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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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people were stabbed last night. while this incident comes at a troubling time in the city. good morning. welcome to the morning news. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. pam cook is off today. let's begin with a quick look at weather and traffic. good morning. steve. >> good morning tori. we also have a cloudy condition with rain. nothing too heavy. light stuff moving through. it looks like rain-snow mix. temperatures not as cold as yesterday morning. they are in the 40s. highs today in the upper 40s low 50s. a car flipped over and blocking three lanes of traffic. and it's beginning to slow traffic down. it's pretty wet there in the area on southbound 101 as you come through the tunnel you will see the emergency vehicles and only one lane is getting
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by. again southbound 101 on the way to the golden gate bridge. the weather will be okay at the bridge here and as you come down. if you are driving anywhere in the bay area it will billion wet. at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. thank you. we will start this morning with breaking news coming from oak land. a fire broke out at the home just in this past hour. ktvu paul chambers is at the scene. what is happening? >> reporter: good morning, dave. i will say as a single monoand two kids without a home right now. there were six people inside. there are fire crews here still working the scene. there were six people inside the home when the fire broke out. the woman and her six-year-old and 18-month-old children that lived there. the woman told me she was awakened by her sister who was sleeping on the couch. her sister saw flames and a
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window broke out. she immediately woke up her sister and grabbed the children and everyone left the home safely. they tried to put the fire out with the water hose but that was not successful. the chief tells me it does not appear to be suspicious but they will have crews out here putting out hot spots. once again everyone did make it out safely. we will stay on top of this. i will talk to the battalion chief and i will bring that to you coming up at 5:30. time now is 5:02. antioch police will looking for suspects and witnesses in an overnight stabbing. it happens at the cruiser saloon. tara moriarty joins us live with details of growing crime concerns in the city. good morning, tara. >> reporter: that is right the stabbing happened here at cruisers saloon less than seven
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hours ago. it's the latest in a string of violent crimes. police say that three people received stab wounds during a fight. at least one of the injuries is serious. it's not clear what set off the bar brawl this latest incident is one of five violent crimes to have happened since wednesday. now despite the apparent surge in crime, the city is getting ready to lay off six officers because of budget problems. >> if there are more cops laid off, people will know there are not cops around and they will be more liable to do bad things. the crime rate will increase. >> reporter: last week a woman was dragged to her death and two men were injured in separate shootings. antioch has recorded ten homicides this year. there were only five in 2009. the police layoff could been
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neitherred if they -- negotiated. antioch is city of 100,000 methamphetamine and it will -- antioch is a city of only 100,000 police officers and it will be looking at more crimes. volunteers are very busy this hour at the glide memorial church. last year at this time more than 6,000 grocery bags were prepared for those that really needed it. today hundreds of volunteers including 300 employees at the gap will help fill up hundreds of new bags. they want to make sure that everyone that shows up this year will have enough food for a holiday meal. 5:04. we are on storm watch this friday morning. a light but steady rain has been falling all night long. it's a first in a serious of increasingly strong systems over the next week. the bay area is bracing for what could be the wettest
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weekends in years. it will be wet all day today. the main event is tomorrow. rain may have been a factor in a serious big-rig accident in antioch earlier this morning opinion the crash happened just after midnight on the westbound highway 4 bypass near loan tree way. the driver swerved off the highway for an unknown reason and plunged down the embankment in pouring rain. the driver was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition. the bay area residents have been bracing for this weather. they have shelves stocked with supplies popular whenever there is a big storm. things like patching materials for leaky roofs, flashlights, and batteries. county workers will be keeping a very close eye on the low lying areas that tend to flood and they will be watching the coastal areas. >> the winds are very strong.
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we can get a lot of tree debris in the roads. we need to make sure we keep the roads clear. >> if you do need sandbags, don't take more than ten. please. we've got a list of location where is you can pick them up. just go to our website just click on the section web links you will get all the info. we want to go back to sal. there is a serious crash it sounds like near the golden gate bridge. >> yeah. a lot of times people are driving too fast for the conditions and something happens and they can't stop in time. that's what chp tells us over and over again. this may have been the cause of an overturn accident. it's on the vista point side of the tunnel. nevertheless if you are driving from sal lee doe down to the golden gate bridge you will be in for a big delay. northbound traffic may get a
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look at this. there may be a little bit of rubber necker valley to the crash. 101 tough driving right now because of a crash. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it's wet but it looks good. if you are driving to the south bay it looks good there. the freeways are light but again it could be tough driving because of the weather and i'm wondering how long this wet weather will last. let's bring steve? . sal, it can lost a long time. into christmas. the train of moisture has begun. look at that. stipples will see the weather service discussions. eureka set it. the pattern is setting up to a fire hose. where that sets up can mean copious amounts of rain. the low spinning out of the gulf of alaska is funneling all that moisture in. we just started.
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this is the warm sector out ahead of it. the stronger part of the system will be in over the weekend. it looks maybe middle of next week there could be a big system. today cloudy or rain. rain today. rain and wind on the weekend. it looks like more rain next week. there are projections in the sierra. they will measure this after all is said and done. the lows in the 40s. which is 10-15 degrees warmer. 46 or 48 take your pick. everyone is really close. cloud cover will continue to stream in. you can see the rain starting to set up. this is going to be a lot of rain. there are signs that maybe around santa cruz could take the bulk of this. they are talking about it from eureka to san diego. in the next five to seven days we are in line for a lot of clouds. today's lain if not it's cloudy and cool. the wind will ramp upstarting
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tonight into tomorrow. forecast highs upper 40s or low 50s. 49 santa rosa. 53 fremont. 55 san jose. at is not right. it should say rain, rain, rain. we will fix that. tori, dave. >> thank you, steve. it is 5:08. some bay area school children are making good use of their halloween candy today. how the impact will be felt overseas. a san francisco restaurant is coming under fire for seabedding a mix message about their business. and after weeks of fighting. the house has approved a controversial tax deal. i will show you how the bay area delegation voted. traffic is moving a long okay but the rain will make the commute tough. we'll be back with more traffic reports.
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after a midnight vote in the house, president obama could sign a deal into law today to extend bush era tax cuts for two more years. some critics say the deal will hurt the president politically. ktvu alison burns joins us live with the latest. good morning alison. >> reporter: good morning to you tori. a lot of democrats were so angry about it for awhile yesterday, it looked like this tax deal was going down. but in the end, the vote to approve it was overwhelming.
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>> on this vote the yeys are 277. >> reporter: the house okays an $857 billion deal to extend the bush era tax cuts. one democrat says the deal destroys president obama's hopes for being reelected. now almost the entire bay area delegation voted against it. only east bay congressman voted yes. house speaker nancy pelosi did not vote. president obama is expected to sign it and make a statement about it this afternoon. his message is even though there are a lot of things in this deal that he didn't like, it is good for the economy
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overall. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. the government announced the arrest of four consultants for a mountain view company. they are accused of insider trading. the tech executives that voted for primary global research including apple and dell to edge funds. the consultants were paid more than $400,000 for that information. reportedly more arrests are possible. wikileaks founder julian assange is a free man this morning. shortly after arriving at the british country mansion where he will be under arrest he said the nine days that spent in solitary confinement made him want more for his cause. >> i found i am on the right path and gave me enough anger
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about the situation to last me 100 years. >> the bail requirements require him to wear an electronic tag and report to police in person every day. but he's not restricted from using the internet. st stang sang is fighting swedens attempt to exer diet him on rape and molestation. we are hearing about the cia's secrete agreement water boarding interrogation technique. the two men conducted dozens of the water boarding sessions themselves. the secret agreement means that taxpayers are now paying to defend the men in a investigation over a tactic that is now torture. on a lighter note today. students will load up 500,000
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pounds of candy to be sent to the troops. they gave up the halloween candy for the care packages. the company dhl is providing free shipping for it. let's check in with sal for an update on traffic. >> that's right. southbound 101 this morning tori and dave it is a crash near the waldo tunnel. it's on the marin county side if you will on the tunnel. they are both on marin county. but it's closer to sausalito. northbound 101 is effected. southbound because the lanes are blocked and northbound because it's a rubber necker distraction as people look at the activity. if you are going to the golden gate bridge, give yourself extra time. the wet weather we will show it
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for you on the pictures here. westbound bridge is light. speaking of san francisco it's wet there. northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. you can see the moisture source taking aim at us. the very, very strong jet stream. the river that is funneling in right toward us. the low dropping down. taking the moisture north of the hawaiian islands and sends it right at us. it will be a wet five, seven, ten days from eureka to l.a. and right over us as well. this is light stuff. this is the first of many timing these. light rain and breezy today. ramping up tonight into tomorrow. it's just one of those patterns that we're in. rain today. more rain and wind on the weekend and more rain early next week. everything looks like it will rotate around that low. and another one will drop in behind it to keep the beat
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going. you can see that moisture source. take a look at that. it will be a cloudy, rainy pattern. the overnight lows are warmer. we had 20s and 30s. the moisture source is in place and once you get the jet stream. you need a front to come through. this is all coming together. that will happen over the weekend and it will be series -- a series of these systems coming in. now there is a discrypts next week. temperatures 40s and 50s. the stronger part of the system looks late friday into saturday. and a power house system coming in tuesday and wednesday.
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5:18. european markets opened up fractionally as investigators are encouraged at the u.s. economy. u.s. jobless claims. the shanghai composite and nikkei slipped slightly. european stocks trading flat as eu leaders agree to create a system to solve future debt crisis. we're taking a look at where the market closed. the dow was up 41. s & p up seven and the markets are up slightly after word came that congress passed that two- year tax extension. it is 5:19. today is national free shipping day with more than 1700 online merchants across the country taking part. 1,000 of them will not charge for any items required today many some of them require a
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minimum purchase. this is the third year merchants have offered this promotion as a way to encourage online shopping. time now 5:19. the california chapter for the national organization of women says hooters is trying to dance on both sides of the law. now hooters describes itself as an adult business establishment with vicarious sexual entertainment. now the option for women says that means it's workers are not food servers but sexual entertainers. but according to laws, adult venues cannot serve minors and the restaurant says it does cater to families. hooter customers had mix reaction. >> why pick on hooters? it's a great place to have a beer and watch games. >> for my girls i will not
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bring them in there. i don't want them to look up to that. >> so far hooters has re-- has not responded to request for comments. while one man says he felt obligated to do that. >> another fallout for pg&e. what the utility must now do with the two largest eastbound pipelines. if you are driving anywhere in the bay even in the south bay it will be raining and traffic will be effected by this. we'll give you an another traffic and weather update straight ahead.
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good morning. cloudy skies and some light rain. nothing too heavy. today this is like the appetizer. we are just getting the light rain in here now. thanyou. time now 5:24. the city of san jose has a growing gray fee toe problem. a 40% increase in tagging has been reported. last year 19,000 sites were reported. that number dropped to 29,000 this year. a program manager for the city antigraffiti believes unemployment may have something to do with that increase. >> the economic times has
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created a situation here where people were out of work. they have a lot of time on their hands. >> next year the unit almost lose two of its 20 full-time employees because of budget cuts. they say response time won't be effected. now cal tran is responsible for removing tags on overpasses. cal tran says it's about 6-8 months behind their schedule. we have an update for you on a story we have been following. the dmv employee that sent a personal letter to a transgender woman has resigned. had been suspended from the dmv office in san francisco. last year amber showed ktvu a letter saying she would be condemned to internal damnation for under going a sex change operation. california's public
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utilities is ordering pg&e to reduce the natural gas flow through its two largest east bay pipelines. raising doubts about the utilities inspection activities. pg&e will reduce the pressure in two 30-inch pipelines. one runs from mall pee douse to fremont. pg&e has already reduced pressure in its transmission lines on the peninsula because of concerns a pressure serge may have played a role in the san bruno last. >> in light of san bruno, we have been checking the system relentlessly for leaks and we have reduced the pressure on our own initiative to i believe sure they are safe. >> being e says -- pg&e says residential customers will not be effected. trying to ease california's
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budget deficit. 74-year-old dennis ferguson right there sent the state of california a check for $10,000 as repayment for unemployment benefits he received 46 years ago. he says that money helped him go back to school and become successful. california's treasurer bill locker says that money will go toward education. we have new information on a home invasion robbery in mountain view that left an elderly man severely beaten. and i'm paul chambers live in oakland after a mother and her children are displaced after a fire. if you are driving in marin county it will be tough and there is a crash.
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you made it to friday. december 17th, i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. pam cook has the day off. we start with steve. thank you very much. cloudy skies. rain moving through. nothing too heavy. this will with the firstover many between now and christmas. so when you see the yellow that is a little bit heavier. most of it seems to be over the north bay right now. there will be rain increasing throughout the day. >> it will be a wet commute.
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and westbound 80 traffic is okay. 101 san francisco northbound and southbound the traffic there is okay. southbound 101 marin county a crash near the waldo tunnel. we will tell you more about that and the rest of the traffic news. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. six people have been forced out of their homes after an early morning fire in oakland. paul chambers is live on the scene now with an update. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. no one was injured in this fire. they tried to put it out with a water hose but unsuccessful. firecrest are still on the scene of -- fire crews are still on the scene of this early morning fire. this house was on fire. smoke was coming from the front portion of the home. there were six people in in
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the home. that's when she jumped up and notified her sister that the house was on fire. >> and i got the kids and we took them across the street to the neighbors and tried to come and put the fire out. because it was like kind of on the porch. >> right now we are trying to do an investigation to see what part the front area of the house the fire originated. we want to know if this porch is the cause. >> reporter: the fire does not appear to be the situation. no one lived in the bottom of the duplex. the woman did not have renters insurance but is glad her family made it out safely. 5:32. also in oakland. police are investigating a double shooting.
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it happened around 10:30 last night on richy street near bancroft avenue. they found two people shot. one was slumped over the wheel of the car. the condition of the victims is not known. and we have new information about a home invasion robbery and assault in mountain view that happened three months ago. police now say the robbers who entered the home on phillis avenue through an unlocked door stole a large sum of cash and a pair of rare high powered guns. the two robbers severely beat a 72-year-old man in the home and hit his live-in nurse. the nurse is considered a person of interest but no arrests have been made. tori, in nearby palo alto there were two separate robberies that happened as residents pulled into their driveways. one happened last night at 9:00. they stole cash and credit cards while they were still in their car.
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on saturday a woman had her purse stole nobody her driveway. palo alto police are not sure if these incidents are related. the san leandro man accused of sexually assaulting a child in the walmart store said he had throughouts and fantasies about doing it. he is charged with three felonies after inappropriately touching the eight-year-old at a san leandro walmart. he wrote a letter of apology shortly after he was arrested. he was captured on walmart surveillance cameras walking around the store a half hour before the assault possiblely looking for a victim. he will be back in court next month to enter a plea. time now 5:34. police are still out there searching for suspects in the deadly stabbing of a young football star from newark high.
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♪ it's so hard to say goodbye ♪ >> last night hundreds took park in this candle light vigil. they gathered near the newark bus stop where two men stabbed him. his girlfriend shaken up by his last words. he called her. >> he just called me and all he said was they stabbed me they stabbed me. i said where are you. he wasn't talking to me anymore. i was trying to yell. i was yelling his name. he wasn't talking. >> newark police are investigating whether his death was in retaliation at a teen party two months ago. the football star came to the aid of a cheerleader that was being beaten up by two men that crashed the party. we have new information on the story we first brought you last night at 10:00.
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ktvu has obtained photos on the head on crash that seriously injured two people on the dunn bar ton bridge. the car going the wrong way slammed into another car just before 9:00 last night. the westbound side was closed to traffic for two hours. each person had to been extricated. they were taken to local hospitals. san francisco police are investigating a crash involved a ucsf shuttle bus. it happened around noon yesterday. outside of san francisco's general hospital. police say a speeding car set off a chain reaction crash involving the bus and two other cars. the victims are expected to survive. last month the ucsf shuttle van was involved in a deadly pedestrian crash in the tenderloin. time now 5:36. we know we have wet roads this morning. sal, you were telling us about
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a bad crash. you still watching that? >> that's right. it's near marin city. it's near that helicopter pad and restaurant down there. a car flipped over into the ditch but the emergency crews are blocking the two right lanes and traffic may be effected northbound as people take a look at this. southbound 101 it's near the waldo tunnel. less than a mile away. let's look at live pictures. westbound bay bridge still looks good. although the driving today with the weather will be tougher than normal. if you are driving in the south bay it's wet. let's talk to steve. >> all right, sal. everything is lining up. we've been talking about this now. beating the drums. everything is coming together. enhancement taking place. the core of the jet stream is key. it's just taking everything and funneling it. you can see the enhancement of the clouds offshore.
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this is the warm sector out ahead of it. the low spinning in the gulf of alaska is taking the moisture north of the hawaiian islands. you take wit a very strong jet stream and everybody is in line for pretty good rain. today would be a good day if you have to travel to get up there. it will be really tough each day we go into the weekend and early next week. it looks like rain-snow mix. you can always tweet me. sp weather. but from san jose up to ukiah everything is there. 40s are your temperatures. this is much warmer than yesterday. fremont our target forecast. 47, 50, and 53. you can see the cloud cover streaming in. look the rain starts to develop. we will not see much of a break here tomorrow. not only today but for a long
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time. timing on these is really, really tough. so if i was to say we are broad brushing this whole thing. until it slows or moves everything is pointed at california. the snow level should start out. there is light snow up there. a winter storm warning means it's happening. it's happening. that starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes to sunday at 4:00 p.m.. snowfall why bother with two or three inches here. it will be heavy. snow level will go 4,000 and go up at the warmer sector comes in. it will rise and drop back down again over the next three to four days. today rain. cloudy. cool. a little breezy at times. the rain will go in the next couple of days. rain cloudy. 40s to mid 50s. san jose 55. a lot of locations will not get over the upper 40s. looks like a break monday and what could be a very, very
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strong system tuesday and wednesday. it's 5:39. a homeless man faces a tough decision when he finds a wallet full of cash. find out what he did with it. will we get enough rain to eliminate the fears of bay area drought? good morning westbound 237 traffic moves well crossing 880 but we do have problems in marin. we'll show it to you next.
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good morning. rain has begun. yesterday we had a little bit of sun and the clouds rolled in. rain has turned to some sun. there will be snow and for us light rain will turn to heavy
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rain by this evening. >> thank you, steve. it is 5:42. now to breaking news we have been following in marin county. wet roads may have been the cause of a crash. lanes are still blocked. kraig debro has just arrived on the scene and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, thanks, tori. right over here is southbound 101. we don't want to blind anybody with our lights. not one but two lanes blocked. the second lane is blocked for 50 or 60 yards. let's take you to the side of the road where it has happened. you can see the car took out this sign as we move quickly up the roadway here this is going to be about a 50-yard plus walk or so. look at what it did to the trees. there is an officer up there. joining me now to talk more about this officer kevin
5:44 am
jinone. what happened? >> we had a driver on his way to work. the rain had started earlier in the evening here in the night. he said a deer ran out in front of him. he swerved to miss the deer and lost control of his vehicle. >> reporter: he ended up down this reeving. how far is it down there? >> approximately 100 feet. after he drifted with the roadway and collided with the 55 miles an hour speed limit sign. he did hit the tree there as well. after slowing downgoing through the brush he managed to -- after slowing down going through the brush he managed to rest. >> reporter: you hope to have both lanes open how long? >> within the hour. >> reporter: thank you very much. let's go over here a few sec --
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seconds. the tow truck driver had to move his truck over here. again you heard the officer chp said it will be cleaned up in an hour from now. person involved in this one car accident is take ton the -- taken to the hospital for precautionary measures but seems to be okay. >> thank you. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories we are following for you right now. today president obama will sign the new tax cut legislation that passed at a midnight vote at the house of representatives. that bill presents a new years day tax cut. police in antioch are investigating an overnight stabbing at a bar on a street three people were hurt. the city of antioch is preparing to lay off six police
5:46 am
officers despite recent increase in violent crime. hundreds of volunteers are gathering right now at glide memorial church in san francisco. they will be bagging up groceries throughout the morning. hoping to hand out hundreds of holidays meals for those in need this year. the flood gates at two northern california dams are open this morning. they are releasing millions of gallons of water in the anticipation of all the rain. this large of release in december sun usual but they want to reduce the risk of flooding. >> the thing is we want to make sure we have room for the storms that are forecast to come into the area. >> releasing water now leaves room for the event runoff of the snow pack. it's at 125% of normal for december. a homeless man is being praised this morning for turning in a wallet he found that was full of cash.
5:47 am
ryan christopher is 49-year-old navy veteran he has fallen on some hard times. he has been staying at a homeless vet. he found a wallet a couple days ago that has $172 inside. now with three young kids staying in maryland, he faced a big dilemma. >> i've got money. because i lost my job. i knew i could get a nice pretty decent christmas present for each one of my kids. >> brian turned in that wallet to the police officer. it certain soon discovered the wallet -- it soon discovered the wallet belonged to a woman. >> it's good to see a -- it's nice to see a good positive result. let's check in with sal. pretty interesting what craig
5:48 am
had to say the reason for that crash. a deer running across the road. >> that's right. that's why chp lets you know you should slow down. just slow it down out there. let's take a look at some of the pictures we have. you can see traffic on 80 westbound moving a long pretty welcoming out across the mccarthur maze. there is no major problem there is as you head out toward the maze. this morning we are look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic looking very light and no problems on the bridge itself getting into san francisco. i want to show you the 80 at kingville shot. these are pictures of snow coming down on interstate 80 in kingvale. and one of the things i want you to know you will need
5:49 am
chains on all of the sierra highways. they have been posted that you cannot get up there without chains. do yourself a favor and get them here in the bay area and someone will help you put them on if you don't know how to do it. let's go back to steve. all right, sal. some of the projections coming out are 15 inches of liquid presip. the sea level will go up and down. and the jet stream is going to go south and north. we will be all over the place. right now it's on us. you can see some of that green turning to white. snow levels around 4500 feet but winter storm warning supposedly starts at 10:00 in the morning. but you might as well say now. this is getting serious. when you start to see this
5:50 am
being funneled that means colder tops on the clouds. the jet stream is roaring. we are opening the door. 40s on the temps. the cloud cover brought the overnight lows. the problem is they will not go very far between upper 40s and low 50s. 47 to start. light rain clouds. 50, 53 for a high today. right off the coast you can see there comes the cloud. this is a warm sector. we don't have a cold front over us now. you get the enhancement over us and you take that moisture and lift it over the sierra and rings it out. this could be just heavy rain far long time depending on where it goes. it sure looks like it's heading knot to us. all coming to the gulf of alaska. that takes it north of hawaiian islands and does this. that's what is coming over us today and all the way to maybe, maybe christmas eve. the citier reporting winter --
5:51 am
the sierra reporting winter storm warning. goes until 4:00 p.m.. snow level 400 feet. it may go up to 6500 feet and back down. if you have travel, right now would with the best-- if you have to travel, right now would be the best time. if you don't have rain, it will be cloudy and upper 40s and low 50s. it has been a long time since we've had rain in five days. maybe a little bit of a break monday after a system sunday. a strong system is being forecasted by some of our models tuesday into wednesday. >> thank you. it is nine minutes now have before 6:00. yahoo may eliminate the content sharing site delicious from its operations. it confirms it plans to phase out several services in the coming months now it has cut its work force by 4%.
5:52 am
other possible casualties are yahoo buzz, yahoo picks and bookmarks. they will provide more details when appropriate. apple could be the beneficiary of lcd factory by sharp. apple will help pay for the new plant which will provide screens for the iphone. sharp says the plant will be in full production by the end of 2012 but the company which already supplies screens for the ipod denies apple will pay construction costs. time now 5:52. making liberal moves? the city of berkeley is doing something that could make it a darling of conservatives. a political debeat overseas makes our politicians look like angels.
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wi i-cl av csts. e earsin e earsst cl.
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good morning. if you are driving in marin county, there is a crash that has blocked one of the lanes and they are trying to fish a car out of a ditch. southbound 101 in sausalito this will be a come by date -- complicated situation. we'll tell you more about this straight ahead. all right sal p, 5:55.
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the cities mayor says planning ahead has helped including cut backs in some areas. the city's permit office for example shuts down two fridays every month. another factor is higher taxes for homeowners which residents we talked to don't seem to mind. >> when i pay my taxes i get the itemized list of where the money will be going to. and they spell out the services we get here. i'm happy about it. >> right now we have a triple-a bank rating. and it's the highest in the nation. >> berkeley still faces an impending $11 million deficit. city officials are looking into other areas to cut back. lawmakers use their fists instead of diplomacy to settle their differences right on the
5:57 am
floor of the ukraine january parliament. pro government lawmakers stormed in and started beating members of the opposition. scuffles like this is not uncommon. this was the third fight of the year. tiger woods from his 13 minute televised confession of infidelity in february to going winless on the pg&e tour. second place on the survey was the new orlean saints winning the super bowl and the giants world series win got fifth. here in san francisco that would be number one. the san francisco 49ers last night was not a good sports story. they seem to be jinxed. sal, let's see what is happening in our commute.
5:58 am
you have a lot to talk about. >> we do. we have rain moving in. the commute will be tough. we want to show you the pictures. 280 at the 880 interchange. traffic is moving well. right now we are okay. but it's going to rain later. just plan for it this evening as well. moving a long to the sunol grade that traffic moving well. we checked the bay bridge traffic that is okay. let's go back to the desk. all right, thank you, sal. 5:58 our storm watch coverage continues during our 6:00 hour. we're keeping a close eye on the wet bay area roadways as the storm door opens. plus more violent crime in antioch last night. three people stabbed. how this investigation heightens the fears as police officers are getting laid off. the rain will pick up. we'll talk about this and many
5:59 am
systems coming in in two minutes.


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