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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 8, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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shivering at school good morning thank you for joining us on wednesday december 8th i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we have cloudy skies for some. light rain for others. about san francisco oakland, concord, fairfield north it will be a pretty good day for rain. that puts that will be the focus for the heaviest rain south of that cloudy breezy and mild with 50s and a few low 40s. >> traffic is okay but it's still wet out there. traffic is going to be okay so far here on the east shore freeway. also on interstate 880 traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. time now 5:00. berkeley police are warning residents about a series of armed robberies. good morning kraig debro.
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>> reporter: good morning. i don't know how many make an epidemic. we've been covering the armed street robberies for a year. police have been catching some of the culprits but it still happens. the north berkeley bart station as people were leaving or headed to their vehicles. a man was walking from the bart station to his car when another man walked up and demanded valuables. the victim was texting on the cell phone and may not have been aware he was being watched. late last week another bart pay rant was robbed. >> had just sat in the car to make his way home when the suspect came up and opened the car door. pointed the handgun at him and demanded his computer bag, keys, and cell phone. >> reporter: sergeant says several victims are talking on cell phones or listening to an ipod just before being robbed. now police say the victims
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reported another six armed robberies in north berkeley last month. most of these happen further away from the station. it's 23409 clear if the victims are coming from or going to the bart station. police have not made any arrests on the latest robberies. the good news is police have arrested people in connection with these types of crimes in the past. that doesn't seem to have discouraged thieves right now. coming up we'll be watching people as they arrive to see if they are aware of the surroundings if they are and if not we will talk to them to see if there is robberies. we will have a community meeting of what to do with these robberies. reporting live in berkeley kraig debro. holiday time thefts and robberies are also on the rise in palo alto. over the weekend two people were robbed in downtown palo alto. an iphone was stolen from a teenager friday night.
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own an monday night a womans purse was stolen as she was walking in a parking lot. a pedestrian suffered serious injuries in an accident involving a bus. that happened last night at 73rd and lockwood street. the victim was bleeding badly and rushed to oakland high land hospital. it is still not clear what lead up to that accident. there is still no sign of a 15-year-old girl from contra costa county. the parents said she left her home the morning of november 29th. her father says he fears she was lured away by someone she met on the internet and phone records show calls between stephanie and a 22-year-old man. contra costa sheriffs deputies have been her name in a data base of run away minors.
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54-year-old jerry langford said he was forced to retire after being wrongfully accused of being unprofessional. the veteran police officer has faced several investigations of impropriety during his 30 year career. we also have new information about a story we told you about yesterday about a man suspected of impersonating a police officers. redwood police officers arrested 19-year-old allen gobovetsky. police say he matched the description of a man that tried to pull over several drivers earlier in the day. dress warm is what you are told to do when you are outside. but students at berkeley are told to bundle up when heading
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inside. jade hernandez is live at kizer elementary. >> reporter: we don't know how long the schools within the oakly school district will go without heat. 19 schools were effected. we're live at kaiser elementary. students here have gone for more than a week without heat. the 265 students from kindergarten to fifth grade. the loss of heat is tied to a problem which needs parts to fix. last week the district admitted the heating problem experienced in 19 schools including frick middle school had to deal with the districts decision to turn off the heaters over the holiday break. when they were restarted some of them did not turn on properly. the district only had five heating technicians. last year the district has had to downsize technicians by 50%. the district has apologized to some schools like frick middle had heat restored. the district is trying to remedy the problem in other
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schools. reporting live from oakland jade hernandez. santa clause has a new gig. john toomey made international news when he was sacked from his 20 year job at macies. his firing came after an older couple comments about his risky joke. let's check in with sal. >> right now we are doing pretty well. it is a little wet out there because of well wet we'll talk to steve why it's wet. the wet weather could make it tougher to drive. that's what i was trying to say. traffic on 80 westbound looks pretty good getting out to the mccarthur maze. also this morning we're look
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agent the bay bridge toll plaza. and this morning if you are on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 that traffic is off to a nice start. at 506 here is steve. >> thank you. for some today it will be a rainy day for others off and on scattered light rain. south bay you will be cloudy infilled. this system again there in lies the forecast challenge. will this drop south far enough? the north bay could stack up pretty well as far as rain goes. you can see our system. again it's moving ever so slowly. we are looking for rain. there are pretty good projections from sfo, concord north. south of that not too much. we'll paint clouds and rain in for everybody. cloudy with rain upper 50s or very low 60s. i put the north bay not just the north bay. they get the bulk of it. 40s and 50s. upper 40s and low 50s.
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they won't go very high today the high temperatures. the snow will go up as well. 40s and 50s from redding to eureka to southern california. big low finally moving. as it does it's drawing in moisture. it might do this for two days. from the north bay north there could be heavy duty totals. south of that there may not be too much. 50s and 60s on your temps today. cloudy skies with rain. cloudy showery pattern will take us. the coast will be gorgeous this weekend. i think will will be a lot of inland fog. thank you steve. an american being held captive in afghanistan. what a new video image of the soldier shows. wikileaks found illinoisans ray sang remains be-- julian
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assange remains behind bars. but he is found a hero.
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welcome back to the morning news. a new video released by the taliban contains previously unseen footage of a u.s. soldier being held in afghanistan. bo was captured in june 2009 and was last seen in a hostage video released by the taliban
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in april. they say some of the footage -- in this latest video was shot shortly after he was captured. in washington, d.c. some congressional democrats are fighting mad at president obama. alison burns joins us and tell us some of them are using pretty harsh language as they react to the tax cut deals. good morning alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave,. one says the president has orchestrated a bad deal that was not skillfully negotiated. and nancy pelosi came out of a meeting and said they do not want to support continued tax cuts for the wealthy. >> i think it's fair to say there is a certain amount of unease with the proposal that was put forth by the president. giving a tax cut for those making the upper 2% of the country does not create jobs. it simply adds to the deficit.
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>> reporter: meetings between the white house and congressional democrats continue today. the president and and vice president are working together to build support for a deal that would extend bush era tax cuts. extend them for everyone for two years and extend long-term unemployment benefits. we will take a closer look at the president's chances of getting this passed during my next update. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. >> when we talked to bay area residents about how they feel about president obama's compromise with the republicans that would extend unemployment benefits. >> relief. not just me. there is tons of others that is relieved. in these times of now, we don't know when our next source of money might come from. >> we also asked a waitress this one about her reaction to the part of the deal that would extend the tax cuts that were
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due to expire at the end of the year. >> i'm feeling so happy. i say thank you president obama. >> the ink l mother of three children says she was really worried about the taxes going up because she says her money so tight she didn't know how she would make ends meet. wikileaks founder julian assange is behind bars but still making his way. he says democracies require strong media to keep governments honest and wikileaks helps fulfill that role. she is behind bars in england. the berkeley city council is considering an ordinance that would call the private that gave wikileaks the documents a hero.
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he faces 52 years in prison if con stricted a highway -- convicted a hero. jerry brown will hold a budget forrum in sacramento. he has invited other lawmakers and other officials. he recognizes the challenges facing him when he takes office in january. he wants to hear any and all ideas about cutting the state's ongoing budget deficit. 5:15 is the time let's go back to sal. >> traffic is moving a long pretty well across the bay area. it's wet out there in some areas especially the north bay. let's move a long and take a look -- this is highway 24. this is the toll plaza. you can see traffic is off to a nice start with no delays. you republican driverring on the caster valley livermore commute it looks pretty good.
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5:15 let's go to steve. all right sal, a lot of clouds some rain. it could stack up pretty fast in the north bay. this system just kind of hangs out most of the day and slowly drops south throughout the day into tonight and tomorrow. there will be a lot of clouds and some rain farther south. this could be a pretty good rain producer for areas say northern sonoma county. there is plenty out there. there is really no trigger any spin in the atmosphere to give us significant rain. it could be steady for awhile. some locations could pick up well over an inch. this system will keep us cloudy and breezy at times. winds already picking up from the south, southeast. there is plenty here. if you're underneath that rain shield it could last awhile. everybody is in line rain. cloudy billion rain. 50s upper 50s or very low 60s.
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49 palo alto. napa santa rosa 52. oakland and berkeley is in there. 47 tahoe with a south wind at 20 miles an hour which sends the snow level way up. very mild conditions there. 40s and 50s for you are rye coo. it's funneling in the cloud cover. you can see there is a train of it. the highway will funnel in moisture. by friday this whole pattern will be lifting and we'll carry that into the weekend. there will be a lot of fog to deal with inland valleys but the coast looks good. cloudy with rain. 50s and 60s again on your temperatures and we do have clouds, rain in the forecast through thursday. could be lingering rain to the north on friday. but it will be sunny and warm for some on the weekend. others you will have to deal with that inland fog. right now european stocks are trading in a narrow range as worries over the debt crisis
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persists. over night most asian markets finished lower at the close. japan's nikkei got slightly 1%. checking in on wall street the futures are mixed right now. consumer economic returns definitely have an effect on the stock mart. the dow jones down a little bit. san francisco is one of four test markets for block busters latest experiment. the company wants to see if people will pay more to rent movies that are out 28 days earlier. a big step forward today for plans to bring a new prescription diet pill to the market for sale. it's called contrive --
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contrave. the long-term potential of the drug outweighs the heart rate. it's a combination of two already approved medications. it targets the part of the brain that triggers appetite and cravings. people in tracy are releasing details of a horrific dispute involving a machete. a website goes on the attack against earmarks. how california senators faired on high school begans. the traffic is moving a long pretty well. we'll tell you more about this morning commute coming up.
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good morning. cloudy skies with rain moving through the the heaviest will be in the north bay. light rainmaking it down toward mountain view. sfo and livermore. santa rosa north gets pretty decent totals. thank you, steve. the giants rewarding their loyal fans. season ticketholders are getting their chance to get closer to the world series trophy. >> what are you going to do with these pictures? >> facebook. >> facebook. >> thousands of them have taken their picture with the tiffany
5:23 am
made trophy. they are not allowed to touch it and the team photographer takes the picture. . >> this morning the obama administration will hold a news conference to push for passage of the dream act. now last night supporters gathered for vigils in cities across the country including san jose. it would allow immigrant children to earn legal status by enlisting in the military. it's about to come up for a vote in the house of representatives. >> california's two senators is among the group of hooligans. the website is called
5:24 am it includes it recalls 37 senators heros because they pledged not to ask for earmarks. california senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer are amonged the 63hooligan senators that have made the request. a request for $38.6 million to tear down the courthouse to build a new one. $1 point r5 million to upgrade the police. and $1.2 million to clean up asbestos. a santa clara jail inmate will face 29 criminal charges when he appears in court. maurice ainsworth was a target of a nine hour man hunt. he assaulted a sheriffs deputy
5:25 am
and shot a bystander before terrorizing a nearby police school. a tracy man is in jail this morning accused in a gruesome attack against hiss a strange -- against his astranged wife. he attacked her with a machete. the daughter suffered cuts protecting her mother. the man accused of sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl is back in court. he's accused of assaulting the girl at a union city store. it happened while her grandmother and aunt were shopping in a nearby alley.
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investigators say gary scott holland posed as a utility worker to gain access to 46-year-old kate horan's apartment. holland pleaded not guilty to robbery, murder, and burglary. this morning we are learning more about a horrifying dragging death, antioch police say they have discovered what happened inside the suspects car moments before the tragedy. and a hiker stranded in the santa cruz mountains for six nights talks about how she survived. if you are driving on 680 it's doing okay. we'll tell you about the wet commute in parts of the bay area coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. wednesday the middle of the week december 8th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now is just about 5:30. a little sprinkles this morning. what does it look like now this morning? >> it's steady. the rain moving through lighter going south. about the pacifica that is the heaviest. especially toward san rafael. up forward 101 and over toward the north lake county.
5:30 am
so look for cloudy skies today. high 50s and 60s. heaviest rain in the north bay. here is sal. traffic on 80 westbound looks good. just drove through berkeley with no major problems. you can see traffic looks okay at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems as you get on to the bridge. a little bit wet out there in some of the areas. northbound and southbound so you will see that the traffic is going to be effected by the wet weather. 5:30 let's go back to the desk. we are learning new details about the horrifying drags death of an antioch woman. 51-year-old lou via is behind bars. investigators say he has confessed to the gruesome killing of shelly baker early yesterday morning. they say dragged the homeless woman to her death following a heated argument.
5:31 am
>> she exits the vehicle you can see the dispute happening and it looks like some of her property is being pulled or thrown out of the vehicle. >> police say is a store surveillance video shows the horrifying scene unfold but authorities are not releasing the video due to concerns it will effect the trial. this dragging death was one of two homicides in two days. the latest crimes at the end of a very violent year for thest bay city. antioch reported ten homicides this year. there were five in 2009. antioch's major plans to meet with police to discuss this disturbing increase. 5:31. police in roanoke park say an 18-year-old driver that struck and killed a toddler in a crosswalk may have been using a cell phone at the time of the accident. two-year-old cally murray died. her mother was severely injured
5:32 am
as she hit last wednesday. they have now filed a petition with the cell phone provider to find out if she was talking or texting at the time of the crash. a san jose man is in jail this morning after fighting with police officers during a standoff his house. police officers were called to 11th and washington by someone who saw a man swinging a bat in front of his neighbors home. when they arrived the 41-year- old man was inside his own home and refused to come out. a few hours later police went in. the man fought with them, but was eventually arrested. three police officers suffered minor injuries in that scuffle. it is a weak meeting that was filled with a lot of tension and anger. last night the head of the puc met with september's pipeline disaster in san bruno. he promised more state investigations and the fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes.
5:33 am
that did very little to calm the crowd. many accused the puc of failing in this responsibility to closely mononor pg&e pipelines. pg&e is formally responding to the explosion. this one that destroyed a home in oakland and critically injured a man living there. the utility says monday nights powerful blast was not caused by a leak from any pg&e pipelines. oakland firefighters believe a natural gas explosion triggered the crash. this morning he's still in critical condition with burns over 80% of his body. a plan to save energy has backfired and hundreds of kids at oakland unified school districts are still dealing with no heat in the classrooms. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is at kaiser elementary school this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have been monitoring this
5:34 am
situation. this morning we do it with kaiser elementary. we don't know how long they will go without heat. in the last check the 19 schools did still operate without heat. we are live at kaiser elementary where they have been without heat. kaiser has 265 students from kindergarten to fifth grade. the loss of heat is tied to a problem which needs parts to fix. the parts are not in yet. they admitted the heating problems experienced in the school had to deal with them turning off the heaters during the holiday break. when they # restarted -- when they restarted them some did not turn on properly. last year the district downsized technicians by 50%. the district has apologized and some schools like frick middle have had heat restored but the district is trying to remedy the problem in the other
5:35 am
schools. reporting live from oakland this morning jade hernandez. we are now hearing from a hiker who survived six nights in the santa cruz mountains. debra collins was released from the hospital last night. the fen ton woman says she ended up in a reeving after losing -- reeving losing --ly seen after losing her step. collins said she never gave up hope. >> it's that survival instinct. i kept thinking i'm going to here my name. i am going to hear my name and i knew, i knew that people were looking for me. >> she was found on saturday by a neighbor and his young son. they set out to find her after they heard she was missing. 5:35. it's wet outside this morning. you may have a rainy commute.
5:36 am
ktvu claudine wong is right now in nevada where it's raining pretty hard. i see you have your rain gear on. >> that is right. we made our way north. the rain started to follow heavier. we're a long highway 101 the roads have been wet our entire drive this morning. it's not raining that hard. it looks like drive times are okay. obviously from what steve has said we know the rain is coming. as we take a look we can see we can a little bit. you see how heavy it is raining. again it's just something to keep in mind it will be a wet commute that lots of things can happen in a rainy commute unfortunately. take some extra time this morning. take some time when you are on the roads. we will keep an eye out for things on you. keep an eye on how heavy the rain gets. of course we will keep you updated. this morning sal is watching the roads. let's see how the roads are looking. things are a going to be a
5:37 am
little bit slower. southbound 101 right near you as it gets busier we will see traffic slowing down. a little wet at the toll plaza. we all mentioned that the rain is confined so far to the north bay. we'll bring in steve in a little while here to talk about. in fact we will bring in steve after me here. 880 northbound and southbound that traffic is okay. no major issues reported there as you drive on the commute. and in the southbound it looks like it's kind of light and it's dry here on 280 for the most part. 5:37 let's talk to steve. sal, i'm happy to follow you. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. sal is correct. there are still areas that can get rain all the way down. santa cruz mountains there is some light rain. livermore is reporting light rain. mountain view picking up light rain. the heaviest that ban stretching from santa rosa to
5:38 am
san rafael. it will be moderate to messy. that is the heaviest rain there. this is -- there won't be a quiz i promise you. there is a warm invention out ahead of this. it will slowly drop to the south. cloudy with rain a little breezy. we pick up that system right there. it's draped across us. eventually there will be a couple of systems within the big system. cloudy with rain. i say northbound but that is where the heaviest will be. upper 50s, very low 60s. by this afternoon we'll see the whole system drop all the way down but lesser amounts as you go south. 40s and 50s. there are some weather advisories for snow up in plumous county. the pattern has changed. our temperatures have
5:39 am
moderated. 47 tahoe. south wind a head of that warms it up. temperatures kind of a push here 40s, 50s it doesn't matter. you need a little trigger mechanism in the atmosphere. as long as you have this much moisture being funneled over you, you're in line far lot of rain. there could be plenty plowing over us the next couple of days. cloudy rain heavy toast the north. a little breezy at times. cloudy south. rain to the north. everyone is going to get rain eventually. 50s and low 60s for your temps. we'll keep a lot of clouds in the forecast and some rain through thursday. the storm track starts to lift to the north on friday. saturday and sunday it can be near upper 60s and low 70s near the coast but inland it will be that valley fog. thank you, steve, up next tracking high school dropout rates. the local school district that received some alarming news.
5:40 am
also she's being remembered as a woman that shows courage through strategy and betrayal. we'll take a look back at the life of elizabeth edwards. good morning if you are driving in the southbound northbound traffic is moving a long pretty well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. we have cloudy skies. san jose south cloudy. very light rain. peninsula southbound, eastbound. northbound is looking for slight rain. >> all right, steve, thank you. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. there is a newly released video
5:43 am
it contains footage. take a look at it on the left there footage of an american soldier being held captive in afghanistan. bo was captured 18 months ago. some congressional democrats are not happy about the compromise that president obama negotiated with republicans. that deal would extend tax cuts for all americans. and the berkeley city council is considering an ordnance that would call the army private that is suspected of leaking sensitive military documents to wikileaks a hero. the council will vote on that measure showing support for bradley manning at next tuesday's meeting. a private funeral is planned this weekend for elizabeth edwards. she lost her long-brave battle with breast cancer yesterday. amanda joins us with a look at her political life in the
5:44 am
spotlight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. chapel hill is home to the edwards family. she owns the furniture store behind me. this is likely where family rereceive friends. surrounded by her family 61- year-old elizabeth edwards tied tuesday morning after a long battling with cancer. in one of her last interviews edwards spoke to cnn with her struggle to the disease. >> sometimes the treatment gets you down, but the disease is not getting me down. >> reporter: she was first diagnosissed with breast canister 2004 after her husband john edwards lost his bid for the vice president city. it would not be the last time personal suffering intertwined with politics. after treatment the disease returned several years later in 2007 just as the couple began gearing up for another run at the white house. friends who knew her marveled
5:45 am
at her resilience. >> she is a woman that suffered and multiple setbacks starting with the death of her son her 16-year-old son in a car accident. going on to the discovery of her cancer and progression of the disease. and then john edwards very public affair which produced a child. >> reporter: a statement released by the family monday said cancer treatments were no longer effective by edwards and she was surrounded by her family including husband john. the two separated in jan. >> how good she was at bed -- how good he was at her bedside. >> reporter: she felt it was very important for john to be present especially for the children. i'm samantha hayes back to you.
5:46 am
>> thank you. the latest release from wikileaks says u.s. diplomatic cable says says libyan will take harsh steps. according to the release libya decided to halt all if he was not released. he was said to have three months to live. now he is still alive and said to be in good health. britain denies the threats had any effects on the case. a $50,000 reward is being offered by governor schwarzenegger for information on a murder in morin county. police said she had been sexually assaulted. she leaves behind an eight-year- old daughter. a lody police officer
5:47 am
accused of -- is pleaded not guilty to sexually assault charges. richard evans he sexually assaulted the girl two different times while he was driving her to school. some bad news this morning about the dropout rate in the oakland school district. there is a new report from the state department of education estimating that four out of every ten students drop out of oakland high schools. that information is based on information collected from 2008 to 2009. now according to the report, oakland's 40% dropout rate is the highest in alameda county followed by berkeley at 27%. evanville at 25% and hayward at 21%. strength could end up with two new cruise ship terminals. now according to the san francisco examiners city has been working for years to develop one cruise ship terminal. but if the american cup is
5:48 am
awarded to san francisco some say the race authority development money would be used to restore piers 30 and 32 south of the bay bridge as well as beer 37. both locations are zoned for cruise terminals. 5:47 as you leave the house take an umbrella get ready for rain and wet roads. sal is checking the commute. >> all right. if you are on the north bay batega highway a tree is down in sonoma county. and marin county it will be wet. the bay bridge it is wet here as you come up to the pay gates not a big delay. if you don't like driving in the wet weather or afraid of the other guy the way he or she drews in the wet weather, i would suggest getting out there early. let's move a long and take a look at northbound 101. rain coming down there. if you're driving across the bridge be careful.
5:49 am
it's not windy. just take it easy out there any way. this is a look at the commute on eastbound drive. you can see not a lot of yellow and red. 5:48 let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. let's take a look at storm tracker 2. everybody is in line for rain today. most of the rain seems to be funneling in right about heelsburg to san rafael. right near botega bay and up to lake county. although ukiah says rain and santa rosa says rain. south of that there is warm light rain and peninsula southbound and east bay. there is plenty of cloud cover here. it could add up the rain. that's why we are saying heavy toast the north. this whole system will hang around most of the day.
5:50 am
cloudy with rain. low 60s. not very much a difference in the temperatures. 50 at 7:00 a.m.. cloudy skies and rain. palo alto is also 49. a balmy 47 in tahoe and 40s in truckie. if you are heading in that direction keep that in mind. 40s and 50s top to bottom. the low finally moving and as that moves, it funnels in a lot of moisture. there is a lot out here. this is coming out as a much wilder weather pattern. 40s now 50s and 60s on the highs. the pattern has changed as we go from december to november. we see much milder conditions it can also hold more moisture. this will give us a day of decent totals especially toward the north bay. cloudy rain. heavy toast the north. 50s and 60s on your temps. farther north more rain.
5:51 am
clouds and rain in the north bay. clearing out the weekend by the coast and around the bay should be sunny and warm inland. it could be cold and foggy especially north and east bay. microsoft is making changes to the internet explorer. not everyone is cheering the announcement. critics say the biggest problem with the new feature is consumers have to create the list of sites to block. it may be more useful to work with privacy groups to create lists of sites that deal with tracking. google is postponing the debut of the new laptop. they say it's taking longer than expected to deliver the system designed to make computers run faster. it would have hoped to have the software in time for the holiday season. now they say it will be available by the middle of next year. a new report shows silver is the most popular car color
5:52 am
for cars around the world. 26% of all cars bought are silver. black makes up 24%. in america the most popular car color is white. it ties with gray. and then red cars. i hear red cars get the most tickets. breaking away in the south bay. why a late night vote could find if residents stay put or move. why fans of a this dog show their support by writing checks. [ female announcer this is a strawberry pop tart...
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welcome back to the morning news. after a late night meeting the city of san jose decided to ann the camp ole. it won't be religion stationed for six months. that will give san jose and campbell time to negotiate. >> it has a campbell zip code. we participate in that community. we have parks. >> there is only 38,000 people that live there. you have a small-town feel. san jose is a large city of is a million people. there is a huge difference in
5:56 am
living in a huge city and a small you are town. >> if no deal is reached in six months the land will become part of san jose. the community has come together to help the dogs that saved a family from a fire in hayward. da rolls pit pull suffered burns in a fire. he woke up the family barking and saving them from fire. he had $6600 in medical bills those have all been paid off made by donations. now it's a spin off of the mayor's legacy project homeless connect which the mayor credits for a 40% reduction in the homeless street population. the new program will give the homeless access to information about housing, legal assistance, and medical care. it's scheduled to begin in february. so far the south bay has
5:57 am
been dry. there are wet roads around. let's check in with sal. >> it's right pam and dave but wet weather. the wet weather has been confined to the north bay. we are checking 280 in the south bay. it does help the commute. if it's wet we tend to get more fender benders and we have had minor crashes in the north bay but not a lot in the south bay at all really. this is a look at the sunol grade. but if you are going to the bay bridge or anywhere north definitely a little bit of wet roads out there. let's go to dave and pam. thank you, sal. there has been a rash or robberies. there could be another takeover robbery. where those attacks are happening we'll have a live report coming up. shivering in bay area classrooms. the schools that are in hot
5:58 am
water beca
5:59 am
this just happened 30 minutes ago in berkeley. a violent robbery at a restaurant known world-wide. the


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