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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> k u channel 2 morning news. >> we have dave clark, pam cook. complete bay area news coverage. >> >> the are reason this morning why authorities will be focusing their efforts in the search for a patterson boy. a congresswoman will be appearing in court today. they don't want his trial to be moved out of the area. >> the original fitness guru, a look back at jack lalanne's life. we have complete
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news coverage. >> good morning, welcome to the first k tv u morning news. i'm pam cook, and i want to start with steve paulson with weather. >> lots of sub shine, warm weather -- sunshine, warm weather, but lots of wind. this morning, chilly, but we end up with sunshine. mid to low 60s, not as warm, but upper 60s for some. >> if you are driving on the freeway, i want to warn you that san francisco 1 o 01, there is a -- 101, there is a closure there, there is 80 westbound, 431, let's go back to pam. >> thank you. breaking news in san francisco, a body was found in
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a burning car in the lower district. the body was found at 3:35. this is a photo that we just got in to our news room, this is a interview with the viewer. the crime scene is is set up right now, and we have k tv u is on the scene right now, and we will have the updates at 9:00. >> >> our reporter is in san jose where investigators are planning to search for little rodriguez. they will concentrate their efforts for cardenas in the south bay along the highway 99 corridor.
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the search for the two will continue at the delta canal tomorrow morning. pulling 5 vehicles from the water last week, but none of them were where rod -- none of those were any of the vehicles of rodriguez' last week. a volunteer yesterday, handed out leaflets. he was wrapped from his grandmother's arms sunday night tuesday night. but the grandmother is convinced that he will return.
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>> i suspect that today is the day that my son, my grandson will be here. >> the mother told local authorities that there was a split six months ago mother and the father may have pushed him over the edge. the child abducted this morning is still out there. the case is not closed yet, and of course, we will be continuing to follow the story and updating you throughout the morning. >> stay with us here we have the latest developments in the seampleg for juliani rod rig guz. >> >> there is a morning nightmare, commute nightmare in washington d.c. right now.
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these are the live pictures of the capitol beltway in largo maryland. the south side is shut down because of the water main break due to a crack. traffic has been stopped for several hours. this is in the maryland and washington d.c. area. the search will resume this morning for a missing fisherman who is believed to fall over board in the delta. contra costa county searched with boats and divers on saturday and sunday. 51 year old lee was wearing a life jacket, but it is the type that has to be manuelly operated. >> if he fell over, hit his head, it wouldn't be
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activated. >> we are going to stay positive and hope for the best. >> they said he may have hit an object, a big wave, and it knocked him in to the water. >> police are looking for four gunmen wanted for a home invasion robbery related to drugs in cotati, 9 people bursted in to the home, held people at gun point, and then they ran off with $75 million with marijuana . all of the suspects are from the los angeles area. a bay native that was a physical icon. >> >> jack la lanne died at his
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home. he was 96 years old. >> the exercise guru was well known around the area. and oakland. and the television -- television. and this is occurred with an officer at the oakland school officer. they shot 20 year old brown, and he shoat a school -- shot
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a school officer -- joaquin park. brown was in a stolen car. >> >> police say that she sped away, crashed in to a hoim, and then backed her car in to an officer, and that is when the police officer shot her several times. and we spoke with the girl's mother, and they questioned the officer's use of force. >> there was no reason for the police to shoot her so many times. >> teenager has lost a lot of blood, and is expected to sur
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save. >> if you were in the san jose area, you may have felt an earthquake. this is north of morgan hill, and this is the second time that the shakes were felt this month. >> san jose city officials, police and community members will be holding a emergency meeting tonight, it is in response to a recent response of gang violence. there is much gang related crime, and the meeting is at the action center on santee drive, and there is a -- 22 year old jared rough they are is accused of -- rough they are -- loughner accused of kill canning 19 people.
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the victims and witnesses shouldn't have to make the four hour round trip. the case were moved to phoenix, because one of those killeds was a u.s. district judge in tiewson. ramification of tucson, the president and the ceo of the common wealth club, and gloria did -- duffy, there will be political aggression and gun control. >> the oakland post editor was shot and killed on october 2nd 2007. two face murder charges in the killings. and they ordered daly's murder
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to -- ordered him to stop writing about the convicted murder trials. >> and a major freeway ramp in the east bay is set to reopen in the past three days, they are exciting southbound 880, and they are not able to use the 42nd ramp, and instead, they were directed to the high street. the construction is part of a major retro fit project to replace the high street bridge. right now, it's 4:41, it's the first day of the early start here: and what is the deal? usually there are construction out, and i was driving out, and i saw construction here. it's northbound 101, you can see the crews are there. and they have shut down the 80 split, and it is 101 central
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freeway, and it's northbound 101, and it is only on the deck of the bay view bridge, and you can't use the exit if you will, it's no longer called the felt, and they are if i canning the sand barrels there, and they will be continuing a little while longer. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 480 is in good shape. >> we have a little different pattern, we are losing the off-shore wind. everyone else is calm, light breeze 30 rs and 40s, sanford, river moore, and the -- liver moore. it's trying to come back in to
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the county, the wind that is. and our fair weather erfriend is not going to -- fair weather friend is not going to go anywhere soon. sunny, nice, mild to patchy fogs, breezy at times, the hills, and live in the 60s, it's mid-60s upper 60s, and there may be some fog, just a tinny bit, but it looks like an overall pattern. >> a cruise ship is calling the port of san francisco home, but it may be more than a brief spot for the passengerrers rer -- passengers to stop. >> breaking news happening
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right now. >> uncovering and important local news stories. >> in -- in depth coverage. >> and i will show you the computer -- model and where the rain is. >> >> channel news at 5:00. complete bay area news coverage. >>
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>> the president obama says his main focus will jobs. you can watch it tomorrow, and it starts at 6:00 in the evening, and it will also been on the website at >> now, the packers victory was seen here, yesterday, and they beat their long time rivals, chicago bears. the quarterback and all-a star rogers made a touchdown tackle after the interception. and the win over the new york jets. it's their third time to the super bowl in six years. super bowl 45 is less than 2
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weeks away. >> well, this morning, there is a cruise ship -- docked. don't expect to see any passengers. it's here for repairs. and it left the 45 passengerrers strands for three days. and it is likely to take a few weeks, and the carnivals will be back on track as expected. >> >> good morning, 101, 580, we are off to a good start in those traffic areas, we will tell you more about the morning commute ahead. >>
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>> out of san francisco this morning, we have a live picture of hate and webster. a car just arrived on the seen -- scene, there was a bolt found on the scene. talking with the investigators right now, -- and we will tell you more at 9:00. >> back on dry land this morning after they were
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rescued from sea. the dingy was pulled from the shipped and the rope snapped. >> >> oicers say it is walking right past the front desk and on the highway, the 4 officers were shot, and the ended gunman was killed. and unlike many police departments, they don't have metal detectors. and federal regulators on the
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federal safety commission and it happened in 2003 and 2005. and after exmotion last september and the techniques used their pipelines. this is part of the sang brueno explosion. >> it's 4:51. we will go back to sal. how does it look? >> it looks okay. we have some construction closure, and it is at northbound 101, and it is closed at the 80 split, and it looks like they are going to open it up. northbound 101 is accessible to the eastbound 80 ramp. and you can see it is position now to lift the cones, and they should do so pretty soon. we will be moving along,
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locking at westbound 24, there is no road work opening here. and all of the lanes are opened. 4:52, let's go to steve. we have patchy fog, a quiet pattern, and we have some breeze kicking up in the higher elevations, but it is nothing like saturday fight knight, sunday morning. it s really windy in my castle area. >> 30s 40s, some of thee are mid-40s, san jose, san francisco at 49, a lot of 30s. napa, fairfield, and river mark, and we have lost a lot of wind. that will be taking the edge off of the high. it will not be the upper 70s
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or lower 80s like some, but we have the high pressure that is wanting to hang out in the west coast. sunny, mostly sunny. highs in lows 60s mid-60s for some, and upper 60 for the peninsula. patchy fog, and then it is quiet as we are heading towards thursday and friday. >> the city is testing out new energy efficient ones. >> yukon way, there is 40% more efficient than the rest of the city. the federal stimulus bill was used for the project. if you live in nevada, we want to know your thoughts. post your comments on our
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website. >> mountain lions in wood side. -- part of town that has two sightings. >> awe new -- a new invention that could keep the road safer. >>
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>> welcome back, it's now 4:55. it's the town of woodside, they have had two mountain lion sightings. there was a -- there was one nearby on olive hill lane, and the emergency officials are advising the people not to approach the cats, and to avoid hiking at dawn, dusk or nighttime. >> team mobile has created a new app that will make any cell phone use less if you are
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behind the wheel, it automatically avoids the rings, the alerts, the text messages, during driving. sprint, nextel, and verizon, are all going to be creating the same technology. >> next, we have a group of discoveries as they seen a couple of routine calls. >> the search for the four year old boy, wave -- the wave, the canal in patterson in to the bay area city. >> >>
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live in san francisco where authorities discovered a body inside of a burning car. we'll tell you why a homicide unit is on the way. emergency work. why a san francisco freeway is completely shut down right now. records high on the weekend and no rain in sight. will that continue this week? and why the focus of a search for an abducted boy is moving now to san jose. it's all ahead on


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