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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 17, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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as the airline attempted to get them on flights. >> i'm supposed to get to indianapolis tonight. i'm thinking i'm not going to make that flight, so maybe tomorrow. >> reporter: for outgoing travelers it was a day of cancellations and delays as long as four hours. along with long delays for picking up loved ones. >> the arrivals are coming in late. you're going to see arrivals three hours, four hour arrival delays. >> they sent me over here on a shuttle to san francisco. and the guy dropped me off on the wrong side of the airport. >> reporter: army specialist dicker is trying to make his way home after a number of misconnections. >> i'm heading home, i'll get home one way or another and i'm happy about that. >> reporter: oakland says to expect up to a 40 minute delay.
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maneta san jose airport says there are no delays expected this evening. reporting live at sfo, david stevenson, ktv you u channel 2 channel 2 news. from the runway to the roadway it's slow going. southbound traffic on 880 going very slowly and on the northbound traffic not moving much faster. it's been slow going in this stretch. on the south bay, things started slowing down before 4:00 this afternoon. southbound traffic going slow as well as northbound traffic on the north side of the screen. not only is this a friday night but a lot of people are hitting the road. it's also a get away for people who have next week off for christmas. many drivers are being extra careful because the wet
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weather can make the drive dangerous. >> we can all make it home, there's no need to rush. >> that's when you see the most accidents, within the first couple of hours. right now b.a.r.t. is back on track. crews had to remove a section of the electric third rail to get to the problem and fix it. bill martin told us these storms were coming. he's tracking the storms right now from the weather center to tell us what's happening. >> there's a lot of them as they move through the bay area over the next two, three, four five days we're looking at rain. right now this rain is hitting the afternoon commute. the heaviest rains from this system are going to come out in the coastal hits. this is the nature of a cold
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weather system like this. nevado, san rafael. the darker greens are representing your wipers on full screen or just above moderate. you see it over concord, a lighter rainfall but it's right on the afternoon commute. this is not the end of it. there's a lot stacked out in the pacific for over 3,000 miles. tropical moisture headed right toward us. we'll show you what to expect this weekend and beyond. thanks bill. and the south bay residents are headed to the mountains now. jenine de la vega has that story. >> reporter: traffic here along 17 has been picking up and that's because it is a commute hour, the slippery roads and
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fog is making for difficult driving conditions. >> california highway patrol officers are camped out along highway 17. they've been hammered all day responding to accidents. >> a lot of vehicles out here on lower curve, south bound and northbound. we had a roll over this morning on the north side. it's no fun being stranded in the rain. castillo tried for two hours to fix a broken belt. it left him soaked. >> pants, shoes, everything. >> reporter: no rain jacket. >> no rain jacket. >> reporter: on the city seat streets in san jose, emergency crews responded to this spin out. police say the driver of this car lost control while driving near capital avenue. causing her to jump the curb near this residential neighborhood. the rainfall created huge puddles in parking lots. here at this orchard supply, people came to buy batteries
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and wood. >> i got a tarp for the leaky roof, towels for excess water on the floor. >> reporter: along north santa cruz avenue, the rain did not stop christmas shoppers from going out. >> this is not that bad. >> reporter: rain is expected to continue through the weekend. chp recommends that if you do have to go out on the roads, keep distractions to a minimum. that means not staying on the cell phone, turning the radio down and make sure that you concentrate on the road. reporting live from the santa cruz mountains, jenine de la vega. chain requirements are in effect at this hour on both interstate 80 and 50 as people head up to the snow in tahoe.
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here's a live look right now in truckee. it's hard to see but the roads are blanketed in snow. of course be prepared with chains before you go. we figured we'll just take the kids out of school one day early and we came. it was smooth sailing. it was great coming out last night. the skiers and snow boarders who did arrive early. the slopes were fairly empty and there was no waiting for the ski lifts. those who left earlier today said they had no trouble on the roads. the winter storm warning will remain in effect through the weekend and by the time it's over, the sierra nevada could see several feet of new snow. ktv has a special section dedicated to the sierra. just look for the ski section
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under the weather tab. two fairfield sisters pleaded not guilty today to charges to a fire last april that killed their four young children. shetara and leticia james are both charged with child endangerment. shetara is charged with murder while leti cia is charged with involuntary manslaughter? a santa clara county judge today sentenced a san jose man to death for killing his pregnant girlfriend and two daughters in 2005. rodrigo pan y agua was charged with killing his girlfriend and two daughters. he stabbed them several times and set their bodies on fire. pan y agua will be transferred to san quentin prison. we have new information
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about a vallejo man accused of sexually molestic two underaged girls while living at her parents day care. the state department of social services has suspended the day care's license. coper's mother claims the allegations against her son are false. a virginia man accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl and then taking her to san francisco was arraigned on abduction charges today in virginia. jeffrey easley was the mother's live in boyfriend. he is expected back in court in february for a preliminary hearing. san jose police today released surveillance photos of a man accused of robbing a bank
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at gunpoint. he showed a handgun to a teller and demanded money. investigators say the man was given an undisclosed amount of cash and ran away. the man is described as between 45 and 50 years old. about 5 feet 5" tall and weighing 550 pounds. a former bart police officer who was fired following the deadly shooting of oscar grant on new years day is getting her old job back. john sasaki joins us now, he's in oakland with the details and reaction. >> reporter: this is the fruitvale bart station where oscar grant was killed not quite two years ago. it's also where one of the primary officers involved in that incident may once again walk the beat after getting her job back. officer deminici was not accused it have abusing anyone. but she was fired for lying about the circumstances that led to the circumstances that led to oscar grant's killing.
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>> we presented a vigorous caseful we thought we took the right action. but we must live with the decision that the arbitrator has made. >> reporter: we caught up with bart officials in san francisco this morning. >> that's the court of law. much like you know the verdict on mr. mehserle. we didn't have a say in that. that was the judicial system at work. >> deminici reported to a call of a fight. >> some people could have hard feelings. >> certainly the family are disappointed in one sense because in many ways in their view is just another slap in
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the face. i talked with deminici's attorney and she -- deminici graduated from the firefighters academy this morning, but plans to go back to work with b.a.r.t. sometime next month. and yahoo is announcing service cuts. yahoo confirmed it is cutting investments in under performing products. the sunny vale company says it will provide more details when appropriate. and here in the bay the co lowest jobless rate in the state are marin and san mateo county. both have rates under the 9% mark. solano county have the largest number with mo than 12% of its work force. over all nine bay area counties
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managed to stay below the state average. trading was tame on wall street today, investors layed low. signals hope that a recovery is near in the u.s. the nasdaq gained more than five. left empty-handed. why there wasn't enough to go around at the food give away today. and we're going to meet some of the east bay high school students that are making sure hundreds of needy kids enjoy a merry christmas. things are looking up for california's water supply. just how much water cities can expect to get.
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thousands were helped but hundreds were turned away empty-
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handed. some people lined up at 3:00 in the morning to pick up a bag filled with food. it's an annual holiday tradition that helps 6,000 people today but 100 more left empty-handed. reverend cecil williams says it's evident the need is much greater this year. >> in the last few years we've seen the demand grow like about 30%. and we've seen the donations go down to about 15%. >> reporter: organizers have warned donations were down and there might not be enough to go around. a group of san lorenzo high school students have stepped up to help some of their peers in need this christmas. today they saw the fruits of their labor as hundreds of toys were packed up for distribution. >> reporter: arroyo high school is closed up for the holiday and the students who left here this afternoon were feeling pretty good of course.
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but not just because they have the next two weeks off. on their own, students of san lorenzo's arroyo high collected toys and gift cards for needy families. they are contributing them to fire department holiday toy drive. >> in these tough economic times, we have the general understanding of how one gift can make a difference in anyone's life. >> we have collected $720 in gift cards. >> reporter: all told gifts and cards are valued at more than $3,500. >> this is hundreds of families that are going to be positively affected by you guy's hard work. >> i gave them a goal three weeks ago, and they brought it together with little direction. >> a lot of them are coming from their family, friends, a lot of their own hard work from
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their own paychecks. >> reporter: 1200 arroya students participated. >> it feels good to see our kids giving back to the community. especially when schools are suffering, these kids reach out every year and do an amazing job. >> it's nice seeing the school come together for a good cause. because we know that, times are hard now for families and they might not be able to have presents for their children. so it feels good. an official at hope for the heart says it's a sign of the economy that this year many of the families that are asking for toys have never asked before. more on the wet weather that is blanketing the area. and our chief meteorologist bill martin has where it's going to be coming down.
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>> we were talking about this rainfall in marin county. it's topographically driven. you see it along the coast out toward montero. also the darker greens toward the santa cruz mountains. what we're seeing is tropical moisture being forced basically just like a fire hose against these hills. that's the point i'm making, it just keeps coming. the dynamics, the upper air top is pretty weak right now. it's just a lot of moisture coming through. i mean the heaviest locations in the north bay up toward jenner coming up on an inch of rain. look at these, they're not huge. we go through saturday afternoon, you see rainfall accumulations. san rafael, the next 24 hours
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1.3-inches. less than .2 of an inch in san jose. most of the rain in the hills. it's raining everywhere. nothing really heavy, this remind me a lot of -- i better not say 82 but the way it's raining. this consistency is just very moist. it's a very subtropical flow and it's just going to keep going. we'll go into saturday evening. we'll go into saturday late night into sunday morning. and it just keeps going. you get the picture. you know how today went, that's just the way it's going to go. in the mountains it's just going to be going the rest of the week. the forecast for the mountain, winter storm warning if they see, they could see ten feet of snow by next wednesday. that's a lot of snow. you get if avalanche concerns on 50. a pretty significant break
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julie and ken, some where around tuesday. this is a 12 hour by 12 hour, 24 hour by 24 hour forecast because it's evolving. but right now we're in good shape. it's going to be wet, you're going to need umbrellas. it's not going to end any time soon. >> we're a long way from tuesday. >> there's a lot of snow up there. >> when i think about situations like this, i think about heavy know, i think about avalanche concern. because they could see 10 feet by tuesday. there's sections that could slide. >> don't go into those areas while skiing. and they say farms and cities can expect 50% of the water they requested for next year. that's double the projection made last month. the outlook should continue to
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improve. the snow pack is 122% of normal for this time of year. agriculture officials are looking ahead to make sure the state can feed its residents for years to come. in additional to having an adequate water supply, they are focusing on the best growing techniques. to major concerns are invasive species and competition from china and mexico. a new ride sharing program is peddling into san francisco. how you could soon be commuting on two wheels.
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san francisco city leaders today helped usher a new bicycle sharing program at civic plaza. 500 in san francisco and the rest in san jose and the peninsula. people can check a bike, ride to their destination and return their bicycle to a different station. state and federal grants are helping fund the program. >> this is the future and this is extraordinarily exciting from my perspective and we have a grant to help us get to that next level. a $6 million program is expected to be up and running
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by the end of next year. paris has a similar bike sharing program. and fred inglis is here. is there any good news from the 49ers. >> and the players did not want to talk, and coach singletary has gone from the great motivator to a depression. not yet officially eliminated from play off contention. that could happen as soon as sunday if both the rams and seahawks win. >> my future depends on the st. louis game that we have coming up. my future to me i take it one week at a time and i don't
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worry about other things. >> i want winners. and current vickings assistant coach bono, says coaching christoph hasn't created any father-son tension. >> i've been coaching him and working out with him in the summertime. we have a good relationship. and it's so far it's worked out. as long as i don't screw him up. >> he helps me out. he tries to keep me calm. he tells me what to look for, during the games it's helpful. >> reporter: wouldn't it be easier for you to be a running back or defensive back. you are wearing the same number and everything. >> yeah, that's the way it has to go. but i like it though. >> he's like his father. >> he's going to be a little wet down there in carson. coming up on tv 36:
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continuing storm watch coverage. and also the latest job numbers are out. some experts say there are signs of hope. see which industries are shows the most strength when it comes to new jobs in 30 minutes on tv 36. that's our report, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. have a great night. be careful out there.
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