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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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who's in patterson, where people are heartbroken. >> reporter: we're just outside of city hall, in about an hour the roads around city hall will be blocked to traffic. so members of the community can gather and grieve. this after the sheriff confirmed the worse fears of many. stanislaus sheriff said of the child's body found this morning in the delta mendota canal that it was no doubt cardenas. >> based on the physical description and the clothing description which matches that provided us to of our kidnapping victim. >> reporter: many in patterson had become close to this case, today's news was difficult to take. >> i didn't think this was going to be the outcome. >> reporter: at the family home an ambulance could be seen leaving.
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a witness spotted rodriguez' car go into the delta mendota canal go into the canal 45 minutes after the abduction. >> the car being found was a shock. but we still held on that they weren't in the canal. we stood on our faith and for the love of juliani. >> reporter: with juliani's body now found. the sheriff says this is a homicide case and a warrant has been issued for rodriguez. perhaps a formality as he too is believed dead. >> all of our evidence and our witnesses statements which are corroborated by that statement leads us to believe that rodriguez is probably also in the canal. >> reporter: this is a story that has touched so many in the town of patterson. in an hour they will start to gather out of the plaza, outside of city hall and we will stay here the live and
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bring that story to you. in patterson, ken pritchett, ktvu news. now from ken lets go to robert handa who's been out in the canal where the body was found. robert you spoke to who first saw the body. >> reporter: we have not seen any indication for the search of rodriguez. but people are still reeling on what happened this morning in the canal. an water authority worker spotted the body while checking the meters. the canal winds through the central valley to mendota. >> they found him right here. i was just amazed because i always walk through here. >> what's your reaction? >> it's really sad for the family, you know. i never thought he was going to end up all the way over here. >> reporter: according to some
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water authority employees, the man who found the body is matt silva who we are told flagged down a body. both men left work distraught after the ordeal. >> it was very emotional for the employees of the water authority this morning. it's very difficult to find the body of a child and have to remove that child from the canal. >> reporter: a lot of people here were stunned to hear about a body being found. but they were not surprised on how it was discovered. they say you only have to look at how far and wide the canal stretches to understand why a search would be so difficult. >> this water runs at about four to 50 5 miles per hour. it goes fast. it's dirty -- it's dirty underneath, it's really dirty. >> reporter: they acknowledged they are keeping an eye out for anything unusual in the water.
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live along highway 52, robert handa ktvu news. >> we've been covering this story since the beginning. police say surveillance video first shows jose rodriguez at a gas station along i5 buying beer. police say in patterson, rodriguez then snatched juliani cardenas from his grandmother's arms and drove off in a silver carolla. 20 minutes later, a witness says he saw the car drive into the canal 45 minutes later. then of course this morning authorities recovered a body believed to be that of cardenas. investigators will now use dna to make a positive identification. for more information you the go any time to our website the san jose city council confirmed chris moore is that city's new police chief. >> i want them to get to know me, i want them to understand what i'm about.
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what my values are and that i would like to work with them. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, maureen naylor will have a look at the new chief's background and what he describes to her as his two biggest challenges. tonight a deep freeze is blanketing much of the united states. in some areas of the midwest, they could get up to 2 feet of new snow and in the plains, temperatures will be well below zero tonight. >> we're debating right now on whether to leave some of our secondary routs snow covered so that the freezing rain doesn't just create a sheet of ice. from akron to chicago, from massachusetts to texas a 1,500- mile long blizzard has hit. in chicago, officials cancelled tomorrow's early voting because of the blizzard. in texas dozens of semi trucks crashed on an icy interstate. an nfl players arrive for the super bowl to find cowboy
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stadium snow bound. and everywhere travelers have been left stranded. >> we got to the airport this morning, all flights had been cancelled. we missed our cruise and we'll have to reschedule our vacation. >> reporter: the storm has disrupted train service in some cities as well. ktvu's john fowler live in san francisco international airport tonight where bay area travelers are also stuck because of that deep freeze, john. >> reporter: just eight minutes ago we discovered four more flights had been cancelled. and there's people that tell us they literally didn't know that their flights had been cancelled. >> we just came in because you can never get them on the phone when's it's like this. >> right now we're just waiting in line waiting to find out what the status is. we don't know if our flight has been cancelled yet or if we can get another flight to get there. >> reporter: flights to
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chicago, detroit, new york, newark, boston and other cities cancelled. >> i was flying to iowa city. and i have to join a new job there and tomorrow i'm supposed to report. >> reporter: a massive blizzard is dumping snow and sleet across much of the central u.s. moving east, expect travel troubles to worsen. >> tomorrow i have to go to chicago. and then from chicago to the midlands again. >> what are the chances? >> i don't know, zero probably. >> it would be nice since they do have our e-mails if they would send e-mails and give the updated information. >> they are saying it's on time, but we'll see. but i know there's an ice storm going on, so we'll see. if not it's beautiful weather here, i can stay an extra day, right. >> as soon as she turned around, her philadelphia flight was indeed cancelled. weather was intercepting many bay area super bowl plans. fans sidelined by snow may have to watch the game here on fox. we'll have the game at ktvu on sunday afternoon.
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reporting live at sfo, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a little over an hour from now the oakland city council will take up a measure to regulate medical marijuana farms in the city. the council is expected to vote on a plan to allow large marijuana farms only if each one is linked directly to a medical marijuana dispensary in the city. the ordnance would also limit the farm to 150 square feet. san jose mayor chuck reed plans to travel to japan tomorrow to meet with representatives of that nation's second largest airline. mayor reed wants to accomplish service between san jose and tokyo. the mayor says there's large demand for transpacific flights. >> it's a good place to start. >> a recent agreement between japan and the united states lifted the limits on the number
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of flights between the two countries making it possible for san jose to seek new connections with japan. homeownership in the united states has fallen to its lowest level since 1998 leaving nearly 1% of all u.s. homes empty. the census bureau says 66% of people earn their own homes in the last quarter of 2010. that is down from a high of 69% back in 2004. foreclosures are responsible for many of the empty houses. but half of those are rental properties that have become too expensive for people to rent. the dow jones soared back over that 12,000 point hitting it's highest level in two years. better than expected profits in the manufacturers and pharmaceutical industry also drove the market higher. in all the dow closed up 108
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points resting at 12,040. the nasdaq was also up driven in part by chinese stocks. after decades in power, egypt's president is vowing to public pressure. his announcement today and how it affected the massive protest in the street. it's a little breezy out there, the atmosphere is drying up. no fog in the forecast but it's going to be chilly tonight. we'll have the updated forecast for your neighborhood. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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a bay area family is happy to be home tonight and out of the crisis in cairo. they touched down in san francisco's airport just a few hours ago after a heroing experience in cairo. >> there's random people getting into fights. everything would be fine, then there would be luggage all over the place. there would be people getting
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beat up all over the place. it was just hectic. >> reporter: she and her family who are all from alameda had just enjoyed a month long vacation in egypt only to get caught in the unrest. they waited 28 hours in the cairo airport before boarding a plane. her father was ready to sacrifice his own comfort to get his wife and daughter out of the chaos. >> i will sleep in the airport for one month. but i was worried about my wife and my daughters as soon as possible to come back to the united states. >> reporter: well the family finally boarded separate planes and eventually boarded in san francisco just this afternoon. >> reporter: in cairo, as protesters held their biggest demonstration ever, the president of egypt is vowing to
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give up power there. >> reporter: egyptian president hosni mubarak announced he will not run again in september's election. the move came hours after the largest group of demonstrators today gathered in cairo's liberation square demanding that he step aside now. although the white house had stepped short of saying mubarak should resign, he asked that he not run again. >> it should come by the actions of egyptians not by something that the united states does. >> reporter: but pressure had been building, senator john kerry the influential chairman said mubarak's name should not be in the ballot in the fall. >> i believe it is vital for president mubarak to help to transform this moment into the
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new egypt and the new here to for egypt. >> reporter: considering egypts history, republican leaders hoped for the best. >> we care very much how this ends. and we hope at the end of the day we'll have a strong ally in the country of egypt. >> reporter: if egyptian people will be satisfied or if they will push to have the timetable moved up. immediately after mubarak's announcement, there were screaming in the streets. they said they were not satisfied with the president's statement, they want him to step down immediately. supporters want the board of supervisors to pass a resolution tonight condemning the sale of the station by the university of san francisco to
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the university of southern california. usf officials say the station was not being fully utilized by it's students and that it was under no obligation to fund the station. the station is now broadcasting classical music. caltrans crews have shut down the two right lanes to make repairs to a 2-foot by 4- foot hole. damage to the bed was damaged just after 1:00 this afternoon. it will be at least two more hours before the hole can be repaired. in the meantime the chp is allowing big riggs to use highway 80 until 7:30 tonight. let's give you a live look on what's going on at interstate 880. looks pretty good. it's a much different story now than it was earlier today. traffic is flowing well both northbound and southbound there on interstate 80.
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let's talk about the weather now. yesterday the word we were watching out for was fog. but looks like we're looking good for now. >> fog not really an issue. i want to show you this, here's the big storm in the east. see it out here. it's huge. you notice how dry we've been all january, our weather is attached to their weather. their weather is attached to our weather. here is what we have, fair weather, watch what happens here, that's the jet stream. so when we're dry, they're in this trough and they get nasty weather. they're having the snowiest january on railroad in the eastern stateless. we're having a very dry january as you know. and in san francisco at the airport, 63 in redwood city. it's warm out there we have almost 70 degrees today in santa rosa. the winds have come up a little bit. what they do is they scour out, they dry out the atmosphere.
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the air sinks, it warms when it sinks. but when it warms it also drops. the ground is drier. the big story these next couple of days will be the warm, drier daytime highs. we can get into the low 70s as we get into friday. the winds are blowing tonight. gusting perhaps 35 to 40 miles per hour. fog should not be an issue. there might be a few patches of it out there but not a heck of a lot. tomorrow is a nice looking day. we're looking for daytime highs to warm up quickly. lots of 60s. maybe a couple of upper 60s. we'll look at the latest computer models back here in a few minutes.
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the next nasa rover to explore earth is -- it's carrying several instruments, including some that will be able to find microscopic life in the plant. the oldest woman in the world has died. the two things she says led her to such a long life. for many it goes from the doorstep to the recycling bin, but should a fine do the talking when it comes to unwanted phone books. and why one daughter of president bush has just come out in favor of something her father adamantly opposed. bay area students now facing an uncertain few. we investigate the mistake that could put their plans for
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college in jeopardy. >> it really, really depressed me. we explore how the uprising in egypt could pay off or punish the bay area economy. and continuing coverage surrounding a tragic ending in the search for a little boy. we're learning why investigators are now issuing a warrant for a suspect they believe is dead. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. ñsxóxgñ
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one of former president george w. bush twin daughter has come out in support of gay marriage. in a video released, barbara bush calls herself a supporter for same-sex marriage. the board of supervisors is trying to turn a different page on the yellow pages. this afternoon, david chu introduced a measure that would ban the distribution of the yellow pages unless customers
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ask for them. unwanted phone books needlesly fill up the landfills. yellow pages would be fined $500 for each unwanted phone book delivered. >> every year san francisco receives over 1.5 million unsolicited yellow page phone books each year. if you stack all of these yellow page phone books on top of each other, we're talking about almost 300 transamerica pyramids. >> with seven out of ten americans still using print product, asking them to take these steps is unfair. >> reporter: the yellow pages already has an online system in place to opt out of the phone book. a man who used suction cups to climb up to a san francisco high rise was sentenced this afternoon to probation.
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55-year-old dan goodwin better known as spider dan was arrested for climbing up to tower. he faced a $5,000 fine. instead a judge sentenced him to two years probation, 100 hours of community service and a $260 fine. the world's oldest woman has died in the texas town of jacksonville. eunice sandburg accredited her long life to her faith and her participation in the choir. why police believe this
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man's wife was shot on fisherman's walf and what a stunned community is asking for. he was just announced san jose's new police chief. coming up the specific changes he already has in the works for the department.
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much more visible in the sense that i'll be out on the street with my officers in uniform. i'll be listening to them in the community. the selection of chris moore closing a chapter for san jose as some community groups spoke against him even before he was officially picked. those concerns were addressed today. maureen-- >> gasia, just after the announcement this afternoon i spoke to the new police chief who says he's going to address two things. restoring community trust and tackling a major financial shortfall. chris moore was in the office he's held temporarily since
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november. only this time it's permanent. but don't expect to see him here much. >> i will be much more visible in the sense that i'll be out on the street with my officers in uniform. i'll be listening to them in the community. >> now it's my pressure to present to you chief chris moore. >> reporter: two hours earlier and 25 years after starting with the department, moore was unanimously confirmed by the city council today san jose's 32nd police chief. >> i went into this process with no bias about whether an external or internal candidate would be the best for the job. my only goal was to ensure that we found the best chief for the city of san jose and we've done that. >> make no doubt about it. we have very high expectations because quiet frankly our community deserves it. >> reporter: chief moore says he's including an advisory board to include police friends and critics. >> i'm going to be on the phone reaching out to a number of
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community groups who have expressed concern about my appointment. >> reporter: he's changes a plan to take in complaints. >> i don't think you're going to find our department as bad as some make it out to be. >> reporter: chief moore says what is now his department is looking at a $30 million budget shortfall that could mean more than 200 lay offs if concessions are not made. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor. chris moore becomes the fifth san jose police chief in the past 35 years. joseph mcdam earthquake re served in 1996 to 1995. he was followed by covarubias.
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lansdowne in 1998, and rob davis in 2003. and rob roth with a pouring of support over a fight that happened over something so seemingly small. >> reporter: here at fisherman's warf you can see the store front where two people were shot sunday, a bouquet leans next to it. and the store next door is the -- this two -month-old baby girl lost her mother to the sunday evening shooting and her father lost his wife. these are two of the people 30- year-old pin o left behind. >> my wife was just kind. i don't know. i don't understand. >> reporter: o's husband is an unemployed construction worker.
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today representatives of the chinese six company has held a fundraiser to help the family. among those attending was leland yee. >> it really hits us, the sensitivity of our community, and in light of the fact that we're in the eve of chinese new year. so it is just horrible. >> reporter: police say o and chu were shot to death in apparent dispute over knock off purses they were selling, familiar to those the suspect was selling. customs enforcement rated shops and arrested seven employees for selling counter fit purses and sun glasses. ou's hus says his wife worked seven days a week -- ou's husband says his wife worked seven days a week. >> she would come home after
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10:00 and took care of the baby. >> reporter: they've arrested the suspect and they describe him as cooperative. he remains in custody tonight. residents living near the transbay terminal will have their voice to speak out about the demolition. some of the mayor concerns involve increased traffic in the area. dust and noise. demolition is expected to continue through april. a judge in sonoma county dismissed the case against two women who arrested last month protested against smart meters. debra pav era s and gallo were taken into custody when they blocked a truck from entering into the roadway. they believe the truck was delivering smart meters. no charges were ever filed against them. plan parenthood announced today it'll open a new clinic
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in mill valley by the end of the month. planned parent's hood new clinics will be ran by the new chapter. and call it a red light debate. why only some drivers could end up paying more to cross the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. and changes in ferry service, which runs are temporarily being eliminated and why it has to do with the time of the year.
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red light cameras at intersections appear to be reducing accidents and saving lives. the ainsurance institute says that fatal car crashes have been reduced by 25% in cities that install red light cameras between 1996 and 2004. the study found that drivers were more cautious at all inter intersections in cities that install those cameras. congestion pricing could be on its way to two more bay area bridges. congestion pricing is when
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consumers pay higher tolls during higher commuter hours. one south bay communer commuter says he doesn't have the work flexibility to avoid the higher commuter toll. >> that's one reason why they call them rush time. and like what you said, you work in a place that say, i would like a schedule because i won't want to pay the $5. >> reporter: any toll change would have to go through the bay area toll authority. a spokesman told ktvu this morning if they approve the change it would take at least another year and a half to implement it. starting today ferry service between san fran ciscoe and lost burg is being -- san francisco and losburg is being eliminated to save money. service to salsalito remains
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unchanged. new guidelines are out today on childhood vaccination. the american academy of pediatrics says teens should get a whooping cough booster shot and a booster shop for meningitis at age 16. parents of boys between nine and 18 thould also consider them giving them the human papaloma virus to prevent genital warts. the vaccine is already recommended for girls. the extract is believed to reduce heart disease and inflammation. resv era trol has been on the market as a supplement but there is very little clinical testing to know how much of the
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substance must be taken to be effective. numerous spray painted gang tags appeared on wall, garage tags and fences on delaware street. the gang unit is investigating the tags to see which groups may have vandalized the neighborhood. the people who are in charge of parking in san francisco came up with some tough decisions today. you might be surprised by what they found. a bit breezy out there. it's going to get chilly in your neighborhood. i'll tell you which areas will get the coldest. new at 6:00, bay area students now facing an uncertain future. we investigate the mistake that could put their plans for college in jeopardy. >> it really, really depressed me. also we explore how the uprising in egypt could pay off or punish the bay area economy. and continuing coverage surrounding a tragic ending in
5:40 pm
the search for a little boy. we're learning why investigators are now issuing a warrant for a suspect they believe is dead. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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>> on capitol hill today, bay area democrats clashed with republicans. gop senators want to let states opt out of some of the laws requirements. >> we're going to bring this up every time we can to make sure that the senate is on record as to whether or not states should have the ability to opt out and choose their own path when it comes to obama health care. >> states can opt out of three areas. the health care bill congress passed last year already has a provision that would allow states to opt out starts in 2017. >> right now the bill says if
5:43 pm
your state comes up with another plan they can. so most states aren't aware of that but i was very glad we put that in there. >> reporter: the difference in the bill that republicans introduced today, states would not have to have their own health care program in place or get permission from the federal government before opting out from the federal plan. harry reed also sewed today that the republican attacks on health care reform will fail in the senate -- also said today that the republican attacks on health care reform will fail in the senate. >> once people found out we were doing this story, they had plenty of suggestions. many say they have a lot of suggestions to improve parking almost everyone says they want changes made. parking spaces have long been at a premium in san francisco. many say parking or lack of it is keeping people away from the city. >> you are running to starbucks to get change or something and
5:44 pm
you come out and have a $65 ticket. it's the most expensive cup of coffee you're going to get all day. >> reporter: tentative approval to a pilot program to let nannies use residential parking of the families they work. >> having a nanny leave their home every 20 pháeups to fill the meter is not fair. >> to have child care provider are the ones that benefit from this program and no one else abuses this system. >> reporter: they also considered setting a two hour limit for people who break meters. >> people are breaking meters to park there for free. >> reporter: people who park here say it's part of living in the city. >> it's part of the game. you know what side of the street you better park on. get up and move your car. >> reporter: just got a text message from someone on the board from mta they said, that
5:45 pm
num mechanics i employees will now have to pay for parking. in fact, they approved citing people there. and people on broken meters can only park there for two hours. sal castaneda, ktvu news. crews prepared the stadium today where guards will check every fan coming in for the super bowl and they will screen 2,000 more fans that paid $200 to watch the game on a tv outside of the stadium.
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the packers-steelers game are set to break a record. a new operator will soon be sprucing up the boat house. the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously signed a contract with ortega manufacturing. supporters of the old vendor had campaigned to keep the old character of the property. but the new company offered the best deal to run the concession. and the school board meets tonight to discussion reducing school bus service. the idea is to save money while providing service to areas with the lowest test scores, the plan will start by eliminating routs with the lowest ridership. and why each party says the other is to blame for the
5:47 pm
budget mess. that story coming up next at 6:00. here's julie haener with the stories we're working on for 6:00. >> ahead tonight, blue shield members catch a break. what it means for you. plus a local grocer is expanding, where safeway will soon hire new workers and open more stores. it's all coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then. thank you julie. want to buy girl scout cookies there's now an app for that. the the app is available for free on apples i tune stores. girl scout cookie lovers can find who is selling cookies by address or location. i don't know i need an app to tell me why i crave something. earlier we were looking at
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the weather in the north. bill the temperatures here, the weather here is just spectacular. >> it's been really nice. my favorite girl scout cookie is the thin mints. >> yeah, thin mints. >> not me. >> no rain in the forecast as we go through the next couple of days. we're dealing with above average temperatures in warm spots. really not a lot of valley fog to contend with. right now santa rosa you're 65 degrees right now. temperatures tomorrow easily in santa rosa could make it up into the upper 60s, maybe low 70s. we have a wind that's dried up the surface or atmosphere. what that's going to do is not allow for fog formation as easy. temperatures as we go through the next couple of days are going to begin to warm up. the high pressure is the story. a strong high pressure is overhead. going to keep it limited from stockton south to modesto. i don't think we're going to see fog in sacramento or in the napa valley. dense morning fog but it is
5:49 pm
well south of here. high pressure keeps everything to the north. we're sunny and mild. at the coast 60. it's going to feel like april. as we go through the next few days. there's no rain in the bay area forecast. and we are high and dry. the pacific is active, as you look out here you can see out across the daylight. that's some active stuff. one thing we'll get from this. the hawaii island is getting hit by some big surf. maybe see a high surf advisory but that's all we're going to get. big waves we're not going to get much else. mostly sunny in san jose tomorrow. 60degrees at lunch. thursday a little warmer. 62 tomorrow in antioch. 62 in brentwood. always going to be a little cooler as you get close to the valley. that cool air still settles at
5:50 pm
the valley. in the forecast highs in san jose 65, 65 in morgan hill. and a five day forecast it looks like this. plenty of sunshine. no rain in the forecast and some temperatures. that top tier, are you looking at this frank? you see this? you guys don't seem that impressed when those popped up. but that's santa rosa and places in the north bay. lots of upper 60s, low 70s. going to feel like spring. >> we did get a lot of water early on, at what point do we get concerned. >> the next big rain in the forecast is still 10 days out. it would be nice. i would like to see storms out there but we have none. >> thank you, bill. special recognition for bay area police officers. we'll tell you what they did to make a community a bit safer.
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a. more now on our stop story. right now the community of patterson is gathering to mourn the grim discovery of the body of the 4-year-old boy pulled from the delta canal earlier today. ken pritchett is live with what's happening tonight. >> right know we're in the town square of patterson, you can see people are starting to gather now with balloons, blue
5:54 pm
balloons that is juliani's favorite color. this plan tonight was to have this vigil here in the hopes of his safe return, but those hopes were dashed this morning. at 7:30 this morning, the sheriff department learned a body had been found in the delta canal 35 miles west of patterson. the sheriff says the description of the body and the clothing are an exact match of juliani of the description of what juliani was wearing. and the sheriff offered condolences to juliani's parents. the body of his abductor 27- year-old jose esteban rodriguez has not yet been found. he is according to the sheriff presumed dead and his body according to the sheriff is also in that canal. now back out here live, there are community members set to gather here within the next hour. there are many members of this
5:55 pm
community who have become vested in this story over the past two weeks. we will have a full report for you coming up at the top of the 6:00 news. a new information center will provide new information on local and state attractions as well as places to eat and stay overnight. there are several visitor welcome centers in the area. two of san jose's finest were honored by the police department for their outstanding work on duty. >> we do love our job, we love this department. i was born and raised here. >> we watch each other ocean 's
5:56 pm
back and help each other. >> today the police association honored them for two incidents. the first happened last december when a driver cut off the officers patrol car as they road through a known gang neighborhood. >> the guy had every gang tattoo you can know on his head. >> reporter: the officers found a gun in the car. they ended up arresting the suspect they believe was about to commit a drive by shooting. then last month, the two officers quickly tracked down and arrested a 17-year-old suspected of shooting and killing a man at story road and east capital expressway. officers haeg and bronte are the first recipients of the police award. it'll be now given out monthly. there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is
5:57 pm
up next. taking the act test is supposed to enhance a student's chance of getting into college. but for some students it will do just the opposite.
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there should not have been our outcome. a heartbreaking discovery for juliani cardenas. good evening i'm julie haerpb. >> and i'm frank sollerville. there are tears tonight as the search for juliani cardenas has come to a heartbreaking end. a water department worker made the discovery this morning when he spotted the 4-year-old's body in the mentota canal. that's 5 miles away from where police believe rodriguez drove his car into the canal. friends and family members are gathering right now in the downtown area. ken-- >> reporter: frank, they will be gathering as you can


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