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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 21, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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another storm is moving into the bay area right now and it's expected to rapidly intensify in the coming hours. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have barely had time to dry up from the last storm and we're back on storm watch tonight. it's raining, it's expected to run harder through the night. and it might still be raining tomorrow. bill martin is tracking the storm. debra villalon is telling us
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about a broken levee were i've been >> reporter: i've been keeping an eye on a broken buoy, and i can't see them anything. so visibility is low tonight. all of this stormy weather has been a mixed blessing for people here in marin. first the good news. the marin water district says rainfall amounts are 138% of average for this time of year. phoenix la and two other reservoirs are already full. two more inches of rain and the district says six of it seven reservoirs will be full. san anselmo creek is far from it flood state. someone used bags to keep their car covers, but there are problem. >> we've had five emergency trees in five days. >> reporter: sunday night a
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tree tpáel on fell on to the roof of a dry cleaner, knocking electricity to several business and punches holes on the roof of several cleaners. >> this usually is the busy where's time of the year, and i haven't had any business. >> reporter: at a neurology clinic, a doctor used a lantern to check on her business. she says pg & e keeps changes the time on when they will come out. as the tree trimmers finished their job, they say they'll try to get a little rest before they have to come back out to another call. marin county says it's
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reservoirs are now 94.8% of capacity, and after tonight's rain pass, no doubt they'll be at their capacity. you see the live radar sweep there. we'll come in a little bit closer, here' san francisco. kenney wayne was standing right around here. you see the shower, you see a little bit of activity increasing out there. here's lahonda and pescadero. this system has been all about the hills. there's mipedas right now. that's heavy rain as well. no reports of thunder and lightning. that is a possibility. this system moving over the care in just a few hours. when i come back, i have the computer model that will take us right into the holiday week
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end. we'll see you back here then. arnold schwarzenegger proclaimed a state of emergency in six counties, san luis obispo, orange. one big concern tonight is the potential for landslides in areas scared by summer wildfires. and coming up at 10:30, we have live reports on evacuations that are under way right now in los angeles county. earlier today, emergency crews rescued three dozen horses trapped in chest high water. rescuers waited until daybreak to get them out of their stable because it was too dangerous to move them at night. the horses were fed by
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veterinarians, fed, and moved to a new stable. the urban levee is north of highway 87. the levee protects a protected habitat. and work stretching into the night. >> reporter: it is pitch back out here at this levee. the only light is on a construction crew. it's too muddy out there for our news van but we walked in for a close look. it's the finger in the dike. a section of earth is being
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estimated to be -- >> it has increased to maybe the size of that big. >> we had to have this done by mid-night because of the tide coming in, if we don't have it then, then this would breach. >> reporter: it's a race against time. at steak are shore birds and migratory birds. recycled waste water would damage that habitat. >> we have more water coming, we found a couple other leaks in the levee. we're not going to get to those tonight but we'll be checking those out tomorrow. >> reporter: one newly discovered leak will be looked at tomorrow. crews are already bracing for the possibility of spending some of their christmas out here. >> they're all readty to go. if we have to go. the crews are ready to two. >> you don't mind giving up
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your holiday? >> no, this is our job. >> reporter: these levees date back 50 years. it breaks easily, it doesn't compound well. it's probably remarkable that they've lasted as well as they have. as for this repair, they're wrapping it up, getting it under the wire as the rain begins to fall again. debra villalon. has tools to track thstorm as well as information on where to get free sandbags. just look for the storm watch section on our page. the san jose city managers office would not comment tonight on the city report that they might fire a police officer. the 2009 arrest was captured on cell phone video. the active police chief recommended that an officer segel be suspended without pay
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for a month for using a baton to strike hong. and the city manager is trying to fire officer siegel for what she calls unnecessary and unreasonable force. oakland police are offering new information about an officer involved shooting that took the life of a 19-year-old man. police say undercover officers were following a maroon lincoln sedan after reports that they were about to go shoot at a rival gang. that's when police say edwards took off on foot with officers behind him. >> during this pursuit, mr. edwards stopped. came face to face with the police officer. he drew that pistol you see there on the paper and the officer fired at him. >> police say they found a handgun beside edwards and later found a loaded assault
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weapon in the car. edward's mother told ktvu her son was not in a gang and was trying to turn his life around. homicide detectives are investigating the death of a woman who's body was found along the shore of the shoreland park. the body was spotted just after 4:00 this afternoon. police say the partially clothed woman had been shot several times and her throat was slit. there are indications she tried to fight off her attacker. so far there is no word on the woman's identity. a 10,000 reward is now being offered in the case. a contra costa county judge late today ordered six defendants to stand trial in a rape case. but the judge dismissed charges against the youngest defendant.
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christien kafton has our report. >> reporter: after weeks of testimony, a judge decided there's enough evidence to take six suspects to trial. >> our job is to determine what charges, we might file an information with fewer charges than he held them to answer on or we may add more charges. >> reporter: two more face enhanced sexual assault charges as well as charges of assault and robberies. the prosecution of the event is vague and often contradictory. the family of a 16-year-old suspect freed from jail today celebrated his release outside the courthouse. >> i feel good, but i feel angry because they wasted 12 months of my son's life. >> i absolutely felt he had culpability, i feel his role was very similar to other people such as aaron morales.
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>> reporter: one of the six remains defendants, 23-year-old elvis terentes should face only sexual assault charge. although he was present, he soon left. >> he probably went too far right at first, but as he gradually realized how drunk she was, he made the right decisions to separate himself from the event and leave her alone and he did leave the scene. and we've learned that when those six defendants stand trial there will be a new prosecutor on the case. prosecutor dara crossman tells us she plans to retire before that case goes on trial. and police plan to file a charges against samuel kaulper. police say an 8-year-old girl claims he took nude pictures of
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her at mary's day care center. another girl told police he touched her inappropriately. kalpert lived in the home where his parents ran a day care. their license has since been suspended. the investigation is ongoing and kaulpert could be rearrested. storm tracker number -- storm tracker 2 is heading into the area. and this is a wall full of stolen items.
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hillsboro police say they have broken up a mayor burglary ring. in fact, they say they found hundred of stolen items taken from more than 200 victims in more than a dozen bay area cities. amber lee live in piedmont tonight with our report. >> reporter: frank tonight police shared with us these mug shots of the couple they describe as the ring leaders. we also spoke with a burglary victim who lives here in piedmont. >> a little chinese character that was brought to me when we were having dinner in china town. >> reporter: laura brodi shows us the charm bracelet she has had since college. it was stolen from her home,
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but last month police recovered her bracelet. their discovery led to a bust at this oakland home on west mcarthur. >> we flew around the house two or three times. >> reporter: police entered the home and found hundreds of items they say were stolen from 173 victims in 20 different bay area cities. >> we have some very unique clocks. >> reporter: police say they are still trying to locate the owners of many items. this oakland couple, odebashi and boyfriend alarid now face charges of stolen property. the victims would target
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victims advertising through public announcements. such as estate sales. investigators traced the car to the alleged burglars. as for laura brodi she says she now feels a little bit safer. >> i would like to see them put away so they can't do it again. >> reporter: the couple is scheduled to make their first court appearance next month. the man suspected of lying in wait and fatally shooting an east palo alto community activist appeared in court today. gregory leon elarms, had special circumstances but did not enter a plea. elam followed david lewis as an aids prevention counselor to the hillsdale mall in san mateo march sixth. investigators believe the two men got into an arm and elarm
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shot lewis. elarm was arrested after a six month investigation. there is a new reward tonight involving a killing of a state official. police are now offering a $6,000 for information on the killer of ivan orozco. police say he died trying to protect his girlfriend. it was an emotional scene today on capitol hill as speaker of the house nancy pelosi put her signature on landmark legislation. >> isn't this a wonderful day. >> frank is openly gay and said the agenda is to protect homo sexuals against violent crimes fueled by bigotry to allow gays
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to marry, to get a job and to fight for their country. >> for those who are worried about the radical sexual agenda, two down, two to more. california's population is increasing but not as rapidly as it used to. it puts california at 37.3 million people. it's a 10% increase, the largest growth rate since 1810. california sill has the highest population in the country. the census numbers have a large impact on money and politics. who gets how much money, and how many seats does the state get in congress. key officials doubt the census
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is correct. >> 308 million. >> reporter: the new census leaves california with the same seats the state has had for the last ten years. by far the largest congressional number in the country. but the official state population, 37. 37-1/4 million is the population. right now it's about $41 billion a year that the state gets from the federal government. it spent on schools. and some like leland yee says we'll be under paid. >> all of the individuals that need help, medical services, social services. >> reporter: california using driver's license, immigration, birth, death and a lot of other data to figure out how many of
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us are in the state with the idea that just counting heads is not enough. >> this state is very difficult to count in the american census. we have recent immigrantswe have people who have difficult with the english language. >> reporter: california is one of the states that has sued the federal census. but the court has consistently ruled in the census favor. in the last ten year, the state has averaged getting back only about $75 for every dollar that california taxpayers has sent to washington. senator yee says california officials has to convince washington to listen. >> remind the federal government that the data that they have are inaccurate and that you cannot somehow rely on those data points. >> reporter: state and federal census has been combined and
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federal census has not done as well since then. and the dow industrials gained 55 points to close at their highest level in more than two years. the nasdaq rose 18. as i talked about earlier, this storm coming on shore right now. you can see some of the heavier rain bands. this is the more dynamic storms that moved from the south to the north. we're looking for rain to pick up in south moon bay and pacifica. wipers are on full at that point. darker greens may be moderate and lighter greens a little bit less. out in danville, you have showers out in mount diablo, heavier showers. no thunder at this point. you do see the distribution, this area moving this way. that will happen over the next few hours. as that occurs you can look toward to more rain in the many neighbors throughout the bay area. what we're checking out then over the next few hours will be
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the scattered showers that are going to stick with us. then the rain will taper off in the morning. tomorrow, looks like not a half bad day. when we come back i'll have the computer radar ready to go. california lawmakers are putting pressure on the federal government to set standards for a likely carcinogen that is showing up in the drinking water. the chemical in question is chromium or chromium six. the nonprofit environmental working group released a study yesterday saying that compound has been found in tap water in 31 u.s. cities including san jose. it was a violent attack. coming up next, a major new development tonight in the search for two dangerous dogs.
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also an evacuation in effect right now as rain and wind prompt growing concern about rain fail. -- about rainfall.
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animal control officers are trying to determine if a pit bull captured this evening is one of two dogs blamed for a vicious attack on a san jose woman. as ktvu robert handa roberts, she's recooperating tonight from that frightening ordeal. >> reporter: animal control crews have been searching since last night for those roaming pit bulls. trembling, yaoh described how the three dogs with clipped ears blocked her path. >> i don't know what happen, the dog come to me. come inside the house, lock in the door. don't come near me, it come up
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to me. >> reporter: neighbor vallencia came over. >> the woman was still on the ground, and the dog was shaking her around. >> reporter: valencia hit the dog. >> reporter: when i finally got a clear shot, i hit him. the dog that had her released. i picked up the rock and i hit him again on top of the head. >> reporter: the dogs ran off. one neighbor told us just before the attack, the dogs had come after her family. >> it seems like those two dogs were really angry. yeah, like really angry. they jump in on the garage door, they were like that, they were like really angry like walking around here. and i could hear like [growling sound] animal control officers came to the home to see if they could identify a dog. marciela looked at the dog shielded from cameras. >> what did you think when you
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saw him? >> scary, for me it looks like it's that one but i don't think it's the collar. >> reporter: the family also says the dog did not have any apparent marks from the rock or this brick. the family will come to the shelter to see if they can get a positive identification. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's asian art musician announced today it has received a temporary 11th hour reprieve from bankruptcy. the museum is facing a likelihood of accelerated payment on $125,000 in debt. but today the museum has a 30 day standstill agreement. the deal gives the museum time to try to restructure it's debt. however there is now a so called drop dead date of
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january 31st. i'm susan harasuma in the hills. it is raining now, coming up, find out why a lot of people have decided to stay. what did you do if you found a wad of $20 bills laying on the ground. we'll tell you what a group of cupertino boys did and the end result.
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and life storm tracker two showing a strong wave of moisture moving into the bay area right now. no thunder, no lightning but heavy rainfalling out of these cells as they work their way north. when we come back i'll have your full weather, i'll see you back here in a little white. people in the white hills are being ordered out of their
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homes tonight. the forecast is calling the -r more rain and that has authorities very concerned about flash floods. >> reporter: well here's the situation, residents were told they needed to be out of this area by about 9:00 tonight. ironically at that time, the weather was pretty much clear. we had a break in the rain. it's coming down at a pretty good pace but it's expected to be even more intense as the early morning hours approach. here's the problem, we've had six days of consistent rain. after four days, the ground is 100% saturated. that's why authorities ordered this evacuation but still a lot of people in the area have decided not to go. the catastrophic rains of february 2010 fill the deerman house with mud. their renovations aren't done yet but the order did not force them to leave. hope and sandbags their first line of defense. >> if it gets bad after a
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while, then we'll leave. >> reporter: but you might have a sleepless night. >> i've had many of those. >> i'm a law-abiding person. if somebody says evacuate, i'm going to evacuate. >> you lost your rear here on this street, this side of the street just got wiped up. she couldn't given get to mailbox. >> reporter: but history is not always a good predictor of time. >> in a lose material there ready to move, that situation combined with some of the bases
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not built large enough, we have a situation that the basin cannot handle the amount of debris that reaches it and passes through our flood control system. >> reporter: this sign over here which mentions the enlargement of a catch basement, that is why there's optimism that this time around this area that suffered the fate of mud and debris flow that it will survive this. the county is still not taking any chance, it wants the residents out. and oakland is looking at a proposed site for the oakland a's. the site is between interstate 880 and the embarcadero. cupertino city council is weighing in on a cement plant.
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that plant is located in the foothills off of stevens creek boulevard. at this hour the council is debating whether to draft a resolution or letter regarding a proposal to expand the plant. the santa clara board of directors has the final say. some cupertino residents say the plant is no longer appropriate for their neighborhood. residents say the plant was an eyesore and made some of them sick. it is set to close sometime in the next month. a new report on the state of the city's homeless population sheds light on how much more work needs to be done. jana katsuyama has this story.
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>> reporter: at san francisco civic center christmas tree, a group lit candles for those homeless people who died this past year. a report shows the number of homeless people in san francisco has remained the same as last year. some 3,500 individuals stayed at emergency shelters. >> we're able to get them into housing with a rapid rehabbing. >> reporter: while homelessness remains steady, hunger seems to be on the rise. >> we have seen an increase of requests for food. >> reporter: the city reported it had to turn away about 30%
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of those requests. san francisco distributed more than 200 million pounds of food, today guests at clyde memorial church say that there's more people here. >> we are all supposed to pitch in to the less fortunate. my heart goes out to them. >> god bless you guys, i don't know what i would do. >> reporter: staff at st. anthony's says they are seeing a lot of new faces. >> they are just not able to stretch their dollars enough to pay rent and medical costs and everything else so they are coming to st. anthony's for a meal. >> reporter: by combining their food orders and sharing their resources to help those in need. the largest food pantry in
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san clara county has set a new record for the number of food packages given out in a day. back in november, people lined up outside the center. the community center expects to hand out toys to 5,000 families tomorrow. arrested right outside the courthouse. the sting operation that landed 10 to the best of -- 10 dui offenders right outside of court. and we have more rain on the way, could it impact your morning commute? he was shot, badly beaten and had a broken elbow. the story behind an east bay dog and his amazing recovery.
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a multi agency dui task force in sonoma county picked a an unusual but e if he effective way to conduct a sting operation. officers waited outside the county courthouse for people who had just lost their licenses in court. many simply got into their cars to drive away. >> we're not going to wait to see if they decide to drive drunk again, if they're willing to drive away from the courthouse without a license. >> ten offenders were caught driving away from the court on revoked or suspended licenses. all of them now have had their cars impounded for 30 days. the u.n. secretary general is warning there's a real risk of return to civil war. general kiboon said the government is trying to
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illegally expel u.n.'s peace keeping work. the secretary general says abductions and attacks against civilians have been rising in recent days. in iran, crews are cleaning up after a 6.5 magnitude quake hit the south eastern part of that country on monday night. reports are that # people have been killed including four that killed at -t a school. officials estimate 2,000 people were left homeless by that quake. 60% of homes in that area were damaged. and in haiti, all the children were in the process of adoption when the process was disrupted by that massive earthquake. one woman said she had a pack full of whoolie, socks, and
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food for her newly adopted nine month baby. -- the dog was found on the side of the road the next day by police. >> i don't understand how they could do that to an animal. and it's just, i just can't comprehend it. >> reporter: vets say it now appears kevin will recover. the search is on for the other dog that's still missing as well as the personal responsible for injurying kevin. >> we found a mask on the ground. we found another $20 bill on the fence toward the creek. a trail of evidence and four quick thinking teenagers. what they did that earned them honors tonight. and we are continuing to monitor rain. bill martin's full forecast is straight ahead.
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in cupertino fourteen agers say they would be lying if they say they weren't tempted. but at the end they decided to do the right thing. those four boys were honored this evening. >> reporter: on the other side of that wall you can see a bank of america sign. mow what would you do if you found a trail of cash $20 bills on this side of the wall. four teenage boys did the right thing and tonight were honored. the cuper to the tino city council commended fourteen
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agers for their ethics. last week this bank of america was robbed. and these teenagers found a wad of money. they say for a minute they thought of pocketing it. >> it was kind of strange because it was put in like a pile almost orderly almost. we collected it, we put it in neighborhood and started walking around the neighborhood. and asking people did anyone come around asking for this amount of money. >> reporter: but then they saw police and crime scene tape at the bank. and they found something else. >> we found a mask on the ground. we found another $20 bill on the fence toward the creek. >> reporter: putting two and two together, the boys gave the money to authorities and let investigators do the math. detectives hope dna from the mask will link dominique castles and another man to the $40,000 bank robbery. both are already in jail on other charges. >> in this case, there is
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fourteen agers, high school students that collectively as a group decided to do the right thing and bring that money backful where some folks wouldn't -- money back where some folks wouldn't. >> i don't think we should be rewarded. because the fact that we're rewarding an act of good morality is pretty sad. >> reporter: still bank of america tonight rewarded the boys with checks. all of california state supreme court justices recused themselves today. the governor seeks to overturn a ruling that halted the sale of 11 state buildings. the problem is, one of the buildings houses the state supreme court in san francisco.
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a panel of appeals court judges will hear the case instead. a follow up to a story we recorded to last night. the city council decided just before midnight not to cast an up or down vote on the new target building. instead, they voted to conduct a study. the measure required all vessels fishing in u.s. waters to bring sharks to land with their fins attached. it also maybes it illegal for nonfishing vessels to transport shark fins without their caucuses. rising demand for shark fin
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soup has increased the number of shark killings. and while on the boat, the fins taken and their bodies dumped over the boat. -- to determine if any activity will damage the endangered bears habitat. the governor calls the designation of an area larger than california overreaching. and says it will cost that state jobs. and it's raining out there right now. live storm tracker 2 as we've been showing you all night. it's been a nice day, then this rolling in. now with the rain starting to fall on many bay area neighborhoods. all nine bay area counties reporting some type of rainfall. it's getting a little heavier out there as we go into the evening hours. especially on the coast of pacifica area. out in the avenues of san
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francisco. we have heavier rain, reports of thunder and lightning. on the west side of the bay bridge, that looks like basically, we're almost downtown market street you have heavy showers showing up there. the rain is occurring right now. it's right on cue. it goes throughout the night. will it be around for your morning commute? i don't think so. i think there'll be wet roads for your morning commute. but i think things will wind down by the morning commute. and here's our break, thursday, friday. rivers go down. the streams go down. they're getting a lot more rain than we are too but the breaks are everything. here's the current system. you see it materializing here. you see the direction, it's kind of going this way and east as it moves into the mountains. they're going to get a lot more snow out of that system. the snow should last for most of the day in the tahoe area. we got winter weather advisory around lake tahoe. snow levels levels 5,000 feet. if they get another couple feet
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of know i wouldn't be surprised by today and tomorrow. the computer model, wednesday, and tonight for the evening hours, maybe a little bit of thunder, maybe see a little bit of lightning. this is 2:00 a.m., and this is 4:00 a.m. i hope this is before you get up. you see the showers down on san mateo, showers here. 5:00a.m. commute starting. wet on the roads, this is 7:00 a.m. there might be lingering showers and this is an overnight event. it is happening now and it will linker into the overnight hours. daytime highs tomorrow, you're going to see the high tomorrow. you'll get two breaks of a break. that's good, because it's exactly what you need because we have more weather coming in on saturday and a little bit into sunday. system very similar to this one and it's just what you need. a couple of days of -- if you're a big skier, you want to get to the mountains.
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the rain might wake you up. you might hear thunder. clear for the morning commute. just a little rain on the roads. >> nice to get it out of the way. the commission voted 2-3 to adopt new regulations protecting that neutrality. democratic apointees favored the plan when it comes to downloading information. back with more right after this.
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a double win tonight, sharks win, warriors win. mark is here with the highlights. >> not often we get to report that but we start with the warriors. few basketball experts out there believe warriors are on the way to breaking out of. lots of time to win in over time. sacramento coming down in the fourth quarter at the buzzer. a three 18 point, five rebounds for roknovonitz. take a look at it again.
10:56 pm
nine of his 23 in over time. warriors 117-109 winners over sacramento. and anything is impressive if the university of connecticut has done it. the woman's basketball team has eclipsed john wooden previous record. uconn has the best team and best individual, mia moore got a career high today. and stanford will have a chance to beat the streak in the next week. and the sharks, you know the one that wins almost every night. a tiny victory this evening bringing with it the first three game winning streak of the season. at the tank, second period,
10:57 pm
logan couture. playing catch with ryan cloe, back to couture. 3:28 later, the power play situation for the sharks and that will bring with it the blister with dan boyle. 26 saves in the net for the sharks. no telling why coach singletary is playing a little cat and mouse game with regard to his starting quarterback on sunday against the rams. he says he knows who the starter is but he's not going to announce it publicly. the best guess is the other smith will start, troy against st. louis. and he'll go at it. looks pretty good in an overteam win against the rams. neither guy is the optimum choice. >> i don't expect him to go into the game and be perfect. there has to be some patience there. other wise if you have a plan, and you can't fully work on it this week because you're not
10:58 pm
sure if you're going to stay with it or not. so i just think whoever it is we'll just work with him. >> sounds very confident. that's the sporting life, frank. >> mr. smith, good night everyone. >> see you. wrap
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