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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 14, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, december 14th. rain falling on our morning commute. how heavy will it get? is it causing any problems? we begin with a check on traffic and weather. steve? >> hi, tori. we do have some rain. nothing too heavy. in the north bay, about .25 to 1 inch for some. this system is focusing on is clouds and rain. you can see there's plenty of cloud cover. there's been light mist and drizzle to the south. now, there are three areas to look at. one to the north, one over the sierra. and also very windy conditions if you heading up to the mountains for us. some of the totals, fort bragg, almost an 1. yountville is getting close and san francisco .10. the big news is not today. it's at the end of the week. more on that in our weather segment. here's sal. traffic is going to be okay
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on east shore freeway but it's raining. no major crashes. this is 208 in san jose. we've had a lot of fender- benders coming in. that means that you need to give yourself extra time. another traffic update in m inutes. let's go back to the desk. up to 700 jobs are on the chopping block this morning at one of the bay area's largest companies. yahoo! could send out pink slips as early as today. tara moriarty joins us live in san jose with more details. >> reporter: well, good morning, tori. you know, yahoo! employees are going to start trickling into work in about an hour. some of them may be carrying out boxes today. that's because up to 700 pink slips are gonna be handed ott u that's according to -- handed out. that's according to sources.
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this would impact mainly the silicon valley. now, this man says it's a lousy time of the year to do this. he says fiscally it is because it cleans up your books but not morley -- moralely. morally. analysts say yoo-hoo was set up to jump on the -- ya hoof was set up to jump on the wand b aggen. growth's been slow -- on the bandwagon. growth's been slow. can other tech workers expect to be laid off before christmas. according to our analyst, he says the three major giant, hp,
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apple and google, have all fared very well over the last few years. but the government sector is a different story. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. in just a couple of hours from now, the national transportation safety board will release a new report about that pipeline disaster in san bruno. inspectors have spent several months looking for the cause of september's explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. just last week, a pg&e spokesman said there are major new developments in this investigation. however, the company is withholding any public statement until today's ntsb report comes out. ktvu's kraig debro will have much more on all of this from san bruno coming up for you at 7:30. new this morning, we just learned that a soldier from the bay area has been killed in afghanistan. the military says the 21-year-
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old specialist was among six american soldiers killed sunday in a suicide bombing. he was a member of the 101st airborne division based at fort campbell, kentucky. and we have a major new development in a story we've been following all morning. within the past half hour, police have confirmed to us a missing man from napa has been found alive and well in san j ose. officers found 83-year-old j ames, haines walking san jose city streets around 4:00 a.m. family memberses say he d idn't -- members say he didn't make it home sunday night after driving a friend home. more information is expected later today. a kidnapped 12-year-old virginia girl found in san francisco is back home. the man accused of kidnapping her will be in court today. now, a shopper spotted 32-year- old jeffrey scott easley and
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the little girl outside of the ocean beach safeway store on friday. easley is also expected of k illing the girl's mother. she was found dead at her virginia home more than a week ago. the 12-year-old's father spoke publicly for the first time later that night after talking to his daughter on the phobe -- on the phone. >> i thought it was my daughter the i thought i recognized her voice. but i was thinking, you know, it's too good to be true. i can't believe it. >> benjamin smith says he asked his daughter what was the name of his dog so he could make sure it was really her. a man accused of molesting a girl at a walmart will be in court today. investigators say the man i nappropriately touched a little girl friday night. the girl was shooping with her
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family -- shopping with her family. her parents yelled for help and two men grabbed the suspect and held him until police arrived. >> i'm not afraid to say, no, you're not gonna do it. i'm not supperman. i'm just me. >> now, the -- now, the surveillance shows this. and the girl was separated from her mother for only about a minute or so. this is a critical day in oakland's campaign to save the a s. a city committee will decide whether to spend $250,000 in redevelopment money for a ballpark study. as owner lou we'll wants to move the -- liu wants to move the
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team. san francisco supervisors are set to vote on the city's bid to host the upcoming a merica's vote but they may face a new challenge. america cup organizers have o pened negotiations with n ewport, rhode island to hold the race there. rhode island's governor vows to do everything there to bring the cup back to newport. race organizers have made it clear they are not happy with san francisco's latest proposal, the final bid deadline is this friday. 7:07. well, this morning, the massive project to build the new span of the bay bridge takes another big step forward. you are looking at a live picture right there. some critical new pieces of that new eastern span have now a rrived. latest work is now underway. now, this latest phase of the project has been delayed because of the recent rains we've had. there are hopes right now that today's wet weather doesn't cause another setback. keep your fingers crossed. paul chambers is on the story right now. he will bring us details with a
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live report coming up for you at 7:30. 7:08. right now we can get a report and see how things are moving. let's check in with our traffic guy. sal? >> all right. traffic is moving along pretty well along the -- well, "well" considering there are a lot fender-benders out there. so far it looks okay. there there is a box on the san mateo bridge that's slowing traffic down. again, we have a lot of fender- benders but considering the rain, we haven't had a lot of major crashes. maybe i'm being a touch too optimistic. i will remind you it's slower than it normally is. now, the slow traffic you see here at the bay bridge is kind of typical. it's backed up for about a 1 0- minute delay coming into san francisco. also this morning in livermore, we've had slow traffic. on the nimitz freeway, southbound 880 is gonna have
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slow as you drive down to fremont. again, slow traffic because of the rain. a lot of fender-benders. so far we haven't had the huge crash. traffic on the bridges looks okay. it's 7:09. let's go to steve. cloudy skies, kind of another gray day. some light rain for some. moderate for others. heaviest has been to the north. i will have totals for you in a minute. sanfrancisco/oakland, the system is just moving more west to east. it's been a pretty good wind pro dicer up on the high country. very strong gusts being reported up in the sierra. light rain will continue and it will come in kind of in waves. kind of a gray day with temperatures staying in the 50s, low 60s. >> starting off with 50s, maybe -- mainly about 55. not much change by noon.
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cloudy today with off-and-on rain. look at the plume ofmoisture stretching across. remember november. remember november. everything was coming down out of the north. the pattern has changed. this is a much warmer pattern. there isn't anything dropping too far south out of this. but this looks like the first of what could be many systems especially as we head into next week. a little breezy. there will be more fog tonight into tomorrow. it will be dry w ednesday/thursday. then rain returns friday and then a bigger system looks like it moves in on saturday. sanmateo our target forecast today. 53 to start. 56, 58. only a 5-degree spread. a lot of clouds. temperatures, 55. 56, 57. napa/sanrafael at 54. and 57 will probably be staying there for a while. we have the system moving through. cloudy with rain heaviest to
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the north. look at that. there comes your moisture s ource. don't look for much in the way of sun. cloudy skies, rain, heaviest to the north. a little breezy at times. upper 50s, very low 60s. on the temperatures today, as we said, there -- that's not the big story. the big story mr. be -- will be the rain at the end of the week. areas of fog, but dry, mostly cloudy, wednesday/thursday. some rain makes it friday, a lot of rain makes it saturday. battling over healthcare. the white house's reaction to a federal judge ruling the president's healthcare reform is unconstitutional and where this legal fight will end up. you will find out where joe montana -- what joe montana w ants to build at the stadium of his old team. and what san francisco officials are doing to try to woo more hollywood movies in the city.
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good morning. lots of -- well, fog, cloudy skies, some rain. heaviest rain has been to the north where there's been .25. look for gray skies. temperatures in the 50s and very low 60s. the u.s. senate appears to be ready to approve an extension of the bush-era tax cuts as early as today. as ktvu's alison burns reports, the pressure is building on democrats in the house for them to do the same thing. alison, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to y ou, dave. the senate came into session just about ten minutes ago. debate is starting to get u nderway. both of california's senators are expected to vote yes on the obama gop tax deal, a vote last night in the senate to advance
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the bill was after overwhelming 83-15. final approval is expected today. but a lot of senators will be holding their noses. democrats are continued about tax cut foss the wealthy. republicans angry about the -- about the extras. >> these credits are spending via the tax code which is precisely the business as usual behavior that republicans told tea party voters they didn't engage in. >> reporter: president obama is calling on the house to okay the senate bill quickly but d emocrats are still hoping to make some changes. reporting live from washington, d.c., am alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. a judges said the government can't force people to buy health insurance. the white house says it's
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confident the law will be upheld and promises to fight that ruling. three military veterans who were discharged under the don't ask/don't tell policy have filed a lawsuit demanding r einstatement. the lawsuit contendses the ban on gays serving openly in the military is unconstitutional. the veterans say they just want the chance to serve again. >> i love the military, the mission, the people, the camaraderie, just the professionalism, the men and women i work with, serving my country as cheesy as that s ounds. >> legislation to repeal this has been introduced in the u.s. senate but no vote has been scheduled and the vo will die if no vote is taken on it by year's end. richard holbrooke has died. world leaders are praising his long and ill illustrious career. he served under every president
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starting with j.f.k. his most recent assignment was president obama's special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan. he died last night. the process of choosing san francisco's new mayor starts today at a board of supervisors' meeting. mayor gavin new some has said he may tee -- newsom has said he may delay his start date if the board does not select what he calls a special person. under the city charter, the board can only appoint an interim mayor once the office is vacant. and san mateo, they are w restling. the board has to decide whether to hold the special election to
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replace the member using traditional polling places which could cost about $1.6 million or through an all-mail election which would cost about 1.1 million. governor schwarzenegger's plan to sell off 11-state - -- 11 state-owned buildings in california is once again on h old. the sale is scheduled to be finalized tomorrow. but the california court of appeals issued a temporary stay. the government wants to sell the buildings and lease back the space. this would be used to help pay down the state's deficit. the state would spend more. and what it gains by selling the property. four bay area buildings are among the 11 in question. sanfrancisco's public utilities building.
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former 49ers great joe montana wants to build a hotel and an entertainment complex right near the proposed stadium in santa clara. montana and the former team owner have submitted a written request for an 18-month exclusive negotiating agreement with the city to complete the deal. the complex will be built on two parcels of city-owned land. officials say the council won't take any action until next year. but the proposal appears to have a lot of support. the project would be financed
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and run separately from the stadium. 7:20 is the time. b.a.r.t. passengers who use the ez rider cards are having problems getting past the pay gates tomorrow. what you need to to know today. there is a crash on eastbound 80. it's blocking the left lane. one is injured in this crash. now they are setting up flares. this is eastbound 80 at ashby and this might have to do with the wet weather.
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a supny veil park is open again after a -- sunnyvale park is open again after the bomb squad took the grenade that was disoffed -- that was discovered in a home. a man moving out found that bomb in the garage. originals -- officials were able to safely detonate the grenade. thousands of b.a.r.t. riders may be in for an unpleasant surprise starting tomorrow. passengers who use the system's e.z. rider card will find they don't work anymore. that's because b.a.r.t. is p hasing out those cards and u rging consumers to --
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sal's been telling us about wet roads. fortunately, the crashes have not been serious. but this one here on the east shore freeway. it rooks -- it looks like someone is injured. westbound traffic is slowing because people can see the paramedic vehicle with the f lashing lights there and three cars kind of smashed together. that they are waiting for tow trucks here. it looks like it's not as wet on the east shore. this is east 80 at ashby in the left lane this crash. also the morning commute is going to be slow if you are approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up from the maze and the metering lights are on. it's about a 15-minute delay. also the morning commute in san jose is not that good. northbound 280 is slowing down to the area. 1011 a mess. i think people are bailing on 101 and using 280 instead. give yourself plenty of time in
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the south bay. we see a lot of slow traffic now mostly on 280 and 101. i think 85 might be a decent alternate route. golden gate to steve. >> thank you. we do have cloudy skies, light rain moving through. it's gonna be a day where -- where there are a lot of clouds, light rain, drizzle, occasional drizzle. temperatures are gonna stay in the upper 50s, low 60s. just a series of weak systems. so far rain fort bragg, mill valley, santa rosa and yountville and san francisco .10. a lot of clouds very little rain south. just more drizzle i -- drizzly in nature. temperatures are in the 50s. 54 to 57. i don't think they are gonna change much in the next couple of hours. very windy up in the sierra nevada. there's been some heavy rain up towards northwest california. today cloudy, some light rain for us. steady rain points north. breezy at times.
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50s to very low 60s on the highs. that's not going to matter too much. cloudy today with rain. we'll have a lot of fog forming. friday we bring another system in for light to moderate rain. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. 7:26. we have breaking news. a british judge has just granted bail to wikileaks founder jullien assange. this is a bit of a surprise. we'll have more details as they come in. an overnight bar room brawl in petaluma gets completely out of hand. witnesses will tell us what they saw when the trouble spilled out in the streets. and what's gonna be h appening today in san bruno that has many residents here very interested in what the government says. and some internal pg&e documents in the smart meter controversy.
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a fire truck has arrived on this injury crash east 80 in berkeley. the paramedic vehicle has left but this fire truck from berkeley has arrived on the scene. the traffic is -- it looks like it could be emeryville's unit there. but the two left lanes are b locked and traffic is going to be slow eastbound but also
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westbound on 80 as you head down to the macarthur maze. cloudy skies. cloudy today with off-and-on light rain. it is 7:30. some breaking news. just a short time ago, a british judge granted bail for wikileaks founder, julie an assange. assange must abide by strict bail conditions as he fights extradition to sweden in a sex crimes investigation. it's a bit of a surprise because assange is potentially a flight risk since he has no known address and also there's no word on how much the bail is set at. the 39-year-old australian has been held in a london prison for a week after surrendering to scotland yard police to answer a swedish arrest
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warrant. assange is wanted for q uestioning in sexual assault cases. in a few hours, the ntsb will issue its latest report on the pipeline disaster in san bruno. some critical questions may be answered. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: i did just speak with the ntsb spokesperson a half hour ago. i will tell you about that in a second. but first, i know a lot of people know what happened in san bruno on september 9th. behind me, sort of the ground zero, that 70-plus foot long crater, 20 plus feet wide and to the left of that, you can see the vacant lots. there were homes sitting here. now they have the grass growing here. if you tilt up a little bit you
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can see how the blast affected the area. you can see what's left of the siding of that house there and then the insulation on the h ouse. i want to show you to the right -- if you look to the right, right next to where we are, you can see how siding has been blown off, melted off by the flames and then go up the hill. you can see how far away in this direction, it actually had an effect on the homes here. the hillside next to these h omes. we've just shot this a little while ago. i talked to a neighbor. they are very concerned because the vegetation was burned away in this fire on september 9th. the rape comes and might create mud slide problems. she said there was something out there cutting down hillsides. according to the ntsb, he said this is gonna be a factual report and they aren't gonna draw any conclusions. no conclusions drawn. now, the rupture at the i
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ntersection of earle and glendale released a certain amount of cubic feet of natural gas. that was released as a result of the rupture. the explosion created that 7 2- feet long, 26-foot wide crater, that's down about 1 00 feet away from the crater. part of the investigation is going to be examining the pipe to see if it can tell us anything about the tragic events from that day. during the course of the rupture and the fire, eight people died, 37 homes were destroyed. another 18 were damaged, some maybe even beyond repair. down here at grounds we've seen a number of homes here that look abandoned. we're not sure if the people are gonna come back here and try to rebuild. maybe they will know something today. the ntsb released the report at 10:00 and then jackie speier is
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going to be presenting that report to members of the public in downtown san bruno. factual things only, no conclusions being drawn. according to the spokesperson i talked to, final conclusions won't be drawn for a while to come. coming up at 8:30 i'm gonna try to speak to some neighbors about how they feel about today's report. reporting live in san bruno, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 n ews. >> thank you, kraig. 7:34. dozens of police officers rushed in to control a wild and o ut-of-control bar room fight at 1:00 a.m. at the bar on kentucky street in petaluma. a fight that started in the bar spilled out on the street. it took several hours for police to restore order. witnesses say one police car accidentally ran into a ped. that ped is recovering at the hospital -- that pedestrian is
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recovering at the hospital. in about ap hour, a petaluma man is due no court. this is the fifth time he's been arrested for dui. he was pulled over early saturday morning after officers say he was caught driving 80 miles an hour on highway 101. police say may za failed a sobriety test and was looked in the jail and held without bail. there is a certain percentage -- percentage of the population that are not getting the m essage. we're here to make sure they do. the chp says repeat defenders are not -- they are using trackers to keep them off the roads. the former pg&e executive who resigned after secretly monitoring online discussion groups opposed to the smart meter did not keep that information to himself. the san francisco-based utility has released documents related
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to the release of the former head of the smart program and those papers show he shared what he learned with anti-smart m eater groups and even other employees. peg has long insisted -- pg&e has long insisted he acted a lone. we have new information about the bay bridge construction project, crucial information to get the project complete on time has arrived. >> reporter: crews are working as we speak. we first reported to you, that the east bay span may be four to six months ahead of schedule. let me show you the ship behind me. it's from kline gnaw. that is carried -- it's from china. that is carried -- those white segment us see, they are used and will be needed toed add to
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the third lift. it will be -- needed to add to the third lift. these are items that are needed to keep things on track. >> it's very important that we have timely shipments of the material so that we can continue the erection of the bridge. we have a lot of momentum built right now. crews are gonna be working in a little bit of inclement weather. we're gonna watch that closely over the next couple of weeks as we try to put these things this place. >> reporter: the estimate was supposed to arrive a few weeks ago but it was delayed due to weather out in the pacific. i'm told my weather here will not stop the construction crews. there are crews working as we speak. one crew is unloading the ship. once again, the shipment came in on yesterday. it was a couple of days behind schedule but it's okay. they will be using all of this
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stuff unloading it through y ouout the morning hopefully g etting things together -- throughout the morning, hopefully getting things together to start. let's let's check in with sal to see how traffic is m oving. some problems, especially on the east shore. it looks like it's drying off a little bit here. but there's still a crash. it looks like they are trying to unstick some cars there on eastbound 80 just past ashby. someone has been taken away already in the paramedic unit or at least they've been attended to. so the fire truck and the paramedic truck we saw have been taken away. now they are trying to get the cars taken away. you see the service patrol truck there. traffic is slow from the maze on 80 eastbound and westbound is slow coming down from the hoffman split which is 580 at 08 up there in the el cerrito area. it will be slow. toll plaza, westbound, you will see a back up of about 20 m
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inutes coming down. some heavy rain moving from the south bay, 880, some slow traffic there. it's not heavy rain. it's just rain. we'll let steve expand on that. as i toss to you, i just found out chain requirements are p osted for all of the roads -- >> i'm not surprised. the wind has a also been cranked up, especially for the high country. for us, we have breezy, b lusterty, some rain. generally, it's drizzly, misty conditions. there's a lot of moisture streaming across. it's going to be a very interesting and active pattern especially as we get to the weekend, if you have weekend plans i would have a plan "b" ready to go. cloudy skies, rain for most of the day. but for some it's more of a nuisance. a break on wednesday/thursday. but there will be fog. you know there will be fog.
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on the weekend, rain with a lot of mountain snow. more fog tomorrow. mostly cloudy. again, that weekend forecast could be a very wet wouldn't. the cloud cover -- a very wet one. the cloud cover you can see a lot of it there. temperatures in the 50s. and for some it will stay in the 50s. live stormtracker2 shows another weak part of the system b eginning to move back in the north bay. there's been okay amounts. >> i saw a little bit more towards castro valley. sanmateo our target forecast, 55, 57, 59. that's it. cloudy with occasionally some light rain and temperatures really just -- upper 50sor low 60s at best -- 50s or low 60s at best. this is the complete opposite of what we had in november when there was this that cold p attern. this is west to east. this kind of a pattern also
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holds a lot more moisture, you start to get a little dynamics with that. you can get some heavy-duty rain totals which may happen by this weekend. 50, 54 to 57. cloud cover with rain turning to snow in the mountains. there's been pretty good rain up in the north coast. look for a cloudy tuesday. kind of persistent, steady for others. forecasted highs upper 50s and low 60s. the big news on the five-day will be at the end of the week. friday we bring rain in. we could see rain going from friday, saturday, all the way to the middle of next week. >> wow. getting close to christmas. 7:42. fighting the flu, with the y of -- why the department of health has a warning for one bay area city. the golden globes nominations were announced a few hours ago. find out which movie got the most nominations.
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eastbound interstate 80, it looks it looks like they've taken care of the injured people but it looks like a couple of the cars are stuck together. the traffic is backed up all the way from hercules. 7:45. taking a live look at the big board on wall street, an upbeat report on retail sales giving stocks a boost. the commerce d reported that retail sales rose for the filth straight month in november. the biggest jump in department store sales in two years, giving the holiday shopping season a strong start. the dui is up at 11,490.
7:46 am
nasdaq 9. s&p up almost 4. tonight, the mount diablo school board is expected to give a negative certification to its budget. that means the board is having trouble paying its expenses through the next year. the district is working to cut employee benfys and sal -- benefits and salaries. meanwhile the district's school closure committee will recommend closures to -- a very important warning comes out of our nation's capitol this morning. it affect the a lot of people right here in the -- a it a ffects a lot -- it affects a lot of people in the bay area. >> a handful of cities across the country are getting the w arning that they are more at
7:47 am
risk than other cities for contracting the flu and oakland is one of them. now, the u.s. department of health and human services is issuing the warning as we head into flu season. the reason for the target city is because of the higher population of african-americans and latinos. according to the heath agency new research shows those populations are more at risk of contracting the flu and part of the reason is that they are less likely to be vaccinated. now, each year in the united states, an average of 23,000 people die from flu-related complications. 90% of the deaths are adults, 65 and older. according to the center for disease control, the flu shot can help save lives and is up to 70% effective among elderly americans in particular. we do expect to hear more from the u.s. surgeon general later today on this new research and the warning for oakland r esidents in general. other cities include atlanta,
7:48 am
kansas city, new york, newark, chicago, houston, essex, massachusetts, philadelphia and miami. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook. let's go back to dave. 7:47. a sexual enhancement supplement called "man up now" is being investigated by the fda. now, fda officials say the pills may contain an ingredient that could cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. if you have those man-up capsules you are being advised to stop using them. a growing number of new mothers who cannot breast feed are going online to get breast milk from mothers who have a surplus. but the fda says this is a bad idea. the experts are pointing out that milk is not normally tested for possible health problems.
7:49 am
the nomination foss the 2011 -- nominations for the 2011 golden globes are were announced this morning. >> "black swan," "the fighter," "intervention," "the king's speech," "the social network." >> that was actor katie holmes reading the nominees for best drama. the golden globes will be given out january 16th and are usually a precursor for oscar nominations. >> there was a slight mishap during the taping of oprah's special show in sydney, australia today. the australia movie star, hugh jack man slid down this cable -- jackman slid down this cable but for some reason he couldn't stop. yeah, he didn't stop. he went face first into the stage lights right there. now he's stopped, hard. >> now, they are telling us, he
7:50 am
wasn't serious hurt but he did hurt his face. he got some bandages on his f ace. oprah is in australia. she took about 300 mesh guests with her for these two special shows in australia. and that was live tv. >> okay. hopefully he will be okay. >> yes. >> a revealing look at how educators are viewed in america. what a new survey suggests about people not making the grade. a fashion website is o ffering up a real bargain on new cars this week.
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the mother of the 14-year- old boy accused in that vicious attack on two vacaville children is defending her son and claiming her son was
7:53 am
framed. ktvu spoke to her last night. she doesn't want you us to show you her face and are or tell you her name but she said her son got into trouble after drinking with some other teenagers on saturday night. >> he pushed them on the floor and then he heard the girl c rying and crying and then. sanford university received a record number of early admission applications. the university says about 6,000 students applied early this y ear. that's the most ever the school admitted 754 of the early
7:54 am
applicants about 13%. more than 26,000 students are expected to apply for regular add mission at stan -- admission at stanford this year. research finds it should be easier to get rid of bad teachers. 78% say it's too difficult to fire teachers who perform p oorly. "the associated press" stanford poll says most americans believe the teachers are not paid e nough. only about 7% think teachers are overpaid. a lot of people are u ncomfortable buying a car on the internet but they might reconsider with this deal. the discount fashion website is offering free new volkswagen jettas for sale for just $6,000. that's a $10,000 difference from the sticker price. the cars will be sold at 9:00 a.m. our time, tomorrow, thursday and friday. the roads from the sale will go to the charity,
7:55 am
dressforsuccess. >> the first day, tomorrow, the only people who can bid on it will be members of >> yeah. >> so that's on wednesday. thursday and friday it opens up to everybody. >> yes. >> car for 6,000, brand-new car, not a bad idea. east 80 at ashby. the two left lanes remain b locked. again, the injured people have been taken away. westbound traffic is also a ffect. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. can you see traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving on the commute here, it's about a 15 to 20 minute delay with no major problems once you get on the bridge. let's go to the 80 shot here at kingvale. can you see that the roadway is okay, now we do have chain
7:56 am
requirements posted on 80, 50 and 88 getting to the sierra. as steve said some cold air is moving through. if you are going to the sierra, bring those chains you will probably need them. very windy conditions. we've had reports of that. for us we've had some light r ain, drizzle mist, but to the north there's been some heavier amounts. temperatures will stay in the 50s, 60s. thatters a lot of cloud cover heading in our direction the next couple of days. clouds are moving back in. mainly the north bay. some of the rain totals, especially north have been
7:57 am
okay. .23. look at that plume of moisture. this could set up to be very, very wet as we head towards the end of the week. today, cloudy, some rain. mainly light, though. heaviest to the north. wind has picked up. it's very windy up towards the high country. the five-day, we don't want to overhype anything or scare anybody. a lot of people might be t raveling this week. there are signs we could get really heavy rain and a lot of snow once we get into the weekend, and christmas eve. 7:57. today, hundreds of yahoo! work remembers expected to get pink slips. experts wonder if this is part of a disturbing economic trend. if -- if this is true, i can't believe it. >> a father is reunited with his daughter after a cross-
7:58 am
country kidnapping deal. san francisco maces -- faces a new challenge to host a merica's cup.
7:59 am
good morning a lot of crashes today. possibly due to the wet roads.
8:00 am
>> reporter: i'm live in sunnyvale where we've just l earned what's going on on the inside here at yahoo! headquarters as hundreds of pink slips are expected to be handed out today. we're following new developments this morning out of london. a judge has just granted bail to wikileaks founder julian a ssuming and a well-known movie director heads of list -- heads the list of celebrities offering to pay his bail. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now. welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's december -- it's tuesday, december 14th. one part of the area is really getting majority of -- the majority of the rain. let's start with sal. >> good morning. right now we're still clearing an accident or they are, the c hp, east 80 at the ashby avenue exit. it's down only to the fast lane
8:01 am
now as they are getting that last pickup up to a flat-bed tow truck. westbound 80 traffic is very slow coming in from hercules and richmond, stop and go traffic all the way down. highway 2 westbound is a mess getting up to the tunnel. and there is a crash eastbound with minor injuries blocking several lanes. eastbound 24 and westbound traffic is slow. it's a mess, especially on 24. let's go back to the desk. you can go to me, sal. >> all right. we do have rain moving through. this looks like the first of what could be many between now and, let's say, the seven to ten days. yes. today, so far the rain has
8:02 am
within to the north. we do get a break on wednesday, thursday. but then we'll have more on this coming up. the weekend could be very windy and very wet with a lot of mountain snow. 8:01. this morning yahoo! could tell as many as 700 employees they are out of a job. tara more already artie is live in sunnyvale to tell us how some of the majeures there have been preparing for the layoffs. >> reporter: good morning. therhave been rumblings of l ayoffs. we just learned that all of the managers underwent layoff t raining. most of the people that will be affected will be in the
8:03 am
products division. the products division is responsible for yahoo! news, sports, finance and other pages. we spoke to a tech analyst who said that most of the employees impact bide the layoffs are those who live in the silicon valley. fiscally, he says it is advantageous to scale back before the new year, but for those 700 people who will be out of work, it's cruel. there's talk of a merger and some say that could be a saving grace. >> well, they -- they need the leadership and aol is where you could get it. there are three places to get the leddership. >> reporter: tech experts nationwide had some pretty harsh words for yahoo!'s ceo, carol b artz. they say it's her lack of l eadership that has caused the
8:04 am
further spiral. analysts say two major reasons for yahoo!'s rut are the fact that it failed to carve a niche for itself in social networking and to cut cost. it turned over the search e nengine and related advertising to microsoft who is a one-time rival. as far as an official a nnouncement, we have yet to hear one. we'll definitely keep you p osted. >> thank you, tara. it's four minutes after 8:0 0. just a short while ago, a british judge granted bail to wikileaks founder julian a ssange. this was the scene outside the london courtroom this morning as some supporters have arrived. he's been in a british jail cell since a week ago. supporters say this is just an attempt to keep the website from releasing more classified documents. michael moore was one of the
8:05 am
celebrities who helped -- dash who offered to cover bail for asawning. moore offered $20,000. assange is not going anywhere just yet. tonight the berkeley city council is set to vote on a resolution on whether to name the army private suspected of leaking private information to wikileaks a hero. if approved, the resolution could call for private bradley marin to be released from marine corps jail. 8:05. new this morning, we've just learned that a soldier from the bay area has been killed in afghanistan. the military says 21-year-old specialist derrick simanetta of redwood city was among six soldiers killed in a suicide bombing. he was a member of the 101st
8:06 am
airborne. we have a major new development in the story we've been talking about all morning. just an hour ago, police c onfirmed to us a missing man from napa has been found alive and well in san jose. officers found 83-year-old james haines walking the streets of san jose about 4:00 a.m. family members say he didn't come home sunday night after driving a family friend home on some very remote napa county roads. investigators are expected to tell us more about this all of this later today. 8:06. a kidnapped 12-year-old virginia girl found in san francisco is back home this morning. the man accused of kidnapping her will be in court for an extradition hearing. a shopper spotted jeffrey scott easley and the girl outside of the ocean beach safeway store on friday. easley is also expect -- easley is also suspected of killing
8:07 am
girl -- kidnapping the girl. the father spoke publicly last night after he was able to talk to the girl. >> tear was a lot of background noise. i thought it was my daughter. i was thinking, it's too good to be true. i can't believe it. >> benjamin smith said he asked his daughter what the dogs' names were so he could make sure it was really her. a man suspected of molesting an 8-year-old girl at a walmart store is in court to face c harges. police say he inappropriate i -- he inappropriately touched the girl on friday night. the girl was shopping on friday night but wandered away. her parents yelled for help. two men grabbed the suspect and held him for police. well, this is a very critical day in the city of oakland's campaign to save the a s. a city committee will decide whether to spend $250,000 for a study on a new
8:08 am
ballpark. the as owner wants to move the team from oakland to san jose. however,up a -- however, such a move requires approval by major league baseball and the giants are claiming santa clara county is their territory. sanfrancisco is set to bid t he -- the yacht race. but they may be facing a new challenge. they've opened up negotiations with newport, rhode island. rhode island's governor is v owing to do everything possible to bring the cup back to n ewport. race organizers have made it clear, they are not happy with san francisco's latest proposal. the final bid deadline is this friday. it is 8:08. we want to check in with sal to see what's happening on the roads and some problems out there probably because of the rain. >> it's been a little bit of a tougher commute because of the wet weather although some of the areas have been -- well, the rain has not moved here in
8:09 am
a while. so that's helping us out. that problem on east shore b locking the left lane has been moved to the shoulder. a couple of cars still left on the shoulder but the traffic is recovering a little bit eastbound. but westbound the damage is d one. it's very slow coming in from richmond all the way down to berkeley. it's much slower than it n ormally is. it looks like it's dried out here. moving along and taking a look at the toll plaza, that's about a 15-minute delay with no major problems? you-- if you are driving on the peninsula, highway 101 and 280, i would say 208 is your best b et. also some slow traffic this morning in the san jose along 101. i remember last time i told you 85 was okay. now it's slowed way down, especially near highway 17 h eading northbound. here's steve. we do have some rain moving through. nothing too heavy. it's been a little heavier up towards the north bay where
8:10 am
there's been .25 but generally .500. there we go. a little update on the windshield wipers. the see rather -- sierra, the green has turned to snow. you can see at blue canyon, the snow level has gone pretty high up. if you are traveling up there, it could be dicey once he get up around 6,000 feet. for us it will be light rain, cloudy skies, we'll have more coming up towards the end of the week. where it looks like we could get some real heavy rain. well, if you live in the south bay and as we continue to look at the weather, move through the area, i don't know if it had any impact on it, but if you live in the south bay, you may have felt a small earthquake this morning. the u.s. geological study says the 2.5 quake struck just after 3:30 this morning, near cupertino and saratoga. so far there's no word of any injuries or damages. just a reminder that we live in earthquake country. >> we do. it's on track for quick p assage on capitol hill.
8:11 am
but there could be some changes in that controversial tax p ackage.
8:12 am
, sea ro f t t.. ro fn-opooal..ko gr. i'a n ! ro fe ysexdo..ko gr. llev wt emo?
8:13 am
8:14 am
in a test vote, the u.s. senate wroted -- voted overwhelmingly to move ahead with the obama tax deal. a final senate vote is e xpectedded to -- is expected today. alison burns joins us live to explain what's happening right now and reaction from c alifornia's two senators to this deal. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to y ou, tori. the senate came into session just about an hour ago and already we've been getting an earful about this $856 billion deal that will extend the b ush- era tax cuts for two more years. now, last night the senate voted overwhelmingly to move forward with the debate on the tax bill, final senate approval is e xpected later today. no one is really happy about it. testimonies are angry about continuing tax cuts for the wealthy, republicans wealthy about the extras like tax breaks for clean energy.
8:15 am
both of california's senators are voting for it. here is how california senator barbara boxer explained her vote just a few minutes ago. >> i voted for this bill because i think our economy cobs to be in a fragile state when it comes to job growth. >> house democrats are now under more pressure to okay the deal but democrats there are still hoping to make some changes. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the healthcare reform could be headed for a showdown. the government -- the panel said the government cannot force people to buy health insurance. three military veterans d ischarged under the don't a sk/don't tell policy filed a lawsuit demanding to be r
8:16 am
eunited. the lawsuit claims the ban on gays serving openly in the military is unconstitutional. these veterans say they just want the chance to serve again. >> i love the military, i love the mig, the people, the camaraderie, just the professionalism of the men and women i work with searching my country as cheesy as that s ounds. legislation to repeal the don't ask/don't tell policy has been introduced in the senate. but a vote has not been s cheduled. the bill will die if a vote is not taken by the end of the y ear. veteran diplomat richard holbrooke has died. this morning, world leaders are praising his long and illustrious career. he was 69 years old. he served under every democratic president beginning with j.f.k. holbrooke was known for negotiating the peace agreement that ended the war in bosnia. his most recent assignment, president obama's special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan. holbrooke die the last night following surgery over the
8:17 am
weekend for a torn aorta. back here at home, process of choosing san francisco's m ayor starts today at a board of supervisors meeting. mayor newsom says he may delay his start-date as the new lieutenant-governor if the board doesn't select what he calls an appropriate person. newsom's term begins on the 3rd but he could delay his swearing in until january 8th. that's when a new board of supervisors is seated. the board can only appoint an interim mayor once the office is vacant. in san mateo county, they are wrestling with how to fill a vacancy on the board of supervisors there.
8:18 am
today the city of san francisco formally launches a new magazine to attract hollywood moviemakers. the chronicle reports the commission is determined to get more movie, tv and commercial shoots. it is offering moviemakers generous discounts on hotels and fitness clubs. former 49ers great joe montana wants to build a hotel and entertainment complex near the proposed stadium in santa clara. montana and the ex-tale owner have submitted a written request for an 18-month exclusive negotiating agreement with the city to complete a deal. the complex will be built on two parcels of city-owned land. officials say the council won't take any action until next year. but the proposal appears to have significant support. the project would be financed and run separately from the
8:19 am
stadium. 8:18. well, "time" magazine has announced the -- has announced the results for this year's person of the year aword. julian assange, the founder of wikileaks was the favorite candidate of readers who vote the -- who voted online. he came in first place with more than 380,000 votes. the prime minister of turkey came in second place. third place, lady gaga followed by jon stewart and self finance colbert. glenn beck came in fifth place. that's the result of the r eaders' poll but the magazine's editors will actually do the final choosing and announce their pick at some point in thorn -- this morning. the fuzz came just a short time ago. toyota has announced yet another major recall. there could be some commuter confusion when b.a.r.t. riders head to work tomorrow.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
windy weather is causing problems along the eastern mediterranean. this sandstorm rolled through
8:23 am
saudi arabia yesterday causing dangerous driving conditions. the sand brought traffic to a crawl and forced several ports to close. the storm lasted about two h ours. there is another recall by toyota this morning. this time the problem is with almost 100,000 siena minivans from the 2011 model year. toyota says it needs to replace a switch bracket on the break lamp. if the driver's foot hits the bracket, it could cause brake lights to stay on or in some cases partially engage the brakes. toyota says so far no accidents or injuries related to the bracket have been reported. if you use b.a.r.t.'s e.z. rider card, you will find out they won't work -- they are u
8:24 am
rging computers to switch over to the new regional clipper c ards. b.a.r.t. said it sent out thousands of notices but they are still worried there could be some confusion when the e.z. rider cards just don't work anymore. 8:23. let's see how things are working on the roads. sal's been pretty busy. a number of problems out there. >> on the b.a.r.t. story, the person who doesn't know about the card, they will say, why did it stop working one day to the next? that's what they are worried about. >> yes, of course. >> we'll be watching that for you tomorrow morning along with the rest of the commute. just to make sure there's no confusion. i think everybody watching this show already knows. but we'll see. right now b.a.r.t.'s on time. if you are take the east bay commutes, northbound traffic is going to be slow on 880. that's 880 north on the the right-hand side of your screen. the traffic heading up to d owntown oakland on the left you see the headlights moving down to fremont a little bit easier here. i'm gonna show you something. let's go to the toll plaza. i want to show you the slow
8:25 am
traffic there, it's affected by some sort of a stall or something. they are trying to break through into the toll plaza area, perhaps there is -- perhaps there a stalled vehicle or accident there. south bay at 1011 a mess from sunnyvale. 85 and 280 also slow. i talked about 808 there is a crash southbound 880 at f reemont. on the other side of the bay, not so bad, 101 and 92 some s lowing there. let's go too steve. there is not a lot left on
8:26 am
this storm. just some light rain over us. we had some okay totals. forecast today, a lot of clouds and some light rain, we do see a break wednesday and thursday. there will be fog and clouds and then the weekend is shaping up to be very windy and very wet. that rain could turn out to be pretty decent. sanmateo, 55, 57 and 59 degrees with cloudy skies and very, very light rain. and the satellite picture continues to show that moisture streaming across and there will be much stronger systems as we head towards the end of the week. we are looking for today, c loudy, rain, heaviest towards the north bay and temperatures really, that's not the issue. the five day is really going to
8:27 am
be the interesting part. rape, heavy at times take us into the weekend. i'm paul chambers live in oakland where -- [inaudible due to background noise british british. >> reporter: and what the federal government might say about that san bruno explosion and fire that could make residents feel a little safer.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 280 southbound. it looks like it's very busy heading down to 101. very slow traffic if you are driving on the 101 in san jose. now, at 8:29. let's go back to the desk. cloudy skies, light rain moving through. there's really not much left. just some drizzle or mist. but the cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s and they will stay there most of the day with occasionally light rain but a lot of clouds. 8:30. in just a couple of hours, the n tsb will release its latest report on the pipeline disaster in san bruno. some critical questions may be answered. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live. he's in san bruno now. i know you just talked to some of the neighbors out there. >> reporter: good morning. i talked to a couple of neighbors and i spoke to a spokesperson on the phone a little while ago. that report is gonna be released in 90 minutes from now. if you want to, you -- you can go online and get it from their
8:31 am
website. at 10:30, jackie speers will be holdal forum downtown. the reason that they are so interested in the report, at least the people who live down here is something hike this -- some of these homes are not totally gone. some of them had their siding away -- melted away by the flames. so some are looking forward to seeing the results. this surveillance video from a gas station shows how people reacted the at -- reacted at the moment the explosion affected the neighborhood. some people ran, drove away from the blast. others did the exact opposite. not only did the explosion blow a pipeline 100 feet away from the site, debris went up 1 00 feet up towards the gas station, despite the potential danger that could exist, if only in the minds of residents.
8:32 am
we talked to one man who knows of -- who knows of nobody who wants to leave. >> no, none of them want to leave. >> on september 9th, the gas line ruptured sending more than 47 million standard cubic feet of gas. the ensuing fire killed eight people. a preliminary ntsb report says pg&e was operating the gas line above the specified maximum operating pressure. there used to be three houses there and the -- the -- the pit that was blown away or at least made by the explosion is right
8:33 am
behind me. 76feet wide. 26feet long. reporting live in san bruno, kraig debro, tit -- kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of police officers from several sonoma county law enforcement agencies rushed to the scene of an early-morning bar room brawl. it happened around 1:00 a.m. this morning at the rox bar and lounge on kentucky street in petaluma. sheriff deputies say a fight that began inside the bar s pilled out onto the street. it took officers several hours to restore order. witnesses say one police car accidentally hit a pedestrian crossing the street outside the bar. he's recovering at petaluma valley hospital. police made at least one arrest. a petaluma man is scheduled to be in court this morning, this is the fifth time he's been arrested for dui. 31-year-old antonio chavez meza was pulled over early saturday morning after officers say he was driving 80 miles an hour o n -- 80 miles an hour on highway 101.
8:34 am
police say he failed a sobriety test and was booked into the sonoma county jail and held without bail. chp officers say repeat dui offenders are not unusual in sonoma county. pet lima police are using federal grant money to track repeat offenders in an effort to keep them off the road. 8:33. the former pg&e executive who resigned after secretly m onitoring online discussion groups opposed to the smart meter apparently didn't keep that information to himself. pg&e is re-- has released documents related to the resignation of william debero, the former head of the smart meter program, those documents show he shared what he learned from anti-smart meter groups with other pg&e employees. e-mails also show. caltrans has more to work with on the bay bridge project.
8:35 am
crucial pieces needed to get the project finished on time have now arrived here in the bay a rea. ktvu's paul chambers joining us live. he's in oakland right now to explain what this is all about. paul? >> good morning, dave. that ship right there has that important precious cargo on it for the construct project. two items arrived yesterday from china. here is a look at the ship that brought the four segments. those are the white pieces. beyond that you can see green tarp. those two pieces will be used in the bridge deck segment. today there are two separate cars. one is unloading using the c rane. the other is preparing to put this in place. >> it's constructed like a stool, so the next lift is the
8:36 am
next segment go up at about the 300-foot level. >> the lift will be taller than coit tower and the tribune b uilding. how will that affect your traffic patterns. we will find that out when bart ney held a press conference and gives us better pictures of this stuff that will be going in. we're live in oakland, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, paul. it's 8:36. tonight the mount diablo school board is expected to give a negative certification to its budget. that means the board is having trouble paying its expenses through the next year. the district is working to cut employee benefits and salaries through fewer row days and work out deals with its unions. meanwhile the district's school closure committee will recommend scenarios for closing up to everybody isn't cam us --
8:37 am
campuses too save money -- 8:36. well, somebody could be -- could become really rich tonight. $104million is up for grabs in tonight's megamillions drawing. it's one of the biggest lottery jackpots in recent months. the california lottery say they see increased ticket sales as you can imagine. every time the jackpot gets into the triple digits. no one has all six winning numbers tonight. the jackpot for friday's drawing will jump to about $125 million. >> that's worth a buck or two. >> merry christmas. >> yeah. let's check in with sal. >> right now, the south bay is really busy all over the south bay we have slow traffic, especially northbound 101 but 208 is also slow as head south to the 101 interchange.
8:38 am
northbound 85 is also very slow this morning driving through the valley. so if you are a south bay d river. it's not a great drive right n ow. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880. it's backed up to the coliseum all the way to downtown. let's go to steve. cloudy skies, been this way for a while. didn't see the sun yesterday. don't know about you. a lot of fog, low clouds. now we have fog. a weak system coming by. this may be the first of what could be stacking up to be many, many inches of rain between now and, say, about christmas eve. satellite picture shows a lot of clouds over us and then live stormtracker2 has some very light rain. there's not left of this system. but it had a little bit of oomph earlier and some of the
8:39 am
totals were not too bad. the moisture source came down from the north. this is much warm he. holds a lot more moisture. this is setting up. it's like a recipe. you can have all of the best ingredients. it's a hit or a miss. well, same in weather. this could be a very wet weekend and then going into next week if everything comes together. 50s on the temperatures. today is kind of a cloudy a gray day with temperatures staying in the 50s or very low 60s. cloudy skies, rain for most, but that's very light, we do
8:40 am
get a break. today, a very light system. heaviest rain will be to the north. a little breezy at times. rain has turned to snow in the mountains. highs today 50s and very low 60s. a lot of 50s. cloudy with rain today. very light, foggy conditions will be back. you know darned well it will be. weapons, thursday, under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the next system rolls in on friday. that will set the stage for a stronger system with rain and wind on saturday. 8:39 california fishermen are getting close to reaches their limits on squid. they are allowed to $118 -- 118 tons of squid each year and they are expected to reach that limit on friday. that would close down the season until march. oceanographers say the la nina conditions led to large c rashes -- large catches this year. creepy-looking animals. >> i know. i know. [ laughter ]
8:41 am
>> 8:40. well, thieves have attacked a 60-year-old holiday tradition in one bay area city. where the christmas decorations are being stolen, right from people's front yards. health experts say it's a bad idea when it comes to g etting breast milk. we'll explain.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
let's brick you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you right now. more job cuts are coming to yahoo!. the source inside of the company says as many as 700 people will be laid off. this will be yahoo!'s fourth round of layoffs in the last three years. we're know learning that supporters of july liian assange put up bail for him temperature nothing. movie michael -- moviemaker michael moore offered to put up bail. now, in addition to wearing a bracelet tab, he has to report to police every morning. the man accused of kidnapping the virginia girl and bringing her to san francisco will be in court for an extradition hearing. he was spotted with the girl on
8:45 am
friday by a popper -- shopper at the safeway near ocean beach. he's suspected of killing the girl's mother. >> it happened in an alley near florida state. police say they were forced to shoot and kill 34-year-old guy j aroe after he threatened them with a gun. "the vallejo times herald" reports he was a hurricane katrina refugee. his friends say he wanted to help troubled teenagers here in the bay area. alameda police say a scrooge is stealing christmas decorations right from people's front yards. it's happening on christmas tree lane. so far three houses have been hit. one woman says giant light bulbs and hand-made ornaments were taken off the tree in front of her home. another yard is missing more than 100 feet of lights.
8:46 am
alameda police say they've also had reports of two other holiday decoration heists. >> it's sad because, you know, it's christmas. >> anyone with information about the theft is asked to call alameda police. new this morning, the la meridian hotel in san francisco is being sold. chesapeake lodge and trust is buying hotel for $143 million. that's almost $400,000 a room for the 360-room hotel. this deal is expected to be completed by the end of the y ear. pam. well, what is the next facebook or group on? how can you get in on the a
8:47 am
ction? after looking at your website, it looks like you are the ebay of the stock market where people can buy and sell. that is right? >> what we've done is created an online marketplace where owners of the private company stock can buy company stock. >> i know -- a lot of these ventures you have to make more than $200,000 a year in income, you are called a credited i nvestor. but does this mean down the road we're getting towards the time where an average investors can say -- >> well, the marketplace is restricted to acreditted investors. so you either need to have an i
8:48 am
ncome of $200,000 year or a minimum net worth of about a million dollars. over time i think we may see some vehicles that are going to be created where the average investor can invest through diversified pool of investments that could be -- that would be imagined by a professional manager. it seems like that would be a natural thing to occur but we don't have that vehicle right now. >> okay. because i think most people are sitting around thinking, okay. twitter. twitter is not public yet. how do i get in on this? what is the best way for people to get in on that and -- >> well, if you are an a creditted investor you will see there are offers to share t witter stock. facebook stock and can actually transact with the sellers of those shares. overtime, i think you'll see different types of vehicles be constructed to be able to provide more average investors the opportunity to invest in these three public companies. >> since you are looking at
8:49 am
these companies that are not public and some of -- some of them are startups. do you see more of them? are we headed more towards like rally or environment here in the bay area. we're looking at companys that are hypergrowth companies and although i think there's probably half a dozen companies like facebook and writer that tend to get all of the media attention, there's hundreds of companies that have attractive characteristics that are members are quite interested in. it sound like this is a good opportunity for people who might be looking for a job, they have an opportunity to start up but in the past they may be locked in to this company with private shares and not see real income for quite a while. this opens up that person g etting the job they could sell through you as well. >> i think there's two things driving this, one, people want access to these private investment opportunities and the average time for a company
8:50 am
to go public has increased from four and a half years to ten and a half years. as a result, early share hold, the employees, have been waiting longer and longer to be able to monnytise their investments. so this provides them a way to create that liquidity. >> in other words they are stuck and they can get their money -- >> that's one way to put it. yes. >> thank you. 8:49. in other news, a sexual e nhancement supplement called "man up now" is being investigated by the fda. fda officials say the pills may contain an ingredient that can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. so they are saying if you have those man up capsules, you are advised to stop using them immediately. federal health officials are using new mothers not to turn to the internet to buy breast milk. a growing number of new moms who cannot breast-feed are
8:51 am
going online to buy breast milk from mothers who have a surplus. the fda says that's a bad idea. they say that often is often -- that milk is often not tested for possible health hazards. the golden globe nominations were announced early this morning. >> "black swan" the fighter "inception" the king speech "the social network. >> that was actress katie holmes reading the nominees for best drama. the golden globes will be give be out january 16th and are usually considered a precursor to the ors -- to the oscars. >> there was a painful mishap during the taping -- during the taping of oprah winfrey's show in australia.
8:52 am
take a look at that. hugh jackman is on the top sliding down a cable from the famous sydney operahouse. but for some reason, he couldn't stop. he crashed right into the stage lights, face first. he wasn't seriously hurt but he did scratch up his movie star face a bit. oprah brought 100 american guests with her for this special eight-day visit to australia. it is eight minutes before 9:00. several people are let out of an oakland hotel in handcuffs. why they interrupted a dinner to protest. also we'll tell you about an incredible internet car deal timing is everything.
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seven people face t respassing charges. they were arrested in a hotel where a pro-israeli group was holding its dinner. the bay area islam affairs committee held that dinner at the marriott in downtown o akland. the group calls it self p ro- america's lobby. some protesters went inside the hotel and started chanting that included members of cold pink who provided this video. they say israel is unlawfully occupying the land. protesters were arrested after they refused requests to leave. a new "associated press"
8:56 am
poll finds most people think it would be easier to get rid of bad touchers. 2% say it's too hard to fire teachers who don't do a good j ob. the poll found that most american the believe teachers are not paid enough. more than half say teachers are paid too little. only 7% believe they are o verpaid. jeopardy will soon pit man versus machine. two of the show's most successful contestants will tweet in february against an ibm computer named watson. the contestants will be playing for a $1 million prize. but if watson wins, ibm says it will donate the money to c harity. many people are not comfortable buying a car on the internet but they might want to reconsider with this deal. is offering three
8:57 am
new jetta vehicles for sale for just $6,000. that's a $10,000 discount. the cars will be told at 9:00 a.m. our time and the breeds go to "dress for success." it's ticket 2s day. ten lucky viewers will win ticket to the see -- win tickets to -- tickets to win "shrek the musical." go to the website before midnight tonight and put in the secret word fiona. >> and that's supposed to be a good play for all ages. all right. let's check in with sal, sal? >> traffic is moving well on t he -- westbound. if you are driving -- if you are driving in oakland,
8:58 am
northbound, still very slow from the coliseum. let's go to steve. cloudy skies, some light rain, most of it went through early this morning. but still some mist, drizzle or off and on light rain will consider. rain returns on friday morning and then heavy rain looks like it moves in on saturday. >> okay. we're prepared. >> yes. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> bye now.
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