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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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a big development in the search for a police chief in the bay area's largest city. tonight, we have learned that a well-known bay area chief is a finalist for the job. good evening, i'm maureen naylor. heather holmes is off tonight. >> and the other candidate reportedly is san jose's interrum police chief, chris moore. when asked in an e-mail where he was a candidate, oakland police responded to ktvu simply stating, "yes, he is and that no decision has been made." he took over as oakland's
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police chief back in 2009 and has a three-year contract, but can take another job if he chooses. if he is chosen, then he will become san jose's first african american police chief. they plan to announce a new chief by the end of next month. there is a new twist in a decade-long mystery in the south bay. today, we learned last night's murder suicide in san jose is linked to the 2001 disexperience of a woman. police said that the woman's brother killed the main suspect in her disappearance. we have team coverage beginning with ktvu, jean garcia. >> reporter: they found 52-year- old, wayne sanchez, dead in the parking lot with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. sanchez is the brother of harms, a woman who went missing in 2001 and is presumed dead. investigators say earlier that night that sanchez was inside the red robin restaurant and ran into the 46-year-old, the man who was arrested for his
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sister's murder, but later released because of lack of evidence. >> during the course of that conversation, the suspect accused the victim of playing a part in the murder of harms, and harms was murdered in 2001. >> reporter: police say that sanchez left red robin for a short time and returned. that's when he went to pete's coffee. sanchez followed him. >> they had another conversation which the suspect produced a weapon and shot and killed the suspect. >> he left and shot himself outside. police are looking to revenge as the motive, investigating whether sanchez was armed inside red robin or left, retrieved a weapon, and returned to the scene. >> fairly obviously this is linked to further investigation. hopefully we'll reveal more detail whether this was planned or just a chance of encounter. >> reporter: we contacted sanchez's father, but he was
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too shaken up to talk. san jose police have notified the police department because that department is the one that is working on the case. in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. the violence comes as her family was preparing to mark the tenth anniversary of the daughter's disappearance. ktvu tonight spoke to friends of both men killed in the latest violence about the timing and how this all unfolded. from that we turn to patti lee, live in campbell for us tonight. >> reporter: the members of the sanchez family tell us that they will need at least another day before they could speak about this incident. yet another devastating blow to that family. they have just already suffered so much. the sanchez family gathered to lend each other emotional support today and utilized the justice for her on facebook to memorialize their cousin, 52- year-old, wayne sanchez. >> i heard the shot. the second one. >> reporter: dave perry was at the shopping plaza last month
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when his childhood friend, wayne, fatally shot maurice, the main suspect in his sister's disappearance and then killed himself. >> there's never any closure for this. i mean, you know, it will haunt that family for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: with the ten-year anniversary of her disappearance coming up in july, neighbors say her parents had become be more vocal about bringing her killer to justice. >> it must have been on his mind quite a bit. >> reporter: martin road his bike to the house that he rented in san jose after the d.a. dropped murder charges against him in 2007. >> and he spent a lot of time and a great deal of effort to get his life back together after serving his time of being, in my opinion, unjustly jailed for two and a half years. >> reporter: according to the investigators, he was trying to reestablish his reputation. hopeful that time and break in the cold case might clear his name. now, earlier tonight, we spoke
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to a close family friend of the sanchez's who says she is trying to be strong for the family while trying to process the detail of the murder suicide and deal with her own grief. reporting live in campbell, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the department of defense released the identity of the army officer from danville, recently killed in afghanistan. according to the military, the 47-year-old major, evan j. died january 12 in a non-combat related incident in afghanistan. the pentagon released no further details about his death. now, a coroner has identified the grandmother and grandson who police said died in a murder suicide. both were found shot in the head thursday night at the grandmother's home on canterbury avenue. the coroner identified her as 96-year-old, francis robertson. her grandson was the 51-year- old, david robertson. they believe that he killed his grandmother and then himself. he had a history of mental
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illness and drug abuse. concur police are in-- concord police are investigating a car accident tonight that killed a pedestrian and a dog. the accident happened about 6:00 tonight near avon avenue. now the dog was also killed in the accident, though it's not yet clear if the dog was the woman. police say that they are interviewing the driver, but have not released any further details. new details have come out tonight about the allege getaway driver, arrested after a union city bank robbery, which ended with the suspected robber dead. and police arrested the 36-year- old, anthony lee of fremont yesterday, booking him on robbery and conspiracy charges. now, the chronical reports he's the owner of kingdom, a clothing store in union city. due to appear in court on tuesday. meanwhile, police have not identified his passenger, the allege robber, who was found dead after a police chase. investigators don't know yet if he was hit by police gunfire or if he killed himself. there is good news tonight
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from tucson. the congresswoman, gabriellgiffords upgraded from serious condition to fair condition. this comes eight days after the congresswoman was shot in the head at point-blank range. the news comes as people in her home state gather for a peace march. >> reporter: arizona congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, continues to make a remarkable recovery from a gunshot wound to the head. doctors have upgraded her condition from critical to serious. and she is breathing on her own and has a feeding tube now. giffords' fellow lawmakers are keeping their colleague in their minds. >> she is showing people that she can communicate well by holding her hands, moving her arms and legs, and looking at us. >> reporter: in the meantime, folks in tucson taking part in a walk for peace, traveling from a local park to a memorial outside giffords' office. many placing signs and flowers at the growing memorial sight. >> we should be supportive of
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each other here in tucson and come together and be united as a family. >> i think the need for peace is always there, but this is a tragic reminder of that. >> reporter: a hero credited of saving the life of the victim, ron barber, raises a special guest to the hospital where he was treated. he was the district director for giffords, and they place an image on the poster honoring the victims. dallas was grocery shopping at safeway last weekend when jared loughner allegedly opened fire and in the wake of this shooting massacre, some wonder whether stricter gun laws are needed. >> the people that are going to commit a crime or do something crazy, they are not going to pay attention to the laws in the first place. >> there should be limits as well that still protect the individuals right to bear arms. >> reporter: and even though that breathing tube has been removed from the congresswoman's mouth, medical
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experts say it's likely that she cannot speak just yet. she may have the ability to whisper or mouth words. in tucson, arizona, fox news. the father of the youngest victim of the tucson shooting said that her organs have been donated to a boston girl. john green received a phone call about the transplant, but didn't know any of the details. he said the call lifted his spirits as he was once again, the proud parent of his daughter, christina. the 9-year-old girl was born on september 11, 2001. she was featured in a book faces of hope, which is about children born on that day. a plan to consolidate the vallejo and police dispatch center are being abandoned. the idea was first brought to life a year ago. police and fire officials decided consolidating dispatch would not be cost efficient. both vallejo and venetian will
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look to fix that problem. heading to court for a civil trial. the 2007 incident involved heavy drinking at a house party in san jose. at the time, the allege victim was 17 years old. she is now suing 18 members on accusations ranging from negligence to rape. and the men maintain the sex was consensual. mercury news reports that last week, they rejected her offer to settle the case for about $9 million. and criminal charges were never filed because prosecutors said they didn't have enough evidence. in oakland tonight, musicians came together to honor the late doctor, martin luther king in song. ♪[ music ] >> one woman says she makes the point of coming each day and
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thrives to have people judge the content of the character and not by the color of the skin. >> will he lives in my mind and has a movement on my daily actions. he is the founding director of the bay area performing arts collective, devoting three decades to working with young men in the juvenile and criminal justice system. you can ride the freedom train to tomorrow's martin luther king parade in san francisco. they will offer the service starting at 9:30 in the morning in san jose. the train will stop in sunnyville and san mateo. a spokeswoman says look for seniors who may have marched with dr. king and has great story to tell about the original march in alabama. for more on martin luther king day, including some of the most famous quotes and the audio
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clips of his speeches g to and click on the mlk tab near the top of the page. a dense fog advisory and we're not done in the bay area. the impact it could have on your morning commute. how much sewage leaked last month. the conflicting reports about what happened. and the unusual tribute today to a san francisco homicide victim. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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the bay area drivers are finding a familiar nemesis out on the road ways, fog. they are putting out some advice that could save lives. now, jim vargas reports. >> are there is a fog advisory on every bay area. you can see part of the bay bridge from treasure island late this morning and the san francisco skyline was almost invisible. >> the whole city dissolved. >> reporter: we drove up 280 and all the way, it was pockets of fog as we got up a little higher. it was clear. but every time we came down low, it was real foggy. >> you have a big burst coming down here. it was nothing. >> reporter: the highway patrol sergeant said that this is the time for the drivers to be cautious. >> obviously they want to be aware of the taillights, the hazards on the roadway. and maintaining within your range, obviously you can use the main lines to guide
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yourself. but you definitely want to focus on what is in front of you. >> reporter: as cautious as drivers may be today, one thing we did notice is that only about half of them have lights on. and lights on are something that the chp is emphasizing. >> we woke up this morning, real foggy. >> reporter: he said he was cautious driving up san jose with his sons to see the city. >> i definitely turned on the fog lights and turned a little slower and left more space. >> how is everybody else? >> yeah, i think so. i don't think that a lot of people are too conscious of it. and i think that people have slowed down just a bit. >> reporter: good news, heavy fog did not contribute to any major accidents so far this weekend. jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. ken, we had noticed more fog reports over the past few hours. in fact, i just upgraded the maps. you can see the current conditions across the bay area. all these conditions are
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reporting some fog from santa rosa, napa, and down the south bay area as well. down to about half a mile. as far as that fog advisory, they will begin at 11:00 monday morning. this could very well be a part of the deltas and the inland valleys throughout the overnight hours. as far as the forecast for tomorrow, we do have the the forecast models. we'll show you what happened tomorrow night. and also i'll let you know if you have any rain clouds in the five-day forecast. meanwhile, they are being asked to spare the air today. they have issued a spare the air alert on monday, the fourth one this season. the alert means no burning indoors or out unless wood is
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your only source of heat. air quality officials say that particular matter from smoke is the main source of winter air pollution. new questions tonight about just how much raw sewage spilled into lake tahoe last month when a power outage shut down a sewer pump station. the public utility's district reported in december that about 61,000 gallons of raw sewage had leaked out of the manhole when the power went out. that manhole is about 300 feet away from the lake. however, a specialist for the region water quality board understands that it was closer to 150,000 gallons. a review is underway. and pg&e reports that the spiking pressure on ten other gas lines in california, besides the one in san bruno that exploded last year. a san francisco chronical investigation says that the utility considers temporary spiking of pressure to the legal limits to be a safe practice. however, the utility will not say where the other lines are in the state. peninsula congresswoman, told the paper that the
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practice amounts to russian roulette and that it is grossly irresponsible to put customers at risk. san mateo county officials are warning of a mountain lion sighting. it happened 11:00 last night near apple lane. the cougar was apparently heading for a nearby creek. they would like to remind people who see a mountain lion not to approach it and for people to be especially cautious at dawn, dusk or at night when they are most active. musicians raised money for homeless youth today in san francisco by performing in a simple concert. ♪ [ music ] the bay of hope this afternoon brought out six youth orchestras. at the end, an all-star team of musicians played the encore. we're going to say it's a great chance for the teenage musicians to meet each other while giving back to the community. the first concert in 2009
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raised more than $15,000 to help young people get off the streets. there are still questions tonight about what lead up to a deadly christmas day attack on bay area musician. today, the victim's friends and loved ones found an unusual outlet for her grief, her music. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the drum circle began early this afternoon with one of the drumming community members missing. the 60-year-old better known as zambu. according to police, the 23- year-old hit him in the head with a skate board at this intersection early christmas morning. police arrested him later christmas day. he died from his injuries four days later. today, his sister says that she still can't make sense of the attack. >> it didn't need to happen, you know? and my heart goes out to the person as well, that struck my brother with the skate board. we still don't know what or why it happened, but it did.
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>> reporter: and today's drum circle speaks to his legacy. she says that the attack left his children without a father and cut short her brother's gift for sharing. >> he has taught me so much of my history that i have passed on to my children. >> reporter: they drummed alongside him for four years, a fraction of the 40 years that he brought with him to the streets of san francisco, saying that while he may have been killed, his musical legacy will move on for special elections. the music coming out of this, you know, it's forcing them there. >> the attack that killed him still don't know what the motive is. they have been charged with merchandise and we're back in court to face the charges later this month. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. it's funny that they are reaching out to struggling homeowners on an interactive video. >> now, we're committed to
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helping america's struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. >> the website is called know your options. it allows them to choose a character that best represents their situation and then follow that character to the process of refinancing, loan loan -- character to the process of refinancing a loan part. the san jose mercury news reports that tracking internet services in december, just 5% of the facebook users came from america. facebook now has almost 600 million registered users. and it shows that the growth is shifting from the u.s. to europe to develop those nations. there is new hope for paralyzed veterans. the device recently approved the food and drug administration to help them get back on their feet. a historic vote. what is the likelihood of what
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hey, the former dictator returned to port-au-prince this afternoon 25 years after he was overthrown by popular revolt. the 59-year-old is seen sitting here with his wife, arriving from san francisco where he has been living in exile. the man known as baby doc says he returned to help patients 2308ing last year's devastating earth -- patients while last year serving the victims. between the afghan government and the obama administration, the afghan government is getting more aggressive in its effort to tax u.s. contractors operating on their soil. they stand up to $10 billion a
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year on private contractors in afghanistan. currently there are a number of cords that contributing all the u.s. government assistance, but there are concerns that the wording of the tom -- but there are concerns that the wording of the document might be an effect on them. the daughters have never seen him stand until they saw him using the rewalk. that means my life has changed. >> it was designed dwi a golfer who can't use the machine because he -- designed by a golfer who can't use his machine because he cannot use his arms. they are planning to try out the new device. tonight in geneva, it's the third day after the efforts of
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the president. there were reports of major gun battle outside the presidential palace. no reliable report including injuries and to hunt the wild gorge and arrested on -- no reliable report including injuries and the hunt for all the wild information. the civil war ended in 2005. the election was relatively free from violence. that official result will keep you posted until after that. they will become the world's new estimation. they were wrong today. diplomats from six nation and the arab lead toured the main uranium and richmond facility. coming into play about the disputed nuclear program. china and russia scheduled to beat those tops turned down
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imitation for the fence. secretary blames technical problems, delays, and cost overruns for her decision to end the project. she said that the new and flexible plan will be using mobile surveillance, powers, to maintain -- to higher more security. how the representatives are addressing security in the wake of the shooting of gabrielle giffords. one bay area airport finished 2010 on the strong note. was it rite to make passengers sore for the whole -- was it right to make passengers sore for a whole other year?
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just how well are lawmakers protected and are they concerned about their safety as they prepare to plan back to work today? >> reporter: just another day if many the life of gerry connolly. as they get back to regular legislative matters on the hill this week, the mood and the mind sets are different. with colleague, gabrielle giffords, still recovering from being shot in the head while at an event with constituents. >> you can't live in fear. you've got to do your job and you can't allow one crazed individual to change the democratic side. >> reporter: lawmakers are in the public eyes, sometimes targets of anger and discontent.
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you should contact your local police when you have a public event and report any individual threats and request a security survey of district offices. i've got some time to think about that. not just the safety of my members, but we have staff and we have seen that it could take over their life. how can we make this a better and more safe environment? >> reporter: they are trying to take things in strives. >> i always felt safe at all the events for the two years i have worked for. you can't put barriers between ourselves and the public we serve.
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>> reporter: lawmakers may need to make some compromises in the mind of safety. >> one of the issues that stirreemotions, health care reform. a man arrested in redding after police said he threatened to start shooting an emergency room if he did not see a doctor soon. the 24-year-old of anderson was arrested at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday at mercy medical center. he told police he was seeking mental health treatment. he was booked on several charges including suspicion of carrying a concealed well and refusing arrest. 40% of those surveyed said they support the law with 31% opposing. 38% supported it with 47%
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opposing it. and the law expands coverage to more than 34 million american people and require most people to carry health insurance. it's a 4.2 percentage point. >> the latest technology, the green power generation, they broke ground this week on the $7 million fuel cell project. and students will study the lower mission, minipower plant, supplying electricity to the state's power grid. the fuel cells should be up and running in april. finishing on a strong note in 2010, recording the fourth consecutive month of increased passenger traffic. airport officials say that passenger volume went up 3.6% last month compared to the prior year. however, the traffic bomb late in the year did not prevent an overall drop inpassenger
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numbers last year. the total of 8.2 million travelers passed in the airport from 2010. between alameda and oakland starting tomorrow. the first closure is set 10:00 lasting until 4:30 tuesday morning. that will be 10:00 tuesday night until 4:30 wednesday morning. a coalition that includes the city of environmentalists have filed a lawsuit to block a proposed asphalt plan. sonoma county officials planned to build a plant between highway 101 and the river. the 60-page legal complaint filed late friday, alleges the county to fail and adequately address the impact on public health and air and water quality. and the plan to build the plant has been in the works for five years, approved december 14.
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f it's based -- it is based out here. difficulties appear to be mounting for the football league. the owner of the dallas halve ranches is suing over $5 million loan. his company made it to the league. and he is claiming they packed out to pay them the theprincipal. this obviously goes on to claim that they said they would then pay the money back last month, but failed again. ufl says they have a plan in place to aggressively work to pay all who were owed money from that lease. another dense fog advisory is issued for the bay area. mark tamayo will show us where it will be worse for the morning commute.
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remember when we were tracking the string of storms just a few weeks ago? they completely changed it in a much more weather set up. with that, we have the fog to contend with that tonight and once again for tonight as we do head in for tomorrow morning. right now on live storm tracker to the clouds, the low clouds and the fog, they have been on the increase, especially up in the north bay and right around the delta and santa rosa reporting a drop off in visibility and right around fairfield and concord and the low clouds will continue to increase for coverage over the next few hours. bay area forecast for tonight, the fog will continue to develop as they do head up to your monday morning. and temperatures into the afternoon hours, 50s and 60s. the extended forecast, still a dry pattern and a mild one as well. if you're looking for the rain, it's heading way up to the north of the bay area, towards the pacific northwest.
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it's going to remain that way over the next few days. now, there's one weak system to clip the northern california area on wednesday, that could actually bump up the wind speeds for us, actually clear out the fog, but not for tomorrow. it also is thes up the on shore flow. we still have fog developing outshore as well and that storm track, like i said, remains way to the north of the bay area. there you cannot take off the storm track heading into oregon and washington and no rain clouds in the five-day forecast. and here is our fog forecast models showing you the pattern first thing tomorrow morning. watch out for the bay area roadways. and you could easily have visibilities coming down to less than a quarter of a mile and once again, the fog advisory in place until 11:00 tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours at twelve o'clock, we could still have some stubborn patches right around the delta and also for the inland valleys. and it will take you into the afternoon hours by 3:00 to 4:00, the sky is becoming partly to mostly sunny. we will still have lingering
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hays out there. now, tomorrow morning's forecast, 7:00, 47 to 50 degrees. by twelve o'clock, 50 to 55. still lingering patchy fog. and then into the afternoon hours by 3:00, there is the even chewable temperature range with the upper 50s, all the way to the low torpid-60s. torpid-60 -- there is the eventually look in the temperature range with the upper 50s, all the way up to the low 50s to 60s. now, looking at the long range from the forecast models, not bringing in significant rainfall for the rest of the month. >> okay. >> that could be interesting. but of course, that could change. we'll keep you posted on that. >> okay, thank you, mark. hollywood's brightest
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stars. >> i'll pick it up here. they hit the red carpet for the 68th annual golden globe awards. it honors the best in both television and motion pictures. actor, ferth, took home best actor in "king speech." "social network," based on the rise of facebook, winning top honors for best drama and for a musical comedy, fox's hit tv show, "glee," winning best comedy for musical. coming up, we're down to the final four in the nfl playoffs. we have highlights in today's big game. and if firing him was not enough. we'll tell you what the former's niners coach is angry about tonight.
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leading up to today's afc game was heated. tom brady heavily favored. on new england's first possession, brady committed an uncharacterristic look. who returned it to the 12. the first interception for brady in 340 attempts, but the jets could not cash in missing a 30-yard field goal. rex ryan still has to bite his lips at times. they kept the heat on brady all day. ellis gets one of new york's sacks


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