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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning. on your way to work this morning, you may even counter this, dense fog. we will show you where and for how long. a quiet neighborhood evacuated overnight. the suspicious item that attracted specialists from all over the area. >> and chief anthony batts i out of the run -- is out of the running for san jose's top cop. but why is his future in oakland still uncertain. it's all a head.
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this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you for waking up with us. it is january 28th. friday. i'm pam cook. the weather is supposed to be cooling down a little bit. hello, the worst fog i've seen in a long time for many. it will be cooler today. hazy sunshine, but the fog advisories are out. it's worst today than i've seen anytime this week. you might want to give yourself extra time. the fog being bad means driving will be tough. but right now traffic is looking good on the east shore freeway as you drive out to the toll plaza. this is interstate 880 in oakland. that traffic does move well. well right now, there is dense fog and a dense fog advisory in effect for most of the bay area. we are joined live with a look at what commuters can expect and where the problems are. >> reporter: good morning.
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you can't see much past the toll booths this morning. it's extremely foggy out here. a fog advisory began last night. it's effective until 10:00 this morning. this includes napa, santa rosa, concord, pittsburgh and antioch. it also includes the bay bridge this morning. take a look at what commuters on the bridge are experiencing as they enter san francisco. we're monitoring any problems on the roadway for this friday. but checking in with the california highway patrol. so far, no serious problems. personally, i can tell you that the drive from walnut creek to oakland was extremely slow around 2:30 this morning. that fog lifted just past -- if your commute takes you into that area this morning, be careful. and leave yourself a little extra time and we will keep you posted on where drivers might see the worst of it.
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we are live. emergency crews from across santa mayo county. they arrived to investigate a suspicious container. it was discovered and concerned that the mysterious liquid might be dangerous. firefighters were not taking any chances. teams were called in. >> we found a material that wasn't dangerous, possibly a fertilizers but it shouldn't be where it was. >> reporter: they were at the scene until early this morning. investigators say it could day several days to determine the exact content of that mystery liquid. a bomb squad from travis air force has issued an all clear following an intense situation in a concord
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neighborhood. yesterday, 10 homes were evacuated after they discovered some powerful military explosives. there were four mortars in a pickup truck. they shut down streets and then went door to door. >> we just saw police cars coming in and they started knocking on everybody's doors all around. they were telling us to stay as far as possible as we can away. >> the bomb squad determined there wasn't a risk of any explosion. investigators discovered that a woman living in the home had inadvertently put the explosives inside her truck after clearing out a garage in lafayette. they had been in that home for years. well, oakland police chief anthony batts says he has not been selected for the police chief job in san jose. instead, he says san jose's acting chief chris moore is being offered the position.
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what's not clear now is whether or not batts will remain in oakland. his decision on whether he wants to stay depends on whether he gets the support he needs from city leaders. >> i need to have concrete conversations with my bosses to make sure i fit what they want to do. it's not only a fit for them but it's also a fit for me. i have to know we're in agreement along those lines. >> reporter: he says one major force of frustration is the declining number of officers. when he arrived in 2009, there were 800. now there are 655. well, the man reportedly chosen for the police chief job, chris moore, has been an officer in the city for 29 years. >> i am bringing forward the best candidate for the city of san jose for all the issues that we're facing and in particular at this moment in time. >> in recent years the san jose police department has been criticized by some in the community for aggressive
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policing and racial profiling. some community leaders are expressing disappointment with the choice of an insider. next tuesday, the city council will vote on whether or not to confirm chris moore as the new chief. today the pentagon is announcing a plan on the new law allowing gays to serve openly in the military. the plan will out line the personnel, recruiting and other regulations that must be changed. full implement takes of the new law could begin later this summer. this morning divers return to a canal to search for clues in the kidnapping of 4-year-old juliany cardenas. the location is close to brian wilson -- to where a witness told authorities he saw a car
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go into the water. they say he was snatched by jose rodriguez on january 18th. the search for a missing teacher continues this morning. police went to golden gate park yesterday and showed her picture to homeless people hoping to generate some leads. she vanished last wednesday leaving behind only a thank you note to her class. her family tells us she's going through a divorce but they don't know if that played a role in her disappearance. plans to eliminate toll tears on the golden gate bridge -- if approved 32 toll tears will lose their jobs by late next year. photos will snap cameras of license plates. the plan is expected to save the bridge about $16 million over the next 10 years.
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the bridge board is still trying to figure out what to do about tourists who cross the bridge. time now is 43 7:00. we want to check in with salary. -- check in with sal. highway 680, you will see some fog there. but it's clear on the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze. no major problems this morning if you're driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's very good visibility there, for the most part at the bay bridge. there are some whisks of fog on the bridge as jade mentioned but it's not as bad as in some places. 280 in san jose traffic is moving well. it is very foggy. we do have a pattern change. that will come in on sunday.
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we don't have to or wasy -- have to worry about the first one, but the second one is stronger. the combination of the inland fog and the coastal fog will give us a cooldown. the big story this morning is if you happen ton in the north bay -- happen to be in the north bay or east bay, the the visibility is terrible. i mean, it is bad. this is the worst i've seen it. fairfield, concord, livermore is 35. 39, then low 40s, redwood city. the cities in the upper 40s, though. the second system looks like it will give us a little rain on sunday. the layers of the atmosphere is very dry up above the fog. looks like light rain will make it on sunday. foggy. very foggy. hazy sun. instead of these 70s, we will have a lot of mid-670 -- 60s
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for the peninsula. it's not going to be very warm. fog and cooler weather on saturday. cloudy with light rain developing on sunday. then tuesday clearing and then but not very warm. well, now that the worst of the winter storm is moving out of the east coast, people are trying to get rid of the snow it left behind. snow is still blanketing the ground in new york city. but in new jersey, many people cleared their drive ways and streets by hand. in rhode island, children will not have to go to school today because of the powerful winter storms. you can kind of see what's left of an elementary school building there. the heavy snow piling up caused its roof to collapse yesterday. now luckily the school was closed for a snow day so no one was injured. renewed focus on an important safety tool for
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oakland police officers. how trouble with communication during a police chase is now leading to threats of a lawsuit. plus, after spending several days in the hospital, speculations are put to rest about nelson mandela's health. what we just learned about his condition. good morning. traffic looks good but the fog is moving through the bay area. we will tell you more about that straight ahead.
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good morning. very foggy, north bay, east bay. cool to cold. some 30s and 40s. it will be cooler today. temperatures 60s out of the fog, 50s in it. in he just today -- egypt today, thousands are protestors are clashing with police. police are firing rubber bullets into the crowds t the government has shut down all internet and cell phone services to try to prevent protestors from organizing. police have confiscated cameras from television news crews including cnn. the protestors are requesting that long time president step down. nelson mantle la was
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released from the -- nelson mandela was released from the hospital. we now know he was being treated for arrest -- respiratory infection. 25 years ago today, the challenger crew dies just seconds after liftoff. , those were the final words from the crew. the challenger carrying seven people on board including chris ta mccull low chosen to be the first teacher in space. it's a data many people say they will never forget. >> i had friends that wrote songs about it. it really like impacted us on a psychological level. >> i remember being horrified actually when the news came in. >> nasa will hold a remembrance
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ceremony starting just about an hour from now. a hotel owner is due in court this morning to face arson charges. a 44-year-old owns the hotel on 13th street in oakland. investigators say he tried to hire an arsonist to burn down the building so he could collect insurance money. he faces a possible 10-year jail term if convicted. oakland police chief anthony batts and the mayor are promising to fix a problem with the city's radio system. now, police say radio communications was down during half of that chase. that delayed the medical response, but it's not clear for how long. >> it could be a training issue not just for the officers but our dispatch. but we don't know until we need -- we need the time. >> they have learned that tests
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are being conducted on that radio system. the head of the police union say officers have been complaining about this problem for a long time and they are considering taking legal action against the city. we're getting a better idea of what happened during a shooting at a pete's coffee shop in san jose two weeks ago. police have released a 911 call revealing a chaotic scene. >> oh my god, oh my god. oh my god. >> okay. >> okay. >> ma'am, are you safe? >> yeah, we're in the bathroom. >> okay. >> now the suspected gunman was wayne sanchez. police say he shot her inside the store before turning the gun on himself. at one time he was the primary suspect in the disappearance of the half sister. the charges against him were later dismissed. well, verizon will start taking iphone preorders next
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week. the wireless carrier will accept the orders on its website. verizon says it will only take a limited number of orders, didn't say how many. the verizon version of the iphone 4 will go on sale at apple stores one week later. the professional networking site linked in confirmed it plans an initial public offering. they filed paperwork but the number of shares and the price range have not been determined yet. first-year college students are experiencing more stress than ever. only 52% of freshman say they are in good or above average emotional health. the study shows that women are more likely to be stressed than
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men. the tough job market are some of the contradict -- contributors. jackie spear is hosting a work shop for people who are having a hard time finding a job. the event will focus on mature workers who have been jobless for six months or longer. the today's seminar is already full but she's planning another one for early april. more restaurants could be coming to san francisco's filmore district. the ban was originally designed to prevent too much traffic and to keep other types of businesses from being squeezed out. >> it's an out dated piece of legislation. what's happened in tough economic times, you have retail or other stores shutting down and nothing willing to come in to replace them. >> if full board of supervisors
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will vote on lifting that ban in march. the time is 4:49. bay area drivers illegally taking carpool lanes. but why the chance of the violators getting caught is now getting slimmer. how house plants could help improve airport security.
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in monterey county, another puppy is recovering from a botched surgery by a man posing at a licensed veterinarian. the owner says the puppy was given a faulty ear and tail cropping by a man who is accused of disfiguring three
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other puppies. a $3,500 reward is now being offered for information leading to his arrest. an eco friendly service launched ---- launches today. the airport flier is a free service that runs daily. customers can park for free up to seven days and cash the new green buses to the airport. well, you may have done it yourself to avoid traffic jams. more and more bay area drivers are using freeway carpool lanes illegally. they face hefty fines, nearly $400, but many drivers know it's a tough law to enforce in these days of budget cut backs. >> there's 12 of us working the entire county today. just the shear volume of drivers, there's no way we can get everything. >> they say hi way crashes,
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impaired drivers and speeding takes priority. but officers still stress that drivers need to take the laws very seriously. today is the last friday of the month and that means it is critical mass in san francisco. buy sick lifts' gather tonight. as usual they are not releasing their route, but they will likely cause some traffic backups. all right. speaking of traffic, let's check in with sal. any other problems other than fog? >> that seems to be the biggest one, pam. let's go outside. i want to show you that traffic at the toll plaza, while it's not foggy, the fog may move in as s -- as the sun comes up. we're looking at the san mateo
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bridge. not foggy here yet. it's not as clear as it has been in this area the last go days. we will let steve tell you about the fog. san jose looks good. at 454, let's go to steve. we do have fog today on the coast, which is a little twist. and san jose, i was just looking at the web camera from the outstanding department down there, and for the first time this week there is fog forming in san jose. it's scary for part of the north bay and also the east bay. watch out. you can see a weak little system. the dense fog coming back over from the delta is super thick, super thick. visibility is terrible. 40, palo alto. 49, san francisco. oakland is 47. believe it or not, now, seriously, hold on, it looks like rain sunday, which is a
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twist. because we haven't had any rain since the 13th of this month. the one behind that, the middle of your screen, that's going to spread clouds and the cooling trend over the weekend. we have dense fog with cooling. it will still be sunny and hazy and not as warm. sunday, looks like light rain. the atmosphere is not -- needs a little juicing up but it will get there. today, foggy. i mean today looks like more locations, not just north bay and east bay. the thickest fog is there so far. cooler for all today. 50s and 60s. say goodbye to those 70s. even cooler down towards monterey. does look like cloudy and rain on sunday. >> thank you. well house plants could eventually serve as bond
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detectors -- bomb detectors. plants can respond to small amounts of explosives because they are more sensitive than a guy's nose. >> our plants can detect that. >> now the plants apparently detect it by turning the -- the leaves turn white. genetic tweaking, they could signal other dangers. well, walking through a bart station could be a different experience. the plan moving forward. oakland's police chief may not be moving to san jose, but that does not mean he's staying in oakland.
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good morning, why a small container prompted a big emergency response overnight in pacifica. good morning, traffic will be effected by poor visibility all over the


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