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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> a police chases in the east bay in a deadly crash. how the aftermath is still affecting traffic this morning. the search for the missing 4-year-old boy this morning. the new clues that may help track the suspected kidnappers' car. the world has changed. the competition for jobs is real. and this shouldn't discourage us. it should challenge us. >> where president obama is taking his state-of-the-union message today. all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us. it's wednesday, january 26th. i'm pam cook, the time now is 4:30. and let's check with steve. >> morning, pam. if you have clear skies, it will end up being sunny and warming up to upper 60s and 70s. there is fog out there, north bay, east bay, where you can't see across the street. be careful. upper 50s, low 60s in the fog and vallejo, concord, solano county, contra costa county and parts of the north bay and upper 70s and 70s. steve, this is video that we have of the orinda area here where a pickup truck is demolished and slammed into a power pole yesterday and this video shows a scene yesterday,
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but the area is shut down and ktvus claudine wong is at the scene gathering late details and how long it's going to be this way. the scene is active now for hours and hours. in fact, it was active overnight as the investigation continues and that is a good area to avoid. camino pablo at minor road, near the orind gary countrymanry club there on camino pablo. a lot of people use it in the morning. we'll let you know whether or not this is open for a commute and we'll keep an eye on it for you. this is a look at san francisco, northbound 101, approaching the 80 split and that is at the speed limit and there is no road work in san francisco. 4:32, let's go to pam. a search will resume at a central valley canal at 9:00 a.m., looking for clues and the kidnap victim. according to one local report, deputies are investigating a receipt for tires purchased in 2009, by suspect jose rodriguez. the receipt shows the brand of
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tires and that could help investigators match fire tracks found near the canal. yesterday, drivers pulled out two more cars issue a motorcycle and a truck. they located 9 vehicles so far and none have been the vehicles we have been looking for. it's frustrating for them. they don't want to give up. >> deputies say the strongest lead so far is still a witness who said he saw a car go into the canal that matched the description rodriguez's silver toyota corolla. we'll have more on the latest clues and a live report in 30 minutes. [ speaking spanish ] prayers last night for giulani's safe return. more than 100 peopleegating -- gathered in patterson for an emotional candlelight vigil. the mother tells us she doesn't believe her son will be found in that canal and is convinced her ex-boyfriend, jose rodriguez s out in the community somewhere and is
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pleading for him to drop off her little boy at a safe like. and this morning, president obama takes his state-of-the- union address on the road. the president will tour three factories in wisconsin that the white house said would benefit from the type of investment and innovation he called for in his speech last night. the president said it's important for s. to make advancements in education and infrastructure to keep up with the rest of the world. >> sustaining the american dream has never been about standing pat. it's required each generation to sacrifice and struggle and to meet the demands of a new age. now, it's our turn. >> and their response to the speech, republicans disagree with the president and say what is needed is less government spending and not more. >> whether this is stimulous or repackaged as investment, their actions show that they want a federal government that controls too much, taxes too much and spends too much to do
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too much. >> in a show of bipartisanship, more than two dozen lawmakers broke with tradition by sitting with members of the opposite party and that was a move called for following the shootings in tucson, arizona, earlier this month, where six people were killed and congresswoman gabrielle giffords was seriously injured. the president called tag to her empty seat in the chamber and many members of congress were wearing black-and-white ribbons to honor the shooting victims. and will a -- well, a group of college students in san francisco who watched the state- of-the-union address together had their own take on what the president has to say. 75 students gathered at the university of san francisco to watch the speech and the parts of the speech that hit home for them, focussing on education and jobs. college students, we know what it's like to take on a debt to become educated to go on and be in the world.
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>> and this is dahling for more teachers and better -- calling for more teachers and better and that is important. >> one student was surprised the president didn't motion gun control in his speech. given the recent shootings in tucson. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is heading to a new rehabilitation center this morning. her condition improved and that me is is ready for a new round of treatment. she was critically injured when shot in the head outside of the tucson supermarket on january 8th. six people were killed in that shooting and 12 others were injured. in oakland, a search is underway for a suspect and motive in the killing of a prominent union leader. the 64-year-old bingham was a local political director of the sciu, including healthcare workers and government employees. his body was found yesterday
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morning inside his home on henry street. police were notified after two workers went to check up on him and found the car in the driveway and the door to his home ajar. the body shows signs of trauma and they're not saying how he died. >> a sacramento man is under arrest in connection with the body of a woman found inside a burning car in san francisco earlier this week and that suspect is accused of killing 23-year-old vanessa herrera. police say the killing actually took place in sacramento and said he used her car to drive her body where he celt it on fire. herrera was from sacramento and their relationship was not revealed. an overnight fire sent thick smoke into the the skies and started after 1:00 a.m. on alameda avenue. the crews from both were able to quickly control the flames of the empty building which is
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under construction. investigators are still looking for the cause. and this morning, there is another safety issue with hundreds of thousands of toyotas. toyota announced it's recalling 1.7 million cars because of a fuel leak. they are the 2006-2007 lexus gs 30350s, the lexus is 250s from the 2006-2009 model years and the 2006-2008 lexus is 350. dealers will check the fuel systems and fix any potential problems. the time now is 4:38 and we want to go to sal. i'm hearing from everybody. and very foggy. >> and you're going to have trouble seeing. you want to leave the house and take it easy. don't use the high beems. some of the pictures we normally show you won't be able to because of the fog and go to the east shore freeway. and we can see clearly, though, the traffic is moving well and heading to the mcarthur maze
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and that is -- may move around as steve is more thaa happy to tell you and that tends to move around and as the sun comes up and let's move to the toll plaza westbound and that is moving along well and this morning in san jose, northbound 280, traffic is moving nicely downtown. we have thick, dense fog, north bay-east bay and if you enjoyed yesterday's weather and had the sun, it's as nice today. the pattern is not changing. so we start off with thick fog and some mist in there. man, it's zero visibility for some and very foggy and to that valley with hazy sun. by the evening, cool to warm and low 70s with that valley fog. very thick and reduced visibility. i mean zero. parts, i was like like this.
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and about 10 feet. mainly north and east bay, and that is where that is the coming from the 30s and 40s and 52 in san francisco. 48, mountainview and looking for rain, go to seattle and nothing is coming here soon. foggy and then sunny, hazy and windy up in the hills, still gusts to 30 miles an hour and some of the higher elevations and we will have highs anywhere from upper 50s to low 70s, redwood city is in there, oakland, downtown; san francisco, pacifica and morgan hill, not as warm and there is too much of the fog out there and more clouds toward the end of the week and no rain right now. coming up next, thousands of jobs expected at google and that doesn't mean the company will hire more people. and we'll explain. americans are the most obese and inactive people on earth. strong comments from a new
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study. what one stanford professor is doing to reverse the unhealthy trend. good morning, if you're driving anywhere soon, the traffic is moving well on the way to the south bay.
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>> good morning, dense fog
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advisory. it's thick. the north bay and east bay and it's going to be a beautiful day, upper 70s -- 60s, low 70s. today is the start of mac world and with a new home. overnight, the workers were putting the final touches. the event will be opened to the public. and mac world will be in masconi west, and organizers are expecting the biggest crowds ever w. >> we're up about 25% in preregistered attendance and that she is growing again. >> and if you want to see the broader world of products related to the mac or ipod or iphone, mac world is the place to do that. >> it used to be considered the computer equivalent of a star trek convention and is considered a must-see event. the mac world expo runs through side. google announced it will
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expand the workforce this year. the mountain view based company plans to add 6200 jobs around the world. google is looking to expand the new technologies after reporting big profits from online ads last year. the fastest way to do that would be to buy other companies and some analysts say the announcement is worded so that it could mean that google will add the workers through acquisitions and not necessarily by hiring. that announcement came at the same time that yahoo! announced to lay off 150 jobs after laying off 600 workers last month. california state university is expected to approve another fee hike and this is for those looking to become teachers. the proposal calls for a 10% or $1,000 fee hike for the ph.d and education program and that translates to an annual tuition of 10,500 starting this fall. the new fees will be in addition to a 5% tuition hike already in effect for all students this winter and
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another 10% increase taking effect in the fall. today, three bay area mayors are joining other mayors from across california to ask the governor to change his mind. they have a meeting scheduled with governor brown at 2:00 today in sacramento and they want him to reconsider pans to eliminate redevelopment agencies. they say the construction projects support an average of 300,000 jobs in a typical year. the city of san jose has a new vice mayor this morning. councilwoman madison nguyen, she was sworn in yesterday during a ceremony at city hall. and as vice mayor, she will stand in for mayor chuck reid if he's unavailable to fulfill the duties. a new steady shows that life expectancy is down. there is new research in the bay area that may help reverse that trend.
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the study shows that americans can expect to die younger than people in almost any other industrialized country. and that said that we're the most obese and inactive people on earth. one stanford professor is looking to beat the odds and is conducting clinical trials, trying to figure out if low stress, good diet can improve aging immune problems. >> you can feet off most if not all cancers. >> the results could be available in just about two years. our website,, has more information about the clinical trial at stanford medical center. look under the web links section on our home page. and this morning, a group of california highway patrol cadets is honoring state peace officers killed in the line of duty. in just about 30 minutes from now, they will run five miles from the chp academy in sacramento to the california peace officer's memorial near the state capitol is -- that is a tradition for
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cadets before they graduate. thisern morning, vol-- this morning, volunteers in the east bay will count the number of homeless people in contra costa county. the census takes place every two years and that data collected is used to track trends in homelessness and that is to help secure the funds. it will start at noon and continue over a 24-hour period. the preliminary hearing is set for may 2nd for the napa state hospital patient accused of killing a staff member. yesterday, 37-year-old jeff willard massey pleaded not guilty to murder and robbery charges, accused of killing secretary of state wreck technician donna gross on the hospital grounds last october. that attack and others have raised security questions at the mental hospital. a up to hall meeting to discuss worker and patient safety will begin on friday at napa valley college. michael jackson's former doctor pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connect with the pop star's
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death. dr. conrad murray is accused of giving jackson a powerful anesthetic before jackson's death. murray's trial is set to start at the end of march. the judge indicated he may allow television coverage of the trial. 4:48 is the time. if you're joining us, we want to let people know there is a lot of fog out there and there is an update causing traffic problems? >> reporter: this morning, they're on the scene of that deadly crash and that is following a police chase. yesterday's trash kept a series of events and with two vehicles stolen from the same woman. the police say she spotted the stolen subaru hours after it had been taken from her home in moraga and show also saw the pickup truck. she contacted police and began chasing the stolen pickup truck. >> and an orinda officer got
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behind and activated the lights and viren and somewhere -- and siren. somewhere on camino pablo in pursuit, the officer lost sight of the vehicle. >> and that driver then smashed into a power pole and was crushed to death and pg&e crews are working on the repair and claudine wong is at the scene. thank you, sal. a good samaritan shot in the back. what he was trying to do and when where when violence stru that may leave one of san francisco's busiest places with more traffic jams.
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welcome back to the morning news. we're learning more about a fatal officer-involved shooting in the foothills east of san
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jose. that happened yesterday after the police officers, sheriff's deputies and helicopters converged on this home. the home owner should had reported there was a suspicious man on the property. officersen in confronted the suspect in a nearby creek. >> they approached him in the ravine and he approached them with an unknown weapon and i guess a couple of shots were discharged in him and fatally -- the man. >> investigators now tell us the man was carrying a knife but his name has not been released. police say a good samaritan became the target of gun violence on the streets of oakland last night. investigators say that the 19- year-old man was trying to stop a street robbery when a gunman shot him in the back. the victim is now recovering at highland hospital and the gunman made his escape on a bicycle. the police say he might be responsible for another armed holdup in oakland earlier in the evening. and an autopsy will be performed this week of an
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oakland woman killed in a skiing accident. the two-year-old died saturday -- 22-year-old died saturday when she crashed into the ski tower at the resort on the west shore of lake tahoe and she graduated from uc santa cruz last year with a psychology degree and was working at a san francisco hospital and was planning to attend law school. the surfer who nearly drowned in half moon bay over the weekend is doing bitter this morning. he was rushed to the hospital after caught by a 20-foot wave over the weekend at the maverick. he has regained consciousness and is in fair condition. expect traffic jams starting monday where major work begin on the city subway project that will close lanes between oak barrel and ellis. that will connect the t third street car line that will go underground at the interstate 80 skyway and continue through
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chinatown and first, crews must dig up the ground and that is meaning track detours. >> that will be worth it having more transportation around the city. >> the best way to avoid the tieups is to use public transportation. the work is expected to be completed in 2019. and let's check in on the traffic now with sal. >> and right now, traffic is moving around well and this is that look at the commute here in san francisco and on northbound 101 and that is moving around nicely and into san francisco. no major problems on westbound bay bridge approach coming into the city and that is continueing to look good and the morning drive, if you're driving, let's say, out to the east shore freeway, westbound 80 between pinole and richmond,
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and that is a nice drive to the mcarthur maze. at 4:55 and now to steve. >> thank you, sir. the dense fog and that is where that zero visibility is until 11:00 this morning and that is coming from the valley and the delta, car kenez strait, fairfield northeast at 3 and concord north at 6. the visibility is zero for some, and around the yolo causeway. anyone in that direction, napa, 36 and santa rosa, 38; 52 in san francisco and that help is here. -- high pressure is here. 38 to 50 in the morning and with some thick fog and some wind in the hills and that is not at the surface and yes, 58 to 72 and hazy sun and cool to
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run. it will be a foggy, cold pattern for those and to the east and the delta. >> thank you, steve. looking for clues in the search for a little boy. how a store receipt could lead to a break in that case. and a busy road closed for more than 12 hours, the police chase that caused the problems and if the road is close to being cleared in a lyreport coming up -- live report coming up next. black
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>> reporter: good morning. i'm jade hernandez. kidnappers -- investigators turn to the tires of a kidnapper's car for clues. it's the newest lead in the case of the missing patterson boy. we have details coming up. we have fog but if you don't have fog you might be flirting are record highs. also big headaches for some commuters this morning at the scene of a deadly crash. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday january 26th. i'm pam co.


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