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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 11, 2010 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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new at 10:00, an armed suspect orders from officers a foot chase and then a burst of gunfire. good evening, i'm mike kneeback, in tonight for ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. vallejo police tonight are talking to witnesses about the officer involved shooting. the man refused put down a gun. it happened behind sonoma avenue at the intersection of kentucky street. that's where we're new life with the very latest for you, debra? >> reporter: heather, it
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happened late this afternoon, a deadly confrontation that began here on one of the busiest streets and ended in this valley. police got a 911 call that a man was brandishing a gun and nettening another person with it. they saw the man waving the gun as well and they ordered him to drop it. the suspect instead fled into the alley where one officer fired on the man several times. >> he had a confrontation with the officers. he was in possession of a firearm. the firearm was recovered and he was shot. >> did the suspect ever fire his gun? >> we don't believe so. >> reporter: vallejo pd is not releasing the name of the suspect because they're still contacting his family. the officer involved is on paid administrative leave. we're told he is a veteran
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officer and he has at least ten years on the force. now for a time, this incident stretched vallejo police britain. because of budget reasons, they have about six patrol officers on the street and 10 at night. in response to the shooting and witnesses that needed to be interviewed officers were called in tonight. debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. it happened after 7:00 this evening in the 9200 block of international boulevard. this is new video that recently came into the newsroom. police say one person died on the scene. four other people with gunshot wounds were transported to the hospital. the identities and ages of the victims have not been released. so far, no arrests have been made. police ran the campus of -- on the campus of sonoma state university are looking for two men who tied up a bookstore
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employee this morning. it happened about 7:15 about three hours before the store opened. the men wore black mask and got away with an undisclosed amount of money. campus spokesperson shade the money that the -- said that the store had extra money on hand. the search for a missing teenaged girl from redding ended today in san francisco. tonight the girl's alleged abductor, heroon 8:00 is behind -- her uncle is behind bars. patty lee is here. >> reporter: 44-year-old charles berlinghoff is under arrest on an outstanding warrant for child abduction. the alleged victim? his niece, jean berlinghoff. a cousin of the missing teen who happened to be shopping spotted her walking with her alleged kidnapper and an unidentified the man. >> the suspect was was shock
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and said oh no. they all provided us different names. subsequently the cousins came back and gave the true identity of the ab buck tour and the victim. >> reporter: san francisco police detained the trio. they were standing around this parked red bronco. >> i looked like it had been lives in for a while. >> reporter: jean appeared relieved to have been found, but expressed concern about the alleged kidnapper. >> i'm relieved we've had the opportunity to assist and take the people into custody and off the streets and return these people back to their families. >> reporter: charles berlinghoff was convicted of indecent exposure back in 1993. a history the victim's father has said he knew nothing about. but he did notice inappropriate texts from uncle to daughter, but they left town before he could act. police don't know if there was inappropriate contact with the victim and her alleged
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abductor. >> she appeared to be fine and of course we're going to be interviewing the victim and make sure that physically and medically that she's fine. >> reporter: investigators are also questioning the man accompanying the berlinghoffs, but he has not been arrested. all three are at the mission police station while redding officials come down the take over the investigation. in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight's four detectives from virginia are in san francisco working to uncover new evidence in the kidnapping case of a 12-year-old virginia girl found alive in san francisco. one key piece of evidence they did find was located near san francisco international airport. >> this morning, the remnants of a crime scene on the outskirts of ocean beach. this camp site packed with potential clues that could lead to the conviction of 32-year- old jeffrey scott easley. >> presently mr. easley has three charges against him.
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>> from credit card fraud to kidnapping, easley is also is suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, 41-year-old tina smith, the employer of the 12- year-old -- mother of the 12- year-old girl. smith was found dead in virginia on monday. today her car was located in the bay area. >> we have recovered the car. some of you folks asked us about that yesterday. it's my understanding that it was located in a parking lot. adjacent to the airport in san francisco. >> easley and the 12-year-old girl had been last seen together on a security camera inside a virginia wal-mart where police say easley bought camping supplies. yesterday the two were spotted panhandling outside this richmond district safeway by someone who recognized their photos on a national crime show. the family says her father is in shock. >> everybody here is just elated. they're -- there's so many tears i'm afraid we may flood south boston. her father has talked to her.
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he couldn't even believe it was her. >> police say easley met the mother online in the summer and moved into the family home in october. they added that extradition proceedings for easley are underway. a dense fog advisory is posted tonight for the bay area. here's a live look outside right from one of the rooftop cameras in san francisco and boy, well, it's hard to seaway this is, but it's pointed at the golden gate bridge, which as you can see here, you really can't see the bridge due to the fall. we have more from the weather center what a shot there, huh mark? >> the fog reports have been increasing and it's the dangerous type of fog where you can have relatively fair skies and clear skies and then all of a sudden the fog bank. these are the current fog reports, not much in visibility restrictions just yet, but from mountain view to san jose,
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concord, liver more and fairfield. the fog advisory is in place for the san francisco bay boaters right foul until 9:00 tomorrow morning. visibility less than a quarter of a mile and this has been expanded to include out to the county for the delta and this could be expanded even more so as we head into overnight hours. just depends on the fog pattern. watch off for a big dropoff in visibility once again. and this will also have an impact on the sunday afternoon temperatures coming up the neighborhoods that the temperatures actually remain capped mainly in the mid- to upper 50s for tomorrow afternoon. i'll have that in the full forecast. the same weather pattern producing all of the fog is also leading to poor air quality and that has prompted another spare the air alert. starting at midnight, illegal to burn wood outside or indoors including fireplaces and stoves. pollution hovers in the region when winds are light and it's been linked to as asthma and
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other illnesses. police say the unidentified 42-year-old woman was trying to cross l street at lemon tree way at about 5:00 when she was hit. a car stopped at a crosswalk the let her cross, but police say the minivan passed that car and hit her. police also say that the minivan is purple or dark blue and last seen being driven westbound on highway 4. dozens of teenagers took a stand against bullying tonight. they attended a vigil and marched to draw attention to a serious epidemic. some carried photos of amanda brow nell. the event was held in her honor. brownell survived her suicide attempt and living as a paraplegic in a nursings home. tonight a north bay man believed to have drowned in the waters has been identified.
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the marin county independent journal says 28-year-old casey speed of santa rosa is the man who fell overboard from a boat last night. his wife called for help saying her husband was not wearing a life jacket. the coast guard and fire department searched for him overnight. that search though was suspended at about 4:00 this morning. . chances were slim he could have survived in the 50-degree water. well tonight for the first time in weeks, a sea gull is finally free of a beer can. that someone stuck around his neck. this is footage taken today by the group wild rescue. it was first spotted a few weeks ago on the campus of san francisco state university. they caught it today. it is the second time in a month they've had to cut a budweiser can off a sea gull. a $6,000 reward is offered in the cases. palo alto are funding crossing guards until the end of the school year.
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the guards were put in place a year ago after a number of teenage suicides. recently police have had to take two people off the tracks prompts worrying that the temptation is still too great for those in despair. a track watch volunteers as parents try to provide as much coverage as possible. but the city needs the paid guards. a split second to make a life or death decision. what it's like to be a police officer confronted with a potentially daerous suspected. man's best friend working a disaster zone. see how some canines earn their stripes today on the peninsula. and a celebration of life. how elizabeth edwards was remembered and the controversy outside her memorial service. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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the oakland police department criticized for excessive use of force in a deadly shooting just last month opened its front doors today and unveiled the piece of equipment it calls critical and its training for officers. ktvu reports. >> reporter: officer chris saunders demonstrated the oakland police department's shoot or don't shoot simulator. he killed two suspects on video who had shot at him. the simulator is used the train officers in defensive techniques and also make the life or death decisions.
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>> the more training you get, the better off and quicker you can make that decision. so -- >> but how quickly? >> split second, maybe a tenth of a second. >> reporter: as part of a use of force seminar hosted by the department, officers put members of the media through the simulator as well. >> drop the knife sir, drop the knife sir. drop the knife sir. drop -- [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: i had to kill the suspect, then i debriefed with the instructors. >> do i stand by that shoot because he was charging me? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: police told me i made the right decision. the seminar also included instruction on case law and department policies on when to use force and what kind is allowable in specific situations. >> . the use of force is a necessary thing in law enforcement. but it's also very controversial. >> reporter: especially in a city such as oakland which occasionally has high profile and controversial police incidents like the killing of 37-year-old derrick jones who was unarmed and running away from officers at the time. >> a lot of people say wait a
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minute, how is a person in threat if they're running away from you? it depends. >> reporter: investigators say he was he was reaching for his waistband, perhaps a weapon. brooks went through the seminar including the simulator. >> i had actually talked to the chief right after the most recent shooting with derrick jones and said it would be good to bring citizens in and it's good they jumped on this to talk about the process. >> reporter: the mayor elect also came and said the department must examine the policies and training and determine if they need to be enhanced. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. a state appeals court says the oakland police department is spending community policing funds properly. the ruling on friday overturns one by a local court that sided with a resident who sued the city saying they did not maintain staffing levels mandated in level y. they were
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assigned to the proper positions. the voter approved measure provides about $9 million annually for community policing. it has been a very busy 24 hours for oakland police. they are investigating three unrelated shootings since last night and once of them was fatal. 33-year-old lamont smith was shot to death around 8:30 last night. police believe the father of two was walking to the store when he was gunned down on 65th avenue. two hours later a man was shot at macarthur boulevard. then around 1:00 this morning, more gunfire in oakland. a 24-year-old man was shot on the 2400 block of 21st street. police say he was at a vigil for a recent shooting victim. no arrests have been made. police are offering rewards for information in all of the cases. a critical test sponsored by the federal government was
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held today in the peninsula where participants were judged on sense and agility. 60 search dog teams from across the nation took part in today's fema sponsored search dog fest and training. -- test and training. it took place in east palo alto. the dogs searched through concrete and wood and rubble. once the victim was found, the dogs are trained to bark repeatedly. >> we don't know when the next earthquake is going to happen, but you need to be ready for it when it happened. you don't get two weeks to practice. >> once the team is certified. it can be sent to any distaste freeway moo responds to. -- disaster fema responds to. it was created after the earthquake in 1989. and hurricane hugo. police hoping to find a bar game got a chance to bid on -- bargain got a chance to bid on 74 foreclosed homes this
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morning. auctioneers from took bids on the homes at the oakland marriott this morning. analysis say 40% of homes in california are foreclosures. the homes are selling on average close to 60% below their initial listing prices. foreclosed home auctions will take place tomorrow in sacramento and monday in fresno. bay area congresswoman jackie spear didn't mince words about her lack of support for the tax deem president obama -- deal president obama brokered with republicans. >> . i believe it's a situation, it's not a compromise. i believe it is every wish that the republican caucus wanted for decades. >> congresswoman spear says former president clinton's appearance yesterday to support the deal shows president obama is losing his political base. in his weekly internet address today, mr. obama expressed confidence that the tax deal will pass saying the economic recovery depends on it. you will find more on the
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controversial deal by going the our website,, just click on the tax cut tab on the home page. elizabeth edwards was laid to rest today in north carolina. a public funeral was held in the same church where 15 years ago, she mourned the lost of her teenage son. edwards was eulogized today as a smart, funny and outspoken woman who displayed strength during her battle with breast cancer. heather childress reports. >> reporter: a celebration of life for elizabeth edwards in raleigh, north carolina. her children filing into the memorial service accompanied by their father, john edwards. family members and high profile democratic politicians. senator john kerry and vicki kennedy attending the memorial. her eldest daughter kate calling her mother a strong ray of light for her family and others. >> every single thing she did, she did to the fullest possible extent. >> reporter: edwards entered public life in 1998. she accompanied him on the
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campaign trail. six years late, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and it returned in 2007. kate also read excerpts from a letter that her mother left behind for her kids. >> all i ever really needed was you, your love, your presence to make my life complete. you are complete joy to me. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards' final years were made more complicated when her husband admitted to having an affair and fathering the child. members from the west borrow baptist church protested the funeral. the protestors were met by a much larger group of counterprotestors, they wanted to drown out any negativetive. heather childers, ktvu fox news. the son of bernard madoff was found dead today in an apparent suicide on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. investigators say the body of 46-year-old mark madoff was
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found hanging from a pipe. his 2-year-old son was asleep in a nearby room. he and his brother worked on a trading desk at their father's firm. bernard madoff is serving a 150 year prison term. the brothers were under investigation, but no criminal charges in the scheme. a somber tribute, the movement to honor those who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice during the holiday season. did it work? authorities say they had to burn down a southern california house, but was that operation a success? fog has been expanding over the past few hours. coming up, we'll take a look at the forecast model and i'll show you the conditions first thing tomorrow morning and also more on the timing of our next rain chance.
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veterans graced cemeteries all across the bay area are now adorned with wreaths for the holidays, volunteers laid wreaths with red ribbons on
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more than 1700 headstones at the san francisco national cemetery. that's far more than the 300 placed there last year. part of wreaths across america, a national effort to remember the sacrifices of military men and women and their families. organizers hope to place 3,000 wreaths next year. meanwhile, trucks delivered 24,000 wreaths to arlington national cemetery this morning. volunteers distributed the wreaths the all corners of the cemetery including puerile sites of -- burial sites of troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. kids laid the wreaths at the base of headstones and one volunteer describes what he does as he places each wreath. >> i read whose name was there. and their dates and said a thank you. >> the arlington wreath project began in 1992 when a maine couple donated 5,000 wreaths to
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the cemetery. that event grew into the wreaths across america program which provides them to more than 500 cemeteries all across the world. in news of the world tonight, in sweden an apparent suicide bomber detonated a car bomb today in the middle of stockholm's shopping district. it was followed by a second blast on the same street. it killed the bomber and injured two people. a swedish news agency said it received an e-mail warning of the attack. it's linked to sweden's presence in afghanistan. in chile, funeral services have begun. an ongoing rivalry between gangs led to the fire two days ago at san miguel prison. hundreds of their relatives protested outside the prison. the country's president has announced an almost half billion dollar plan to improve conditions in the prison. in russia, 1,000 people got
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together for a memorial honoring a russian soccer fan who was killed last week. authorities say ethnic tensions with two different regions in the country led to the shooting. protests led by soccer fans outside the kremlin turned violent today as demonstrators burned objects and broke down police barricades. the clash with police led to injuries and 65 arrests. the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan is critically ill tonight. veteran diplomat richard hol brooke is hospitalized in washington with a heart problem. he became ill yesterday at the statdepartment and had surge this morning -- surgery this morning. hillary clinton visited him last night and today. he's best known for helping broker the 1995 agreement that ended the war in bosnia. president obama called holbrooke a towering figure in american foreign policy. authorities in san diego county said burning down a house that was used to store
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bomb making chemicals did the trick. the bomb squad determined today that all of the hazardous materials were destroyed in thursday's blaze. authorities torched the home because it was too dangerous to remove the chemicals and explosives inside. the man renting the house has pleaded not guilty. the rise of the social network. just how many people said they are using one and what they say is the reason that they've joined. fill it up. the unique holiday toy drive in the south bay and the plea tonight from its organizers.
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a new poll finds most americans are concerned about privacy on the internet. but that has not kept them from making more friends on social networking sites which keep
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growing in popularity. brenda flanagan reports. >> reporter: she's online from somewhere her house at least three horas day and doesn't miss a -- hours a day and doesn't miss a beat with the 700 or so facebook friends. >> i go on there and i post what i'm doing through the day. i'll im my friends and we'll chat. >> reporter: this 40-year-old mother of three got hooked on facebook after getting divorced. now it's part of her life. >> i hooked up on facebook, i met a couple of my other friends and every day i've been on it. >> reporter: whether it's linked-in, myspace, facebook or twitter or any of the hundreds of social kneltworks cytons the web, more and more people are -- sites on the web, more and more people are logging on every day. >> they have become ingrained. a fundamental way for younger adults to communicate with ichor. >> reporter: a new poll shows that 50% of americans belong to
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one or more social networks sites. and 34% call social networks helpful to our society. while 39% call them harmful. >> for people in their 20s and 30s, it's very much a part of the norm. 40 somethings, while most of them take part in social network, they're not quite as strong in the use as younger adults, but once you hit the 50 barrier, not a lot of people taking part. >> reporter: the rasmussen poll shows that 80% use it for personal reasons. for her, it's definitely personality. >> a lot of the people i don't know. so i'm talking to people from different countries, meeting new people like from all over the world. >> reporter: but what about privacy and security? the rasmussen poll shows that 82% of americans are concerned about the security of their personal information. she's concerned about her privacy, but that hasn't stopped her from friending people every day.
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brenda flanagan, fox news. a free checkup and medical care at a clinic in heyward. nursing students offered the free clinics twice a month at the hayward day labor center. they focus on health issues unique to day labor. >> we pay particular attention to skeletal problems and muscle problems they might have from the work they do. many of them are in construction or do landscape. >> some of the workers receive tetanus shots. volunteers also asked them about their living conditions. recommending such things as smoke detectors in apartments. efforts are underway to raise awareness about the dangers of toxic toys. the peninsula congresswoman jackie spear joined forced today with the cdc. they offered free product testing at the recreation center. they tested items in particular toys for toxic metals including lead and cadmium. >> we are forced to read this
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cane of -- create this kind of opportunity for the people this our community because in fact there are toxic toys in our stores. >> spear introduced the toxic metals protection act last summer, which would have banned certain heavy metals from products. the bill failed. the u.s. marines and the santa clara vta teamed up today to sell a bus with toys -- fill a bus with toys. the drive got a slow start this morning in downtown san jose, but by 1:30, it was filled with toys and the second filled up too. the node is greater -- need is greater than ever. >> we are in need right now of more toys. this is a harder year financially for the economy. so if anybody can come out and give toys, it would be much appreciated. >> the marines hope to deliver toys to 90,000 children in
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santa clara county this year. they will be accepting toys right up until christmas eve. you can go online to toys for tots and find a dropoff location near you. santa's helpers came together in the south bay to assemble bicycles for children. volunteers from turning wheels for kids assembled 2400 bikes this morning in san jose. that's a record for the group. the bikes will be donated to charity groups. organizer said the need is great. >> the economy just hasn't right sided up yet. we're still seeing the families come in. job loss is huge for the family. >> some children are now coming back to assemble them for others. turning wheels also looking for -- is also looking for volunteers to help repair bikes the rest of the year. go to and scroll down to the holiday charity section.
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there you will find a link to local charities to use the extra hand. race or no race? why san francisco may lose out on the chance too host one of the -- to host one of the most prestigious boat races in the world. so far, a dry weekend, but rain is looming again. meteorologist mark demayo will let us know. your bay area forecast coming up next.
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well, at least this weekend is dry. but fog really topping the bay area weather headlines for today and once again as we do head into the sunday, right now the map, i can't show you
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coverage out there and the low clouds have been increasing, more fog reports for san jose, concord and napa and also fairfield where we have a dense fog advisory in place not only for san francisco bay, but is a la know county and that might be expanding overnight as the fog develops, today though, as you can see, the overall weather story looking out towards the bay. and we can show you this, the low clouds and fog camming back. for tomorrow, morning fog and skies becoming partly cloudy, but no rain for sunday. the extended forecast, more clouds and a fairly good bet of rain showers pushing back into the bay area. first thing tomorrow morning, mid- to upper 40s to low 50s, san francisco around 50, concord, 47. live more at 46. and santa rosa around 45 degrees. for san jose, the morning cloud cover with dense patches of
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fog. skies becoming partly cloudy and there's the temperature time line throughout the day. at 7:00, around 50. by 12:00, 58 degrees and afternoon on track to reach around 65. here's the satellite. you can see the main high clouds, the storm track way up to the north. that's why we have the dry weather pattern for today and also for tomorrow. but here's a closer model of the high resolution with the fog. here we are tonight at 10:00, we'll put this into motion and you can see the coverage first thing tomorrow morning. so once again, this could be locally dense right around 7:00 and you'll notice the central valley fog pushing back into the bay. that will be a factor for tomorrow and still some patchy fog showing up coast side as well. then into motion in the afternoon hours, still stubborn overcast especially for the inland valleys. but throughout the day, we scale back on the clouds and the skies becoming partly cloudy. could be that hazy sunshine deal once again for tomorrow afternoon. so here's the plan. there is a fog tomorrow morning at 7:00, 47 to 52 degrees, by
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12:00, still patchy fog out there. 55 to around 60. by 3:00, upper 50s to upper 60s, the numbers and you'll notice the temperatures on the cool side for fairfield, concord and antioch. but frank and oakland, lower 6 -- san francisco and oakland, lower 60s. here's the look ahead the five day forecast, with temperatures cooling off into monday and also into tuesday as well. showers likely for -- highlighting that cloud on tuesday with the showers likely. mostly cloudy on wednesday and another chance of some rain on thursday. so heather and mike, be extra careful tomorrow morning. driving around the bay area, those dense pockets of fog could be one of the deals where you have relatively fair conditions and all of a sudden, instant dropoff in visibility. well, organizers on the america's cup told gavin newsom today the city has until friday to set a deadline or lose a chance the host the 2013 race. the golden gate yacht club is upset with the port authority
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and the board of supervisors on changing plans and what incentives would be offered as part of the final bid. organizers are also considering a bid from italy and possibly newport, rhode island. the board is expected to vote tuesday on a final bid. okay, coming up next, the sharks take on familiar foes. the chicago blackhawks in town tonight. >> that's right, also stick around because we are going to hear from the player named the 76th heisman trophy winner. sports wrap with joe fonzi is coming up next.
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good evening, welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. the san jose sharks and chicago blackhawks are hardly strangers. they saw plenty of each other in the western conference finals back in the spring. and they saw each other again tonight at hp pavilion. pretty good skating by jason demers in the first period to break free then centering the puck for clowe, clowe puts it home and the sharks are in front 1-0. crawford now the guy in net for the blackhawks now that antti niemi is wearing tale. niemi tested later when the blackhawks control the puck. henry past niemi. he made 28 saves on the night, but the one able to just trickle through. they went overtime. still tied at 1. there it ended quickly. marc-edouard vlasic to clowe, clowe with both goals adds the sharks win 2-1. the sharks in a crowded three way tie for second in the pacific division. but, just two points


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