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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 10, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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a suspicious man has prompted a school alert in one bay area city. we're live at the scene with d eday. also, five college students were hurt in an overnight crash. this is in vallejo. investigators say they now know the cause. a former 49 star is going to jail and it has nothing to do with his steroids case. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> >> i'm tori campbell. petaluma police are warning parents to be on alert after a suspicious man was seen
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near an elementary school this morning. a 9 idea girl said she and her brother were walking home yesterday not far from grant. they say the children said that after they got home, they got out of a van and rang the doorbell. the children did not answer the door. the chp is saying a sleepy driver probably caused a very serious rollover accident in vallejo this morning. it happened shortly after 4:00 a.m. on the wilson onramp of westbound 37. the chp is saying five college students were in this toyota corolla when it flip over and
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crashed. traffic is moving well through the area. officers were call to l ockwood street shortly after 9:00 last night. they found a man shot several times in the chest. he died before they could call an ambulance. still not clear what led up to the deadly gunfire. in san francisco this morning, police are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting in the bernal heights neighborhood. it happen last night on alemany boulevard, north of 280. police found the 18-year-old victim. he was pronounced dead at the scene. they say the king may be -- the killing may be gang-related. dana stubblefield is going
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to jail for stealing his girlfriend's mail. the mail included her u nemployment checks. just last year, a judge pleaded stubblefield on investigation after lying to investigators about his steroid use during his playing days. more police will be on alert because more than 100 concerned community robbers voiced their concern. a particular concern is this is not happening late at night but during the dinnertime hours. >> i'm scared to go out right now, especially with my d aughter. when i -- when i know what's b eing done about it, very h adn't -- they haven't seen any
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increasessed police patrols -- increased police patrols. >> a lot of stuff is not always visible. 0 new audit finds the san jose police department force is filled with a large number of high-paying positions. stream lining some of those positions could free up some funds. the findings will be p resented to a city hall committee next thursday.
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they are called short terms. a muni report says they are often used to save traffic jams. >> reporter: kraig, this is the j-nuda. the operators we talked to say it's the supervisor who tells them what to do. they are not making the decision on their own. a published record says hundreds of times a year, muni changes where they are suppose to turn around. >> maybe tree times a week, maybe -- three times a week, four times. >> reporter: this is the practice of ending the line before the end of the line in order to save time. riders use stronger terms to describe it. this morning a muni
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spokesperson said muni chose the j-nuda, m -ocean and l- taraval because leader -- ridership is lower. >> i'm frustrated. it's only a few blocks to take people home. by the time you get home, you are soaked from the rain. >> reporter: sos what on the j -judah is they will tell passengers to get off on sunset. we're at 46th. the line goes to 48th. as you heard mr. mcintyre say, if it's raining or something like that or if you are just tired, it's no fun. we tried to speak to officers. drivers declined an extended discussion because they wanted
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to keep to their schedule. muni told "the examiner" these short turns can put them back on schedule. i had a conversation with mall rosen again and i'm supposed t o -- paul rosen again an i'm supposed to speak with him a gain. 7:06. as you saw behind kraig, a little foggy there. let's check in with sal. >> tori and dave, it does have an impact, the fog, but sometimes we have wider c ommutes. we could use it. highway 4, i think on tuesday, i got the most complaints about this highway tuesday, wednesday. it was also bad. but today is seems a little bit better. it's still slow in antioch. look at the westbound bay b ridge. there is a small accident near the toll plaza but it's lighter than usual and today we could
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surely use it. westbound traffic looks good. on the nimitz freeway, that traffic is moving well. the road sensors are picking up more traffic. westbound 580 is okay through livermore. let's go to steve. before we get started here, had the pleasure of speaking to 7th graders at the palmer school in walnut creek. it was a lot of fun. i want to thank kelsey for setting it up. she watches. her dad knows my dad. >> but maddie was very tough on me. very tough questions. fog, fog, fog. there will be plenty an also some drizzle. it's mild to warm. upper 50s already. so drizzle gives way to partly sunny/mostly cloudy skies. it will be warm along the coast. if inland areas can get the fog to burn off, it will be warm.
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rain, not this weekend, unless you found drizzle. tuesday night into wednesday, it look like the pattern will cool down. high pressure is building in and sending the moisture northward. we still have -- we still have the points north. so some low clouds, fog, mix of clouds. 60s on the temperatures. and a little bit of sun. a little bit could give us upper 60s. half moon bay. 68 to start. we can do a little better than that. for next, we'll go a high of 64 degrees. we'll-- we're getting above average. livermore hand con ordinary are at 59 -- livermore and concord are at 59. there's the 46 in tahoe. 53 eureka to 54 in palm springs. even los angeles and san diego.
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look at the moisture streaming up from the hawaiian islands. a lot of rain embedded with t hat. but it's lifting northward and it's going right towards seattle and portland. if you have travel plans, i've seen projections of about 5 to 7 inches of rain. a low -- a lot of fog. sanjose, 66 and 60s for many. low to mid. but the fog can be very tough to burn off but more follow but it's warmer temperatures into -- fog but it's warmer into sunday. clouding up on tuesday. tori and dave. federal wildlife officials will be joining the investigation in finding the person who shot a sea lie on on sausalito beach. the male was found wednesday night. doctors believe he was shot time that day. his left eye is swollen shot.
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his right eye is gone. the vet says every year he sees at least ten sea lines that are shot. >> there must be a better solution than to -- than this. >> an x-ray of the sea lion's school revealed a number of shot gun pellets in his head. doctors plan to leave him there, see you how the animal heals. any progress in the debate over tax cuts? they expire in three weeks. meanwhile, there is a big pow-wow plan at the white house. the advice the current president will be asking of a rescued didn't on 16th avenue.
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good morning. a lot of low clouds, drizzle. it's cloudy for everyone. there are a few breaks in the clouds the we are looking for temperatures to be in the low to mid-60s. >> it feels balmy out there, steve. thank you. 7:14. this morning a superior court judge in san francisco will decide whether governor schwarzenegger can sell 11 state office buildings to help out with the budget. two former officials filed a lawsuit to block the sale. they argue because courthouses are among the buildings being sold, those sales need approval from the state judicial council. the sale would raise more than a billion dollars to help offset california's budget
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shortfall. 7:14. president obama meets today at the white house with former president bill clinton. recordedly, president obama w ants to hear how mr. clinton handled negotiations with congress after democrats lost control of both the house and senate in his first term. that's similar to the situation president obama will face in january, when the new congress convenes and new republicans will take control of the house. meantime we're getting new details about president obama's tax deal with the republicans. the first vote could come on monday. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a look at what's been agree the upon so far. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning. while house democrats are mounting a revolt against it. senate democrats are finally unveiling a text of the deal. there are extras in it, i ncluding new tax breaks aimed
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at boosting production of b iofuel and energy-efficient cars. house democrats say there are simply too many giveaways for the rich. but president obama is standing behind the bill. >> if one side takes out what they don't like, and the other side takes out what they don't like, we're gonna have that. and that, a blank piece of p aper, is not gonna prevent middle-class tax cuts from going up. >> reporter: now barbara lee from oakland is among those l eading the feet against this. i will have coverage for you during my next update. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. well, the lack of progress on the tax-cut legislation is blamed for a defeat of the don't ask, don't tell.
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a procedural vote in the senate failed to pass. they say they got enough votes but senate republicans have insisted they won't consider any other legislation until the tax cut deal is done. it's not clear if there will be enough time for congress a djourns this month to put the don't ask, don't tell repeal up for another vote. 7:16. a radical church says it will picket elizabeth edwards ' funeral tomorrow. they claim she refused to pray to god to pure her of cancer. the estranged wife of john edwards lost her life on t uesday. this church is known for p icketing funerals for soldiers kill -- killed in iraq. a transgender woman has
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filed a lawsuit after receiving a threatening letter from someone from the dmv clerk who handled her application for transgender. >> she said this -- she said the letter said this was abominable. >> the department says the comment does not comment -- employees are prohibited about contacting customers who are not employees. chico police say a customer
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at a bar them when there a ppeared to be a live feed of a camera. the owner said he installed the cameras to catch vandal b athrooms but has now apologized to his customers. >> we now know exactly what was carried into space on board the first commercial spacecraft to return to orby. a giant wheel may have been the first big cheese in space. the chief executive would not say ahead of time what was in the cargo. but hinted it had to with -- h ad -- it had to do with a p onte -- monty python skit. there is a gap in the tea -- faa. we'll tell you about the key missing. a change may be coming to
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these giants' 2011 schedule. who wants to see the first game moved to san francisco? good morning. traffic is moving along okay now on 80. they are still doing a little bit of police activity on the shoulder of one of the roads there. we'll tell you what that is all about coming up.
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well, the faa is admitting it's missing key information on more than 100,000 planes. there are 357,000 planes and helicopters registered here in the u.s. they say the missing information could lead to terrorists using those planes in attacks. the faa will require the owners of every commercial and privately-owned plane to reregister their planes because of a possible security risk. well, for the second time in a few months, qantas
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airlines is apologizing to it's customers. this time it's because of a mechanical failure on a plane that left hundreds of passengers stranded at sfo. that flight bound for australia scheduled to leave at 11:00 on wednesday night. but a technical problems delay it. the 260 passengers were forced to wait more than four hours while engineers tried to fix it. it was really difficult for me being pregnant. that was really tough because i was really, really tired. >> qantas was forced to cancel the flight leaving passengers stranded until last night. earlier this year, the u.s. department of transportation started enforcing a passenger bill of rites to fine the airline if the plane sits on the tartare mack more than three hours. those rules don't apply to
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international carriers like cha qantas. giants' fans may get to watch the season opener at home next spring. espn and major league baseball want to move the season opener from los angeles on april 1st to san francisco on march 3 1st. if the players union amove -- approves the deal they will play at at&t field on march 31st. it would be televised on espn and would allow them to unveil their manner -- banner in front of a national audience. after that, they would go to l.a. to play the arrest of t he -- rest of the games. if they don't make the change, it would be them playing the st. louis cardinals a week
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later sal, you like that? >> yeah. i like them -- the opening against document dodgers, i don't like for obvious reasons. we have -- barring any unusual problem we're going to have a lighter than unusual commute. if you look to the right underneath that billboard, virginia -- virginia street. you can find of see the opening in that fence. they were claying the guy on the freeway, ran through the fence ended up on the frontage road an was briefly trap in the car. you can see people are having to make a u-turn. the freeway traffic is no longer affect. westbound bay bridge a little bit of a backup building at the toll plaza now. it had been light but now there is an accident westbound at the toll plaza. this morning's commute is going
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to be okay on westbound 580 as you drive to livermore and castro valley. 7:25 let's go to steve. >> low clouds, cloudy skies. there are a couple of breaks. i was looking at the weather center. there were a couple of breaks. it does look cloudy to mostly cloudy. any break, sun, temperatures will be in the very muggy category. we're starting upper 50s. see the air mass has completely changed compared to november. nothing, drizzle, muggy, temperatures in the 60s. oakland/berkeley, 59, 58, san jose. everyone is close. santarosa at 55. a lottery is heading towards seattle and portland. that ridge of -- there is a lot of nothing out there. fog, drizzle, sun and clouds. mild to muggy. we'll go mid-60s for some.
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i think by tomorrow everyone is in the 60s. monday, partly cloudy and then clouding it up on tuesday. >> reporter: i'm jade hernandez. find out why police are warning some north bay parents this morning. why people will be paying this money to get a brief look inside some bay area homes
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police are warning parents in petaluma, about a suspicious man. police say a man follow a young girl and her brother who were working -- who were walking home from grant elementary school. after the children dash inside their house, the man even rang doorbell. jade hernandez is live in petaluma with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at the school, grant elementary, where police issued a washing to parents this morning -- a warning to parents this morning. we're live in petaluma. the parents of two children report a suspicious man park across the street from a school. police say a 9-year-old girl was walking home with their little brother when they notice a man in a strange van. the man got out of the vehicle and rang their doorbell, all
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the while police say the man kept eye contact with the little g irl. the man is bed describes as -- describe as short, wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans. the van is gray, older model, boxed style. we've contact the department -- the police department this morning but we're looking -- waiting for someone who is a little more knowledgeable about the incident who can walk to us on camera. as soon as we get more information, we'll a pass that along to you. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in 30 minutes police and volunteers will resume a search for a missing 90-year-old oakland man. robert lichtenstein left his home about 1:30 but never r eturned. he was wearing a green bay ball
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cap, brown jacket and blue jeans and was wearing a walker. >> with we're worry that he's fallen somewhere, maybe he's hurt. we've checked all of the e rs. >> it's strange that nothing has been report. he has a walker labeled with his name and phone number. >> police say there's added concern because he suffers from bouts of the dementia. opd says they will be using a ll-terrain vehicles today and are hoping for air support. an 18-month-old boy remains in the hospital with life- threatening injuries after being pulled from a fountain at the hyatt regency in san francisco. the hotel's fountain was drained yesterday. a temporary barrier now stands around it. police say the 18-month-old boy was in the hotel with his m other, twin sister and a nanny when he wandered away wednesday afternoon. ten minutes later an employee
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spotted the boy in the water. a former member of your black muslim bakery is expected to find out his sentence for kidnapping and to during an oakland woman an her daughter three years ago. richard lewis could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of patrol. his attorney claims he was f ramed by two or other defendants. an alameda county p rosecutor -- evidence r eportedly indicates that yusef bey iv plotted to have witnesses in the case killed. bey is to be trial for the journalist of chauncey bailey and two other men in the summer of 2007. and a judge has dismissed kidnapping an false imprisonment charges against the distraught antioch man arrested last month who held a
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standoff on the bridge. he still faces felony charges of child endangerment and making a false bomb threat. he briefly held his daughter hostage. a 16-year-old boy is scheduled to appear in a dutch court after he was arrested for taking part in the cyber attacks against companies that have cut off services to wikileaks. the boy has reportedly con f enced to taking part -- cop fessed to taking part in these attacks. authorities believe thousands of dutch computers were involved and expect to make more arrests. -- arrests. terry childs is likely to be released from state prison by the end of january.
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he's been in jail since his arrest in 2008 for stealing the passwords of the city's computer network. prosecutors want him to pay close to $1.5 million for consultants hired to fix the commuter system. childs's attorney said he should only have to pay the cost of the recovering passwords. well, the principal of a belmont school is concerned after the safety of the students after a deer was -- after a mountain lion was found and they believe that mountain lion killed a deer. there have been three s iteth -- sightings last m onth. belmont police are, once again, remind everyone don't feed bear because their presence increases the likelihood of
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mountain l ions. drivers have a new reason to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. a converted tunnel officially opens this afternoon. claudine wong joins us live with more on how the tunnel is e xpected to improve safety and save time. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes, the tunnel officially o pened this afternoon as you can see a gate is open. we're getting a look this morning. we have the director of public works of marin county with us here this morning to talk about the tunnel. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i wanted to take a look above tunnel. that's pretty unique. you talk about the first time in a decade they've done. >> we took the structure that was one tunnel and we split it in two, as you can see. on one side will be train that it's gonna be operated by "s mart" and by this side, it's a bicycle and pedestrian facility, about one-mile bike
7:37 am
facility and about a quarter- mile tunnel. >> reporter: this tunnel is unique in many ways. 12 years in the making, $ 27 million. this was not an easy tunnel to create because of the rail that had be right next to it. >> correct. the tunnel had collapsed at both ends. the enit collapsed a couple hundred feet and on the san rafael side, also collapse. so the first part of our job was to figure out why it collapsed and analyze it and then design a fix for it. it's much harder when you have to retrofit an existing project. >> we're running out of time but i want to point out a couple of things at home. you have security cameras and you have a wall and fans. you have -- this will -- >> this is a firewall that will protect the bicycle riders and the pedestrian in case of an emergency on the train side.
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thank you for joining us. three 3:00 p.m. will open up to traffic going through. they expect thousands of people to use this route. >> live here in larks spur, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we were gonna ask about security concerns and whether or not anyone would be post there. you say there are cameras there and ear emergency things. >> reporter: that's right. take a look at those. those cameras will be monitored by larkspur police, and other police, if anything is happening here. they will be able to look at that and that's something they certainly took into account when they built the tunnel. let's see what's happening in the commute. >> we're looking better today than we did the last few, although we still have some slow traffic out there. it's not a complete walk in the park. let's go outside and i want to show you 280.
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are. the dry roads -- the dry roads make a difference. some people work the 4/10 days and on friday they don't go. westbound bay bridge it's backed up for about a 50-minute delay. this is 880 north and s outhbound, you can see it's moving along pretty nicely. now let's go to steve. low clouds, fog, some drizzle, we just saw some there on the bay bridge camera and overcast conditions for many and even some light rain. especially as you head up t owards the mountains. blue canyon, tahoe, truckee an then also points north. soy about ewe cry cau north. there's some out there. a lot of local drizzle. i thank that will be in the forecast not only today but saturday. there is a lot of low clouds and fog. but the rain line is moving
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north. there will be heavy-duty rainfall up to the pacific northwest. everything coming up from the hawaiian islands takes aim at u s. high pressure is billing in. it will give us a warm weekend once we can burn off the cloud cover. some of that is very, very tough to do this time of year. days are short, as you know. angle to sun is very warm. fog, sun, clouds, kind of muggy out there the tropical, t ropical. 50s, give way to 60s. we've already had 60s yesterday even with more cloud cover. so 62 in santa rosa. go 63 tau. sanfrancisco, 64. same for walnut creek. oakland, 64 to 65 in san jose -- an san jose, 66 forecast high today. 59 currently oakland. everyone else is close. 46 with rain up in tahoe. 45 in las vegas. 40s and 50s all the way up. now, the valley fog can be
7:41 am
really, really thick. look at the plume coming right up from maui an kawano heading right toward seattle and portland. they are gonna get hit hard with a lot of rain. but the high pressure builds in for you and that give uses a pattern except for fog an drizzle. if the sun breaks through, we'll rocket it up. 50s and 60s and even warmer as we go into saturday. sunday if the fog burns off, it doesn't matter if you are coast, bay, inland you could easily hit 70 degrees. tori? >> it has a warmer, troll feel outside. last night he was jay leno's guest. john toomey starts his new big
7:42 am
at the lefty o'doul's. and he can tell any joke he w ants. a risque joke got him fired after 20 years on the job. some bay area homeowners's holiday home tour is today. the tour funds scholarship and summer science camps for local middle school girls. it will cost $25 po $35 to tour the homes. we have information on how you can get a ticket on our website, just go to, and check under web links. the government says virginia tech broke the law during the 2007 shooting rampage on that campus. the penalties the university now faces. bomb factory destroy. find out what's happening today at the sash -- this is what's left of the house in san francisco that was bush to get rid of bomb-making material.
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markets, eeking out a small gain this morning as u.s. consumer rose more than e xpected. right now the dow, back down near the flatline, up nearly 1, 11,370. nasdaq up 5. s&p up 2. 7:45. in about a half hour, civic l eaders on the peninsula will meet to discuss california's high-speed rail project. some of the it probably -- some of what is probably not on the agenda is new federal man allocate for the project. california will receive an u
7:46 am
nexpected $624 million after ohio and wisconsin governors indicated they plan to cancel high-speed rail projects in their states. construction near fresno will start in 2012. the new money could be enough to finish the first section to merced or bakersfield. dianne feinstein's opposition to urban indian casinos is not winning her any presents among native- americans. she shares the subcommittee that oversees the interior department that wants to clarify exactly where the tribes can build case casinos. right now they -- build casinos. san francisco will hold a public hearing about pot clubs. now, yesterday -- look at t his -- drug agents and police shut down two pot clubs. they haul away computers and other evidence. officers say the raids are part of the crackdown on what they
7:47 am
call four profit businesses posing as nonprofit pot clubs. some strongly oppose these r aids. >> because we fail to act, we then had proliferation of these facilities in san jose. >> this is so sad, there's no reason for this. people need the medicine. >> several other south bay pot clubs close down early last night in response to those r aids. still not clear if they will be back open today. it is 7:46. the attorney for the man who lived in a house full of explosives says his client wants to apologize to neighbors for the disruption caused by the discovery. a controlled burn to destroy the escondido house went off without a hitch yes. but tau hazmat crews will still be checking the area to make sure everyone inside was d estroyed. officials say the house c ontained the largest amount of homemade explosives ever found in one place in the u.s. and
7:48 am
the only safe way to get rid of it was to burn it. >> all of the planning that went into play, everything went as plan. we had contingencies on top of contingencies but this was absolutely picture-perfect. >> air quality officials say other than an expected spike on toxicity level, when the fir first started, air quality was not affected. 7:47. well, virginia tech may face find an possibly lose funding after federal officials found the university broke the law during the 2007 shooting rage on the campus. the university could have two $ 2 million lawsuits. an e-mail was sent about two hours later, about the time, the student gunman was in another building on campus.
7:49 am
there, he called -- he kill 30 students an faculty members for turning the gun on himself. school officials have criticized the ruling. they say they will probably appeal any sanctions. back here at home, california has agreed to enforce a state law that bans schools from charging students certain fees. this is part of a lawsuit s ettlement. the aclu says at least 40 schools have been charging students for textbooks for cheerleading outfits an other items. the aclu sue the state saying those fees violate free and equal publication. the lawyer for the w atsonville teacher charged with something -- charge with having sex with a minor was in a car left that's left her unable to defen herself. she said she was in a coma for six weeks after being hit by a cabdriver in san francisco.
7:50 am
she was arrested in june for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. a lawyer asks that the conditions be drop because of her condition. a hearing is on january 19th. pretty scary moments for a royal couple. prince charles and his wife get caught there. right in the middle of a mob. it's a great story for christmastime. a california koi ends the holiday fun for a runaway rain deer. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber?
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not really. i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. right now there are protests going on around the world for a chinese dissident who was not able to attend his own nobel peace prize this
7:53 am
morning. he was awarded the award in absentia in norway. liuxiaobu is serving an 11-year prison sentence. this is the first time in 74 years, the award was not given to the reaccept corrupt. we are attack. >> look at this. a window in their car was actually broken. the royal couple was on this -- on their way to a show. they were taken -- shaken up as you can see in this picture, but they were not hurt had. it's still not clear if they were targeted or happened to be in the wrong place at wrong t ime. those protests an d emonstrations, we actually s howed you some of them live. they've been going on in england for weeks. they turned especially violent yesterday after parliament approve the tripling of
7:54 am
university fees. pg&e is still not saying if it will reopen the santa rosa customer service center today. its normal business hours have the doors opening in just a few minutes. the center shut down yesterday after people protested the utility's smart meters and b locked the entrance. they want those installations to be stopped until there have been more safety tests. peg maintains they are safe. sfo is celebrating a major milestone. they are holing a special holiday party that will include a musical presentation at 11:00. and the airport is launching a new iphone app. this will allow people at the airport to find out if they have any facebook friends at sfo so they can connect in
7:55 am
person. a different kine of christmas story. a koi with a lass so captured a -- a koi with a lasso -- a koi with a lasso captured a runaway reindeer. police immediately called in a local cowbye. he imagined to rope the reindeer on the first tree. the deer's nickname is prancer. >> he's huffing and puffing. >> yes. >> glad he's okay. let's check in with sal, apparently slow going on 280 this morning. sal. >> sal is checking -- he's -- something is going on. there he is. >> yeah. we were -- we are still here. northbound 280 traffic is going to be okay if you are driving on the freeways here if you are driving to the 880 interchange
7:56 am
but there will be some slowing. how far, there are no slow -- there are no accidents in this area, northbound 280 traffic is going to be busy up to about saratoga and then it clears up. if you are driving up to the 880 interchange with 92. that traffic is okay. crossing the san mateo bridge. it looks good over to 101 if you are trying to catch a flight at the airport. 101 not too bad right now. bay bridge lighter than usual. it's backed up for maybe five minutes. this is the best way we've had this week but still a little bit wet at the bay bridge. on the span itself, the fog we were worry about has lifted. now for today's weather, here's steve. >> sal, cloudy skies, still some local drizzle. very mild conditions. i will show you some t emperatures here in a second. just waiting for the sun to kind of break through the low clouds. most of the high clouds are moving north and will continue to do so. but it will be painted with cloudiness. every observation says cloudy.
7:57 am
it's also mild in los gatos, 56. daly city, 56. alamo/clayton, 60. san anselmo in there and he el cerrito, all 56 degrees. cloud cover though is spreading north. so fog, sun, clouds, very muggy, moisture is very high right now. so low clouds, fog and upper 50s for some. half moon bay being one. 64 in san francisco. currently 57 with oakland, berkeley. 40s in the mountains with the rain up in tahoe and truckee. that moisture is'sing towards seattle and portland. fog, drizzle, then a partly sunny day. mid-60s for some, even warmer as we head into saturday. sunday looks like the warmest day after the fog burns off. cloudy on tuesday, tori an dave. >> thank you, steve. 7:57. we are getting new information on an overnight chase in the east bay, it was pretty d
7:58 am
ramatic. it's tied to a very disturbing incident involving a police officer. also, a former 49ers star is going to jail. it has nothing to do with his steroids case. and a sea lion we first told you about yesterday shot and rounded -- wounded on a bay area beach. how the animal is doing this morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
there is disturbing new information in the east bay tied to a horrifying incident i nvolving a police officer. >> reporter: we just spoke to the principal of a north bay school who will be sending along a warning that police have for parents. there could be big changes for police in the bay area's largest city and it all involves money. also, a new report suggests muni drivers literally cut c orners to save time. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's friday, december 10th. we begin this hour with new developments involving an overnight police pursuit in the east bay. we just spoke with oakland police and they tell us
8:01 am
sometime la night an oakland police officer was hit and dragged by a stolen car. then earlier this morning, police say that same stolen car was spotted and a chase ensued. the driver crash along virginia street near the east shore freeway in berkeley. police tell us there was a fatality but right now it's u nclear if it was the driver of the stole car who died or an innocent bystander. >> we also at this point don't know the condition of the officer who was dragged. we're following the story. as we get more information, we will bring it to you. 8:01. police have a warning for parents at a north bay school. that warning comes after a man follow a young girl and her brother home from school. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live. she's in petaluma with all of the details. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke to a man this morning who did not know about this incident but he had heard of a previous incident involving a stranger trying to talk to a student. we're live at grant elementary
8:02 am
in petaluma this morning, where police have issued a warning to parents. recently the parents of two children report a suspicious man parked in a van across the street from the school. police say a 9-year-old was w alking home with her brother when they noticed the van and -- and the man. the children went inside the house. the man went up to the door an rang the doorbell. the man is describe as short, wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans. the girl's mother told police she's worried because her children live near the school and walk home. the van is gray, and older b oddle -- older model box style van. >> it takes me feel very uneasy. i want my kids to feel safe. we would like to know more about what happened. the area is wonderful. we love the area. it's always surprising to hear stories like this. we hope our kids can be safe.
8:03 am
>> and when i asked the children what they had been instruct to do when they see someone suspicious. they answered without h esitation -- get an adult. now, police a note will be going home to parents today about the incident. and she just told us this morning that she will be c rafting that note as soon as possible. she said the information from the police department came too late to get that note home to parents yesterday evening. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 8:03. well, the chp says a sleepy driver probably caused a very serious rollover crash in vallejo this morning. it happened shortly after 4:00 a.m. on the wilson onramp at westbound 37. the chp says five college students were in their toyota corolla when it flipped over and crashed. two of them suffered very serious injuries.
8:04 am
three of them escaped with just minor injuries. investigators tell police alcohol and even the wet weather was the factor. the accident shut down the o nramp for about 90 minutes. traffic is moving well in the area. 8:03. this morning homicide detectives in oakland are looking for leads in a fatal shooting. officers were called to lockwood street shortly after 9:00 last night. they found a man shot several times in the chest. he died before they could call an am blan. it's still not clear what led up to the deadly gunfire. and this morning in san francisco, police are l ooking for suspects in a deadly shooting in the city's bernal heights neighborhood. it lapped last night on alemany boulevard. police found the 18-year-old outside the home e was p ronounced date at the -- he was pronounced dead at the scene. dana stubble field is going
8:05 am
to jail for stealing his girlfriend's -- ex-girlfriend's mail. he admitted --'s admitted to g etting a change of address form so her mail would come to his house. that mail included her u nemployment checks. just last year, a judge placed him on probation, this is after he pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his steroid use during his playing days. more police officers will be on the streets in north berkeley after several recent arm robberies in that area. more than 100 concerned community members were given an update by officials last night. police say an armed robber is targeting the area around california and lincoln streets. as many as five days may be connected. a particular -- of particular concern is that it's not h appening late at night but during the dinnertime hours. >> i'm scared to go out right now, especially with my d aughter. they haven't seen any increased police patrols or anything.
8:06 am
>> there are a lot of -- lot of things that we do that are not visible. i'm not trying to conceal anything but i'm just saying stuff is not always visible. >> they asked for more lighting to be installed in the dark neighborhood. the vice mayor says a lighting assessment fee has already been rejected twice by voters. well, muni drivers are reportedly increasingly dumping off riders before theirps to. that's according to an internal report published in the san francisco examiner. this the movement is call short turn. that's when muni riders force off to -- force drivers to get off before reaching the end of the line. this is how drivers deal with the -- make up time when they are dealing with long lines and passengers. we got some reaction. >> it looks like sunset boulevard t depends on how late you are. >> it could be more than one top -- one stop? >> yes. >> muni says there are several
8:07 am
factors behind the increase in the so called short turns the they i include an increase in mechanical breakdowns and the growing congestion on the streets of san francisco. >> speaking of congestion, in and around san francisco. let's check in with sal -- we've been checking with muni other than the story from kraig about the short turns. we don't seem to have any problems. you can find me on twitter. this is the bay bridge. it's better than it normally -- than it normally is. this morning, we're looking at interstate 880. that's 880 on the left southbound heading toward hayward and on the right the cars heading to downtown o akland, the cars are doing w ell. across the bay,s peninsula 101
8:08 am
and 280. i think 101 is a little wit s low. you can see by the road sensors. a little red on 101 and completely green on 880 and traffic is just moderate. not a lot of major slowdowns or crashes. at 8:07. let's go to steve. usa, sal. >> you are welcome -- thank you, sal. >> you are welcomed, steve. it's like the sun is trying to break through. there's still some higher clouds up above. most of that seems to be l ifting. there's still a little bit out there but the fog is -- front and center. i mean, it's not going anywhere but it's very mild out. temperatures are in the 50s, mid- to upper. rain has moved north. crescent city, mendocino county. still in the foothills and up the sierra. in this really warm, almost tropical like air mass that's over us. if you have travel plans this weekend and up to the pacific northwest. it's going to rain and rain and i saw projections about 4 to 7 plus inches of rain toward
8:09 am
seattle. this mess is moving north slowly moving north but beneath the higher clouds are the fog. i could have thrown in a bunch more. but los gatos, 5. menlo park, 56. daly city is in there as well. san anselmo, novato is also 5. larkspur, tiburon, 5. elcerrito, 56. everyone is in the same temperature range, some are even warmer than that. i saw a 60 at concord and m offet. very mild to warm, fog, drizzle will give away to some sun. we're starting in the 50s. we could have an hour even two hours of sunshine. we pro -- we pro probably be in the upper 60s and 70s which it looks like that will happen on sun. mid-60s for everyone today. santarosa, 63, 64. sanfrancisco, walnut creek and oakland, 65. 59 oakland and berkeley. i split livermore and concord.
8:10 am
i went 59. sanjose's 58. 57 san francisco. 40s in the mountains. 50s in the valley. fog can be a tough way to go. watch out for some of that tulle fog. that there is the line of moisture going north, nort north. it's out of our area. it's going into northern california and then washington and portland. 50s for a few. 60s for most. even warmer tomorrow tomorrow after some thick, night, morning fog. sunday looks to be the warmest. we could find a 70. it could be at the 49er game. if you can break through that fog you will warm up. monday, partly cloudy, tuesday cloudy leading to rain tuesday night. thank you, steve. ten minutes after 8:00. we have an update right now on a story we first brought to you on "mornings on 2" yesterday. federal wildlife officials will now join the investigation into finding the person who shot a sea lion on sausalito beach.
8:11 am
the 7 foote male was found wednesday night. doctors believe he was shot sometime that way. the sea lion's eye is shut. >> there must be a better solution than to wound an animal like this, cause this amount of suffering. >> an x-ray of the sea lion's school revealed a number of shot gun pellets in -- gun pellets in its head. >> we wish it well. 8:11. this morning, president obama is talking with the -- talking about the odds of his tax cut compromise succeeding. and what president obama hopes to learn from former president clinton during a g et- together at the white house today. a church plans to protest as family and friends say their final goodbyes to elizabeth edwards.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
low clouds, fog, t emperatures upper 50s to 60 degrees. this morning a superior court judge in san francisco will decide whether the
8:15 am
governor can sell 1 state office buildings to help out with the budget. two former officials file a lawsuit to block the sale. they are arguing that because courthouses are among the buildings being sold off, those sales needs the -- need the approval from the state judicial council. the sale would raise more than a billion dollars to help offset california's budget deficit. it is 8:14. president obama will meet today at the white house with former president bill clinton. reportedly president obama wants to hear how clinton handle negotiations with congress after democrats lost control of both the house and the senate at the end of his first term. president obama will face a similar situation next month when the new congress convenes and republicans take control of the house. and new this morning, president obama says he is confident his deal with republicans to extend tax cuts will pass despite a revolt by
8:16 am
house democrats. ktvu's alison burns is cover egg the high-stakes political fight for us and has the latest for us from washington, d.c. quite a bit of drama there, alison. >> reporter: it certainly is. you know, president obama did an interview with npr yesterday after house democrats did that surprising vote to reject his tax cut with republicans. in his interview, the president says "unhappy democrats might make some changes" but ultimately he believes it will fast because no one wants to see taxes go up on the first of the year. senate democrats are more incline to support the deal. they released a text of the bill last night that adds some new extras, like tax breaks for energy-efficient cars and homes. but house democrats say it's no deal until tax breaks for the wealthy are scaled back. barbara lee is speaking out against it this morning. >> we understand that there are tough choices that will need to be made next year and we're extremely concern that the cuts
8:17 am
that could be made should this package pass would disproportionately hurt the poor and low-income communities and further erode the safety net. >> the bottom line is that senate democrats are moving forward with the obama gop tax cut beale. the first votes come on monday but the house is still a wild card. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. 8:16. members of the controversial church plans to protest outside the funeral of elizabeth edwards in north carolina. the westborough baptist church accuses her of spewing blasphemy and says she refused to pray to god to cure her of cancer. she died on tuesday after f ighting breast cancer. this group is known to picket funerals for american soldiers kill in iraq.
8:18 am
back here at home, a transgender woman says she's worry about her safety this morning. she says a san francisco dmv clerk sent her a harassing c lerk. 23-year-old amber youst went to the feld street dmv office to reflect her gender and name change. four days after that, she says she got a letter from a person who paided himself as a dmv clerk -- who identified himself as a dmv clerk. he wrote in part, i'm quoting "the homosexual act is an a bombennation that leads to h ell." she said that both surprised her and scared her. >> that person could hunt me down if they wanted to cause me harm. >> she says the same day she got a letter, she received a package with similar sentiments. the dmv says they don't comment on any pending litigation but
8:19 am
does say employees are p rohibited from contacting n on- dmv members. a customer at panama's bar and cafe called police when he saw an employee looking at a video monitor that appeared to she a live image of a bathroom. officers say they later found two hidden cameras. the bar owner says he installed the cameras, though, to catch bathroom vandals. 8:18. boy, a terrifying ordeal at sea is over for more than 160 people on a cruise to antarctica. now, they are in argentina this morning. but they endured a violent storm at sea. they were smacked around by 3 0- foot waves and 1 00-mile-per- hour winds. the storm knocked out power to the ship and it had to slowly float back to port. >> it would go from side to s ide, you know, the side to side bothered me more than going
8:20 am
into them, you know. it was pretty excited. i got my money's worth. >> 165 people were on board. you see them waving there. clueing 88 americans and we're happy to say none of the passengers were hurt had. >> probably a cruise they will never forget. >> never forget it. a gap in the faa. the key information the faa is missing that's leading to concerns of terrorism. plus, a real-life babe in toy lab. look at this. how a 2-year-old girl became stuck in that toy machine in a mall. good morning. we still have some major problems with the traffic because of a police action. we'll tell you what happened and why it's still causing a traffic jam -- traffic jam.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
key information on more than 100,000 planes ismying and the faa admits that's a problem. there are 35 7,000 planes and helicopters registered in the u.s. government officials the missing information could lead to terrorists using those planes in attacks. the faa will require the owners of every commercial and privately-owned aircraft to r eregister their planes because of the potential security risk. a toy machine has been taken out of a pennsylvania
8:24 am
mall after a 2-year-old girl somehow c limbed inside an got stuck. one of the first responders took a picture on his cell phone. he said the girl never cried, even seemed to be enjoying herself. it took about 15 minutes to get her out. fortunately, she was not hurt. >> giants fans you may get to see the season opener at home. espn and major league baseball want to move the season opener from los angeles to san francisco. now if the players union a pproves that deal, the giants and the dodgers would play at at&t park on march 31st. the game would be televised on e spn. it would allow the giants to unveil their championship banner in front of a national audience and the home fans. now, after the game, thteam would go to los angeles to play the rest of their series.
8:25 am
>> it doesn't seem right for the dodgers to host the first game for the world series clamps. >> yeah. >> you have to unveil it here. >> yeah. >> sal will be there. >> yes, he will. >> does that seem right? >> no. i'm very concern about that. we'll see what happens. we do have some slow traffic this morning and coming up a little later we're gonna tell you why, eastbound 80 is slow. westbound is slow as you come up the pay gates. a little bit wet at the toll plaza. eastbound 80 still slow near the university. now, coming up we have late developments on what happened there. we have late information that will be coming up in a minute. but i want to show he you the maps here because look at 80. 80 is very slow heading west which to a lot of people sell -- a lot of people looking at that physical activity. in marin county, southbound 101 hasn't been too bad.
8:26 am
it's been better than normal with some slowing in central san rafael. let's go to steve. a very happy friday, we do have a lot of low clouds, some high clouds, so cloudy, partly cloudy and temperatures in the very mild category of upper 50s and low 60s. in fact, yes, low 60s. now, once that fog lifts if you can get any sun, it would be not only mild to muggy, but also warm. 56 los gatos, menlo park, daly city, clayton, san anselmo. you can see why the cloud cover just keeping everybody mild. it's coming right up from the hawaiian islands. there's been some local drizzle around. 60, livermore and concord for a current temperature. oakland, berkeley, 40s in the mountains with light rain in tahoe. truckee, blue can yu, but that steady stream is going to give portland and seattle heavy
8:27 am
rain. 50s for a few. but mid-60s for others. it will continue to be warmer as we go into sun but there will be some areas of fog that will be tough to burn off. next rain is tuesday night, wednesday morning. >> all right. 8:26. we're still following developing news. police are out there. this is a live picture, for example. they are investigating a very disturbing crime. it is causing a traffic jam.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we have developing news we're following in the east bay. it's about an overnight police pursuit. oakland police tell us sometime last night an oakland police officer was hit and dragged by a stolen car. then earlier this morning, police say the same stolen car was spotted and that triggered a chase. a driver crashed along virginia street right near the east shore freeway in berkeley. police say there was a fatality but at the moment we're not sure if it was the driver of the stolen car who died or an innocent bystander. we don't know the condition of the police officer who was drag. let's go back to sal now. he's taking a look at all of this -- taking a look at how all this affecting the commute. >> dave, one of the things we notice is that people are s lowing even though the lanes are not blocked. people are slowing. you see this live picture of people slowing down because the police have been there now going on three hours.
8:31 am
the westbound traffic was also slowing. a t of police activity. one of the things we noticed was that fence is completely fon because the car chase came off east 80. it crash through a fence. the people in the car were briefly trap inside the vehicle. westbound 80 traffic is also affected by this. you can see that that traffic is much worse than it normal is. people are slowing down to take a lack at this. this is a big problem. i have a feeling since it involves a fatality, that crash is gonna be out there on that road for a time to come. let's go back to the desks. thank you, sal. >> students parents and teachers arriving in a north bay elementary school are being
8:32 am
warned of a suspicious man. >> reporter: the principal is crafting a note to parents to get to student this afternoon. >> we got the notification from the police department. they start with the district office and the district office forwards it to us. as soon as we get it, if it's something obviously in our neighborhood, we're gonna alert our parents as soon as possible. >> reporter: about 15 minutes ago, principal martin made an announcement over the loudspeaker alerting anyone on campus about her note explaining what happened and why the news media was here it morning. school began for students here at grant elementary at 8:05. now police issued this morning to the school because recently the parents of two children reported a suspicious man parked in a van across the street from grant. police say a 9-year-old little girl, a student here was walking home with her little
8:33 am
brother when they noticed the van. as the children entered the house on mcnear avenue where they live. the man drove the van in the children's driveway, got out of his van and rang the doorbell, all the while the man kept eye contact with the million lil $ $little girl. these describe as a man wearing blue jeans. the van is being described this morning -- as -- morning as g ray, and older model box style. >> we spoke to people who had heard of a plea incident. >> it makes me feel uneasey. i would like my kids to be safe. we would like to know more about what happened. >> the area is wonderful. it's always surprising to hear story like this. we hope we can be safe. >> reporter: when i asked the children what they had been instruct to do when they see
8:34 am
someone suspicious, they a nswered without hesitation, get ap adult. that was the perfect response. police have not return our phone calls yet this morning and they haven't specify a day this happened. they have said the incident happen recently near grant elementary. jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. right now, police and volunteers are searching again for a missing 90-year-old yoke man. the search start about a half hour ago. robert lichten left his home for his daily walk but never r eturned. police canvassed trails yesterday but found no sign of him. he's using a walker. >> we're worried that, you know, he's fall somewhere. he's hurt. we've check all of the ers. >> it's strange that nothing has been report. he has a walk irwhich is labeled with his -- walker
8:35 am
which is labeled with his name and phone number. >> police say there's added concern because the man suffers from dementia. police will using all-terrain vehicles today and are also h oping for air support. antioch police say a 38- year-old man was stab after arguing with his girlfriend and a fight erespected between several people in their apartment. police say the fight started about 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the couple's apartment on san jose drive. the man was stabbed in the c hest. he was rushed to the hospital for treatment of a collapsed lung. this morning a former member of your black muslim bakery is expect to find out his sentence for kidnapping and torturing an oakland woman and her daughter three years ago. 26-year-old richard lewis could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. lewis's attorney claims his client was frame by two other defendants. and an alameda county judge will allow prosecutors to see evidence of an alleged plot
8:36 am
against witnesses in the chauncey bailey murder try. the evidence reportedly i ndicates that yusef bey iv, the former leader of the bakery plot to have witnesses in the case kill. bey is to be skyed for the k illing of journalist chauncey bailey and two other men in the summer of 2007. 8:35. restructuring the san jose police department from the top could help save the city millions of dollars. a new study -- audit finds the source -- finds the force has a large number of supervisor positions. the audit says there's a ratio of one sergeant for every 4.5 officers. that costs about $54 million annually, shifting to the ratio to -- to 1 to 10 could save the city $33 million a year. just a short time ago, we caught up with cluck reid for his reaction. >> we're doing most things r
8:37 am
ight. the fact that we're a little bit different doesn't mean it's necessarily wrong. however, it is an opportunity, perhaps, to save some money. >> the findings will be p resented to a city council m eeting next -- committee next thursday. in ma rip county, drivers have a new reason to get out of their cars and ride their bikes. a converted tunnel officially opens this afternoon. claudine wong has more on how the tunnel is expected to save time and also improve safety. >> we wanted to show you a little bit about what they will be looking at once this opens to the public about:00 this afternoon. this is 1100 feet long. it basically connects you to the larkspur ferry terminal area. which bicyclists an pedestrians will tell you is a really big deem -- really big deal, n
8:38 am
ormally because of -- mainly because of safety. now you can go straight through here in about five minutes. there's some things we want to point out to you. the public works department will tell you this is state-of- the-art. you have fans to deal with any fire safety issue an v entilation. they put this up here along the wall. you also see this cable. that will allow cell phone service all way through the tunnel so you won't lose that, that way the emergency r esponders will have no problems with communication. you also have security cameras. you can see security cameras those are monitor by larkspur police and the marin county sheriff's department an throughout the tunnel, you have these emergency call stations. if there's any problems you can be connected to the emergency services. a lot of things had to go making this possible. but marin county public works says if they -- if this wanted this, they haven't an option.
8:39 am
>> we checked an everywhere in the united states this has not been done in over a decade. >> because it's kind of difficult? >> yes and engineering-wise it's difficult there are more tunnels enclosed an when we were doing our research, everybody was say, what are you doing? >> this is it. >> this is it. >> let's talk more about the history of the tunnel. you are looking above 1924 is the date there. and 2010. this was a tunnel built facility 1880s by a guy who went to t he -- who want to get to the wine country. he went broke trying to do this. the rail system took over and put the train in it. 19 0 they shut it down. it closed down and they said it was collapsed all the way through until a couple of years when they started construction it. they are hoping that this is just the first part of a 90- mile continuous route.
8:40 am
but aing with big first step for them. the grand opening at:00 this afternoon. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to check in with sal who is keeping a close eye on the commute. a number of unusual problems out there. >> we've had some slow traffic because of the police activity we've been telling you about on the east shore freeway. it's been there since about 5:15 this morning where the -- where the investigation of a fatal crash right off frontage road, eastbound 80 very slow coming u p -- or going up to albany. west 80 is slow because of people taking a look at the crash. westbound traffic is light
8:41 am
coming into san francisco with no major problems there. let's go to steve. >> sometimes those microphones don't always operate the way we want them to. >> yeah. that's not steve or his m icrophone. >> last night he was jay leno's guest on "the tonight show." tonight, he starts his new job. he will play a major roll in the holiday toy drive. it was a risque joke that got him fired at macy's after 20 years on the job. well, the investigation into a disturbing crime is now c ausing a traffic jam. you can see there's -- these are live pictures. you can see see. and why timothy geithner was admit to the hospital this
8:42 am
8:43 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
8:44 am
8:45 am
a lot of low clouds. we'll have partly sunny skies in the mid-60s. right know, traffic on interstate 80 is slow because of continuing police action at the scene of an earlier fatal accident that involved a police chase on berkeley. this is on the frontage road of virginia street. the car came off the freeway at about 5:15 a.m. through a fence and ended up in a fatal collision. the freeway traffic is slow in both directions even though the lanes are not block because of rubberneckers. if you are driving in berkeley on 80 in both directions, you will see slow traffic. all right. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you right now. the chp says a sleepy driver may have caused -- that may have caused a serious rollover crash. this happen on the wilson onramp to westbound 37. the chp says five college students were in this toyota corolla when it flipped over.
8:46 am
two of them were seriously hurt. this just in. timothy geithner has been admit to a hospital in washington. he will had undergo minor surgery to deal with a kidney stone. the treasury spokesperson says geithner expects to be back at work on monday. and computer security experts stay wikileak supporters are downloading an increasing amount of the attack program use in cyber attacks on companies seen as hostile. they say it's a development that could challenge even internet giants like pay pal, and others during the crucial christmas shopping season. terry childs could be o rdered to pay more than $ 1 million for his crime. he's like lie -- likelily to be released from state prison at the end of january. prosecutors want childs to pay
8:47 am
close to $1.5 million for consultants hired to fix the computer system. he says he should only have to pay the cost of recovering the stolen password. the attorney for -- the attorney charged with having sex with a minor says a severe car accident has left her without b eing able to defend herself. the teacher taught at the valley high school. she was arrested in june for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. her attorney is now asking that charges be drop because of her condition. right now a jury is deliberating in the case of the man accuser
8:48 am
of kidnapping elizabeth smart. this happened eight years ago. he held her captive for nine months. the defense has conceded already that he commit the crime. the jury will decide whether he's guilty or not by reason of insanity. the preliminary hearing for the seven suspects in the richmond gang rape case is coming to an en. the final two witnesses are scheduled to take the stand in a courtroom in martinez next week. prosecutors are trying to prove there is enough evidence to brick the seven defendants to trial. they are accuse in the brutal gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside a richmond high school homecoming dance last year. hundreds of northern california students will be in san francisco this weekend to talk about bullying and school safety. it's part of the youth empowerment summit hosted by the gay straight alliance network. it's taking place form in san francisco. students and teachers will gain
8:49 am
skills for combating homophobia and creating safer schools. well, some new learning tools are being tested at dianne feinstein elementary school in san francisco. >> we're working on c ommunicating and asking the friendly voice. >> now, they are called kemochi. that means "feeling" in j apanese. the characters help children learn how to develop their emotional and social skills and also build character and confidence. they were created as a response to school shootings. >> what can we do as adults in this world to help kids get along to then them be able to identify and respect their feelings. >> this is one of 25 schools all over the country involving in the pilot program. despite tealing with two cars, a struggling economy and a feuding congress, president obama is making progress on his goal to quit smoking. press secretary robert gibbs
8:50 am
says he's not seen any evidence of the president smoking for nine months now. gibb says the president is help by nicotine gum an his ineight stubbornness. he wants to quit smoking but struggles with a habit that goes back 30 years. an assistant coach with the sacramento king says he takes full responsibility for his actions just a day after being arrest on suspicion drunk driving. he was taken into custody early yesterday morning in downtown sacramento after a police officer pull him over reported smelling alcohol. he posted bail after being b ook -- booked on suspicion of dui. he's the fifth member of the kings' team including one of the team owners accused of drunk driving since 2006. we're continuing to follow developing news in the east bay. police are still on the scene following an early-morning police pursuit that police say kill one person and injure an
8:51 am
officer. a movie star has weigh in. there he is. on the worldwide protest t hat's --
8:52 am
8:53 am
police say an overnight police chase that started in oakland and end with a deadly crash in oakland and a police officer was hurt in all of this. kraig debro joins us live from the scene with the latest on what we know.
8:54 am
good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. this is very close to the fourth street shopping area. behind me on the frontage road on the east side of highway 80. you see officers going over the white sedan the that man died earlier in morning following a chase. we didn't know what this was but recently we hook up with officer jeff thomason from the opd and he joins us with more to tell us more. thank you for joining us. this all began last night, as i understand it. >> yeah the it happened around 8:26 p.m. at 35th and web street when officers saw a vehicle that was in distress. he went to check on the driver to see if he was doing all r ight. as he's making contact with that driver, he was actingage stated and there -- agitate an there was something wrong with him. >> so the driver was parked? >> it was in the middle of the road.
8:55 am
it caught the after's attention. at as the officer was taking -- making contact with him, he was talking to him. the driver threw it into drive and escaped. when he did this, he knock the officer down to the ground, causing bruising and scapes. >> is this officer donna -- is the officer gonna be okay? >> yes. and then we determined that the vehicle was stolen a then we put out an all points bulletin for the week. and then another officer spotted that vehicle and a police pursuit start. >> you said it started on isabella and entered the freeway and west grand? >> yes. >> yes. when officers spot the vehicle and tried to do an enforcement stop. the driver fail to stop and the police chase continued on the freeway here on 80 and he lost control and collided into a t ree. >> i notice there was a can chain-link fence but that fence appears to be con.
8:56 am
was that -- appears to be done. was that because of the chase? >> i don't know if that's because of the chase but there have been multiple accidents because of this. the driver unfortunately was severely injured. he die from hit injuries at a local hospital -- he died from his injuries at a local h ospital. >> who is investigating? >> the chp highway patrol is the primary agency investigating this case. the chase ended from the freeway and we also called out our internal affairs and our homicide section and our parallel -- to do a parallel investigation. >> what's that? >> any time have you an officer involved chase that ends up in a death, we take it seriously and want to make sure everything i s -- all the is are dot and the ts are crossed. we believe he is a parolee and he had a parole warrant for his arrest. he's 38 years old.
8:57 am
>> thanks, very much. the investigation is going on. you heard him say, there are multiple agencies doing the investigation to ensure i mparrishalty -- imparrish a ilty. >> one man is dead following what happened last night. reporting live in berkeley, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 n ews. >> thank you. kraig. we will have ap update at noon. we want to check in with sal and get an update on the friday morning commute. >> that's right. kraig mentioned it. we want to show it to you again. the traffic on 80 is very slow. it became worse when the sun came up. now you can see that vehicle that smashed near the tree. westbound 80 is also slow. i will just show you the toll plaza. it's been light. i have a feeling i know why. if you look at the maps here, most of the traffic is stuck on 80 westbound as you back up
8:58 am
past that accident seen -- past that accident scene. >> cloudy, local drizzle and mainly, low clouds, higher clouds will give way to partly sunny skies. it's already near 60 -- near 60 degrees for many. it will be warmer as we go into the weekend a lot of nothing. temperatures upper 60s to near 70. keep the winter coats and scarves handy for a while. >> at least until next week. >> okay. that will do it for you. thanks for watching. have a great weekend -- w atching -- have a great w eekend. thanks for watching. >> bye now. you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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