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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. two children left home alone are attacked by an intruder in the middle of the night. this sad story takes a strange twist when police catch the suspect. police interview a man suspected of kidnapping a girl and killing her mother in ace case that start 2,000 miles away. >> take a look at this. it only happened three other times but you can make it four. the metro dome no match for a
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massive storm. >> complete bananas coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. police in vacaville investigating an attack that left two children critically injured, one ever them 18 months old. they were stabbed sleeping in their own home. we are in vacaville with the latest. >> reporter: nobody is at the home tonight where the attack happened. both of the children are at uc davis medical center in critical condition. their mother is by their side, she is distraught over what happened inside this home when she was gone. >> i was horrified. you can't imagine a child being stabbed 20 times. >> reporter: people in this neighborhood can't make sense of why someone would attack two little children inside this home. just before 3:00 a.m.
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a 13-year-old girl sleeping in bed next to her 18-month-old brother wassa weakened by an intruder stabbing her. >> unfortunately the 13-year- old was also sexually assaulted during the course of this and when the 18-month-old woke up he was also assaulted and stabbed. >> reporter: the 13-year-old girl managed to run from the house with her baby brother and got help from a neighbor. their mother had gone out for the night. police surrounded the home for more than two hours waiting for the suspect to come out. neighbors were awakened by the noise. >> 4:00 in the morning, the police say nobody coming out. they stay inside the house. >> they were all deployed like this on the side of the cars. >> reporter: the swat team finally broke in at around 6:00 a.m. and found the attacker sleeping inside. police say it was a 14-year-old boy. he was arrested and taken to juvenile hall for attempted murder and sexual assault. >> the 14-year-old.
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that's insane. >> reporter: investigators spent the day at the home gathering evidence. it's not known how the suspect was able to get inside or why he attacked the two. police say the 14-year-old does have a criminal history. the only connection that we have is that the suspect does know the victim's older brother. >> reporter: the 13-year-old girl was stabbed 30 times and the 18-month-old ten times in the torso. >> it's horrific how he victimized these two children for no reason. >> reporter: the mother of the victims didn't come home until 9 this morning and had no idea what had happened until she arrived back here. both of her children are expected to survive. reporting live from vacaville. >> a traffic stop early today in brentwood turned in to an
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altercation that injured a police officer. the officer stopped a vehicle around two in a parking lot on walnut boulevard near oak street. the driver then ran off and the officer caught him in an alley. when the officer didn't respond police rushed to find him. >> several agencies, pittsburgh, antioch, oakley, sheriff's department, chp, responded. the officer was located, suffered a head injury. >> the officer was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. after a four hour search that driver was arrested. police aren't giving his name. >> it was another violent night in oakland there. were three separate shootings that left one man dead and five wounded. the latest happened around 11:15 downtown near 12th and broadway. a 19-year-old richmond man and
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a 14-year-old girl were wounded. one of the suspected gun men was arrested. the deadly shooting happened around 7:00 p.m. in the 9100 block of international boulevard. dominic carter was killed. a woman waiting for the bus was hurt. police don't have a motive or suspect in the shooting. a man was also wounded in a shoot around 3:30. san francisco police are investigating a home invasion style robbery where shots were fired and a man had injuries after being pistol whipped. it happened around 9:30 near golden gate and parker avenue. four men forced their way into a home, demanded money and beat the victim with a gun. the suspects fled after taking electronics and a cell phone. the victim followed the suspects who opened fire. the victim then pulled a gun and shot back. nobody was hit by the gun fire. the suspects got away in a
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newer model jag. >> virginia officials spent another day in san francisco working their case against a man wanted for killing a woman and then kidnapping her daughter. we are live in the city with the latest developments for us. >> reporter: here at the hall of justice detectives from the county of virginia police department held a news conference but said little about the 12-year-old girl and her kidnapper found here in san francisco. >> we spoke to them. >> reporter: the detective wouldn't describe the girl's condition or say whether she had been assaulted. >> now that she has been found and will head back to roanoke the county police department's focus has shifted to the murder investigation. >> reporter: the girl's mother, tina smith was found dead in her virginia home monday. her dodge neon was found in a parking lot near sfo. the suspected killer, jeffrey scott easley was recorded with smith's daughter on this tape
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december 3rd. the same day police say they suspect she was killed. police have said tina smith met easley on the internet over the summer and he moved in with her and the girl in october. >> we don't want anything to put in danger the case and the investigation back in roanoke. it's very important that we get justice for smith's family. >> reporter: since arriving in san francisco yesterday detectives visited the area on the out skirts of ocean beach where the girl and easley were staying prior to their find. the two were seen friday panhandling outside a richmond district safeway, recognized from their photographs on a national crime show. >> without your help this case could have ended much differently. >> reporter: easley is being held in the mental unit here at the san francisco county jail on warrants for kidnapping, credit card theft and credit card fraud. the girl is in protective custody. she talked to her father over the phone. police haven't said when the two will go back to virginia
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and they have not yet set a date for the hearing for easley. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> the other girl who had been missing found in san francisco yesterday was reunited with her family this morning. the 15-year-old of redding was seen by a cousin yesterday. she was with her uncle and another man. both of them have been detain add long with a third man who may have been involved in the alleged kidnapping. >> a spare the area alert was in effect for tonight and that means burning road or other solid fuel is prohibited. here say live picture of the air quality. officials say pollution is in the area when winds are light and weather conditions tonight are likely to trap smoke close to the ground contributing to poor air quality. the spare the air alert ends tonight at midnight.
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>> those weather conditions resulted in a mild day around most of the bay area. mark is here with more. >> reporter: hi. area of high pressure creating a layer trapping all the pollution. that's why we have 9 spare the air in place and the dense fog. we have been talking about the fog over the past couple days and right now on the maps i can show you on the storm tracker the coverage toward the central valley and still cloud cover up in the north bay. santa rosa with mostly cloudy skies. that could becoming down over the next few hours. in the south bay, san jose still reporting partly to mostly cloudy and the fog will continue to be on the increase for the night. here is the forecast in the short term. 6:00 we are expecting partly cloudy skies, 52 to 55. patchly fog at eight and by ten clouds and fog. the raidings in the upper 40s to around 50. 4 to 50 degrees. that is the forecast in the
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short term. first thing tomorrow morning overnight lows in the 40s. you can see san francisco at 49 degrees. santa rosa 42 and san jose around 46. starting out chilly first thing monday and the spot forecast -- you can see partly to mostly sunny. we will take a look at the temperature profile throughout the day. at 8:00, afternoon high around the 60-degree mark. we will eventually trade the fog for rain coming up i will highlight the timing of the next storm. >> talk about extreme weather. there wasn't any football played today in minnesota because heavy snow this morning collapsed part of the roof at the metro dome. take a look at this. a lot of snow crashing in to the middle of the field. the collapse follows a storm
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that covered the minneapolis st. paul area with more than 17 inches of snow. the vikings were scheduled to play the giants there today. that game will now be played tomorrow night in detroit. there is no word on when the metro dome will be repaired. >> that midwest blizzard causing problems for millions of people. the weather has caused chicago's airport to cancel 1200 flights. in wisconsin more than 70 counties in a state of emergency. april williams. >> reporter: the area was blanketed by snow, making echoer just to get to your car, forget about driving it. minnesota, wisconsin and iowa all were hit hard by the storm system with near white out conditions prompting officials to say don't travel unless you have to. this madison wisconsin man not only needed help for a stuck car but he had designs on flying. >> where you flying out to? >> minnesota. >>my god.
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i don't think you are going to get there. >> reporter: the metro dome wasn't the only stadium that needed help after the weather. in chicago these crew was working at soldier field. the sign says monsters of the midway referring to the bears. it could just as easily have been referring to the weather. >> it was a deadly day for troops in afghanistan. details on what killed six soldiers. and nobody on capitol hill appears happy with the president's tax plan. what democrats plan to do to show their opposition. . and could pay for 200 teachers. what some southern california schools may soon do to generate funds. . and will it host it or wouldn't it? what the mayor is saying today about san francisco hosting the america's cup.
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. this was a deadly day for soldiers in afghanistan. six troops killed today. a bomber detonated a van loaded explosives outside the wall of a small out post in the southern part of that country. the blast caused the roof to collapse. more than a dozen other american and afghanistan soldier was also wounded. the force has just occupied that building for only a few days. the names of the dead and injured haven't been released. in iraq a suicide bomber killed 17 people today. most of those victims were women and elderly people waiting to collect welfare checks. another 23 people were hurt. one iraqi official said a traffic jam prevented the bomber from getting to the front gate of that compound. a second bomb was found nearby but safely defused. authorities blame al-qaeda in iraq. the province was a strong hold of al-qaeda and insurgents. >> in washington house democrats plan to block a vote this week on the president's
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tax compromise with republicans. some house republicans aren't to happy with the proposal either. carolyn reports washington. >> the discussions came together quickly, were prompted by the deadline. we felt a sense of urgency, we brought them in when there was -- to start that process it just sped up very quickly and we felt that we had to seize the moment. >> house members are voted not to let it reach the floor without scaling back the tax relief for the richest americans. right now it keeps the bush tax cuts going for everybody for two years. it extends unemployment benefits for another year. many house democrats are angry that millionaires won't see their taxes go up. >> some would never go along with any compromise. most people just believe on this issue the administration did get out negotiated.
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>> only in washington is not raising taxes considered a tax cut. nobody is getting a tax cut. we aren't cutting taxes. >> reporter: the estate tax may be where we see changes. right now states as large as five million can pass to heirs without being taxed. democrats are trying to scale that pack but have a limited window. sunday morning the number would democrat in the senate said democrats should pass the package now while they are still the majority party of both houses. >> los angeles school district may be turning to corporate sponsors to help pay for sports and other programs. according to a newspaper members will meet this week to consider overturning the ban on corporate adds on campus. those promoting response soar ships say is could raise $18 million a year. they said they wouldn't take
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adds for soft drinks, tobacco or alcohol. >> san jose officials considering making a multily million dollar offer to keep a sad deal together for quakes. they plan to buy city owned plan along coleman avenue. they agreed to buy it for $89 million but they are new considering backing out because of the real estate market plunge. the group's option to buy the site would be extended for two more years through the year 2015 and would cost $2 million less forethat time. san francisco mayor said today that he is confident the city can put together a bid to get the america's cup yachting race. the plan hit a snag when the city changed it's proposal to move it to the northern waterfront that. would cost less than the southern waterfront. the san francisco my's cup organizing committee said that wasn't what it agreed to and
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yesterday the committee set a deadline for friday. >> we are 98% there. really coming down to a few little tweaks and we solve those on monday, get it out of committee on tuesday and we will be fine. >> bringing it to san francisco could bring in more than a billion dollars to the local economy and generate thousands of jobs. >> this is the season forgiving and especially forgiving to children. that's why san francisco police were out today working operation toy drive. officers greeted fans and collected toys and cash at the niners game. they hope to collect enough to give ties to thousands of san francisco school children. >> coming up, new details tonight about a deadly bombing in swed it en. in the middle a very busy shopping district. >> and the measure a community is considering to keep a plant from outsourcing jobs.
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. rich order holbrook remains in critical condition. the 69-year-old envoy to afghanistan and pakistan had 20 hours of surgery. he was meeting with the secretary of state at the state department friday when he collapsed. the president said he and the first lady are praying for his recovery. if news of the world tonight in sweden officials called the
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bombings yesterday terrorism. the country has been spared large terrorist attacks in three decades. the bomber was the only one killed. two people were slightly injured. the prime minister stopped short tagging to thewar in afghanistan. the first general election since it declared independence from serbia. the claim was made before all the votes were counted and was pacer based on the exit pole. kosovo is still a deeply divided country. turn out was high. in russia hundreds took part in anti government rallies in moscow today. they demanded the prime minister resign and that more rights be given to russians.
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this followed clashes outside the walls yesterday that this had deep tones, some russians resent the increasing number of people from muslim republics. >> a town considering an unusual tactic to help save manufacturing jobs. officials are considering using imminent domain to takea plant that's closing down to outsource jobs overseas. >> reporter: when the aerospace plant in massachusetts shut down 100 lost their jobs. many had worked there for decades, making seals and gaskets. >> its been my lively hood i always felt i made a good living working and i like my job. >> reporter: now city leaders considering an unusual measure to save the plant which has been a tape until the community for 80 years. using the power of imminent domain to take the machines the parent company, pay age fair
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price and preventing the equipment from being sold at auction. ryan colleton is a city councilmember. >> it's out received the box. >> reporter: when the government exercises the power of imminent domain it's usually to clear the way for highway its or utilities. property is also taken for public use or economic development. >> making the argument that keeping the jobs here serves the public purpose in the city. >> reporter: officials say they regret the plant closing welcome former workers to bid on the equipment. they argue imminent domain doesn't apply saying the ue is asking the city to take over personal property, manufacturing equipment for the private purpose of running a business. union officials believe. >> what they are trying to do is drive out competition. >> reporter: competition. >> if that could be done i
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would be for it but there are constitutional options and financial onesr. officials want the auction postponed, this as union officials plan a protest to black block the entrance of the shuttered building if necessary and give themselves more time to create a business model and find possible investors. >> the hearing for the seven suspects accused of gang raping a 16-year-old is expected to wrap up this week. the accused range in 16 to 43 and allegedly raped and beat the girl at a homecoming dance last year. two key witnesses, the lead police investigator and a dna expert are all expected to testify this week. attorneys for the suspects may ask for the cases to be separated if it does go to trial. >> san francisco city hall looked different today. >> enjoying snow in san francisco courtesy of the next
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lieutenant governor of california. >> looks like fun. a battle in san francisco over bonuses, promised to union muni drivers. >> and if you plan to return gift this is year you may be hit with a fee. why and how much. q
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. there was little politicking going on at city hall but there was plenty of celebrating. city hall opened its doors for a public holiday party.
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hi john. >> what feels more like winter than jumping on a sled and heading down a snowy pill side? what's unusual for them is they are sledding in the shadow of san francisco city hall. one after another the kids jumped on sled and hit snow in the civic center plaza. some of them had never seen it much less riden a sled. >> i was on the little hill and it's slippery and wet and it's really fun even though it's cold >> reporter: they were set up outside of the city hall host. >> little nostalgia. my first day we opened up city hall and i figured in the last few weeks we should open it again and celebrate with families. . >> reporter: he also gave tours telling visitors what being mayor has meant to him. >> i think that he is reaching
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out to all sorts of people today and the thing i'm struck by is -- how sincere and real he is. >> reporter: inside the city hall hundreds enjoyed classical music, and visits with santa. >> just really novel opportunity to come in and come in a social capacity. just be with the rest of the people. >> reporter: the mayor is winding down his time in office with just a few weeks left in the building where he spent the better part of the last two decades. >> i love this job. i love the city and it's in my soul. it's in my dna and i'm not giving up on the city. i will be representing it as lieutenant governor. >> reporter: he probably said he expects another big crowd here on wednesday when the giants world series trophy will
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be on display inside city hall. >> a fight is brewing in san francisco over whether muni will give large pay outs to bus drivers and other operators. they are refusing the pay out this is year saving 3.5 million dollars in the cash strapped bumming. the union has threatened a legal fight. the city said it can't afford the payments. >> reality is starting to break-in that enough is enough. we want to compensate you among the best in the nation but you can't get everything when everybody else gave back you said no. >> reporter: voters approved an initiative to end the automatic payments forcing both sides to negotiate each year. the union said the current contract still requires the payments. >> a new cell phone ban at a high school is stirring up controversy. teachers argue the phones are
5:33 pm
distracting. others say they can be key in emergencies. we have more on what the school is doing to keep phones out of the classroom. >> reporter: like most teens these students near san francisco are glued to their cell phones . under a new zero tolerance policy they could loose their phone for the week for texting during class. even longer for repeat offenders. >> you got busted. >> yes. >> the first week we took 45 phones. >> reporter: the principal is also fed up with cell phone interference. >> teachers trying to present a lesson in front of 30 kids and you have two or three of them not paying attention. >> reporter: as his collection of phones grows so does worry that the penalty is leaving kids without a way of being
5:34 pm
reached by parents or anyone else. the cell phone industry said that puts kids at risk. if you take that phone away that young person doesn't have the opportunity to call the police so they can help stop crimes and also report something if they need to. >> reporter: cell phone communications saving lives and were used to rely information from school shootings at multiple school shootings. some say taking them from repeat offenders is appropriate. >> if the child is violating the policy it's between the child and the school and the child and their parent. >> reporter: stats show more districts cracking down on texters who won't hang up in class like tyler, busted twice. will you text more? class? >> probably. >> reporter: she could get suspended if she is caught again and learn a life lesson the hard way, breaking rules
5:35 pm
has consequences. fox news. >> some airlines are depending more on twitter to help improve their customer relations. they have been on board with social media for a while offering special fares and offering travel tips. delta has a team of customer service reps who have been turned in to full time dedicated tweeters. >> very software to let us manage the tweets to assign them to different folks and tag and set priorities. >> the airline said the reps field passenger questions about everything from refunds to flight delays. >> the mail service expecting to get busy this sea season. several post offices in the bay area with open today and they will be open next sunday too. the service is expected to process and deliver 15.8 billion letters and packages. it's a drop from the previous
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two years. wednesday the 22nd is usually the busiest day. a new york senator asking for a crack down on online businesses that don't disclose restocking fees to shoppers. he wants the fdc to determine if failing to disclose them is deceptive practice. he also wants them show the fee that will be charged. several states including california require stores to display restocking fees, some restocking fees may cost up to 25% of the cost of the item. >> elizabeth edward's death is raise awarenessness about breast cancer. a san diego hospital hosted cancer screenings for women while trying to break a world record. they put out a call to hundreds of women to come in for a screening. it's focused on cervical cancer and breast cancer. >> we find that about so% of
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women forget or don't come in. it's preventable problem that we can dwelt people in and find it early. >> they didn't break the world record for the most screenings in a day. the previous record was 250, they had 220. >> hundreds of families get a helping hand, still ahead think what make this is holiday gift give away unique. >> will the mild weather stick around for the workweek? look at that shot of the bay bridge. mark will be here with the complete bay area forecast.
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. families received much needed holiday cheer today. the friends outside program gave presents, gift cards and food basket to families this
5:40 pm
afternoon outside of a warehouse. the program helps children who have a parent in jail. one mom said she wants to have christmas for her 2-year-old. >> it means a lot. they know there are other kids that can't get presents or -- from their dads or anybody, parents. i'm appreciative that he can get presents from us. >> the warehouse is killed with bikes and skateboards and toys and dolls and crayons and blocks. it feels incredible. this is my favorite weekend of the year. >> they have the name and age of e child along -- this year friends outside is helping more than 250 families. >> a new plan for a highway through yosemite could have a big price tag. a rock slide buried the only highway in to the park nearly five-years ago. officials and transportation engineers say the latest plans for a permanent pass age run as
5:41 pm
high as $180 million. options include building a lone concrete bridge through the river. >> good weather. not cold, not rainy, not great. >> hazy in some spots. >> right. that fog linger across parts of the area. still a factor, expanding over the pay area. another day of fog. we could be talking about rain in the five-day. on the maps -- live storm tracker two, you can see the cloud -- the east bay, concord, clayton and antioch and the south bay neighborhood, san jose still reporting mostly cloudy skies and a bit of haze. still the crowd clouds and the forecast. you can take a look at the weather story. the cloud was the reducing visibility especially after midnight. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy. the extended forecast. more clouds and a fairly good bet of rain showers in to the bay area. here is the satellite. the main storm track heading up
5:42 pm
to the north. some of the high cloud wills move in for tomorrow, especially for the afternoon. dry monday, dense morning fog, especially for the central valley. this area of high pressure pushes everything closer to the service and as a result that's why we have the dense fog to worry about into tomorrow morning. then into tuesday this weather system -- at least it's fairly weekt. will generate more clouds and the chance of a few scattered light rain showers. not a big deal for wednesday, probably lingering clouds, we will have rain showers, especially as we do head in to the weekend. here is the forecast model showing you the fog and it'll be on the increase overnight. we will take it late tonight. the lower clouds and the higher clouds this is 7:00 for monday. you will notice the clouds completely -- by 4:00 still. partly to mostly cloudy skies, here is the plan for tomorrow
5:43 pm
morning. the clouds and the factor -- then by noon mostly cloudy skies, 53 to 58. we could still have a few mostly cloudy days, the event you'll temperature range. quite a few upper 50s and the warmest locations approaching lower 60s. san jose around 61. morgan hill 62 and santa cruz topping out in the mid60s around 65. here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast. the possibility of a few light rain showers in to tuesday, for wednesday mostly cloudy skies, the slight chance of a sprinkle for thursday, we bring in the chance of more showers, we bump up the possibility for friday and could be talking about more significant rainfall across a portion of the state. that's a big travel time. the possible wet weather forecast. tomorrow still the same. >> that rain would bring more
5:44 pm
snow to the sierra. >> nice new dusting would be great. >> i like the new graphics. >> they look great. >> this big clicker so i have to get used to the new buttons. . >> you can get hbo? >> i will be looking for it. >> thank you. >> which is green, a real tree or a fake one? a study suggests one may be more environmently friendly than the other. >> reporter: for many he this are you corner stone of the holidays. >> the weekend. we want to decorate with the family and then take it down after christmas. if a world where people are more aware of the environment than ever there say fight over which tree is more green, real or artificial. >> real live trees great because not only do they smell better but they help us provide clean air, clean water, home
5:45 pm
for wildlife. >> if you are worried about deforestation consider this, 30 million trees harvested each year out of half a billion across the country. that means for each one cut down there are ten left standing. >> for every tree that's harvested two or three are planted. >> reporter: according to a study it takes less fossil fuel to transport fake trees to retailers verses moving real ones tree farms to tree lots to your home. >> artificial trees perfect this are sustainable because you use them over and over. still there are those who just can't resist the smell of a fresh treef. you happen to be one of those there are 12,000 tree lots around the country that would love to have your business this holiday season. in los angeles, fox news. >> coming up the raiders, in a
5:46 pm
fight in jacksonville. >> and you watched here. a big blow out at candlestick as the niners get revenge against the seahawks. sports wrap is coming up next.
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5:48 pm
. thank you for joining the sunday edition of sports wrap. remember back in week one of the nfl season, mike actually thinks seattle head coach pete carol for beating his team. the niners, 31-6. carol didn't return that thank you note today after the niners whip his seahawks after a five week
5:49 pm
break or benching. the quarterback alex smith got the start today. smith got booed early but on the first possession smith hits davis and look at this. how about a 42-yard touchdown. it was 10-7 niners in the second quarter when seattle turns on the old turnover machine. mat hasselback tries to hit robinson. that's spike was the interception. hasselback was picked off four times, niners convert this one into a field goal. 255-yards and three touchdowns 678 smith to morgan. they put this game away early. once again we have to ask the question why did we see brian westbrook more and earlier this season? look at him just take the short pass and dare the seahawks to stop him. san francisco led at half time. they had to play catch up.
5:50 pm
it wasn't going to happen. they commit five turn ours. look at goldson making his first interception of the season. taking back 39 yards for six points. their first week blow out loss with a victory today. niners just one game out of the nfc west leading -- seattle and rams of course still lead -- san francisco still in position to win this division at least until they visit san diego. the raiders usually like to run to set up the pass today. they passed today to set up the run. it worked but the j aps used the same formula with just a touch more success. campbell and the raiders. second possession for the raiders. campbell flips to mcfadden and look at the great block by murphy. he sprints 67 yas, that's a 7- 0 lead. mcfadden was fabulous.
5:51 pm
the final minute of the first half when campbell hits murphy. raiders led 17-7 at half time. they start the second half with that big play. hill, hill you remember cut by the niners just a few weeks ago. make ace great 48-yard touchdown and that's jason hill. he rushed for 1313 yards, runs over and around and through here. a 51-yard touchdown. the jags ran for 234 yardsa a team. watch jennings, stays inbound. crosses in to the clear. a 74-yard touchdown. after a raider turnover deep in their own 22-yard line jacksonville take itself over and takes the first lead. walker, ten yard touchdown. they scored 21 in the third.
5:52 pm
raiders trail 24-28. mcfadden dares to be great. watch this stiff arm. carry will feel that. scores his third touchdown of the game. remember -- maurice, mjd, cuts free for the game winning 30- yard touchdown -- jacksonville wins. maurice ran for more than 100- yards for the 6th straight game. campbell knocked out for one series but finished 21 over 30. two touchdowns and no picks. raiders and niners clinging to slim playoff hopes. the two teams, the chargers and cheese met in san diego today. chargers quarterback phillip rivers threw a pair of td passes, shutting out kansas city. they trail the chargers by one and by two games over the first
5:53 pm
place chiefs. new england traveled to chicago and looked comfortable in the snow. patriots quarterback -- that's a 59-yard touchdown. new england win its it's 5th straight. afc leading 11-2. rodgers, taking a hard hit with detroit. that hit also hurt the playoff chances as he left with a concussion. his second of the year. then in the second half lions score the only touchdown of the game. detroit wins 7-3 to break a 19 game losing streak against the opponents. in pittsburgh, ben played with a broken nose. the only touchdown the steelers got came from the defense. cincinnati quarterback, palmer getting picked by troy, he turns to safety to running back. nice 45-yard touchdown. 4th quarter we g palmer,
5:54 pm
throwing again. woodly this time making the interception. 23-7. pittsburgh now 10-3. this is the minnesota metro dome. saw it earlier. the roof collapsed after the snowstorm. it's the third time the metro dome roof as collapsed because of a snow fall. the game is post poster penned until tomorrow night and the venue changes to indoor ford field. another by product of this mess is vikings quarterback may be able to play. earlier today he said he wouldn't play if it was played today. he still trying to make his 298th straight start. two bay area teams headed for the state. the spartans learn who and when they play for the championship. that's next.
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. lasalle got the news they wanted. deare headed to carson to defend their state championship. they just beat a very talented and tough california high school team yesterday to get it's 19th title. today the 13-0 spartans learned they will represent northern california in the top open division. the same division they won last year also in carson. they will face undefeated anaheim saturday night. friday night the night before the vikings will face centennial. that's sports as we see it for this early edition of sports wrap. winners are ninerrers, losers are raiders. how about the niners? >> finally. >> who are those guys in week
5:58 pm
to week you never know what you will get with the niners. this was impressive today. >> who is the nfc west who who are the rams and the cardinals and the seahawks. five turnovers made the niners game a lot easier and we don't know who they will be. >> we will take it. coming up at ten, with less than two weeks until christmas it's crunch time for charities. whale what showed up in a salvation army kettle. that's the news. hope to see you back tonight.
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