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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new information in the search for the missing english teacher. i just spoke with her cousin and i'll tell you about an e- mail she received from her the day she disappeared. a driver plowed into a fire hydrant and left one of san
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francisco's streets a watery mess. for some fog but for others another day of record highs. where do you fall in? weather coming up. and a police chase in oakland ended in a deadly shooting. responders face an added obstacle during that chase. that prompted a separate investigation. the morning news continues. good morning to you. welcome to thursday. it's january 27. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 6:01. check in with steve paulson for a little weather. >> thank you very much. we have dense fog advisory until 10:00 north bay east bay. temperatures 30s, 40s and 50s for lows. yet, san jose, redwood city, mountain view, san mateo, morganhill, half-moon bay, areas to the south will have sunshine and mild warm weather. possible record highs but in that fog 50s or very low 60s. now an update with traffic with
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sal. steve northbound 280 traffic looks pretty good coming into the valley. you might after these last few days be encouraged to get out there sooner rather than later. also this morning we're looking at 680 southbound getting to the grade that looks okay. 6:01 back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning missing english teacher's family is now speaking out about 30 minutes ago ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong talked with her cousin about what has been happening in her cousin's life lately. she's now live with the new information. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, authorities have been racking their brains trying to figure out where debbie could be. her family on the east coast is doing the same thing. and it's both been frustrating and heartbreaking for them. i did just talk to debbie's cousin who lives on the east coast. just within the last hour about what's been going on in her life recently. she's been following the search efforts from there trying to
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follow online to what's going on here. she describes her cousin as bubbly, independent, optimistic and says she's been floored by her disappearance. according to her cousin it's been a tough year with several close family members dying unexpectedly. but through it all her cousin has stayed strong and was her usual self. in the past few months things have gotten more difficult at home. she is married with an 8th grade son. the marriage had been in trouble for at least the past few months. >> i asked her how are you doing and i said some of your e- mails are vague and short. and she said that things weren't looking good. i think she said divorce was coming. and i will call you. and then the next e-mail she told me because i responded i said thank you for responding back to me and get back to me and she said that she would call me. it doesn't surprise me she didn't call me because she's
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very busy. >> reporter: when did that e- mail come? >> wednesday. the last day apparently she left. >> reporter: she never called and linda says she doesn't know what to think. there was some indication that search efforts may be turning to san francisco. police told me that she had talked to a friend about going there but she doesn't know of any specific areas she might go. she did say debbie likes to volunteer time in soup kitchens and had done that in the past over the holidays. so she's wondering if maybe perhaps she ended up at a soup kitchen and in fact she needed more time. but certainly this has been a frustrating and heartbreaking time for this family. we did talk a lot more with her just about some of how she's been handling the recent family deaths that they've had. we'll have more of that for you coming up in our next half hour. live in marin county, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:04. well, this morning the investigation continues into a fatal officer-involved shooting in oakland. this happened late yesterday after a high speed chase ended with a violent crash at 85th
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and san leandro street. investigators say police officers were forced to shoot a man who had threatened them with a gun. police say the man had just come out of a car that police had been chasing through east oakland for more than ten minutes. >> he was armed with two guns. the officer engaged the suspect. he did not follow the officers commands at which time the officers did fire and the suspect has died from his wounds. >> now oakland police have not yet told us the name of the man who was killed. but they did capture a second person who ran out of that car. also we're told that during the chase the oakland police radio system crashed. not clear yet if that radio problem effected the police response. oakland animal services are working to find homes for 33 dogs rescued from horrible conditions. the dogs were found inside a home in east oakland on december 9th. they were living in crates stacked on top of each other. many of the dogs very sick from
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sitting in their own waste. oakland animal services says it's now working to send some of the dogs to oregon and south dakota. the owner is charged with animal cruelty. a warning if you're in napa. someone is going around shooting out car windows with a bb gun. police say 40 parked cars were targeted on monday and tuesday nights. one family tells us windows on two of their cars were shot out during that vandalism spree. and repairing the damage will cost hundreds of dollars for each victim. >> i certainly can't afford $200. but what are you going to do? what are you going to do? >> so far police say they have no suspect information. they are asking neighbors to be on the look out and report any suspicious activity. time now 6:06. just hoursing a another winter storm slammed into the northeast u.s. causing a lot of traffic problems and grounding a lot of flights. ktvu's tara moriarty is at sfo right now with the very latest.
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i know you're talking to some stranded passengers. how is it out there now, tara? >> reporter: well, they're pretty ed. some people have been here spending the night everyone in the airport for the past two days. they are trying to get back east but they have been unable to do so. now there are no canceled flight signs here but the airport duty manager told us earlier this morning that jfk and newark airports are closed. so these folks unfortunately may be told at the last minute they will have to eightieth longer. from midnight until 3:15 this morning nearly 20 flights into sfo were canceled because of bad weather. people trying to get here basically stuck in washington d.c., philadelphia, boston and new york. storm has dumped an icy mix of snow and rain back east hitting hard in d.c., new york, philadelphia and boston and it's taking a toll on passengers. >> yesterday they told us it was delayed until 6:00 p.m. so we left the airport because they said it was going to be canceled. we wouldn't be able to get
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picked up at the airport. so we spent the night. came back here. they got us on a plane, but no one's here to help me. >> reporter: now yesterday there were more delays. about 30 flights to sfo were canceled between 6:00 in the morning and midnight. airport officials say what happens is when the snow is falling at such a fast rate the snowplows can't clear the runways quickly enough. it also takes a lot of time to de-ice the plane. now we just checked the faa website and newark and jfk are still closed. but jfk is expected to reopen in exactly one hour. newark not until 9:00 this morning. so it's definitely a good idea to call ahead, check before you leave to the airport because things change so quickly. right now we're going to check in with sal to see if there are any delays on the roadways. sal. well, tara, in san francisco right now the san francisco water department is on the scene of a fire hydrant that was plowed into by a car. in fact, i think we have video
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of this. they're repairing a fire hydrant that was plowed into by a car at 23rd and mission street a few hours ago. the fire department had to respond to cap the hydrant which created a mess and actually closed mission street. police say the driver took off. probably with big damage to his or her vehicle. muni buses had to be rerouted through the area but are now being let through again. this is 23rd at mission. still could see some delays in that area. live picture of highway 101 now in san francisco northbound. northbound 101 traffic looks good coming in to the downtown area with no major issues. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza trying to get in from the east bay, westbound traffic is moving along very nicely. not a big delay yet. usually about 6:15 though they turn the metering lights on and then you start seeing a bigger they at the toll plaza. and the morning drive in concord and antioch as we look with our maps, antioch getting a lot slower at southbound 680 still good from concord to
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walnut creek. we can't really show you pictures of the area because it is so foggy. 6:09. let's go back to the desk. and so foggy we have a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. for the north bay and east bay. but for many other locations we're in the 30s, 40s and 50s. and coming up in our next segment i'll show you some of those locations in the 30s. today some inland fog. what's new. if you're in that fog and it doesn't burn off until 11:00 or noon you will never climb out of the ooze. for others hazy sunshine. chilly to mild. and then by this afternoon we'll have upper 60s to near 70. hazy sunshine but the fog makes it really cool anywhere near the delta. high pressure's here for another day. looks like it wants to back off. back off around saturday and cool us down as we get to the weekend. south bay santa clara valley. mountain view tied a record high. a record for san jose breaking old mark of 68 in 1934. and 80 down there yesterday for
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a record high. 30s here fairfield, concord, livermore, napa airport now a little breeze has picked up yesterday there were 58 and yet closer to town about 65 to 68. so if you're away from the airport it's much warmer. santa rosa 34. san raphael 34. low to mid-40s on the peninsula. palo alto, men lo park woodside 38. northeast breeze more emphasis on breeze today than wind. it's not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. oakland getting a northeast breeze. that means warmer weather especially once we get going. but the fog advisory takes us until 10:00 innovate bay and east bay and there are times when that visibility is a wall. high pressure is getting attacked here by a couple lows. one spinning another one behind that and it looks like behind the weekend we'll see a cooling trend for everybody. dense fog, hazy sunshine. that fog coming right over the strait and san pablo bay makes for a cold pattern. we'll see a little change as we
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get towards sunday and monday with more clouds and cooler for everyone. foggy, sunny, otherwise light wind. 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees depending on if you have that fog influence. if you do, it's the 50s. if you don't upper 60s to 70s. everyone santa cruz to wattsonville mid-70s. no change friday. cooler saturday. much cooler on sunday under mostly cloudy skies. okay. steve, thank you. time now 6:11. this morning police are investigating a tragic accident that happened on the streets of east oakland. last night a 1-year-old girl was hit and killed by a car on 78th avenue. police say a family member was moving a car. the toddler somehow got out of the house and was run over. the child's body was taken to oakland's highland hospital. the family has already given permission to donate her organs. san jose police are investigating a shooting that injured a 26-year-old man. police arrived at the shooting scene on round table drive at about 7:00 last night but didn't find anyone.
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friends had apparently brought the victim to a nearby hospital, put him in a wheelchair and then left. now that victim is said to be stable. police are investigating the motive and say it's still unclear if the incident is gang- related. religious leaders in san jose will call for community safety to be a top priority when they meet with mayor chuck reed tonight. it's been a violent start to 2011 in san jose with nine homicides in the first three weeks. the leaders are also calling on the city to hire a police chief who will focus on restoring trust between officers and the community. all right. our time now 6:13. it's a system created as a response to 9/11. today homeland security makes a big announcement about the terror threat. the weather versus president obama. who's the boss? a live look at the mess washington d.c. has been dealing with this morning as another big storm hits the northeast.
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good morning. dense fog advisory north bay, east bay. so after that clears if it does you'll still be in the 50s or low mid-60s. but towards the coast, peninsula and south bay lots of hazy sunshine. upper 60s and 70 degrees possible record highs again near san jose. well, we know high pressure's here on the west coast. if you don't have the fog it's sunny and nice. but the northeast got slammed again. in fact they're cleaning up after another snowstorm yesterday. ktvu's carol han is live in washington d.c. even the president had a little tough
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time in that snowy traffic. carol. >> reporter: that's right, steve. but right now it is a winter wonderland here in the district. the city is just starting to come to life. we didn't get hit that badly hit. take a look. we only got maybe about four inches and it's just starting to melt. you can see the sidewalks are clear. the roadways are clear. traffic is just starting to pick up because the federal government is on a two hour delay. real mess and mayhem was in the suburbs. look at what happened last night. commuters got slammed with heavy snow during rush hour. commutes that usually take one hour got stretched into six or seven hours. it got so bad that folks even abandoned their cars and walked away. the horror stories hit close to home. our morning photographer here in d.c. was stuck in traffic for six hours. at 9:30 last night hi simply turned around and came back to the district where he and another photographer crashed at our boss' house.
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even president obama wasn't spared. a 20 minute drive from andrews air force base to the white house turned into an hour long affair as even his motorcade got snarled in traffic. today it is the big dig out. forget about flying out on time. some runways are still closed here in the d.c. area. but the work of the federal government is still going on even though the federal government is on a two hour delay, a hearing that i have been following expected to begin next hour that is still going on as scheduled. so even though mother nature could slow down president obama, it's not slowing the work of the capitol. live in washington, carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you very much. record snow by the way yesterday in new york central park as well. thank you. all right. time now 6:18. in other news in an audio message an al qaeda leader in pakistan says u.s. drone strikes are causing al qaeda to lose territory and fighters.
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that message was intercepted by a u.s. organization that keeps an eye on militant websites. al qaedas leaders are believed to be hiding there. today homeland security secretary will announce the end of the color coded terror alert system in the u.s. the five step color codes range from green to red is going to be phased out by the end of april. a task force found the color code system lost its effectiveness. a new terror alert system will be put in place now. this one will notify specific audiences about specific threats. a new poll shows california voters seem to support governor jerry brown's call for a special election to extend temporary tax increases to help balance the budget. here's the findings of the new poll from the public policy institute of california. 54% of likely voters favor the governor's call for that special election to extend the tax increases. they would provide revenue for
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schools, public safety and other services. 41% said that they oppose extending the tax increases. 5% say they're unsure. state senator lee of san francisco wants an investigation into another threatening racist letter faxed to his office. the letter makes reference to rush limbaugh. it comes after senator yee called on the talk show host to apologize for making fun of the chinese language on his show. >> what we're getting now are these offensive, racist, horrible threats against myself. and i have to say, i'm not going to sit idly by and allow these things to happen. >> now this recent fax is similar to one yee received last april after he raised questions about the fees sarah palin was paid for a speaking engagement at cal state university stanislaus. both contained the same letterhead, a truck with a
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noose attached to it. time now 6:20. in a couple hours cal trans will start cutting down trees along highway 101 making room for a new hov lane. now the trees are between highway 37 and atherton avenue. 105 trees will be cut down. this is the first step in the highway widening project which is expected to take about two years. also this morning cal trans has a heads up for the morning commuters. willow avenue offramp on interstate 80 will be closed for paving work between 7:00 a.m. and noon today. the eastbound i-80 skyway off ramp will be closed from noon to 5:00 p.m. these closures are all part of the project to extend the car pool lane from route 4 to the bridge. 6:21 is the time right now. back over to sal to check in on all the traffic this morning. sal. pam and dave, things are getting a little busier out there as we watch interstate
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680 the grade that traffic moves well heading down south and by the way if you take public transportation i scour twitter and other services to get updates from the tweeters if you know what i mean. so if you take bart or cal train let me know how i'm doing. i'll get you that address in a moment. when i'm thinking more clearly. 880 traffic is moving well in both directions. it's@sal. move along and take a look at the valley. slow traffic now on the allot month pass. if you see that indicater there's a crash northbound 680 coming up near canyon exit. watch for that there. traffic is going to be busy in the antioch area on highway 4. heavy fog and i mean heavy fog this morning driving over to concord. let's go to steve. sal, that's true. a dense fog advisory north bay and east bay. if you would like to tweet me
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sp weather. that should get it right to me by the way. we have fog and for some it's going to be a nice day. for others a cold and foggy day. some cold lows this morning. pleasant all at 39 to name a few. i know san raphael also at 39. there they are. concord, fairfield. santa rosa 34. that's the coldest. livermore 37. low 40s mid-40s for others. hayward 47. pick up an east breeze and that keeps them on the mild side. valley fog quarter mile visibility north bay d outhe weekend. couple lows look like they'll cool us down. chilly morning, lighter wind today 56 to 72 on the highs. some of these highs in the 50s. fog prone areas or more of an easterly breeze. 60s for some up toker 6 0z. low to mid-70s especially towards santa cruz to monterey.
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five day no change friday much cooler into the weekend especially on subbed and monday. okay. time now 6:23. a bizarre drug operation, marijuana literally flying over the u.s.-mexican border. also the reason the canal search for a missing boy has left one couple with a big bill.
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we have breaking news in san jose. there is a house fire with live wires down at 13th and jackson. the house is on fire. some of the power lines are arcing in the area and police have evacuated some of the nearby residents until pg&e can get there to stabilize the situation. this is on 13th street at jackson. it's less than a block away from the park and may be visible from some of the major streets. this is on 13th between taylor and jackson. if you know the area very busy on 13th street and taylor street. good area to avoid right now. all right. thank you, sal. we'll check back in with you in just a bit. mexican authorities uncovered a scheme where drug smugglers used a catapult to fling marijuana over the u.s. border.
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surveillance cameras appear to show drug smugglers trying to launch packages over the border of arizona last friday. 45 pounds of marijuana were seized along with an suv and that catapult device. the suspected smugglers escaped. time now 6:27. the patterson couple we've been telling you about earlier, they're now stuck with a big bill after their stolen car was found in the canal during that police search for the missing 4- year-old. the car was stolen back in november. now since police don't know who stole the car, state law says the couple has to pay the bill. they now owe the towing company more than $3,000. that's more than they say the car is worth. >> end up with nothing and losing more money. >> that truck that we are using is a half million dollar tow truck. it takes a lot to do it. >> now almost a dozen cars have been pulled from the canal since that search for the boy began. make sure you stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage in the search for the
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child. on you'll see a slide show of the cars pulled out of that canal since that search began. well, in just a few hours the fate of dozens of san francisco workers could be set. how it involves one of the world's most famous landmarks. and san francisco becomes the new focus of a search today for a missing teacher. what we've learned in the past hour from a cousin of that missing woman and how it could help investigators.
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again, following the situation in san jose at 13th street near jackson and taylor where a house is on fire, but the situation is more serious because wires are down and they were arcing. so police had to get people out of the area until power crews
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can get on the scene and stabilize the situation again on 13th street near taylor and jackson. busy area of san jose. san jose fire department also on the scene. and that's a good area to stay away from. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. we're obviously following that. good morning. welcome back. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is thursday january 27th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. it is now 6:31. new information this morning about what was going on in the life of the missing english teacher debbie schmitt. let's go to claudine wong who spoke with a member of the family with details. >> reporter: good morning, dave. i just called debbie schmitt again within the past several minutes. i wanted to talk to her about the last e-mail she got from debbie the day debbie disappeared. that e-mail came across 2:25 our time. her cousin lives on the east coast. that e-mail said and i quote "still at home, i'll give you a call, love debbie." that was a couple hours before
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she disappeared. her cousin telling me this morning her heart is just so confused. and really a lot of people are confused at this point trying to figure out what happened to this teacher. searchers combed an area called phoenix lake yesterday where she likes to hike but came up empty. she's a teacher and mother of an eighth grade son. she's in the process of getting a divorce. her cousin says she's been married about 14 years. she's had a tough past several months with several close family members passing away. her cousin says she handled it all with her usual optimism and that makes her disappearance even more confusing. >> when i spoke with her she seemed very strong and optimistic. when we talked on our e-mails when i checked on her so i just wanted to be able to be in contact with her to know that she was going to continue to be
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strong through this. >> reporter: her cousin said she actually exchanges several e-mails with her over the past couple of weeks and really to the day she disappeared. so the big question is what happens now? well, there are some reports that this search could turn to san francisco. i did talk to police about that yesterday and they said a friend had said she mentioned going there. there's no indication of a direct or specific area. so we are trying to contact police to get more information on what their search strategy will be today. we've also talked more to debbie schmitt's cousin about talks about where she would go in case she had time off. she is from new york originally. they talked about what she would do if she had extra time. more on that coming up on mornings on 2. live in marin county, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. more bay area counties begin counting their homeless today, one group in san francisco is criticizing the methods used in the census. volunteers are not supposed to approach or speak to people while conducting their count.
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but homeless advocates say this can lead to people being included who aren't actually homeless. the city's defending the process saying what they do is accurate. marin and san mateo counties will also conduct a count today. preliminary numbers from contra costa county's homeless count show fewer people without a roof over their heads. we were there as volunteers conducted that census yesterday. about 1500 people are living outdoors. that's down about 1900 two years ago. the county has not yet tallied the number of people living in shelters. time now 6:35. today experts will examine the sonar images of the canal in patterson. sheriff deputies announced last night divers are not going back into the murky chilly waters of the canal. they've already pulled elen cars out of the water in the last six days. but not the silver toyota corolla believed to be in that canal that belongs to
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kidnapping suspect jose rodriguez. a public investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion may be discussed today when the newly appointed public utilities commission meets for the first time. a consumer advocacy group along with the san francisco city attorney are calling for the public probe. they say up until now the commission has had only an informal private investigation which has not been disclosed to the public. well, the boat house in golden gate park is one step closer to being overhauled. a finance committee for the san francisco board of supervisors has voted to allow a new mexico firm to take over the operation. the proposed changes include replacing old paddle boats with a new fleet and turning an area reserved for boat repairs into a cafe. the plan now goes to the full board of supervisors for a vote. time now 6:36. in just a couple hours the golden gate bridge board will meet at 10:00 a.m. they'll debate a controversial plan that some of the members are skeptical about a proposal
6:37 am
to eliminate all of the toll takers through the world famous bridge. they say the toll takers are the bridge's good will ambassadors. other members are raising privacy concerns about the electronic system proposed to replace them. supporters say if you get rid of the toll taker jobs, it would save the bridge district millions of dollars. right now it's 6:36. go back over to sal. how's everything look? i know you're following a couple things. >> that's right. we're looking at the commute heating up now, pam and dave. we are seeing more traffic everywhere including the bay bridge. they've turned the metering lights on. you will be waiting about eight to ten minutes especially if you're coming in on 880. that ramp is filling up quickly. once you get on to the bridge it looks good. visibility is good here. but it's not good everywhere. it's very foggy east of the scald cot tunnel. highway 24, highway 4 interstate 680 in the walnut creek san ramon and danville area. let's move along and take a look at san mateo bridge
6:38 am
traffic. that and also the dumbarton bridge looking good over to the peninsula. if you're wondering highway 101 is getting crowded but not stop and go on the peninsula. move along and take a look at the street 13th and jackson. good area to avoid because of a house fire in the area. if you pull back i want to look at the freeways here. looking pretty good. as a matter of fact, we had some earlier slow downs that have kind of gone way. still looking good on the freeways in the south bay. 6:37. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very good morning. fog advisory 10:00 a.m. north bay, east bay. and there's some cold, cold readings there. i'll show you a few in just a second. but if you start off clear, i know it's a little chilly cold but we'll eventually have some upper 60s to 70s. there's a no doubt about it change on the weekendful i'll get to that in a second. high pressure though still our fair weather friend unless you have the fog then you're not very happy. kenwood's 33. sonoma and corp deal ya 36. men lo park, palo alto 38. i've seen about ten readings palo alto and men lo park
6:39 am
around 38 degrees. morgan hills 38. pittsburgh 38 degrees. and if you're in that fog, i mean that's cold. pleasanton 39 degrees. there are some 30s including concord 37 livermore in there as well. fairfield 36. only 52 for a high in fairfield yesterday yet san jose was 70 and a record high santa rosa 34. napa airport 40. livermore -- excuse me san raphael 39. 40s on the peninsula or upper 30s. dense fog advisory takes us until 10:00. north bay east bay comes right back over the bay and heads over towards parts of marin county where it stays cold. couple lows saying i'm going to bump that high out of here. it won't be today or tomorrow but it does look like by saturday and sunday we'll have an across the board cooling trend. foggy for some. sunny, hazy shanachie for others. not so bad closer to the coast. lighter wind. 50s if you're in the fog 60s if you can breakthrough it. mid-60s for some but oakland, hayward upper 60s same for
6:40 am
fremont and mountain view. look at santa cruz 74. san mateo 68. livermore that's closer to the airport if you're in town it will be warmer than that. i think the record high in gill roy is 73. so you might be close today. more of the same friday. then we start a cool down saturday. much cooler with mostly cloudy skies sunday and monday. well, the foreclosure crisis is getting worse in most parts of the country. realty track reports foreclosure activity was up 149% last year. some areas that have been insulated from foreclosures including seattle, houston and chicago saw a growing number of homeowners falling behind on mortgages. qualcomm reports its best quarter ever. the san diego based ship makers earning surged 39% because of growing demand for smart phones and tablets here in the u.s. and around the world. beat analyst expectations.
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time now 6:40. quite a sight this morning in japan. a volcano, one once featured in a classic spy movie, is blowing its top once again. i'm tara moriarty live at sfo where dozens of passengers have been stranded due to a storm back east. we have some good news for you on those cancellations coming up when the morning news continues.
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get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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we're following the situation here in san jose where a house caught on fire. that's bad enough. but then some power lines came down and were actually on fire in the area of 13th and jackson. a good area to avoid. a lot of fire and police response in the area. unfortunately not effecting any of the nearby freeways where we're having a pretty decent commute and seeing a bit of slowing here and there. 13th and jackson near the park good area to avoid as we have a situation with power lines down and a house on fire. >> all right. thanks for the update. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44. this morning an investigation continues into that fatal officer-involved shooting that happened in oakland. police say they were forced to shoot and kill an armed suspect after a high speed chase ended with a violent crash. oakland's police radio system we're told crashed during that chase. in napa police say someone
6:45 am
with a bb gunshot out the windows of 40 cars. this happened monday night and tuesday night. the police search for the suspect continues. and this morning police are investigating a tragic accident. this happened on the streets of east oakland. last night a 1-year-old girl was hit and killed by a car on 78th avenue. investigators say a family member accidentally ran over the baby. another winter storm slammed into the east coast causing traffic problems and grounding flights. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is at sfo this morning with how the weather back east is effecting us here in the bay area. tara. >> reporter: well, we have some really good news for folks if you're headed out the door this morning. most of those cancellations and delays actually have been canceled due to the bad weather back east. now, if we take a look behind us there's the arrival board there. we spoke to airport officials who say that there are only six flights that are canceled now. they are continental flights, nonstops to newark, three
6:46 am
inbound, three outbound. jfk is also reopening in about 15 minutes. newark will reopen at 7:00. now just an hour ago the arrival and departure boards they looked not too great. we had some cancellations there from midnight until 3:15 this morning. nearly 20 flights into sfo were canceled. people trying to get here to sfo have been stuck in d.c., philadelphia, boston and new york. a storm has pummeled the east coast for the past couple days but it's stopped snowing for now and passengers say they are anxious to move on. >> put us up in a hotel yesterday so it wasn't that bad. not that big of an inconvenience. sleeping in a hotel. you know. >> reporter: you got an extra day in san francisco. >> i did. yeah, i did. >> reporter: yesterday there were more delays. about 30 flights to sfo were canceled. a lot of those people were able to get rebooked on other flights. hundreds however were stranded. we actually met some people who
6:47 am
if we come here back live we can show you were camped out on some chairs over here overnight. they were actually from germany and were passing through new york and were unable to do so. that's the latest here live from sfoful tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. time now 6:46. live picture folks look at this. this is lynn, massachusetts. the reason we're looking at this the chopper's flying over this, the roof there just collapsed. look towards the middle of your screen. a roof has collapsed over a garage and two people and a car are stuck underneath all of this. we have very few details. again, these are live pictures flying over this. we believe two people are trapped down there after that garage roof collapsed. this happened just a short time ago. they're trying to get to them. we're hearing the garage is reportedly owned by the greater lynn senior services nonprofit organization. it carries elderly residents to their appointments.
6:48 am
we don't know if any elderly residents are among the two people who may be trapped there. this is a breaking news story from lynn, massachusetts. the snow, the weather back there has caused a roof to collapse down onto a car. and we believe two people are trapped underneath it. a rescue operation is taking place. now we're getting early word they may not be seriously hurt, but they're under there. we wanted to show you this live picture. and you know what we know. we'll get you more details as they're available. well, a japanese volcano is erupting and the ash and lava flow could continue for days. it started erupting yesterday with lava fragments being tossed as high as a mile into the air. now this is the biggest eruption in nearly 52 years. this particular volcano was featured in the james bond movie "you only live twice." i remember that movie. time now 6:48. let's go right back to sal. you're following the commute but you have breaking news this morning. that's right. just want a quick update because our news chopper 2 is
6:49 am
on the scene. i'm looking at one of the monitors you can see. as soon as the chopper gets there we'll show you what's going on at the corner of 13th and jackson. let me sneak a quick look. not there yet. we'll get it there very soon. let's go out and take a look at highway 101 san francisco northbound as you approach the 80 split. that traffic looks okay. the morning commute's beginning to heat up a bit. you can see slow traffic in some of these pictures. what you can't see in some of our pictures because we can't show them to you is heavy fog. it's not foggy here at the bay bridge. backed up for about an eight to ten minute delay but over in the hill you see in the background there very foggy in parts of contra costa county this morning. moving along to one more thing. this is the fire we talked about at 13th and jackson. again, our news chopper 2 is almost there. i see it approaching the san jose airport. should be there any moment now. we'll get back to you right away when we have something. let's go to steve. all right. north bay and east bay will take us until 10:00. if you're in that fog man it's
6:50 am
cold. otherwise i know it's chilly here in the morning. but afternoon highs, peninsula, coast, south bay, actually san francisco it's not too bad at all. today's forecast does have that morning fog. 33 to 48 inland fog otherwise clear. not too many high clouds. mostly clear right now. 48 to 65 by noon. fog or hazy sunshine and by this afternoon this evening 55, yes, 55 to 72. some areas such as vacaville and antioch and fairfield mid- 50s. just too much fog. high pressure's built in. there are though there are some signs of a cool down as we get to the weekend. i mean for everybody. but until then today is very similar to what we had yesterday which means we have a possibility of record highs. 80 degrees. yes. 80. san jose 70 a record high. if you are out and about live downtown or work there man it was warm, it was. mountain view tied a record high almost 70. san jose record back to 1934 by
6:51 am
the way. cold this morning for some. kenwood 33. men lo park and palo alto 38 and woodside 38. morgan hill 38. pittsburgh's 38 and. [ applause ] anton at 39. the northeast breeze is there for some but not all. santa rosa calm in the wind direction. fairfield, napa, concord and oakland all have a hint of a northeast breeze. that's good if you're near the coast. not good if you're in the fog. that keeps the fog and cold conditions going. fog advisory will take us until 10:00. changes though brewing for the weekend as a couple lows come in and try to budge that high out of here. so it will be cooler. noticeably cooler. and we will have some clouds in here today fog starts off for some. it will be sunny. chilly morning. lighter wind today. not nearly the intensity we had in the higher elevations yesterday. but the highs will range from 50s to 70s. in the fog 50s. you can clear that fog low to mid-60s. if you don't start with any fog upper 60s to 70. santa cruz get over there while you can 74 degrees. more of the same on friday.
6:52 am
then we start a cool down saturday. much cooler and turning breezy on sunday, monday. thank you, steve. 6:51 is the time. the last hour the commerce department reports orders for long lasting products fell by 2.5% in december. after most economists predicted orders for items including computers, machinery and appliances would be up at least 1%. this is the fourth drop in five months. checking in on the numbers weekly jobless claims up as well. but the disappointing economic news being offset by really good earnings from caterpillar in particular. that is part of the dow jones. up about 8.5 points right now. facebook users who check into a store or click on a like button could soon see the endorsements on their friends pages as a sponsored story paid for by advertisers. facebook says the new feature will let advertisers promote word of mouth recommendations. so far though there's no way to opt out. all right. time now 6:52. strange story.
6:53 am
a year ago a man wouldn't be in trouble for doing this, but this morning a bay area musician is facing a fine for the way he played his trumpet. and i want to show you news chopper 2 on the way to a fire in san jose where there are some downed power lines. we've been talking about this with sal right back with the very latest on that.
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6:56 am
news chopper 2 coming up on san jose. see little west of smoke. fire department has -- we're getting information they have controlled the fire with downed power lines on 13th street between jackson and taylor. our news chopper 2's just moments away. in fact you can see this area here. i'll let you know more about that in just a few moments. thank you, sal. a trumpet player in santa rosa has become the first person issued a citation for violating the city's new street performer ordinance. the man issued a $25 ticket for playing his trumpet too loudly. the ordinance went into effect late last year. it requires street performers to get a city issued permit to perform on public property. time now 6:56. we told you earlier that we took you live to lynn, massachusetts, where a roof collapsed over a garage trapping two men in a car beneath it. you're looking at a live picture. you see the firefighters there.
6:57 am
we just found out a minuting a they rescued the two trapped men. took about two hours. they used power tools, hand tools to cut through the roof. but the roof collapsed under the weight of the heavy snow in lynn, massachusetts trapping two men. the rescue has taken place. they have the two men out of there. so there's good news to tell you this morning about a very serious situation that happened in lynn, massachusetts, as we look down from the helicopter live. we wanted to bring you the latest update on that. happy to tell you they're out of there safe. good news. well, tomorrow a special package from san jose high school -- a san jose high school will arrive at the international space station. valley christian high school sent a botany experiment as part of the cargo on a japanese rocket launched last friday. 22 students and their advisor created the experiment to determine if plants grow ditchly in low gravity environments like the space station. they are the first high school group to send a science project to space.
6:58 am
>> it's really inspiring to be able to see how much we've been able to do and to realize high schoolers are putting something on the international space station. not something you hear about every day. >> the students say the information they learn will be valuable for long-term space voyages since astronauts won't be able to take all the food they need on a trip to mars, they would have to grow at least some of it on the trip. >> very interesting. time now 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2, a lot to tell you about. an unexpected incident during a global gathering of world leaders. also this morning we are getting new information about the bay area teacher who vanished more than a week ago. and an early morning crash turns a busy bay area street into this. a watery mess. stay right here with us. and coming up on mornings on 2, this breaking news in san jose, a house fire and downed power lines. we are on the scene. we'll have more straight ahead.
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