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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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on camera interview just moments after being released from captivity. he expressed condolences to families of protesters killed during the uprising and asked the media not to treat him as a hero but focus on the protesters. he stated the real heros were on the ground protesting and now his family can go online and not worry about his safety. one cousin heard he went back to the protest. >> he went to the square after that to protest because that is what he is good for and yes, he is involved with egypt and wants to send his message. >> reporter: goingel is expressing relief for his release and love to his family. a middle east expert speaking today at stanford
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university had some harsh words for the president hosni mubarak regime. joel says the google executives shows how they repeal tolerance. they ruled with both an iron fist and velvet glove and gave the opposition enough rope to hang themselves. >> reporter: student protesters called for president hosni mubarak to step down. the muslim students organized the rally. they say it was not just a call for freedom but anest to get -- an effort to get students more involved. especially with the reopening today of shops and banks, the protests still continue in the troubled country. 2000 people took to the streets with renewed demands that president hosni mubarak step
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down. they marched chanting anti- president hosni mubarak slow dance. the families of the jailed speaking out in their spying trial in iran. shane bauer issued a statement saying now that the court has heard their testimony firsthand, we hope and pray truth and justice will at least prevail. they testified in a closed session and sarah shaw pled not guilty. protesters are on the move and right now they are heading to san quentin prison after learning the federal judge plans to visit there tomorrow. live in san quentin with a look at what is happening, jim? >> reporter: julie, the judge
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will tour origin expect the -- or inspect the execution chamber and this group is small because they just heard about the judge's inspection tour. the group is against the death penalty because they think it is inn how main and two, the capital punishment system in california and for a long time has been very expensive. >> it is cheaper and it is as secure for the citizens of california and it just makes sense. >> reporter: a majority of californians still support the death penalty and that includes mark who's daughter has been on death row for 15 years. >> i think it is a misplaced priority and only 2% of murder suspects even rise to the level of a death penalty case and those individuals who are sentenced to death are truly
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among the worst people in our society. >> the judge inspects the chamber tomorrow but even if he approves it, executions will not resume unless or he also improves the exclusion protocol. they are investigating a home invasion robbery where a man was tied up for nine hours. it happened on rutgers avenue. investigators remained there throughout the day. they took part of a collection of 75 guns. they also stole his truck which was found torched in the santa cruz mountains. he appeared badly beaten up. sheriff's department is investigating a series of thefts. rob roth investigates the two
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things that may have caused this. >> reporter: yesterday in the parking lot it proved to be a mistake. a woman asked us not to show her face said she left her purse in her unlooked car. >> i came back a couple of hours later and my purse was gone and i started calling my credit card companies but it was too late. >> reporter: within hours somebody was using her credit card in oakland. >> it was so sad and it made me realize what hard times we are going through in our country. the first thing they bought was groceries. >> reporter: in four of those cases the victim left the car unlocked. thefts for cars locked and unlocked are on the rise. >> remember to keep your car locked and keep everything out
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of plane few. >> reporter: why would they leave it in plainview? some has to do with where they live. >> i felt into that -- i fell into that trap. >> reporter: it is best to take valuables with you when you leave the car and by all means, hit the lock button no matter how safe you think the community is. across the country, fire investigators are looking into what caused a transformer to explode. witnesses told us the flames shot 50 feet into the air. fire crews could not turn it off. the fire marshall said it could have been much worse if other equipped at the facility ignited. the upper market neighborhood does not appear to be suspicious or related to castro. this fire started just after 3:00 a.m.
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and spread to the house next door. investigators say it appears to have ignited spontaneously and nobody was injured however six people are now displaced. a bit of hollywood has come to san francisco and a new television series is filming in the russian hill neighborhood. they have issued a warning to neighbors. the show is called alcatraz. it has some starstruck and others on edge. >>reporter: the filming of the pilot alcatraz. it is one of several projects set to be shot over the next few weeks in san francisco. >> we are filming in three locations. >> reporter: the pilot is projected to bring $3 million
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to the local economy. they are offering new incentives to bring in productions. the streets are papered with no parking notices and they warn police officers are being shot at. >> we have a production that will have system you lasted gun -- simulated gunfire and we let everybody know so they don't think there is a real emergency going on. >> i think it is great because they gave us plenty of notice. >> reporter: real police officers turned out to calm concerns about gunfire and they were nervous about the made for television shots that he cancod on their block. >> they said they there would begun shots and i figured i should stay home and make sure everything was okay. >> reporter: and behind me you can see production crews waiting to load up.
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they will remain closed until alcatraz crews leave by 11:00. ktvu channel 2 news. debate about the future of the redevelopment agencies is heating up in sacramento. an over packed room governor brown wants to phase out enterprise zones so their revenues can go to other needs. they are vowing to fight for them. >> there are concerns we will hear, both the good, the bad and the ugly and we will have an opportunity to make informed decisions as we move forward. >> they offer business incentives and other tax credits but they do help poor areas. the university of california said they don't plan to raise student fees this year despite the deep cuts to higher
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education. >> it is collected from the students and we received it from the state of california and apparently at least appropriations we once had and i think it is tragic. >> education leader testified about what budget cuts outlined in governor brown's proposal means for higher education and they hope a tax extension gets passed so even deeper cuts can be avoided. >> cut, cut, cut to the bone and 18 billion in cuts. one-third of the funding of schools education in california has diminished so the schools are in crisis. >> and a california superintendent said he declared an emergency for california schools. california schools are falling further behind and he said it is due to the budget problems classroom over crowding and
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shorter school years. our complete coverage continues online. there is more information about governor brown's ideas to solve the problem. entering the race. the new name to become the next mayor of san francisco. they are fun and kids love them. bounce houses, find out why they want to let the air out for good. and today was cooler, tomorrow cooler still and there is some winds in your forecast and i will show you what areas will be the coldest tomorrow morning.
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. they are making a bid to keep him off of death row. they are striking the special
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circumstances of lying in wait saying it is unconstitutionally vague. he is accused of killing fellow inmate at san quentin and he was serving time for a dui crash that killed a nine-year- old girl. two men are in custody in connection with gunshots fired at oakland police officers. it happened 6:30 saturday night. the officers were investigating reports of a man with a gun and they say when they approached him, the man identified as benny martin of oakland pulled a gun and shot them. nobody was hit by the gunfire. he was caught a short time later when he and another man were spotted in a getaway car. today she filed paperwork with the election commission gearing up for a mayoral run. she has ties to the highest
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offices. it is used a lot at kid's birthday parties and now it may be out. they are deciding whether to use the bounce houses in parks. live from walnut creek, we will hear why. >> reporter: right now bounce houses are only allowed out on flat top areas like the areas you see here at the park. they are really a staple for kid's birthday parties but it all may be coming to an end soon. at this school, the kids got a special treat because it was one of their classmate's birth dates. but across the bay children may not be able to celebrate the same way anymore at least if they plan on having bounce houses. they want to ban the inflatable
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bounce houses because too much staff time was taken to see if people had permits. >> they must chase them down prior to the rental period to make sure they have proper documentation. >> reporter: people continually set them up on the grass. city officials say it is causing damage and because they had a recent reduction in staff they don't have the man power to enforce bounce house rules. >> it would affect our business just because every rental counts and it would slow our business growth down. >> reporter: he often uses city parks for parties and does not like the proposal. >> that is reservations from october and there is nobody regulating anything out here anyway so i don't see why they should stop letting people have bounce houses. >> reporter: a meeting is
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taking place at city hall and a decision is expected to be made tonight. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of parents were spending time in line could lead to a brighter future for their kids. ktvu crews were outside the district office when the line turned from overnight camping to standing. 30 families were too late. administrators say they will hold a lottery if space opens up. according to expenditures filed with the utilities commission, the utility spent $4 million in opposing effort to sell power. last year they spent $46 million to combat prop 16 that would have required the public to vote on whether the me minimality -- municipality can get into the energy business.
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things are changing but just for a brief period. temperatures will come backup later in the week. these are the highs for today, 76 in santa rosa and the temperatures are on the warm side. tomorrow it will be cooler and numbers will go down into the 60s. gosh 10 degrees cooler than these and the jetstream will drop down and cooler weather will head our way from the north just for 24 hours. then high pressure builds in and we are back to what we have been seeing. extended forecast at least through friday and saturday but then there is big changes. we could be in an extended wet period and that's way off. in the meantime enjoy this weather. you may have noticed you have seen plants blossoming. they are coming up a month early and if you had problems,
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there is some pine out there as well. the high pressure will stay to the north starting tomorrow afternoon and we are dry and then we will go warm again and then it changes. so tomorrow is cooler, warmer back into the upper 70s and back to the rain forecast. noontime temperatures 50s and 60s. santa rosa 62 and that's still pretty nice. 63 in berkeley and 62 in oakland. these numbers are 10 to 20 degrees cooler than they were just two days ago. wind in the hills overnight lows on the cool side but overnight lows tomorrow night freezing once the wind dies down and then after that we start to warm up. so a five-day forecast, even saturday but increasing clouds
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on saturday are the beginning of what could be a wet weather period and we can take a lot of water and hopefully that will transpire because it has been pretty nice. the fun could be coming to an end for many of the smaller county fares around the state. they are eliminating division of funding for fairs and expos. they spent the day lobbying members of the assembly to keep that funding a live. the directer tells us counties in monterey county along with the youth fair are all at risk foreclosing if the funds are cut. they know the state faces serious problems and they believe it is if i cannable and not -- fixable and not ungov --
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governable. 60% wants to keep taxes low even if it cuts programs. according to the latest jobless report, the nearly 1 million -- 14 million unemployed have been out of work for 99 weeks and that's twice as much as this time last year. the markets finished the day up in merger monday an amount o l's purchase -- aol's purchase, the dow jones industrial average gained 30 points while the nasdaq rose 13.
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. more americans tuned into the super bowl than ever before. 111million people tuned in and that tops last year's viewers. they were attracted to it because it featured two of the most famous teams in the nfl.
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and it turned out to be a great game. here are the highlights. >> this is not the time of the year for outdoor sight-seeing. in the nfl smaller cities packers returned with the win over the pittsburgh steelers and tomorrow at the field they will have an official reception. aaron rogers at the helm and they may be the team to beat for years to come. >> we are getting 15 guys and i'm sure those guys will be back every team has a different face to it and every year guys come and go but the core, the nucleus will make runs for the next few years. self pro claimed cheese head, mark wilson one of two
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players, he can make this if he makes the shot from the bunker. wilson shot a 69 but they headed to a playoff. wilson had this shot for a birdie. it swings to pebble beach this week. after 13 years, eric is set to sign a contract with the minor league yankees. he has been plagued by injuries. he played 32 games last year and has had 5 operations since 2007. they tried to make it four straight wins for the second time this year and we'll see you later and talk about it. >> it is starting this week. >> rain possibly for that? >> we are good on that. next weekend. >> oh that is good. thank you, joe.
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it could mean jobs and potentially billions of dollars for the bay area. the world's fair could attract millions and the cost and hurdles that need to be overcome in 30 minutes and that's our report for now. i am frank somerville. have a great night.
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