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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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lot safer than it used to be. nineteenth avenue is six lanes of straight away. the 3.3-mile straight had been one of the deadliest in the city for people trying to cross it. >> it's a busy, busy street. we all have to be alert. >> reporter: according to caltrans and police department records between 2003 and 2008 11 pe pedestrians had been killed. but we checked the records, and we found that since 2009 there have been none. zero. >> the low cost changes that were made here can be made all over the city and they don't take long. >> reporter: walk side is on to cross. >> reporter: over the past few years the city and caltrans have spent $10 million in safety improvements. they include lowering the speed
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limit. doubles the fines for all moving violations and installing pedestrian crossing boxes and they hired crossing guards. >> i feel if there's a crossing guard out here with a stop sign it helps out. >> reporter: records also showed injury accidents are down by almost half over the past three years. >> it's still a little bit early to say long term wise, what the impact would be. but so far the results are very encouraging. >> reporter: police are not just watching drivers here, a few hours ago an officer gave this pedestrian a ticket for crossing against a light. the city says it plans to make more improvements but officials say it's really up to drivers and folks on foot to stay on their toes. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a daytime mugging in san francisco all caught on tape. san francisco police tell us a
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resident above the 500 block of stevenson street near sixth heard a comotion on sunday and started filming the alley below. later that day, it was posted on a blog where we found it. it shows a man throwing the woman to the ground. she is then heard pleading for her wallet as he runs away. police say this was not a random encounter. >> they had met at union square earlier in the day and they were hanging out for a while. walking around together. >> reporter: police are looking for the man, authorities say the person who recorded that video called 911 and gave them a copy of the tape. >> reporter: a young man who was abused for years as a teenager plans to file a lawsuit tomorrow against sacramento county's child protective services. the victim's former guardian ramirez is one of the four people convicted of holding him captive and torturing him in a home in fray tracy. the man accused on a fatal
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shooting last weekend has pleaded not guilty. police say 56-year-old han vu shot two employees because of counter fit purposes. wu is due back in court april 5th. san jose place said it was worse than first thought. investigatorred looked at the scene where a woman was hit and dragged for 2,000 feet. robert handa is in san jose with the efforts that police put in place to try to catch the personal responsible. >> reporter: frank, the victim's family members are putting up these fliers around the neighbor and san jose police today set up this sign this afternoon asking anyone with information to come forward. now the stakes have gone up because we were with the police investigators today who measured the tire tracks and told us the initial estimate by
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the family that the young woman was drug 700 feet was way off, it was more like 2,000 feet. fontana got tears in her eyes when she saw the sign. cardenas had a quick message to the driver. >> i would say just give up and get caught. because if you get caught later, the consequences are worse. >> reporter: that's the message that luna's family and police hope gets out. >> there's no state of mind that you wouldn't be able to know that you hit somebody and you know to drag her so far. there's no way you can't no. >> reporter: erica is in the hospital trying to recover. >> she tried to mumble with her lips, you know, i love you. which is, it breaks my heart to see her like that. but you know, i can tell that
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she's fighting. >> reporter: police are looking for a silver or gray suv or mini van, possibly a dodge caravan. >> we are looking for damage that would be consistent with hitting a person to the front of the vehicle. what parts on the vehicle might be broken or how extensive the damage is we don't know at this point. >> reporter: the family is trying to set up a reward fund and has already raised $5,000. silican valley crime stoppers is offering another $1,000 in reward money. robert handa, ktvu. there is new information tonight about a 4-year-old patterson boy's abduction. court documents filed by the sheriff's department say jose rodriguez forced his way into the garage as juliani cardenas's grandmother tried to get the boy inside the house. rodriguez shoved the woman to the ground then pulled the boy from her arms as juliani pleaded quote no daddy, no daddy. juliani's body was found in the
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delta mendota canal. police say rodriguez likely drowned after he drove his car in the canal. police say the victim called shortly after 8:00 p.m. saying he had been attacked by three men. the victim is expected to be all right. a federal judge got an up close look today at san quentin's new death chamber after his rulings ended executions in the state. ken pritchett is live now at the prison where the tour is now one of the part process that could bring back the death penalty. >> reporter: the judge was here at san quentin prison this morning because he wanted to see the new death chamber, to discover if the problems he found with the old chamber had been fixed. once again, outside san quentin this morning there were protests. this time about spending tax
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dollars on death row instead of social services, but this rally was not connected with a significant moment taking place inside prison walls. the inspection of the death chamber by the judge who put executions on hold. >> it started out with a one hour tour saying he was not going to make any substantial decisions today, and he didn't. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed only reporters. this video was taken when ktvu was given a tour back in september. >> he's got to determine whether this new chamber addressed the concerns he had about the old chamber. >> reporter: judge fogel found the old death chamber a gas chamber converted for lethal ejections was outdated and inadequate. when he suspended lethal injections, he asked for new regulations. >> the quality of staff that
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they have. >> reporter: john grilley is an attorney for two men on death row. >> you couldn't take anything away one way or the other how the judge is going to rule on this from today's expedition. >> reporter: the judge will take what he learned here today, hold a hearing in a few weeks. so it could be months before he rules on whether executions can resume and his ruling could also be appealed. san quentin, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the state department of corrections is coming under scrutiny on how it acquired it's drugs for lethal injections. there's reports that the department received the meds from a company that was not approved. we just got off the phone with the department of corrections who says it purchased the drugs
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illegally and has now sent them in for testing. has a special section on california's death penalty. including the slide show of some of the infamous inmates. just click on the 30-year-old appeared in a makeshift stage and told the crowd, you have a voice in this country. egyptian authorities released gunan yesterday after detaining hip for 12 days. gunam's speech highlighted one of the biggest protests yesterday. today's crowd rivaled last week's quarter million people. the egypt's vice president told reporters the regime can't put up with continued protests for long. adding nondependent children to an employee sponsored health insurance plan can be costly come tax time.
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the health care reform act that congress passed last year allows parents to add children younger than 26 to their plan. but california law treats the premium that employers pay toward the insurance as taxable income. now lawmakers in sacramento are trying to change that. >> we want to make sure that as parents continue to work hard, you know continue to have their children on as dependents that they are covered and they're not taxed that and not penaltyized. >> reporter: the state would lose $16 million annually if that loophole is closed. san francisco elementary school students got a chance to show the government how the first lady's let's move program is working for them. the department of agriculture stopped by r.e. taylor elementary today one year after michelle obama introduced the let's move
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program. >> schools have gardens, seems to have an almost magical effect on encouraging kids to try different foods. >> the let's move campaign says the schools, families and communities with easy ways to help children eat healthy and stay active. bounce houses are now banned from walnut creek's city parks. we first told you about a plan on sunday. it became official last night. the city says the hard to enforce labor intensive permit process was putting too much of a strain on its resources. they said too many people failed to get a required permit and then the city would have no insurance in case of injury. first it was care not cash. now the plan to keep cash away from people turning in cans for recycling. a company could give a big boost to this blithed section of san francisco. find out how, coming up. and there are parts in the north bay tonight that could
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easily hit freezing. i'll show you which cities those could be.
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a newly elected san francisco supervisor wants to cut off cash payments for bottles and cans. scott weiner wants the city to offer food vouchers to people turning in bottles and cans. weiner says offering grocery store credits instead of cash can improve communities. and san francisco is trying to come up with a plan to entize facebook to san francisco. >> reporter: a bigger plan is
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in place. city officials hope twitter will help transform this blithed san francisco neighborhood. >> the money right now has been so tight. it's going to take some very wealthy people to develop it. >> this is our opportunity to really bring an anchor in that will really change. >> reporter: san francisco city leaders presented a plan for twitter to develop the area. city officials want twitter to take over the block long marked building. the hopes is that other business will follow and fill the area. >> twitter today has 350 employees, their expectation by the end of year is over 600. and in two to three years it is up to 3,000 employees. >> reporter: talks with twitter
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also focused on public safety and public transit. >> there is a bus line that they wanted to see happen with nummi so we connected them with nummi to make sure there would be very efficient bus service. >> reporter: the co-owner of show dogs says he would welcome twitter as a neighbor while warning one company cannot save the entire district. >> there doesn't appear to be really a clear vision for what this neighborhood should become. other than become better. >> reporter: a twitter spokesperson declined to discuss a possible deal but told me, i think everybody is happy with the company in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. facebook is on the move after weeks of speculation the company announced today that it plans to move the company from palo alto to minlow park. 1,400 employees will move into the old sun systems campus.
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the pta met with the state independent legislative analysts today to hear how governor brown's budget plan will impact schools. particularly his plans to defer $200 million in funding. >> it's kind of crazy really. and it's a little like crack cocaine, it's hard to get off once you start doing it. i don't know how we ever unwind from this. >> the state has already deferred more than $7 billion in funding to k-12 in the last several years. when the state deferred payment to the school district. the district is forced to either use money from its reserves, make cuts or take out a loan. the agency says that will help keep its pledge to meet or beat pg & e's rates. marin energy says it's also eliminating a $10 monthly fee for customers who choose to buy
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electricity from outside sources. and for the latest on the forecast, let's go over to our chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. >> temperatures again dropped 5 degrees. the wind coming out of the north-northeast or north- northwest depending on your location. over at alameda naval air station it's north 14 gusting to 18. so this is what a north wind looks like. just like that. that's a little more northeast. that's the idea. that's where the bridges notice the wind because the winds hit it perpendicular. these are on the warm side. that's because the wind is continuing. i think the wind is going to stick up until midnight. then it will die down and get cold. if the wind was dying downright now. i think we would see 30 degrees in santa rosa. but because i think the winds will continue through midnight. it's going to get cold.
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these are the days it hasn't rained, these are the rains it's going to rain. looks as we get into sunday night, look at the long range models. if this all transpires we are going to be into one heck of a wet into february. like the real deal. the good thing about this is, the ground is dry. a foot of rain is going to have some where to go. it's not the middle of winter with wet ground. a warming trend as we go into thursday, friday. we're going to see temperatures down into the upper 60s. we might pop a low 70 as well. beautiful day, warmer each day. san jose tomorrow looks like a good one. daytime high in san jose, 63 degrees. 63 in concord. cold when you start off. 35, 38 degrees. san jose 63 as i mentioned. morgan hill 63, windy along the coast but the winds are dying
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down. water is going to be bumpy because it was so windy today. it'll be a nice day at the san mateo coast. you go to the pescadero over to the davenport. looks like the weekend here will be dry with a few clouds coming in sunday night. then it'll start raining wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. >> the new year's chinese parade is on a saturday. we'll keep an eye on that. >> thanks, bill. and on february 25th, the minimum fair will go up to $5. the metropolitan transportation commission says it's lost more than $170,000 after seeing a spike in the number of people who pay the $2 minimum for rides that cost more because the cards go into a negative balance. users are simply throwing away the reusable card when they get
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out of the station. federal reports on unintended acceleration will put to rest speculation. the cases of unintended acceleration were not caused by electronic glitches. instead the report found the acceleration was caused by by pedal problems such as getting stuck under the floor mat. the dow jones is on it's longest winning streak now since july. the market closed up 72 points today despite a move by china to raise interest rates. it has now posted gains for seven straight days. the nasdaq hit it's highest level since november 2007 gaining 13 points. gunner sandburg is back. what he's doing now after a line drive nearly killed him.
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marin catholic high school gunner sandburg is back on the field less than a year after nearly dying from a baseball injury. we called the school today and officials there tell ktvu sandburg is going through try outs right now ahead of the baseball's teams first game
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march second. sandburg was in a medical induced coma last year for three years after a hit from an aluminum bat broke his skull. and we're fortunate here in the bay area we always have the at&t event down in the peninsula to go with us after the super bowl. today a special challenge, the giants versus the 49ers. the charity event that played five holes best ball and $50,000 go to their favorite charities. jerry rice with a little putt right there. 49ers won four of the five holes. saving grace on the last hole, that's matt caine who will be in the at&t proam. that's a beautiful shot, chip right up there on the 18.
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who's more nerve wracking? pupping in the world series or on the golf course? >> it might be out here at times. you have so much on your shoulders. >> we were going to be sad if we weren't able to bring home something for giant fans. >> pitchers, they really don't work that hard. no. >> they spend a lot of time playing golf. >> they are just like kickers. kickers are like the best golfers. >> jerry loves to give the needle. raider fans remember this play. the tuck rule' created as a result. that's greg beaker. a raider linebacker actually recovered. raiders should have won that game. you don't want to go into it. the news says the beaker is back with a new role with the raiders this year. he will be their linebacker's coach. he was a defensive assistant
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that season. the caps are playing tonight, all the highlights at 10 clock. that's sports for tonight. >> within the hour, the hercules city council is expected to meet with two leaders under extreme scrutiny. coming up, hercules voters hand in their signatures that could have two council members recalled in a matter of months. we spoke to one of them today. learned how he plans to call the recall in 30 minutes on tv 36, that is our report for now. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener, thanks for joining us. good night.
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