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tv   KTVU News Special  FOX  February 6, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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with them at the parade. he's a different era in the history of the entire city. in 1962, fans were listening and on edge on the final day of the regular season. the giants beat the houston colt 45s, 2-1. while the dodgers won to the cardinals 1- 0. the giants and dodgers were tied and settled the national league pennant with the national league pennant. after the giants won the sere reu, series, they brought the world series to san francisco. the opponent, the new york yankees. tieing the winning runs in scoring position in the 9th inning, mccovey hit a line drive snagged by bobby richardson. >> believe it or not, after all these years there's hardly a day that goes by that someone don't bring up that line drive that i hit to bobby richardson.
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they still remember it. >> reporter: with that in mind, you may see why the 2010 giants will always have a special place in mccovey's heart. >> i would like to think they did it for me. because i didn't get it done in 62 when i had a chance. i was up there with two men on and had a chance in the winning run and i didn't get it done. so these guys came through for me. >> reporter: willie mccovey was at the place when the 1962 series was recorded. 2010 had a different ending with bryan wilson on the mound. mike mibach has more on the guy who thought hitters to fear the beard. >> reporter: deep in the heart of san francisco, near the cable cars and crab. something has been brewing, it's like the steaming anchors steam, his name bryan wilson.
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not that bryan wilson. that bryan wilson. he is a man of many traits, man who once considered other lions at work. >> other things i wanted to be, i wanted to be an underwater welder. that didn't work out. i can't hold my breath. >> reporter: but baseball did. >> right now his heart is pumping. >> reporter: bryan wilson was drafted by the giants back in 2003 making his debut in april of 2006 against the rockies in colorado. he struck out the first baseman he faced. >> that's how he starts his mayor league career. >> reporter: he became known for his hair. a modified looking mohawk began to evolve. outsiders couldn't tell you who he even was. >> when you see somebody like this, who do you think of?
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>> a little scary looking. >> he could be a dentist. >> certainly intimidating. >> intimidating? >> sure. >> i guess, i guess i wouldn't trust him. >> but he trusted himself. and his pitching. it landed him in the 2010 all star game where fans witnessed the birth of his orange cleats. the same cleats that made headlines after major league baseball fined him for wearing them in a regular season games. >> edwin rodriguez complained last night and the league issued the fine. >> having too much awesome on my feet. >> reporter: and with his humor soon came the beard. the growth began in mid-july. >> i'm jealous, i'm still lacking in that tough department. >> reporter: by september, it was alive. and the nation began to notice. >> and the 1-2, he got him. and that's the ball game.
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>> it's 10. >> i didn't know hair could ten. it's interesting. >> it's amazing i know. >> i have had. >> who are some of your beard inspirations? >> the most interesting guy in the world, the dos xs guy. >> and i've been known to throw chuck norris 100-miles-an-hour. >> reporter: they made the play off push in september and giant fans were right there, beard expelled. >> i think it brings another aspect to the game, bring people out. that's what baseball is. that's how i remember it as a kid. i didn't have cool things to wear. but once the foam finger came out, it made it exciting to come to the game. there were all sorts of gimmicks. i think the crowd is having a good time, i'm having a good
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time. >> reporter: outsiders may not know bryan wilson. >> un unfortunately i don't know. >> reporter: you guys recognize this guy? >> bryan wilson. >> the beard. >> he will be an asset to the team. >> reporter: he's a hometown hero. >> good attitude. good humor. i don't hate anything about him. maybe he's too awesome. >> reporter: and his fans hoping from some of the same from bryan wilson the man behind the beard. >> another 45 saves, you know he'll probably blow a couple but that comes with the territory. but yeah, he'll dominate like last year. >> reporter: billions of the san franciscans celebrated, and a majestic parade.
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rita williams remembers the team on don't stop beliven.
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everyone knows by now that after the giant's won the world series they put on one of the greatest parades in city's history. one of the great things about that, they estimate the crowd at up near 1 million people and not a single arrest. a true san francisco love fest. rita williams takes us through the festivities. the orange and black was back on market street. 52 years after the first parade here welcomed the giants to san francisco, they returned as world champions. and it was a day of unrivaled joy. as many as 1 million people lined up, 50 deep at some spots. fans stood wherever they could
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to get a glimpse. confetti covered cars as confetti painted the city not gold, but orange. and it was a family friendly day, parents passing on their love of the giants just like their parents and grandparents did before them. the city was a world of humanity. where the mayor handed over the key to the city to managing partner bill nucum. and this team of self-described freaks and misfits met the city in their own feat. >> they wanted to win this as much for you as they did for themselves.
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>> you guys deserve this. >> i'm sure you guys have all heard about the rallying thong. >> reporter: screaming is infectious. fans that used to ask for a championship just once in a lifetime now are praying for a repeat. it was an historic day no one wanted to end and no one will ever forget. >> i think i can safely speak for many a lifelong giant fans and say the 2010 season was really a culmination of dreams of many many seasons gone by. if you feel like i do, you can never stop reliving it enough.
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i'm mark ibanez, don't stop believing. >> the giants are champions in the national league light. >> and let the party begin. >> giants beat the braves 1-0. a brilliant pitching gem by tim lincecum. >> what a brilliant job that kid did. >> and the giants beat the braves 3-2. >> ross has tied the game. >> the top of the third, the ball goes across, it's tied and the giants have won it by three. >> let's get ready for baseball. >> ross has gone deep to put the giants on top. and he has gone deep twice. game one belongs to the giants.
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>> uribe to the right, that hits the wall, this ball is gone. juan uribe has gone deep. and the giants have gone for the final strike. >> it's the 106th world series. the texas rangers represent the american league on the other side. the san francisco giants self- proclaimed misfits. >> left center field and the giants get their fourth lead of the night. >> another hit. that's it for lee. >> the 0-1 pitch, renteria launches one into left. down the line and into the corner. edgar renteria has gone deep. >> into right center field, and
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back on the run 2-out. >> aubrey huff, hits one, a corner to right. down the line this ball is gone for a 2-run home run. >> 4-0 san francisco and they are up 3-1. >> 2-0, it's hit high into left field. that gets renteria on a run. a 3-0 san francisco lead in the seventh. >> molina strikes out, back to back strike outs for lincecum. >> here it is. struck him out. for the first time since 1964, the giants are world champions.
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the lombardi trophy is going home after the green bay packers win super bowl xlv. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. welcome to an early edition of k it t vu news. the party is still ongoing as green bay fans celebrate the win. that was packer fans inside a bar in green bay reacting to their team's victory. fans were screaming and jumping
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as the legendary franchise brought home the lombardi trophy named after their late coach lombardi. at first the game looked like it might be a blow out. >> certainly did. our joe fonzi is here now as how the green bay's league quickly evaporated. >> super bowl 45 was thought to be an even match up. pittsburgh after a record seven super bowl championship behind, ben roethlisberger, the packers had already taken a first quarter league. as soon as the steelers got the ball back, they got more. roethlisberger is pressured. he throws the ball, it's picked by collins 37 yards to the end zone just like that it was 14-0 packers. early in the fourth quarter, pittsburgh got pulled within
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four points but the packers had an answer. rodgers throws to the end zone for jennings, it was 37-17. the steelers needed a touchdown on fourth and five. roethlisberger's pass from mike wallis is incomplete. super bowl xlv goes with their 15th league championship dating back to the presuper bowl days. rodgers was the most valuable player and spread the honor around. >> it's great to share it with them. >> it's part of greatness. you're part of people that have had that trophy. we're proud to say it's coming back home where it belongs. the biggest prize in football, the vince lombardi trophy goes back to the city where lombardi did his most
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famous coaching. i'll have more in sports. ktvu went to aaron rodgers hometown of chico to see how that city is reveling the success of their hometown boy. and a snafu left fans outside of the stadium. entire sections of the arena were closed because the nfl says the sections were not completed in time. 400 were not allowed in to see the game at all. fans who traveled from wisconsin were frustrated and angry. >> we've traveled, we've spent a lot of money here and we can't even see the game. and it's out of our, you know it's not our fault. >> reporter: the ticket holders
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denied access will receive a refound worth triple the cost of the value of the ticket which is about $900. christina aguilera did not quite get it right during the national anthem. aguilera sang a line twice. she went on to sing the rest of the anthem correct. macy gray was booed for her rendition of the national anthem in the past.
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the group kicked off it's futuristic song, i have a feeling. several publications said the group fell short and looked awkward. their performance also was marred with difficulties. usher both made cameos. and leading before tonight's victory, one packer's fan was so happy her team made it to the super bowl she was sh some of wisconsin's finest cheese. she dropped off 25 pounds of donated cheese and 25 pounds of
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donated bratwurst to food pantries. bay area bars were packed tonight and the drinks were flowing as fans watched the super bowl. janine de la vega tells us how fans had to be careful on their way home. >> reporter: you can bet the california highway patrol is out in force because they know how much people have been partying earlier. stadium pub was full of packers and steelers fans. some came as early as 11:30 a.m. to get a good seat and start drinking. the owner here says she stocked up 40% more alcohol today so she could handle the crowd. bartenders say they know by the end of the night they would have to cut some people off.
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while some patrons pace themselves, others say they weren't going to worry about how they were going to consume because they were going to take a cab or public transit. local law enforcement says if one of our own teams was playing in the super bowl, it would be a lot crazier out here on the streets, even so they still expect to make dui arrests tonight. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a derailment, explosions and fire in ohio. why emergency personnel called for evacuation. a major development in egypt, what transpired between the government and a meeting with opposition leaders.
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a train derailment in ohio caused a huge explosion of cars carrying ethenol. fire crews decided to let those fires burn out. the fire burned for hours. the fire led to the evacuation of about 20 homes. there were fears fertilizer and other farm related equipment from a near by farmers co-op could catch fire. there's no word tonight on what cause had the derailment.
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egypt's new vice president met with opposition leaders today in what was described as inconclusive talks. live from the capital of cairo showed some signs of returning to normal inspite of the 13th day of protest. >> reporter: indicative of the cross section that has participanted in the protest, christians in the square held mass on sunday the 13th day of a campaign to oust mubarak. there are signsover normalcy. some banks have reopened. although the egyptian government placed limits on withdraws by individual. and as you can see here, the lines were out the door. new egyptian vice president suloman led with opposition groups to discuss grievances. one issue that's not on the
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table, mubarak's immediate resignation. >> we don't want chaos in our country. if the president said that he was leaving, who would take over. >> reporter: many don't buy the arguments that speedy regime switch would bring crisis. >> i think that people are very clear that mubarak has to retire. >> reporter: president obama shown here in a meeting with mubarak says ultimately egyptians must decide their own future but he's closely monitoring the situation. >> tensions in the middle east may have caused those spikes you are seeing at the gas pump. the lun dburg survey reports the average price is now $3.12 in the u.s. aaa reports that san francisco gas cost $3.48 a gallon this weekend.
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in oakland prices are $3.42. prices are expected to spike higher until the the crisis in egypt is over. american food service of pico rivera in los angeles county issued the recall of beef produced on january 31st. the recall includes fresh ground beef patties and other ground beef product. some of that beef was sent to restaurants throughout northern california. there's no reports yet of anyone getting sick from that beef. two people are reported -- a senior after youngstown was killed and 11 other people, including six students were injured. several men were kicked out of a fraternity party but then returned and started shooting. and we have a look at
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today's highs and how long this warm up will last. stay with us, we will be right back.


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