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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 24, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a spike in homicides in san jose prompts an emergency met meeting tonight. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new at 10:00, tonight's emergency meeting to get the community involved in stopping the killings. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live now in san jose with the story. lloyd. >> reporter: julie i'm at capital expressway and troy.
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police say this was one of many shots fired at an 18-year-old man who was being chased by gang members. the victim made his way to the front of the restaurant here where he fell. family and friends have set up a memorial. >> they're just targeting innocent people that are just minding their own business. as you can tell, a friend of mine was just riding a bike. he was coming to eat and he didn't make it. >> reporter: hugo guttierrez was caught in the gunfire. >> this is my home right here. i live down the block. i won't be able to feel confidentable with my kids walking down the street. >> reporter: tonight more than 100 people crowded into the neighborhood center to expressway their concerns about the increased gang violence. >> i'm worried about my children. because they're going to grow up in this area and i don't want them to be, i want them to
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be in a safe place. >> reporter: san jose's vice mayor says something is being done. >> we will continue to have more police patrol and more police presence in the area to deter gang members from entering our neighborhood. >> reporter: but san jose's assistant police chief says budget cuts are an issue. >> certainly we're concerned about diminishing resources and the violence going on in the city. >> now more than ever they need the public's help to reduce crime. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. quick action by two san jose police officers resulted in an arrest. we've learned that two officers were near by when they heard the call about the shooting of hugo gutierrez. the officers quickly went to the spot they knew was a gang
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hang out. witnesses then identified the 17-year-old as the shooter. they found a gun discarded near that school. more details now, we asked police in the bay area's three largest cities tonight to provide us with homicide totals so far this year. here's what we learned. san jose police tell us they've had nine homicides, san francisco has had eight, and oakland is at 11. tonight police in concord are investigating a report of a group of teens attacking a disabled man. a half dozen teenage boys surrounded the 23-year-old man and threw stones at him. family members heard him scream about 6:00 and found him outside on the ground of his apartment. the boys road out on bicycles as the family came out. family members are stunned and says the victim is a loving
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person. >> he always helps me with my car, and takes my things. people are so cruel now. he is such a loving person. and the cnn poll found 44% disapprove of president obama's job performance. ken wayne is live now in oakland where he found a similar split as people await tomorrow's nationally televised speech. ken. >> this entertainment area here at jack london square is a ghost town. while the people will talk about the wars, he will probably spend his time on one issue, the economy. signs like this can be found in oakland's jack london square and communities across the area and the nation. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing. >> the president is enjoying an
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approval rating of more than 50% in most polls his highest in months. still some americans have lost faith. >> i have to see more than a speech. maybe action. >> i don't think anything he says is dramatically going to change people's opinions. >> reporter: even someone from the president's hometown told us she feels let down. >> he spent so much time trying to get health care pass. instead of doings some things that he could have done about the jobs and the economy. >> reporter: lawmakers from opponent parties will sit in community. can this political hand holding help things? >> it's symbolic, it's not going to change the agendas. >> reporter: finding common ground on issues such as reducing the nation's staggering deficit. but while they debate, many
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workers continue to struggle. >> i'm not overly confident, no i don't see a big light at the end of the tunnel right now. >> reporter: after this speech, the president heads to wisconsin a state that handed down a big defeat. the president already has his eyes on getting reelected on 2012. ken wayne. the white house invited some of those touched by that shooting in tucson to sit with the first lady during tomorrow's address. intern daniel hernandez rushed to giffords and stopped his speeding. other guests include john and roxana green, the parents of christina greene who was the youngest of the six people killed. giffords's husband mark kelly was also invited but declined saying he wanted to stay by his
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wife's side. also, the owners of the penny ice cream stop. the owners say they intend to fly out to washington, d.c. early tomorrow for that address. you can watch the state of the union address tomorrow live right here on ktvu channel 2. it is set to begin at 6:00 p.m. you will also find full coverage on our website governor jerry brown is reportedly planning to deliver his state of the state address one week from tonight. the sacramento bee reports that brown will focus on his budget plan to close the state budget gap. the man accused of carrying out the tucson shootings appeared in court today where he entered a plea of not guilty. 22-year-old jered lee loughner appeared before the court. witnesses say he smiled when he
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walked into the court and his hair was longer. more charges are expected later. as for the congresswoman herself, the hospital in houston where she is being treated gave no update. doctors say the next update will be given when she is moved to the rehabilitation hospital. this morning a tube was inserted in her head to remove fluids. and >> reporter: this amateur video shows the smoky haze at the moscow airport. as the photographer moves closer you can see lifeless bodies strewn across the floor. the presidents of russia and the united states condemn the violence as an act of
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terrorism. >> we share your sorrow and a resolve to stand with you in our common fight against those who use terrorism for their political goals. >> reporter: investigators say a suicide bomber carried out the attack. a morbid clue, the suspected bombers head found at the scene. afterwards everyone comes into the airport reportedly had to go through metal detectors. shock waves are being felt here at the bay area airports. police tell us they increased security measures here. >> i am all for it. >> there are people that will probably complain, but i wouldn't. >> i think people that want to create problems and havoc are going to find a way to do it. >> reporter: one security airport agreeing saying having ople lined outside the
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terminal to have them go through metal detectors would just create another havoc. clothing all over the bed, papers all over the floor and electronics gone. why this burglary wasn't a priority for police. >> just bring the baby back home. that's all we want and for the baby to come back. and mark tamayo is at work on your forecast, where we'll see the warmest temperatures, tomorrow's forecast in nine minutes. this morning. >> we brought you in-depth coverage.
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oakland major quan spoke at mill college this morning where she told the audience that she wants to reinvent the city. rita lee took in the package and what she found was sounds that the mayor's vision is starting to take shape. >> reporter: the owner of nomaste yoga is already booming. clients are filling up the two classes she offers daily. >> how busy are you since you opened your doors on new year's eve. >> i can't keep up. every day i spend all my day talking to the neighborhood. >> reporter: the owner of silver moon a children's store next door says her business has seen ups and downs but says she has never given up hope on oakland. >> it's been a struggle and a learning experience.
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>> i give you the mayor of oakland gene quan. >> reporter: at mill college today, mayor quan talked about revitalizing oakland. she talked about improving high school graduatuation rate. >> if i am going to stop violence in oakland i can't just do it with cops. >> it's nice to have safe streets to walk on so that you can take your family out and not be worried. here in the lake shore business district. a community activist has ten new business in the area. most are up and running. a few such as a vacant restaurant have planned to open soon. reporting live here in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel two news. the city of oakland today began training a new group of youth outreach workers as part of measure y to put more
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problem solving police officers in the neighborhood. a total of 35 workers are getting training or retraining. there's a heightened sense of concern right now, says mayor quan. >> there's an outbreak of violence between some of the groups and gangs so we want to get more people out on the streets. >> reporter: they will be paired with police officers to get young people off the streets and back in the school or job training. the san francisco coroner told ktvu that they expect to announce the identification of a woman found dead in a vehicle. the flames went as high as two stories and firefighters had a touch time putting it out. >> even after they put out the back end and moved to the front. parts of the trunk reignited.
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the exterior, the back of the vehicle. >> the car was wrapped up and towed away to the crime lab. one witness apparently said he saw a man light a rag on fire, toss it into the vehicle and run away. and investigators plan to continue the search tomorrow for 4-year-old juliani cardenas. >> reporter: today the mother of jose made a plea. >> just bring the baby back home. >> somebody is hiding him out and they need to be looking in the streets. they need to be looking in alleys, you know what i mean and all these towns around here. >> reporter: after a day off
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today, the stanislau police department will continue their search tomorrow in a canal. investigators found tire tracks leading into the canal. >> whether the tires were made into our suspect's vehicle going into the water or another vehicle we still have not located that vehicle. >> reporter: helicopter from the california highway patrol are expecting to assist. here in patterson, a growing community of just over 21,000, the boy's disappearance is the talk of the town. residents have been passing out fliers. >> everything is talking about it, you know just trying to keep your eyes and ears open to try and bring him home. >> we're quick to get together in community to find out how we can help. >> the fliers, i mean just keeping their eyes out, you know. that's really big. >> juliani's mother says she's planning a candlelight vigil for tomorrow evening. in patterson, rob roth.
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and we have posted more of our interview today with the mother at just look for the cardenas tab on the home page. >> the search is now limited to certain areas in the san joaquin area. the stanislaus has downgraded the amber alert to around san jose. investigators say those areas represent the best concentration of jose rodriguez friends and family. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the search of that little boy. we bring you the latest developments on air and online when they happen. san jose police tell us they detained a man tonight for investigation of pointing a laser at pilots. a police helicopter helped track it down after it was hit with a laser. right before that the pilot of a small plane reported a laser strike. the police chopper zeroed in on a house and a man was taken into custody. last week we told you about an
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alarming increase in pilots hit by lasers. a sheriff's deputy shot him with a taser during a scuffle. sheriff's deputies they got deputies say james carl gray got into a scuffle with a deputy when they stunned gray. in 2007, police shot and killed richard desantos when they said he ran at them. patricia desantos said it should have been clear that he was not armed because he was only wearing baggy pants at the
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time. the dow picked up eight points. the nasdaq rose 28. and intel announced it's buying back $10 million of its shares. despite profits, intel shares have suffered because the company has not been successful in making chips for smart phones. general motors sold more vehicles in a foreign market than in the u.s. it sold 2.3 million vehicles in china. that's about 136,000 more than it sold here in america. toyota remains the world's large world auto maker selling more vehicles than gm last year. the temperatures topping the bay area headlines. here's a look at the projected
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low. still upper 30s. san francisco starting out tuesday morning in the mid-40s. you can't see the forecast tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies, patchy fog. temperatures by 6:00 mainly in the 40s like we showed you though, a few upper 30s out there. by lunchtime, by noon hazy sunshine. temperatures beginning to warm back up into the upper 60s. and on track to reach the lower 70s. one of those locations up in the bay and santa rosa. right around 40 degrees by 12:00, 59 an afternoon high of 70 degrees. so warm by tomorrow, i'll break down the timing of that coming up in the five day forecast. dan goodwon, spider dan
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faces a year in jail for a climbing incident. the judge didn't seem impressed, she told the jury, all the issues they needed to resolve is was his stunt a nuisance and did he try to evade police officers. and a woman who reported a crime and she could -- and that could lead to her getting deported.
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a large scale investigation is under way in ohio tonight after a major gas leak sparked more than a dozen fires. one of the town's main gas lines was sending gas back into homes earlier in the day. many of the town's residents had to be evacuated and nearly six homes were destroyed. pearl harbor is about half hour northeast of cleveland. in san jose, tenants of a 16
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unit apartment was evacuated. it happened shortly before three clock -- before 3:00 in the afternoon. the smell of gas filled the air. people were allowed back into their apartments. no one was hurt. imagine being the victim of a crime then facing deportation all because you called police to report the crime. ktvu's david stevenson explains how a change in a new procedure
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arrests victims. >> one in sacramento and one in san francisco. because police weren't sure who's the abuser and who's the victim, they arrested both parties and fingerprinted both party, both of those people are about to be deported. >> reporter: the victims are themselves facing previously existing charges. the issue is gaining national attention after an alleged victim in maryland last november confronted a top i.c.e. official. >> i called the police after a fight with my partner. i thought they would help me, but through this the police turned me over to i.c.e. and now i have a deportation over. >> reporter: secure communities has received more than 30,000 deportable aliens from california. but san francisco sheriff says
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it appears to be discouraging undocumented immigrants from cooperating with police investigations. david stevenson. we are following developing news right now. up next late details on a search going on for a missing elderly woman. and dimming the lights on san francisco streets. how this added measure has a benefit for astronomers.
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we have a developing story tonight out of marin county where a search is on the way for a missing 90-year-old woman who does not speak english. chan was last seen this morning at about 11:00. she is described as a 5-foot
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woman with long hair tied up in a pony tail. her family says they don't believe she has any money or i.d. on her. anyone with information on chang's wear abouts is asked to call police immediately. new tonight, seven calls to 911 about a burglary and seven hours later, an officer finally shows up to investigation. ktvu's healther holmes in live in vallejo where she talked to a burglary victim who is stunned at that response time. heather. >> reporter: frank, so stunned that geana brisby is moving. she and her children arrived from a birthday party to find her windows broken and her home burglarized. that's the time she called police. >> someone robbed my house. >> reporter: house by house,
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the thieves searched for valuables. >> they took my x box. they went through my house. >> reporter: shaking this family's sense of privacy and security. >> i was screaming, i was nervous. >> reporter: and diana brisby would stay that way until 4:30 the next morning. she called vallejo 911. not once, not twice. >> then i said, do you have an officer available to come to my house. no. >> reporter: but seven times. >> we'll have an officer come contact you as soon as we have one available. people are fighting, they have to go to that first. >> reporter: today there are 90 officers on the force with evidence technicians and all but one canine team eliminated. calls in which a person's life was threatened received top priority, other crimes including the the burglary of
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the brisby home come in second. >> that smells danger to me. you are just open for anyone to do anything. >> reporter: vallejo's first two homicide of the year came back to back this last weekend. other crimes are up. frank and julie this report here at the brisby home was the 898th report taken since january 1st. i'm healther holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details for you now, vallejo police told us they have 90 sworn officers for approximately 120,000 residents. that compares to 155 officers before the city declared bankruptcy. they also told us they respond to about 72,000 911 calls per year. vallejo police also identified a man wanted in connection with a homicide overthe weekend. that man is identified as tione hill. the police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. hill is one of two suspects in the killing of 27-year-old
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casey sebela who was found in a ford tempo with a gunshot wound. the second suspect has been captured. the epa and the transportation department want standards to take effect for vehicles built during the 2017 to 2025 model years. the california air resource board had planned to release their own clean air standards by march. and the city is announcing an effort to save money by using dimmers on it's street lights. the technology is up and ready to go in two san jose neighborhoods. >> reporter: you don't notice the high tech experiment in this east san jose neighborhood until you look up. these new led street lights unlike most lights can be
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dimmed. that's possible because of this green chip inside. using automation software they can lower a light's brightness with the click of a mouse. >> when the observatory wants to shoot photos, the city can dim the lights so it doesn't affect the photos. >> reporter: san jose says it's considering dimming lights overnight when traffic is lightest and says it's safe. >> we're not planning to do more than 50%. you can't see the difference in lighting at 50%. your eyes, you can't perceive it. >> this neighbor wants to be sure it can be safe. >> just ask the people how dim they want to get. and be able to visually assess that. >> reporter: funding is a challenge. the city has secured money for
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the first 2,000 lights, there are 60,000 more which need to be replaced. before san jose can start dimming these lights, the city council has to decide which ones to dim during which hours and by how much and they plan to do that in three weeks. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu news. >> after almost four years of moving tons of earth, crews have made mayor progress now on highway 1. finally finishing the excavation. caltrans removed the last of the at week. the excavation began in 2007, since then 314,000 cubic yards of soil, clay and rock have been removed from that mound. the tunnel in san mateo county is set to open to traffic sometime early next year. researchers are offering women yet another reason to
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quit smoking. a new harvard study finds women with any history of smoking have a higher chance of breast cancer than women two don't smoke. the risk rises to 18% for women who started smoking before they had children. sharing your life and even sleeping with your pet can be emotionally beneficial. but researchers at the university of california at davis says it's best to make sure your animal is clean and disease free. a new study documented numerous but rare cases where people contacted bubonic plague or infections from their pets. they advise people to make sure their pets are deworm and kept free of fleas. the brother of a surfer nearly drowned with a big wave at mavericks offered a simple explanation for a wipe out. >> i am working on your warm weather forecast, coming up the spot will hit 70 tomorrow.
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city officials are hoping san francisco will star in more movies and tv shows and they're hoping this card will help.
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we have an update now on a story we first reported over the weekend. friends and coworkers say the body found saturday afternoon near black sand beach in the marin head lands is that of 39- year-old alberto hernandez molina of nevado. his family reported him missing when he didn't return from a fishing trip. molina worked as a chef at dominican university. new at 10:00 tonight. we have heard from the brother of a man who nearly drowned
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while surfing at mavericks. we've highlighted the visit owe to point out the tret and his surfboard flying out away from him. his brother who lives in orange county says tret is not a professional surfer but he's not a rookie either. >> he's surfed around the world so this is not just some guy going out there and paddling out and getting caught up. it's an accident. >> his brother also thanked a photographer on a jet ski and others who rescued tret and got him to shore. tret's parents are at his side at the hospital. both sides on the debate over abortion held rallies in palo alto. opponents of abortion vowed to work for an end to abortion. a counter march was organized by the american association of university women in support of abortion rights. each group walked on separate sides of main street. in washington, d.c. those
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opposed to abortion rallied at the national mall today. more than three dozens lawmakers addressed the group. some talked about how they will restrict tax dollars for abortions. one republican senator compared abortion to the holocaust. former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel took his case to run for mayor to the supreme court today. earlier a lower court ruled he was ineligible because emanuel failed to meet residency to run for mayor. emanuel was the front runner. it seems being vice president can get you out of jury duty. joe biden was dismissed shortly after noon after reporting for his civic duty in his home state of delaware. he said he's no different than
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anyone else. outside of the courthouse he met bo biden who is senator of delaware. in japan, workers began killing more than 400,000 chickens today at a major poultry farm. they are trying to contain an outbreak of bird flu. tests are being done to determine if it is the h5n1 strain which spreads very quickly. roadblocks have also been set up to disinfect cars. this area of japan is the second largest grower of chickens. in an argentina, a woman jumped from the 23rd story of a hotel in buenos aires today and she survived. the 30-year-old woman suffered internal breathing, the cab
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driver had just gotten out of the taxi moments before the impact because he saw a police officer looking up. that fall by the way was estimated at about 330 feet. >> oh goodness, wow. thousands on the chopping block. new at 10:00, the new risk a postoffices slated for closure. mark tamayo tracking more warm weather. the warmest day coming up.
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san francisco is one of the most famous cities in the world. city leaders and business owners city that san fran is -- -- and business owners think the city should be appearing in more movies. >> reporter: san francisco signature scenes are perfect for postcards is why not more
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movies and tv shows. with the legendary movie bullet in its history, the city is now rallied a group of hotels, restaurants and other vendors to offer discounts of 10, 20, even 25% to production companies to encourage them to shoot here. >> they will get these businesses, these crew members into their stores. they will use them. they are also offering themselves up to filming locations so they can make -- >> reporter: near union square tourists said they would like to see the city by the bay on tv and in movies more often. >> i like san francisco, would be a good place to make movies. a lot of different things to see. >> beautiful place, it should be in movies.
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>> reporter: the new fleet is also in the mix. the card is called the scene as in movie scene. a company called contagion will be the first to use it starting next month. this is the premier week for a movie based on the experiences of a bay area priest who performs exorcisms. the film is called the rite. it stars father tomas who traveled to europe to learn how to do exorcisms. >> they will begin to take a reptile look or they will begin
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to quail up in a chair and will begin to look like a snake. >> reporter: the postal service announced today it's looking to close as many as 2,000 stations and branches this year. with the volume of mail down, the postal service says it lost $8.5 billion last year so it may shutter the small stations. that don't process mail or don't have mail carriers. there are several in the bay area. three in oakland, three in san francisco, crews had scheduled to start work today, but heavy equipment didn't arrive on time. workers plan to close the great highway from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day through friday. in the north bay, work did begin today to cut down more than 100 trees along highway 101 between petaluma and
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nevado. the crews are making room for extra lanes. caltrans plans to create fourth lane. an additional southbound lane between rolan boulevard. the road construction is expected to begin this summer and should take about 18 months to complete. the north eastern part of the country is in a really deep freeze tonight. here's an example of just how cold it is. in east village a water main broke. temperatures-- look at that. temperatures are dipping down into minus 30s and the wind chill is making it feel colder. it is so cold amtrak suspended service from new york city to albany today. the broke main froze signals. another snowstorm is expected and it could be a big one.
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of course we have the complete opposite here in the bay area. today was day 11 of our dry weather streak, tomorrow i'm still forecasting more 70s at least throughout parts of the region. right now on storm tracker two, you may have noticed a few high clouds moving through the region. still sticking around down toward livermore and san jose as well. high clouds will continue to be a factor at least through the short term. temperatures from today, most areas from eight to 13 degrees up above the average from today. san francisco topped out 66 degrees. fairfield 64 and san jose in the upper 60s at 68 degrees. the over all weather story is this. for tonight we have partly cloudy skies. tomorrow patchy morning fog. still on the warm side and the extented forecast, a dry weather pattern but changes as we do approach the weekend. so high pressure still in full command of our weather pushing the storm track way up to our north. we have a little bit of an offshore flow developing that's responsible for the warm up but
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we have gusty winds developing especially up above 2,000 feet. breezy hills as we head into your tuesday morning. sunny and warm, this is the temperature range for most of the region from the low 60s to the low 70. here's our forecast model just updated. i'm picking up the high clouds right now. put this into motion into the evening hour, some what of a concern will be patchy dense fog developing from the central valley to the delta as well. look what happens into the afternoon hours, not too much with just partly to mostly sunny skies and into the afternoon temperatures will continue to warm up. tomorrow morning, 7:00 most areas in the 40s to right around 50 degrees with patchy fog out there: by 12:00, 57 to 62 with fair skies and then by mid-afternoon there's the eventual temperature range for most of the area under mostly sunny skies. we're talking about a few 60s and 70s out there. look at santa rosa at 70. san francisco just beautiful at 65 degrees. even a few low 70s down toward
10:51 pm
santa cruz are forecasting 70 and half-moon bay 64. these temperatures will check in at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast, we'll have to keep our eye on the warm up. by saturday we're just talking about upper 50s and lower 60s. i just took a look at the long range model for sunday and there's a little bit of a shift. they're suggesting the possibility of maybe a few showers that would be a change in thinking let's keep an eye on that as we head into the weekend. >> we're. we're getting to the point that we might need it. >> we do. and the new type of iphone that could hit the market as early as next month.
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days of the iphone being available only in black could soon be coming to an end. several technology blogs claim apple will soon be releasing a white phone. best buy internal listing shows that white phone will be in stock as of february 27th. >> then you cover them with a
10:55 pm
case so you can't tell if it's white or black. mark joins us now with the best team in the nba in town and we're not talking about the warriors tonight. >> spurs are the team in oakland. they're just meticulous proficient, they are almost boring. they have eight straight in oakland. david lee was good. tops in fact, 31 points his best output of the season. 12 rebounds to go with it. and the shooting kept them in at high percentage shot. 17-7 run, janobli right in the middle of it. and duncan who went down what
10:56 pm
seems like a knee injury. back and looking healthy. 38-7 record. the super bowl seems like a long way out. we have two full weeks of hiperbely headed our way. and the packers are the early 2.5 point favorites. a couple of weeks of fill time we have. so the biggest story in the nfl today had nothing to do with the two super bowl team. all talk surrounds around jay cutler's knee. he played poorly before getting injured. but even as he was officially diagnosed today with a grade two sprain acl his intestinal fortitude called into question by several of his peers around the league. former raider and jacksonville linebacker twitted, if my knee was hurt, i would not be
10:57 pm
standing on the sidelines. also dalasalle grad and teammate maureen jones drew twitted, when the going gets tough quit. all i'm saying is he can finish the game on a hurt knee. i played a whole season in one. bryan erlocher and his bear teammate says he had no problem with the way cutler handled things. one day the san francisco teams may be back in that super bowl conversation. but for now, probowl game is to suffice. of course corner back nnamdi asomugha is a free agent and shane detckler. that's the sporting life for a
10:58 pm
monday night. >> all right, mark. thank you very much. be sure to join the ktvu morning news now beginning at 4:30 a.m. we'll have the latest on the search for a woman. 90years old in salsalito. good night.
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