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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. today's holiday storm is making it tough to get around bay area. we'll show you how people are coping with the wret weather. >> the bay area comes together to help with the every grow, need among the have notes. >> and travel troubles this christmas kay as wild winter weather miles away leaves dozens of bay area passengers stranded. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2
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news at 6:00. merry christmas everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wone. another nature didn't take a break for christmas. storms rolling through the area. more on the rain totals in a moment, but we begin with ktvu's christien kafton out with more on the effects. >> reporter: with all the rain we have had, people leaving near urban streams are keeping a close eye on the water levels. you can see that the water is rushing, but so far nowhere near flooding. the rain is slowing everything down this christmas holiday. the wind and rain rushed into the bay area mid-morning, forecasters issued a high-wind advisory until 4:00 this afternoon as the blustery storm blew inland. people out and about this holiday took notice. >> it's been wet.
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a lot of blowing and a lot trees have blown down on the side of the road. >> reporter: as the storm rolled through, there were isolated reports of flooding, along highway 101, here at lucky drive and at the north san pedro exit. drivers say that the best course of action is to slow down. >> the main thing i would watch for is people driving too close. they seem to be still driving as close as they would when treasdry. so when i feel a knot of traffic like that, i stay back from it, in case something goes wrong. >> reporter: in larkspur, work equipment sat idyll and in tiburon, the rain dumped, but couldn't dampen the holiday spirit. >> rain, snow, shine, christmas is christmas and it's a time too celebrate and be with family and to know what is important and to value that. >> reporter: and taking a look back at our live shot. one of the lingering concerns is that the rain will weaken the ground aroundtrees and the
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wind could push them over into powerlines. that is what we saw with last weekend's storm. so far there aren't been reports of any large-scale power outages because of this storm. we'll continue to monitor the storm and the weather for you on this christmas holiday. for now, we're live in san anselmo, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. rain is coming down in san anselmo and going to ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo, who is tracking where the rain is now. >> halpern, the most intense rainfall as moved to the east of the bay area, but still quite a bit of activity on the radar. as far as rainfall totals over the past 24 hours, you can see the amounts fairly impressive as we take a look at those and totals from .5" in santa rosa and san francisco, .61 erin and oakland just over .33th. these are not crazy amounts, but keep in mind we picked up the bulk of activity would be a three-four hours. san josi, .15 emand we're adding to the totals like now.
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as far as live stormtracker 2, here is the current rainfall pattern and we'll come in closer to the south bay and mountains. the darker shades of green correspond to heavier cells. coming up we'll take a look at our rainfall forecast model and highlight the shower probabilities for tomorrow, and also the timing of our next storm. there is another one. i will more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, mark. state officials are warning californians will the possibilities of mudslides, especially in areas like particularin county, where many homes are built into hillsides. the california geological survey say that the rain increases as the ground becomes more and more saturated. geologists say to check your property for cracks in the
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soil, bare hillsides or material that has moved down a hill. the u.s.g.s. has a map of slides that have happened already in marin county. can you find a link to that map at under "web links." it is a very white christmas in the sierra right now. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the region until 4:00 a.m. lake tahoe received a couple of inches of snow. the sierra could get up to 10" of snow, above 7,000-feet and 2- 5" below that elevation. chains right now are required on interstate 80 from nyack to donner lake. no chains are required on highway 50 to south lake tahoe, but that could chaic at any time. >> in atlanta, snow piled up for the first time since the christmas storm of 1882. a delta airlines has canceled 500 flights, including several
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out of sfo. the same storm is move up to washington, new york and boston, where up to 10" of snow is expected. that eastern storm is expected to cause travel problems as people try to fly home, but tonight, except for those delta flights, sfo reports no delays. oakland and san josi mineta flights are generally on-time. as always, call or visit your airline's website before going to the airport to check your flight status. if you are flying east, deltaer american and united airlines are waiving penalties for travelers who want to reschedule during the next few days. southwest airlines says it appears an l.a.-bound flight that made an emergency landing in oakland had a small engine fire. the faa says the float took off from san francisco when an indicator alerted the pilot to the possible problem. southwest flew the 108 partners to los angeles on a later flight. an airport spokesman said today a pilot's youtube video
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makes baseless assumption about security measures at sfo. pilot, who will not release his name says he recorded the video and posted it to show how partners are screened, but ground crews are not. san francisco international airport spokesman matt mccarren says, "proper and effective security requires multiple layers of system and that the vast majority of widespread layers of the secret program are behind-the-scenes." >> oakland police are investigating the death of a woman found nude nearing a bicycle trail as a homicide. the woman's body was discovered around 8:20 yesterday morning in the 1500 block of skyline boulevard off keller boulevard. the victim is reportedly a white woman in her 40s. n tuesday afternoon a woman was found stabbed to death in the martin luther king regional shoreline park. police say her clothings were partially removed and that woman was identify as jasmine jordan of fresno. an army of volunteers
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cooked and hand-delivered 5,000 meals to hungry people throughout san francisco. the salvation army kitchen was bustling early this morning as meals were being prepared. they included ham, vegetables, yams and warm beverages. this year the salvation army fed 300 more people than it did last year and says the need won't end when christmas dinner is over. >> there is always a need for more resources. >> the meals were delivered to seniors and those who are too ill to leave their homes. not only did the salvation army feed more people this year, but also welcomed 300 more volunteers to spread christmas cheer. 4,000 dinner guests were welcomed by santa anthony's dining room. the charity served warm meal complete with ham, sweet potatoes, yams and dessert. the kitchen prepared 2,000 pounds of glazed ham to feed
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the hungry and poor who escaped the wet and cold. well for in this christmas day means time with family and friends, but for others it's a day spent with strangers. ktvus a john sasaki is live in oakland, with the story of those sharing the holiday spirit. john. >> reporter: heather, it is christmas and that means in true bay area fashion people have come together to help each other out. this was the third time around for 13-year-old mikey carraway's life. >> since he is not there, i decided to give back to the community. >> reporter: and this event, which happens on thanksgiving and other holidays as well, clearly had a positive impact on the west oakland community. >> it really makes your
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christmas brighter, because i don't have any income at this point. so i'm very thankful for the ones who put this on. >> reporter: across the bay, this is the biggest christmas feed in the area. >> it means a lot of people are down and out. >> reporter: glide memorial church and its annual event bring out hundreds of volunteers. >> everyday there are people desperately in need of food and shelter and assistance and we're so fortunate not at this point to have to worry about that. >> reporter: these diners are among 5,000 people getting a warm meal today. it's about the same as last year, but only because that is as much as glide can handle. >> we became very concerned because we're using up our january resources, you know? >> reporter: in the city of richmond, a clothing, toy and food giveaway in two locations, including the community center that served 2,000 people. >> it's a tough time right
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now. i lost my job. i'm trying to start over from scratch. >> reporter: this woman came here after losing her home in a fire just yesterday. >> like i said, it's a blessing and we can't do nothing, but we happy and grateful. >> reporter: with new toys to enjoy, the children are happy and grateful as well. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up, christmas around world. a look at how some countries celebrated the hillsborough with their own flair. also a first in pakistan, as a female suicide bomber carries out a deadly attack. president obama's reaction to today's killings. >> and one of san francisco's iconic cable car lines is about to go out of service. the reason it's being shut down and when it will hit the streets again.
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. parishioners at the nation's largest catholic church marked christmas with a traditional midnight mass. in addition, to holding services every day of the year, the basilla offers a large collection of art. nearly 1 million people visit that church each year. the president and first ladies wished americans a merry christmas and asked them to keep the country's military men and women and their families in their thoughts. >> america's brave servicemen and women represent a small in fraction of hur population, but they and the families who await their safe returns carry far more than their fair share of burden. they have done everything that they have been asked to do. they have been everything that we have asked them to be. >> the first family is asking
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everyone to visit >> general petraeus was briefed on the situation of the attacks. meanwhile in iraq, u.s. troops in baghdad held low-key religious services to mark the day. many of the 50,000 troops left in iraq to help that country's security forces said that they are looking forward to spending next christmas with their families. the obama administration plans to withdraw the remapping remaining troops by next year. >> and at st. peter's square, the pontiff called for faith, peace and courage for catholics in china. the comments come amid tensions with the vatican offer the chinese government's insistence that only it has the right to
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appoint catholic leaders in china. in sydney, australia, they were in swim cute suts and bikinis around a christmas tree in the sand where it reached 85 degrees. the seasons are reversed, where down understands, australians just welcomed summer. in northwest pakistan, the pakistani taliban has complained responsibility for a female suicide bomber who killed herself and a crowd of civilians. j.? rotter damm, police arrested 12 somali nationals suspected of planning an eminent terrorist attack in the netherlands.
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islamic extremists have called for attacks against the netherlands following a right wing politician's statements that "islam is a facist ideology." in ivory coast, the winner of the west african nation presidential elections came out of hiding and called on the incumbent president to step down. it was the first time alassane quatarra has appeared in public since betting president gbagbo. 15 other west african nations issued a demand for the president to step down or they would remove him by force. the highway patrol report frazdrunk-driving arrests across the state are up this holiday weekend, but traffic deaths are down. from 6:00 p.m. it last night to 6:00:00 a.m. this morning,40 drivers were arrested with no fatal crash reported. statewide, police arrested 2578 drivers during the same period, about a 5% jump from last year. and there were no traffic
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deaths reported across the state. last year, there were nine. three people were taken to the hospital early this morning after a four-car crash in san francisco. it happened just before 6:00 a.m. near lake merced. police aren't releasing any details about the crabs so we don't know what caused it or the extent of victims' injuries. on january p-the streetcars will be pulled out ever of service for $16 million in repairs. electricral, mechanical and sewer systems will be replaced. streets will be repaved and curbs will be made more wheelchair accessible. muni will provide transportation. the california line runs from the financial district trouchinatown and nob hill to van ness avenue. let's check in with
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meteorologist mark tamayo. >> it's been an activity week and we still have quite a bit of activity on stormtracker radar. there is the stormtrack with thetineline through the 6:00 approaching saratoga and out towards cupertino. i'm belowing to clear it out and you can see we're still tracking quite a bit of coverage in the north bay and east bay and for the peninsula. those darker shades of greensboro moderate rainfall. yellows and red do correspond to heavier cells around pacifica, approving sfo, millbrae and burlingame over the next 10-15 minutes. so the overall weather story is this for tonight, we still have the clouds and showers. the possibility, even of a few isolated thunderstorms. tomorrow, off and on showers. there will be plenty of breaks in the activity. the extended forecast, another storm and cold air moving into
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the area. upper 30s to 40s and possibilities of showers through the day on your sunday. here is the satellite and radar. look at what happened this afternoon, this has been pushing out to the l-to the east and result we have a winter weather advisory for the west slopes of the sierra until 8:00 sunday evening. snowfall 5-10" and snow levels around 4,000-feet. here is the overall weather pattern for tomorrow, cool sunday. scattered showers out there, but plenty of breaks in the activity. it won't be everywhere. so tomorrow a better day than today in terms of weather, if you like the dry conditions. next storm, there is another one. this will be approaching our coastline on tuesday, and heavy rain could be developing by tuesday night into early wednesday morning. here is our forecast model. we'll take this into the evening hours. by 10:00, you can see a few pop- up showers around the region. activity into parts of north bay and also parts of east bay by early afternoon.
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we still have to hold on to the possibilities between 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, but nothing major and just some isolated showers out there. temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s for afternoon highs. san josi, 56 and san mateo, 55 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. more clouds for monday, but that will be the break day with partly cloudy conditions. rainfall developing for tuesday, especially by the evening hours. cold showers on wednesday. just a chance of shower on thursday. at least these breaks you want to make the most out of them, because it's been a very busy week. maybe tomorrow get outside a little bit and ride the bike and go for a jog. >> dry out of umbrella, thank you, mark. san francisco's santa anthony was overwhelmed by the charity from people all over the world that donated scarves,
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handing out close to 7,000 scarf, each one hand knit. a group of staff members came up with the idea to invite local knitters to make scarves. they hoped to get enough for the number of seniors expected to come to dinner on christmas day, but the call to action caught on and word of the effort spread online. >> it started as an idea that knitting could be a symbol of compassion and could be an action that people could do to do something good in the world, but have a physical impact. >> made with love for you. >> so instead of 2500, they got 7,000. the scarves were sent from 20 states, four different countries, including japan, australia and brazil, where they don't usually wear scarves, because it's warm down there. for more information, visit and scroll down to the holiday charity section on our home page. such a nice thing to see. coming up next, sports with a complete rundown on
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basketball. >> fred inglis joins us as the heat take on the lakers. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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. we're not only ones working today the nba really using this as a big showcase. >> they really are.
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there is no competition sportswise for them and for the first time since 1984 the warriors are work on christmas day. tonight they host portland. it's the final edition of a five-game nba christmas package. by wait, guard stephen curry is expected to play for the first time since december 8th. it was stars watching stars at the l.a. staple center. cameron diaz, snoop dogg and lebron james, taking on the lakers today. that is bosh, my gosh. 24 points, 13 rebonds for chris bosh. look at this again. the other member of the team, dwayne wade playing with a bum knee. 18 point for him. the lakers never rose to the occasion k. james, with a triple-double and hit five 3- pointers. miami winning 14 of its last 15
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good. shaquille o'neal playing. richardson his the 3-billion for orlando. magic outscore boston and jameer nelson puts in the dagger 3. magic win and say bye-bye to boston's 14-game win streak. new york hosted the bulls today. amar'e stoudemire making the knicks relevant again. they are off to the best start in a decade. that is amar'e stoudamire finishing with 20. bulls with several cold streaks, but derek rose with his spin move. something out of cirque du soleil wilson chandler drives, and knicks win, 103-95. >> there is one nfl game on
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today, dallas trails the cardinals in arizona 21-10 in the 3rd quarter. and tonight on sports wrap, a special lack back to the world series through the eyes of giants' players. >> looking forward to seeing that. >> a year it was. >> you betcha. >> coming up on the 10:00 news, it has been a very soggy christmas. find out when more wet weather is on the way. >> also the weather in other parts of country as travel are fire chiefed and if there is a ripple effect at bay area airports tonight at 10:00? >> that is our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and be can sure to keep it here to showcase the talents of our photojournalists. it's fantastic. we'll see you back here at 10:00. merry christmas.
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