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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 13, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a plan to charge a toll at the san francisco county line prompts retaliation from san mateo county at twice the price. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. they're outraged and they are planning to protest. instead of a $3 toll they would charge $6 to cross the county line. ktvu's heather holmes has the
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story about this toll fight. >> reporter: start taking your cash now to drive into and out of san francisco out here on i80 or other major arteries may get very pricey. how's this for a welcome. drive into san francisco at it's southern edge and pay a toll. >> i think it's propostrous. >> reporter: many of whom work in the city are outraged. >> the bay area city is a community, they're going to have to pay more. >> reporter: canipa wants the toll banned. they say the new fee is
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designed to ease a congestion problem and generate revenue. >> this is not about charging people to come in. it's an opportunity to create a joint expenditure plan, all the money that is collected is reinvested into transit options for people in those corridors. >> reporter: this san francisco couple questions the need for another fee. >> when you're coming out here to shop, for me very frequently a few times a week it's going to up my cost. >> reporter: state assemblyman jerry hill who represents the peninsula plans to generate legislation to block this fee. that's when san francisco officials will decide whether or not to continue studying this very controversial toll. healther holmes, ktvu news. officials at bart are
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warning riders who use easy rider cards to switch over to the clipper card and to do it very soon. some fair gates will stop accepting them and beginning on wednesday of next week the cards won't work any where. the clip a card is accepted by bart,munni and other transit agency. the california court of appeals issued a stay. governor arnold schwarzenegger wants to sell the buildings, but critics went to court to protest if bill. the other buildings are in sacramento and los angeles. the university of california regents today raised
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the retirement age for future uc employees and tightened benefit retirements. both hired after july 1st, 2013 will fall under these new pension rules. the retirement age will rise from -- or pension benefits will rise from 50 to 55 years. and the age will climb from 60 to 65. the new rules gradually increase how much retirees will pay. we are learning tonight that police have suspended their bicycle enforcement policy on campus after student complaints about how experson expensive the tickets are. the fine for locking your bike to a railing, $250. we talked to a student who's had to pay that fine, twice. >> reporter: frank, tonight
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campus police tell us they've temporarily stopped issuing complaints. instead they are handing out these pamphlets to remind students about the rules for bicycling. late this afternoon, we saw plenty of people riding through the plaza. a violation of the dismount zone. meaning you can't ride your bicycle but you can walk it through the area. a ticket for this violation and other bicycle related offenses is a $220 ticket. >> i find it completely ridiculous. police officers station themselves around the plaza so they can write tickets seems absurd to me. >> reporter: devon shoop says
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that he's received two tickets. shoop is not alone. several students who have received citations have started this facebook page called bike busters. campus police have stopped issuing bicycle related citations until next september. >> we're going to work on something that is probably some where in the middle so we can try to get compliance but not make it so financially damaging on the students. >> i abide by all the rules now obviously because i know the reprocautions if i don't. >> reporter: police say the enforcement is for pedestrian safety and not to make money. officers say the fines go to city, county and state. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a san leandro man is expected to show up in front of the court after allegedly attacking a young girl. >> i did step in his face because he got a little lippy with me. i said you don't want to go there, i will knock you out. the san francisco medical examiner says an 18 -month-old boy found in a hotel fountain has died. the medical examiner says olivie materre died saturday. three days after he was found unconscious and not breathing in the mountain at the
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embarcadero hyatt regency. they say the boy wandered away from his mother, nanny and sister. the hotel has now put up a 3- foot barrier around that fountain. striking down a key part of the president's health care overhaul. >> challenges like this are nothing new in terms of laws that have come before the courts in the past, which in which our position has prevailed. >> reporter: u.s. district court judge henry hudson ruled that the from vision requiring people is unconstitutional. of the three courts two rules in the white houses favor. the fate of the plan is expected to land in the u.s. supreme court. the pressure is on tonight for house democrats who don't like the president's tax cut deal. some say they hope to make changes despite a short sign of
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support where it cleared a small hurdle tonight. rita williams reports. >> reporter: at the u.s. capital tonight, senators burned the midnight oil voting to end debate on the president's controversial compromise on taxes and unemployment benefits. >> the clerk will call the role. >> reporter: the overwhelming 83-15 vote is seen as a sign the package will pass easily, probably tomorrow. and that delighted president obama. >> this proves that both parties can in fact, work together. to grow our economy and look out for the american people. >> reporter: not so fast, it's not a done deal in the house where democrats say extending bush tax cuts and minimizing a state taxes for the wealthiest americans is too rich for the country. >> i think that the president has outbushed former president bush in this tax package. >> i recognize people from both
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sides of the political spectrum are upset with the tax package. and i understand some of those concerns, i share of them. but that's part of the compromise. >> reporter: later this week, they will try to amend the estate tax provision. the president's package would except the first $5 million of an estate from any taxes. then set a top rate for anything over that. the current exception next year is only $1 million next year. >> i can assure you that house republicans will pass legislation to make sure there are no tax increases on anybody. >> reporter: a new poll shows americans overwhelmingly
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support the tax compromise. 69 to 29% favoring the over all package. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. we're asking what you think about the tax cut deal. you will find a poll at, look for the postof the bay on the home page. chief meteorologist bill martin tracking rain for tomorrow. he's updated his forecast on what to expect, he'll have that for you in about 10 minutes. a north bay man is behind bars tonight after his fifth dui arrest and authorities say his case is not at all unusual. we'll have a live report. and the burning question in the south bay, san jose's vote tonight on whether to take a hard line on pot clubs.
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the california highway patrol says officers arrested a drunk driver over the weekend after he was spotted driving 80 miles per hour on the freeway. what's more, it's his fifth dui. ken wayne is live tonight to show us how officers are trying to put a break on an increasing problem, repeat drunk drivers, ken. >> reporter: that five time dui offender was arrested right here at the todd road exit. the highway patrol says he's hardly alone at all hours day and night, there are repeat drunk drivers behind the wheel. >> reporter: 31-year-old antonio chavez mesa is in the sanoma county jail held without bail for his fifth drunk
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driving arrest. he was pulled over at 2:45 saturday morning after officers say he was speeding 80 miles per hour on highway 101. his arrest is not unusual in sonoma county. >> unfortunately no. we do see this just about every single weekend. he was one of seven people that were arrested for dui this weekend that had priors. >> if you think five dui's is a lot, last week a driver was arrested who had 12 prior convictions. the problem is so bad, petaluma police are using federal grant money to track repeat offenders and try to keep them off the road. >> low income to high income. it's just really hard to gauge it but it's something that seems to be, definitely prevalent here. >> they get one, they get two, they get three and they're not in jail. they're not anything. >> reporter: just last week,
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petaluma police stopped him for driving on a suspended license. after having his car towed he was spotted again. once more behind the wheel. >> under an hour later, he was in another vehicle and he was stopped again and the other vehicle was towed. >> reporter: new laws in january will mean repeat offenders can lose their license for up to 10 years. officers say some drivers are having trouble understanding they can't drink and drive, especially over and over again. >> there's a certain percentage of the population out there that are not getting the message. we're here to make sure that they do. >> reporter: as for mesa, he's scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning at 8:30 to face charges in his fifth dui arrest. a search is under way tonight in the north bay's wine country for a missing man. the family of jim haynes says
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he didn't make it home last night after driving a friend home. >> rural mountainous at times, steep grade. very tree lined, it's a difficult area in which to look if you're not right on the main road. >> reporter: haynes was driving a champane colored 1999 toyota carolla. anyone with information is asked to contact the authority. traders on wall street are starting to wind down activity before the holiday and years end. trading volume was low today. the dow closed 18 points higher while the nasdaq finished 1912 points lower. cuts are being made in the company's home mortgage business. wells fargo says it will
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consolidate it's home business. yahoo could lay off 100,000 employees as early as tomorrow. the sunnyvale company has been trying to turn itself around after being trumped by google. the lawsuit contains the ban on gays is unconstitutional. one of the plaintiffs is michael alamy. he served 18 years before being discharged. >> just completely devastated. i hit rock bottom. i was actually suicidal for a little while. >> reporter: legislation has been introduced in the u.s. senate but no vote has been scheduled. the bill will die if it's not acted upon by the end of the year and if that happens, expect more legal challenges because other veterans
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discharged under don't ask don't tell say they will file additional lawsuits challenging that ban. no new pot clubs will win approval in san jose any time soon. those that are in business will be allowed to keep their licenses. the city council today stopped short of imposing a ban. ktvu's robert handa has this report. >> stop the wait. >> reporter: medical marijuana supporters crowded into today's special session of the san jose city council. council members are trying to craft pop club regulations even as dispensaries -- >> i would believe that it would help in stopping the raids that are having the guidelines to follow and implementation of set course we are allowed to follow. >> reporter: today's meeting also follows the controversial fundraiser by supporters last friday to support the raid.
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the council says it wants to reconcile. >> i think the most important thing council can do today is to move forward with the financial regulation which is auditing. and those collectors paying a receipt tax. >> keep safe access. don't make me go get the medicine of my choice from my teenage son on the street. >> all these scare tactics i don't know what it's about. i've seen a lot of dispensaries and good behavior. >> reporter: and approved a 7% tax on the existing 98 dispensaries. >> we need to get the tax, we need the revenues in order to pay for the staff work that we are doing to try to get order in this chaotic version of the old west as these dispensaries open up all over the city. >> reporter: the decision to
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not issue any more dispensary licenses came after the city banned any new dispensaries. in san jose, robert handa ktvu channel 2 news. >> talking about rain in the region. showers coming our waoeu tomorrow. the rain is north of our area. not here yesterday. overnight lows are mild. that's because this next system is a warm one, it's a mild one. we are expecting rain. look at the moisture tab coming off the pacific. north of the hawaii islands. that's where it's tapping into. we call that a pineapple connection. it means a very wet weather period. not just for tomorrow but for
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the long term. showers by 3:00, it is raining. when we come back i have the computer model all worked out. i'll see you back here in just a couple of minutes. crews are removing the bomb house. a county spokesperson says the house was deliberately set on fire because it was too dangerous to he remove all the chemicals chemicals and explosives. the man who rented the house has pleaded not guilty and is currently being held without bail. new details about a brutal attack on two children. >> she is so courageous. >> a father's outrage and why the suspects mother says he was framed. paper or plastic? the city of san jose is set to make a decision for the shopper.
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a 12-year-old girl found in san francisco is back home in virginia tonight. a shopper spotted the girl outside the ocean beach safeway store last friday along with his kidnapper. jeffrey easley is suspected of killing the girl's mother who's body was found more than a week ago at her home in virginia. a father wants to know why his teenage daughter was home alone with her baby brother in vacaville when both were viciously stabbed. a 14-year-old boy is now in custody for that attack, tonight his mother is saying he was framed. ktvu's janine de la vega reports. >> reporter: the 13-year-old girl is recovering from more than 30 stab wounds. >> when she talks about it sometimes she will start crying, but i've been telling
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her, i've been telling her to you know, we don't have to talk about nothing. just try to be calm. >> reporter: police say early yesterday morning, a 14-year- old boy somehow got into her house, attacked and sexually assaulted her and then stabbed the girl's 18 -month-old brother. >> she is so courageous. she waited until this guy fell asleep. she didn't move or nothing. once she noticed the guy was really asleep, she grabbed a phone and called police. she could have ran out but she grabbed her brother. >> reporter: police say they found him asleep and that he is an acquaintance of the girl's older brother who is currently in juvenile home. the boy's mother says that he is being framed. >> they took him to the house
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and pushed him in the floor. he said they grabbed me, they took all my clothes and threw me on the bed. >> reporter: the suspect is a freshman at will c. wood high school. fellow students were stunned and said he kept to himself. >> very quiet and not social. police are still investigating and are wondering why the two were left home alone overnight. we have not heard from the mother, but she's been here all night with her children. a ban on plastic bag. the bay area city that will vote on that tomorrow and it might go a step further. a psychiatrist attacked at
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a mental hospital. the sudden increase on those type of attacks and what's being done to stop them.
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the san jose city council is expected to vote tomorrow on the stoppage of using plastic bags. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is now in san jose with this story. >> reporter: markets are giving the options of carrying groceries in a paper bag, plastic bag or reusable bag. now san jose the largest city in northern california is going to push the issue farther. tomorrow the city council will vote on a proposed ordnance that calls for the complete banning of plastic bags and imposing a charge on paper bags. the one day you don't bring your bag. >> reporter: consumers have mixed feelings about the proposed plastic bag ordnance.
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>> there's really no such thing of a free plastic bag. people have to pay for it. i think it's good for the consumers. >> i understand about the plastic bags and clogging up everything. i don't like the idea of being charged. >> reporter: this is what the proposed ordnance would do. ban grocery stores from handing out plastic bags. stores which charge 10-cents for a paper bag with that price raising to 25-cents in a years time. that price would be waved for those on welfare and food stamps. >> you'll have a number of people who do what i to, which is carry a canvas bag. when they can't. they're going to be irritated. they're going to take it out on these guys as opposed to city council. >> reporter: the american council has said before that instead of a ban, recycling of plastic bags should be promoted more. >> if we are the only ones i
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could see problems, people would go other places and get i rritated. but everybody has to do it. >> i truly believe this is a change of habit. >> reporter: if approved the plastic bag ban would go in effect on january 1st 2012. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta. energy drinks containing alcohol should no longer be on store shelves. today was the deadline for polling those drinks. the drinks have an unsafe mixture of caffeine and alcohol. many of those beverages were marketed to younger people who shouldn't handled the mix. the mount diablo school district is expected to say
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tomorrow that it cannot handle it's expenses. the school district is expected to work out new deals with it's new unions. if those talks fail, it will risk being taken over by the state. a pleasanthill man is behind bars tonight suspected of at least two robberies in the east bay. police arrested 27-year-old graham pool after a detective recognized him in an unrelated crime. mcdonalds said today it's customer data base was hacked. the data base contains information such as e-mails, addresses, and birthdays submitted when customers sign up for online promotions. mcdonalds says it is attempting
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now to notify all customers who are affected. a napa state hospital workers has reportedly been attacked by a patient. this time the victim survived but is now hospitalized. the suspect is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. jim vargas reports, the growing violence at that facility has workers fearing if for their lives. >> the los angeles times as documented the 400% increase on attacks on staff since early 2009. an ena second fold increase on attacks on each other. >> this hospital at this moment is out of control. >> iusidi says that the attack this week comes a week after boche was involved in another incident. significant numbers of inmates are brought here. >> if any of these patients
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aren't willing to get treatment. medications, therapy, rehab and all of that we should send them back to jail. >> reporter: the state department of mental health did increase security after donna holts was killed in september. in a statement released, the department says if after saturday's attack, hospital officials immediately added additional measures for escorting inmates. at last word, george anderson this weekend's victim was in the hospital in serious condition suffering from four skull fractures. in napa, jim vargas. police in lafayette and other east bay cities are investigating a series of robberies that happened over the weekend. a man and a woman pepper spray
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and employee at a radio shack in lafayette while they were trying to steal a play station three video system. later that month, a man was robbed on bay point. all of this comes on the heals of five other robberies between friday afternoon and saturday morning. richard holbrooke died today at the age of 69. holbrooke was hospitalized this weekend. he was president obama's special envoy to afghanistan. he was credited for launching a deal that ended the war in bosnia. the new threat too hosting the america's cup and where it's coming from. and the computer model
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shows rain, not just for the next couple of days but for the long run. and find out which airlines profit the most.
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in minneapolis, crews are getting a better look at the damage in the metro dome after the weight of snow tore three areas of the roof. today snow still remained on parts of the field. tomorrow engineers are expected to announce if the torn panels will have to be remained. the board of supervisors is expected to vote tomorrow on the bid to host america's cup.
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in a letter sent to city officials over the weekend, race organizers say they were blind sided by the move and warn the city might lose their bed if a plan is not ready by friday. race organizers have opened negotiations with new port rhode island to hold the race there. a san francisco board of supervisors committee discussed the possibility of a curfew on golden gate park. most of the crimes involve car break-ins but in recent months there have been two homicides as well as stabbing and a pit bull attack. vandals have been targeting the park recently. the supervisors say there are more hearings to come but some expect a curfew to be put in place next year. this comes after a suicide bombing in stockholm sweden over the weekend. the french defense minister says there's a need to reinstate deployment in areas such as the eiffel tower has
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been closed twice this year because of fears of attacks. all u.s. troops are scheduled to be out of iraq by the end of next year. robert gates has said if the iraqi government asks for the troops to stay he is open to that idea but so far there has been no such request. and in italy today, premier silvio parasconi spoke to parliament over tomorrow's no pass vote. their choice was to continue with change or fall back on old ways. experts say either way the vote is expected to be close. and toyota is placing a reof is siennas. it says drivers can hit the
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bract while pressing on that medal causing the break lights to come on. the company has now recalled more than 10 million vehicles within the past year. chevrolet is shipping out it's first electric cars this year. general motors says the bolt can go up to 379 miles without reárblg recharging and refueling. tax credits can knock off about $10,000. for more than 60 years, thousands of visitors have come to christmas lane. but someone has
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it has been a neighborhood tradition in alameda for decades. but this year's steves have been targeting christmas lane steals hundreds of lights. it is one of alameda's best known holiday displays and while teams have made off with some of the sparkle they can't steal the holiday spirit. >> reporter: every year, holiday magic brings on holiday zone. the traditional goes back six decades, some neighbors go whole hog with animated scenes and familiar characters. but this last weekend, a real life tkpwreufrplg grinch. along with wooden naments
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handmade by two her twepbd. in one house they left three that -- >> it's christmas, you don't think anybody is going to do that to you. >> reporter: police say they had two separate injuries. >> there's a sewage out there that would want to take camera vengeance. >> kind of discourages you from doing too much. >> it's about swerve trying to spoil a regular holiday gift to the community. >> it is a very regular activity. all of these lighting displays
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are pay for by the neighbors with their own donations. while the thieves may have stolen some of the decorations, they haven't taken away this neighborhoods spirit. seven people are in jail tonight in alameda county. a group was holding it's annual dinner. the bay area american-israel community affairs held that meeting. the group known as aap, ac calls himself america's beltway. when the protesters refused request from security to leave, police aired them. >> i think it's concerning when anyone gets arrested for singing in the lobby of the hotel. that can happen to a group of
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holiday carolers. >> reporter: israel is unlawfully occupying pakistani land. the seven people arrested now face trespassing charges. >> the very idea of paying a baggage fee upt some travelers. but airlines made a lot of money this past year. backage fees have brought in $2.5 billion for airlines this year, an increase of more than 22% back in 1999. delta leads the way. next are american airlines and u.s. air. the blizzard forced 17,700
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of inches predict. we're going to start it off with tomorrow. this is moving up off the coast. we'll be here for the afternoon commute, if the morning commute there could be a few sprinkles. tomorrow looks like this. clouds, a chance of a shower. occasional showers tomorrow. then rainfall with rain. i know we have a couple of clouds u there. look another that line of moisture coming in from hawaii. that's warm air, now levels will be high. rainfall accumulations should be significant. i'm not talking about tomorrow. that is a line of what could be
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200 or 300 to a half an hour. you're impacted compute will be the afternoon computer. there might be some potential for rain. there might be some sprinkles in the north bay then by tomorrow afternoon, 3:00, 4:00 that's when the bulk of the activity -- that's when you will get your .25-inch, that's when you will get the .5. tomorrow at about 8:00 a.m. you can see scattered showers. that's why i was mentioning them as we get too tuesday. that's rain up in san a fael. that's light showers any where. now it goes on right there as we get into 4:00. you see that line of showers. it's right around the morning commute. if you look at this it's basically bulls eyeing it in the south bay. the heaviest rain at that hour.
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when it's not a big rain event, you look at it. you're going to have rape in the afternoon compute. mainly the south bay. there's a winter storm watching up around tahoe then we start to clear up. we get a bit of a bay thursday and friday. then it gets into it. saturday. sundays. phopd, tuesday. there's the forecast, your five day then is tkpwhroeupbg going to be a wet one. how these systems go when you get them lined up like this and you get a break. if this thing just keeps coming over ten days and it doesn't break. i'll keep you posted. >> we've been week to week. and seeing rain is different. californians are recycling at a rate. that's the highest rate in the
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history and includes an aluminum can recycling rate of 95%. experts say the bad economy has people looking to save or recall money. the u.s. postal calls today the peuziest of the the -- the increase is a sign that more people are shopping. uls expects more people are going to be done with with million packages. boy tough season for the warriors so far. they're on the road tonight. did they break their losing streak? we'll fiend out in just a moment.
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hundreds of radar fans turned out at the south on mall in hayward for a chance to get an photograph. and jason campbell in exchange for a donation for the toys for tots campaign. the toys for tots campaign has been making students mile since christmas. everyone though it was begun. >> gets lots of toys there. mark ibanez joins us now. warriors down. >> a little retun about the. what am i at least flavors. it is what it is. but i guess you can say it fits
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the warriors seupgs. warriors situation right now. they would have to do it tonight without seph curry. and the bench big time strength for utah. here's miles again. he came off the bench for 20 and he will take a shop. score in just about all the frustration of having lost 12 out of 14. d shoot oeuts outs are great in hockty when they go your way. currently too muchs in theirty vision. we have 1/1. jason demure is shocked and let
10:56 pm
in. but after the third period. it's 2-#. after oh time it's 2- 2. what the shoot out your star would be richards stealing the show right there and sealing the deal. tough loss for the sharks. we have two bad in 1992. newborns in that year can now be born. it was also the last time brett favre didn't start at quarterback. 297 games ago. tonight the streak ends as his banged u7 shoulder would not allow the play against the giants. and he would mis. brad bradshaw is off. the game played in detroit after that minnesota after the
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snow disaster. and they make a two-point conversion, it's 28-28 going to overtime. but in ot shot on his 62nd pass of the night. picked up. a rare walk off victory you might say. the ravens take it. i didn't see this one coming. you would think the giants have a pitching staff now. how about the phillies. cliff lee has spurned offers from the yankees and rangers and is now putting the final touches on a deal with philadelphia. roy holliday, and cliff lee. and matzui agrees to a one year deal. matzui is 36 years old. that's the sports life for a
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monday night. lots going on. mark, thank you. be sure to join ktvu morning news. it all begins at five clock begins at 5:00 tomorrow morning. have a good night everyone. >> good night.
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