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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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thousands of people crowd into united nations plaza in san francisco to call for freedom for egypt. >> giants fans lined up before dawn to see their heroes, we'll take you to one of the biggest fan fests ever at at&t park. >> and it was one of the warmest february days in recent memory, where today's spring- like temperatures broke records.
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good evening, everyone. >> there were sweeping changes today in the political landscape of egypt. the leaders of the ruling party stepped down and president hosni mubarak's son is now out of the running to succeed his father as president. protesters in the square did not appear impressed with the news. some said the only resignation that mattered was mr. mubarak's. sharone perez said that the egyptian president had saved many lives by saving a rejumping of war. >> which is now the criticism against him, his contribution for peace as far as i'm concerned will never be forgotten. >> reporter: united states seemed to change its tone from wanting mr. mubarak out now to the more gradual process toward a vote endorsed by egypt's new vice president. and there are questions about whether a pipeline explosion and fire near the egyptian border with gaza the work of terrorists. the pipeline carries natural gas to jordan and israel.
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so far no one has claimed responsibility for the fire. here at home a rally in support of the egyptian protesters and the uprising. >> reporter: the flag of egypt flew as high as any other in san francisco today. thousands of people waved war and saluted during a huge march and rally this afternoon. they are demanding democracy. thousands of people packed into san francisco's united nations plaza to call for freedom in egypt. >> this regime tortured you for 30 years. this regime made you suffer for 30 years, lied to you for 30 years. >> reporter: the rally led to a march past city hall, down market street and around the federal building. >> history is happening. i love this moment. i love this moment, but i pray
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to god to complete. >> reporter: she came here from egypt about the time that hosni mubarak took iron fisted control of her native land. >> we can be free. set us free. but free. free and not afraid. >> reporter: these activists say all this would not be happening without the advent of the internet. >> if it wasn't for twitter, i mean we wouldn't know half the stuff that was going on in the square. i get constant twitter updates from people in the square. >> reporter: in fact, they argue the explosive movement towards democracy in egypt would not have happened in the first place without social media. >> people phoned a -- found a safe haven on facebook to talk to each other, exchange ideas, talk about grievances without a security agent looking over their shoulders. >> reporter: like our counterparts half a world away, people here say they want full democratic and free elections
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in egypt. >> and for all the latest on the crisis in egypt, be sure to log onto our website and click on the egypt tab on our home page. in a story we first reported to you this morning, the highway patrol believes alcohol may have throwed a fatal head-on crash on highway 84 this morning. news chopper 2 was flying overhead in livermore when a smashed up blue honda was removed interest the scene. investigators say the driver was heading in the wrong direction and was killed in the head-on crash with a pickup truck. authorities say the driver also caused a big rig to jackknife. the accident shut down traffic for several hours. three hours after the livermore crash, a five-car pileup on southbound 101 year sierra point parkway in brisbane left one person dead and five others injured and sent to san francisco general hospital. investigators say the survivors injuries appear to be minor. the cause of this crash is
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under investigation. faith, compassion and immigration reform all came together today in the south bay. five bay area jesuits instituted a mass and reception at the most holy trinity catholic church there in san jose. immigrants gave testimonials about experiences and challenges coming to america. organizers believe current state laws do not offer a path of legal residency. it was an unseasonably warm day around the bay area today with a few areas actually breaking records. it was really nice out there, mark. >> that's right. quite a few records to report today. we typically talk about some 50s this time of year, 60s would be unusual, 70s would be unusual. but a few neighborhoods topping the 80-degree mark. a few high clouds moving in a the region. look at all the records broken from san francisco, santa rosa,
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napa and richmond. santa rosa topped out at 80 degrees, napa 81, san francisco the lower 70s at 73 degrees. some more records to report for sfo, oakland airport, san jose and also santa cruz. san jose in the mid 70s and sfo at 73. possibly some more record breaking heat for tomorrow. we'll have more on the timing of our next cooling trend. also the three areas that are currently under a wind advisory. >> oakland city leaders met with residents today after a violent night around the city, as mike reports, oakland has far more homicides now than it did this time last year. >> reporter: oakland last night, three separate shootings, all within a four hour span. one dead, three injured, no arrests. the fatal shooting was oakland's 15th homicide of the year. last year at this time, there were five. >> the guy who got shot, he usually knows who shot them,
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but they don't want to cooperate with us. >> reporter: jeff israel attended the community meeting today, where besides the homicide they discussed a new trend of strong arm robberies. >> at least three suspects fleerves a white suv from the scene, that's what people have reported. we think they're following people from various grocery stores. >> reporter: and from north oakland to east oakland where the violence is also fresh, this new public library hit with gunfire. >> you'll hear gunshots every night here. >> reporter: the bullet is lodged in the side of the library where today inside dozens of children were reading. >> there are great cameras on the library, so we're going to figure out who did it. i think it's probably teenagers. >> reporter: today mayor kwan held her first of seven scheduled town hall meetings, the goals, finding jobs for the youth and cutting down crimes. >> it's about the budget. >> you have to work together. you can't expect the police to do everything. >> reporter: he says reducing the number of shootings and
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robberies is about the community, neighborhoods coming together fighting for each other. >> it's about you have to give. you can't receive only. >> reporter: north oakland residents looking to give and looking to spread the message to the entire city. a celebration of life was held this morning for a beloved teacher at hoover elementary school in palo alto. 43-year-old george flats passed away unexpectedly on january 30 from bacterial meningitis. he was known for the creative and playful way he taught his students. dozens of students and their families attended the mother. >> how one person is can make a lasting difference in so many lives. sorry. and bring smiles, everybody giving back one of the best. >> as a precaution, some students were given antibiotics to ward off meningitis, but as of now there have been no
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reports of illness among his students. a new investigation finds pg&e chose not to use equipment it felt was safer for controlling high pressure transmission lines. according to the investigation, as far back as 1997 pg&e agreed that remotely operated shut-off valves did a better job protecting the public than manual ones, but the utility has opted not to use them widely saying they're not necessary or required. the san bruno line that exploded in september killing eight people was not equipped with an automatic shut-off valve. federal investigators have scheduled a hearing on that disaster for next month. oakland city attorney delivers another setback it the city's plan to legalize medical marijuana farms. he says he will no longer advice the city council on legislation and suggest members hire their own attorney. councilmembers are currently working on changes to the city's pot cultivation ordinance to better meet
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federal and state regulations. this week the office received another letter interest the justice department warning that the pot farms would violate federal law. if the council that is pay for outside legal advice, it should come from russo's budget. an employee of san francisco was human services agency has been fired after a serious security breach. officials say a clerk emailed the personal records of 2400 medical recipients to her home computer. she says she took the information including names, addresses and social security numbers to prove her caseload was too large. the woman was facing firing over her performance at work. a bay area charity helps some bay taxpayers today on the peninsula. the united way of the bay area kicked off the earn it, keep it, save it program at the college of san mateo today.
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that's where tax preparers offer help to low income people in the bay area. >> we hope households that earn less than $49,000 a year and we do their taxes for free. we save them that money and we make sure that they get the credits that they're eligible for. >> the earn it, keep it, save it program has been operating for seven years serving 39,000 people in the bay area. you can find out where the program is available by dialing 211. secretary of state hillary clinton strikes a deal with russia on nuclear weapons. how it changes the nuclear arsenal for both countries. baseball's season still a ways off, but that didn't stop tens of thousands of people from showing up at at&t park today. see the big giant stars on hand today at fanfest.
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the trial for the three u.c. berkeley graduates held by iran on charges of spying is set to get under way tomorrow. one woman was released on humidity grounds last september. her fiance and their friend remain in custody. she's not expected to go back to iran for the trial. the iranian court will likely prosecute her in absentia. the iranian lawyer said he's been denied access to the two remaining in custody until the day of the trial. police in the northern tunisian city today fired into a crowd of angry protesters killing two people and wounding 17. the incident was triggered by claims the local police chief had slapped a woman during a demonstration. tunisian authorities said the chief is now hospitalized for undisclosed causes. in thailand, the foreign minister said a thai soldier died this weekend defending his
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country. the ongoing border clash with cambodia is being blamed for five deaths so far. thai nationalists have seized on the issue saying the government should step down because it can't defend the country. each side blames the other for starting the fighting. in germany today, secretary of state hillary clinton and russian foreign minister finalized the latest strategic arms reduction treaty. the treaty limits each side to 1550 warheads. the pact also reestablishes the monitoring system that ended in 2009. mrs. clinton said the deal was another step away from the threat of nuclear war. well, it's not baseball season yet, but tens of thousands of giants fans walked to at&t park, die-hard fans lined up early, really early for the annual giants fanfest. >> reporter: bleary eyed and
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caffeine deprived, about 50 of the most dedicated giants fans camped outside of at&t park. >> we've been out here since 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: to be the first people inside giants fanfest. >> orange runs in my veins. >> reporter: by 9:00 am the makeshift campground evolves into a crowd of hundreds. some fans couldn't contain their excitement. >> the baseball field is in so fans can walk on the field. >> reporter: once inside, fans stood in line again for one of the most popular attractions. >> getting autographs of all the players always a, just one of the big highlights of fanfest. >> reporter: along with autographs from the play, one of the other main attractions here at fanfest is the giants 2010 world series trophy. a lot of people lined up this morning to particular a picture with it. >> it's nice to be back at the scene of the crime, where we won tall, where we won it all -- well, we won it all in texas, but it's great to meet
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other giants fans. >> reporter: some fans didn't seem to mind all the waiting around. richard robinson says it gave him a chance to make some new friends in line. >> who is your favorite player? >> an tress torres. >> reporter: and he had these words of thanks. >> i'm doing this from may heart. i want to be here, give all i got for them. they are the big part why we win. >> when you have that kind of support, you're going to dot things for the fans. you're going to play hard for the fans. >> reporter: and hopefully give the tens of thousands of people here something to cheer about again later on this year. channel 2 news. president obama will be watching the super bowl from the white house tomorrow with a hundred government officials, celebrities and friends. but before the game he'll sit down with an interview with bill o'reilly. in tradition of giving a super bowl interview to the network carrying the game. when he gets back to the white house, he'll enjoy the game
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with politicians from both political parties and celebrities. the president won't be officially rooting for either team since his chicago bears didn't make it to the super bowl. the bad weather in dallas will prevent those attending the super bowl in person from seeing live military flyover. that was scheduled it start just before the game. the roof at cowboys stadium in arlington will be closed tomorrow because of freezing temperatures. instead, officials plan on projecting the flyover ceremony on to giant high definition video screens inside the stadium. those screens are 72 feet high and 60 yards long. yesterday falling ice injured six people outside the stadium. one person was seriously injured. you can watch the super bowl here on channel 2. kickoff for the game is at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. it will be nice and warm while we're watching the game there in dallas. let's check in with our
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meteorologist. expecting more records tomorrow? >> maybe a good idea to maybe move the tv outside in the backyard tomorrow, because we are expecting some more 70s, even a few neighborhoods approaching the 80-degree mark. you may have noticed a few high clouds moving in the region, nothing major, but we have partly cloudy skies, also some gusty winds right now. fairfield out of the north, 18 miles per hour and those winds in fact gusting to right around 25 miles per hour. they'll continue to pick up as we do head into the evening hours. as far as highs from today, you can see all the 70s, even a few low 80s in santa rosa and napa. tomorrow there's a fairly good bet as well. here is your forecast. for tonight we are expecting this, mostly clear skies, some breezy conditions. tomorrow sunny and warm. you can count on the 70s. next week we do bring if a significant drop off in temperatures with that cooling trend. high pressure has been strengthening, so as a result you can see the temperatures warming up into the 60s.
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around 75 to 76. winds are picking up. those winds are clocking in out of the north. the national weather service issuing a wind advisory for the north bay hills, the east bay hills. this in place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we could have winds gusting to 45, possibly to 50 miles per hour. strongest winds, especially up above a 1500 feet. here is your forecast. tomorrow at 7:00, 47 to 52 degrees. some breezy conditions out there, especially for the higher terrain. by 12:00 already mostly sunny skies, 63 to 68. by 4:00 we'll have to deal with those low to mid 70s, in a few neighborhoods back up into the upper 70s. a beautiful day at the coast. san jose 74, morgan hills 76
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degrees. your five-day forecast, monday is still fairly nice, but notice the trend. we are cooling things off quite a bit into tuesday. by tuesday, warmest locations only in the upper 50s to lower 60s, with partly cloudy skies for wednesday and thursday. if you're starting to feel a little guilty with this great weather pattern, the long range forecast could be pay back time. maybe a week from tomorrow, some significant rainfall and cooler temperatures. >> i don't feel guilty. >> just enjoy tomorrow then. an east bay man who went missing this week has been found. police say that 72-year-old hurrah arroyo left his home in dublin for a walk and he was gone for more than 24 hours. yesterday a police officer found him several miles away in a safe way store in san ramon. it's unclear just how he got there but his family says it's not unusual for him to take walks of up to 10 miles or more. a davis company has come up with a new way to keep two dreaded muscles out of lake
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tahoe. they are developing a treatment to kill nonnative species in the wild. the treatment used is a new bacteria that kills the invasive zebra mussels without harming other wildlife. boat inspections will continue. the davis company hopes to win federal approval for its treatment in the next two months. police arrest a warriors player last night. hear what landon guard charlie bell in hot water with the highway patrol.
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player for the golden state warriors has been arrested for driving under the influence. warriors management says charlie bell was pulled over in oakland early friday morning. he was acquired by the team in the off-season from the milwaukee bucks as part of a trade. bell says he's cooperating fully with authorities and he looks forward to resolving the matter. the big count down to the super bowl is on. >> yeah, there's a big game going on tomorrow. the super bowl day before is the day in which the pro football hall of fame announces its new class of inductees. no player who spent the majority of his career with the niners or the raiders made it
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this year. for deion sanders, sanders helped san francisco to its fifth super bowl championship following the 1994 season. sanders also spent five years in dallas and played for the falcons, redskins and ravens. the super bowl winner in 1985 and the mvp of that game. he was also a part of that super bowl winning team for the 49ers in 94. the rest of the class of 2011 is rubbing back marshall faulk, tight end shannon sharpe and ed say ole, as does former los angeles rams linebacker less richter. san jose sharks are in a critical stretch of their season and so far they've responded very well. sharks today in boston playing the second of seven straight games on the road. they set up a nice three-on-
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two. couture does the honors himself. tim thomas, that would be the only goal thomas allowed. a pretty backhander for couture that came in the first period and stood up the rest of the way. bruins pulled thomas with just seconds left, that's when setoguchi made that nice play, blocked, but got the puck back. the sharks win 2-06789 they're 7th win in eight games which moves them into the number four playoff spot in the west. stanford in need of a win this afternoon to slow a downward trend, late in the first half against arizona state as jeremy green hits one of his five three-pointers. on the way to a 23 point game. stanford up four at halftime. then brown in traffic doesn't bra iron but dwight powell there to bail him out in a big way. then there was josh owens who made all 16 of his points in the second half. stanford wins for just the
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second time in seven games. cal tried to continue its hot streak playing right now against arizona, that game in the second half the wildcats leading by nine. i'll have that one for you tonight at 10:00 on sports rap. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, are you ready for some football? super bowl had a now less than -- super bowl xlv now less than 24 hours away. there's a rush of a different kind to get ready for the big game. that is our report for now. >> for everyone here at ktvu thanks for joining us, our next newscast is the 10:00 news. hope to see you then.
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