle with cancer with her family by her bedside. >> reporter: one day after an
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announced that she had stopped cancer treatment, elizabeth edward has lost. a statement said, we have lost the comfort of elizabeth, but she remains with the family. edwards a lawyer and author was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. shortly after her husband john edwards lost his bid for vice president. she was treated and it was believed the cancer was in remission. in 2007, during her husband's 2008 presidential campaign, she learned the disease returned and it was in her bones. she stated that she had hasn't been diligent on testing. >> elizabeth says it's a reminder to go get that mammogram. >> reporter: elizabeth lost her son wade in a car accident.
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years later elizabeth would have to deal with her husband's widely reported infidelity. the couple separated but never divorced. he and their three children were with her until her last day. president obama said he is deeply saddened by news of edward's death. you will find that and more on and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking rain tonight and when it will move into the forecast. the forecast in about 10 minutes. we'll explain why police in one east bay neighborhood walked pedestrians with ipods and cell phones away, when their walking home at night.
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police in berkeley are warning residents about a series of armed robberies. the street crimes started a week ago with the latest occurring last night. allie rasmus is following this story tonight. she joins us from berkeley with details. >> reporter: berkeley police say the victim had left this berkeley b.a.r.t. station. he was walking across the street, he was also talking on his cell phone and that's when a man approached him and robbed him at gunpoint. it was the second gunpoint
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robbery in berkeley in a week. on december 2nd around 7:00 in the evening another man was robbed near california and lincoln streets. police said he had also walked back to his car after leaving the b.a.r.t. station. >> i had just stopped by the car to make his way home. when the suspect pointed the handgun at him and demanded his computer bag, his keys and cell phone. >> reporter: these latest incidents come in the heels of six other robberies in north berkeley last month. most of them farther away from the b.a.r.t. station. police have not made any arrests and have only vague descriptions of the suspect. >> we have already decided we're going to do things differently. >> reporter: this group of people have decided to meet after work and walk together to their vehicles. several victims were talking on their phone or listening to an i pod when robbed. >> everybody who's in the
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neighborhood is really disturbed. very alarmed. >> reporter: berkeley city council member linda mile is holding a community wide meeting on the robberies last night. she says she would like to see changes in this north berkeley neighborhood. >> people have come with ideas to security cameras, they'll come about lighting, they'll talk about patrols. >> reporter: berkeley police say they have added extra police patrols to this neighborhood. we also have all the information about that community meeting happening tonight. you can find it on our website,, click on the web links section. the future of the building that once housed a popular ice rink in berkeley went before the city council tonight. it closed back in 2007 because problems with a leaking ammonia coolant. they are in negotiation to sell the building to sports basement. but some want the council to give the property landmark status which would restrict the type of renovations that could be made and possibly make a
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deal less likely. there is no word on any decision by the city council tonight. the defense team for the los cados man wants a judge to postpone sentencing. garcia faces up to life in prison after being charged with murder. garcia's attorney wants the sentencing delayed so he can petition for a new trial. the governor's office is now offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the killer of a green bay mother found dead almost two years ago. the body of amaguchi was found on december 15, 2008. police say she had been sexually assaulted. yamaguchi left behind a young
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daughter. a bus struck a pedestrian today in oakland. the bus hit the pedestrian about 6:30 tonight. the oakland fire department tells us the victim was bleeding badly. we have contacted ac transit but as yet, ac transit has had no comment. dramatic video has been released of an explosion. that blast critically injured a 65-year-old man with burns over 80% of her body. a neighbors security camera recorded the explosion from two different angles. they show a brief intense bash in light. so far, they have turned up no evidence that pg & e may have caused that explosion. san francisco officials flipped the switch today on a unique new power project that utilizing more than 20,000 solar panels. it's in an unexpected part of the city covering the top of sunset reservoir in a space the
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size of 12 football fields. ktvu's jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: sunshine is an auspicious sight when it comes to solar electricity. panels that will soak up the sun and convert it to power for the city of san francisco. >> what you see right here today is the biggest of any of the other municipality owned projects in the state. one of the largest in the united states of america. at a ceremony today, major gavin newsom asked engineers by cell phone to bring the system online. >> flip that switch. >> reporter: the solar panels would generate five megawats. but it will help power the school buildings. >> it will be built in hunters
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hunter's point. >> reporter: recurrent will own and operate the system selling the power back to the san francisco public utility commission under a 25 year contract. >> unlike any other generating technology, it's clean, quiet and it can be sited right here in the middle of an urban neighborhood. >> reporter: the project was able to qualify for a grant. outgoing major gavin newsom says he hopes these solar panels will help the city continue for their goal to have
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all buildings become self- sufficient by 2020. rainfall .25, .5 in some of the heaviest locations. tomorrow scattered showers, your morning commute gets hit, your afternoon commute gets hit. most of the energy will be north. it's starting to focus on the bay area, heaviest rain will be in the north bay. it should start after midnight. your forecast tomorrow then scattered showers. you will need umbrellas tomorrow. then you will need to drive around in the bay. just because the wet roads will slow people down. when we come back we have the latest computer model loaded. we're loading up the new images, and we'll show you when the forecast will start, will end and we have the forecast. we have a follow up tonight on a story we first brought you last night, hundreds of students that returned to school without heat are still attending class in the cold more than a week later. according to the oakland unified school district spokesperson, kaiser elementary school has little or no heat in
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its classrooms. about 265 students kindergarten through fifth grade attend that school. the district says it's waiting on parts to fix the problem. 19 other schools also have problems including oakland tech which has no heat in the library. police say he hit his victim with his truck then dragged her beneath it. the key piece of evidence as prosecutors build a murder case. here in san francisco tonight, a rock concert to save lives, we'll show you which stars performed and who they are trying to help.
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activists led a rally to protest the killing of a man named derek jones. >> the badge is not a license to kill. >> reporter: they sat on the steps of city hall to pressure the district attorney to
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prosecute police for jones' death. an officer shot the 36-year-old man a month ago as they responded to a police call. officers thought jones had a weapon but later it was determined he was in fact, unarmed. there's word tonight a former san francisco police lieu ten lieutenant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. lange says he had no choice but to retire in february after being accused of unprofessional conduct. langeford says those accusations were unfounded. in the past, langeford was accused of abducting a woman while on duty, although those charges were dismissed. it all started in an argument between the suspect and a victim and quickly turn into a horrify scene.
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>> reporter: antirock police say this man, avia is being charged with the murder of shelley baker of antioch. some say the two have known each other for a while. but rivera avia told police he met baker overnight. he and baker were seen arguing in a parking lot near rivera avia's truck. >> she exits the vehicle. you can see the dispute happening. looks like some of her property is being either pulled or thrown from the vehicle. >> reporter: police say surveillance video taken from an area store which they will not release to the media for fear it would affect the trial, shows rivera avia backing up the truck then striking baker. then she was dragged for about 30 feet. rivera avia's truck was found by a rite aid truck. rivera avia came up to police to see what was going on. officers then took him into custody and charged him with
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the murder. police say this isn't his first run in with the law. >> the suspect was convicted of a felony, assault with a deadly weapon which in that case wasn't a firearm in an san francisco county in june of 2004. >> reporter: in this case, avia was given probation. today he will be spending the night in jail. three properties are to be seized under eminent domain to complete the transit center. the board of supervisors approved the seizures of property. the transbay authority said offers to the property owners were rejected so it will use eminent domain. thousands packed the house
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for the duby brothers tonight. how this concept plans to tackle a troubling social prop. and hospital patients on the move to new facility. why some say they're going to miss the 85-year-old predecessor.
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a san francisco tradition took place tonight atop knob hill. this time it benefited a new cause. this year the annual concert for kids raised money to fight bullying. amber lee has this story. >> reporter: here at the masoni auditorium the concert for kids wrapped up. the opening act was the dubey brothers. one of the sponsors talked to
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us about the effort they're supporting through the event. organizers say the beneficiary of this year's event is to make it better project. it's a national effort started just two months ago to make school safer for gay, lesbian and transgender students and for others who are victims. >> it's scary. i mean, the stuff kids get up to it's kind of mindless. >> reporter: we spoke to tom johnson, a member of the dubey brothers backstage. he says the internet raises bullying to a whole new level and the band wants to help. >> if there's any way we can any way shape or form help profits or leave mitigated. i think that's incredible. >> if we -- if there's even one child that's being bullied in america that's one too many. >> reporter: even in san francisco, a city known for
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it's tolerance and diversity, bullying still exists. >> reporter: organizers say they started their campaign against bullying in response to the recent youth suicide. one teen at today's concert told us he's been bullied. >> i'm pretty short for my age, people tease me about how short i am. but i just feel it needs to be stopped. >> american idol finalist crystal was the opening act. she said she was bullied as a child, organizers hope to raise $1 million for the make it better program. amber lee, ktvu news. today city council approved funding to develop architectual
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options. the state is considering an elevated track that would run 50 feet over head as the trains go through downtown san jose. city leaders and merchants say they are skeptical that an elevated option is the best choice. >> i'm concerned about all the consultants who have analyzed and assessed the cost have all been on the payroll of high speed rail. >> the council asked it to include an underground option in an environmental impact report. rail authorities have said an underground option would be prohibited. the presentation before the rail policy working route has been scheduled for 4:00 in the
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afternoon. those who managed the capital corridor say they've seen an increase in ridership compared to last november. the authority attributes the jump in part to end in furlough fridays as well as a record breaking thanksgiving travel weekend. a measure to impose stricter stricter limits in parking failed to get a approval. a tied vote 3-3. current policies permits drivers to park at broken meters for the maximum amount allowed. the staff is scheduled to present another proposal next month. it was moving day at san franciscos laguna handa hospital. they made a short move to three brand new buildings right next door. jim vargas reports. >> reporter: laguna honda hospital patients were lining up today for the move to new
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facilities. long were will be gone the 30 beds that were built 35 years ago. there will now be no more than three people to a room in state of the art facilities, built to care for mental and physical disabilities. more a decade ago, the federal government declared the hospital good but the building structually unsafe. >> reporter: there are both patients that are sad. >> i actually like the ward set up. you know i like these ladies back here. and the ladies i meet on the way out. >> reporter: poya has been a nurse here since 1977 says she will miss the old place. >> i learned everything about laguna handa in its old buildings. that will also be in my heart. >> reporter: the new hospital cost nearly $600 million, nearly half paid for by san
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franciscans. the rest of it paid for by a settlement with the tobacco companies. >> we're the safety net. the service of last resort for many people. >> reporter: many more people will have to be served as san franciscans grow older. but money is short. a larger percentage of california students graduated high school this year than last year. the state department of education says the 2009 graduation rate was 71.4% compared to 67.5% in 2008. last year's drop out rate was 21.7% compared to 18.9% in 2008. and there appears to be a change in a third category. students who get g.e.d. certificates are in special
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education classes. their numbers fell from 11.8% in 2008 to 8.2% in 2009. santa has a new job. macy's at union scare fired him for telling a joke that one couple didn't like. where he has now been hired. we're using live storm tracker 2 and showers that are going to lit your commute. it's real, you can't touch it but you can get your picture made with it. we'll explain how, straight ahead.
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santa claus lost his job. but he wasn't out of work for long. actually we're talking about the man who appeared as santa claus at macy's in union square in san francisco. macy's fired him. he says a joke he's been
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telling for years a couple about his age who sat on his lap. he told us the joke. >> then i said you know why santa is so happy and jolly all the time? and he said, no. and i said, well that's because santa knows where all the naughty girls and boys live. >> macy's wouldn't comment saying it's a personnel issue. but santa does have a new job down the street at lefty o 'doules that will pay him more money. at the end of october, up 12% from september. it's the highest number of job listings for more than two years. in san francisco the focus today was putting more city residents to work. the board of supervisors approved a measure requiring
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city funded construction projects. the number will go up to seven. in five years. san francisco has $27 million in prompts planned for the next decade. in news of the world tonight in haiti, a french scientist has determined the source of a cholera outbreak was more likely united nations peace keepers. some 2,000 people have died so far. the cholera originated in a river next to the u.n. base. inadequate sanitation may be to blame. until the recent outbreak, haiti never had a confirmed case of cholera. in afghanistan, secretary of defense robert gates visited american troops four miles from the boarder with afghanistan. the u.s. is conducting a review of the war as they plan to
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bring troops home. and on board a flight some where between u.s. and sweden two same-sex couples got married. sax called the flight love is in the air. one couple was from poland. this actually wasn't the first midair same-sex ceremony. virgin america had one in a san francisco flight back in 2007. those two died and those two survived the attack on pearl harbor 69 years ago are being honored this evening. the coast guard held it's memorial. one man recalls he thought it was an earthquake when he first heard the crash. >> i heard the shock when the arizona blew up. that's how strong, that's 8 miles away from where i was. and when that bomb went off, it
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really shook the building. >> george larson says two days after the attack, he was sent to chase submarines. he remembers the day he left to sea and the row of eyes that were looking at him like they would never see him again. >> reporter: and the beacon is lit just one day a year to mark the anniversary of the day president roosevelt said would live in infamy. nearly 2,400 americans died destroying 300 american planes. fans waited decades for it. next how you can get a picture with the world championship trophy. >> and bill martin's forecast is coming up.
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the san francisco giants
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call it a thank you for their most loyal fans. season ticketholders are being given a chance for a close up with the world series trophy. the team says thousands signed up. rita williams reports. >> reporter: the fateful are on a pilgramage here. the object, the holy grail. close enough to touch, but you couldn't. >> this is the real mccoy. >> reporter: the giants invited all season ticketholders in for a picture this week, most jumped at the chance. coworkers gary hartford and carlos ramirez are nurses. >> what are you going to do with these pictures?
10:46 pm
>> facebook. >> sell them on ebay. >> we're very excited. go giants. >> reporter: lou and vu phu brought their daughter nina. >> thank goodness it's over with, now she's starting to cry. >> reporter: for concessions and merchandise management grayhouse was on vacation. >> there's so many favorites, people bring their dogs or pictures of family that aren't here. >> reporter: it's taken 52 years for the san francisco giants to get this trophy and now their fans are hoping there'll be another one here next year to get their picture made with. >> as for this one. >> let the few people -- today. >> it'll go on tour early next week to take photos with. >> 54 pounds?
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>> reporter: nervous? >> no i'm getting used to it. >> reporter: but not for long, home for this world series trophy like the world champion team itself is san francisco. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's board of supervisors heard from the public today about what qualities people want in their next mayor. but the board put off a vote on the matter until at least next week. current mayor gavin newsom is leaving to become lieutenant governor. one of the names that's been mentioned often is assemblyman the amellano but he said he is not interested in the role. brown has asked anna matosantos to stay on. brown says she has what it takes. brown has picked diana doulley.
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she's currently president of the california's children's association. the ss american alliance a world war ii era cargo ship was towed from sasson bay to a san francisco dry dock to be cleaned up before it is towed to brownsville texas where it will be dismantled. and using live storm tracker two to track the showers that have been increasing up toward poupbt arena. you can see the showers moving on shore. what we're going to do is switch to local radar and we'll see what we have here. you can see it's just got a couple of beams right there. that's nothing really, this green here. but here's something offshore that's started to head our way. those showers headed into bodega bay? a couple of hours and they will spread south tomorrow. that's the story, we've had a couple of dry days and now
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we're on to the showery type weather. none of this looks like a big deal but the showers will be persistent at times. then more showers, maybe a quarter of an inch in redwood city. maybe a half inch in se san rafael, maybe up to an inch of rain up to bodega bay. it's out of here pretty quick and we'll get on with a clearing on tuesday. there's the system, you see the rain developing along the coast. this tail end is going to move through the area starting at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. not a lot of rain with this, but you will hear it. the rest of us showers, probably about 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. there'll be some wind as we get into the afternoon hours. on the scale of one to ten this is probably a four. a dry pattern today, you saw that. that's ending. as we move into the next couple
10:50 pm
of days we're looking for the clouds and the showers. so here's the next recent computer model 10:00 p.m. that's us right now. wednesday morning, okay, rain in santa rosa. this is pretty consistent. here it is at 9:00 a.m. there's 9:00 a.m., find your city, there's lunchtime. then we get into the afternoon at 3:00 getting ready to go home after work. tomorrow night there'll be a few lingering showers and it should clear up pretty quick. okay so that's how it breaks down. we've seen a lot bigger storms than this. i just call it showers and rain and an unsettled day. showers should turn into a snow advisory by tomorrow mid- morning. but again, you will note the wet roads, that's the headline after this. >> paulson will be tracking this tomorrow morning. house speaker nancy pelosi
10:51 pm
got some help from a wyoming sixth grader today as they lit the capital christmas tree. >> here you go, you're just going to push that up. >> how about that. angleman spruce was a gift from the state of wyoming. wounded service members who are currently recovering at walter reed were invited to view the lighting from the speakers balcony along with their
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san francisco city hall today hosted a big holiday party for hundreds of children. members of the firefighters union and the department of child support services helped santa claus pass out toys. some 1,500 children were expected making it the largest toy give away at city hall ever. a lot of smiles out there. >> yes. for good reason too? -z joe is here tonight, mark is off, there's disappointing news again for warriors fans. >> starting to feel familiar isn't it. different city, same sold story
10:55 pm
for the warriors. once again fell short in dallas. play the mav, you know you have to deal with dirk nowitzki. pretty move here, two of his 25 points. the warriors trailing in two of his 25 points. then it's too easy for jason perry at the other end, two of his 20 points. warriors still hanging around down the stretch, monte ellis was within three where 20 minutes to play. then pinned down by five with a half min left. they need a stop here. instead, kidd putting it away with a three. those were his only points in the game. making it nine losses in 10 gails for the warriors. stability has not exactly been a 49ers staple and there has been another change on sunday
10:56 pm
at quarterback. we last saw alex smith when his throwing shoulder was separated. submit was replaced by carr. the quarterback has been troy smith, today mike singletary announced smith is out and alex is back in. one quarterback who's on a nice little run is stanford's andrew luck. today luck was named the top ten player of the year. stanford had a total of seven selections. for luck this comes a day after learning he's been invited to new york this weekend for the heisman trophy ceremony. he and toby gayhart make it consecutive years for heisman trophy recipients. >> i'm just excited about the whole thing. you know, what happens happens
10:57 pm
and you know whoever wins is going to deserve to win. so i'm just excited to be a part of the discussion. >> and so far it's been an unfilling season for the as. iwacuma was reportedly asking for zito like money. he returns to the team in japan. johnson to freddy sanchez today had a procedure performed on his left shoulder. it's the second such operation in a year on his nonthrowing shoulder. he is expected to be fully recovered and in time to be on the starting lining on opening day. >> okay, yeah. a lot of people going -- right now. >> thank you, joe. and be sure to join the ktvu morning news beginning at 5:00 tomorrow. >> our coverage continues
10:58 pm
online on you can track that storm with storm tracker 2. thank you so much for joining us everyone. good night. >> good night.
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