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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 9, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, december 9th. there's some light rain this morning. streets are still wet and there's also fog. >> tori, that's correct. dave, good morning, everyone. we do have some rain. more of it is beginning to move back in. there's fog. there will be a lot of fog into the forecast, not only today but how that impacts the weekend. we'll have that coming up a little later. >> thank you, steve. 7:01.
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delay, complications and cost increases, words that have been associated with the bay bridge project. but that's not the case this morning. the new span could open sooner than expected. jade hernandez just spoke with caltrans. >> reporter: caltrans has a plan in place to alert drivers about what this means for commuters at the first of the year. the new east span of the bay bridge is expected to open four to six months early. initially they thought it would be finished 2010. now it's 2013. steel deliveries have arrived on time from china or ahead of schedule and the single tower
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to support the suspension span will be up. if all goes as scheduled, the steel should go up before christmas. so what caltrans engineers have done is found a way to open the entire bridge in east and westbound directions at the same time. in order to do that, caltrans has had to orchestrate a complicated series of maneuvers and traffic changes. >> basically, what we're doing, we're moving all of the approach traffic on the oakland drive to the south so we can accommodate construction work to ali us to open up the bridge at one time. >> reporter: cost of the changes is unknown but should not use more than the contingency plan. and i asked bart ney, the s pokesman, why the aim to open the bridge earlier? and he said earthquake safety was a top priority. he will join us live on
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"mornings on 2." so stay tuned for our next live report. reporting live from the bay bridge toll plaza, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. some encouraging news about unemployment with new government reports soing applications f or -- showing applications for jobless benefits dropping for the second lowest time. this is consideringed a sign that -- considered a sign that companies are not letting go of a lot of plea dan -- employees. now, unemployment benefits are due to run out. congress is considering
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extending them. payment could be made retroactive if the agreement is not reached this week. a little boy remains in critical condition after a terrifying accident at the hyatt regency in san francisco. the tragedy has investigators looking for answers. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from san francisco to tell us what is gonna happen in a few hours. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. hotel officials just told us that they are waiting to hear good news from the hospital. they are very concerned about a toddler who fell into a fountain located in the lobby inside of the hyatt regency hotel. you can see behind me on the embarcadero. he's listed in serious c ondition. we should be receiving an update later today regarding his exact condition. the mother of twins along with mer nanny wandered into the hotel to escape the rain and to look at holiday displays. police say surveillance video shows she had both children in
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her arms when the boy broke free an ran off. it took ten minutes to find the 18-month-old. he was discovered in about 30 much inches of water in the trough section of the fountain. >> a wall that's probably 2 feet tall with an endless fountain going behind it. if a small child were to lien in there and fall in, they would be behind the endless fountains. so you wouldn't see them behind the wall of water. that's why it took so long to find him. >> reporter: officers and paramedics tried to revive the boy but but were unsuccessful. he was rushed to the hospital and is fighting for his life at ucsf medical center. now, hyatt's top brass will be meeting with police to see if any action needs to be taken with this fountain. have never had any problems with it. but they want to strike a
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balance with allowing access to the hotel but they want to sty safe. back to you. >> thank you. a horrible crash left a driver dead, that happened shortly after 3::00 near the llewelyn boulevard exit. a woman's car became disabled after a spinout. she apparently got out of the car and that's when she was hit by another vehicle. she died at the scene. the chp talked about the safest thing to do if your car becomes stuck on the freeway. what do you tell people about -- you know, when they are involved in a stall or accident in the middle of the roadway? >> to stay within their vehicle where it's safe. if they can move the -- if they cannot move the vehicle out of the roadway. >> everything is moving well fine there. but we want to check in with sal for an update on what's h
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appening in contra costa c ounty. >> that's, right tori. we're hearing that muni has a delay in san francisco. so we'll talk about that. but we are starting with contra costa county this time and we're gonna look at highway 4. it's slow. yesterday when we -- yesterday when we circled this it was all red. word of an accident came in on 242. this is the san mateo bridge. some of that fog is going to be troublesome for drivers on bay area bridges. it's strange. sometimes the fog moves around. you could be driving in an area that's not foggy just to be basically driving into a cloud in another spot. just be careful out there. when you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like the fog is lifting. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we're in the fog.
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but yesterday's rain was much needed. we get these little systems coming in. about.25, .50. we need a good soaker. that's what many had yesterday. the problem is the air is saturated. so the fog is going to be an issue today and into the weekend as well. so some light rain, again, nothing too heavy. but steady amounts could accumulate when you -- where you see the areas in yellow. could be moderate, compared to yesterday, same thing. the ground, though, it dries out pretty quick. we need the rain to soak things in. that's what's happening yesterday and a little bit today. there is a light at the end of the tunnel that would be for tomorrow. high pressure is getting here. but it will take another day. mill valley had 1.25. sanfrancisco, officially 1.42. michael, our observerrer, had
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1.97. after that, it tails off a little bit. sanjose, only .15. i snow palo alto had .30. foggy, cloudy, mostly cloudy, light rain continues. very mild conditions. we're sitting in the mid-50s. high of 58. there might be a moment or two so some sun but there is a lot of cloud cover and fog. 50s and one 60. that was san jose. i did go 63 there today. we're starting off 53 to 57. the city is at 56. 40s in the mountains. 50 in reno. the snow level has gone up. the keys, other observer, c hecked in, snow, not rain. you can see where the moisture is coming from. the jet stream is moving north.
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rain, mainly to the north. lighter amounts to the south, but a lot of low clouds and fog to deal with. 50s and 60s. foggy conditions will continue, then really pop you on -- pop up on the weekend away from the coast. 50s to near 70. tori, dave? >> thank you, steve. the chief barrier that's preventing democrats from supporting the president's tax cut compromise with republicans and the top economic adviser's dire prediction if this is not passed.
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good morning. right now traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. they've issued a fog advisory within the last hour for heavy fog on the bridge. so be careful there. also foggy on some of the other bay area bridges. we'll have another traffic u pdate in just moments. 7:13. the stakes are getting higher by the minute in washington as congress tackles your taxes. as alison burns reports, there is a new warning from the white house about the possible risk of another recession. allisonson, good morning -- alison, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. the president's top economic adviser is sounding this alarm basically saying if congress's
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skeptical come around, this could materially increase the risk the economy could spell out and we could have a double dip. >> you've just had economists over the last 24, 48 hours examine this and say this is going to boost the economy. it's going to grow the economy. it's going to increase the likelihood that we can drive dune the -- that we can drive down the unemployment rate. >> reporter: there's talk that president obama will be coming here tomorrow to personally put the pressure on democrats. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 7:15. well, healthcare rates are about to go up again for many californians. according to "the chronicle" it's all because of insurers, including blueshield of california, are increasing the rates january 1st to reflect
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the changes mandated in the new healthcare reform laws. this includes lifetime coverage caps and allowing children to stay on policies until the age of 26. consumer groups are calling into more oversight into how much these rate hikes are needed. 7:15. the senate is expected to vote today on the dream act after the house passed the legislation last night. >> the yeas are 16. the nays are 198. [ cheers ] >> it's adopted! >> the measure is aimed at u ndocumented immigrants who came too the u.s. before age 16. they could gain legal status if they join the military or go to college. but political observers say it's unlikely democrats will get the 60 votes needed to add vance the bill in the -- advance the bill in the senate. on social networking sites, like facebook, schools are s
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aying students should be c areful if they plan to seek government jobs that require a security clearance. experts say in the eyes of the federal governmentthe documents released by wikileaks remain classified. and we have some developing news overseas right now. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of london ahead of the vote by the british pairliment to -- parly minute -- parliament. you can see some of the protesters moving around and we're hear everything the vote could be taken within the hour. there have been weeks of nation wide votes. the government is considering raising tuition from $5,000 to $ 14,000. and they say it's needed to deal with their record-budget d eficit.
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back here at home in san pablo, teachers and students are hoping for a $300,,000 donation to keep their school from being closed. >> save our school! save our school! >> now, this elementary school is expected to close down in june, displacing about 450 students. over the past two years, contributions from the city of san pablo have kept the school operating. however, the city's mayor says it can't do that any longer. >> there's no way you can close the school. there's no way. >> that's like ripping the heart out of a community. >> well, the school board says without the -- without the help of the city the school will close as planned in six months. tonight, the san jose u nified school board will consider slashing the funding for adult education. mercury news reports the money saved would shift to boosting academic performance among k through 12 students. the paper says the district is
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considering creating a middle school academy. they would restore summer school and bring back five days of construction. in order to do that, funding for adult education would have to be cut by two-thirds, or $ 3.5 million. technology jobs took a big hit last year. a new report shows the number of tech jobs fell in 53 out of 60 major u.s. cities in 2009. newyork had the most tech jobs followed by washington and the san jose silicon valley area. the highest salaries were in the silicon valley with the average pay of just over $132,000 a y ear. we're learning that 8% of all adults on the internet use twitter. research says about 36% of t witter users are so hooked,
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they check for new tweets several times a day. 41% say they check for them infrequently or never. i think i tweeted like three times -- >> i never tweeted. [ laughter ] >> i'm in the never category. a northern california teenager ends up behind bars after a bizarre attack. investigators say the weapon was spinach. also, a plan to protect the privacy of drivers is moving onto the fastrack. northbound 280 traffic is moving along pretty well getting up to highway 17 until you reach that area, you will see major slowing but no crashes. we'll tell you more about the south bay commute -- just ahead.
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police are deciding whether
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to arrest three others involved in a car -- in the car full of teens who ordered spinach from a boston market and then threw it in the server's face. the server suffered burns. one person has died after b eing hit by a caltrain in san mateo. this happened yesterday afternoon. this is the 11th death on the caltrain tracks this year. a spokesperson said they are in the process of improving p reventing these deaths in the future. oakland police say a bicyclist hit by a truck was riding his bike the wrong way on a one-way street. it happened near lakeside drive and 19th right near lake
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merritt. the fire department says the bicyclist suffered head injuries and was taken to highland hospital. his condition is not known. 7:23. some important privacy changes are about to take effect for the bay area's estimated 1 million fastrack users. several safeguards begin j anuary 1st. they are designed to ensure that the private information remains private. drivers who have been cited for fastrack must provide a credit card number, e-mail address and phone number. let's czech in with sal and s ee -- let's check in with sal and see if that's something that is needed by drivers. >> i don't think cass track will give you too much add a dvantage --ed a yang.
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this morning's commute w estbound -- add advantage. this morning's commute is backed up. it's also foggy on the san mateo bridge getting across the san mateo. burlingame, highway 101 looking pretty good. a little bit of slow traffic on highway 101. they've issued a fog advisory for san mateo economy. if you are driving on the n imitz, it's slow. we don't have any major accidents in union city. let's go to steve. we have a little band moving through right now. it's kind of a foggy, misty drizzly pattern. you can see how this is just draped over us from santa rosa all the way to san jose. underneath that bail of green will be kind of a yucky day. yeah. yucky. meteorological term. there is a tail end of the fog bank that will start to lift out of here. boulder creekic ped up the most
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totals -- creek picked up the most totals. >> we're sitting at 57 in san jose right now. i think san jose's state meet reggie department is -- meteorology department is 53. very foggy, cloudy, rain, light rain, mist, drizzle. mild temperatures, 50s to low 60s. i went warm down there. but it's already warm to find of nuggy. fog, sun, mild. inland areas there will be fog advisories. the coast, upper 60s to near 70 by sunday. 7:26. this morning a little boy is still in critical condition after a terrifying accident that happened at the hyatt regency in san francisco. now we know why the child's family decided to go inside the
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hotel. what's gonna happen to these california sea lions today that will have them home for the holidays?
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good morning. it's very foggy, to the point authorities have issued fog advisories superior san mateo county and the bay bridge. we're looking at a live picture of the san mateo bridge and also foggy there, as can see. we will have another traffic u pdate and weather update in a few minutes. a toddler remains in critical condition after falling into the famous fountain at the hyatt regency in san francisco. tara moriarty joins us live. you found out why the toddler's family went inside the hotel in the first place yesterday afternoon, right? >> yes. it was because of the wet weather. they were trying to get out of the rain. as far fas what's going to happen here -- as far as what's going to happen this morning, police will sit down and discuss this incident. this hotel is located inside the lobby. police as well as the hyatt will be weighing their options about whether the fountain
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should stay here or go. here are some still photos of the fountain, from street level inside the lobby. yesterday afternoon, the mother of twins, along with her nanny wandered into the hotel to escape the rain and look at the holiday display. police say surveillance video show she had both children in her arms when the boy ran off. >> everybody started to scream. the employees started to look for him. >> reporter: it took ten minutes to find that 18-month- old. he was in about 30 inches of water in the trough section of the fountain. officers and paramedics tried to revive him but were u nsuccessful. he was rushed to the hospital where he's in serious condition. the other parents that ktvu spoke to said you almost have to keep your kids on a leash especially during the holiday season. >> it's really inviting. she thought it was just plastic. we thought it was just a covered thing and we had to --
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you have to really look at it to realize it's water. >> reporter: hotel officials say they are anxious to hear about the boy's condition. it should be updated later this morning. they are hoping, obviously, it's good news. again, hyatt officials say there's not been an accident with this particular fountain in 37 years. so they are all shaken up by it. no one is being allowed inside of the lobby unless you are a registered guest with the hotel. we tried this morning. we were turn away. they said the media is not a llowed inside. no word on whether that policy will change after this morning's meeting. we're live in san francisco, tear ha -- tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a 3-month-old solano county boy killed while in foster care will be laid to rest this weekend. his foster parent is accused of shaking him to death. 53-year-old reginald pleaded not guilty yesterday to a homicide charge. prosecutors say reginald shook the baby to death last week.
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the boy's aunt and uncle say they are trying to get custody of him but claim their case was put on the back burner when the social worker on the case went on vacation. >> we wanted him out of foster care and with family. >> relatives say welfare s ervices put him in foster care shortly after he was born because he tested positive for methamphetamine. 7:42. this morning, police in pittsburgh say a taco pool -- taco bell shooting was a drug deal gone bad. police say when the alleged drug dealers arrived, they climbed into the car with the two young men. one of them demanded the young man's money -- young man's
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money and shot him in the neck. no arrests have been made so f ar. retired teacher is r ecoverying after being burned inside a santa rosa classroom. phyllis was helping with a candle-making project when the wax caught fire. the 61-year-old classroom volunteer was burned on her face and neck. no students were in the classroom at the time. >> she started the fire somehow with the candle wax that i gnited. she realized she needed to r emove it from the classroom and picked it up and tried to take it out the front door. >> a teacher rushed to put ott the flames. the teacher was taken to hospital and has been released. in a couple of hours, three sea lions will be returned to the wild in marin county. kraig debro is live at the marine center in sausalito, where the sea lions have been nursed back to health. >> reporter: good morning, dave. i'm gonna introduce you to them in a second.
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they will be released around 11:00 a.m. this morning the let me introduce you to new friends of mine. this is dovey in the pool. he just jumped in a second ago. he's recovering from a number of injuries. over to the left here, we have taylor's day. he's the one in the back, the light-colored skin, and then second street is the third adult california -- well, they are young. they are not adults quite yet. california sea lions. they were found in monterey county, santa cruz county and along the beach and san mateo county with various injuries. they will be released into the ocean around 11:15 this morning. and they will be going into the water at rodeo beach. one had a flipper trauma and the other two had various injuries, all were malnourished when they were found on the beach. the marine mammal center, they rescue animals all year long. they assist the situation, determine if a rescue is
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needed. now, when we talked to marin mammal communication this morning, he told us that exactly how it works, it's a team e ffort. >> members of the public and citizens will call us to report on an animal that's in need that might look look it's in trouble. so the marin mammal center comes out and rescues these animals, brings them back to the hospital for rehabilitative care. >> now, according to jim, the best thing to do, if you find an injured marine mammal call 4 15-425-seal, and a rapid response team kicks in gear in order to rescue it from the beach that needs it. you are looking at one of the animals that's going back in the ocean today. that's dovey or doovey. not quite sure how to pro dunes
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it. the names comes -- pronounce it. the names come from the people on the beach who name them. coming up in my next report, i'm gonna give you a bird's-eye view of what this place looks like. everything is fenced in. they have solar panels. dwight an improvement over -- quite an improvement over the last time i was here and that's just one of the resources we have here in order to nurse animals back to health. >> it's a wonderful story. i have to say i think the sea lion would be named dobey, from harry potter. >> reporter: i've not seen that movie or read any of those b ooks. so i don't know. i thought it was for dovey phyllis. >> all right. thank you, kraig.
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it is 7:37. as early as next week, the san jose police department could implement a new car towing policy for unlicensed drivers. right now, cars are impounded for 30 kays -- 30 days when an unlicensed driver is pulled over for a minor traffic violation. police will have the option of allowing someone else who is licensed to pick up the car avoiding hefty fines. sanjose's acting police chief says the change will free up r esources. 7:37. a crackdown on cab drivers at san francisco's airport may end up costing passengers more m oney. sfo wants to eliminate a policy that allows cab drivers to leave the airport with the customer and then return within 30 minute and jump right to the front of the taxi line. instead, officials are proposing a minimum cab fare of $17. 17, to deter taxi drivers who try to cheat the system by s peeding back. >> we've had complaints of -- from our passengers about
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reckless driving. citations are going up for them. this is really a safety issue. >> if they change it, i will never come. never, ever! >> well, the united taxicab association wants the airport to adopt a system similar to what they have in new york, based on distance, not the turnaround time. >> we want to check in with sal and we have a fog warning for the bay bridge. is this kind of unusual? >> it is. we don't have is very often. sometimes we have it in the summer. it's unusual for it to be here in the winter. all that means is it will be pretty foggy there. not only at the toll plaza but on the actual span itself, especially on the lower deck. it could make you hard for it to see. pay attention. don't use your high beams. that kind of thing. the backup at the toll plaza is about 20 minutes before you get into san francisco. this is northbound 280 in san jose. it seems to be a little bit wet. as i look at my chp incident log here from the golden gate communications sent earl.
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we don't have a lot going on when it comes to major accidents on the freeway. just have a new accident, southbound 87. on city streets there is a tree down on mclaughlin near dan tal. that tree is blocking one of the lanes. so capital ones like this. mclaughlin runs parallel to 101. it's kind of a busy area. i just got off the phone with san jose police hearing about that. the commute here on 101 is looking good. look at highway 1, not doing very well. it's also very heavy fog r eported. 7:40. let's go to steve. >> a very good morning you but it's a foggy morning. from yesterday's rain and today alight rain drizzle and there is not much in the way of any -- it's very mild. almost tropical like. we have temperatures in the 50s. this pattern has come up from the southwest near the hawaiian
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islands, versus november when everything came right out of the north. yesterday's steady rain was much needed. the ground -- when i go out and walk around and do hikes. i, i know it dries out fast. yesterday's rain will certainly help absorb into the ground and kind of curtail things. foggy, cloudy, light rain, you can see there is a little tail end -- tail end to the cloud cover. it will give us some light rain. i don't think anything to c lose -- close to what we had yesterday. .82. after that, it kind of tails o ff. dublin, napa, .50. sanjose evenly had .15. not much mill. antioch, 526789 we'll go 55. then 58. there might be a moment or two of sun. but temperatures continue near average to slightly above. once we break through this fog bank, it would be warming up
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fast just because we're starting off in the 50s. we'll go 60 walnut creek. upper 50s. santarosa and also santa r osa -- and also san francisco. 39, finally a little -- it's been in the 40s. reno is 50. redding 52. more rain up in redding. 50s and 40s all the way down to southern california. you can see where the moisture source is, right out of the southwest coming up from the hawaiian island. there will still be a ton of fog but the rain line and most of the clouds are moving forth. cloudy, mostly cloudy, rain, light stuff. it could be steady. mild temperatures, 50s and low mid-50s more likely form. fog advisories they will be out. inland areas will have to deal with fog and cool temperatures by the coast.
7:43 am
sunny, mostly sunny and warm. >> thank you, steve. 7:42. destroying a so-called bomb factory. that's what's happening in about 90 minutes in a san diego neighborhood. we'll have a live report to learn how crews are p rotecting -- protecting the names. lebron james and the miami heat take on the warriors tomorrow. he will be filming today even though he won't actually be h ere.
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this is developing news in
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london, where police -- where police in helmet are keying order where there is a protest going on for tuition hikes. police with batons brought order to those -- to some. you can see the folks in the bright yellow, those are police, who are trying to keep a barrier to keep the peace. the proposal could be voted on today. it would raise tuition from the equivalent of about $5,000 to $ 14,000. a lot of british are saying that americans -- what americans don't understand, unlike here in american, over there, there are nowhere near the number of grants, scholarships or loans available for university s tudents. it's something they are fighting
7:47 am
for. this is creating a big issue for the new coalition government for england. so we're gonna continue to follow this and keep you posted on any new developments as they happen in london. 7:46. the young founder of facebook is following the lead of several other billionaires. mark zuker burg is pledging t o -- mark zuckerberg is p ledging do -- to make a donation. he has an estimated wealth of nearly $7 billion. he's one of 17 other b illionaires joining the humanitarian effort by bill and melinda gates. lebron james is in the bay area. his heat are taking on the warriors at the oracle arena
7:48 am
tomorrow. this afternoon, a commercial will be shot in san francisco that will feature the nba star but he won't be there. a james look-alike will do the stunts at joe dimaggio park. signs of a growing business in the east bay, panera breads plans to build a new store in emeryville. tonight, they go before the commission about building a new building at 40th and horton street. right now, it's a parking lott for the east bay bridge parking center. target may be seeing more holiday shoppers than walmart. a new customer survey found target's shopping levels rose last year while walmart's d ropped. the news comes after targeted
7:49 am
reported higher-than-expected november sales figures last week. walmart does not report monthly sales figures. some vallejo parents are threatening a legal battle over a controversial anti-bullying curriculum. they say they want the choice to opt out. >> my right as a parent is being taken away. you are gonna force this on my kids. >> last night the school board got an earful from angry parents about the respect for all program. it teaches about sexual orientation and alternative families. some parents voiced support for the videos. >> teenagers, gay teenagers, committing suicide. why? because had this education was not there. >> the films were adopted as part of the settlement agreement with the former student who claimed anti-gay harassment while attending her vallejo high school.
7:50 am
we've posted links to those tolerance videos on our website. to watch them, go to and look under the "right now" section. 7:49. a 21-year-old man is facing the possibility of life in prison. he's accused of trying to blow up a military recruiting center in maryland. antonio martinez was the target of an fbi sting. he's described as a recent convert to islam, intend on jihad -- intent on jihad. the fbi was tipped off to his plans by an informant. yesterday morning, the other day when he tried to detonate it, he was arrested. the fbi denies claims of ep t rapment. they say martinez was actively planning that attack. >> the defendant approached three other people and asked them to participate in his scheme, all three turned them down. one of them actively tried to talk the defendant out of p ursuing his plan. >> last month, the fbi ran a similar sting against a man in
7:51 am
portland, oregon. he was accused of trying to detonate a bomb at a christmas tree lighting. reportedly, martinez was c oncerned that he, too, was b eing set up but decided to go ahead with the plot. a -- a san diego home described by authorities as a bomb factory is scheduled to be destroyed. matt johnson is in escondido where some people who live nearby have been asked to leave. good morning, matt. >> reporter: they are very frightened. good morning,er tory. right now, the plan is at 10:00, 11:00 to burn down this b omb-making building. can see the names. that's about two houses away from this very dangerous situation this morning. remember, inside the home that they plan to -- inside the home they planned to burn down they found grenades and several jars of a very volatile chemical
7:52 am
used by terrorists. authorities say george was making the material inside his home. i have a public information officer with me. jan caldwell. what's the latest? >> right now there's been a tee lay due to the inversion layer. our bomb units are making final preparations. they should start jelling that probably -- probably the wall next door probably in an hour. >> reporter: so the big concern is there -- is whether there will be an explosion. >> that's fight. the best way i can describe it, if you go back to the western movies and he puts down a bag of gun powder. and he lights the end of the
7:53 am
powder and it doesn't explode. that happens in real life. it burns all the way down and gets to the tightly-parked explosives and that explodes. that's because the gases have room to expand in the gun p owder. we are having the -- vent holes cut into the roof. the doors, the windows open and powder that is in the jars and the plastic containers. the vessels that hold that will fail. so the gases will have room to expand. we'll hear some pops but no explosions. >> reporter: thank you for t alking to us this morning. that's what we'll see or are expecting to see right into i s -- right now is what will appear to be a regular house fire. about two dozen homes have been evacuated. 200 have been evacuated.
7:54 am
others have been told to shelter in place. when this does happen, part of the 15 freeway will be shut d own. this particular property backs up to the freeway and they don't want any potential of anything flying into the freeway and creating some sort of an accident. our next time that we may see the house burn to the ground is at 10:00. and that is if weather permits. they don't want the gases to be released up into the atmosphere and be trapped in the inversion layer. back to you. we'll have a check on weather and traffic -- next on "mornings on 2." stay with us.
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it's 7:56. let's check in with sal. >> highway 4 is very slow coming up from antioch to concord. look at 680.
7:57 am
the road sensor is pentagonning up a lot of slow traffic heading to walnut creek and coming up we'll tell you about the bay bridge fog alert and the rest of the morning commute. >> let's go to steve. >> a lot of fog out there. upper 50s for some already. a little bit of sun. we would see some 60s. mist, drizzle, fog. temperatures, 50s today. as weigh head towards tomorrow. but today still some lingering light rain. word today about the opening of the new span of the bay bridge. but changes are in store for you drivers. jade hernandez will explain. the chp has an important safety warning after a woman makes a fatal mistake overnight. and what will happen to californians who get u nemployment benefits if something isn't done by s aturday?
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's thursday, december 9th. there's some light rain this morning but the big story is the thick fog. let's check in with steve. >> all right. we do have some but nothing compared to yesterday. these littlened abouts are tough to move out. we had one in the north bay, kind of tough to get out. drizzle, light rain. presentty of -- plenty of fog. the fog will the issue as we go to the weekend and we'll have that forecast coming up later.
8:01 am
here's sal. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. it's slow there. one of the reasons it may be extra slow is because of fog and the authorities have issued a fog advisory for traffic on the bridge. caltrans just told us the new span of the bay bridge could open up sooner than expected. jade hernandez has moved to a new location in oakland and she will better show us the road changes you drivers can see this spring. >> reporter: good morning. we're live on the portion of the east span of the bay bridge. it's amazing. you can actually see where work has stopped right here. crews can't work any further. they can't build any further because once they start the next phase of the project, they
8:02 am
need to push past this bridge right hee. you can see eastbound and westbound traffic right here. this new phase will allow caltrans to open the east span earlier than expected, four to six months to be exact. joining me no -- joining me now is bart ney. thank you for joining us. what is going to be hagch hag. >> we're going to be coming in 2011 to explain all of this, with new graphics. but we found a way, the new n ews, to open the bridge early. >> reporter: tell me why now, why try to push to get this project ahead of schedule? >> well, the bay bridge is one of the most complex engineering projects in american history. we built in early on opportunities for us to make decisions along the way to improve it and try to bring it in faster. >> you also added some i ncentives to get some of the
8:03 am
seal transported and m anufactured to the states here ahead of time. >> right. that's happening. you will see next week and we'll start to work on the next lift. so you have to have -- you have to have the whole bridge open to be able to open it up. this is where the next challenge is. i want to bring folks out live here. you can explain -- you can see westbound and eastbound traffic here. explain to us what caltrans has to do so drivers can get from point a to point b? >> well, first off, this view is coming from lane 2 on the new bridge. you can see that we've had to stop work here in order to build the rest of this bridge, we have to move both eastbound and westbound traffic to the south. get it out of the way so we can complete this alignment. what we'll be doing about midyear is move moving the eastbound section and moving it all the way south. >> and by south, we can see there's trees and electrical
8:04 am
buildings here. you are gonna move traffic all the way to that end? >> actually. it will be snugged up as far as we can get it over there. that will allow us to add on to this incline. the incline that you are heading up to the bay bridge. we're gonna widen it in -- widen it and move it to the south. by the end of the year. we'll shift traffic onto that. >> you are gonna shift traffic and then you told me you are gonna tear down part of that westbound span. >> right. we're gonna surgically remove that and open this up so becan put a construction crew in between the bridges and finish this alignment. work should be complete four to six months earlier. thank you for joining us. that's an amazing project. it's a lot for drivers and commuters to wrap their heads around. but caltrans has a plan in p lace. around january or february, they are gonna come up with a big plan to hit drivers and commuters hard so they understand the changes that
8:05 am
will be coming to them this spring. four minutes after 8:00. new claims for unemployment benefits continue to inch lower. the u.s. labor department says first-time claims for jobless benefits fell by 17,000 to a seasonally adjusted 421,000 last week. that's considered the sign that companies are -- that's c onsidered a sign that companies are cutting fewer jobs and r aising hopes that they will start hiring people soon. a crucial deadline comes this saturday. that's because if unemployment benefits are not extended between now and then, they will return out for 185,000 people here. congress is considering extending the benefits and payments could be paid retroactively if an agreement is not reached by week's end. the benefits are tied to the possible tax cut extensions that are still being debated. this morning a little boy is still in critical condition
8:06 am
after a terrifying accident at the hyatt regency low tell in san francisco. all of this has investigators looking for answers. tara moriarty joining us live to tell us what's going to happen this morning. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning, dave. you know, staff and employees are supposed to meet this morning to talk about this accident and figure out if they have to change any protocol with regard to the fountain. as of last night, what we know about the little boy, he was not breathing on his own. his condition should be updated later this morning. so we will bring that to you. here's what happened. yesterday afternoon, a mother, her twin toddlers and their nanny wandered into the lobby here at the hyatt regency. they ent went inside in order to escape the rain and check out the holiday displays. here is a still photo of the fountain now surrounded by holiday decorations.
8:07 am
the mother was carrying both children in her arms when the boy broke free and ran off. now, the mother immediately y elled for help. ten minutes later a hotel worker found the 18-month-old lying in 30 inches of water at the found dawn -- fountain. >> a wall that's probably 2 feet tall with an endless fountain going behind it. if a small child were to lean in or go in, they would be behind. that's why it took so long to find them. >> reporter: both officers and paramedics tries to revive the boy but were unsuccessful. he was rushed to the hospital and is now in serious condition at ucsf medical center. in speaking with hotel officials this morning they say they can't remember anything like that happening. as of now, no one is being a
8:08 am
llowed inside the lobby unless you are a registered guest. have you to show your card to get in. that protocol may change d epending upon the outcome of this morning's -- this morning's meeting. back to you. >> thank you. traffic is moving again on southbound interstate 880 f ollowing a horrible crash that followed a driver. it happened shortly after 3:00 this morning near the llewelyn boulevard exist. the chp says a woman's car became disabled. she got out of the vehicle and was hit by another vehicle. she died at the scene. the chp talks about the safest thing to do if your car becomes stuck on freeway. >> reporter: what do you tell people when they are involved in a stall or an accident in the middle of the roadway? >> stay in the vehicle. if they can, move the vehicle out of the roadway. >> several lanes of 880 were closed for about two hours. they've since reopened and
8:09 am
right now traffic conditions are okay. behave to go to sal. there is a rockslide in santa cruz mountains. what's happening? >> it's on skyline. highway 17 is its own problem. we have an accident on 17. this is on a map on highway 17 at the laurel curve 17 southbound at laurel curve. watch for slow traffic that he. the rockslide is on skyline which a lot of people use to a side 17. skyline road at black road. let's take a look at the c ommute. look at hayward and union city. speeds are down to about 15 miles an hour at 92. a lot of slow traffic.
8:10 am
we do have a lot of fog. also some light rain continues now. moffet naval air station. hayward, light rain. this little bond is moving south. a lot of fog. there's a -- there's so much fog in the air. by tomorrow, everything will start to lift out of our area.
8:11 am
actually kind of warm conditions in san jose. very mild. the coolest san rafael. they've all been at that temperature for three or four hours. rain fell at lake level at the keys and 50s all the way down to southern california. can you see the source in the clouds. they are streaming up from -- well, the hawaiian islands.
8:12 am
50s and of os for your temperatures. tomorrow, even warmer. in fact, by the coast on saturday and sunday, near 70 degrees but inland, we could have some very thick fog. the obama administration has a dire warning for democrats if they don't go along with the president's compromise with republicans on expiring tax c uts.
8:13 am
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time now 8:15. we're following developing news in thorning. thousands of -- this morning. thousands of demonstrators and
8:16 am
protest remembers protesters are in the streets of london. look at all of the people that are filling the streets right now. there have been weeks and weeks of nationwide demonstrations over this issue of possibly tripling the university fees there. the students have been very vocal and demonstrative. a big vote is taking place t oday. we'll keep an eye on what is happening in london and bring you the key tails -- bring you the details. the white house is issuing a dire warning for the economy is congress doesn't pass the president's plan to extend the bush-era tax cuts for all mornings. it's the latest high pressure tactic to try to sway skeptical
8:17 am
democrats. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to y ou, tori. in just the last hour, in a m eeting at the white house, president obama laid out the clear choice. he says move the economy forward by supporting deal on tax cuts. move the economy backward by opposing it. this is a message that we've ward from his top economic advisers who made a real eye opening statement. larry summers said it would materially increase the risk. president obama is running into some roadblocks trying to convince democrats who do not want to extend the tax cuts to the rich.
8:18 am
>> it's inaccurate to portray them this way. i think they are looking at the bill and a large number have said this makes sense. >> but some have sent a memo to nancy pelosi saying they oppose this deal. reporting live in washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 8:17. healthcare reports are about to go up -- are about to go up again. aid cording to "the chronic cal" it's because of some changes, changes that include the elimination of lifetime caps. consume irgroups are calling for more oversight into how much of these latest rate increases are needed. your time now, 8:18. the u.s. senate may vote today on the dream act after the
8:19 am
house passed it last night. >> the yeas are 216. the nays are 198. it's adopted! >> now, the treatment act is aimed at -- dream act is aimed at undocumented immigrants who came here to the u.s. before 16. they can gain legal status if they join the military or go to college. universities are telling students they better think twice before commenting on or even posting links to wikileaks on social networking sites like facebook. students should be very careful this they -- if they plan to seek a government job that requires a security clearance. the expert say in the eyes of the federal government, the documents released by wikileaks remain classified. 8:19.
8:20 am
in san pablo, teachers and students are hoping for a $ 300,000 donation to keep their school from being closed. >> save our school! save our school! >> lake elementary is expected to close in june displacing 450 students over the past few y ears. contributions have kept the school operating but the city's mayor says they can no longer afford doing that. >> tonight, the san jose unified school board will consider s lashing funding. the district is considering creating a middle school academy restoring summer school and bringing back five days of
8:21 am
instruction. however, to do that, funding for adult education would have to be cut by two-thirds for 3.5 million -- or 3.5 million. technology jobs took a big hit last year. it's a new report out that says the number of tech jobs fell in 53 out of 60 major american cities last year. now, new york had the most tech jobs followed by washington and san jose. the highest salaries were in the silicon valley. average pay just over $132,000 a yee. tech america which paid for this report on stronger math and science programs in the schools combat the drain in the jobs. we're learning that 36% of t witter users are adults and so hooked, they check on new tweets at least several times a day. however, 41% say they check for
8:22 am
tweets infrequently or they never check. twitter users are usually y ounger with 14% between 18 and 29, using twitter. while only 4% of those 65 and older ever tweet. >> amazing how quickly something becomes part of -- >> yeah -- >> society. 1 million people in the bay area use the electronic toll system. plus an emergency on the high seas. a cruise ship gets hit by massive waves. we'll tell you where that ship is headed right now. good morning. there is a crash here at the macarthur maze coming in from the bay bridge. it looks like a non-injury accident but it's blocking one lane. we'll update you on that and the rest of the commute.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
pretty amazing video to show you. a u.s.-operateddant arctic cruise ship -- a u.s. operated washingtonnic is bouncing up an down there. they are moving toward the port about five miles an hour.
8:26 am
well, back here at home, several new safeguards will go into place january 1st, all designed to make sure the private information of you remains private. that includes increase the efforts to security breaches. if you sign up for fastrack, you give up information about your credit card, e-mail address and your phone number, it's r eported. we want to check in with s al. >> we are getting busy now. we just found out about an accident. i want to alert the guys in the control room if they can find this and pull it up for me -- for me, i would appreciate it. first we're gonna go to the macarthur maze. east 80. it's kind of hard to see there. there is a crash on the ramp from east 80 coming out to where the freeway comes out to
8:27 am
-- in front of ikea, a couple of cars got in to it. they are waiting for tow trucks. if you are coming off the bay bridge and you are trying to make that big curve. blocking one of the lanes. this is going to affect 580 because they kind of share l anes. it will be a mess on 580. the fog is lifted from the toll plaza it seems to be b etter. but there's still fog on the bridge. this is a look at the commute here in contra costa county. it's pretty slow still almost everywhere, especially highway 4. if we could bring the san mateo bridge in there is a new crash in reported westbound 92. there it is on the left center divide. they are waiting for emergency vehicles to come. let's go to steve. a lot of fog and it will go into the weekend forecast. the coast looks to be really sunny and warm as we get towards the weekend. today we still have light rain drifting through. this is a much weaker pattern than behad -- than we had
8:28 am
yesterday. the fog is going to play into our forecast, not only today but well into the weekend. the five-day, foggy, rain, m isty, drizzly, and then partly cloudy, partly sunny. warm but very foggy. temperatures near 70 on the coast. 8:27. this morning's weather steve's telling you about, making for some really tough driving in the bay area this morning. we'll have a -- we'll tell you where the dense fog is really causing problems. and why it will be a happy day at the marin mammal center for three sea lions now in captivity. also -- a cabbie crackdown at snow could end up costing you money.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
good morning. we have heavy fog in parts of san francisco and san mateo county. we also have a rockslide in the santa cruz mountains. it's not on 17. it's on skyline road at black road, right around there. a lot of people use skyline road near black to avoid highway 17. this morning there is a r ockslide and a tree down at that location. it may not be a good shortcut this morning. let's go back to the desk. after years of delays, and complicationsings -- and complications, we finally have good news about the bay bridge. caltrans says the new eastern span will open several months
8:32 am
ahead of schedule. lanes in both directions are due to open at the end of 2013 instead of 2014. the caltrans says the new t able -- this will bring changes to commuters. >> in order to do this work we have to move eastbound and westbound traffic to the south. what we're gonna do, sometime between may and june, we'll be rerouting traffic heading into oakland further south, just pushing it over a little bit. >> and we spoke to that caltrans spokes man just a couple of minutes ago -- spokesman just a couple of minutes ago and they are saying the project is mourning ahead without any big problems. this morning, police in pittsburg say a shooting at a taco bell was a drug deal gone
8:33 am
bad. police say this happened around 10:00 last night. police say when the alleged drug drivers arrived, they climbed in the car two with two young men and one of the drug dealers p ulled out a gun, demanding the young man's money and shot him in the neck. the young man shot is being treated at john muir in concord. police have not made any arrests in connection with the shooting. a suspected named gang member -- named in an injunction reports the suspected gang member is one of three men hit in the october 15th shooting. one of them died from his injuries this week and an innocent bystander, carolyn howard, was also killed in the driveby. >> a judge will decide on the oakland city attorney's office request for a gang injunction early next year. this morning, the san quentin inmate accuse -- accused of killing another prisoner is due in court.
8:34 am
frank anthony sousa is expected to enter a plea. he's accused of injuring edward shaffer at san quentin last j uly. shaffer is serving time for a dui crash in novato that killed a 9-year-old girl and maimed her father. sousa is there for killing a homeless man. a walnut creek animal center is trying to determine who is responsible for a horrible act of animal cruelty. somebody severely burned the e ars of a 13-month-old cat. workers at the animal rescue foundation are caring for the pet. she was found in a box at the concord b.a.r.t. station a few days ago. workers have named the cat valentine and hope to find her a home by february. and three sea lions will be returned to the wild in marin county in three hours. kraig debro is live at the marine mammal center in sausalito where they've been nursed back to health. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning,
8:35 am
tori. we were just preparing for our shot here. we're on the second level of the marin mammal center. we wanted to show you what this $32 million facility looks like. about ten years ago, probably less than five, this place l ooked nothing like this. there were a couple of outside pools. you see people are working, volunteers. 900 volunteers, plus staff medicals. they bring in members from mendocino, that's 600 miles. today, three sea lions are gonna go back in the ocean and be home for the holidays. on that same day, the same day this happy occasion is taking place, look at this over here, volunteers brought in this adult male off the coast of sausalito last night -- last night -- if you can see the wounds, they are consistent with being fired upon by a shot gun. in less than three hours from now, doneby, taylor and second street will go home. they are gonna be released back
8:36 am
in the ocean after recovering from their wounds. the vet here says their help or lack of it can tell us a lot about our health. >> these animals are really sent nells. we share their habitat by living on the coastline here in california and when they come to us with these problems, that's an indication that they picked it up in their environment. and many of these things can potentially infect people. >> now, i want to introduce you to these animals. over here is dobby. the male is in the pen by i tself. and then taylor's day and second street are over here but
8:37 am
they kept switching order on mel -- okay. the lighter-colored one is taylor's day. second street is the one they just got into the pool there. they will be released in less than three hours from now. now, this saturday by the way, if you are interested in getting involved in being here, i find it hard not to be here -- they are gonna have an open house called home for the holidays at the marin mammal center. the event is gonna be held from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. you learn a lot about the animals. near is a film. there is a tour that cost between $5 and $7. but this play has -- this place has grown by leaps and mammals. 35 years in all. later on today, three more go back into the wild. reporting live in sausalito. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 n ews. >> thank you. our time 8:37. well, a crackdown on cabdrivers at san francisco's airport may end up costing passengers more money. sfo wants to eliminate a policy
8:38 am
that allows cabdrivers to leave the airport with the customer and come back within 30 minutes and jump right to the front of the taxi line. instead officials are now proposing a minimum cab fare of $17 to deter taxi drivers who tried to cheat the system by speeding back. >> we've had complaints of more passengers about reckless driving, of citations going up for some of the cabdrivers. this is a safety issue. >> if they clang it, i will never come. never, ever. >> the united taxicab association wants the airport to adopt the system like they have in new york, based on distance, not the turnaround time. >> let's check in with sal. you are hearing about a new crash in hayward, sal. >> that's trite. a new one, 880 southbound at tennyson road. just came in. chp is reporting it as an
8:39 am
injury accident. the bay bridge westbound is gonna be slow, about a 15, 2 0- minute delay. the fog is lifted. nothing out of the ordinary on the bridge. you will be waiting at the toll plaza for a bit. this morning, san jose on the left, southbound 280, you can see the headlights coming down toward 101, pretty slow as drive there. northbound 280 is not doing that poorly getting out of downtown san jose. livermore! westbound 580 looks like we may have something line pooor there on 580 westbound in dublin. a minor crash. but for the most part we've had not a lot of traffic going into castro valley, slow in san mateo and a lot of fog in san mateo county. >> we have a lot of fog. there are clouds, mostly cloudy, cloudy, light rain. a couple .10 has fallen. nothing compared to what we had yesterday as far as amounts go.
8:40 am
still some light rain. there goes one, it started in the north bay and now down the peninsula, down to san jose, some very light rain. it's mild. sanjose sitting at 58 degrees and a lot of 50s. if we can just get in on a little bit sunshine. some of the rain's pretty good. we needed one of the systems to come in. even though we had rain in november. it's about .25, .50. yesterday was a good rape. over an inch for mill valley. sfo had 82 -- had .82. sanjose only .15. blossom hill, .48. blatche . foggy, cloudy, to mostly cloudy. up ir50s, low 60s. antioch, our target forecast today, started off at 52. we'll go for a high of 58.
8:41 am
when the fog sets in in this type of pattern, it's hard to budge out of there. 53 to 58 in san jose. so very tropical feel. this moisture is coming up from the southwest compared to november when it came right down out of the north. 37 tahoe. 50s from eureka all the way down to san diego. there is not much of a difference in the temperatures. this part of the system coming up from the hawaiian islands. still one more day, kind of a cloudy, mostly cloudy day. some occasional light rain -- light rain. near 70 degrees at the coast on sunday. the clock is sicking -- t
8:42 am
icking right now for wesley snipes to turn himself in. he has until 9:00 a.m. our time. that's not long to report to prison, start serving a t hree- year prison. wesley snipes was convicted in 2008 of failing to file tax returns. he is gonna serve his sentence at a minimal security institution in pennsylvania. the legendary singer jim morrison of "the doors" will get a posthumous pardon today in florida. he was convicted of indecent exposure during a show in florida. well, the governor says he has enough votes to approve that pardon. a house packed with explosives will be destroyed today. why employees have pushed back the time that it will burn. lebron james, he's in the bay area.
8:43 am
he will star in a new commercial being filmed in san francisco today but he won't actually be there during film. we'll take you live to san francisco to hear from mayor gavin newsom as he --
8:44 am
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8:46 am
breaking news from washington, d.c. house democrats have just passed a resolution saying they will not vote on the controversial tax package. this is a package that has been in a compromise between president obama and republicans that would extend the bush-era tax cuts to all americans, not just those who are making under $200,000 for individuals and $ 250,000 for families as the democrats have wanted. this has been an ongoing battle, there is a time crunch here because the decision on whether to extend the tax cuts needs to be decided by the end of the year. we'll bring you more information as we get it. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top
8:47 am
stories we're following for you right now. an 18-month-old boy remains in critical condition after a terrifying accident in downtown san francisco. a little boy fell into the lobby fountain at the high just regency hotel -- hyatt regency hotel yesterday afternoon. and protests in london. protesters are angry about the proposal to triple the cost of the university tuition. parliament is set to vote on this this morning. and plans to burn down a house in escondido packed with explosive chemicals have been pushed back by one hour. authorities plan to destroy this house between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. they want to make the sure the weather's right so the winds don't blow smoke over the nearby homes. 8:47. just a few minute ago, ford announced they will hire 1800 workers at a plant in
8:48 am
louisville to build the escape. the automaker says it's i nvesting $600 million. many workers will come from a pool of employees previously laid off. ford plans to shut down the louisville plant for a year, the plant is expected to reopen next year. the young founder of facebook is following the lead of several other billionaire. he's pledging to donate the majority of his wealth to charity. the founder of the palo a lto- based company is only 26 years old. he has an estimated wealth of nearly $7 billion. zukerburg is one of 17 billionaires joining the humanitarian effort launched by warren buffett and bill and medical lib dah gates. he says he -- melinda gates. and lebron james is in the bay area. the heat take on the warriors at the oracle arena tomorrow. this afternoon, sprite will be
8:49 am
featuring a commercial featuring him. but he won't be there. a james look-alike will do the stunt at joe dimaggio beach. well, a san francisco police captain reportedly says many of his officers were reluctant to give tickets out because of proposition b. the "examiner" says the number of citationsish add -- issued by officers in the engel side district dropped 28% in october compared to the year before. proposition b would have r equired city employees to pay more for their health and retirement benefits. by the way, it was rejected by voters. pam? in less than one month, gavin newsom will have a new j ob. so what does he hope to accomplish in his last couple of weeks as san francisco's mayor? let's ask him. mayor newsom is outside of city
8:50 am
hall. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so you have a quite -- you have quite a few things going o n, the project homeless c onnect, there's the local job, people are hoping they are going to sign. what is your number one p riority. at least the happy meal debate is behind us. what's in front of us, includes the following -- most i mportantly, it is to figure out what to do with our budget deficit. it's substantially lower than it has been the last three years. but i want to go away with a package so that the next mayor, the interim mayor, can within quo takes easily -- quotations easily address that. and i want -- we want another pension package in the future. we're working on that. finally, and substantively for me, shutting down the last
8:51 am
remaining power plant in san francisco. if i may, one final one, working on the final details of a lease that will secure the 49ers to play at candlestick for at least five more years. >> i think a lot of people in the city would be happy to hear that for sure. >> yeah. >> who is going to take m other -- take your place? >> i'm looking around. i don't see any suiters right now. people are usually auditioning from me -- around me for the j ob. the board of supervisors will decide. this is the first time we've had a process with the resignation pending. i'm gonna hold on until i figure out who -- who that next mayor is. the people should decide their next mayor, not a politician as a way to advance his or her
8:52 am
career. i'm hoping they put a caretaker on by january 3rd. >> one thing before you go, what would be your little piece of advice -- add vice for w hoever -- advice for whoever takes your place? >> implement the america's cup, up to 9,000 jobs. we'll know next tuesday whether or not this board had the courage to step up and step -- has the courage to step up and step in. i think there will be an announcement shortly thereafter to implement the bid, it will give us a chance to revitalize the port and waterfront. don't be an i doolittle -- don't be an ideologue. no one cares if you are a republican or democrat, they care you get the job done. i learned that the hard way.
8:53 am
that's what i hope people will find. i have great faith about the future of the city. we'll be fine regardless. >> it's a great city. many bay area commuters are literally in the fog this morning. sal will be back. and a couple of hours ago, the guy known as the king of all media made a big announcement about his future.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a 21-year-old man is facing the possibility of life in prison. he's accused of trying to blow up a military recruiting center in maryland. antonio martinez was the target of an fbi sting. he's described as a recent convert to islam intent on j ihad. the fbi was tipped off and provided a fake bomb -- bomb. yesterday when he tried to detonate it, it failed. well, america's best-known shock jock will stay on satellite radio for the next five years. early this morning, howard stern announced he signed a new deal with sirry just radio --
8:57 am
sirry just radio. sirius, radio. the ball will drop in new york on new year's eve and it will have a little something extra inside. yes, snookki from the jersey shore will crawl into the ball. the celebration will be separate from the traditional balldrop, the one that's hosted by dig clark and ryan seacrest. but that one will be memorable. >> it certainly will be. let's check in with sal. still slow in the south bay? >> yes, it is very slow in the south bay. northbound 280, slow traffic as you get up to highway 17. it's a little foggy all over the bay area if you are heading out. sanmateo bridge, fog and also a lot of fog in san mateo county. and the toll plaza, still a big backup but the fog is beginning to lift.
8:58 am
let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, a lot of fog, low clouds. maybe a little mist, light rain, drizzle. we're about done with the rain. but a lot of clouds hanging out. then tomorrow morning will be extremely foggy but then sunny and warmer weather especially on the coast near 70. 49er game could be warmer near than north bay/east bay locations where it will be f oggy. thank you for joining us. we want to take you back to san diego, where a home that's being called a bomb factory about be -- will be destroyed in about an hour. we'll have full coverage coming up at noon. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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