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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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worst. dense fog advise advisory is out. we are following developing news out of san leandro where police are investigating a homicide. good morning, to you. welcome to monday, january 17th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm congress cock in for pam cook. let's start off with a look at weather and traffic. >> we have fog advisories out. almost everyone is around 48 and 49. if the fog burns off it will be mild and warm. anything from 50s to 60s. >> you can see how foggy it is here at the bay bridge. traffic is light today. it's king day. a lot of people do have the day off to celebrate the holiday. some have to go to work.
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if you do, you will have to drive through fog. i want to show you a live picture of interstate 680 right near the industrial area. in fact, industrial taking you off the freeway. this accident on bay shore road happened hours ago. there was a lot of debris in the road. they are still cleaning it up. southbound 680 traffic will be okay. 6:00 let's go back to the scene. topping our news. san leandro police are investigating a homicide this morning. tara moriarty is live at the scene now with the very latest. hi tara. >> reporter: homicide detectives arrived on the scene just after we did. they finished walking through a bunch of evidence. we saw them with their flashlights they were pointing at markers. we don't know what the evidence markers were. san leandro police have not released much information as of yet. this is being investigated as a homicide. we can see one body bag lying
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in the street. the cross is 148th. this is where shots were fired around 320 this morning. >> when officers initially responded to the scene, they found the body of a male in the general area fire and paramedics responded to the scene and later pronounced that person dead. >> reporter: now the coroner will be arriving later this morning. for now investigator again have sifted through everything to try to figure out how this crime went down. as we mentioned we are here on east 14th. behind me it's hard to see. it is so foggy. but they have blocked off the street down there. it stretches for two entire city blocks. these are very long city blocks. if you come over here, you can see how long of an area this is. this will be blocked off for the morning commute. all the way down there you see the crime tape and beyond that there are flairs set up. this is a very major thorough fare for the morning commute. now when we arrived on scene we
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did see one cop car being taken away with someone inside of it. we were told that person was a witness that has been take ton the station for questioning. we will keep you updated if we receive any information. time now 6:02. he's only been on the job for a little more than a year. oaklands police chief may soon be heading to another big bay area city. kraig debro is back live with us now. good morning. >> reporter: yeah no official word this morning. 50-year-old chief sworn in just 15 months ago. he still has nearly two years left on the three-year contract. he is one three finalists for the san jose job left vacant when chief rob davis stepped down two months ago. oakland hired bass to take over for tucker. a month earlier tucker stood in
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front of the city council to say he lost faith in the city of oakland and accused the council of paying only lip service to reforms that tucker favored. we have not been able to speech to chief bass why he is leaving. i got calls into the mayor gene quan. i reached her home earlier. her husband said she would have a statement later this morning. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. oakland police are looking for a man that shot and killed a teenager in front of a church. they were called near st. anthony's church. the 19-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. this morning concord police are searching for the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run accident. it happened just before 6:00 last night near avon avenue.
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police say a 17-year-old boy struck a woman while walking her dog and stopped to help. a second driver than ran over and killed the woman while she was lying on the roadway. the womans dog also died. the second driver sped away. police have a description. they are looking far white male in his 20s. he has brown hair and clean shaven. he had a young female passenger in his car. that car is described as a dark color four-door sedan. san jose police are calling a weekend murder suicide a shocking act of vigilantism. the older brother of a lost gays to murder victim. saturday night shooting came ten years after the mysterious disappearance of 42-year-old jeanine harms. jeanines brother killed -- >> it's fairly obvious link for
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their investigation. hopefully we will reveal any more detail whether this was planned or a chance encounter. >> all of this comes after the family was marking the tenth anniversary of her disappearance. the family has been more vocal to brink her killer to justice. >> there is never any closure for this. it will haunt that family for the rest of their lives. unfortunately they have to live with it. >> ktvu contacted sanchez's parents. his father was too upset to talk about death of his son and the connection to his daughter's murder. a soldier from danville has died in afghanistan. the pentagon says he died last week not directly tied to contact. the danville soldier was scheduled to return home to the bay area in two weeks. your team now 6:06.
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the celebration of dr. martin luther king junior day will include a train ride. it will leave the station around 9:30 this morning. it will stop in sunnyvale before it arrives in san francisco around 11:00. the freedom train commemorates his junior civil rights marchs in alabama in the 1960s. the martin luther king junior holiday is known as a day of service. there are many volunteer opportunities around the bay area. in san francisco they are hosting a family friendly volunteer event. participates will be working on sprucing up the ground. they will work on seven projects. it's an area of reclaimed public land around a railroad line. they will be planting trees and
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native plants. in mountain view that will gather at the day worker center. that's at 11:00 this morning. they will be picking up litter from the surrounding streets. president and first lady mrs. obama will be marking the king junior holiday by taking part in the community service project in washington, d.c.. now last year the obamas dropped by a d.c. food bank and helped to serve hot meals. this year the president said by dedicating this day to service we move our nation closer to dr. king's vision of all americans living and working together. to find out more about the martin luther king day celebrations including listening to some of his and seeing some of his famous quotes go to our channel 2 website click on the mlk day tab. it's near the top of the page. time now 6:08. you may think twice about burning the fire logs today. a winter spare the air alert
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has been issued in the bay area. that means using a fireplace is illegal until that alert is lifted. violators face fines up to $400. this is the fourth winter spare the air alert. time now 6:08. the fog is making it's scary at some points it's so thick. you cannot see in front of your hands. >> it's pretty thick out there the fog. as a matter of fact, we've had very thick fog all over the place and the fog advisory has been issued for every bay area bridge. it's still foggy on those bridges. let's go out to the toll plaza. traffic is moving along realtively well here. you can see traffic is looking good. and this mornings drive will be okay if you are driving in san jose. we have a -- this is a look at you know it's so foggy. i'm not sure what this is. this looks like an open picture. but it's our roof cam. you can't see very much. let's go to the the maps. traffic is moving along okay in the south bay.
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no major problems here in both directions. let's go to steve. thank you very much. very quiet pattern this week. no rain. a foggy, foggy morning. we just heard from roby down in twitter. morgan hill 53 is warm. for others it will stay in the 50s. foggy mornings. warm days. no rain. near 70 for a high. it may be warmer toward the end of the week. we might see a little northerly breeze start on tuesday night into wednesday which would help. that would tend to dispurse the fog and break it up sooner. that means there could be more sunshine after today for areas that have been stuck in that fog. if you are, it can be cold. if you are in the sun it's warm. you wear a jacket and you're like oh my goodness it's warm. so that's the pattern we're in. on live storm tracker two all i'm trying to show there is
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hardly any wind at all. fairfield had an east, northeast. now it's southeast. that east, northeast all it does is bring it back into the delta. and over parts of san francisco where our observer michael. same at sfo. it's 16th of a mile or less. that socked in for everybody. it's not just inland it's also coast and bay. everybody is dealing with this fog. 46 san rafael. 44 livermore. everybody is in the 40s. san jose at 49. santa rosa forecast starting off at 50. we'll go 54 then 62. again one of the five-day forecast projections had 68 for santa rosa. the high was 61. it's one if you get the sun it will warm up. 43 ukiah. last i check it said clear. they be upper 60s to near 70s.
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high pressure says no. no storms coming in here. no rain. thick fog. hazy sunshine and the areas that burn off the soonest will see the warmer temperatures. fog or sun cool to warm. hazy sunshine. yes 50-70 on some of the highs. 52 antioch. fairfield and brentwood. richmond 55. it's really a tough call on the high. 68 santa cruz. morgan hill 66. half-moon bay 62. for some warm. a decrease in the fog through thursday. warmer temperatures and the fog will start friday. time now 6:12. we are learning new information about the mass shooting in arizona. why the man charge the in the attack will end up in california to face trial.
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doctors in arizona say they may soon know whether or not wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords can speak. she was updated from critical to serious condition over the weekend. she is now breathing on her own. this all comes more than a week after a gunman shot the congresswoman in the head and killed six others outside of a grocery store where she was holding an event. the store reopened on saturday as doctors announced her progress. >> showing people she can
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communicate well by holding our hands and moving her arms and legs and looking at us. >> yesterday more than 100 people showed up at the hospital where gifford is being treated to leave get will balloons and cards. two other remain in the hospital and both are listed in good condition. the man charged in the arizona shootings will probably go on trial in tucson. also one of the murder victims in the mass shooting was arizona's chief federal judge. the trial would likely be moved to san diego because it's one of the closest judicial districts to arizona. a man that was shot in the back during the tucson shootings is getting a mental evaluation after he threatened a tea party member during a televised town hall meeting. there is 53-year-old erik fuller arrested on saturday after he took a photo of the tucson tea party cofounder and
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screamed you're dead. the county prosecutor office will determine if charges should be filed. congressional security is on the line for many lawmakers. lawmakers plan to resume their deboth on health care tomorrow and now there is a push to change the tone of that debate to a more civil one. many are searching for new ways to mingle with constituents. >> we can't put barriers between ourselves and others. >> they have been briefed on ways to step up security on capitol hill. this week the president of china visits the white house. he is scheduled to arrive tuesday evening. the chinese president will meet with the ceo's of american companies. he is expected to sign several contracts that will be helpful to american businesses. the white house says president obama will ask chinese president to put pressure on
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north carolina. on wednesday the white house will host a state dinner for the president of china. the house speaker john boehner turned down an invitation to attend the dinner. he also turned down an invitation to ride in air force one to the memorial in tucson. mayors in oakland and san francisco have been invited to the white house for dinner and they will be attending. oakland mayor gene quan and san francisco mayor ed lee are both chinese-americans. they have drawn international media. now we want to let you know in just one week from today, you can catch the ktvu morning news even earlier. we are expanding your news coverage on monday, january 24th the ktvu morning news will start a half hour earlier at
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4:30:00 a.m.. plus you will also be able to catch us on weekend mornings beginning this coming saturday january 22nd. we will be launching mornings on 2 weekend edition anchor by ktvu claudine wong and mike kneeback. that is every saturday and sunday at 5:00 a.m.. you are the woman. >> we are very happy to start. sal, i know you will be watching. >> i'm excited to start at 4:30a.m. every day. gorks everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute. we will be here at 4:30. believe it or not the way traffic patterns are changing and the way people are getting up earlier it doesn't seem as it does. it used to be a time even here there was no one on the road. we know that has changed.
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traffic is moving along westbound bay bridge coming top the toll plaza. that traffic is good. the traffic has been a little bit lighter. there is still a little bit of a backup there. the roadway is completely reopened as we drive from 680 to the benicia bridge. >> i would agree. traffic pattern has changed in the last five to ten years. we have thick fog out there. temperatures are reflective if you can get the fog to burn off. if you can it will be sunny and warm. 40s for many. 46 seems popular. everyone else is close. livermore is the coolest at 44. that is a big dome of high pressure. it's a mountain. it's an everest. it's not going anywhere. hazy sunshine. forecasted highs 50-70. how can you miss that? if it's out toward antioch and
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fairfield it will be in the 50s. so 52 to about 70. morgan hill will go 56. 56 pacifica. it's a really difficult challenging forecast on the highs. less fog decreasing on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. warmer temperatures. not as bad visibility. claudine and dave. time now is 6:20. we have breaking news right now about steve jobs. he issued a letter to apple employees at my request the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so i can focus on my health. i will continue as ceo and be involved in major decisions for the company. now we don't know the reasons for his leave exact health problems. but he did beat pancreatic cancer in 2004. now in other economic news
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the slowly -- not confident enough top add permanent workers. they estimate temporary workers will make up 4% of the total work force by 2014. our time is now 6:21. hollywood award seasons has really started thanks to the golden globe. which one the most trophies and a show that won big. a sewage spill last month in lake tahoe.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. time now 6:24. a review is happening in lake tahoe to determine the amount of raw sewage that spilled when a power outage shut down a suer pump station last month. the district reported that about 61,000 gallons of raw sewage leaked out of a manhole in december. however, one of the specialists with a regional water quality control board says he thinks the sewage spill is closer to 150,000 gallons. the ski resort in lake
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tahoe will get a facelift. the improvements are expected to be made over the next three to five years. we could soon find out more about a plan to bring the winter olympics to lake tahoe. the economic development officials will be holding a briefing this week about a possible bid for the 2022 winter games. that meeting is set for thursday. time now 6:25 the movie based on the rise of facebook was the big winner at the golden globes. the social network won four prizes including best drama. >> and the golden globe goes to social network. >> the film also won for best director, best screen play, and fox hit tv show glee won best tv show and musical. >> i haven't stopped shaking since it happened. and everyone told me the little color i had in my face is gone.
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i was like white. >> still winners at the globe are considered the front runners for the academy awards. some of the notable winners were colin fur. annette being won best actress. and toy story three won best animated film. time now 6:27. you will want to pay extra attention as you drive this morning if you are driving anywhere. it is very foggy right now throughout the bay area. it's already causing problems for this mornings commute. weak listened police chief may -- oakland police chief may be heading to the bay area's largest city.
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good morning, to you. welcome back.
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thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. oakland police chief may soon be heading to the bay area largest city. ktvu kraig debro joins us live from oakland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. the city of san jose has been without a police chief. oaklands chief is one of the finallest for that job. there is no one to talk to this morning. but we hope to talk to somebody later this morning. oakland police spokesperson confirming the information to us late yesterday and the chronicle. the paper saying the oakland police officer association that he was a finalist for the san jose job. the big question is this morning why does bats want out of oakland. he was sworn in a little more than a month ago with great fanfare and expectations. he chose bass over in-house
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candidates. it might be too early to tell. on the year he's been on the job violent crimes in the city has dropped noticeably from 2009 to 2010. homicides,ing visited asoughts, and domestic violence. firearm is one exception. they went up by more than 20%. we will try to talk to more officers this morning and the public. it's a holiday out here so it's slim pickings. we will talk to what it does to the moral of the officers. them having three chiefs in less than three years. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. time now 6:31. a union city bank robbery suspect is due in court tomorrow. police arrested 36-year-old anthony palros and booked him on robbery and conspiracy charges. he's the owner of kingdom clothing store. he was the get away driver in
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that bank robbery. now his alleged accomplice was found dead after a police chase. investigators don't know if he was hit by police gunfire or if he killed himself. the coroner has identified the livermore grandmother and grandson that died in a murder suicide. police found their bodies inside the home. she has been identified as 96- year-old francis robertson. her grandson was 51-year-old david robertson. investigators say david robertson killed his grandmother and turned the gun on himself. he had a history of mental illness and drug abuse. it comings nearly four years after a 17-year-old girl alleged baseball girls gang raped her. she is suing eight team members ranging from negligence to rape. the men reportedly declined to accept their offer to drop the
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case. earlier county da carr made the decision not to file charges in the case. saying there was not enough evidence. the homeowners association for the country club now has a state permit to shoot as many as 75 wild turkeys by march the 1st to controls population. that has angered some of the residents that don't see the birds as a problem. meantime the authorities in san mateo county are warning residents to be on the lookout for a mountain lion. they are urging residents in the area keep a close eye on small kids, avoid hiking or jogging around dawn or dusk and at night because that is when mountain lions are most active. pg&e reportedly admits to spiking pressure on ten other gas lines. that is separate from the one in san bruno.
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the san francisco chronicle investigated and found that utilities spike pressure to the legal limits to be a safe practice. however, peninsula congresswoman jackie spear told the woman that relates to russian roulette. today the american red cross will hold a donation drive. it will be held at several locations in the bay area. a blood mobile will be set up between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at the mind, body, and soul fest. also the red cross blood donation. beginning at noon today the museum in san francisco is offering free admission. the museum features exhibits illustrating how africans migrated all over the world and took their culture with them. government offices, schools, most banks are closed on this martin luther king day
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holiday. bart is running on the saturday schedule. muni is on the regular weekend schedule. ac transit is on the sunday schedule. they are both offering regular weekday service today. a fog advisory is in place across the bay area this morning. if you are heading out on the road be careful. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is live in be knee -- be veiny sha. the chp is trying to determine whether fog played a role. we can tell you that the chp had to shut down the freeway so cal tran can remove the debris from the side of the road. this accident involved only one vehicle. an older model ford bronco with a 20-foot trailer attached.
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the accident that took place around 3:00 this morning blocked both southbound lanes. the driver ran away from the accident after apparently losing control on the curb just before the benicia bridge. they shut down the freeway again at 5:30 for a half hour to clean up what was left on southbound 680. fog may have played a role in this accident but without a drivers statement the chp cannot say for sure. the drivers have noticed the difference. >> this morning the last few days specially in this area there has been a lot of fog. people need to make sure they back off other cars and don't tailgate. >> reporter: there is a dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. this morning. there is an electronic message board. it's warning drivers about the fog. reporting live jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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let's go to sal. >> it's tough driving because of this weather. you should reduce your speed. a lot of people do have the day off. it will be lighter than what you see it. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have breaking news on the peninsula. this is cal train has hit a pedestrian near the burling station near oak grove road. it's one of the crossings in burlinggame in california avenue. the cal tran people already know about it. they have informed the people who are on the train there will be delays. california drive again near oak grove avenue. california drive near oak grove avenue. we do have a crew on the way. expect delays on cal train. let's go back to steve.
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fog is a dig big problem this morning. a very extreme and rare event for sfo. the report fog this thick this time of year is really unusual. it's not only inland areas but around the bay and for some on the coast. and not to worry about any rain. everything continues to go way to the north. a foggy morning will give way to hazy sunshine. tomorrow we will have fog. it looks like it will burn off sooner than mostly sunny. there are signs of a northerly breeze kicking in. i want to say wind but breeze. that might help to burn it off sooner. the 5-10 day outlook is for fog and sun. my bet is no rain. high pressure is here. it doesn't look like it wants to move. 40s. 44 livermore to 49 san jose. only napa airport says cloudy. napa airport has three quarters
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of a mile visibility. santa rosa starting off. forecasted highs today are about as challenging as they can be. for the mere fact our forecast tools we use have no clue. some are saying 70. it's just all over the map. so 40s and 50s with fog. southern california is warm. if you are heading down there not a problem. you can see how everything is as far as storms go, go way to the north. thick fog. hazy sunshine. you can tweet me sp weather if you are encountering weather. there will be more sun and an earlier burnoff as we get to tuesday night and wednesday night. fog or sun by noon. 46 to 56. in the sun it's warm. in the fog it's cold. 50-70. upper 50s and 70s. probably more toward santa clara valley. 60 nevada. 54 vallejo. 60 oakland and san francisco.
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tough call. livermore to pleasantton if that fog doesn't burn off it won't be that warm. 68 to santa cruz. half-moon bay 62. decrease in the fog monday and tuesday. it looks like the fog will be back into the week. time now is 6:39. the martin luther king junior holiday takes on meaning. the way they are being encouraged to honor the legacy. also more drama for the recently fired raiders head coach tom cable. why he is demanding money from his old boss. good morning, 680 sunol traffic is moving along okay if you are driving south. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. as we told you a couple minutes ago. steve jobs of apple is making big news this morning. apple board of director just granted steve jobs a medical leave of absence. we do not know the medical leave problem. we will bring you more on this coming up on mornings on 2. oakland police chief may soon be heading to the bay area largest city. the oakland police department confirms police chief anthony bats is a finalist to become san jose new police chief. and this morning on martin luther king day.
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the 27th annual bay area freedom train will travel from san jose to san francisco. it commemorates dr. king civil rights marchs in alabama. it leaves san jose's station at 9:30. time now 6:43. 25 years ago martin luther kings junior birthday was commemorated as a federal holiday. now it's known as a national day of service. nicole collins is in washington, d.c. with the latest on the evens planned. let's first talk about the mlk memorial being built. how is it progressing? when will it be finished? >> reporter: they are doing well on this. it's about 70% done. construction started a year ago. that is called the stone of hope. it's called the main portions of the memorial. it's in reference to martin luther king junior i have a
6:45 am
dream speech. i can show you how this memorial looks. you're looking here now at what is called the mountain of dispair. that is another main portion that also complete at this complete. several quotes are already engraved. four words very important to martin luther king junior will have used. those are justice, love, hope, and encourage. >> it looks stunning. let's talk about president and first lady. this is a national day of service. last year they served hot food. do you know what they will be doing today? >> reporter: we don't know specifically. in an hour they will begin taking part in another community service project here in washington, d.c.. and you know, you mentioned that this is a day of service. and it is legislatively a day of service. congress did designate this back in 1994. president obama released a statement today encouraging americans across the country to honor the life and legacy of
6:46 am
dr. martin luther king junior by volunteering in their communities. >> thank you. nicole reporting live for us. time now 6:45. flood watches are covering parts of oregon and washington state this morning. heavy rains and rising waters closed down a lot of roads. one death is blamed on the winter storm. and more rain is expected today in that area. we may find out later today why haitis exdictator has returned to haiti. the 59-year-old who arrived with his wife came in from france yesterday where he has been living in exile. he was forced out of office 24 years ago. he was known as baby dock. he ruled haiti with terror and repression. he said he will be holding a news conference today. parents you will want to listen to this story.
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excessive gaming may lead to depression, anxiety and poor grades. that is according to a new study from the american academy of pediatrics. researchers looked at 3,000 of children. they found 9% were addicted to video games. those pathological gainers dis- - gamers displayed higher levels of depression. they recommend that elementary children engage in no more than an hour of gaming. tom cable hopes to recover $120,000 that the raiders penalized him during the last year of his contract. espn is reporting al davis with held money from tom cables paychecks after a dispute last summer. we have checked with cal tran this morning and crews
6:48 am
have cleared a rock slide that was causing delays on highway 50, 20 miles north. two big rocks had slowed down drivers. this is a video from yesterday as the work was under way. drivers who use the posy two will have to find a different route today. cal tran is closing the posy two for maintenance work. it will close tonight and tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. and then it will reopen at 10:30. what is happening with the train crash? >> it happened to be a pedestrian verses a train. a pedestrian was hit and killed on oak grove avenue near california drive. the train crossing there so right now cal train is delayed on this martin luther king day. the volume on cal train a
6:49 am
little bit lighter and so it is on the roads. make sure you know there will be delays on cal train. we don't know if this will effect the freedom train that will be running later on. let's take look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fog is a big issue in the morning commute. traffic is very foggy or the bridge is very foggy. all the bridges expect for the golden gate are under fog advisories. if you are driving to the sunol grade. this is an area that is not foggy. we keep showing it to you. we cannot show you much more. 6:49 let's go to steve. sal, zero visibility for some. we will have temperatures starting off in the upper 40s but the thick fog means a dense fog advisory has been posted. thick fog. a little mist out there too for some. calm, hazy sun. there is hardly any wind at all. there is a come pent of a east to north -- component of an
6:50 am
east foe northeast wind. temperatures in the upper 60s for some. there are signs we can burn this fog off. not looking for any rain. 46 that seems to be the number that most locations are checking in with here. napa is in there. fairfield, concord, hayward, everyone else is closed. fairfield in the 40s and san rafael at 45. 47 santa rosa to start. again, you have to give me five- degree lee way here. if the fog does not burn -- 32 in tahoe. 35 ukiah. 60 already in palm springs. if you're in portland or seattle not for us. thick fog coming back in. once it burns off then it's sunny and warm. there will be more sun tuesday into wednesday. no rain in sight though.
6:51 am
44-50 on the lows with the fog the big story. fog or sun by noon. this afternoon we are looking at 50s to 70s. too slow to burn off. for others it will be very warm. fairfield 52. 54 san rafael. 50 pacifica. 60s for many year. especially in the area where is the fog burns off. for some cool to warm. for others it will be a pattern. the fog comes back by friday. >> 6:51. gm is adding another 25,000 trucks and suvs to a recall list first announced last month. all of the effected vehicles are from the 2011 model year and has an axel pin that could break causing the rear axel to lock up. last month 3,000 were recalled. that number as expanded to nearly 27,000. no crashes have been reported because of this problem but the
6:52 am
owners of the effected vehicles are being contacted. >> san jose airport reports fewer travels in 2010 than the year before. 8.2million used the airport. that trend could be turning in december 3.6% more travelers used san ho sigh than the year before. it was the fourth consecutive month of increased passenger traffic. time now 6:51. we have to tell you the story how one airline kept passengers waiting on the tarmac to make a desperate wish come true. we are hosting the super bowl of healing. that means a drastic change for many businesses. good morning, san mateo bridge. yikes. pretty slow and very low visibility. we'll tell you more about that coming up.
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man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. this year, more than 27,000 children will be diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. their wishes are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at [ flippers slapping
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time now 6:55. the public safety department decided not to consolidate their fire and dispatch centers. the idea was first floated a year ago. the vallejo times harold says they decided that consolidation idea would not be cost efficient. both will look for other ways to streamline their systems. next week the san jose city council will consider a two-
6:56 am
tier pension system for city employees. the largest city in the bay area is anticipating a $2 billion short fall in the pension fund. new employees might have to rely on social security. the super bowl of sailing comes to the san francisco bay in two years but not everyone in the city will celebrate. the americas cup yacht race means 80 businesses along the waterfront will be evicted. the port of san francisco is determining which businesses wi need to go and who will stay. some will have to move by the end of this years. the rest will have to move by the end of next year. a southwest airlines pirate loath is being credited for letting a grandfather to see his grandson for the last time. when he got stuck in a long security line it looked like he was going to miss his flight. he asked to move up but was
6:57 am
told no. dixons wife called the airline and was told no. the pilot decided to wait for 12 minutes which was enough time to make his flight. >> enough said. time now 6:56. let's check in with sal and see what is happening on the roads. sal. >> there is an accident on cal train. train hit a pedestrian near oak grove and california drive. the trains are severely delayed. some have been held. they are single tracking in the area. we do have a crew on the scene. we'll let you know about this straight ahead. let's move along and take a look at westbound 92. if you driving to the bay bridge the same thing goes. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, very low visibility. sfo that's kind of rare. be careful. many locations have a quarter mile or less. 50s for some. mid 60s for others. back to claudine and dave.
6:58 am
coming up on mornings on two the investigation is under way in an overnight homicide. some critical questions need to be answered. we'll have much more on this mornings on an unexpected announcement. make sure you stay with us. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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