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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 29, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome back. it's wednesday, middle of the week december 29th. i'm dave clark. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's start with a quick look at weather and traffic. steve, it was a booming night wasn't it? >> it was indeed. no doubt about it. this was a good system that came by. blustery conditions about 25 to 50 miles an hour along the coast 40 to 50. it will be a windy day. the rain has ended. we had about an inch to four inches of rain. we'll take a look at some of though totals and snow continues up in the mountains. but temperatures today very low 50s for many. now an update on your traffic. steve, on interstate 80 westbound looks pretty good here driving out to the maze. no major issues. also the drive to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. just remember it's windy out there and a lot of debris on the road from the storm overnight. they haven't been able to clear all of it. so just heads up as you drive to work. 6:00, let's go back to the
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desk. all right. time now is 6:00. as sal just said. and crews have been working feverishly over the past few hours trying to clear a storm- related mud slide that closed highway 1 at devil's slide overnight. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is out there for the very latest. looks windy out there, tara. >> reporter: it definitely is. we have some good news. this roadway was not supposed to open until about 10:00 this morning. so we are ahead of schedule. that is the good news. about half an hour ago crews came and removed the roadblock. highway 1 is now back in business. we're here in the southern edge of pacifica. officials shut down the roadway last night just after 10:30 down to about 7 miles north of half-moon bay. the road was blocked by a mud slide in the area known as devil's slide. it happened after rain and heavy winds whipped along the coast. crews found 100 feet of mud in the southbound lanes. they issued an alert shutting
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down the highway in both directions while they got out the bulldozers. again, they finished about five hours has ahead of schedule. that is good news for the drivers who use this stretch for their morning commute. construction crews are building a new tunnel that cuts through the mountains nearby. it is a project that should be complete in 2012. so you won't have to be inconvenienced by devil's slide every winter. now back out here live the traffic is slowing well here. you can see the lights are flashing. not sure if that is storm- related or not. usually those are working properly. we'll have to check on that for you. reporting live from very windy pacifica, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. all right. tara, stay dry out there. handle that wind. time now 6:02. that shows you what's happening out there. san mateo county officials are dealing with some downed trees this morning. problems at two locations. one is on trip road. the other's at the intersection of kings mountain and woodside road. the trees -- look at this.
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they're blocking those roads. crews were called there about 2:30 this morning. they are still out there trying to clear them. luckily no injuries have been reported. gale force warning flags were up yesterday but the coast guard said it did not have to respond to any distress calls as most boaters wisely heeded the warnings to stay off the ocean. the russian river still far below the 32 flood stage level at the bridge. but sheriff deputies said they would start to look for potential flooding when the river reaches 29 feet. there was also flooding along some bay area roads last night. cal trans cleared storm drains in marin county. chp says some drivers ignored flood signs and drove through any way. one drove through and got stuck any way. the bay area storm is blamed for at least one death in sonoma county. the press democrat reports a large tree fell down during the
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rainstorm last night crushing a tent at the safari west wildlife preserve in santa rosa. one person in that tent was killed. that preserve has 30 tents out there where customers can stay. meantime pg&e is trying to get the power back on all over the bay area. lots of outages. more than 7800 customers in castro valley are still without power right now. in the north bay more than 3,000 customers remain in the dark. also smaller outages along the peninsula as well. pg&e says they're not sure when the power will be fully restored. you can monitor all the conditions any time by going to our channel 2 website at on our weather page you'll find everything from the live storm tracker 2 and also check on the ski conditions in the sierra. and speaking of the sierra, that is where a major search will resume this morning when the sun comes up. that woman disappeared yesterday while snow boarding at alpine meadows ski resort.
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reportedly the woman was a guest at the resort and became separated from her friends around 1:30 in the afternoon. she was last seen around the boundary signs near the top of an advanced slope. the placer county sheriff department search and rescue team is joining that search. time now 6:04. we still have remnants of that big storm and the wet roads and rain and strong winds and mud slides. sal's watching your commute. sal. dave, you're absolutely right. dave and claudine, right now tough drive in many areas. as a matter of fact the traffic is going to be busy. let's go to a map i've made here 580 eastbound at the north redwood road exit. there is an injury crash there. nearby 880 at 92 right there at the circle there's reported flooding in some of those lanes. be careful as you're driving toward or away from the hayward san mateo bridge. and there's a lot of standing water. you can see the road sensors are picking up some slow traffic on 580 west getting out to the middle part of oakland.
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so just take it easy out there. go to live pictures speaking of oakland. 880 looks okay at the coliseum with no major problems. you probably already know that after a major storm like this things aren't quite the same. you can still hydroplane and all that kind of stuff. just slow it down. when you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is light. little windy out there on the span of the bridge. at 6:05, let's do to steve. sal, thank you, sir. windy and cooler today. tonight it will be cold. it's going to be cold. cold, breezy as the wind decreases in wind protected areas. maybe upper 20s and 30s tomorrow. north bay maybe. cool and breezy tomorrow. there could be a few showers. i say that because everything's coming down out of the northwest could clip along the coast maybe some of the coastal mountains. but the front has just gone flying through. there's still snow in the sierra and a winter storm warning there until 4:00 this
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afternoon. you can see right up the cold air coming down. snow will be in the northern part of the state and rain as well. for us santa rosa 1.76. san francisco 1.53. you can actually -- well, since midnight another .08. by the way the 1.53 the most for one calendar day this rain season. so if you thought it rained a lot last night in the city, it did. that's hayward, steve. hayward and napa one and a quarter. san jose said only .58. everybody around them had more. i give up on san jose. something's wrong with the rain gauge. that's just me. boulder creek our observer up there had 2.75. santa cruz look at that 2.29. oakland, pat yourselves on the back 2.12. redwood city had an inch and a
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quarter. snow continues up in the sierra nevada. winter storm warning we talked about there eight inches at lake level, eight to ten our observer up there said snowing heavily. now the cold air begins to come in. i'll have a tahoe forecast here in a second. 40s and 50s on our temps. 34 right now in tahoe. 45 eureka. 48 fresno. so there's some cool air in place. there goes our wider look. see how everything builds up there. right there and then does that. the only key will be that by the weekend the system's going to come across and then just park it right off the coast. very difficult to time these things but looks like saturday would be the best bet for any rain. until then the sierra, that is not a typo, 2:00 tomorrow morning up in tahoe. the snow will be ending. the conditions will be right for that new board you received for christmas report skis. head up there. see how everything's plunging. missing satellite images from yesterday. but see it plunging in. we could get a shower or two but mainly windy and cooler.
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temperatures 40s to near 50 at 7:00 a.m. clearing, sun and wind at noon. upper 40s and very low 50s and breezy and chilly tonight. going to be a cold one. be cold tonight. thursday looks okay. friday looks great after a cold morning. bring some rain in saturday. all right. thanks, steve. well, coming up we're going to go back live to the south bay for new information on an officer-involved shooting. ktvu's kraig debro just spoke with a witness and we'll have more on what he had to say. also monday is supposed to be his first day as lieutenant governor, but he'll not be reporting for duty. we'll tell you why. and i'll show you why the federal government is now requiring nutrition labels on meat. coming up as the morning news continues.
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we have an update on the developing news in san jose. police there are investigating an officer-involved shooting. ktvu's kraig debro is live now with new details. or -- there we go. hi, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. i came about this information walking around the streets of downtown san jose. i ran into some workers at the hilton hotel who heard and saw the police cars driving by. and that led me here to west reed street. now behind me this is where it all happened. according to witnesses i've spoken to an officer stopped a black car in the street right here actually. after that what happened after that is i've got from people who live here as well as those employees of that hotel i
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mentioned, they said that one of the people, the cop that got out of the car questioned the man in the car and a person heard three or four shots. after that the gentleman i spoke to after that i spoke to came out after the shots and saw the officer lying right here in the street. this all began at locust. the 500 block of locust around 11:00 last night. police tell there was a robbery there. what happened after the robbery's unclear. police are on the scene right now. they're investigating a house on that street. but they did tell us there was a robbery and an officer was hurt. gentleman we spoke to said that he believed the officer had been shot but he wasn't sure because he didn't see that. and then after the shooting after he heard the shots he saw a bunch of officers standing around the officer lying on the sidewalk. i believe we have the tape now. this is what the guy said.
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>> i came out and they said one of the officers with a gun they say he got shot and everything. >> reporter: you saw the officer on the ground? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: the only thing we need to do is connect the scene with the other scene. we've not been able to do that. however we don't know of any other incidences that happened overnight involving a san jose police officer was injured. and the man you just saw says his neighbor is downtown with the police giving her statement as to what she saw here. we're going to dig more and find out if we can connect the two scenes at west reed and locust scene. live in san jose, kraig debro, channel 2 news. all right. time now 6:14. just hours ago taliban fighters in pakistan attacked two nato supply trucks killing the driver and injuring two other people. reportedly half a dozen gunmen started firing from a hill top and then ran away after the attack. most of the supplies and the equipment for foreign troops in
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afghanistan are shipped through pakistan. a group that was founded by actor george clooney has now teamed up with google, the u.n. and human rights organizations. they're all keeping watch on sudan by satellite. this is all ahead of a controversial vote scheduled next month. george clooney's organization is called not on our watch. it's funding the start up phase of the satellite project. the satellite images will show any mass movements of troops, civilians or any other warning signs of any potential violence. on january 9, the people of sudan are scheduled to vote on a referendum that would -- whether to divide up that country. well, just in time for breakfast. you are about to learn a lot more about the meat you eat. the agriculture department is announcing new rules for nutrition labels. allison burns is live in our washington d.c. newsroom with details. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, claudine.
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new labels on meat are going to look like the nutrition labels you're used to seeing on lots of other products. they're going to list calories, calories from fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and more on the most commonly purchased cuts of meat. the feds say the goal is to make americans more conscious of health choices and help them fight obesity. nutrition experts predict people might be shocked at what's in meat. a 4-ounce serving of ground beef that is 73% lean has 350- calories, 270 of them from fat. the new labels will appear in 2012. the food police, groups like the center for science in the public interest say these labels should have been in place a long time ago. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. it's now official. san francisco mayor gavin newsome will not assume the office of lieutenant governor on monday. he left yesterday for vacation
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with his family. he's scheduled to attend the inaugurations on monday of harris as attorney general and jerry brown as governor, but he is going to wait a few more days to assume his new post. he had indicated he would likely remain in the mayor's seat until at least january 8. that's when a new board of supervisors takes over and can elect an interim mayor. in one of his last acts of mayor of san francisco he announced all of the city's public housing unit haves access to free internet wireless service. the free wi-fi access will create new opportunities for jobs, education and a better quality of life. time now 6:17. the decision of whether to try to sell off two dozen state office buildings to help reduce the budget deficit is now in the hands of governor-elect jerry brown. that's after the state supreme court denied governor schwarzenegger's appeal to allow him to finish the sale before he leaves office. governor schwarzenegger wanted
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to sell the building for $1.2 billion and then lease them back. however critics call it a bad deal in the long-term. the worst of the storm is gone, but it left the mess in its wake. that's why sal is keeping such a close eye on the roads. hi, sal. good morning, claudine and dave. traffic is going to be okay as you mentioned, but there is damage from the storm and standing water and debris. go outside and show you traffic at the toll plaza. looks good coming into san francisco. no major problems on the bridge. but it's windy out there as steve and i have been reminding you and standing water as we mentioned. move along and take a look at interstate 8 0 not a bad drive. right now i think 880 is better than 580 heading up to the macarthur maze. north redwood road injury accident and flooding in the area of 880 at 92. some of those ramps especially from southbound 880 to westbound 92 not doing well
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right now. there's slow traffic in that area. 6:18. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. cold out there. windy as well. the rain is ending. gusts to about 40 along the coast. 25 to 35 elsewhere. sfo said 35 miles an hour in the last hour. snow is continuing up in the sierra where a winter storm warning continuing. warning goes until 10:00 a.m. we're in between. mostly sunny day but windy and cool. showers near eureka and oregon border. it's a possibility. some of the rain was decent. san francisco 1.61. lexington reservoir 1.65. and santa rosa 1.76. there was about two to three in some of the russian river areas and also up in the santa cruz mountains and leader of the pack 4.25. oakland 2.12. mill valley 1.81. there's your snow in the sierra. again, dicey until later on and then clearing and cold tonight.
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40s and 50s. but these will probably be the highs. there's goes our system. you can see everything dropping down out of the northwest. the source of our cool air as that strong system moves south high pressure builds in in the north and that sets up a difference in the pressure gradient. what does that mean? it means it will be windy. windy, chilly today. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. cool and breezy on thursday. nice friday after a cold morning looks like rain saturday. system slide south on sunday. maybe lingering showers. a federal judge has ordered a german software company to pay oracle even more money to settle a lawsuit. s.a.p. ordered to pay $1.3 million in damages for stealing software and customer support documents from password protected oracle websites. the judge agreed sap should pay interest on the amount owed starting when the theft occurred until paid. asking for $211 million in interest. the judge says the act amount will be based on long-term interest rates. china says it's going to cut by 10% the amount of rare
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earths it exports during the first half of the year. those minerals are used worldwide to make high-tech products including your cell phone, hybrid cars and computer hard drives. the move also sparked other countries including the u.s., canada and australia to consider reopening rare earth mines. right now china accounts for 97% of those minerals produced. time now 6:20. we were talking about the ski lift accident yesterday. this morning investigators are narrowing down the possible causes of what happened there in maine. what we're learning about the condition of the ski lift itself. and what to expect if you travel to the sierra. good morning. southbound 680 traffic looks pretty good from pleasanton down to san jose and right through the grade. tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. traffic is moving along well across bay area bridges. be ware it's windy out there. especially on the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. but all the winds, all the causeways and bridges are going to be effected by the wind. well, the storm that's been hitting the bay area has also been dumping a lot of new snow in the sierra.
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we wanted to give you a live look at truck ee and the conditions in the sierra. if you are headed out there be prepared for delays and possible road closures because of the weather conditions. snow and ice on interstate 80 in placer county kept chp and tow companies busy last night. you can see the truck reversed and went the other way. several cars spun out and got stuck because of the snowstorm. >> we were only going about 10 miles an hour and went right off the road. >> about one to three inches of snow is expected to fall in the sierra today. time now 6:25. state inspectors in maine are trying to figure out what caused a ski lift failure. five chairs fell about 30 feet yesterday injuring about eight people. some of them were children. none of the injuries are considered life threatening. the ski lift began the day on a wind hold because it was really windy out there. officials later decided it was safe to operate the ski lift. the officials say they're still not clear if the accident was
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mechanical or wind-related. >> i felt a big jerk and then i heard people screaming and then i saw the chairs just drop. and then, yeah, for a little bit i thought i was going to go down. >> now resort officials say the lift recently passed a state inspection and they inspect it every day as well. by the way, that mountain will be open today to skiers. airport officials nationwide are calling for more patience this morning as thousands of holiday travelers will remain stranded by that east coast blizzard and many may stay stranded for several more days. this morning officials are now estimating it could be new year's day before the air travel mess is finally straightened out. airlines are struggling to move people, planes and crews to their destinations. almost 10,000 flights were canceled effecting some 1.2 million passengers. at san francisco national airport complaints about the delays and cancellations are mounting with passengers telling of coming to the airport only to find their
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flight canceled or delayed even though they called ahead of time. planes have been running about four hours late from the east coast and strong winds and rain here haven't been helping. they've been causing delays on the west coast of up to an hour. travelers are strongly advised to still call ahead and be prepared for possible changes. part of a san jose park is closed indefinitely after a landfill company released a noxious substance into a creek. the northern end of quick silver county park has been closed since december 2 social security. that's when the leak was reported. officials say it's too early to tell when the park will be reopened. we are learning more about an officer-involved shooting that happened just hours ago in san jose. what police are telling us right now. plus you're taking a live look at the markets. opening bell is about to ring. we'll take you there live.
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all right. we are waiting. for the opening bell about to ring. the trading continues to be light this week. an okay yesterday ending at a 28 month high for dow. futures pointing to a slightly higher open today. watching for a government auction on government debt. but if it goes away treasury auction yesterday might not be as profitable as hoped. there goes the opening bell. light week. we'll keep an eye on the numbers for you this morning. all right. we'll think good thoughts and smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news. you made it to wednesday december 29th. i'm dave clark. and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. time now is 6:30. well, it's the morning after that big storm last night. and among other things officials today in san mateo county are dealing with downed trees this morning. problems at two locations. one on trip road, the other at the intersection of kings mountain and woodside road. the trees are blocking those
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roads out there. this is what they found. the crews first got word of the downed trs about 2:30 this morning. they're still trying to clear them all out. luckily no injuries have been reported. pg&e says crews are making progress on at least one major outage in the bay area. a spokesman told us about 15 minutes ago that just under 5500 customers in castro valley have without power. that's down from 7800 about an hour ago. in the north bay more than 3,000 customers are still in the dark. pg&e says they don't know when power will be fully restored. now as about an hour ago highway 1 is back open again along the san mateo county coast after it was closed due to a storm-related mud slide at devil's slide overnight. it was first reported around 10:30 last night and crews worked through the night with a bulldozer to remove a 100 mass of mud blocking the roadway. motorists are being asked to proceed with caution if you choose to drive through that
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area this morning. time now 6:31. we've been following the powerful storm that moved through the bay area last night. you saw it and felt it. strong winds, pouring rain caused hazardous driving conditions. also some flooding and power outages. we have team coverage for you this morning. our meteorologist steve paulson is tracking all of the weather for you. sal of course is watching for any trouble spots on the roads for the commute. first let's go to jade hernandez. she's out there following fallen trees and other hazards out there. how's it looking, jade? >> reporter: that's right, dave. fallen trees and flooding. in fact we're live right here. we can show you water is collecting here and at various parts of the bay area. just before 6:00 this morning the california highway patrol reported flooding at southbound 880 to eastbound 92. now that reports all connectors are flooded but it looks as that report has cleared. you can still see water collected on the said of the roadway this morning. about an hour ago california
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highway patrol reported highway 9 clear. that's where we were about an hour ago. power lines and a tree downed blocked highway 9 near redwood gulch. we rolled up just as the california highway patrol lit flares signaling a roadblock. you're looking at where the ground gave way and a tree above slid down and took out a power line. two reports came in about four miles apart. chp officers had to make sure the two were indeed the same report. they were and no one was hurt. again, highway 9 is clear this morning. now initially we drove to woodside around 3:00 this morning where crews are still working right now. woodside public works crews are still trying to clear the roadway near 3336 trip road. behind this tree here you see there are two others. the public works supervisor we spoke to told us the trees aren't effecting power lines and expects the road to be cleared by 8:00 this morning.
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but those are just a few trouble spots here in the bay area where storms are still effecting commuters and residents of the bay area. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. well, also watching any possible trouble spots is our own sal. you look at the water on the roadway there, sal, it doesn't take much to start backing up traffic on a morning like this. >> you're absolutely right. people do slow down as you drive through a puddle which is natural. some people actually don't and then they get into trouble. just expect people to be slowing off of a sudden in front of you if they run into a huge puddle or maybe you'll be splashed this morning as you drive to work. highway 4 traffic looks okay. not a huge delay on highway 4 in antioch although there's a bit of crowding there. also the morning commute this morning on highway 101 the golden gate bridge looks okay. southbound 101 in marin county is doing okay through the grade into the tunnel. and this morning's drive is going to be nice at the toll
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plaza but windy on the bridge and getting into san francisco. 6:34. lest go to steve. sal, thank you very much. we have that system that's moved through. that's the good news. the bad news is if you don't like the wind you're not going to like today. we do have an end to the rain and a windy and cool out there and possibility of a shower or two. you can see everything's on the backside of that though. we are looking for more snow in the sierra until 4:00 today. the winter storm warning continuing. windy and cooler today. cold tonight, breezy. and then very cool tomorrow morning. little breezy as well. some of that shower activity continues to clip the northwest part of the state. the rain was pretty decent. santa rosa 1.76. napa hayward 1.25. synura fell 1.63. san francisco 1.61. redwood city 1.25 as well. snow on the go. continues up in the sierra. they'll be measuring more in feet. 40s and 50s on your temps.
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san mateo our target forecast. yes, 52, 51, 50. temperature will be going down. and, collude own and dave, back to you because temperatures are going to stay cool. 30s, 40s in the mountains and drop to the single digits. for us right there you can see everything dropping straight down out of the northwest which means windy and cool. all right. thanks, steve. time now 6:35. we do have an update on developing news in san jose. police there are investigating an officer-involved shooting. kraig debro is live there with details. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. an officer involved shooting, a home invasion. at least three or four of the shots fired during this whole thing which started at 11:00 last night were fired here on west reed street near downtown. when those shots were fired, we know that people living in these homes all flocked out of their homes to see what went on. this is one of up to three possible crime scenes they're investigating. the home invasion was reported some time after 10:00 possibly
6:37 am
between 10:00 and 11:00 last night on locust, the 500 block of locust also near downtown south of the guadeloupe river parkway. now police won't tell us much about what happened there except that there are multiple suspects. and we do know that one of the suspects is in custody after having been shot. now i mentioned the shots that were fired here on reed street. we talked to a gentleman here who heard those shots. he told us what he saw in the aftermath. >> ability 10:30, 10:40 around there. i was watching tv and then i heard gunshots. i didn't know what was going on. so i came out and my neighbors upstairs. >> reporter: how many gunshots did you hear? >> i said four. came out and one of the officer on the ground. >> reporter: now behind me is where that gentleman saw the officer on the street. he heard them mention a white van. he said the officer was lying there next to the white van. police told us there was an officer-involved shooting and
6:38 am
one of the suspects was shot. he has nonlife threatening injuries. they did not tell us absolutely if this scene was connected to the locust scene, but we also do not know of any other officer-involved shootings in the city of san jose last night. police will give us a briefing at 8:00 this morning of just went on. one of the officers involved was injured last night overnight. he didn't say -- they did say the officer had not been shot but they didn't tell us exactly how the officer had been injured. and then there's another possible crime scene, a third one, on state street. they're working on gathering possible evidence over there as well. we're going to have of course much more information for you on mornings on 2. live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:38. well, a downed tree is being blamed for the death of a man in santa cruz county. this happened in scots valley yesterday afternoon. firefighters say the 70-year- old man was using a chain saw
6:39 am
to cut down an oak tree that had come down in the stormful the man was standing beneath the tree on a hill when it rolled over and pinned him to the ground. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. cal fire is investigating how a man fell 15 to 20 feet off a cliff in monterey county. the man suffered very serious head injuries after falling behind a house off of highway 1 just south of caramel monday night. two people tried to rescue him but they became trapped themselves. they were treated for minor scrapes and bruises. still no word on that man's injury. time now 6:39. apple is being sued by a man who says the company allowed his privacy to be invaded. that's after he down loaded apps to his electronic devices from the company. the results are in. what a new study found in the debate over which kind of playing field is better, artificial turf or natural grass? good morning. northbound 280 traffic moves along very nicely getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you what may be causing a big trouble on your
6:40 am
drive to work this morning.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. at 6:42 the big storm we just had caused a lot of big problemsful several communities are dealing with downed trees like this. crews out in woodside found
6:43 am
downed trees on two different streets about 2:30 this morning. they're still out there trying to get everything cleaned up. also a major search resumes this morning for a missing woman. she disappeared while snow boarding at alpine meadows ski resort. they last saw her going past the boundary signs around 1:30 yesterday. mexico's drug violence is spreading to guatemala. gunmen from a mexican cartel forced three guatemala radio stations near the border of mexico to broadcast a message. that message threatened violence if guatemala's president doesn't stop a recent crack don down on drug traffickers. but the president says he will not be intimidated by drug gangs. the last remaining police officer in the mexican town bordering guadeloupe has disappeared. she held out despite desertion and resignations of fellow officers. many police officers in that border area have been killed by
6:44 am
the drug cartel. the results of the first snow pack survey of the season is out. and it shows california snow pack has about twice as much water as normal for this time of year. in the central sierra the snow averages about five feet deep which is 158% of normal. the state gets up to 60% of its water from the snow pack. >> i'm pretty surprised. actually the southern sierra is even more phenomenal. it started building back about two weeks ago and seemingly has not let up. >> scientists measure the snow pack and gauge how much water is going to be available to fill the reservoirs during the spring. it's too early to predict whether the season will continue to produce a higher than average snow pack. apple is being sued in a lawsuit that accuses the company of violating privacy and fraud laws. but what happens in this case could also effect many other silicon valley companies. this lawsuit claims iphone and i pad apps transmit personal information to advertising
6:45 am
networks without the user's knowledge or even their consent. many websites give users free access to information in exchange for personal information like your age, your gender, your political views, even your income. consumers can't agree if that's something they should worry about or not. >> i put on a variety of apps. i'm somewhat suspect but not overly concerned. >> i don't go on facebook for that reason. i don't have a facebook account because i don't want anybody to know my business. >> the only comment from apple is they will not comment on pending litigation. supporters of artificial turf say they're hoping that a new study that's out will ease the concerns that critics have that those fields could be dangerous to public health. critics worry that the fields could harbor dangerous bacteria that could lead to skin infections. but the new study found there are actually fewer bacteria on artificial turf fields compared with natural grass. the study did point out soccer
6:46 am
players suffer more skin abrasions on the artificial turf. time now 6:45. let's go back to sal for a look at the roads this morning. how are they looking, sal? they're wet, claudine and dave. i want to go to richmond because overnight on par boulevard near the richmond parkway there was flooding. par boulevard and the richmond parkway a lot of people use those roads in the industrial area of richmond to get around interstate 80. this week it's been a little lighter than usual. but you can see certainly there's been a lot of standing water. just overnight this was flooded. now the water has kind of gone down and cars are using par, they're also using the nearby richmond parkway with no major problems. you will see some flooding in some areas. some puddles now really. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 busy. also a little bit windy. looks like there is just some slow traffic heading out to highway 101. caution high winds signs are up. same for the bay bridge.
6:47 am
westbound traffic is going to be okay just hold on to the steering wheel. now let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> about 40 miles an hour allot month pass. >> wow. >> i was just looking about 35 to 40 on the san mateo coast. actually point ray's lighthouse about 50. generally it's about 20 to 30 for most locations. we will get some clearing. front which roared through last night still producing snow up in the sierra nevada. but the cold air now coming in. your forecasted to clearing and cool. there could still be a pop up shower here and there but i think the emphasis is more on the cool air and also the wind coming in. a cold night clearing and very cold. the snow though continues up in the sierra. another eight to ten inches at lake level. they'll measure in feet again until 4:00 today winter storm warning there. you can see some right near northwest california a lot of cold air plunging in there. rain and snow. for us the rain and santa rosa 1.76. trying to get as many in here as i can. lexington reservoir 1.65.
6:48 am
san francisco 1.61. the most 24 hour rainfall this calendar season. so it was an impressive system for many. napa and hayward 1.20. the heavier amounts we were expecting in the santa cruz mountains from our observer 2.65 boulder creek over 4. russian river almost 3.5. oakland 2.12. that's really good. mill valley 1.81. redwood city 1.25. there's the snow in the sierra nevada. start to wind down later on and then they'll get really cold tonight. 40s and low 50s for many of us. san mateo forecast today windy and cool. 52 to start. yes, temperature goes down throughout the day even though the conditions will improve. that wind and colder air will continue to for a minute filter in. a high today see how that plunging could clip us tomorrow. i'll show you forecast projection. maybe today a little bit in the
6:49 am
north bay. showed you 1:00 marin county along the sonoma coast a few pop up showers along the coast as well. overall windy and cool today. watch what happens tomorrow. right there. tomorrow morning. so just to cover myself i'll mention that for thursday. tahoe's forecast, snow until this afternoon then things calming down a little bit. colder with a few snow showers lingering late tonight and early thursday. look at the cold lows. single digits. grt conditions as you get towards late thursday and friday. today's forecast upper 40s and low 50s. maybe a shower or pop up shower or two around noon. generally windy and cool and then breezy and very cool by tonight. hayward 52. morgan hill in there. san mateo 51. livermore only 50. cool blustery day. more of the same tomorrow. could be a little pop up shower more likely on thursday then clear and cold friday morning. but sunny. we'll bring rain in saturday. time now is 6:49. san francisco's about to get a
6:50 am
new big box store now that all the paperwork is complete. mayor newsome says all the permits to put a target store at the complex are finally approved. target estimates the store at fourth and mission streets will generate more than $5 million in sales tax annually. and converting the 85,000 square foot space into one retail space is expected to create hundreds of construction jobs next year. all right. take a live look at the board. you can see the dow up 28 points. that's doing pretty well so far. it was expected to go up. yesterday it actually reached a 28 month high. that's considering trading is about half its usual volume. no major economic reports expected today. we are watching an auction on government debt. we'll continue to watch the numbers. the u.s. postal service is making all first class stamps forever stamps starting next week. what that means whenever the price of stamps goes up, customer which is still use their old stamps to cover the full cost of mailing a first class letter. the postal service has already asked for a rate increase that
6:51 am
could be approved by early next year. time now 6:50. a new trend for one endangered species here in northern california. that's a good thing. more troubles for broadway's spiderman. find out what a major actress is doing now just what the show did not need. good morning. westbound 24 traffic looking pretty good so far on the way to the tunnel. tell you more about the storm damage and the bay area roads.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
dow up 28 points. a quiet day expected in the markets. half the usual volume of tradingful we'll keep an eye on things for you in case things change. all right. our time now 6:53. let's go to tori now to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. good morning, tori. good morning, dave and claudine. in minutes we're learning about more damage and flooding problems caused by the strong overnight storm that blew through the bay area including a mud slide at devil's slide. and a fatal accident at a wildlife preserve in the north bay. we'll also get a live report from the sierra for an update on the snow conditions there right now. and air travel still trying to get untangled after the nice blizzard. find out how long some passengers had to wait on a plane after they'd already landed at their destination. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news.
6:55 am
all right. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> there are more salmon here in the northern california area this year according to to the department of fish and game. the salmon population dropped dramatically in recent years and that led to a ban on commercial fishing the past two seasons. however, officials are telling the press democrat that more than 2300 salmon have completed the fall run that's way up from just 500 salmon last year. this is the highest number there since the department started keeping track of it in 1945. a long time bay area resident now may be deported. but he wants governor schwarzenegger step in and grant him a pardon. the 41 is an ex-con who served time but is now a program manager for a local youth outreach program. when he was just 16 he was sentenced to seven years to life for a home invasion robbery. he was paroled in 2007 after serving 19 years in prison and immigration wants him deported for his crime. >> my work is here.
6:56 am
my career, everything. i want to make a difference in the community. >> now several prominent politicians and community leaders have joined in a petition drive to have governor schwarzenegger pardon him as one of his final acts before leaving office. officials say at this point they can't speculate on what will happen to him. time now 6:55. let's check in with sal. a lot to deal with in the morning commute, sal. how's it looking? it's looking okay as a matter of fact. we had some storm damage overnight obviously because of the storm. so just take it easy out there. go to live pictures. i want to show you what's going on hereful traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on the bay bridge approach. but it's windy on that upper deck of the bay bridge with no major issues. this morning on interstate 880 in oakland the traffic is moving well. and, again, watch for standing water as it gets lighter it will be easier to get around. right now it's not raining in most areas. but it's windy as we look at this picture of synura fell
6:57 am
right near the civic center. the camera shaking a little bit. your small car might be bouncing around especially if you use the richmond bridge to the east bay. 6:56. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. looking at wind gusts anywhere from 25 to about 50 miles an hour. jesusa lima has 32 miles an hour. and point raise lighthouse 40. blustery conditions allot month pass 45 to 50 miles an hour. mostly sunny, windy and cool. low 50s for many. all right. the u.s. employment rate -- unemployment rate rather would be less than 9% if american companies were creating as many jobs in this country as they do overseas. that's what the economic policy institute claims. it reports american companies hired 1.4 million overseas but created less than 1 million here in the u.s. it stands nearly one full percentage
6:58 am
point higher. analysts say some of the overseas work force is better qualified for the jobs. more drama surrounding the broadway show spiderman. one of the lead actresses who had a concussion during a preview performance is now quitting the show. this happened more than a week after another actor broke several bones during that. he fell 20 feet when his safety harness failed. the actress is one of four actors who were injured in the production so far. reportedly she's been working to try to leave the show for days. well, 6:58. still ahead we are following developing news in san jose. we'll have the latest on an officer-involved shooting. and all of that rain last night. look at the pictures now. it's moving out of the bay area but it left behind flooding, downed trees and some power outages. we'll bring you all of the latest. stay with us.
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