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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> reporter: i'm jade hernandez. a pilot speaks out about what he calls security gaps in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm live in green brae, where residents -- where residents are bracing for t oday's storm, especially those who live along corte madera. >> reporter: a city council just ended a few moments ago. i will tell you why a -- an
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agreement may be reached that may prevent police layoffs. good afternoon. i'm cod in today for tori -- i'm claudine wong in today for tori campbell. the pilot that caused an u proar after posting a video on youtube. he said he posted the -- posted the video out of concern for what he believes is a security flaw. in the last hour he held a press conference in sacramento. jade hernandez is there and joins us more on what he had to say. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon, here from -- he said he only came forward because his identity was about to get out. he walked up to the airport today with his team in tow,
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he's called airport security smoke in mirrors. his bone of contention is with the tsa. he posted a youtube video which showed ground crews coming and going from san francisco's airport merely by swiping a c ard. his attorney created a website referring to him as a patriot pilot. only yesterday when did he -- did he reveal his identity. >> i actually addressed it to the tsa. there are news articles on it. but i posted it on youtube to get a discussion from the youtube community. >> reporter: now, liu has released his home video which
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shows federal agents confiscating gun. he has allowed to carry a gun because he was part of federal program. american airlines asked him to take down his youtube posting and he says for now, he still has a pilot job with american. >> we've heard from -- from innumerable airport officials, tsa officials, and ex-tsa officials who have all said u nequickically this security problem exists. >> i want to make it perfectly clear that have the utmost respect for the ground crew and aircrew. we are all a team. >> reporter: we've not heard from the tsa but they rees a dd -- but they released a statement saying they are confident at the security.
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but they did not address lui's claim about a security gap. back to you. >> thank you. well, the blizzard may have caused -- may have passed but snow and ice on the ease coast are disrupting air travel today. we just spoke with officials at sfo. right now, officials are delayed up to eight hours. newyork's la guardia airport is back open today, although things are moving slowly there. airport officials say it may take three days until everything is back to normal. until then passengers are being urged to call ahead and check on their flights. some drivers are out and moving about in lyndhurst, new jersey. >> people 234 san francisco saw the first of the sprinkles just a short while ago, but the heavier rain is not expected until after 4::00 this afternoon. some air -- ayaws are going to
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see more of a downpour than others. and meteorologist steve pull son will have your forecast coming up in about ten minutes. the rain and wind on its way to cause problems. there there is a flood watch in the north bay and pg&e says winds could cause power outages. tara moriarty has been checking in with all preps and joins us from marin county. >> reporter: the high flood watch and wind advisory go into effect in the -- here in this area soon. take a look at this "danger, raw sewage, avoid contact. officials in the sheriff's office says ross valley usually has a high volume of runoff with up to three inches of rain expected to fall in a short amount of time, there could be creek runoffs. that could be good or bad. more than 3 million gallons of
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waste water seeped into the creek and san francisco bay. once these rain comes, rain could dilute bacteria levels. they do emphasize there's danger from the spill. the underground sewer pipe are old and the district has a project going on. this is in addition to the c logged pipe over the weekend which officials say is the work of vandals. as far as hunkering -- hunkering down with the storm, officers say the -- officials say the community is ready. a lot of the residents have had a chance to whatten -- batten down the hatches. if we -- we have sand and sandbag locations posted on the website. >> marin county -- >> up to 3 inches of rain are expected in the russian river as well as gusts of wind up to 50 miles an hour. the wind advisory kicks in here in the north bay at 4:00 this
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afternoon. that takes effect for everyone in the bay area at 6:00. we may see some service interrupted as far as your power goes. we'll have to wait and see what power brings. we're here live in green brae, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can stay updated on the bay area weather by going -- by logging onto our website at k crime has dropped in the often troubled city of richmond, police tell the contra costa times several new programs are helping. the department is at full s taffing for the first time in nearly a decade. detectives are working closely to track parolees. police also say they are e nforcing a new daytime curfew for minors and the district attorney has a prosecutor that specifically handles low-level offenders before they act. officers on the street are also crediting the community plan that began back in 2006. oakland police are opening --
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hoping surveillance video will help them catch the brazen gunman that helped rob the walgreens. one man told us he witnessed the mass gunman pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. he quickly left the store and called 911. no one was injured during that crime. the jobs of six antioch police officers are still on the line today -- meetings between the city and union are underway but they are hoping those meetings will help save those jobs from budget cuts. kraig debro is in antioch right now with where the negotiations stand. >> reporter: good afternoon, kraig. >> good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: nothing illustrates the money problems the city of antioch is having more than city hall itself. city hall is closed every friday according to the sign on the building. it's closed between d ecember 22nd, and j anuary 22 -- and
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january 2nd. i just spoke with the lawyer for the police union says that the two sides are trying to delay to prevent layoffs. for the first time in the city's history, it plans to lay off six officers. the reason, a budget deficit that one individual says will approach $5 million in five months. >> we're broke. >> reporter: the solution, asking for contexts from six bargaining units or unions. two council members told me five of the unions are close to an agreement on foregoing pay r aises. according to those council members the council voted to to lay off six officers in response in order to save about $700,000. >> crime has gone up in this town. so, of course, with less help from the police it's gonna cause a little stress stott community. we need to look somewhere else.
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education and cops i think are very important. the police union reacted to the layoffs in part by producing these eight and a half by 1 1- inch posters and taping them to their union hall on second street. we were unable to reach anyone for comment. however, one of the council members calmed the tactic a political move unseemly and said they created more friction. another council member said the union didn't have to make the posters or even negotiate. they don't have to. they have a contract in 2013. they are actually doing us a favor to come to the negotiating a take. >> wow. if they are doing you -- if they are doing you a favor, why are you laying off six cops? >> because we don't have any money. >> the police police officers told me in antioch the two sides made good progress, but in the end, he still has to sell the deal to the rank and file and the mayor will had have to sell that agreement to the city council. >> by the way, the council is not scheduled to meet until
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january 11th. but according to one council member they can be calmed back sooner than that if there's something to agree on or vote o n. reporting live in antioch. >> certainly a story we will continue to follow. >> oakland police are warning -- are warning craigslist users about car ads. police say there's usually a mazing deals on expensive cars. the robbers set up a meeting in east oakland or oakland. the victims are all from -- east and north oakland and the v ictims are all from northern california. the last man was robbed and -- robbed and severely beaten. a close can call for residents of a san francisco complex this morning. and meteorologist steve paulson is tracking the storm rolling toward the bay area. he has details on when the heavy rain may hit your neighborhood. also, surveying the
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snowpack in the seer ray and whether there's encouraging news about california's drought situation.
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an accident between a big
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rig and armored car had the truck leak about five to ten pounds of diesel. money from that vehicle had to be transferred to another truck. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. in crockette, a temporary highway onramp replains close at this hour because of a large sinkhole. caltrans says it's going to fill the hole today. it appears governor schwarzenegger will not see the sale of two dozen state buildings before he leaves office. a state appeals court has put a hold on plans to sell those buildings and will not take up the issue again until next m onth. after governor-elect jerry brown is sworn in. under the proposal the state would sell 24 buildings and then lease back the properties. arson investigators are looking into an early-morning fire at an apartment building
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in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. a christmas tree was set on fire about 4:30 this morning outside the door on wisconsin and connecticut streets. firefighters say the flames blocked the entrance strapping several people including children in four apartments. >> it was -- there was flames coming out of the door and they had to -- some guy to had -- some guy had to drop babies out the window. the fire department broke the gate off the door. >> fortunately everyone was able to make it out of the building safely. so far no arrests have been m ade. in florida, five teenagers died in a motel room from carbon monoxide poisoning. the five boys had rented a motel room sunday night to celebrate a birthday. the car they drove to the motel had been giving them trouble. so they jump started it and left it running to start the battery in a garage located directly below their room. six people were injured when a chair lift derailed at a main
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ski resort. they plummeted about 120 miles north of maine. the in-- the injured were in five chairs that fell. they were all treated and taken to hospitals. state water officials are conducting their first survey of the season. it may help determine what the water supply will be for the coming year. today's survey near lake tahoe is the first of five planners to estimate how much water will flow into the reservoirs in the spring. the california department of water sources, we checked the websites and the results are not yet posted. ken pitchered is in the sierra and will -- pritchard is in the sierra and will have a report by 5:00. we keep tell you about the rain that's heading our way. steve paulson has been tracking this. it looks like it's gonna be a pretty good-sized storm.
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>> it does. no doubt about it. we are looking for the system to move in. it's already producing light rain. now most locations say light rain. had cloudy skies this morning. a little band of rain went in early. there are some missing satellite images here but they reappeared and you can see the system on the north coast and stretching and stretching and it's on its way. there is a lot there and it continues to -- it continues to develop rapidly. so your forecast calls for cloudy skies giving way to light rain and then the rain rate will pick up later on. the flash flood starts this afternoon, evening and goes into the north bay. heavy rain tonight and also very windy conditions along with colder air. the best news could be a f ast- moving system. we don't expect it to slow down or stall. showers will be with us tomorrow and then much colder air, you can see how things are starting to pick up here. as we go all grain and then a little bit more intense right
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there off pacifica and some of this rain is getting closer. light rain right now. upper 40s, low to mid-50s, as we thought the coolest temperatures will be in the north bay warmest towards san jose at 55. 41234 lake tahoe. snow level would be around lake level and it it will plunge tomorrow. 40s and 50s for most in the state. a wider look. you can see the system diving south. as it does, we will start to see this rain develop. rain comes in light now and then picking up later on. moderate to heavy by tonight and then we'll start to see that system blast through the -- it should be through about 6:00 to 10:00 tonight. these are some of the p rojections on the rain. this is one forecast model but it focuses one of its energies on the santa cruz mountains. there will be easily to to three inches. but this looks like a good rainer for everybody. the wind advisory starts 0 to
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50-mile-per-hour wind. that will start later on this afternoon. 4:00 in the north bay and then 6:00 elsewhere. light snow, light rain up in tahoe, but the winter storm w arning starts at 4:00. along with a lot of wind and that will continue into wednesday. so cloudy breezy giving way to light rain and all of the advisories as far as a flood watch and wind advisory is s tarting. rain comes in tonight. colder wednesday slush thursday. friday looks like rain slums back in -- comes back in on friday. >> sounds like go home, hunker down. >> that's what i'm doing. >> we'll follow you home [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> any time. right now, a fleet of ships is being removed from the suisun ball. the ss there is being moved and it will be dry dock and cleaned. the ss bay is the 14th ship to
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leave the site. a lot of people are looking for birds in the bay area right now. it's part of the golden gate audubon society's annual bird count for the northern part of the san francisco peninsula. the group started at 6:30 looking for all types of birds. last year, they recorded 159 total species totaling 49,000 birds in all. we did talk to one bird counter to find out why they do it. >> it give us a good perspective on the bird populations. so some years there are lots of one species across north america and sometimes there are none. >> the golden gate audubon society is one of 2150 groups taking a bird census today. well, when we get back the latest op home seams and whether the news is getting better.
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well, there is more bad news about the housing industry. home prices in the 20 biggest u.s. cities fell 1.3% in o ctober. analysts connected a slight decrease with some expecting a
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small increase with prices o verall. the index shows the price -- shows prices fell in of every market and they will continue to fall next year. the index now stands nearly 30% below its all-time peak back in july of 2006. today, at&t will announce the opening of what it calls a wi-fi hot zone along san francisco's embarcadero. at&t has operated a network of hot spots and hotels, airports and other indoor locations for years. but this will be the first public outdoor space where wi- fi is available to subscribers. it's also expanding the hot zone in new york city's times square just in time for new year's eve. both san francisco and new york city are heavy data users. the performing arts brings the chinese dance and music. the performer will tell stories
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as they entertain audiences. they sometimes practice to a belief system that's been o utlawed by the chinese government. one dancer is from pam low alto and says this show is -- palo alto and says this show is nothing like this -- there's nothing like it. >> it's really awesome. >> the show opens tonight at the san francisco's warp memorial opera house. it runs through thursday night. sir elton john can be called daddy. the 63-year-old rock star a dopted a baby boy. the baby's name is zachary jackson levon curtis john. he and his partner david furnish tried to adopt a ukrainian baby but were stopped by government regulations. 2010 was a deadly year for police officers in the united states. a new report shows the number of officers killed in the line
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of duty jumped this year. 11 died here in california including a froze know deputy serving a warrant. find out how serving in the line of duty has become more dangerous. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. that's gonna do it for us at noon. stay safe and warm and dry. thank you for joining us.
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