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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 25, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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president obama state of the union address asking americans to help move america forward. >> good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. president obama declared the economy his top priority tonight as he set the agenda for his third year in office. tonight state of union address
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acknowledged a different climate. the president wasted little time on calling officials from both sides of the party to get america back to work. >> the stake right now is who doesn't win the next election. after all we just had an election. at stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country or some where else. >> reporter: appearing calm and confident. the president tried to rally the nation by reminding americans of the space raid. the time when the soviet beat the u.s. into space. the president said now is the time to out generate, out educate and out rule the world. the president announced new goals pledging america will be the first to put 10,000
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electric vehicles on the road by 2015 -- 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. the president stressed the importance of education. it wasn't until about 30 minutes into his speech that president obama turned his focus to another issue fore most on many people's minds, the deficit. >> what comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight but whether we can work together tomorrow. >> reporter: the president called for a five year freeze on discretionary government spending, a move that's expected to reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next years. he vowed to veto any legislation containing earmarks. >> every day families sacrifice to live within their mean, they deserve a government that does the same. when it comes to health
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care, the president defended his health care bill. there is opposition to extending health care coverage to 30 million people. he said he was not willing to go back to the days where insurance companies could deny coverage. tomorrow he will head to washington where he will push his agenda. the wisconsin congressman said the debt could lead this country's to ruin. >> we face a crushing burden of debt. the debt will soon eclipse our entire economy and grow to catastrophic levels in the years ahead. >> reporter: at the start of his address, the president address add tucson shooting making a heartfelt reference to the congresswoman who was absent, giffords. >> we're also mindful of the
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empty chair in this chamber and we pray for the health of our colleague and our friend gabby giffords. >> members of congress and guest stood and applauded. giffords watched television for an hour today and tonight there are new reports that she may be moved out of intensive care later this week. many lawmakers broke with traditional and crossed the aisle to sit with members of the opposing party. but will the bipartisan feel last? carol han caught up with today's feat. >> reporter: tonight they didn't always see eye to eye with the president. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: faced with giving the speech before the most
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divided congress, the president gave special attention to the bay area represent is. nancy pelosi no longer sat behind the president but chose to break with tradition and sit next to a republican, she said next to john micah. >> i thought it was a joke because john told me, maybe our bosses should sit together, and i thought, good idea. >> are we gone to in in -- are we going to inovate, are we going to have science. >> president obama was like a good teacher, he told us what we were going to do.
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>> he was very precise. >> reporter: but not everyone agreed with what he said. >> we don't need to expand afghanistan. bring that money home. >> reporter: now senator barbara boxer said obvious we have to tackle the deficit but she said we also have to invest in things like clean energy. she liked the president's idea to take money away from oil subsidies to do just that. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein is not in washington tonight she is recooperating in her home in san francisco after knee surgery. i spoke to her after the speech and she told me, the president's speech was well crafted. but when it come to the nation's debt, she would have liked to hear more specifics. >> he didn't really deal with what is a looming and you know potentially extraordinary difficult problem and that's
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the size of the deficit and the debt. >> feinstein said the president laid out his plan in a way that was easy to understand but didn't go far enough in offering an over all formula to deal with the worsening deficit. we've also been asking voters what they thought about the president's address, their reaction and the one topic they didn't hear the president mention. on you will find clips of the president's address. en at this hour, oakland police are investigating the death of a union leader and former alameda school board member as a homicide. bareford bingham . union members called police. police are not saying how bingham died but they do say
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his body showed signs of trauma. he served on the school board from 1984 to 2002. berry bingham was 54 years old. san francisco police have announced the address of a man in connection with a discovered burned body in a vehicle. he killed her body, then used her car to drive her body to san francisco where it was found in flames. police have not revealed how johnson and herrera were connected. and an emotional candle vigil took place today at the
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home of a 4-year-old missing boy. >> reporter: we're at home of the boy where the emotional vigil was held. candles remain lit on the ground and inside the home at the family of the missing 4- year-old boy remains lost. >> reporter: i thank you for bringing each one of these points of light that are bringing up prayer for juliani. >> reporter: the pouring of support brought tears to the eyes of juliani's mother and grandmother. >> i don't have the words to thank for being so nice to us. >> reporter: juliani's mother told us she does not believe her son will be found in the canal. she believes her ex-boyfriend jose rodriguez is out in the community some where with her son. >> it's getting harder every
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day that goes by. >> the disappearance of juliani if hit close to home for other parents in this community. >> i have a daughter who's the same age. i just want to be here. >> reporter: tabitha cardenas is pregnant with martinez daughter. >> when you come back you can see here. bring juliani back. >> volunteers are handing out these fliers, juliani's mother is asking rodriguez to drop her son off at the nearest hospital, no questions asked. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the sheriff dive team plans to resume his search of the delta canal tomorrow. all day today divers and ground teams stayed busy, they pulled out two more cars a motorcycle
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and a pickup truck. in all nine vehicles have been recovered but not the toyota carolla the suspect was driving. deputies say the search is taking a toll. >> the move is disheartening that we don't have any of the leads. the fact that all of the leads still point to this canal. that the car possibly went into the canal. >> reporter: another large object was found in the canal today. but the dive teams were unable to recover it before it got dark. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will have live reports as investigators continue their search. it was what the man was carrying that made officers draw their weapons. it's a tale of two tech companies, we'll tell you which silican valley business is laying people off and which one plans to hire thousands in the new year. no rain in the forecast but
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right now i'm tracking valley fog. as you know it's going to be around as you wake up tomorrow. i'll show you where.
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we have new information tonight about a deadly police shooting in the south bay. it happened in the foothills east of san jose. it happened in a remote area of santa clara county.
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>> reporter: we're arning at this hour that the man found was in a ravine in the creek. and the search and rescue team had to be called to pull the body out. we have a scene of the house that crime investigators focused on. and that the body was down a ravine the house. >> we heard what was a pop, a pop like a gunshot. >> reporter: after hearing the gunshot, police converged on his neighborhood. news chopper 2 took pictures of this large house. a homeowner called around 12:30 to report that there was a suspicious man on his property carrying unknown weapons. several san jose patrol officers and one sheriff's deputy responded and confronted the man near a creek. >> they approached him down in the ravine and he approached them with an unknown weapon.
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i guess a couple of shots were discharging and fatality wounding the man. >> reporter: at about 8:00 tonight, the sheriff's department which has jurisdiction told us the suspect was holding a knife when a sheriff police officer fired several shots. neighbors say they've had trouble with people driving up to see the views of the santa clara valley or just hanging out here. >> you feel less secure now living up here? >> some what, knowing that's happened today. other than that it's never happened before. >> reporter: police are yet to reveal the name of the suspect killed here or the police officer who fired the fatal shot. above san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco interim police chief says the life sentence hasn'ted down today to a man who killed one of the cities officers was a quote
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very light sentence. officer nick tomasito birco died when a man crashed into his patrol car. patrillo was in a stolen van when he ran about 20 street lights. patrillo addressed birco's family. he cried as he said the death was an accident. he cried when he said he was young and stupid. 40-year-old debra cole is expected to enter a plea to 10 felony bomb charges on monday. a week ago contra costa investigators say they found pipe bombs in a storage locker and in a backpack linked to cole. cole now faces a maximum of 65 years in prison if she's found guilty.
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the jail escapee that led police on a chase pled not guilty in court today. a preliminary hearing is now scheduled for april fourth. lanesworth took an officers taser and fired it at her. now here is the update to a story of a 90-year-old woman who went missing. two people recognized the woman as the woman they saw on the news. chang was walking down the street. >> the walking st't seem desper seemed in good shape, i was like amazed. >> reporter: chang's family says she is no stranger to long journeys. 60 years ago she fled hong kong with her six children on a boat. but now chang says she won't
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take her morning walk alone any time soon. more than 6,000 added jobs, bay area's base google is going on a hiring spree. jana katsuyama reports, google plans to add more people this year than ever before. >> today we saw sweet treats, not on a plate but on the lawn outside google's building 44. a giant cup cake, a claire and a sunday. each for names of android mobile phones systems. today google had more to smile about after they announced they are hiring people. >> as opposed to try to develop it from scratch, a lot of those
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numbers will come from acquisitions they're going to make. >> reporter: the news came after yahoo from sunnyvale announced cuts. 1% of yahoo's 13,600 employees are affected. >> there's still a decent destination site. they have a good news program, good information program going on. but i still think they are struggling with what it is they want to do. >> reporter: as for google, the aggressive hiring could be a bellwether for the economy if other companies follow suit. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. and more details now, google's news sent stocks higher today. at the close a share sold for more than $619 up more than $8. that's an increase of 1.44%.
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last week google reported better than expected earnings. a seaside session on wall street today ended with stocks about where they started. the nasdaq managed to gain less than two points. car dealers in california are hoping for another year like 2010. new car sales rose 13% from if previous year. according to the california new car dealers association, kraár kraá yaps bought 1.3 million new vehicle -- californians bought 1.3 million new vehicles last year. the highest sold car was the honda civic. and temperatures above the average by a good 10, 13 degrees. these are the highs today. 65 in santa rosa. well above the average on the temperatures. a little bit of fog going to show up around the valleys. and i got fog right now in
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santa rosa, we'll have fog in the next hour most likely up in napa. overnight lows on the cool side, most of the fog in the central valley, dense fog advisory from stockton south. tomorrow morning when you do wake up, look for the patchy fog. temperatures in the mid-60s and sunny. most of the temperatures near 70 degrees. the nearest computer model long range we'll look for some range. a woman who died show boarding in lake tahoe was identified as rashika keith of oakland. she died at grand labaca resort. she was sitting on the snow board riding it like a sled but then she somehow got turned around and was facing back ward going down the hill when she crashed into the tour.
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rashika keith had attended uc. two stolen vehicles, one disappears on highway 24. the other crashes. with deadly consequences.
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the price of an education to become an educator could soon become higher here in the united states. the annual fees will be raised by almost $1,000 per year starting this fall. the full board is expected to approve the increase on wednesday. it won't be official until tomorrow but ktvu has learned when a busy san francisco street will undergo a change that will inconvenience drivers for a long time to come. it's a story you will see only on two. a big step in a big subway
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project as sal castaneda reports. >> reporter: this coming monday, crews will begin digging up stockton street to move underground utilities. >> nummi officials say the project will cost just under $1.6 million and be ready for service in 2019. until then there will be tumbling and detours. >> it'll be worth it having more transportation around the city. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. some say the cost and years of
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congestion aren't worth it. >> personal opinion, no. we're not new york city. i mean we're san francisco, we're compact. >> reporter: the work will begin monday right hoer on stockton -- right here on stockton. the best way to avoid the traffic jam is to use public transportation. sal castaneda. next month the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to take up a proposed measure putting new restrictions on handbill distributors. offenders could be fined up to $100. great news tonight about the surfer that nearly drowned while surfing maverick this past weekend. initially tret was in critical condition but today sanford medical center says he is conscious, his vital signs are
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stable and he is expected to recover. tret's parents have been at his side the entire time he's been at the hospital. president obama talks a lot about the future tonight, that's something that is definitely on the minds of some usf students. we'll have a live report. and police pursuit ends in a deadly crash. how a woman who spotted her own stolen car triggered it all.
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remember for all the hits we've taken these last few years, for all the nay sayers predicting our decline, america still has the largest most prosperous economy in the world. we have more reaction now to the president's state of the
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union address. tonight ktvu's ken wayne listened to the speech with a group of bay area college students. ken is live now with how some of them were surprised by what the president included while others were surprised by what he left out, ken -- >> reporter: frank, the university of san francisco is a private jesuit school but even among some of the more conservative students, the president's speech got mostly a favorable review. about 75 students gathered in the university center to hear the president's remarks. education is something that's on their minds and they looked what he had to say. >> as students in the university we know what it's like to take on a debt to become educated so we can go on and work in the world. >> it's a call for more teacher and for more emphasis on having more teachers of the quality in the united states. me being a teacher student here at usf i think that was important. >> reporter: one student was surprised that the president
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mentioned the politic crisis in tenesia. >> we were just talking about that. if the tenesian people would be excited that the united states is now supporting them. >> i wish he would make with the extended clip used in the shooting. i think a lot of people are talking about that. i would like to see a policy where they would ban that. >> reporter: cory cook was on hand for the student viewing party. he says president obama took a page from the clinton play book after he took a beating in his midterm election by pledging to work with republicans. >> other than saying, i position myself separate this them this really was trying to bring people together. trying to bring the two parties together. >> reporter: the president spent a lot of time talking about the future, something that these students are paying a lot of attention to right
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now. live in san francisco, ken wayne. >> has extended clips of tonight's address. just look for the u.s. and world news tab. the first civilian trial for a guantanamo detainee ended today with a life sentence. some 280 other charges were thrown out. galani was once osama bin laden cook and bodyguard and claimed he was tortured by the cia. the so called underwear bombing now has a trial date set for this coming october in detroit. the device failed, mutalub has pleaded not guilty. he is defending himself and argued that he might not have
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enough time to repair. and a road to marin is closed tonight after a man crashed and died. the crash capped a bizarre series of events. ktvu's healther holmes has been talking to investigators about the police chases that span three cities, heather. >> reporter: frank from a major highway, highway 24 to isolated residential streets sirens could be heard blaring today as police pursued two stolen vehicles. they were spotted by the owner. the moraga woman never even knew her truck had even been stolen. that is until she saw it this afternoon near mira mar high near arinda and called police. >> an arinda officer got behind the police and activated the
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lights and siren. some where on camino pablo the officer lost site of that vehicle. >> reporter: late tonight police had still not removed the body as pg & e was working to repair the down line. now strange as it sounds, the same moraga morning most pickup truck was stolen had reported her subaru stolen from outside her home early this morning. she also saw the subaru following her pickup truck. >> the officers lost sight of the vehicle and the chase was abandoned. >> the owner is here, talking to investigators but she says she is just too scared to talk to us on camera on today's wild events. >> i have never heard of anything like that. >> i would go 24 to highway 80
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and back around. >> reporter: and i just checked, drivers still dealing with detours and closures there. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. the first vietnamese america to sit on the council is now vice mayor. as she drew upon her experiences of immigrating to the u.s. when she was 4 years old. >> i would not rest until the thirst for good labor in our city is quench by the realization of the american dream were as vice mayor, nguyen will sit in for the president. he's ruled now for zero years, the violent and deadly classes today to try and overthrow a country's leader.
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and i'm tracking dense fog warning. some fog in santa rosa. will you see fog in your neighborhood? i'll let you know. and americans are falling behind the rest of the world in life expectancy. what we're doing wrong.
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new at 10:00 tonight a 19- year-old man was shot in the back in e 600 block of easlon street in east oakland. officials have not released his condition. police tell us they think he was coming to the aid of a person who was being robbed. the shooter is believed to be on a bmx bicycle and could be linked to another robbery a few blocks away. high school and elementary
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students are taking on a program to keep them invested in school and out of trouble. the program teams up with elementary school students with high school students and police officers. high school student hakeem hayes says he knows what's going on firsthand. >> i lost plenty of friends to street violence and i think it's time to make a change. in news of the world tonight, in egypt violent clashes across the country lasted into the evening in the largest protest yet against the president. people are demanding the end to the president's 30 years of authoritarian rule.
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the protesters were -- the u.s. considers hezbollah a terrorist organization. new video surfaced today of the exact moment that explosion hit that killed 35 people at moscow's busiest airport yesterday. so far no one has stepped forward to say they were behind the bombings, but suspicion has fallen on rebels. putin says says retrobution is critical. and taco bell is facing a lawsuit. the lawsuit claims taco bell
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use as meat mixture that is only 35% meat. barbara boxer and dianne feinstein want to permenantly ban new oil drilling off the california coast. they introduced a bill that would do exactly that. it would also cover oregon and washington and senators from both states are coauthoring a bill. boxers says california's economy relies on a pristine coastline. california's mohabe desert would also pick up additional land. more than a million acres and four off road vehicle areas would be made permanent. zsa zsa gabor says that
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debt is forcing them to sell their mansion. the couple's mansion is on the market for $28 million. we are following some developing news right now. up next what we're hearing about another huge recall. and we're hearing what day will be the warmest and when things will begin to change.
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within the last hour there's word of another massive recall from toyota. toyota says the recall of vehicles will now commence worldwide. in the united states the
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vehicles being recalled are the lexus is and gs models. toyota reported no accidents linked to those recalls. trilochen opoloy wants an exception from a ban. it's impossible to properly fit oberloy for a gas mask with his beards. a startling study today shows despite health care spending americans can expect to die younger than people in other industrialized nations. in this report you will only see on ktvu. bay area research may help you beat the odds. >> reporter: no research shows on average americans can expect to die younger than people than
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any other industrialized country. we found denial. >> my relatives all lived to 90 plus years old. >> i will live a long life. i can only hope. >> reporter: we dug into today's study by the national research council. it shows life expectancy is two years less than for australians. u.s. women four less than japanese and the gap is widening. >> we need to know what their secret. >> i have just quit smoking. i am eating right and exercising. >> reporter: research shows that we are the most obese people in the world. there's a historic trial beginning, to see if physical activity enriches physical. >> you will be able to fight off infections and most if not guilty all of cancer. >> reporter: research could be available in as little as 24 months and could help you and
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your doctor rewrite a prescription for healthy aging and reverse this disturbing trend. health and science editor john fowler. and has more information about that clinical trial at stanford medical center. just look for the web links section on the home page. michael jackson's former doctor pled not guilty today. dr.conrad murray is accused of giving michael jackson a powerful sedative. the judge said today he will hear arguments on that matter on february 7th. backers of college radio station kusf rally today at san francisco's city hall following news last week that the station had been sold. >> who's station? >> our station. the rally came right before the supervisor called to rescind their decision allowing
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the sale of the station. the university sold kusf as part of a $3.7 million deal that transferred ownership of it's frequency to a classical music station. there are now just hours to go until the 27th mac world expo opens at the masconi center. eager spectators registered early to beat the crowds. >> we're up about 25% in preregistered attendance. the show is growing again. >> i love my mac and i love to learn everything i can about it. and i think for me that's what's important. >> mac world organizers say the conference is a great place to find gadgets and accessories for i pads, ipods and iphones the exhibition hall opens to the public on thursday and mac world runs through the weekend.
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he sang with the muppets and with the president. will i-am will be working with apple to see how music can be delivered to tablets. we have no rain to speak of. definitely fog returning in the bay area forecast at least in the inland bay valleys. right now in napa, i have a temperature of 40 degrees. i have a dewpoint of 40 degrees. that gets you fog and that's what we're seeing up toward san helena. the dewpoint is 43. a couple more degrees and fog will form there. fog showing up in many of the usual spots. not beginning to be superthick around the bay but it is in the central valley. a dense fog advisory in the bay right now from sacramento south and it's dense down toward fresno, down to .16 of a mile in several places.
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fog in the valley, next several days the weather headline is dry. there's no rain in the forecast. the high pressure is what's been thickening, that's why there's no rain. that's why there's no fog there. this high pressure drives the stream north that's where it's going to stay the entire week. no rain in the forecast. maybe some rain blows in here saturday and sunday. we have valley fog to contend with. up toward vacaville we'll see the fog. we're already seeing in that direction. we can do one step forward. look at the computer model. here we are at 10 10:00. that's where the computer model says the fog is. you see that finger work it's way up into the delta. napa, fairfield, concord, that's the fog foot fingerprint when you wake up. that's going to slow you down especially inland bay valleys. notice this afternoon it burns off quickly.
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that's some good news there. so most of us will be fog free but these inland valleys and you know who you are you are going to see that fog tomorrow morning. 67 tomorrow once the fog clears in napa. that's a warm day above average. 70 in santa rosa, forecast highs a good 10 degrees above average. not that far from where they were today. we need the rain. i did a check and we are still well over 100% of rainfall average for the bay area and well above water content in the snow and the mountains, it's about time we get some rain in here, not happening this week but i bet you we see something starts to wind up here to the middle of next week. yosemite owani hotel is going to close down for a month. on february 22nd they'll begin major renovations including upgrading the safety system. the $8 million renovation will be funded through a special fee tacked on to products sold at the park. hotel rates though are not expected to rise. coming up next, the bay area hotel that has come in at
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number two on a national list that no hotel wants to be on. , sea ro f t t.. ro fn-opooal..ko gr. i'a n ! ro fe ysexdo..ko gr. llev wt emo?
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oakland's jack london inn has received the dubious ranking of sixth in the country
10:55 pm
in the list of dirtiest. 82% of this them said they would not recommend the jack london inn in jack london square. the complaints were based on a few anonymous disgruntled guest. and mark is here now with sports, we heard a little bit from mike singletary today. >> you know over all we need some football news. football withdraw time for a lot of fans. the senior bowl featuring some of the country's top college always helps us fill a little gap or two. the niners new coach jim harbaugh is not there. it was a great opportunity for most nfl teams to scout players down in mobile alabama. the minnesota vickings have a representative there scoping out some talent. goes by the name of mike singletary who is still getting asked about this past season's catastrophe in san francisco. >> get to a point where you know frustration sets in on both sides. whether it's the 49ers or
10:56 pm
whether it's me, whether it's personnel whoever it is. and you know is you're not going to go to the play offs. you're not going to have the opportunity to do something that hopefully you could have done at the beginning of the season. but you know like i said it's all behind, you move forward and we'll go from there. >> meantime with the warriors lack of first success over the next couple of week, jet lag will not work as an excuse. their longest home stand since the 64-65 season in the way. but they might have to do without the help of curry. the coach smartly addresses the latest injury. >> he was injured earlier in practice. we wanted to be cautious and be
10:57 pm
careful with it. he's likely going to play, more than likely. we'll see how it goes when he wakes up in the morning. all right, not that the outcome was ever on top of the lakers game could be entertaining. check this shot out by lamar odom, when it is going good it is going good. lakers in a run away. look at this slam dunk by shannon brown. maybe not. he missed. even when it's going bad, it's looking good for the lakers because you know what, they win in a rout and all kinds of guys on the sidelines ready to give him a bad time. 120-91 over the jazz. doesn't matter, didn't need that dunk. in his never ending clench for attention, chad-ochocinco says he's going to change his name back to plain old chad johnson. he told the bengals today he's had enough with the ocho thing,
10:58 pm
plans to return to his old name. >> how about chico. >> i get a kick out of him. good guy. >> thank you mark. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night. h
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