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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 29, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> police opened fire on a suspect inside a san francisco home. tonight how a party and stabbing prompted the confrontation. good evening. >> i'm frank somerville. julie haener has the night off. a woman shot by san francisco police has now died. ktvu amber lee is gathering information and live now with what she has learned. >> reporter: frank, we are just steps from the home where
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police shot and killed a man accused of attacking a teenage girl. they are inside collecting evidence and questioning witnesses. police say this afternoon there was a party inside this home involving lots of young people. but shortly before 4:00 a 15- year-old girl called for help saying that she had been stabbed. three officers entered the home. they met the suspect inside. and the suspect had some type of weapon, possibly a knife. the officers asked the man to put down the knife and he didn't. they shot at the man but did not say how many shots they fired. the man who has been not identified was taken to san francisco hospital where he died. police brought in a mobile command center to help with their investigation. as they questioned the many people at the home inside.
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they brought in a trance late tore because many of the people there speak chinese or vietnamese. >> neighbors said they often saw many people coming and going from the home. neighbors also recall coming to this house previously and said it was complaints about loud music that brought the police here then. we asked the police what the relationship was between the man killed by the police and the teenage girl. >> we do not know what the relationship is between the victim and the suspect in this case. >> reporter: the teenage girl was treated here at the scene and released. the two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave. investigations by the police department and the district attorney's office are underway. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. and we've also been gathering new information about an officer-involved shooting in san jose. the string of crimes that may be connected and how it could all be part of a new trend. that story is coming up at
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10:30. >> a federal judge today ordered a former south bay police officer re released on bond while supplying confidential information to a member of the hells angels. 36-year-old clay rojas is accused of giving the information to pay off a debt. the police officer could remain in jail because he also faces state charges. in san francisco, former supervisor tony hall tweeted today that he is taking the first steps towards running for mayor. hall says he has formed an slower exploratory committee but has not yesterday decided if he will run. he was a district councilman back in 2009. he resigned to become director of the treasure island port authority. he was fired later in a move he says was politically motivated. fall-out from last night's intense storm continues right now. a huge tree fell in contra costa county and right now the
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crews are still gramming with the difficult cleanup i don't know there. mike mibach is there. >> reporter: it is cold and windy out. how windy was this? let me tell you this, five nine, five ten and directly before me is the trunk of a century's old tree that is no longer in the ground. in fact, it is actually parallel to the ground. luckily the driver of this truck was not inside the cab when it came down. >> i have been at it for 35 years and this is one of the biggest ones i have seen fall over. >> reporter: this 90-foot tall tree came crashing down this afternoon barreling right through the cab of a cattle truck that was in the process of being loaded. the tree then way through the front door of this house. >> the house was cut in half and it was laying on the ground. the poor guy here came out to pick up some cattle. they were going to load it and couldn't do it. >> reporter: strong winds whipped through the oakland hills where a pine tree also
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came down snapping power lines along the way before landing on a garage. the homeowner jack witnessed the fall. >> i was actually coming back from walking my dog and saw the tree fall. it was amazing. it was a very slow relaxed fall. and as you can see, it came to rest on our grand jury. >> reporter: all morning and afternoon work crews were picking up trees scattered across the bay area. but with the winds expected to die down. >> we like it cold. >> reporter: cold air will take its place. tonight in walnut creek the jackets were out and the hoods were up. >> i love it. i think it's cold. i love the weather. it's fun. >> reporter: we are just eight days into the winter season. and scenes like this in the town are already popping up. as one man said it is shaping up to be a long winter. >> it will rain for a week or so. it soaks the ground and the wind comes afterwards. usually the day after is when the trees all start falling over. >> reporter: the fire department out here says no one was hurt had this tree came
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down. pg&e crews got out here ten minutes ago. they are starting to work on restoring power to the property. that tree company david trees took care of the smaller branches on the tree. the company says the bigger problem, the one right behind me is going to be addressed tomorrow. live this is mike mibach ktvu, channel 2 news. not too far from there the wind caused a power pole to snap in half. the pole landed on top of the roof of a detached garage. the power lines fell across both the garage and the nearby house. firefighters say the residents were evacuated while pg&e crews dissconnected the power. >> plenty of people saw their power go off whether it's from last night's storm or today's win. 19,000 bay area customers lost power at one point today but much of that is back on at this hour. pg&e says currently in san francisco 230 people are still without power. on the peninsula 220. in the north bay, about 120. in the south bay, 95. and in the east bay around 55
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people still without power. heavy rain yesterday meant fresh snow overnight at ski resorts around lake tahoe. north star is reporting 21 inches of new snow bringing its seasonal snowfall total now to some 279 inches. that works out to almost 22 feet of snow. snow continued to fall today. you see what skiers and snowboarders were doing. couldn't have been happier. north star is in full operation now with 19 lifts and 19 trails open. all of the rain here in the bay area enabled reservoirs in marin county to reach full capacity. officials say that in the past 20 years the reservoirs have filled up just three times in december. the reservoirs provide drinking water for 195,000marin county residents. in other parts of the bay area the lexington is at 67.7% of capacity. and the anderson near morgan hill is at 44.9%. [ music ] a storm clouds have moved
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out of the bay area but the cold air is still here. the neighborhoods that will be dropping into the lower 30s overnight coming up. investigators say a man who robbed this gas station might be the same person robbing the toll plaza just down i-80. we will explain. >> at first new highs for winter gas prices and a warning that they could go as high as $10 a gallon. ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. the bay area's major news of the day. and complete in-depth coverage. plus the forecast for the area where you live. frank somerville, julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news, complete bay area news coverage.
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. >> gas prices are so high right now they are actually setting records across the u.s. it is $3.06 cents and the prices could go higher. shell oil expert says gas could hit $10 a gallon. >> i don't think the u.s. economy can withstand $5 a gallon gasoline. it is too hard on working folks, too hard on working businesses. >> at $3.32 a gallon the regular price is 40 cents higher than it was at this time last year. some people we spoke to today say they will consider driving less or using public transit. a hold-up at a gas station may be the break investigators need to solve a series of robberies at the toll plaza. the key appears to be an unusual outfit there. janna katsuyama has our report. >> reporter: thousands of cars pass through the toll plaza every day. they are keeping an eye out for
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one particular driver, a robber. >> the suspect is described as a black male adult, heavy-set wearing a reflective rain vest with orange stripes and an orange hard had the. >> investigators say the toll plaza has been robbed seven times in the last year and a half usually after 10 p.m. at night. the same man who has pulled up, pointed a gun at a toll taker and then demanded money. >> he has used different vehicles each time. so that has also been part of our investigation. >> reporter: the robber last hit the toll plaza back on july 8th will. but last week investigators got a new lead. four miles down i-80 this shell gas station was robbed. a man with a ski mask walked inside with a gun on sunday, december 19th and demanded cash. surveillance video showed a man investigators say matches the toll booth robber. so the police department is also conducting an investigation to see if there is a connection between our suspect and theirs. >> reporter: the police and the
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highway patrol investigators are reviewing the surveillance video from the toll plaza, the shell station and other crime scenes. they want to hear from anyone who may have seen the robber, the man with the orange hardhat and vest. this is janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. the body of a missing man has been found in santa barbara county. they say kayakers found 57-year- old man's body in the river on december 23rd. no cause of death has been determined. but officials say there is no evidence of foul play. he was reported missing in november. we have new details tonight in the case of a san francisco man who was found stabbed to death inside his home this passed august. ktvu has obtained the coroner's report for phillip dimartino. the report indicates he was stabbed 48 times before dying from his injuries. and that no weapon was found at the scene. his body was discovered by a co- worker on august 2nd in his apartment on harmon street. they believe he was most likely
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killed on july 30th. and they say his killer may have sustained cuts during the attack. the south san francisco police are offering a $2500 reward tonight to help find those responsible for a drive-by shooting that claimed three young lives. 18-year-old cortez, 19-year-old avalos and hector flores all died as a result of the december 22nd shooting. three other teenagers were wounded. but police say in the near the survivors nor the witnesses are cooperating with the investigators. contra costa county firefighters say it now seems that an electric blanket claimed the life of an 85-year- old world war ii veteran. keith was found home. they say he died from smoke inhalation. firefighters say there are precautions you should take when using electric blankets. first unplug the blanket when not in use. and also replace older models with newer ones and make sure they have devices in the event
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of a short-circuit. on wall street the trading day was light with a lot of investors closing their books for a year. the nasdaq gained four points today. the blizzard that hammered the east coast has delayed an estimated $1 billion in post- christmas spending according to the research firm shopper track. that firm predicts the money will be spent, but it wasn't spent on sunday and monday when snow paralyzed a lot of cities. about $10 billion is typically spent on retail sales during the two days following christmas. and the finances for blockbuster are anything but a hit. in bankruptcy court filings this week the company reported losing $42 million in november. and the company says it has lost $78 million since filing for bankruptcy in september. last week blockbuster also announced that it plans to close 180 stores early next year. california's population
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maybe making a come back in salmon. there is an increase in the he'll river salmon run. it has been banned during the last two commercial fishing seasons. many salmon fishermen are encouraged by this. >> we aren't over the hump yet we don't think. but we are definitely through the lowest point we have been on the salmon. a federal report on salmon found 30 reasons for the population's decline, including the low food supply and the manmade problems. starting in the year 2012 most meat labels must include calories and other nutritional information. federal regulators announced this change. they say it will apply to the 40 most popular cut of meats and poultry. the federal officials say the gel is to make americans more health conscious and to help fight obesity. california health officials are advising parents to get their teenagers vaccinated for whooping cough and to do it soon. starting july 1st it will
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require all middle age and high school to be vaccinated or they can't attend school. it was the state's worse health crisis this year. more than 7,000 cases were diagnosed and at least ten infants denn -- ended up dying. >> this new requirement for middle schoolers and high schoolers that will go a long way to at least getting a million and a half people vaccinated who are in the high- risk groups. >> anyone who works or lives with babies is advised to get vaccinated because they cannot receive the shots until they are at least six months old. [ music ] a blustery day across the entire bay area for today. and still this evening we have some gusting winds out there in the order of around 10-20 miles per hour. here is our wind forecast model. we will put it into motion. you will notice as we head into the early morning hours of thursday we scale back on the wind speeds. with that, the temperatures are dropping off quite a bit. the coldest locations in the lower 30s for santa rosa and
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napa. livermore right around 32. and san jose 37 with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. a few sprinkles across parts of the bay area for tomorrow. lotto fever is sweeping the nation as the mega million jackpot soars to $237 million. they have gone three weeks without a winner. the largest jackpot was $390 million back in march of 2007. the drawing is set for tomorrow. mega millions is played in 41 states and washington, d.c. well, if you have any $25,000 chips from the bellagio from las vegas you had better cash them in. they are continuing the high value chips after a robbery at the casino two weeks ago. we have some surveillance here of that highest. the owner mgm resorts international is giving public notice that people have until
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april 22nd to cash in those chips. she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. how a 70-year-old woman was killed in a freak accident at a bay area wildlife preserve. two men shot in san jose, one by a police officer. was it over home grown marijuana? [ music ] complete bay area news coverage.
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. >> now to north lake tahoe and the search for a missing snow barreder at alpine meadows. lewis is live in placer county now with an aerial search that is underway right now. >> reporter: well, gasia, good evening to you. our officials tell us a blackhawk helicopter landed within the last couple of minutes with infrared technology as well as a hoist to continue their search tonight. now, the national guard blackhawk shortly arrived 15 minutes ago this evening. took off, picked up a couple of search crews and took off to
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try to find 25 willis. we are told the chopper will fly for possibly two and a half hours. now, all day ground search crews continued to search an area called wolverine bowl this evening. now, they believe that he may have fallen on the other side of the mountain. investigators tell us this evening that search crews as they were searching the area, they tell us as far as the temperature and the weather it was a mixed bag. >> at times decent and other times horrific, 80 miles per hour plus winds. that's not easy. pretty hard to hang on in places. >> reporter: the wind is definitely an issue earlier this evening, as well as the temperature tonight. now, i asked and he has been missing for more than 24 hours. if they do not find them 30 search crews will be here tomorrow at alpine meadows to
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continue the search tomorrow morning if they do knot are not found tonight. >> a young woman is dead after a large tree crashed into the luxury tent where they were staying on porter creek road just north of santa rosa. as we report, a father and son staying next door tried their son to save her. >> exotic animals wander the grounds and sloping hills greet the tourists. she spent the passed two days with her 7-year-old granddaughter. >> gale was just a very together woman, very much with it and very much enjoying herself. >> reporter: overnight guests stay in luxury tents built with wooden frames and canvass coverings. this is what's left of the tent they stayed in. the county sheriff's officers say the grandmother was reading in bed during last night's storm. her granddaughter was playing on the floor.
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that's when the winds uprooted a tree and it came crashing down on the tent. a father and son staying next door were the first 0 to responsible. >> they heard the tree come down and heard screaming. when they saw what happened they used a pier of scissors to actually cut into the tent. got the 7-year-old out and stayed with the grandmother until she had passed. >> part of a group who came to safari west as part of an organized trip for grandmothers and their grandchildren. ross lynn and her grandson were also with the group. >> total shock. total shock. and then you realize the frag illustrate of life. you never know. >> reporter: representatives from safari west say her 7-year- old granddaughter was not hurt in the accident. and was with her family this morning. >> they talked at great length to the owners. and if this is an act of god it's a horrible thing to have happened. >> the county sheriff's investigators say so far there is no indication of any negligence or wrongdoing on the
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part of safari west. in santa rosa, ktvu, channel 2 news. a regular skier at the resort in maine that had a lift accident yesterday says it has been a scary lift for a long time. officials confirmed today that winds were a factor when the chairs fell some 30 feet into the snow. they also said operators knew there was a problem and slowed down the cables to let people off when the chairs derailed. three people remain hospitalized tonight. in san bernardino county some who suffered serious injuries from a storm last week fared better this time in part because the rains were short lived and also because they were well prepared n lie highland they were back to help with the sandbagging efforts and to shore up the hillside. >> everything they have done here has been amazing. they are draining the houses. everything is draining the way it is supposed to be. the resources that have been
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brought in, we can't thank them enough. >> city officials say three highland homes were destroyed in last week's storm and at least 20 homes suffered major damage. [ music ] >> sudden oak death is killing millions of trees. but now there may be a risk to human health. that story is still ahead. [ music ] the tire has a huge slice in it. >> a huge spike in blow-outs from a persistent pothole problem. tonight where crews are tackling it. [ music ] . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini sleepworld. [ music ]
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. >> we are getting new details about a series of since suspecting an illegal den of activity in the south bay. we learned what happened at that house could be part of a growing trend. lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose with more. >> gasia, police say this house
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on locust street is a marijuana grow house. that they believe led to a home invasion robbery and a series of events including one man being shot here and a police officer shooting another man in an apparent escape attempt. >> i looked outside and about 30 cop cars out here. so i knew something was going down. >> reporter: the police were taking evidence out of the house tonight. but not saying what it was. the police do say that officers came to the house shortly after 11:00 last night and found a 30- year-old man shot in the leg. >> i was watching t.v. and then i heard gunshots. i said, man, i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: a few minutes later and a few blocks away police arrested two men who fit the description of the robbers. at another location, the police spotted a third man who they say jumped into a car driven by a woman. the police say the woman drove towards an officer who opened fire. the man was shot and the officer injured his knee. it's unclear if the couple
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arrested were involved in the original robbery. at this point, the police are looking for 22-year-old offa of east palo alto and are holding four other suspects. the police say what happened at the locust street house is part of an increasing trend. >> this is just a small plant that we've had growing in the windowsill. >> reporter: david hodges is owner of the san jose cannabis buyers club, one of about 100 medicalmarijuana dispensaries in san jose. his inventory comes from 4,000 members whdegree their -- grow their own and give it to him on consignment to sell. he says the lack of proper regulations is contributing to marijuana robberies. >> more people doing something that it's a grey area of the law definitely can lead to bad things. if proper regulations were put in place, people would understand how they can degree and where they -- they can grow and where they can grow and you would have a lot less of this. >> reporter: police say this
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year they have found marijuana gardens in 20 different homes. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> police say gang violence may have led to the death of a man who was shot inside his redwood city apartment. officers found 30-year-old robert florence inside his home on wayne court at 2:00 this morning suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to stanford hospital where he was pronounced dead. police tell us they think the shooting was gang related but have not made any arrests. >> attorneys for a patient at napa state hospital is accused of assaulting a therapist say their client is not mentally competent to stand trial. a judge has now ordered 24-year- old shawn michael voucher to submit to a psychiatric evaluation. he has pleaded not guilty to assaulting the therapist earlier this month. the therapist sustained four skull fractures. the psychiatric report is due back on january 11th. a morgan hill man is in jail tonight facing animal cruelty charges after a
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malnourished goat was discovered in the trunk of his car. the police officers in morgan hill say they heard the goat crying out during a traffic stop last friday. they thought at first that it was a baby crying. the 40-year-old driver is also facing a dui charge. well, tonight new clues into a devastating disease that's ravaging trees by the millions here in california. how it is being spread and how it is creating an increased risk of one illness for people. the health and science editor john fowler has the explanation. >> reporter: a new summary, three million california trees are dead. 15 years after discovery near santa cruz, sudden oak death today is in 14 counties. san francisco to contra costa, and spreading. >> so we have a lot of trees, a lot of redwoods further north we really want to protect. the pathogen keeps surprising us and coming up with new problems. >> reporter: a new forest service report shows that invasive pathogen called
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fitothera is spread by humans moving the plants and caused by climate change hotter summers and wetter winters. >> we are expecting to see quite a few dead trees in the next few years. the pathogen gets started in weather like this. >> reporter: wind blows it into tree leaves and rain washes it down to the ground eventually getting into the trunk infecting and in some cases killing the trees. new research suggests that changes in the forest ecology due to sudden oak death is increasing the risk to humans for that hiem disease. >> that is really terrifying. i have been hearing more and more about lyme disease and how it does have a big impact so that's scary. >> reporter: at her uc berkeley lab biologist andrea sway shows us the poppyseed type ticks which moves it to humans.
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in humans the numbers go up and wood rats down and the number of ticks more than doubles. >> the species are changing in abundance. and therefore human risk to lyme disease is change as a result. >> endosino has it three times the average. >> to stem the flow of invasive species and to really be aware of the changes we are changing because they can literally come back to bite us. >> it could be a painful lesson. science editor john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. good news for san francisco in its bid to host the america's cup in 2013. the only city in contention now is new port, rhode island. today the head of that state's economic department raised doubts about whether new port could afford to host the race. he said new port would not be ready to commit to being a contender by the december 31st
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deadline set by the race organizers. along with san francisco an unnamed italian city is vying to host the next america's cup. outgoing san francisco mayor gavin newsom launched a new plan to revitalize part of market street. the mayor says market street is effectively san francisco's main street. he wants to transform it from the embarcadero up to octavia street. the idea is to attract more people to shop but no word yet on what city officials plan to do. an unusual joint offer food for marijuana. organizers say the effort paid off for the second harvest food bank in watsonville. from november through christmas eve medical marijuana patients at this marijuana dispensary received a complimentary marijuana joint for every four cans of food that they donated to the food drive. >> to help people that are hungry and help people like me
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that need marijuana. i have had surgery for cancer. >> it brought in 11,000 pounds of food. >> it was gone in seconds. the powerful explosion that leveled a furniture store and also the update on the recovery efforts. currently have clear skies over most of the bay area. coming up we will take a look at the forecast model and show you the rainfall totals for the last two days of 2010. almost time to ring in the new year. why wine makers say this new year's eve is different.
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. >> the body of two victims have now been pulled from a furniture store that exploded this morning in michigan. authorities think a natural gas explosion leveled the william c frank's furniture store 15 miles from detroit. searchers pulled the bodies of a man and a woman from the rubble tonight. both victims worked at the store. the store's owner was pulled from the building earlier and is currently in critical condition. in news of the world tonight there is word that isabel carol has died. she posed for a controversial italian anti anorexia campaign. at the time she weighed just 59 pounds. she died in november but her death did not become public until today.
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she was 28. >> in denmark, investigators say that with the arrests of five men they have thwarted an imminent attack on the offices of a dan issue danish newspaper. they printed cartoons of the prophet mohamed. the five men planned to storm the offices and kill as many people as possible. iran's nuclear problem is hitting technical problems according to an israeli minister who says they are still years away from being capable of making a nuclear bomb. their centrifuge was damaged. >> the defense for the doctor charged in michael jackson's death is set to suggest that the late pop star killed himself by injecting himself with too much of a powerful anesthetic so he could sleep. the prosecutor made the statement today at a hearing in la. dr. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter for jackson's death.
10:40 pm
his defense attorney declined to comment on the prosecution's theory. patent infringement allegations are pitting microsoft's founders against some of the biggest tech companies. paul allan alleges apple, google, facebook and netflix are improperly using patents that he helped develop when he used interval research in the 1990s. he dismissed the case saying it was too vague. they posted an explanation on the blog today. the off line support service became over led that led to a change of events that culminated in skyp's user directory crashing leaving millions of customers without service. come january skaters will be able to go where others are
10:41 pm
prohibited. they granted a five year lease to the company which plans to conduct segue tours but some fear they will ruin their hiking experience. >> you are basically taking the whole path for those machines and saying to everybody else, either step aside and let us pass or we will pass you. park officials say few complain during the year-long segue test in golden gate park but add they are willing to tweak the tour route if there are problems. a protest at pg&e's smart metres leaves two women in jail. it's an annual destruction derby. cars make potholes and potholes ruin tires. i don't they are getting an emergency fix tonight. and mark tamayo is tracking the wet weather and when we can expect it coming up after the break.
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. activists who oppose pg&e's smart metres are escalating their protests against the utility. today two women standing on sir francis street boulevard were arrested after they refused a marin county deputy's requests to get off the street. the group says the metres emit harmful radiation. pg&e says the metres are safe. >> crews are out repairing potholes in highway 101 which could lead to backups just like those earlier this week. the workers forced the enclosure in a southbound direction between willford and highway 116. ktvu deborah villalon is live in the park where this pothole problem has also meant extra business for tire stores. deborah? >> frank, the shops are busy and so are cal trans contractors with pothole duty. they started at 9:00. will work overtime tonight and
10:45 pm
tomorrow night and be done before the morning commute. not as ambitious as monday's marathon paving that snarled traffic for 16 hours. but it does show potholes are a priority right now. >> this is the 101 stretch getting attention. part of a project to widen lanes, add ramps and add an overpass. but during construction it is narrow and uneven. >> and a sudden bump could send the cars sideways. >> i know where they are because i drive the same routes so i avoid them and go around them and move. >> well, right here as you can see, the tire has a huge slice in it. >> reporter: drivers who don't manoeuvre may pay the price. this honda blew out two tires on a pothole. and in two weeks, at this one shop. >> 15-20 tires having this problem. i sold five today, not counting this vehicle here. so it definitely is a problem out there. >> reporter: sometimes attacking the problem causing
10:46 pm
new ones. monday's impromptu paving caused freeway traffic to back up some six miles into santa rosa. >> nice they are doing it at night this time. >> many wonder why potholes have to reach a crisis before they are fixed. >> i don't know why we are paying taxes if they don't pay them. >> enough business without regular tire maintenance that we really don't need a problem like this. because we face it out there, too. so it's not good for anybody. >> reporter: and the heads up. if you hit a pothole hard and you don't go flat, don't assume you're okay. run your hand along and check for bubbles on the outside of the tire. it's a sign there is a tear inside that could cause a blow- out later. as for this pothole project, if you are here in the north bay it's on until 5 a.m. reporting live in rowner park this is deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. three dozen of california's
10:47 pm
highest paid executives are threatening to sue unless uc agrees to dramatically increase their pensions. the executives are demanding a benefits increase for employees making more than $245,000 a year. the demand was reportedly made in a december 9th letter to the uc board of regents. the university estimates that agreeing to the hike would add $5.5 million annually to its unfunded pension liability. the executives say the higher pensions are overdue because the regents agreed to grant them back in 1999. hackers have gained access to a list of personal information for honda owners in the united states. the list contains names, e-mail addresses and vehicle identification numbers of more than two million honda owners. another list with e-mail addresses of almost three million acura owners was also stolen. honda contacted the customers late last week informing them of the data breach. >> ford is giving parents another way to control what their teenage drivers can do. the automaker is including an
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option on the 2011 my key system that allows up to 16sirius satellite stations to be blocked. howard stern's program and other adult only let's the parents limit the shows and the top speed and set the max stereo volume. almost time to pop over a glass of champagne and poor a glass of champagne for new year's. kneel son research found that champagne sales are up 12% across the country. sparkling wine sales rose by 8%. north bay wineries agree that sales are the best in years with exports up and prices down. they are also reporting an increase in visitors compared to last year. >> happy new year. >> organizers of the annual times square new year's bash are preparing for the big event with a test run, if you will, of the con pet at this. the bright pieces of paper were thrown from windows to the surprise of onlookers down
10:49 pm
below. the organizers say they were testing the "airworthiness" of the confetti. a million people are expected to cram into time square on new year's eve. wrapping up 2010 with some cold temperatures. and still the possibility of a few scattered rain showers. right now on live stormtracker ii not a lot of activity here in the bay area where we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies in the region. into the evening hours for tomorrow bring in a few extra clouds. but we do have still the possibility of a sprinkle favoring the north bay. i will bring up the live stormtracker ii right now and to show you some of the action. you can see a few rain showers up along the north coast right along crescent city. there is cold air in place. as a result temperatures are dropping down into the upper 30s and right around the 40 degrees for napa and also into santa rosa. bay area forecast in general
10:50 pm
for tonight partly cloudy. gusting winds for tomorrow. still some scattered clouds. the weekend and clouds and sun still the possibility of a shower as the system moves in. here is the rainfall forecast model. tomorrow you will see a little bit of activity. this represents the chance of a few sprinkles or a few light showers by mid-morning into the afternoon. this is favoring the south bay at 10:00 and also into the afternoon hours by 3:00 and also into 4:00. satellite shows you the system from yesterday moving out to the east quite rapidly. we do have some moisture and clouds up to the north. that will be the pattern for tomorrow. mix of sun and cloud and the possibility of few sprinkles and showers. once again activity moving in from the north. the next system is to move in and approach our system on friday. the cloud cover will be on the increase. bring in the chance of scattered rain showers. the timing right now is not too great. it could be friday evening. the cloud and rainfall forecast model is showing you this tomorrow. not a lot. except once again into the south bay talking about a few light showers. here we are into friday morning
10:51 pm
at 9:00. primarily just some clouds out there. as we head into the late afternoon into the evening hours rain chances are on the increase. still a chance but something we have to keep an eye on over the next day or so. if you are heading to lake tahoe for friday, saturday and sunday best chances of snow will be on saturday with afternoon highs only in the lower 30s. bay area forecast for tomorrow 7:00 32 to 42 degrees by 12:00. right around the evening afternoon highs. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. there is that chance of a shower. best bet would be friday night. hold on to showers likely into saturday. mostly cloudy skies for sunday. by monday we bring in a slight chance of a few drops. but all of these rain chances are nothing like last night so that is good news. >> boy, it was really coming down. >> yes. >> thanks, mark. >> a inn winning streak. but could the golden state
10:52 pm
warriors make it work on the road. sports is up next.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
. okay. mark is here now with sports. their winning streak is over. >> that is putting it mildly. you know, the warriors, i don't know, interest took a little spike last week you can say when they peeled out three straight victories at home. but you know what until they
10:55 pm
can win at least once in a while on the road not to be taken more seriously than they usually are. down in the acl tonight the hawks toy with golden state. josh smith watch him come up with just a sweet pass. 21 points and 15 rebounds. the warriors had very few bright spots. but a lone positive right here is picking mike bibby and wright uncontested slam ensues. a career high 32 for durell. josh smith will go back-door and put it down. he has 22 pounds and 10 rebound. the warriors are now 2-11. out on the road a winner in the bay area on the courts. st. mary's down in las vegas a little holiday event. mcconnell had 28 points and he got that one to ken walker.
10:56 pm
they are thrashing mississippi state 94-72 to move on to that tournament. the sharks they themselves ripped off four straight wins last night so the caution flags concerning that team seem to go down. but the last too games almost frighteningly bad. shut-out monday night. humiliated in the third period this evening. 2-2 in minnesota. powerplay situation for the sharks. joe thornton to patrick marleau and they lead it 3-2. that's the end of the good stuff as minnesota goes wild in the third. three goals in the space of five minutes. brett burns there is unassisted. minnesota breaks a 3-3 tie and goes up 4-3. the caper here is kyle broadzik with a backhander and thus the 5-3 final. the sharks are really having problems in the third period all season long. the 49ers told their fans
10:57 pm
they would spare no expense in the nationwide search to find a new general for the team. lo and behold wouldn't you know it they seem to have found their man right down the hall. wow, funny how that works. silver reports surfacing in the last 24 hours that the team plans to promote vice-president player personnel trent balke to general manager. team manager and ceo york has called a plan with bill parcels who first hired him. the fans are ranging from irritated to extremely irate at that possibility. but the announcement could be made come monday. and a couple of awards the raiders membership honor for the most heroic player goes to robert gallery. that is the ed block award. and that is the sporting life for a wednesday night. back to you gasia and frank. >> thank you, mark. that's it for us. be sure to join ktvu morning
10:58 pm
news beginning at 5 a.m. the latest on the search for the snowboarder lost in the sierra. our coverage also continues online at thanks for joining us, everyone. have a great night. >> good night.
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