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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 14, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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crowds gathered tonight to learn about more troubles for a school district in the brink of bankruptcy. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it is still having trouble paying it's bills. now we've learned the situation has gone from bad to worse. healther holmes is live tonight in concord with the story. >> reporter: julie, this meeting going well into the night, a lot of things being
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discussed here tonight but none more pressing than the current budget crisis. the students at concord played with their classmates today after school. administrators were try to connect the dots to fiscal stability. >> we're going to have to make cuts. >> reporter: already dealing with declining enrollment. the district must now pay for mental health. >> that took $7 million a year from our budget. >> reporter: now the district has to save 7 million dollars.
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union officials said they are willing to make concessions. >> we have to make sure whatever is given up is given back. from concessions to classroom closures. just yesterday, the committee voted to shut down seven campuses. >> it means the children have to go a lot further and i don't know how i'm going to do it. i'm a single mom, working full time, i have no idea what thyme i'm going to do. >> reporter: the school board is expected to take those closures into consideration. something has to be done or state take over is a real possibility here. heather holmes. the mount diablo school district counts 36,000 staoubts
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from k-12. there are six high schools, 10 middle schools and 29 elementary schools. governor elect jerry brown says the state's budget problems are much worse than he thought and california has been living in a fantasy land. brown met with lawmakers and told them he cannot promise there won't be any cuts. brown said the time line is being moved up to allow for special elections next spring that might generate tax increases. in sacramento, a family is grieving tonight after a family was killed by a stray bullet during a gunfire battle. the victim was 30-year-old
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monique nelson. nelson was in the parking lot putting her 2-year-old boy into an suv when he was shot. sheriff's deputies said it all started when two men walked into a barber shop who started shooting at two other men who then shot back. in the cross fire, the mother of the young child was killed. >> i don't know if there was an argument. as far as i know they walked in and targeted the gentlemen that were getting their haircuts. we are back on storm watch tonight. but the big event is still a few days away. parts of the bay area saw few inches of rain today. by midday, the rain was gone. in the sierra, the weather
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service has extended a winter storm until midnight. right now here's what it looks like on 80, as you can see the snow is coming down. we've seen several snowplows going by in the last several hours. >> some left over showers from today. of course this isn't the real story, this was just a light weather system. here it goes through the bay area today. the winter storm warning stays in effect. but check this out. we're going to follow this out into the pacific over a thousand miles, 2,000 miles over hawaii. all this moisture and energy from the gulf of alaska are going to combine up as we move into the end of the week to provide us with what could be a weather situation in the past several years. that's a lot of moisture. when i come back i'm going to
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show you the latest computer model and what it thinks is going to happen. ktvu's ken wayne attended a council meeting. >> reporter: the berkeley city council is still meeting up there on the second floor. is the alleged wiki leaks leaker a hero or a trader. a japanese network was among those on hand to hear the council debate whether army bradley manning should be called a hero for allegedly releasing thousands of classified documents, many about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> it was an amazing service he decided to our country when we
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can make informed decisions. >> reporter: some in the audience held signs and buttons to sport berkeley. but others said they were going too outside in weighs this decision. >> i think it's a weigh on the city council because they have a fiscal process they have to deal with. hello. >> reporter: one man brought a box with petition signatures. >> what he did was put troops in harm's way. put troops in harms way. >> i think it's premature for the city council to jump out there and try to make this decision. i think it's going to take a long debate. >> reporter: robert rice happened to be here tonight, he said if the private broke the law he should be prosecuted. but-- >> one of the wonderful things about berkeley is it expresses
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itself in so many ways. everyone if that express may have no consequences outside berkeley. >> reporter: so in the end the berkeley city council voted to table the issue saying it didn't have enough information to decide whether or not the alleged wiki leak leaker is a hero and it's not sure the it'll come up again. in london today, a judge ordered the founder of wiki leaks released from jail. the battle over whether or not that will happen and how assange will face charges here in the u.s. the family of a soldier is mourning tonight. simenetta was just 21 years old.
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most recently the soldier had lived in -- with his wife. the oh soldiers that died with simonetta ranged in age from 20 to 25. 32-year-old jeffrey easley waived extra extradition today. it's a process of elimination as investigators try to pinpoint the cause of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the latest findings were revealed today in the new
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report of the transportation safety board. as ken pritchett explains today, that report raises questions. >> what caused that pg & e pipeline to explode? jackie spears says the ntsb update rules down the cause. >> we now move on to looking for yet another cause. >> reporter: the damage section of the pipeline was taken to an ntsb lab for analysis. what investigators did find was that the pipeline was not seamless but had been welded together with many seams. >> it troubles me, greatly and i think that that is one of the issues that we have to address swiftly. >> as part of this investigation we have been
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conducting an exhaustive check of our records to ensure their accuracy. we're providing all of this information to the ntsb. >> reporter: ntsb offered no information about the incorrect condition of the pipe but have not -- paul palavos mother lives within a block of the blast zone. >> hopefully they will get it right to make sure everything is okay. as far as that, no. she feels very safe. one concern for lawmakers is if pg & e lawmakers were correct about this pipeline, what about the rest in their system. ntsb investigators will return to continue their work. a final report is expected later this year. ken pritchett, ktvu news. here in the north bay we'll show you a life saving device that caused some controversy. hear what happens next. we're learning more tonight about the college student killed by police while shooting
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a music video. the reason his friends say he was carrying a gun. up first, a gunman opens fire during a packed council meeting. what happened as people dove for cover.
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the gunman is identified as clay duke. he's wounded then he ends up killing himself. no one else was hurt. a marin county school board took a vote on whether to allow defibrillators in their high school. some in nevado weren't so sure. amber lee joined that hearing and joining us now. >> reporter: here at the school board office building, the board listened to paramedics and legal experts talk about fiblators like this one before voting unanimously to put them in schools. >> reporter: the portable defibrillator gives simple instructions to use it to save
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somebody. >> make sure that the center crosses in the, and this patch goes right here. >> reporter: paramedic firefighter paul tiffany says this life saving machine is easy to use and requires little training. he and other supporters say the device should be available at every school. >> a student was playing basketball the day before thanksgiving and collapsed. even though the ambulance and the fire department were less than a mile away from the school, they barely saved that child. >> reporter: cathy rucker is fighting to get the defibrillators into every school. still the school board broker is concerned. >> make sure they have the property number of machines at the school. property number of staff are trained. the machines are maintained on a regular basis. >> the device thráeufrs a
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powerful electric shock to someone who is in cardiac arrest. >> every police car has one. civic hall, the civic center and various business but they are not in our schools. >> reporter: these defibrillators are already in some marin county schools. the hopes now is to have them in nevado schools in the next coming days. some at&t customers in pacifica say they have been without cell phone service since sunday morning. at&t reportedly told those customers a cell phone tower isn't working and that's cutting off service to put on the south side of pacifica. a similar outage on the same tower occurred in december of last year. at&t is yet to return our phone calls tonight with information
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on the reported outage. san francisco supervisors today they decided to not move forward to collect a toll. for the purpose of the study, the toll area has this laguna street. mayor newsom says he fears that placing the toll will push away people. >> it would take at least five years to implement tolls under a pilot program. the america's cup race unanimously approved a bid to
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host the event. gavin newsom says negotiators worked through the night to hammer out the last details. development includes pier 27 and 29. officials say they will disease where to hold the race by the end of 2014. a teenage boy accused of stabbing and raping a girl and stabbing her brother was charged today. he allegedly broke into the girl's home early sunday morning when her mother was spending the night elsewhere. police say the girl escaped with her brother to a neighbor's house after cervantes fell asleep. a mother is demanding answers tonight and says she doesn't believe the police story about how they shot their son. it happened in vallejo. some napa students were shooting a video. the victim was involved with
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the project and he was carrying a gun. ktvu's debra villalon has the report. >> reporter: this is jerome fronting a project with what students say was his usual enthusiasm. now jerome's mother has arrived from new orleans to bury him. but she questions the police account of what happened saturday afternoon. >> that man cannot talk for himself. >> reporter: police say jerome brandished a gun while he and classmates worked on a video. and when police arrived, he faced off with an officer in this alley who shot him in the head. >> i am sorry for the way he looks, he looks big and threatening but he did not. >> reporter: jerome is a mentor, who was carrying a gun
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but did not reveal he had it. >> he was armed, i can't really go into the details about his actions at this time, but it was clear that the officer felt that his safety was in jeopardy. >> reporter: children wrote words of tribute today for jerode. >> when we have evening events, he walks me to my car and he stands in the rain waiting for me to get into my car and makes sure i get my equipment in the car safely. it's just that kind of protector. >> reporter: debra villalon, ktvu news. and a wet aoáfrpb commute today and there's still scattered showers in pacifica,
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oakland. this is really light stuff -- and a wet afternoon commute today and there's still scattered showers in pacifica. temperatures are going to go down. they're going to drop into the upper 30s, low 40s. that's going to get us a dose of valley fog in the morning. you're going to have some fog to contend with. here's the back edge of the system as it slides through. by the time you wake up in the morning, it's going to be partly cloudy. we'll see some wet on the roads just by virtue of what happened tonight. as we get into the afternoon hours, we get more sunshine. as we look back, we have the new computer model. we'll see you back here. another protest targeting those pg & e target meters. this one includes pushing and shoving. they made their mark on california, the legends honored tonight and inducted into california's hall of fame.
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a opponents of smart meters blocked the entrance to pg & e today and scuffled with some customers. >> no smart meters. there was >> there was some pushing and shoving when some people said they were trying to pay their bills inside. >> if they're going to roll over our civil liberties, it's not against the law to shut their headquarters to send out the message that we want to. >> pg & e says it will work with its customers to provide
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them as much information as possible. the house vote comes after the senate failed last week to advance a broader measure that included a repeal. president obama and secretary of defense bill gates oppressing congress to act. they said if congress fails to act, the courts may overturn the policy without giving the military adequate time to prepare for the change. we told you earlier about the berkeley's city council tonight to that soldier who was accused of providing private documents to wiki leaks. the is he a hero? the same question is being asked about the founder of wiki leaks. >> reporter: the founder of wiki leaks almost got out of
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jail but not quite. a judge ordered julian assange out of jail. >> it'll be a gross injustice if julian assange is not given bail. supporters say sex crimes accusations against him in sweden are motivated by politics which swedish prosecutor denied. >> this is a very political case. one against him at all costs. >> reporter: california's senior senator told my by phone she thinks assange should be prosecuted in the united states for espionage. >> there are things that as military social security numbers, this clearly puts people's lives in jeopardy and
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it was done with malice of forethought. >> reporter: feinstein says the attorney general is investigating whether to charge the 39-year-old aáus trail yap for violating the espionag -- australian for violating the espionage. >> no i don't believe he's a journalist, he's not one doing a great public service. he's aiming to hurt america. >> reporter: whatever you want to call him, tonight julian assange is back in jail in london. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. residents of a redwood city homeless shelter found something to laugh about tonight. it's actually a story of
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inspiration. plus a u.s. fighter jet now part of a bay area museum. the role it played during an event that few will forget.
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tonight governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are inducting californians into the california hall of fame. >> reporter: that party is wrapping up. you can see behind me clean up is already under way. but if you look through those glass doors, you can see the last in the reception. we were here in the red carpet and we got to talk to some of
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the inductees. >> reporter: they came spanning the generations all being recognized for their achievements. >> educational an inspirational. >> reporter: first lady maria shriver and governor arnold schwarzenegger started the organization to inspire others to reach their dreams. first down the red carpet was professor houge. historian kevin star, james cameron northern for movies like avatar. >> yeah, it's heartbreaking isn't it that creativity is not being fostered in schools. >> i was dumbfounded. >> reporter: author and
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activist lamond admitting that she was a bit star truck. >> trying not to see them because i become such a moron being in front of those who i admire. >> reporter: former u.s. secretary of state shultz. the father of modern banking gianini, and levy strauss all inducted tonight. also tonight there were fans. we had these heaters to keep us warm. but the fans were out here across the street waiting for a chance to get the signatures from these inductees. one person we spoke to today came from florida to see the
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inductees of this event. a piece of aviation history arrived in sonoma county. an f15 fighter jet that took to the skies over new york after the 9/11 attacks has been donated to the museum. the organizers hope to create a display about the response following the 9/11 attacks. and when the ban goes into effect shoppers will have to use paper bags and pay a dime for each one. or they're going to have to show up with their own reusable bag which is what the city wants to encourage. supporters of the ordnances
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say people in the bay area use almost 10.5 million bags every single day. we told you about it last night and today yahoo did it laying off hundreds of workers. that amounts to 4% of yahoo's total work force. the company issued a statement saying the personnel changes are part of a strategy to improve revenue. most of the lay offs are in its consumer product groups. one analyst criticized yahoo for laying people off right before christmas. >> you're not really treating people like people you're treating them like equipment that you're getting rid of at the end of the year. today's news wasn't good enough to help yahoo's stock. on wall street, the mayor index has edged higher. the dow industrial was up two. the momentum was tempered by the state of the u.s. economy. still this should be a good year for the markets. nasdaq has been on a run and is now up more than 15% year to
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date. as for the dow the blue chips finished the day with the highest close in more than two years. some homeless people in redwood city got a chance to put aside their daily struggles tonight. they were entertained by a comedian who knows firsthand how to hit rock bottom. lloyd lacuesta has the live report. >> reporter: this is the napier street shelter, there is nothing about the situation facing people who come here seeking help. but tonight, there was laughter here generated by professional comedian who knows too well about being homeless. >> i'm doug ferrari and i'm here to give you my confession, and the priest said sorry i don't have that kind of time. >> for ant an hour tonight, the troubles of 76 people living in this emergency shelter were forgotten. doug ferrari was once at the
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top of the world of comedy performing with jerry williams and sinefeld but then he tumbled. ten years ago friends rescued him. >> we pulled him out of a skid row hotel where he had scraped up enough money to spend the night and we got him some help, and for the last ten years he's been working to you know kind of pay back the favor. >> reporter: among the jokes, ferrari doesn't hesitate telling his story. >> i was mad, bad and dangerous to know baby. i'm telling you, they called me consumed man because i could smoke or drink anybody under the floor. >> reporter: ferrari is clean and sober and practicing his craft again. >> it's the holidays, it made me feel good. it made me laugh. >> if he can do it i know i
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can. >> reporter: ferrari says he doesn't see himself as an inspiration but he's happy being back doing what he's wanted to do since he was a child. >> i think everyone needs to laugh and it's the best medicine. the only one we can afford in this country. >> reporter: ferrari says he's done more writing these days and not performing. so he felt a little rusty, but he also felt the appreciation of the audience. it happened in an instant. a daring robbery in a las vegas casino. how the suspect got away with more than a million dollars in chips. and live storm tracker 2, still showing showers in the area. we'll talk about those and the big rain that is headed our way. some bay area students are loving reading.
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the national weather service confirms a tornado hit portland today. the tornado ripped roofs from several homes. there were no reports of injury. it's the first tornado to be reported in oregon for more than a year. officials say 150 people were rescued today in ontario canada after spending a day in the snow. helicopters lifted people to safety. one man said he hasn't seen a snowstorm this bad in 35 years.
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in bangladesh a fire broke out in a building. investigators will be looking to whether the fire was arson. the factory makes t-shirts for international brads. in italy, silvio marisconi barely passed a new vote. police in las vegas says a motorcycle riding robber today made up with about a million and a half dollars in chips from one of the strip's most famous casinos. investigators released a short clip of the robber running into the bellagio casino.
10:42 pm
they say he cleaned out the chips from a craps table, and ran away. the chips ranged in valley from 100 to $1,000 and can only be redeemed at the belaggio. and students are being helped by a christmas album. the album is available only if you donate a book. >> the more books you have, the more knowledge you will have. and it will take us to a new world. >> some of the students acknowledged they didn't read much but now have books they can relate to. if you would like to donate go
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to our website and make money when you are not using your car. the unique new way to share your ride and get paid for it. bill martin tracking a series of storms, how they are lining up ready to hit the bay area.
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a new car sharing program rolled out in san francisco today. it's called relay rides and it allows people to rent out their cars and make money instead of having their cars sit idle. jana katsuyama has our report. >> reporter: in san francisco, some people say they'd rather not own a car. >> it's just a hassle to have a car in the city. it's expensive, you have to have a garage. you have to pay for parking. >> reporter: in recent years, scar sharing has become a popular alternative with companies such as zip car and city car share. today a new kind of car share
10:46 pm
company started up in the city. >> so i got the idea right about two years ago. i had been a big car sharing fan. and my biggest complaint was around availability. i was in trouble getting a car in short notice. >> reporter: sherly clark is the owner of relay cars. the company gets 35% of each rental. >> the biggest difference is that we don't own any cars. the cars are owned by people who already own those cars. >> reporter: car owners set their own price. usually 26 to $30. the company installs an automated key card access system with gps to prevent theft. catarina rindi was the first person to sign up. >> i use it four days a week.
10:47 pm
the opportunity to make money during those three days is definitely an encouraging component. >> reporter: some people say they will wait and see the type of cars the relay rides pool before joining. >> i would worry about that. i would want to have some assurance that it was a working car i guess. >> reporter: relay rides say in the future they hope to allow people to use the clipper card to access the cars in their system. we are learning more about the dramatic rescue off the face of el capitan. three climbers were making their way up the 7,400-foot boulder. park rangers took a helicopter to the top of el capitan on monday morning and repelled down to rescue the trio. 17 people have died in the last 40 years. on the other side of the
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yosemite valley, visitors who want to hike half dome will need a permit. over crowding has contributed to the deaths of four people in the last seven days. and nasa technology will use scanners to help tie fires. they can be beamed by satellite to wildfire managers any where. the scanners along with nasa's unmanned aerial vehicle was used in southern california in 2007 and in northern california in 2008. the city council voted today to eliminate one company on station one on civic drive
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to help close the budget deficit. the move is expected to save the fire district about $1.5 million each year. the fire district study found that reduction would have almost no effect on most call for service response times. the fire chief has said if voters don't approve a new parcel tax next year, as many as eight stations could be forced to close. just tracking what's left of the showers that we saw right on the afternoon commute. we had showers all day but the heaviest stuff is certainly was at 2:00 and 3:00. this is really lightning shower activity. not a lot coming down. i would just call it a more of a drizzle event out in redwood city. things are winding down as we head into the evening hours. that's going to create cloudy conditions in the morning via the fog. there's the back edge of the
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system. i pointed this to you earlier but i think it's worth mentioning again. i said mid-latitude that's mid- latitude. this is high, this is low, this is mid. this is what we're looking at in the next couple of days as we head into the weekend. that one is a system from the north. this next weather system, a quick mover. half inch of rain, what we will see tonight will be patchy fog in the inland bay valley. computer model just showing fog now, not rain and clouds. 2:00a.m. we're going to start to see clearing to the north. it continues to wind down, as we start to move on there will be patching of fog. partly cloudy tonight, partly cloudy again on thursday. now we're looking at rainfall. still snow in the mountains at 4:00 a.m. then we get into your thursday or your wednesday, and that's not a bad day.
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thursday looks good. now watch this. there's your thursday and friday deal. that's a good deal. that's the first in a series of probably three weather systems, big ones. they're going to roll through here over the bay area weekend. we will see major amounts of rainfall, especially in the coastal hills. it's a major looking event right now but a lot could change between now and friday. we will watch it closely. you know i just showed you that big swaft of moisture, you don't need to know a lot about meteorologist to know that's coming our way. everyone without dynamics from the north, you're going to get rain just from that. but there's a couple of mechanisms in the north that could make for a pretty big intense rain period. >> sounds like the real deal, right. >> should be, should be a lot could change. marijuana use morning high school students is on the raise according to a new study on drug abuse. the annual survey found about
10:52 pm
one in 16 said they used marijuana daily or almost every day. daily marijuana use was also up among younger high school students. the surveys director said young folks don't see much danger in pot because of all the publicity about medical marijuana. sports is next, we'll be right back.
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change of pace tonight for the warriors, finally broke that losing streak. mark is here to tell us how they did it. >> it's kind of come to this, though julie. you look at the warriors schedule and there are games that are just flat unwinnable for them. tonight a rarity, a game you look on paper and winnable. the t wolves. slow start for the warriors but monte ellis gets it going. you can't practice that shot, a right hander. a beauty and he will take it. on top of the offensive board and the warriors start to take control. more of monte as golden state moves away. then the show stopper to kind of put a capper on things, reggie smith all over the floor particularly in the second
10:56 pm
half. in with the left hand slam, he had 26 points, 22 of them in the second half. the warriors break that seven game losing streak. you can't blame anyone for a little skepticism when it comes to believing the warriors are truly a play off team. now that many of us have been lured back into it, got news that two of the defensive stars that helped make it happen last sunday against the seahawks, spikes may miss. not the best time to have only three days to prepare for maybe their biggest game of the season. >> just trying to see what we can do to hopefully be able to get ready to play. >> it's about the worse week to have a short week then for you. >> worse week. the worse week came at the wrong time. i was looking forward to it. >> meantime, of course no one wants to tease fate any further
10:57 pm
in minnesota. the metro dome is not going to be ready for next monday night's viking game. the roof which collapsed suddenly sunday under the weight of that huge snowstorm. damage is worse than first thought. the bears-vickings game will be played on the field at the university of minnesota. the oakland a's this afternoon with confirmation that they have wrapped up a one year deal with matzue. very experienced bat and $4.25 million. that is the sporting life for right now. back to you, frank, julie. >> and a former yankee comes to the a's. >> it's usually the reverse, a's go to the yankees. be sure to join ktvu morning news beginning at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll have the very latest on more possible cut backs facing the mount diablo school district which announced tonight that it is on the brink
10:58 pm
of bankruptcy. >> our coverage continues on and like always, thank you for joining us tonight. have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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