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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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richmond police station for questioning. now the two people are 12-year- old britney may smith and 32- year-old jeffrey scott easley. both of virginia, police say that the girl's mother tina smith was dating easley. there was an amber alert when tina smith's body was found inside her home in virginia. her body was likely there for days before it was found. police had received a call from smith's coworkers then went to the house to search. now the young girl and easley were last seen at a wal-mart purchasing a tent. that is the last time that they were seen together until police here in san francisco say they were spotted at a safeway store right here in richmond. now back here live, we have been inside to talk to police but they are not saying much right now. say say this is a very
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sensitive issue, they do have homicide investigators say they involved in this investigation so they are being very cautious. we understand that they are making contact with people in virginia, law enforcement officers there and there's a news conference that's scheduled with more information to come. at least for right now we understand they have been found here and the investigation has gone from one side of the country to right here. more breaking news now from san francisco's mission district. that's where just more than an hour ago police shot someone. ktvu's patti lee live with more. >> reporter: i'm at garfield park, where behind me you can see police are all over the scene. they are on foot looking for witnesses in the shooting that
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took place. the police departments internal affairs department arrived to investigate this incident which sparked just about 3:30 in the afternoon. that's when an officer approached four men that were drinking at the playground. one of those men became belligerent and started fighting with the officer. the other three men ran away, the officer ended up shooting the suspect. >> the officer sustained nonlife threatening injury, all i know is there some kind of lacerations. i don't know where, as well as the suspects shooting was nonlife threatening also. once the investigation continues we will have more information. as you can see it's very active at this moment. >> reporter: this officer did approach these four men by himself. they says that not unusual in certain situations. now the officer did sustain some nonlife threatening injuries. at this point investigators do not know if the suspect was armed. they say this is an active scene and they are actively looking for people to come forward to tell them exactly
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what happened here this afternoon. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee. a former member of oakland's -- bakery was found guilty. prosecutors say lewis and several others were trying to force the women to get cash from drug dealers. prosecutors in the murder trial of former muslim bakery leader yuseff bay is set to stay trial for ordering bailey and two men killed in the summer of 2007. we just brought you breaking news in a nationwide search that ended here in san francisco for a 12-year-old
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missing from virginia. let's go live, where they are detailing what happened in the case. >> we're anxious to get there. i just can't say enough about the help that you folks in the media have provided us. i think without your support and getting the word out we might not be where we are tonight. but we are so very pleased and i want you to know how much we appreciate your help and assistance in finding britney. i also want to thank the fbi, the marshal service, roanoke city police, salem police, secret service, and i'm sure i missed one or two persons. but please forgive me if i've missed anyone.
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but we've just had fantastic assistance. it's a great evening for us and we're so very pleased to report this to you tonight. >> chief, what's the connection to san francisco, california? that's not saying that the circumstance, do you know what the connection is. >> i don't at this time. >> was there resistance or did he put up a fight? >> i understand that there was no resistance. >> have they been traveling for the last weeks? >> we don't know. we're going to be working with them throughout the night to gain as much information as we can. and hopefully we can report that to you maybe at a later time. >> do you know if are britney is going back to virginia. >> i would say as soon as we can make travel arrangements for her. we may have to deal with social services out there. she's been in touch with her
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family. they are very relieved. and i am assuming that maybe a family member will go out there and escort her back. >> did you inform her of her mom's death. >> yes. >> how did she find out? >> i don't know. i understand that she is well and she's not harmed. there are no visible signs of injury. >> is she in the care of social services now? >> i don't know. >> did you locate the vehicle at all? the dodge neon. >> we're listening in to the police chief calling this a great evening as we just learned that a 12-year-old girl missing from virginia has just been found in san francisco's richmond district. at this point details are few. but we do know that the 12-year- old girl britney smith is doing
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well. they are still working on getting her back to virginia and figuring out the details of this case. our jana katsuyama will be bringing us details. today some people who shop at walgreens learned their e- mail addresses ended up in the wrong hands. >> reporter: this is walgreens on market street which always has a steady stream of customers. some of those customers likely received this e-mail warning them of a breach. people go to walgreens for many
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things. walgreens sent this e-mail out today telling them about the indent. a company spokesman by phone told me that the breach has led to some customers receiving spam e-mails. e-mails that should be ignored. >> walgreens never asks for information on an e-mail. >> reporter: but e danger of the cyber world has customers keeping an eye on their personal information. >> i ask a lot of questions. >> because i don't want anyone hacking into my information. we've had that before, i work for the federal government and we see cases like that all the time. >> reporter: one woman said
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she's on walgreens list but rarely pays attention to those e-mails. >> even if i get something in the mail, i look into it before i call anybody or give anybody information. >> reporter: walgreens officials say they have heard from some customers but that they see no serious problems so far. the company has create add hot line, for that number go to our website san francisco police are investigating the city's 47th homicide this year. it happened last night at the alameny housing development in the 500 block of alameny boulevard. hunter went to visit a woman at her apartment around 8:30 last night. the woman told police she had gone to the back to the apartment for a short time when she heard a gunshot and came back and found hunter with a gunshot wound to the head. police have not arrested anyone in the case. now to the east bay where tonight the search for an
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elderly man missing for days has taken a devastating turn. the 90-year-old man was found dead not far from his home. jim vargas live now in oakland with more, jim. >> reporter: gasia, this story came to a sad end about mid- morning. it was about 9:45 this morning when the body of 90-year-old dr. robert lichenstein . >> he takes walks three, four times a day. walks sometimes four miles even more. >> reporter: markings on the muddy trail behind the shopping center look like he may have fallen from the trail. they often saw him getting some
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exercise by the aid of his walker. the shopping center manager told us he saw dr. lichenstein walking by the shopper center with his walker. a short time ago, the family told us that they advised the coroner that they will not need an autopsy. the dr. apparently died of a heart attack. a nine-year-old girl told police she and her little brother were followed by two men in a grey van while walking home from school. once the children were inside their house, one of the men rang their doorbell. the girl did not open the door and the men left. but the school is sending out alerts to parents. >> i feel very uneasy, i want my kids to be safe. so we would like to know more
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about what happened. >> there have been a few incidents like this, but you just have to take precaution. >> police say they have no suspects and just a vague description of the men and their van. elizabeth smart was snatched from her utah home eight years ago. today a federal jury convicted the preacher. nicole collins has the story. >> reporter: bryan david mitchell was found guilty of kidnapping elizabeth smart. >> it's real. >> reporter: elizabeth smart and her family call the day victorious. >> not only is this an example that justice can be served in america, but that it is possible to move on after
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something terrible has happened. >> reporter: mitchell's stepdaughter however says the jury got it wrong. >> he should have been found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent some where. >> reporter: even mitchell's defense team never disputed the fact that he snatched elizabeth smart from her bedroom at knife point. and smart testified that he repeatedly raped her for months. the defense claimed mitchell was so delusional that he did not understand his actions. prosecutors argued that 57-year- old mitt chen is faking men -- mitchell is faking mental illness to avoid sentencing. >> i think we were a tight nit group that made an intelligent decision. >> reporter: 64-year-old barsey reached a plea bargain and is
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serving 15 years in prison. pretty myth mitchell faces a life sentence. i'm nicole collins. and the victim in this case says that she hopes that what happened today serves as an example that something terrible can happen in one's life but that that person can go on. and see what's prompting the faa to make key changes for private and commercial pilots. hear why wikileaks may be bracing for a new cyber attack. the rain clouds are moving out of the area, but we still have quite a bit of moisture in place. the one obstacle that could impact your visibility in the morning and more details for the weekend.
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the salvation army is an international movement created to help people in need. tonight it is the salvation
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army that says the in need. they say more and more people are knocking on their doors but not to donate. christien kafton is here with the story. >> reporter: the salvation army is hoping to bring happiness during christmas, but take a look over here. they need dozens of toys. they only have enough toys to fill one corner of one office. the salvation army bells are a part of the holiday tradition. but this year, fewer people are hearing the call for donations. where it's most visible this year is the lack of toys for the annual toy drive. >> we've gotten about 15 toys today, we had 34 yesterday. so that makes us at 49 toys. >> how many do you need? >> 13,000. >> ordinarily the antioch salvation army which serves all of eastern contra costa county has enough toys to fill this
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trailer. this year the need is up by 30%. at the same time even major donors are coming up short. >> influencing people to give is getting more and more difficult because people have less of a resource. >> reporter: the salvation army isn't alone, st. anthony's had fed and clothed san francisco's needy. this year the kitchens are empty. >> we're down 18% on monetary gifts. it's certainly a credit to the economy. >> reporter: the mayor here at the salvation army has been waiting by this phone here. waiting for a corporate sponsor or anyone, even individual donors to call with a miracle. christien kafton, channel 2 news. according to a u.s. data
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security company, down loads of free software used in the attacks have jumped by thousands overnight. meanwhile, key house republicans say the obama administration is being too soft on wikileaks. the security committee says the justice department has to take charge. >> we have to realize that cyber attacks are going to be a big part of the war of this century. we have to be taking stronger action. >> reporter: eric holder has promised to hold accountable anyone involved in the theft of stolen government material. the federal aviation administration is now making may jr. major changes for private and commercial aircrafts. that's more than 100,000 planes, in many cases the faa cannot say who even owns the plane making it easier for
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criminals or terrorists to operate. the faa will bebegin canceling registrations of all aircrafts and owners have to reregister. we are at the very beginning at what should be the nicest weekend we've seen in a long time. here's meteorologist mark tamayo in for bill. >> we have clouds and fog to start out the day, clearing skies into the afternoon. right now the rain clouds are up to our north. we could have spotty drizzle in play. but the significant rainfall around eureka. we have rain down to if south bay for san jose. here's the plan for tonight, mostly cloudy skies, fog already developing. i wouldn't be surprised right
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around the bay itself. temperatures really warming up, then the extended forecast will bring in more clouds and more rain chances in your five day forecast. for tomorrow morning, we could have dense fog right around the delta area for fairfield especially. starting out the day right around 50 degrees. by 12:00, scattered clouds, 58 and still afternoon haze. so here we go, first thing tomorrow morning we're showing you most of the bay area in the 50s. the coolest locations in the upper 40s for santa rosa and napa with partly to mostly cloudy skies and patchy fog in place. and rain showers are moving across the area, you notice a trend, the cloud bank is heading out to the north. it's going to stay there through the weekend. our computer model supporting that theory. all day saturday we're dry, all
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day into sunday, as that high pressure continues to build. temperatures will be warming up especially by sunday. coming up, we're talking about the neighborhoods that will be in the 70-degrees. it's been called rare and stunning. hear why a federal court reversed itself in a key ruling. a chase ends in deadly results. find out why officers were pursuing the suspect. new at 6:00, we're looking into a south bay pot war. after agents shut them down, see how some medical marijuana advocates are fighting back. a shortage of charitable donations are just part of the problem. the similar problem we found in
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other parts of the bay area, coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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a man died after he crashed a stolen car during a police chase this morning just off interstate 80 in berkeley. oakland police say he is the same man that hit an officer with that car last night. kraig debro has the story. >> reporter: a man crashed through a chain link fence and on to a tray powered by kaiser. the unidentified man died at a local hospital. chase began shortly after 5:00 a.m. this morning at west graham and mandela. but word about the driver went out more than six hours earlier. an officer approached the same man thursday night as he sat in his vehicle at west and 34th street. the man thought the officer
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needed help but then developed suspicion. from mandela to west graham -- later police found out one of the reasons the man took off. the car was stolen and he had trouble in the past. >> we do believe he's a parolee. >> reporter: in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a driver who fell asleep at the wheel is alive tonight after a roll over accident in vallejo this morning. it happened shortly after 4:00 a.m. on the wison onramp to westbound 37. highway patrol says five college students were inside the toyota when it flipped over
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and crashed. two suffered serious injuries, three with minor injuries. police believe alcohol was involved. the sentence of the victims sued companies that had sold life insurance policies to the victims seeking payment. a california law under which the suits were filed conflicted with u.s. foreign policy because it labeled the killings genocide. but today, a judge reversed her previous ruling. a man accused of child molestation and pornography possession now faces federal charges as well. a federal grand jury indicted 53-year-old thomas jewel yesterday on multiple counts of child pornography. jewel who is from pleasant hill
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was a juvenile counselor when he was arrested last month. county officials have accused him of abusing a boy for three years beginning when the boy was just 12 years old. we may soon know where the seven suspects in a richmond gang rape case will stand trial. the preliminary hearing is coming to a close with the final two witnesses scheduled to take the stand last week. the suspects are accused of raping the 16-year-old girl outside a high school last year. nummi passengers say they are seeing a disturbing new trend. >> as the evening commute unfolds, so many customers complain their trains don't always take them to the end of the line. we find out what's going on, coming up. and i'm paul chambers live in san francisco with the man that's been fired, hired and made national news. i'll introduce you to santa john coming up. ♪
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>> i don't have time. no time for what nummi passengers say is off time. switched from one train on to another one. caltrans says switch time is needed. but passengers are saying they are getting more frustrated with that transportation technique. rob roth is live now with that story. >> reporter: right now it's the heart of the evening commute and here at church and debro street, nummi passengers are hoping to get home or wherever they may be going without enduring the frtration of
5:32 pm
having to get off their train before getting back on. it's on the rise on some lines. passengers say they are all too familiar with switch backs. >> i hate that. i hate that, we're going to work and everything and i don't have time. >> reporter: judy says when traffic congestion occurs, it delays the congestion and switch backs are put in place. according to a new report, switch backs increased on three train lines, the l, the m and n this year compared to last. >> it takes more time and you're late for your appointments or whatever you go to. and i hope they improve it. >> this is late. >> reporter: here at nummi's new line management center, managers can manage every train and problem on a series of screens. managers say switch backs keep
5:33 pm
the system on schedule. >> people wouldn't be on schedule, if we didn't make the adjustments, they would wait much longer. >> reporter: congestion is often out of their control but automobiles share the tracks with trains. and if a train stalls it clogs the line. although switch backs they say happen in less than 1% of trains. >> we do them so that we minimize passengers because that's where the least amount of ridership is. >> reporter: nummi thought me a long time ago to have a plan b. >> reporter: nummi says beginning next month it will postsigns that will state if the passenger will not reach it's initial destination. and no train will be turned around if another train is less than five minutes away. four demolition workers are
5:34 pm
recovering from major burns in west sonoma county this week. the four men suffered the burns while demolishing an abandoned septic tank. a combination of leaking propane pipes and a jackhammer sparked the explosion. three of the men suffered third and fourth degree burns. a san francisco supervisor wants the city to step up and better protect swans at the palace of fine arts. this comes after one of the birds at the palace of fine arts was killed back in late november. the city has remained the last remaining swan to the city zoo. after he got fired for telling a salty joke to a couple, tonight that santa has a brand new bag. the man at the very center of the controversy is marking his first day at his new job right
5:35 pm
down the street. paul chambers has the story. >> reporter: the most famous santa outside of the original, santa john is meeting people at lefty o' doules. >> you know why santa is so happy and jolly don't you? because he knows where all the naughty girls and boys live. and that was the extent of it. >> it's a joke, it's a joke. you know. it's santa. >> the first time they complained, macy's, get him out of here. >> that is until the management of lefty o' douls stepped in. >> have you been a good girl? >> i asked him if he could come work with us. i said i will pay you double. >> are you going to bring me
5:36 pm
something very nice for christmas? >> i have to talk to mrs. santa. >> and i'll help him get a job during the regular season. >> reporter: publicity is coming just in time for lefty o'doules. now with tumey as their spokesperson they are looking to bringing thousands of toys. >> i'm just glad there's another option for him. >> reporter: and calls for macy's comments were not returned. if you want to meet santa john, come down to lefty o'douls. and the sound of ringing bells made it feel a lot like
5:37 pm
christmas in san francisco's union square today. >> come and get any jar you want. this is all for a good cause. it is for the salvation army. >> reporter: yes that is ktvu's own sal castaneda and rita williams were just two of the many media professionals and many others taking part in the salvation army annual celebrity bell ringing contest. it is the ceremonial kick off of the season where people get to fill the buckets with cash to help the needy. >> this year, we're going to help families. on christmas morning we're going to be serving 4,000 hot meals. that helps a lot of people. this year the salvation army also honored san francisco protocall director as founder of the celebrity bell ringing
5:38 pm
event. president obama gets some big time democratic event for his tax plan. see what secretary hilton is saying. general motors says it's growth is being hindered. see who they are blaming and why.
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president obama brought in a political superstar today to
5:41 pm
rally support for his tax cut deal. former president bill clinton met privately with mr. obama then both men made an appearance before the white house press core. mr.clinton said i do not believe there's a better deal out there although he expressed his thoughts on the tax deal. >> i make quite a bit of money now, so the republicans plan would benefit me. but i do not agree with it. the government gave gm nearly $50 million to bail out the auto makers but also set
5:42 pm
salary limits. gm ceo jeff acreson said those limits are now hurting the company ice attempts to rebound from bankruptcy. bad news for borders bookstores. the bookstore is reporting loss of $170 million pushing shares back more than 17%. the company's ceo says borders is also planning to close 60 stores. news that the tax cuts would pass helped the stocks today. a trade deficit in october fell to its lowest level in nine months. the dow added 40 points, a jump of about 1/3 of a percent to 11,410. the attorney general of
5:43 pm
connecticut has sent google a legal demand that says google must give them information that they collected from wireless networks. google apologized for collecting the data while their camera cars were driving through neighbors for their street view feature. connecticut's ag says he wants to know what is in the data collect so he can determine if google broke any laws. a member of president obama's cabinet is in the hospital tonight. we'll tell you who it is and what landed him there. also, is it going up or down? we'll have newly released figures on life expectancy here in the u.s. rain clouds are moving out of the bay area: coming up, the warmest day for your weekend and if rain clouds could move out? -z we're looking into a south bay pot war.
5:44 pm
after agents shut them down. see how some medical marijuana advocates are now fighting back. a shortage of charitable donations in the east bay is just a symptom of a bigger problem. thedilemma we found in another part of the bay area. tonight at 6:00. [ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties
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treasury secretary timothy geithner is recovering from a minor surgery for kidney stones. he has cancelled his appearances on the sunday news talk shows where he was scheduled to defend president obama's tax deal with republicans. a spokesman says says geithner began to feel pain from the
5:47 pm
kidney stone yesterday. and martina nurieva was hospitalized -- doctors say she is doing well. life expectancy in the united states has dropped for the first time in almost five years. according to the national center for health statistics, life expectancy dropped to 77.8 years in 2008. that's a month less than for people born in 2007. the drop is the same for both men and women. but women continued to live longer. because the drop was so small it's really impossible to know if it's the beginning of a trend. women are getting help from a two drug combination for breast cancer. the drugs taken together have shown to be effective in battling the cancer. about half of the 450 women getting the combination saw their tumors disappear. while just 20% of those women
5:48 pm
taking either drug alone had no result. and they don't look like critical fire fighting tools, but make no mistake. firefighters need this washing machine. the dirty job that will save firefighter jobs. plus the very latest on the virginia girl found in san francisco and her abductor, that story coming up at 6:00. now according to astronomers, the peak of the meteor shower will take place on sunday at midnight. well a i woke up this
5:49 pm
morning, ran some errands and there was no big rain. >> as a result we have the clouds, the light showers, but the main activity, the main dynamics is rainfall. we still have mostly cloudy skies. high clouds and low clouds already forming around the bay. the fog will be a factor for tomorrow morning, also into sunday morning as well. this was the scene today looking out across the bay. clouds, showers, mostly cloudy for tonight. it will be dry this weekend with no rain throughout. but the shower chances do return for next week. we'll see those rain clouds in the five day forecast. here's the satellite. you begin to see the clouds arching, that's a sign that high clouds are building. but whenever that builds, especially this time of year, that coupled with the recent rainfall, you get the fog that forms with that condensed morning fog. if you're headed down central
5:50 pm
and southern california on interstate 5 be very careful. we could see dense advisories in that area for saturday morning and sunday morning. temperatures will be warming up as we scale back into the clouds in the afternoon hours. temperatures at least for tomorrow, most areas in the 60s. by sunday, we could have a few neighborhoods right around the 70-degree mark. especially down toward the south bay. for this weekend, lake tahoe tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. afternoon high pretty mild in the upper 50s. 57degrees. then for sunday we scale back on the clouds. mostly sunny conditions, overnight low for sunday morning. afternoon highs approaching the 60-degree mark. back here in the bay area for tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures from the upper 40s to the lower 60s. some of the coverage tomorrow mortgage at 7:00, and then we'll take this into the afternoon hours by 3:00 and by 4:00 partly cloudy skies. we could still have lingering
5:51 pm
haze especially for the evening hours. afternoon highs, upper 50s to the low to mid-60s. santa rosa 63 degrees. fairfield at 62 and oakland 61 degrees. we do not have any dense fog advisories for tomorrow morning. but that could be changing, especially overnight as fog forms. better idea with the visibility reports. that's something to be watching saturday morning and into sunday morning. morgan hill tomorrow afternoon, 66 degrees. by sunday morgan hill could be right around the 70-degree mark. that will be the overall trend for the second half of the weekend. possibly a few low 70s. monday pretty much the same deal, look what happens by tuesday day and wednesday. we really cool off the numbers, we have more clouds. more shower chances, chance on tuesday, slight chance into wednesday. bottom line, last weekend we're tracking the threat of rainfall. this weekend no umbrellas needed. we could be talking about a few low 70s. >> here we are in december.
5:52 pm
not to get ahead, tuesday, we could see showers. does that mean snow. >> dropping a few levels, especially on wednesday. security experts are questioning whether security is strong enough for the british royal family after protesters attacked the car that was carrying prince charles and his wife camilla yesterday. the protesters surrounded camilla's rolls royce yelling . and gay activists are rallying around the ban for don't ask don't tell.
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a bay area lawmaker is set to host a free toxic screening for children's toys. spears helped organize tomorrow's toxic metal screening. she's encouraging people to bring toys, drinking glasses
5:56 pm
and jewelry to test for toxic chemicals. >> i am mad. i am mad as hell about what happened yesterday in the senate. as gay rights grouped rallies outside the capital, lawmakers circulated a new stand alone bill to allow gays to serve openly in the military. a bigger defense bill that would have repealed don't ask don't tell was rejury -- rejected in the senate yesterday. zoe dunney traveled from washington to watch the vote. >> for them to say we're not going to fund you, we're not going to give you civil rights, it was devastating. >> it is unclear if the bill had any better chance of passing than the previous one. robert gates says he hopes congress will repeal don't ask don't tell before the end of the lame duck session. >> there is much more news just
5:57 pm
ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. here in the south bay, medical marijuana supporters are lighting up tonight as part of a campaign to try to stop raids on pot clubs.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> she is well and she is in good hands right now. a young virginia girl is found in san francisco with the man accused of abducting her, the very public place where he was arrested. and good evening everyone i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. frank somerville and julie haener have this day off. a 12-year-old girl was found thousands of miles away from her virginia home. the little girl was found here in san francisco. now the man accused of fleeing the south with her is in police custody. allie rasmus live now with the very latest. >> reporter: this is where that man and 12-year-old girl was found outside the safeway on


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