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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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fulton street in san francisco. i spoke with the representative who said the arrest happened right here in the shopping cart area directly outside the store. according to san francisco police and confirmed by the spokesperson here at safeway, someone inside the store recognized the missing girl and the man who was with her from a report on the nancy grace show. that individual called police with the tip. now 32-year-old jeffrey easley is now in san francisco police custody. the 12-year-old virginia girl he was traveling with is in the custody of child protective services. the pair had been missing for 12 weeks. here's what the chief of police from that city had to say about her safe return. >> it is with a tremendous sense of relief that i say tonight that we have located britney, she is well. and she is in good hands at this time. we also located mr. easley. mr.easley is in custody with
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the san francisco police. >> reporter: now prior to their disappearance, the 32-year-old easley and that 12-year-old girl was last seen at a wal- mart in the salem virginia area, purchasing tend and camping equipment. easley was the boyfriend of that 12-year-old girl's mother. the mother was found dead in her apartment. shortly after that easley and that 12-year-old girl went missing. >> this is a very terrifying thing for the 12-year-old girl to go through. but hopefully there are other family members to care for hem. >> reporter: and surveillance videos from where the man was arrested have been turned over to police.
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but again, easley is in custody, the 12-year-old girl he was traveling with is now in protective services. authorities are trying to figure out how a 90-year-old oakland doctor died. he had been missing for three days. dr.richenstein was found by a police officer behind lincoln square this morning. there are indications he may have fallen down the hill. his family says he often went on walks. but he did suffer from dementia and had gone missing before. police say children were walking home from the school on wednesday when a gray unmarked van with two men inside were spotted outside their home. once inside their home, the children say one of the men went out and rang the doorbell. now police say there's no evidence that the men wanted to harm the children, but they issued a warning. the officer confronted four
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men drinking in garfield park on 26th street around 3:20 p.m. investigators say the men began arguing with the officer then one of the men began fighting with the officer who suffered minor lacerations. >> there's a struggle between the officer who tried to detain the suspect. now to a huge party is going on in san jose where marijuana is being sold, bought and smoked. it's put together by marijuana supporters who are protesting dispensary raids going on in the south bay. >> reporter: we are inside the medical marijuana dispensary where the fundraiser is going
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on. tonight there is an air of pot smoke as well as fear and defiance. >> reporter: the smoking santa provided holiday cheer, inside the medex collective in san jose. organizers say they were determined to hold the event despite raids yesterday at three marijuana collectives. >> the collectives that are a part of this fundraiser are drawing a line on the sand. >> reporter: one reason the collective opened for business today before and after the raids. >> reporter: a little scary to be operating today. >> very scary operating today. whether we're closed or open, they're going to come and do it any way. for us it's about helping the patients. >> reporter: raids are targeting pot clubs for selling
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pot illegally, such as nonpatients. >> it left me with my heart pounding so hard and processing, not robbery? police. >> they are trying to make a lot of destruction and noise and scared us all. they scared a lot of patients. >> reporter: at tonight's event, organizers announced they plan to file a federal lawsuit against cset. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. in oakland two men convicted of killing a 14-year- old boy in a case of mistaken identity were sentenced to decades in prison today. cortez jr. was gunned down last year on seventh avenue. he was mistakened for a rival gun member. 22-year-old julio montano was given a 50 year to life prison term. 28-year-old francisco montoya
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received 27 years to life, he helped motano flee. a motion filed this week against russo says he should be removed. he says oakland city council brunner is an attorney in that law firm. the firm disputes any conflict of interest. home values continue to fall as foreclosures rise and home buyer tax credits expire. that's an increase from 1 trillion dollars last year. values have fallen since the home values peaked. makers of game consoles and video games had their best november ever. up 8% from november of 2009 for
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a total of nearly $3 billion in sales. microsoft's new connect x box topped game console sales. while call of duty black ops was the best selling game. net flix in seattle and houston based new field exploration will bump the new york times company, office depot and kodak from the composite index. the s & p is considered a bellwether for the u.s. economy. on wall street, s & p500 closed at a two year high up seven points to 1,240. the dow closed up 40 points to end the week at 11,410. there are many people hurting this holiday season. and bay area charities are
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right there with them. these groups are usually the ones offering a lifeline to those in need. but now they are the ones pleading for help. ktvu's christien kafton live now with details. >> reporter: the salvation army here in antioch are hoping to help thousands of families this holiday season. this is all they've been able to gather so far. they only have enough toys to fill one corner of one small office. it's a sign of just how difficult this year is for charities looking for donations. >> the antioch salvation army says the problem is twofold. fewer donations and more families in need. >> we've gotten about 15 toys today. we had 34 yesterday, that brings us to 49 toys. >> reporter: how many do you need? >> 13,000. and it's not just toy
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donations. for 60 years, st. anthony's has fed and clothed those in need. this year there's plenty of room in the refrigerator. >> these shelves will fill up hopefully in the next few days so we can be ready for the holidays. >> reporter: st. anthony's says they've seen an increase in some donations. but like all charities st. anthony's needs money. >> we cannot deal with an 18% decrease, since our numbers are up and dining room and other services are up about 15%. we need to be up 15% in our donations as well. >> reporter: recipients of those services say donations are needed now more than ever. >> nowadays i'm seeing more family homeless, with babies. >> reporter: now again st. anthony's is looking for
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clothing and monetary donations. the salvation army looking to make children's holiday wishes come true with toys. we're live in antioch, christien kafton. there are many ways you can help this holiday season. visit for a list of charities seeking donations this christmas. just look for the holiday charity section right on our home page. well the santa that was fired from a macy's store is settling into his new job at lefty o'douls. santa john was fired after he told a couple that santa was so jolly because he knew where to find all the bad boys and girls. >> i told him he could stay here 20 years, as long as he wants. he can continue to come back and i can even try to help him get a job during the regular listen. >> reporter: the publicity has been good for the firefighter
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toy drive. the state is poised for a selling spree. the decision made today that could put the california supreme court up for sale. san francisco firefighters say $5,000 washing machine can help save lives. find out how coming up. the walgreen's security breech that resulted in a fast filling inbox. and tomorrow morning we could have one obstacle that could impact your visibility. we'll also have more noticeable changes in our temperatures.
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an internet security breach
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has resulted in hackers stealing e-mail addresses of walgreens customers. only e-mail addresses were stolen which could lead to spam e-mails. >> it's not surprising, it's a little bit disappointing. >> walgreens says they have heard from some customers but that they have seen no serious problems so far. and the owner of the oakland bakery was sentenced. meanwhile a judge is allowing new evidence in the trial of former muslim bakery
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leader yuseff. councilwoman kelly ferguson was elected as mayor on tuesday but the city attorney determined that she violated an open government law when she lobbied fellow council members for the job. the two term council member says if there was a violation, it was not intentional. the council will meet on tuesday to decide the matter. it will not sound like the most critical piece of equipment for the fire house. today san francisco firefighters received brand new washing machines. and david stevenson joins us to tell us how washing machines could save jobs. >> reporter: the washing machines cost five to $6,000, but these washing machines could help save lives.
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christmas came early at the fire station seven. it's one of five new industrial washing machines that are going to be used to wash carcinogens from firefighters clothing to try to prevent cancer. >> you have to have the proper detergents that remove these chemicals. >> reporter: at least 1/3 of retired firefighters reported having cancer. the cause comes from particles that fire fighters are exposed to. >> all things being equal, we are still exposed to many more things than the average person is. >> reporter: firefighter david ami tuinaji is from remission
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from a type of nasal cancer. they hope the machines will help remove carcinogens along with fears of serious illness. >> i never ever thought when i swore in, rose my right hand and swore in to be a firefighter that i would have to think about the oncology waiting room. >> reporter: installation of the machines is set for mid- january after the city's department of public works grants the proper permits. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a state of art tunnel is open to bicyclists. the cost to convert the old train tunnel was $27 million. some 800,000 bike trips will be made through that tunnel each
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year. >> it may not be exactly perfect but this weekend looks pretty good compared to what we've had, right mark. >> at least i can officially say no rain clouds for your bay area weekend. just some fog to deal with. the significant rainfall up to the north of the bay area, we still have some lingering clouds in place. and the most recent observation reporting rain. san francisco and oakland there's dense fog forming. that will be a concern especially as we head into saturday morning. mostly cloudy skies, fog will continue to develop. weekend forecast temperatures will be warming up. especially as we head into sunday. the extended, we bring back the rain clouds and chance of a few showers in the extended outlook. partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 40s up in the north bay for santa
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rosa, napa, san francisco 42. as far as the rainfall you see it all headed up to the north. here we are on saturday 39. maybe a few showers up toward eureka. pretty much the same deal, we'll be tracking this rain band as we do head into next week but not for the bay area weekend. once again the clouds beginning to arch up to the north, pretty much a signature of high pressure building in. whenever you get that fog building in, you get quite a bit of moisture on the ground. we'll continue to track morning fog. some of that central valley fog could be move into the bay area with that northerly wind. temperatures on sunday will be warming up. the warmest locations in the south bay, say morgan hill and gilroy could be upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures 48 to 63. into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy, upper 60s to the low to mid-60s.
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we'll go 65 on the high end. santa rosa 63. antioch at 62, san francisco right around 60. san jose mid-60s, right around 65. your five day forecast, we're dry for saturday, also sunday and also into monday. temperatures will be cooling off in the next week in advance of those rain chances, by tuesday we bring chance of scattered rain showers and slight chance as you can see into wednesday as well. gasia and mike, if you are traveling the roadways, just be extra careful. you can have clear skies and all of a sudden that fog bank, you are in it and it's dropped visibility. >> thanks, mark. 11 state buildings to a texas firm was given a tentative go ahead. state buildings would be among those sold then rented back to the state. the governor hopes to raise $1.3 billion in the sales and pay off $1 billion in bond.
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critics claim the deal will cost $6 billion in rent over the next 35 years. senator dianne feinstein is speaking to tribes to build casinos. hundreds are seeking shelter this christmas but there simply is not enough room for all these furry little friends. the way you can help this holiday season.
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animal shelters in the south bay are overflowing with dogs and puppies in need of adoption this holiday season. the human society saying it's trying to find homes for 250 dogs that have come into the shelter in the last few weeks. they are allowing potential owners to set their own adoption fee to help the dogs get a home. >> they can name their price, if you would like to adopt a dog for $25, you can adopt a dog for $25. >> experienced dog owners who
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can adopt a dog for life are urged to consider fostering a dog until it's ready for adoption. fred inglis in for mark ibanez and guess who's in town tonight. >> the nba circus is in town. the heat come in with a six win streak. all the talk that lebron james, bosh and dwayne lacked chemistry is quieting down. they are the beatles of the mba and high expectation come with this mystery tour. >> you just look and see the opportunities you have and as i just explained. there's people who set out all year and work very hard to be able to get a ticket to the game. you want to give them what they came for. that's to see a great miami heat team. they want to see their team play well. you want to give them that. so hopefully we can give them
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the show that they set out for. >> how about this, nfl hall of famer steve young and jerry rice are reuniting as part of the van hughes sport wear company. >> i just don't think that we can play with the big boys. we don't have the talent to play the big boys but i think tactically we can't do it right now. we are completely disconnected from the legacy of the 80s and 90s which i think was transformational for the league not just for the 49ers. mike he represents the 1985 bears. those are completely different. >> seems like they need a steve young in the 49ers front office. san francisco must win sunday to keep play offs alive. heat and warriors highlights tonight at 10:00. gasia. >> thanks, we appreciate it. coming up on bay area news
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at 7:00 on tv 36. san francisco police are briefing media at this hour about the missing virginia girl found in the city today. we will have a live update on her and her alleged abductor in 30 minutes again on tv 36. that is our report everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. on behalf of everyone here at ktvu, thanks so much for watching. well see you back here at 10:00.
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