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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 30, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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a call for change tonight as san francisco's police chief makes another pitch for arming officers with tasers. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. that call comes after the shooting of a mentally ill man in san francisco, amber lee
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has the story. >> reporter: police shot and killed a 50-year-old man who police now say was ill. tonight we have more information about the officers who shot the man. >> at the point lead me to believe that the shooting was lawful. >> reporter: at grace lutheran church chief gascon led a meeting. ben bowie is thought to have stabbed an innocent girl. >> the issue to identify if the person has a mental issue. >> the caller mentioned that it was a person who had mental issues. but there's a stabbing, there's a real life threat. >> reporter: we are learning the two officers that shot bowie are both new. one served seven years at the
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nevado department, he's caucasian. the other is new, a latino. >> the officers are having a really hard time dealing with this event. >> reporter: chief gascon is reconsidering tasers. >> what can be done so that more sensitive, no violence escalation. >> reporter: police shot and killed 23-year-old edied spellie's son. she says he was bipolar. >> to come at the scene to deescalate and that the police should have called at the last resort. >> reporter: chief gascon tells us he hopes to make another pitch for stun guns early next year. reporting live here, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. that officer involved shooting was just one of four in less than two days here in
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the bay area including one right here. the officer opened fire because he feared for his life. we also gathered new information about two other officer involved shootings one in oakland by san leandro police, we'll have those new developments for you in about 10 minutes. the alameda county district attorney's office will not accept the appeal to drop gun charges in the mehserle case.
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it's a story we first brought you, the woman at the center of the san francisco drug lab will not face jail time. >> reporter: ktvu learned that retired debra madden will not face charges for allegedly stealing small amounts of cocaine from the lab. >> thanks for letting me know? the news surprised her lawyer, the district attorney did not inform him of the decision. >> she's exstatic obviously.
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>> reporter: an attorney general's office spokesman told us there was not enough evidence to convict her. >> she might have tampered in evidence with cases, we believe that isn't the case at this point. >> reporter: harris handed over the case to the attorney general in april. other still officials say they are shocked to learn madden will not be charged. the district attorney's office declined comment today, madden still faces a january hearing on felony charges in san mateo county. david stevenson, ktvu news. and police are working with
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san mateo detectives to determine what caused a bus to run over a woman. 52-year-old shina barker of cupertino was killed when she was hit from behind and drug by the bus. >> the bus driver had no idea. it's traumatic for all of us that were around. >> witnesses tell us the bus driver appeared very upset after she found out what happened. she was taken to the hospital hospital. the accident involved only one car and there's no word yet on how it was caused. the labor department is
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reporting stronger job numbers. 388,000 people filed new jobless claims. new application hit their lowest levels since july of 20082.5 years ago. the national unemployment rate sits at 5.8%. investors responded to the higher jobless rates, the dow dropped 15 points. one more positive sign of an improving economy can be seen at car lots throughout the bay area. why tomorrow may be the best day if you're in the market for a new car. that story coming up at 10:45. after one of basketball's biggest show downs, uconn's streak is over while stanford's is going strong. tonight's game at stanford had the cardinal biting back at the
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huskies and biting at a record run. >> quite a nights, and just like rules, streaks are meant to be broken. 90 consecutive victories by uconn. as you can imagine, it was a jam packed crowd, lots of stanford allumn. inside pierson doing the work. eight points but more importantly 11 rebounds. stanford the last team to beat uconn start to finish, 59-71
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finish. and stanford has 62 consecutive victories at the center. what a night for the stanford program. >> thanks. and now to lloyd lacuesta who's been surrounded by stanford fans tonight. >> reporter: the pandemonium and celebration at the farm tonight as one streak is over and another one continues. sports history tonight as the cardinal women toppled uconn 71- 51 after a sold out crowd. the streak is over for the huskies. >> i can't believe this is amazing. >> it's amazing, can you believe it? i came out here a couple of try, a couple of losses but this win makes up for all of it. >> reporter: this was a
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nationally televised game and it elevated women's basketball. the player's parents watched with pride. >> to be a player of a woman who plays basketball is just amazing. >> we've opened the door for women in every sport and we're growing. we're going to break that last one some day. >> these girls show what they can do, it's amazing to us it really opens our eyes. >> reporter: and a former san jose mayor explains the symbolism of tonight's game. >> whether you want to be a politician or want to play
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great basketball in college or the pros, it's important to have role models. >> reporter: stanford was the last team to beat uconn before it went on it's record breaking streak. so it's only fitting that the lady cardinal end it. what a game. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. temperatures continue to cool off rapidly. coming up the neighbors that will start off friday morning in the upper 20s. a warning for drivers tonight, what you can't see can hurt you. how all the rain we've had is contributing to black ice. but up first, quiet a scene tonight in one south bay city and crews rush to shut down a main that's gushing out hundreds of gallons a minute.
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water inundated parts of pleasantton tonight after a fire hydrant opened up. this is new video that just came into ktvu. the pleasantton fire department isn't sure about the cause but crews had the water turned off within about 10 minutes. san leandro police are investigating a fatal officer shooting in oakland. two officers spotted a stolen jaguar last night. the officers chased the vehicle
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to the 10,000 block of bancroft avenue. the passenger ran away and the driver attempted to hit one of the officers with the car. that's when an officer opened fire. friends gathered to remember her today. >> i don't think she would do anything to the police. that's her in her heart i don't believe she would do anything like that. >> reporter: the second suspect was taken to the custody after a struggle. he was booked on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle. the mercury news reports says officers tried to stop officer silva. silva jumped into a car and tried to escape because he had an outstanding warrant. the officer injured himself diving out of the way of the car. silva remains in custody tonight without bail. in pacifica, new storm damage may prompt city
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officials to take action now when it comes to those apartment building that are teetering on top of a mountainside cliff. a group of business owners say tuesday's storm damaged a whole section of a retaining wall and that litigation has halted repair work. pacifica city officials say they may have to come up with their own plan to save the building. residents say they welcome any type of action. >> it's an eyesore for the rest of the neighborhood. i mean, if they are going to repair it, repair it, if not remove it. it's just been sitting here for a year now. >> city officials say they'll meet next week with owners of the building to come up with a solution. rescue crews found the body of a woman who went missing at
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a surfing resort. rescue crews found the body from a helicopter. her body was found just outside the resort's boundaries. >> sometime during day one, she succumb to injuries and the weather. we will not know for certain until a forensic autopsy is performed. willis' family described her as a strong woman and a ski instructor. it's virtually impossible to see and if you can hit it your car can easily spin out of control. an adds advisory has been issued. >> reporter: we're on a rural road where two cars skidded out of control before dawn day. the chp wants the word out, black ice isn't just a hazard in the mountains. caltrans dubbed sand on old
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adobe road to improve traction where black ice has formed. but the damage was done. >> that's why i took the freeway this morning to go around it. >> reporter: with a car overturned and the road down to one lane, drivers turned around to avoid the mess. >> you really have to driver carefully. >> reporter: in vallejo, another road was shut down. it's hard to see. >> you definitely don't break, just get off the break, let it roll right over it. >> it was really scare, because you were out of control. >> reporter: you don't forget the sensation. and the driver of this big rig will certainly remember
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teetering after a bridge. the chp issued the black ice advisory for sonoma county because of three roll overs including one vehicle that ended up in a vineyard. best advise, if you hit a patch -- >> if you find yourself in a situation where your car is starting to skid out of control, whatever direction the rear is skidding in, you want to turn the steering wheel in that direction. you also want to slow down and look ahead down the road because although black ice ishearted to see, you can sometimes make it out. shiny at night and dull in the daylight. reporting live in petaluma, debra villalon. fire officials today ordered then lifted an evacuation order in the san joaquin valley. officials were able to keep the
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damage to six homes. and allowed folks to return to their undamaged homes this afternoon. yosemite park rangers blame rain for losening rocks. the park is not expected to reopen until noon tomorrow. temperatures continue to cool off rapidly. here's a look at the updated numbers for the 10 clock hour. already 30s to report in livermore right now checking in 37 degrees. here's a look at the forecasted lows. the coolest locations in the 20s up in napa, fairfield. santa rosa 35 degrees. a very cold morning up in the north bay for santa rosa starting off the day with
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partly cloudy skies. right around 30 degrees by 12:00, only 46 and afternoon high only in the upper 40s at 49 degrees. high clouds streaming into the area. that will be the story. this could be a rain producer. we'll take a look at our forecast model and tell you the timing to see if it'll affect your new year's celebration. incoming governor jerry brown will be celebrating tomorrow. the event will be streamed live on the internet. the woman replacing ron dellums as mayor says he will walk to her inauguration. quan says the walk will trace
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her own and oakland's history. after the swearing in, quan plans to hold an open house at oakland city hall. a deadly fire, three people die early morning. what investigators are still trying to determine. the check points are up and the lines are long but tonight they are not the only avenue being used to get drunk drivers off the road. why some officers are knocking on doors and making arrests. that story coming up.
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tonight the alameda coroner's office is still working to identify the three people killed in an apartment fire. the fire broke out just before 2:00 a.m. at around apartment building in oakland. we to know that a 3-year-old
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girl and her mother were killed. investigators say the fire was sparked by an extension cord that was taking power from a neighboring unit. hard times may have led to this tragedy. >> reporter: this afternoon friends came to the apartment to grieve for the family and lamented the circumstances that led to the deaths. >> she had economical problems. >> reporter: one of the victims lost her housekeeping job about six months ago. she couldn't afford to pay rent or her electric bill. pg & e cut off power on november 2nd. >> someone downstairs was letting her borrow electricity this neighbor said. they took refuge because they had nowhere else to go. the apartment had no working smoke detectors and the apartment building itself has a tumultuous history. it's been owned by the bank of
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new york since august 29th. in this case, the bank has the same responsibility of any other landlord says an attorney. >> it doesn't matter who the landlord is. there's either someone who's maintaining the building or checking on the building. >> reporter: it's not clear who was checking on this building. two of the residents told ktvu that they hasn't paid rent to anyone since the bank took over the building. our calls to the bank of new york went unanswered today. tonight traffic on highway 1 near pescadero state beach was shut down. caltrans crews remained much of
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the day removing the mess. by 12:30 all of the sand was clear and lanes open. there is not going to be an investigation for a woman killed. a large oak tree fell on to the tent that the woman was sleeping in at the safari west wildlife preserve. she died but her granddaughter was able to escape. the sonoma sheriff's department says the woman's death is an obvious accident. san francisco is counting down the hours until the new year and the midnight fireworks show. what you need to know about staying safe and who's offering a free ride. an incredible rescue caught on tape. the extraordinary measures taken to save a stranded cow.
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tonight a major bay area crime sweep is under way eight tkáeufrpbt agencies arm -- eight different agencies armed with more than a thousand warrants. >> reporter: it's all business out here as the hunt for drunk drivers is on. check points like this one in pleasantton are up and running all across the bay area. there is also a drunk driving warrant sweep that's wrapping up just about now in alameda county. we were right there with police tonight as they went knocking on some doors. >> we need you please. >> reporter: the time just after 6:00 tonight, livermore police officers enter a cosco looking for an employee named ben. >> where is he right now? >> managing a register. >> that's his business, i can't
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tell you. >> reporter: they're directed one way, they find him. >> is this something you thought you could get away with? >> i thought i could drag on at least until the end of this year. >> reporter: officers knocked on doors looking for people who did not comply to their court dates. >> i think it's great, you know what they are doing out there, i think it's like a neighborhood watch program. >> reporter: and joining the watch tonight volunteers with mother's against drunk driving, poking their heads into cars sharing personal stories with strangers, for a cause to save a life.
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>> we have one couple here who lost a naval academy graduate visiting on his way to his first assignment. terrible, a tear jerker. >> reporter: pleasantton police say three people have been arrested in just the past couple of hours. mike mibach, ktvu news. the price of moving vie leighs in california is set to rise -- moving violations in california are set to rise on new year's day to pay for emergency helicopter transportation. people are finalizing their plan, san francisco police say they are ready to deal with rowdy revelers who break the rules. >> reporter: the count down is
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already on as people along the embarcadero plan the new year celebration. >> a little kareoke. >> a nice bottle of wine having wonderful conversation. >> only the best for $1.99. so that's pretty much what we're planning on, yeah. >> reporter: signs are warning drivers of delays on the embarcadero where thousands of people are expected for the fireworks show. tonight chief gascon says that they are taking higher vigilance. >> we are going to be looking for establishments that are
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selling to the underaged. >> we hired an hpd officer so that he'll be here at the road the entire time. >> i'm actually planning to take caltrain tomorrow because of the free rides. >> reporter: nummi rail and bus lines will also be free tomorrow night. b.a.r.t. plans to place extra trains until 3:00 a.m. that's music to don cunningham's ears. he plans to serenade b.a.r.t. passengers and spend the new year in song. >> usually every new year i come and play. and get a spot where nowhere is at. >> reporter: police say they will be out all night. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. aaa will once again help keep drunk drivers.
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the service is called tipsy tow. it offers a one way ride for people who are impaired to call. the service is available from 6:00 tomorrow night through 6:00 a.m. january first. and you can get everything you need to know of all the new year's eve events happening throughout the area by clicking a special tab we posted on our home page the clock is clicking toward the end of 2010 and preparations were under way today at new year's time square. vendors are selling glasses, noise makers and confetti for the new year's eve celebration. an estimated 1 million people could pack into time square and security will be very tight with bomb sniffing dogs and snipers on rooftops. crews are also working hard to clear all of the snow from that recent blizzard. when it comes to the 35
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best cities to celebrate new year's eve, new york city isn't number one. in fact, new york ranked 13th. san francisco came in at number two with new orleans being ranked number one. the magazine put new orleans at the top because of its famous cocktails, the singles scene there and it's friendly neighborhood bars. firefighters and sheriff's deputies in the east bay went to extraordinary lengths to save the life of a cow. the cow named orphan nita was stuck in a well. to make matters worse orphan nita is pregnant. >> they employed the cowboy to go down there and get the cow up. >> it's a happy ending. >> reporter: orphan nita seemed to be okay. she was reunited with her offspring who as you can see
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was very happy to see her. a warning about a highly anticipated new video game system and it's not even on sale yet. another storm is developing offshore, coming up we'll take a look at our rainfall forecast model. we'll highlight the rain chances for tomorrow. i will also let you know if the rain will be here for the weekend. and a problem on the freeway, not a car pile up but a much more messier situation.
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snow isn't the only thing piling up on the sidewalks of new york city. piles of trash are becoming common because so many sanitation trucks are being used for plowing instead. garbage collection has been halted since last week. the department of sanitation has asked new yorker on monday
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not to put out their garbage. trash pick up is expected to continue next week. and mayor bloomberg has -- >> and clearly the response to this storm has not met our standards or the standards that new yorkers have come to expect from us. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg went on to say that there were more than a 100 plow machines. more than 200,000 people in the state of queensland are being affected. the rising water has led to roads and airports all being closed. the floods are also being
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blamed for eight deaths so far. and in tel aviv, -- -- in italy, a ban on single use plastic bags is set to take effect as of january 1st. italy passed the ban in 2006 to reduce carbon emissions. two dodge vehicles are in line for recalls. today safety officials announce that the 2009 dodge journey may have defective wiring. it may keep air bags from
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deploying in a crash. trucks were given the proper amount of baring through lubricant in the axel. and nintendo warning that the new hand held game system may be harmful to children under six. the company says that when the new games go on sale in march, parents should turn off the 3d function when young children are using it. the last photo lab in the world that developed kodak's chrodocum film shut town. the lab's owner says he knew the end was coming after kodak announced it was no longer going to make chrodocum fill. kodak has been selling that type of film for more than 70
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years. what -- why buying a car tomorrow might be a very good idea. straight ahead. and mark tamayo is tracking another system. will it impact your new year's plans?
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even though a lot of people spend a bundle on -- those big ticket purchases are a great shot in the arm for the economy. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar says if you think about buying a car tomorrow is the day to do it. >> reporter: this car dealership is not only a survivor of the recession, but now is looking for sales to increase. for individual lots of year end
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perks, including lots of year ends prices, rebates, including maintenance packages. >> they know if they come right now, not only are we anxious but there's incentives by the manufacturers to get those sales in. >> reporter: blevins bought a new car today. >> we purchased last year year end on a new cts. >> reporter: today he will buy another gm car. >> with everything coming up at the end of the year, seems like the right time to go. doesn't get any better than this usually. >> reporter: beth holy is getting a mazda. >> i have had the same employer for 10 years, i feel okay about getting car. >> reporter: in 2006 and 2007, the sales were at 16.5 million.
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in 2008, the recession pushed them down. >> everything i'm reading, 12.5 million units looking for this next year. >> reporter: after seeing dealer after dealer going out of business for the last years, we are starting to see something decidedly different, dealership opens up. the new fairfield ford replaces a ford store that closed two years ago. >> we opened up 60 days ago, during that short time period we're already in the top 15 dealers for ford in northern california. >> reporter: as companies opening up three more dealerships here including an electric car store. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. gas prices aren't keeping people off the road. this is another sign the economy is growing.
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pacific company announced bigger users of electricity will get a break off their electricity on new year's day. the average customer who uses about 550-kilowatts can expect their bill to go up about 1.5%. internet marketing service says american web surfers visited facebook more than any other site between november and december of this year. that amounts to 9% of all web visits in the united states. google ranked second with just over 7% of visits followed by yahoo mail and yahoo with you tube in fifth place. skype is adding a new feature for iphone, i pad and i pod users. iphone and i pad users will be
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able to make two way phone calls. i pad users will be able to see callers but won't be able to send their own picture because i pads don't have cameras. a bit of break in the rain for today, with that temperatures have been cooling off quite a bit. the cold temperatures will be the concern in the short term. but rain chances will be on the increase. not much to show you, higher clouds offshore, we'll see with the next weather system. for the most part we have partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures across much of of the region. for your friday increasing clouds, a chance of a few showers and will have the timing with the forecast showers coming up. mostly cloudy and an unsettled pattern. you can see just a few high clouds moving into the bay area
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today. here's the next system developing out in the pacific. this will be on the move dropping in from the north for tomorrow. as a result for your friday, increasing clouds, we bring in a chance of showers primarily. not the greatest timing but it could be for the evening hours. tomorrow morning 8:00 and 9:00 not a lot to show you. higher clouds approaching. then into the afternoon hours we do improve the high cloud cover. you can see what happens into the evening hours by 10:00 we could have a few showers approaching the region especially up in parts of the north bay. and midnight the rain chances on the increase. especially after midnight as it moves across the bay area. so good idea to plan at least on a few showers for tomorrow night as we do approach midnight. event saturday morning still lingering showers, we're going to hang on to that chance into sunday as well. if you are heading to lake tahoe. increasing clouds for tomorrow. showers off and on into saturday. less snow chances for sunday as
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well with afternoon highs. through the weekend in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. your bay area forecast for tomorrow, 7:00 it will be chilly out there. no rain drops, 32 to 42 degrees. the high clouds will be on the increase as we go through the afternoon hours. by 12:00, 27 to 50, still pretty chilly out there. look at santa rosa only 42- degree. los cados 53. temptures through friday night will be in the mid-40s across most of the region. here's your look ahead. your five day forecast, showers likely saturday. especially the morning showers into sunday. we have to hold on to that chance. maybe even a few left over sprinkles. but a good idea just to have the umbrella near by if you're heading out tomorrow night. >> sounds good, thank you mark.
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we're just learning that a california company is recalling more than 37,000 pounds of ground beef because of possible e.coli contamination. the ground beef products were produced on december 7th and 16th and shipped to six states including california. the problem was discovered when a sampling of the meat tested positive for the bacteria. no illnesses have been reported. californians can expect more cuts too their state park -- cuts to their state parks. today, they reported to say $15 million permenantly cut from the park services. >> one has to be realistic about what are we really going to see happen out of this deficit? there are a few choices all of
10:52 pm
them bad. >> officials are working with park superinten superintendents on how to make those cuts. and up next, more on stanford's win against uconn tonight.
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mark is here now with sports, what can you say? what a game tonight at sanford? >> they were packed down there in naples. they got what they came for you
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could say. apparently if it wasn't for stanford, uconn would never lose. 90 straight victories ago it was the cardinals the that beat the nation's top team. tonight again it takes stanford to do the job. ending the ncaa record. start to finish the cardinal a better team tonight. poland in five threes on her way to a great night. she does more than that. watch her slide to the bucket. gets two more, what a night for her career best. and mia moore held to just 14 points on five of 15 shooting. she pops there but it was all stanford. ogumacke with a steal here and she will take it to the budget. stanford never really had it.
10:56 pm
71-51 the final. put it in perspective, 998 days have gone since their last lost. meanwhile, 52 straight wins at naples pavilion for stanford. you know what, there were plenty of stars to go around for them tonight. >> we were very focused on what we needed to do, defensively which was i think the key. and a lot of people did step up an make some big plays even though it may not show up on the stat sheet. we had people come up. >> the players said we're not losing today. with their actions. i don't think our team is too surprised by it but she was just awesome. >> reporter: it'll be interesting to see where
10:57 pm
sanford is ranked in a few weeks. whip the blackhawks, mind you wasn't routine by any means in chicago tonight. kind of a round about way to victory. they are up 2-1. power play situation, danny heatley will handle the rebound and the sharks have themselves a some what comfortable 3-1 lead. easy win, no? blackhawks with two goals in the space of 22 second in the final seconds of the second period. this with a half second left. brian campbell doing the honors. but the sharks fortunately for them reassert themselves in the third. joe thornton redirects for a 4- 3 lead. they get an empty nether late. and wind up with a 5-3 victory in what could have been a very embarrassing loss. they beat chicago again. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. and stanford women certainly
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the talk of the town and tonight it's nice to have another winner around the bay area too. >> that's it for us. make sure to join ktvu morning news with all the latest with the new year's celebrations. >> have a good evening everyone.
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