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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 8, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> reporter: good afternoon. i'm jade hernandez. some school principals can only tell their students to bundle u p. they are still without heat. we're live at the oakland u nified school district headquarters this afternoon with the story. right now, governor-elect jerry brown, holding a state hearing in sacramento. why he says the problem is worse than we thought. and umbrellas popping up all over the bay area. steve paulson will be here to tell us if the rain is going to
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stay. those stories and more -- coming up. . good afternoon. top october -- topping our news. rain has been falling all over the bay area. it's been dampening the heads and the spirits but everybody seemed prepared for some type of umbrella. and in oakland, umbrellas were everywhere. the rape has been coming down steadily. and we turn to steve paulson in our weather center. how much rain has fallen? >> for some it's not too bad, especially for the north bay. but for the peninsula, there's been hardly any rain. paul low alto, .40. i will come out wider and show
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you. put this into motion and it's a steady bream. nothing too heavy. it's been calm in the north. there was .50 to 1. east bay. a lot of steady rain. same for parts of the south bay but nothing too heavy, at least not yet. but some of the cloud cover and rain will continue. watch how this keeps going and going and going. there's plenty of clouds and occasional light rain. -- door row, 1.0 a -- kazadero, .1.0. tori, we're getting a lot of clouds, some location, the rain is starting to add up but for others, it's just kind of a dreary day. oakland schools are still dealing with the heating p roblem, specifically a lack of
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heat. we told you about the situation last week with students and teachers having to bundle up. it's not been fixed at nearly two dozen campuses. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us with more. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. oakland school district doesn't want to make any promises to individual schools about the return of heat because it wouldn't be a guarantee. we spent the morning at kaiser elementary where they are w aiting for temporary space heaters and the heat to come back on. fifth grade teacher steve neat is frustrated with the oakland unified school district. teachers here don't know how long they or their students will have to go without heat in their classrooms. >> this has been going fon -- has been going on here for several weeks. at the height, there were over 60 schools in the district. they thought the heat was on, even though we reported it as
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off. there is evidently, a central monitoring situation, which told us that our boiler is on. but no heat is going through the classrooms. we've reported that problem every day. >> reporter: 21 schools within the district are still without heat after the district turned it off during thehill holiday. the cross-saving measure was supposed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. but technicians couldn't turn the heat on at other schools for various reasons. so that left students, faculty and staff without heat. parents are upset. >> they are cutting back on everything. this is a ridiculous thing to cut back on. they have to come in here and fix this when the kids' health is loved. >> last week, it was warmer outside than in the classroom. it was too cold in school. >> this is a cost-saving measure which made sense on paper but it's a flawed plan in the current facility situation.
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>> reporter: steve neat says it's growing increasingly difficult in the district b attling budget problems. >> a lot of money spent on outside programs. we don't need two math rooms. we only need one. we don't need people in clipboards checking things off and telling teachers how to each even though they've never taught themselves. we need heat. >> reporter: they have half of the specialists than they had last year working on nearly obsolete heat. the heat, once it is turned on won't be turned -- turned off during the break. the district loses money every day until heat is rushed to each and every school in the d istrict. >> oakland school district says it had look for ways to reduce the dropout rate after getting some bad news. a new report from the state department of education estimates that four out of
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every ten students drop out of oakland schools. the information is based on data collected between 2008 and 2009. the dropout rate is the highest in alameda county, followed by berkeley, emeryville and then hayward. this morning, the obama administration and other leaders pushed for the dream act. >> they came as children. the son should never be held responsible for the actions of the father. we should not hold these children -- these are our class valedictorians. >> the dream act is expected to come up for a vote in the house of representatives as early as day. last night supporters gathered for vigils including san jose. opponents of the dream act call
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it back-door amnesty for lawmakers. senate democrats are d emanding a vote on -- on -- are demanding a vote on a bill t oday. this concerns don't ask don't tell. a pentagon study found most troops don't object. a continental airlines flight that took off from mineta international airport in san jose had to be diverted this morning because of an unruly passenger. the faa said the plane was h eaded to houston but landed safely in albuquerque instead. an airport spokesperson said an individual, a mexican, appeared to be suicidal. claudine wong joins us
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with more on jerry brown. >> reporter: jerry brown says this is about taking a good, hard look at the problems in california. he says you can't find a solution until you understand the problem. when it comes to the california budget, it may be worse than we thought. this is a look at california's new leadership. these are the people whose job it is to figure out a way -- to figure a way out of the mess that we're in. today was a lot of piecharts and grafts . and this is a projected problem than is worse than we thought. brown's legislative analyst says you can thank the loss of temporary tax revenues, the
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loss of one-time revenues and federal stimulus funds that have been all used up. >> so that's why that -- the gap that is not here this year grows and grows so rapidly by 1112. >> when you boil down the complexity of government it comes down to a basic question, what do we want as a state and how do we go about paying for i t? >> reporter: and that will be the challenge as will be finding common ground, something that's been elusive in the overdue budgets of the pass. although today both sides of the aisle seemed at least willing to try. >> republicans stand ready to work for democrats to balance the budget responsibility. we cannot loweninger -- longer spend what we don't have. there's no doubt, tough choices lie ahead. >> reporter: conway told jerry brown today everything came here for the bad news and she wanted to make sure they got it. brown said, i thought we gave
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you enough but we do have more. it was very clear that the attendees wanted to make sure they got the governor's ear about their issues before he looks at what will be painful decisions. live in the newsroom, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. helping the homeless. an event going on in san francisco right now to help those in need. plus, steve paulson will be back to tell us how long this rainy weather will last. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, how a woman trying to fix a routine problem with a car ended up in the hospital. honey...? [ mom yes.
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a dangerous situation in the east bay where a woman was c rushed by her car. the car was propped up so the woman could do some work on the vehicle, when something went terribly wrong. kraig debro joins us now to explain exactly what happened. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. obviously, this has never h appened before. you mentioned the woman had performed this thing before. it happened near lorraine avenue in pittsburg. the woman was in her car with her 12-year-old son when it happened. officials say she believed she
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was performing routine maintenance. his son was in the car at the time. the acura sedan developed a problem. it was a problem familiar with the driver. whenever the car ran over something big, the undercarriage rattled. the woman got out, put wooden blocks on the frame to hold up the car. she then crawled underneath the vehicle. >> there was a low vehicle to the ground to begin with. she jacked it up. the son was in the vehicle s till. she went under the vehicle to attempt to engage this part that was disengaged and the vehicle fell on top of her. >> a good samaritan top -- s topped when they noticed the woman was in trouble. they say that woman used another jack to hike up the acura. police say the weight of the vehicle kept the woman from
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breathing but she was not beat up with chest injuries. this certainly could have been a tragic accident but the woman's conditions suggest it still may be later on today. we just don't know. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 n ews. police are looking for the masked gunmen who robbed the mcdonald's restaurant on san pablo avenue early this morning. investigators say the robber came in the restaurant just before 5:30 and ordered e mployees into a walk-in refrigerator. one of the workers suffered a minor head injury during the robbery. police say the robber left the mcdonald's in such a hurry, he left a trail of cash out the back door into the alley and west on harryson streetson -- harrison street toward the bay. police are searching for other robberies. the two most recent happened at the b.a.r.t. station. the individuals were robbed at gunpoint while getting into
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their cars. last night police say there were six other armed robberies and the victims were often d istracted by cell phones and ipods. we talked to one woman who said she always takes precaution when heading to her car. >> i'm extremely cautious. i'm here at a particular time. my door is always locked. i don't put my club on so i can take off at any time if anyone approaches. >> a community hearing will be held tonight. for details go to our website and look for web links. today's antioch's mayor plans to meet with police and community leaders to discuss a disturbing increase in violent crime in that city. the most recent incident in antioch happened yesterday when police say a woman was dragged to her death. 51-year-old lucio rivera has confessed. so far, antioch has recorded
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ten homicides this year. there were five in 2009. san francisco mayor gavin newsom was on hand to tout the expansion of one of the programs he has begun to help the h omeless. it's called "homeless connect." and it's held every eight weeks at the bill graham auditorium or at golden gate park. this is to make homeless connect a daily op -- daily operation. he also introduced this in the tenderloin. >> i'm very proud of the -- that this is gonna continue. >> the program needs to hire staff for the daily homeless connect operation and finish renovations on the tenderloin site before opening in mid- february. we want to. >> back to our meteorologist, steve paulson. how long is this rain gonna stick around? >> could be friday morning for the north bay.
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right now, it's light. not too much but it's starting to pick up for others. right in between, when you see the green go to yellow, that's a little bit heavier. there are a few breaks in the clouds. actually breaks in the rain, not the clouds. but some of that rain is light. some of it is moderate. sanjose, 56. very mild pattern. november was so called. now we're getting almost tropical feel. this is coming up from the southwest. this is a warmer pattern. warm air holds more moisture. if you can get these steady streams to go and go and go and then the rain gauge will continue to click around. cazadero, gownville will be around an inch. santarosa, .50. napa, .30. around the peninsula, south bay and east bay, it's been .50 or
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.10 or less. i saw about .30 near mount diablo. temperatures, 50s. they started off 50, 51, 52. now they are between 53 and 56. not much warmer than that. maybe slightly for a few down the slay valley. 40s up in the mountains, 5 0s, 60s to 70s. the snow level has gone way up. tahoe and truckee. they are in the 40s. look how this is all taking aim at us. in the next couple of days, it's going to lift, lift, lift. we'll have to deal with some of the valley fog but the coast this weekend could be sunny and very warm. today, cloudy and rainy, heaviest to the north. kind of breezy, mainly in the higher elevations. had some gusts about 30, 35 miles an hour. 50s for your highs today or very, very low 60s.
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sanjose, maybe moffet, naval air station. clouds, rain in the forecast through friday and then we lift it out of here and then we could see some 70s on sunday along the coast which would be beautiful. but inland, really thick fog. everything is set up for it. >> thank you, steve. he was unemployed but not for long. santaclaus has a new gig today. john toomey made international news when he got sacked for h is -- from his job at macy's union square. his firing came after an older couple complained about a joke he had been telling for years. his new job is just up the street, at lefty o'doul's, for twice his pay at macy's and he can tell as many jokes as he wants. a group calmed dick deep sf is making sure there is a toy under the christmas tree for every child. this morning, a group of elfs
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helped pick out presents at target. they will be handed over to the salvation army tonight. fabio has one of those el everybodies picking out -- elves picking out toys for the p rogram. remembering john lennon. he was killed 30 years ago t oday. weight meet a man who was with him and -- we'll meet a man who was with limb and yoko ono that day.
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stocks are still pretty f lat. there's been mixed reaction to the news, the president has reached an agreement on republicans about extending the tax cuts. good news for consumers. bad news for the deficit. the dow is down 3, 11,355. nasdaq up 7. s&p is up 2 poi 5. ever get a gift card to one store and wish you coo use it at another store? now there might be an answer. a number of websites have sprung up where people can sell u nwanted gift cards for 80% or 90% of the value and buy new o nes. it's estimated consumers will buy $25 billion worth of gift cards this season. last year almost $6 well in -- $ 6 billion in gift yards went u nused. a new study suggests the cash you may be carrying if your wallet may be contaminated. researchers say it's because of
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the chemical bisphenol-a. bp is -- bpa is what -- is what it is called. within the past 90 minutes, a space capsule splashed down to the pacific ocean 500 miles west of the u.s./mexico border. it could signal the future of american spaceflight. about three hours earlier, a private company, space-x l aunched the unmanned rocket as part of a test. one of several private companies nasa is considering to haul supplies to the international space station after the program ends. this represents nasa's efforts to privatize some major portions of its space programs. fans of the late john lennon are celebrating his wife on t his, the 30th anniversary
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of his death. in new york central park, they are coming by the hundreds to visit strawberry fields, which is a garden there dedicated in his honor. a bay area disk jockey was with john lennon. he was to interview the couple just hours before the singer was killed. we spoke to him today. >> we spent approximately three and a half hours with john and yoko in an incredible interview and came back to san francisco the same night and landed and found out that he was shot and killed. and that was about the time frame. about five hours after -- after we left him. >> he says when he first arrived back in san francisco he could not understand why the radio stations were playing non- stop beatle music. then he heard the news the. coming up on the news at 5:00, wickileaks is now taking center stage. the berkeley city council is
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notorious for taking ong controversial national issues. now the council is considering a resolution in support of an army private accused of giving wikileaks a video documenting a military attack that killed iraqi civilians. that story starts at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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