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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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e ysexdo llev wt emo? breaking news. a body is found and authorities say it matches the description of a missing 4-year-old patterson boy. a live update -- ahead. >> reporter: san jose's city council is picking a new police chief. we'll have the very latest details for you -- coming up. 250,000. the civil protest in egypt that's reached a massive peak and what the president just announced moments ago. those stories and more -- next on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
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good afternoon. we have breaking news to report from the central valley this noontime. a child's body has been found in a canal. though the body has not been identified, there's word that it matches the description of a 4-year-old patterson boy kidnapped two weeks ago. jade hernandez has learned who spotted the body and where it was found. jade? >> reporter: well, that's right. this story unfolded in a way no one wanted it to. the amber alert issued two weeks ago was supposed to bring little juliani cardenas home, instead it led to a recovery effort of the delta canal. a man noticed the body in the water, found 30 miles near patterson. the clothing and description of boy in the amber alert does match the body found. just 30 minutes ago, i spoke to the stanislaus county deputy
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sheriff. >> it's a saddening to -- it's a saddening that he was -- sad ending to this. we were hoping he was somewhere else. >> reporter: this discovery comes 1 days after juliani cardenas went miss -- 14 days after juliani cardenas went missing. one website led them to the canal and divers went down. stolen cars were pulled. finally, last friday, the car authorities were looking for, the white 2003 toyota corolla that matches the description of the vehicle driven by jose rodriquez. the witnesses say he saw the car going into the canal a week after the little boy was ripped from his grandmother -- grandmother's arms. >> not surprising.
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we have had past experiences where bodies have gone downstream several miles. >> reporter: there is a news conference going on right now at patterson city hall. let's listen. >> and clothing description matches that of our kidnapping victim. at this point we want to offer our deepest condolences to the cardenas family, for this tragic case. this is a very difficult time for them, a very difficult time for everyone in the community who has worked on this case. our teams have worked tirelessly to try to bring little juliani cardenas hone alive. as we previously -- home alive. as we previously shared with you, we want to make sure that -- that -- out of respect for
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the cardenas family, that we remember we've lost the life of a little boy. this investigation continues. this is the homicide investigation. it's an ongoing investigation. we have issued a warrant for the arrest for jose rodriquez. even though we still believe that jose is in the canal as well, we're going to treat this case as a homicide and in the course and scope of that investigation, the issue of the warrant is proper. we will continue this investigation until we find jose rodriquez. but right now, again, we want to make sure that we do everything as a community to support tabitha -- tabitha and the boy's grandmother. positive identification will be made through dna and other procedures that we normally apply in these cases at our
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coroner's division. >> i would like to thank a moment to recognize and thank the people standing here with me. to my left, patterson's mayor. the city of patterson has been overwhelmingly supportive in their efforts, the community members have been side by side with us in this case in the efforts to find little juliani. and chief tori hughes. she and her team have worked tirelessly in this case. and even though we didn't end with a positive result, the team worked with collaboration -- the teamwork with collaboration, all helped us locate and bring some closure in this case. to the chief's right our fbi
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representative todd irigiana. iary appreciate very much the -- i appreciate very much the effort that the fbi has provided us in this investigation. and the merced sheriff avenue department, the california department of justice, certainly the -- the san luis and delta-mendota authority. and many, many others, all of you that have helped us get the word out, the minute we put out the amber alert and got get the word out -- and get the word out. i appreciate all of the efforts to try to bring juliani cardenas home. at this point i'm happy to answer your questions. i'm sorry? [the question is inaudible ] >> my understanding is -- the
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victim advocate is with tabitha. i'm shot sure where she is at at this moment. dna results take several weeks, certainly not like you see on television. we'll send had off to the department of justice. we'll ask them to rush that and get it back to us. but i could say cautiously two to three weeks. >> no doubt in your mind this is the juliani cardenas? >> based on the description of the kidnapping victim, no. [inaudible] >> as many cars as we pulled out of the canal and as much debris as we have found, yes, very likely, he could have been hung up somewhere before we
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found him -- him today. and remember, we thought it would be about two weeks, ten days because of the condition of the water, the temperature of the water as well as the design and construction of the canal along with all of the debris that we found along the way. it is an open section of the canal. the water authority was out doing their normal operations and duties this morning when they saw the body of a child floating in the water. again, this is near the delta- mendota canal, where mack cane road crosses interstate 5 -- where mcmaybe road crosses -- mccabe road crosses interstate
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5. again, this is an ongoing investigation. [the question is inaudible ] >> yes. all of our evidence and our witnesses' statements, which are corroborated by that evidence, leads us to believe that jose rodriquez is probably also in the canal but until we recover him, we're gonna continue to -- we're gonna continue with it as a homicide investigation, issue a warrant for his arrest, just like we would any other type of criminal investigation. >> what's the name of the street near i-51234. >> mccabe. you've been love listening live -- listening live, talking about the discovery of the young child's body in the
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canal. the clothing and description offers that of the missing boy. he offered his deepest condolences. etch said this is a -- he said this is an ongoing investigation. they have no idea about jose -- about jose rodriquez. they believe he's in the canal too. on january 818th -- on january 8th, jose rodriquez stole the boy from his grandmother's arms. he drove and stopped to a gas station and buy some beer. after that, a witness saw him pull into the water. we will continue to follow this story on the air and online at the website also has more background on this case. turning to other local
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news. the city manager and the entire city council are meeting behind bars to officially make the choice of the next police chief. christen kafton joins us live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. a lot of political weight here. you can see the podium is set up. in about an hour and a half, there will be a news conference held right here to announce the results of their findings. they will vote whether to make chris moose, the new chief staff. >> i tell you what, it concerns me greatly about what we're facing in the upcoming potential year. the potential existence. if you have -- >> reporter: moore's likely
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approval by the city council has not been without controversy. anthony batts was also under consideration for the job. batts was considered to be the better choice. but the city manager's office has decided moore is the better option. now the community groups say the city is making a closed- door decision and the city living in san jose don't know how they arrived at her decision. >> this is not an indication of a transparent city. >> reporter: moore has served the intrim chief since rob davis stepped down. now, maureen naylor will be at that news conference at 1:0. we'll have the latist for you -- 1:30. we'll have the latest for you on the news at 5:00. two officers with the san
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jose police department are in the spotlight today. the police officers association is recognizing the pair for their involvement in the arrest of several gang members. last december. >> it feels great to be recognized by my piers, by the p.o.a., the chief, really an honor. >> officers say they confronted suspects and believe they were moment away from carrying out a drive-by shooting. >> we were patrolling the area. it's a known gang neighborhood to everybody who works the area. just stopped some people who cut us off as we were just kind of driving through the neighborhood. >> reporter: he says a man and the -- on the passenger side was covered in gang tattoos and was armed. he could not reveal any details
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about why he was -- the intent after that. why a is up wants to -- supervisor a wants to get rid of the yellow pages.
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just in, egyptian television says hosni mubarak will make an important speech shortly after 250,000 gathered and demand his ouster. they have set friday as the deadline for hosni mubarak to step down. after a week of violent demonstrations, this protest was more family oriented with men, women and children voicing their opinions and standing firm in their demands for a new government. >> we're not gonna leave this square until hosni mubarak
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leaves egypt, as soon as possible. >> i hope by the end of the day we see changes. >> protesters set up their own checkpoints to mixture no one brought in weapons and the military -- to make sure no one in weapons and the military promised no retaliation. >> john kerry called upon the people -- hosni mubarak. >> i believe it's upon hosni mubarak to help transform this moment into the new egypt. >> in the meantime, kay rowe airport is still jammed with foreigners. the u.s. state department said they evacuated 1200 americans yesterday and expects to transform another 1400 more in the coming days. a big storm is intensifying. the storm is bringing snow, heavy, freezing rain, and
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creating blizzard-like conditions in some parts like chicago. there's tornado warnings in other parts of the state. it's not a good day to flight today. 6,000 cancellations have been logged, by midday today. more cancellations expected tomorrow. flights from st. louis, n ew york, chicago, and boston here were cancelled. flights from all three bay area airports are grounded or experiencing delays. check with your airline, especially if you are going to an area affected by the snowstorm. here in the bay, sunny and mild. later today, the headliner may be the wind. take a look at what's going on. light winds out there. fairfield and vacaville, 15 miles per hour reported and we're looking at gusts reaching nearly 25 in that area, through
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the delta as well as the carquinez strait. our bay area hills could see 35, 0-mile-per-hour winds. and concord, antioch, maybe down to fremont could get gusty as wells. winds are generally light. notice by 5:00, 6:00, the winds begin to increase. 13-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco and then as we move to the evening hours right around santa rosa and napa, even retching 20 and 22 miles per hour and the winds are expected to continue throughout the -- throughout the evening hours. satellite view showing you this ridge over the pacific. this high pressure over the great basin is bricking us offshore winds -- bricking brick -- bringing us offshore winds. we're sitting in the 50s and low 60s. take a look here. 62 in hayward for the
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afternoon. 62 in oakland, mid-60s santa rosa. so far the afternoon, we are going to be mild. we're going to be dry. in fact the next five days looking mild an dry. even warm at times. overnight lows will continue to be cool. with the winds i guess on the flip side i guess we could see more fog out there. it could be awfully breezy windy tonight. >> thank you, rosemary. >> sure. still ahead -- it's been confirmed by the sheriff that the body found in the canal has -- canal is that of juliani cardenas.
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we want to update you now on our top story. a body of a young boy was found in the delta-mendota canal. jade hernandez has more details. >> it's the discovery authorities were convinced evidence pointed -- pointed to but it's not what anyone wanted to hear. the end to the amber alert did not end in happily for juliani cardenas. a press conference at patterson city hall is just wrapping up. we watched live as the stanislaus county sheriff describe how the body of the 4-
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year-old was found around 7:0 this morning, in merced county. they say -- they say the little boy was abducted from his grandmother's arms and by -- by hoe hey rodriquez. >> based on the clothing description, we're going to treat this case as a homicide and in the course and scope of that investigation, the isiahance of a warrant is -- issuance of a warrant is proper. >> rodriquez 'body has not been -- rodriquez's body has not been recovered. both windows in the back were rolled down. back to you. we have news cruise in patterson and at -- news crews
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in pattersonant at the canal. we'll have more of this on our next newscast at 5:00. and we're keeping track of the big snowstorm backseat. also, san francisco could become the first city in the nation to ban the unsolicittied distribution of the yellow pages. the city's board of supervisors is meeting right now to discuss such a measure. david chu says unwanted phone books needlessly fill you the city's landfill. under his plan, the yellow pages could be fined $500 for each unwanted phone book to deliver. something the company opposes. >> with 12 billion references earner which in the u.s. and with americans still using it, asking to have it taken away is
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unfair. we've just gotten confirmation that s an jose'sty -- san jose city council has confirmed that chris moore has been confirmed as san jose's new, full-time police chief. that and more coming up at 5:00. thanks for watching.
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