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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. tonight police say a second kidnapping suspect is behind bars in the bay area. the city where he and a missing teenaged girl were located. new details about the missing virginia girl found safe in the bay area. where she was living before her alleged abductor was arrested? don't move! >> oakland police open up. the unusual step the department took today to educate the public about the use of force. complete bay area news
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coverage startses right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening, i'm mike mibach in for ken wayne. hello again, i'm heather holmes. a15-year-old girl from redding has been found safe in san francisco. police have arrested her uncle and an unidentified man as they are investigate this as a possible abduction. we have a crew working on this breaking news story and we'll have a live report coming up for you in just a few minute. in other news tonight, deputies from virginia are in san francisco. their goal, to get a 12-year- old girl who had been missing for a week and her alleged kidnapper back to the east coast. ktvu's debora villalon is live in san francisco with new information about where the two were living. >> reporter: ocean beach now figures into this, heather. and yes, at about noon today, four detectives from virginia arrived here in the city, two
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of them to question the suspect who is jailed here at the hall of justice and the two others to deal with the girl, who is in protective care. this campsite is part of the puzzle, it's where a missing 12- year-old girl from virginia mason and the 32-year-old man she was traveling with spect at least some of their time in san francisco before they were recognized from national news report outside of a nearby store and picked up. >> presently mr. easley has three charges against him. >> reporter: virginia investigators say jeffrey scott easley faces felonies for credit card fraud and abducting the girl, but may in fact, be involved in a far more serious crime, the murder of the girl's mother. the three of them shared a home in roanoke county, where the mother was found dead, december 6th. the last time anyone saw the boyfriend and daughter in virginia was three days earlier at a wal-mart store. >> as far as the murder
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charge, i think that that is something that we'll have to consult with the commonwealth attorney on. >> she just looked innocent. >> reporter: witnesses who saw the pair outside the safeway say they were panhandling and had all their possessions with them. >> it was a lot of bags, a lot of lug yang. >> reporter: now that virginia detectives are here, they will be arranging the girl's reunion with family. her father has already spoken with her by phone. >> he couldn't even believe it was her. he wanted to know and be sure it was her. he asked her for the name of his dog and her dog to make sure it was her. >> reporter: again, the sufficient jeff easley remains jailed here, awaiting extradition to virginia. we hope to touch base with the detectives and have an update for you at 10:00. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. back to our breaking news.
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for the second day in a rho san francisco police have located an alleged child abductor. a man is under arrest for kidnapping his 15-year-old niece from her home in redding last month. patti lee live in the city with the latest developments. patti. >> reporter: this month-long manhunt came to an end only by chance because the cousin of missing girl had been to be shopping at this sports basement with her boyfriend and spotted the girl walking with her alleged kidnapper and a third man, whose involvement is unclear at this time. 15-year-old jean berlinghoff is in protective custody, her uncle under arrest and a third man from oregon detained for questioning. >> the suspect was shocked and said oh, no, so we knew something was wrong. they all provided us different names. subsequently the cousins came back and gave the true identity of the abductor and the victim. >> reporter: san francisco police say they detained the
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trio at 15th and folsom. they were standing around this red bronco, where they may have been spending the night. the three did not resist arrest. police say the 15-year-old victim appear to be somewhat relieved to be found, but also expressed concern about the welfare of her alleged abductor. berlinghoff has been convicted of child molestation in the past, but as of know, police do not know if he assaulted his niece. >> again, i'm relieved that we have had the opportunity to assist and take these people into custody and return these people back to their families. >> reporter: the victim's father and suspect's brother has said that he did not know about his brother, charles berlinghoff's criminal history, but started to get suspicious when he saw inappropriate text sent to his daughters a cell phone, but before he had a chance to confront them, the two of them left town. the trio are at the mission
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district substation and will be held here as detective from redding make their way to the city. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the coast guard has called off a search for man in richardson bay in tin tiburon. a woman reported the 2-year-old man had fallen overboard without a lifejacket. his the name has not been released. a helicopter and three boats looked for the victim for several hours. the is a lt. said the chances were slim of finding the man alive in the chilly water. oakland police are investigating three unrelated shootings in the past 24 hours, including a fatal shooting in east oakland. 33-year-old lamont smith was shot to damage around 8:30 last night. police believe the father of two was walking to the store when he was gunned down on the 1300 block of 65th avenue. two hours later another shooting. this one at mcarthur boulevard
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and seminary avenue. one man was injured and listed in serious condition tonight. more gunfire, this time 1:00. police say a 24-year-old san leandro man was shot as he attended a vigil for another shooting victim, killed earlier this week. 27-year-old dameon laramore was shot to death thursday night. no arrests have been made in any of these shootings. police have offering rewards for information in all of those cases. the oakland police department criticized for excessive use of force in a deadly shooting just last month opened their front doors today and unveiled a piece of equipment they call "critical" in their training. john sasaki live in oakland with that story. >> reporter: mike at opd headquarters officered explains to residents and the media today their standards for use of force, including deadly force.
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>> don't move! >> reporter: officer chris saunders demonstrated the oakland police department shoot or don't shoot simulator. he killed two suspects on video who had shot at him. simulator is used to train officers and just as importantly making life or death decisions. >> more training you get, the better off, the quicker you can make that decision. >> reporter: how quickly do you have to make that decision? >> split second, maybe a tenth of a second. >> reporter: as part of the event hosted by the department, they put members of media through the simulator as well. >> drop the knife, sir! >> i had to kill the suspect who came at me with the knife and debriefed with instructors. police told me i made the right decision. the seminar included instruction on case law and department policies on when to use force and what kinds allowable in specific situations. >> use of force is a necessary thing in law enforcement, but
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it's also very controversial. >> reporter: especially in a city, such as oakland that has highly controversial police skets, such as the killing last month of derrick jones, who was unarmed and running away from officers at the time. >> a lot of people say wait a minute, how is a person in immediate threat if they are running away from you? it depend. >> reporter: in the jones case, investigators say he was reaching for his waistband, perhaps for a weapon. oakland councilwoman desley brooks went through the seminar, including the simulator. >> i had actually talked to the chief right after the most recent shooting with derrick jones and said it would be good to bring citizens in and i think it's good they have jumped on this to bring people in and begin to talk about the process. >> reporter: mayor-elect jean quan also came to the seminar and told me that the department must examine its policies and training to determine whether they need to be enhanced. live in oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> two armed gunmen held up the barnes & noble bookstore on
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the sonoma state university campus and tied up a female employee. well, the men then fled the stereo around 7:15 this morning. employee, who isn't a student was able to free herself about half an hour later and call police. campus police continue to search for the men who were wearing ski masks, but are described as being between 5'7" and 5'9" tall. the store had extra monon hand because of a buy-back program, but it's unclear how much money was stolen. efforts are underway to make this a toxic-free holiday season. congresswoman speier joined the burlingame recreation center where toys were tested for toxic metals including lead and cadmium. >> we're forced to create this kind of opportunity for people in your community, because in fact, there are toxic toys in
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our stores. >> this summer congressham speier introduced the toxic metals protect act, which would ban certain metal. the act failed to pass this year, but the congresswoman plans to reproduce it next year. well just who is to blame for the nation's troubled education system? >> i know there are so many sacrifices that she made for us that we'll never know about. >> also she was defined by strength and courage in the face of advertise. the moving words elizabeth edwards left behind for her loved ones. the fog really topped in the barack weather headlines today and when rain chances return in the five-day outlook.
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antioch police are searching for the hit-and-run driver of a minivan who killed a 42-year- old woman on l street and claudia court around 5:00 p.m. last night. investigators say the driver went around a car that was waiting for the victim to cross a street and struck her. witnesses say the hit-and-run vehicle is a newer model, purple or dark-blue minivan. driver was last seen heading westbound on highway 4. anyone with information in the case is urged to contact antioch police. this morning volunteers with the patrol laid 100 wealths at 700 wreaths. they tell us that they are trying to increase that to 3,000 next year. it's all part the wreaths across america program. wreaths were laid at cemeteries in san bruno and sonoma. >> in the same church 15 years ago she mourned the loss of her
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teenaged season, elizabeth edward was remembered today. the church was filled to honor the woman who many say displayed her strength and poise until her battle with cancer ended. reporter heather childers has more. >> reporter: a celebration of life for elizabeth edwards in raleigh, north carolina. her children accompanied by their father, john edwards. senator john kerry and vicky kennedy, former wife of senator ted kennedy, attending the memorial. >> every single thing she did, she did to the fullest possible extent. >> reporter: edwards entered public live in 1997 when her husband, john, became a u.s. senator. she accompanied helmet on the campaign trail during two failed presidential bids. >> six years later she was diagnosed with bed & breakfast cancer and it returned in 2007. cate read experiments from a letter that her mother left behind for her kids.
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all i ever really needed was you, your love, your preference to make my live complete. you are a complete joy to me. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards final years were made more complicated with her husband admitted to having an affair and fathering a child. a block away from the service members of controversial group protested the service. westboro protesters were met by a larger group of counterprotesters. >> the son of bernie madoff was found dead in his new york apartment today, two years to the day after his father was arrested for a $65 billion investment scam. investigators say mark madoff apparently hung himself while his 2-year-old son slept in the next room. the 46-year-old was found by his father-in-law this morning. he and his brother were named
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in multiple civil lawsuits accusing them of profiting from the scheme. bay area coincidencewoman jackie speired is flatly she did not support the deal that president obama brokered with republicans. >> it's not a compromise. i believe it's a capitulation and it's ever wish that the republican caucuses wanted for decades. it's so bad that the tax cuts that were provided for estates during the bush administration are trumped in this proposal by president obama. >> congresswoman speiers said former president bill clinton's apartners at the white house shows president obama is losing his political base. in his weekly internet address today, mr. obama expressed confidence that this tax deal will pass, saying the economic recovery depends on it. nursing students at oakland's samuel merritt university held a health clinic for day lobbers. it's offered twice a month at
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the center. they are designed to help migrant workers and others get the preventative care they need to stay healthy. the volunteers focus on problems unique to day laborers. >> we pay particular attention to muscular skeletal problems because of work that they do. the workers also received tetanus shots and volunteers also asked them about their living conditions and recommending things like smoke detectorss. the-year-old program gives students practical experience in treating patient. bay area air quality officials have issued something that they have only issued one orthotime this season/a spare the air alert and it starts tonight at midnight. that mean it's illegal to burn wood outside or indoors, including in fireplaces or stoves. officials say pollution hovers in the reason when winds are lighted. air pollution is linked to asthma and other illnesses. >> i what's been marked up this morning the fog was in and
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i drove to work this afternoon and the fog was still in. meteorologist mark tamayo. >> hi there, heather and mike. we have is we have the decrease in the air quality and also persistent fog across parts of bay area, locally dense. in fact, today, this was the scene look out, the fog advisory in place for san francisco bay for the boaters. this was the camera looking out from san rafael and over the bay itself. that low cloud deck was basically blanketing the bay bridge earlier today. here we are looking out from our oakland camera. with all that lingering fog and haze will be a factor for tonight and tomorrow night. right now on live stormtracker 2, i can show you some of the storm coverage out there. you have mostly cloudy skies for the bay area. napa reporting visibilities down to one mile and visibilities will continue to be on decrease, at least in the short-term. the overall weather story is this across the bay area for tonight, we do have this, more
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fog, low visibilitys. tomorrow for your sunday, once again we're starting with dense overcasts. skies becoming partly cloudy. more clouds and we'll talk about rainshowers in the extended outlook. first thing tomorrow morning we're talking about upper 40s to the 50s. san francisco right around 50 degrees. livermore 46 and the fog a good bet first thing tomorrow morning. san josi, 50 degrees with the overcast out there. by 12:00, 58 and afternoon high by 3:00, 65 degrees with skies becoming partly cloudy. that will be the forecast for a good portion of the bay area over the next 24 hours. here you can make out on the satellite the clouds move to the north of the bay area as high pressure continues to build. as a result we have that dry weather pattern for tomorrow, but with that you get the sinking air that compresses the fog and the big concern is the fog that forms in the circle valley. it will puck back to the bay
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area tonight first thing tomorrow morning, reduced visibilities, so just be extra careful drying can the bay area roadways tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00, areas of fog. by 12:00, patchy fog, 55-60 and by 3:00, upper 50s to the upper 60s. you can see the afternoon highs keeping it cool for concord and antioch. morgan hill right around 68 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. pretty much the same deal into monday as well. we'll be talking about low clouds and fog. showers likely into tuesday. mostly cloudy skies for wednesday. and heather and mike, for thursday/friday and beyond that point as well, we could be talking about significant rainfall across parts of the state. just be extra careful trying to navigate through the fog tomorrow. >> thank you, mark. when it comes to poor graduation rates many americans say the problem begins at home.
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the new stanfordp associated press survey say they believe a lack of parental involvement is a problem,53% considered school administrators a problem, but only 35% believed that bad teachers are to blame. more than half asked consider a lack of discipline and violence in schools to be major issues. the u.s. marines and the mass transit authority screamed up to fill the trucks with toys. the vta tells us that the bus was filled and a second bus was filling up by 4:00 p.m. >> we're in need right now of more toys. this is a harder year financially for the economy. so if anybody can come out and give toys it would be much appreciated. >> marines hope to deliver toys to 90,000 children in santa clara county. they will be accepting toys right up until christmas each r-
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ehh. you can go on line at toys for tots. there are many ways you can help this holiday season. visit and look for the holiday charity tab on our home page. we have just received heisman details. stick with us when we return.
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. joe fonzi. [ laughter ] >> what is happening? >> time for sports. >> just typing away because it's time for sports. >> let me just fake it, what the heck? i have it. >> go for it. >> with all due respect to army-navy the heavy lifting has been done what it comes to the regular college season. there was the matter of today's college football's most prestigious awards, stanford quarterback andrew luck in new york along with auburn as you cam newton and lak michael james of oregon. when the announcement came it really wasn't much of a surprise. >> the winner is cam newton. [ applause ] newton received 93% of the first place vote and becomes the third auburn player
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to win the highsman. andrew luck was second, meaning a stanford player was runner-up for the second year from a row. he now joins a list that includes some of the biggest names to ever play college football. >> it's a dream come true, for me. every child has a dream playing the sport of football and i'm living testimony that anything is possible. >> and de la salle high school is about to wrap up a spot in the championship. spartans take the lead over cal. this game is the north coast section championship and it will keep the spartans undefeated with one more game
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to play. we'll have all the rest of the day's sports tonight at 10:00 an sportswrap. coming up on the 10:00 news, two missing girls found in san francisco. we're following both of those cases. >> we certainly are and expect an update on the 12-year-old girl taken from virginia. new developments coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. that is our report for now everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'll my mibach and for everyone here at ktvu, channel 2 news, thank you for watching. >> good night.
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