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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this morning what san mateo county authorities plan to do to search for a man. overnight a major antigovernment leader warned egypt is ready to explode as the military makes clear which side it's on. also people have been living in a homeless camp. they are being told pack up, get out. why now? it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, to you welcome to a brand new day friday, february 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. let's check with steve paulson and see what the weather is like. >> happy friday everybody. mostly clear skies. patchy fog on the coast. a few high clouds to the north. it won't stop us from having a mostly sunny day and mild to
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warm. mid 60s for many and upper 60s for some. steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in marin county. that traffic is moving along very nicely heading out to the 580 interchange. also this morning we are looking at the san mateo bridge it looks good all the way to the high-rise. in egypt today we are seeing the biggest protest yet against president mubarak. take a look at the pictures of the crowds. now earlier today egypt's military said it would support mubarak's plan to stay in office while transferring some of its power to the vice president. that is a disappointment to protestors that called for the military to take action against president mubarak. opposition leader mohammed
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posted a message on twitter this morning saying egypt will explode. army must save the country now. president mubarak's latest refusal to step down surprised the white house. in 15 minutes we will bring you a live report from our washington d.c. bureau with the president's response. time now 6:02. back here at home this started as a search for a missing couple along devil's slide. now it's an investigation into a suspicious death in san francisco. ktvu kraig debro is following new developments. very mysterious case. >> reporter: yeah, it is, dave. it could be a homicide, suicide. it could be a double homicide. right now authorities are looking for a missing man that is a person of interest in a suspicious death. yesterday around 3:00 p.m. a maid cleaning a hotel room found the body of a woman. san mateo county is searching for a missing man as well.
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billy waterman was reported missing yesterday. san francisco place say a vehicle associated with him and his wife colleen was found near devil's slide. a half hour later a maid working a hotel here found a body of a woman in a room here. the woman's identity has not been established just yet. waterman's wife is also missing. now deputies searched the area near the road and water off devil's slide for about three hours looking for mr. waterman. they called off the search around 9:00 p.m. yesterday. devil's slide was shut down. so far, this morning i have called san francisco police i have called river side county, sheriffs dep dis, i -- deputies, i have called the san mateo sheriffs office. they told me the search will resume some time this morning. they also said that the area near where the car was found is
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survivable. in other words if someone did fall off a cliff or climb down a cliff, the person would not be stuck. the person i talked to said there are levels down there. they are not in recovery mode. so far they are looking for mr. waterman off that cliff this morning. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. your time now 6:04. people staying in a homeless camp in concord may be kicked out as early as today. they are living in a tent city right next to highway 4. cal tran has cleared brush from that area last week and they told campers stray to get out. they are trespassing on state property. the people we talked to say they don't have a lot of options. >> i had to quit my job because i was taking care of my mom he was terminal. and my mom died and my brother sold the house out from under us. i have been stuck ever since. i can't find work. >> there is a homeless shelter a mile away from there but dogs
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are not allowed there. homeless shelter workers say they are trying to get a local animal shelter to allow people to temporarily house their animals. it was a last straw for ac transit bus drivers. they want an escort after a terrifying shooting. jade hernandez is live. >> reporter: we are live at the ac transit bus terminal. buss have been coming in and out all morning. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson he told me drivers at night are the only ones who will be getting a law enforcement shadow in the problem spot areas. at least for now. >> right now we have stepped up our efforts in the evening but this plan was put into place last -- it's still influx. if we determine that we need to intensify the effort during other parts of the day, we
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will. >> ac transit bus drivers knew they had temporary protection buzz they demanded it a day ago. last night several sheriffs deputies trailed bus drivers to make sure they did not run into trouble. that's when bullet holes riddled one bus. which left one of eight passengers on board hurt from flying grass. the driver reported a group of eight man approached his bus. one man got on and off. then the driver heard gunshots and saw bullet holes in his windows. drivers say this was the fifth violent incident this year after ten last year. bus operators say young men pretend to be riders an they pray on people riding. drivers new deputies riding shotgun could be fixed.
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ac transit tells us surveillance cameras at 14,000 a piece are an expensive safety tool they can't afford for every bus. right now we do know that there will be law enforcement shadows in place at night for some of the bus drivers. and we'll have more on this story coming up. reporting live jade hernandez. all right jade thank you. sometime thousand -- time now 6:07. let's get you where you need to go. >> it's getting busier dave and pam. good morning, to you. the toll plaza is a slight bit busier. hopefully it won't change when they turn the metering lights on. also this morning we are looking at 101 san francisco on the other side of the bridge that looks good. you noticed the last few days we have had great visibility. you don't have to worry about fog. still look agent the closure of 101. on the south bay commute right
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now so far it looks all right. a little bit of slowing here and there. if you leave the house any time soon it should be a pleasant drive. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. by the way i'm a little twitter thing there. if you want to send me information sp weather. it looks like a great friday. we are starting off the same as we did yesterday. for most, it's in the 30s. i will show you some here in a second. a cold morning. mostly sunny. that's what i mean by fair. one of my least favorite words. there will be a few high clouds. it's slightly warmer. the weekend everything looks good to go. patchy fog. cold mornings. big changes they start monday and rain comes in on the 15th on tuesday. let's see you we do. next week is starting to look more bullish. 32 sonoma. clayton an woodside both at 32. blossom hill two readings.
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los altos 36. fairfield is 32. napa is 37. 34 for livermore. 36 concord. that is at buchanan. far away you can see cooler readings for that. now san jose at 39. east, northeast napa still a slight component direction of an easterly or offshore wind for some. most locations are calm. right there at fairfield northeast at 10 and a 32-degree temperature. after lot out there it's just staying to the north. i think patchy fog is working its way closer. the pattern will finally change as we have everything starting to reload. the west coast gets lower pressure. it's a teeter totter effect.
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northeast breeze. slightly warmer though. 67 clear lake. 67 sonoma. 67 petaluma. richmond 65. 63 brentwood. pittsburgh at 67. that is close to delta golf course than marie that. concord 65. 70 santa cruz. 60s low mid to a few upper. woodside we will go 67. it looks good through the weekend. clouds monday and rain tuesday. all right thank you, steve. at 8:00 this morning the carnival cruise ship will sail out of san francisco after being docked for repairs. we want to take you live to the dock. it will leave pier 70 to be tested for leaks. then it sails to long beach to pick up its first passenger since november when an engine fire at sea stranded that ship off the coast of san diego.
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no injuries were reported. but you might remember the 4500 people on board were stranded for three days. your time now is 6:11. it's a question you have been asked a hundred times and why the court now says that question is against the law. no word on who will be san francisco's police chief. there is no question about who san francisco people don't want.
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welcome back. time now 6:14. take a look at egypt this morning. this picture says it all. this is a live picture. this is rear square in cairo. look at all the. you can't count all of the people there. huge crowds. big demonstrations and a feeling this morning things may explode soon and all of the anger over president hosni mubarak's latest refusal to resign. president obama is taking his toughest stance yesterday. alison burns reports the obama administration was caught off guard when he did not resign. >> reporter: dave, hosni mubarak's speech really blind sided the obama administers. after ward president obama issued this statement. too many egyptians remain unconvinced the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy.
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it's the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people without world. president obama called for the egyptian government to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy. this clearly is a huge frustration for the obama administration. part of what lead to the expectation that mubarak would step down are comments from the cia director at a congressional hearing yesterday. he said it was a strong likelihood. the cia has been facing harsh criticism. as for whether president obama will talk about it pubically today, he has no public events scheduled but this is press secretary robert gibb's last day his last press briefing. reporters expect that president obama will stop by that briefing to say goodbye possibly take a few question. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel
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2 news. >> we are closely watching everything that is happening in egypt for you. you will find continuing coverage throughout the morning here and the latest updates on our channel 2 website just look for the egypt tab. in a few hours from now white house press secretary robert gibbs will protect his last white house press briefing. after two years of his top spokeman this is his last day on the job. he was stepping down to become a democratic analyst. gibb's replacement is jay carney the current communication director for vice president joe biden. there is a push in san francisco now to require someone familiar to be san francisco's next police chief. the residents and police officers voice their concerns at a public hearing last night. they don't want to see an outsider get that job. instead, they are lobbying for someone from within the police department who is going to
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stick around. >> odds are things will get resolved better. promoting from within the department would help moral because it gives us a sense of what they know what we have been through. >> police officers also said the department needs consistency right now. former chief george gascon has been brought in from mesa, arizona. he lasted only 18 months before becoming district attorney. there are two more meetings before it goes to ed lee in march. right now it's 6:18. sal is starting in contra costa county. what is going on? >> we are looking at highway 24 that is getting busier on 24 westbound as you drive up to the tunnel. there are no major problems but you can see more people joining us for that commute. when you get to the toll plaza it's still light over there. there is a little bit of slow traffic here. we watch this closely. especially around this time when you might see a backup. they turned the metering lights
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on. that may have an effect. we'll see. this is a look at the san jose commute. so far so good on highway 101 and 280 just a couple of three slow downs here and there. thank you. happy friday everybody. i was updating something over there. we do have clear skies patchy fog. mainly off the marin and sonoma coast. high pressure will start to move. it's packing its bag and heading out. but not before we have an okay weekend. nice weekend. you can see a few high clouds to the north. 32 fairfield. napa is 37. a little east, northeast. sfo has a west wind. we haven't seen that in awhile. a lot of 30s and 40s. after that we will rebound to see near 60 and 70s. it's another cold one out there. slight east northeast breeze but also a little warmer. highs 60 to near 70 degrees.
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upper 60s for some. mid 60s. san jose 68. it had to happen. you knew it did. increasing clouds. rain returns tuesday and probably wednesday. pamela. >> thank you, steven. round table pizza is filing for bankruptcy protection p the company which is based in concord says customers should not see any difference in operations of franchised or company owned restaurants on the west coast. round table says it could close some of its other company owned stores though and the chapter 11 filing could give it time to work a new line. time now 6:20. just hours ago as the egyptian -- egyptians here in the bay area said something else. >> he is pathological liar. >> what they now predict for egypt's future. he has been called a hero. he also received a big bill in the mail for his actions that
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day. what happened after he told us here at ktvu. northbound 28 traffic looking good. we'll tell you more about the rest of the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, right now bay
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bridge and all the other bridges here look pretty good. so far it's a small delay at the polyplaza. poly-- toll plaza. a san jose good samaritan is getting help of his own. a san jose house erupted into flames on january 29th. jeremy fisher saw the fire and immediately helped out. he kicked down the door and woke up the people inside. fisher ended up inhaling smoke and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. a week later he received a nearly 2,000 bill for that ambulance ride. >> even the firemen were like way to go. you're a hero. and i'm like yeah. and then they send me almost a $2,000 bill. >> fisher and his wife e-mailed
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us here at ktvu now the ambulance company says it plans to take care of that bill. the popular tv show ncis has suspended production following a deadly crash on the set. the vans driver reportedly blacked out after dropping off passengers. the security guard was rushed to the hospital but he died later. production has been shut down until authorities investigate that accident. we have been talking about egypt and today protestors there are promising the biggest demonstrations yet in egypt in response to president mubarak's speech last night. the frustration is being felt even here in the bay area. san francisco state university president dina has tough words for the egyptian president calling him a sham and a pathological liar. >> does anyone believe he is
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going to give up power? we have no reason to think he's telling the truth. people are not going to believe he's gone until he's gone. >> professor was born in egypt. she still has family living in cairo. she is holding out hope that egypt will become a free and democratic country by september. a pretrial meet willing be held in the lawsuit claiming california's use of lethal injections violates the constitution. federal judge jeremy fogel in san jose ruled in 2006 that the death chamber at san quentin prison was out of date and ordered it to be renovated. a few days ago the judge toured the facility and will hold three meetings more hearings before ruling on resuming execution. he's also examing the state protocol for the lethal injections.
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a northern california school district has -- students at two schools got sick after eating brown knees laced with marijuana. two ninth graders got sick yesterday. the day before a student at another school was also sick. now school officials say the teenagers admitted to eating the pot brownies. >> they reported they got it from another juvenile. right now we are following up on that information trying to locate the individual. >> now the district says the two incidents are not related. the students that got sick will be disciplined when they return to school. he spent a year in jail for refusing to testify in the berry bonds case. this morning the focus turns back to bonds former trainer. a search along devils slide is tied to a grim discovery. we will take you live to new york this morning. an active scene with the new
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welcome back to the morning news. look at the excitement there on the new york stock exchange. it's the first day of their trading on the new york stock exchange. a lot of uncertainty of course with what is going on in egypt. certainly effecting the dollar and stocks around the world. it does look like a slightly lower opening here. wheal check the numbers in a moment. we'll go ahead and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us. friday, february 11th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. the search for a missing couple from the palm springs area is now an investigation into a suspicious death. ktvu kraig debro has the very latest. he's in san francisco now with
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this very mysterious case. >> reporter: good morning, dave. an investigation into a mysterious death. supposedly it all started here. yesterday afternoon a maid trying to clean a hotel room found a womans body inside one of these hotels on lumbar. before that a car associated with two missing people from riverside county near palm springs was discovered on devil's slide. the car was associated with or owned by bill and colleen waterman. they found no traces of either couple but they conducted a search for a missing person off devil's slide in san mateo county. this morning that search is set to resume. i did talk to a sheriffs deputy this morning. they say they will resume the search. it's not yet a recovery phase.
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the man is trying to hide from authorities. he's a rather not suspect but a person of interest. but in talking to the deputy said that area survivable. so even if the person fell from that area he would be able to live out there for a couple days. hopefully we'll have pictures for you coming up on mornings on 2. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. a deadline is looming for a homeless group of people living in a tent city in concord who have been told they have to move out. they live along highway 4 across from buchanon field. ktvu claudine wong is out there this morning to tell us why some of these people say they can't go to a shelter. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: there are a few reasons whether they are pets or health reasons. let me show you where we are. that is highway 4. it's just off the 680. this is a fence that blocks off cal tran property. it's not hard to get to.
6:33 am
i will take you up the hill to this field. i want to show you a couple things. first all this brush and overgrowth here. this is what was through this whole area and over the past week or so cal tran came in here and cut it down. you can see the traffic moving upright next to where we are. we talked to the founder of the outreach team an hour ago. he told us this new push to get a dozen people off this land this spot in terms of the homeless community is nothing new. >> this is not a new discovery. cal tran has known these people have been out here far long time. >> why the push now? because you can see it? >> i think now because you can see it. when cal tran cut these bushes down it opened up a can of worms for them. >> reporter: back i've out here along highway 14. people just starting to wake up in this homeless encampment.
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we are going to try to talk to a few people out here. as you can see the person in front of you has a dog. that is one of the things that is hampering people to get into shelters. about a dozen people staying out here now. homeless folks we talked to getting them out of here will be complicated. we'll talk about that coming up on mornings on 2. we'll keep you updated here. live in concord claudine wong. an oakland man is now on america's 15 most wanted list suspected in a fatal shooting. 33-year-old sean sullivan is accused of shooting two men in tracy. sullivan and the victims argued about an outstanding debt and he shot both men at close range. u.s. marshals are offering a
6:35 am
$25,000 reward in connection with the case. this morning san jose police are trying to determine what lead to the fatal stabbing of a woman. the 27-year-old woman was found inside a home on tara lynn avenue. the woman was rushed to the hospital when she died from her injuries. time now 6:34 a judge will hold another crucial hearing in the berry bonds criminal case. on that tape anderson allegedly describes injecting berry bonds with steroids. bonds attorney says that case is nothing but hearsay. yesterday the defense scored a big legal victory when federal prosecutors dropped six of the
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11 accounts. prosecutors retained their central accusations. berry bonds lied to a jury when he lied about taking drugs. time now is 6:35. i hear sal is check in on san rafael. how does it look? >> pam, you have good sources. absolutely. san rafael dave and pam looking very nice. we check in with marin county and on friday's in marin pam is a marin county resident. southbound 101 tends to be ha little lighter than usual going in and coming out. so hopefully this trend will not break today for some ran. bay bridge the same thing goes. since july when they started doing congestion pricing things have changed around here at the bay bridge. we're not getting a bigout right now. by now we should be if we will get one. this is 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 and that traffic is looking good.
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i would say on this friday i would say b plus, steve. >> are you grading on a curve? >> just straight grading. >> that is good, sal. we have clear skies some patchy fog out yonder on the coast. overall high pressure here will give us a great weekend. rain comes back next week. we've only had five days since the first of the year? something like that. five days of measurable rain. come on now. we need it. we've had a nice stretch where we've had drying out there. we had the fog and then we had the sunshine and warm weather. remember last week when it was about 80 degrees it will be nice this week but not that warm. patchy fog sunny mild to warm. big changes next week. clouds roll in on monday. yes, i think this can be pretty heavy especially north of us. we will get our fair fair share
6:38 am
too. those higher clouds associate with a system that is strong but stayingsing to the north. woodside 32. mil value low 35. blossom hill 35. and mill also at 36. you combine some of these temperatures fairfield 32. they also have a breeze. livermore at 34. a lot of 30s or 40s. 46 san francisco. there is cooler readings than that. mountain view that is at moffett. north, northeast what is new? east, northeast at napa. a little hint of a wind add sfo. we will go with that 34 to start. 56 at noon. a high of 65. i'm going 67 in pleasanton. right there everything plowing into the north of us. the high is not until monday. i will not give up. the weekend looks good. today looks good. big changes next week as we get
6:39 am
the clouds in and rain returns. we are just looking to see if it stick around more than just tuesday and wednesday. today cold morning. temperatures coming up a little bit with that easterly breeze. 30 to 46 on the low. 60 to 70 later on today until mostly sunny skies. clear lake 67. richmond 65. 67 pittsburgh to 65 oakland. walnut creek and danville. santa cruz 70. mid 60s peninsula. five-day if you like today you will like the weekend. changes monday, rain tuesday. >> time now 6:39. there has been a gas pipeline explosion this time in ohio and where it happened that is a relief. ac transit buss have an escort. the frightening scene bus drivers say happen too often.
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good morning, westbound highway 4 traffic getting busier now on the way up to concord. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. here's am quick look at some of the top stories we following for you. a missing couple from the palm springs area is an investigation into a suspicious
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death. billy waterman is a person of interest in the death of a woman who's body was found yesterday. waterman and his wife colleen were reported missing on monday. today is the last day on the job for white house press secretary robert gibbs. he's stepping down to become a democratic tv analyst and speech maker supporting white house positions. and this morning this is a live picture right now in the huge square in cairo egypt. massive protestors are out there this morning as the anger continues to grow over president hosni mubarak's refusal to step down. we are also hearing that president mubarak left cairo. he's at the red sea resort. the uprising in egypt has been called revolution 2.0 because of its roots in social networking sites. here are some of the latest tweets out of egypt this
6:44 am
morning. three army officers give up their ranks and join the protestors. one says my oath was to egypt not to a person. another tweet amazing picks from around egypt seems no one stayed home today. how many millions does it take for one man to see. for the second time in two days a powerful pipeline explosion has rocked an american community. the latest happened last night. sent a ball of flames into the sky and strong enough to shake the ground. but it was in a remote rural area. no one was hurt. investigators are still looking for the cause. we have an update to that horrible gasline explosion. five people have tie died in -- five people have died in that home education motion. the victims change from a four- month-old baby to a 79-year-old
6:45 am
man. time now 6:44 back here at home. ac transit buss are getting police escorts in one north richmond neighborhood. jade hernandez tells us about demands. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the reason bus drivers are so upset the escorts are only coming at night. we moved to where this shooting happened right here at this bus stop. it's right at the corner of third and grove. the bus driver on this route is scared as are other drivers. ac transit granted temporary protection. last night several sheriffs deputies tailed bus drivers to make sure they did not run into problem. that's when bullet holes riddled one bus which left one of eight passengers hurt from flying glass. the driver reported a group of
6:46 am
eight men approached his bus as the group outside moved to the back of the bus. the driver heard gunshots and saw bullet holes in his window. ac transit said the shooter had someone in mind when they opened fire. this is the fifth violent incident this year. ac transit spokesman told me drivers at night along the 376 line will be the only ones receiving a law enforcement shadow for now. >> right now we have stepped up our efforts in the evening but this plan was put into place last -- it's still in influx. if we determine we need to intensify the effort during other parts of the day, we will. >> drivers know deputies riding shotguns a temporary fix. bus drivers pretend they are riders get on and then they pray on people riding. this area has been really quiet this morning. we just saw a fire truck drive
6:47 am
by. ac transit says $14,000 for surveillance cameras can be expensive. it's one of the options they have. ac transit bus drivers on this route will only get a shadow at night. and that is what is making ac transit riders bus operators very upset this morning. reporting live jade hernandez. the former owner of a palo alto bar has been found guilty in the death of his girlfriend. prosecutors say he strangled jennifer in october 2009 then they say he it will their home on fire. prosecutors say the couple has a history of domestic violence. he faces 33 years to life in prison. in san jose william lynch will stand trial for attacking a retired katz lick priest who he claims molested him when he was a young boy. he will be tried as an adult.
6:48 am
time now 6:47. your drive on highway 101 will soon be less scenic. trees will be cut down along highway 101 in nevada. this time the crews will be working along pluma circle, sea skate drive. this tree removal plan will clear the way for a new car pool lane for both the northbound and southbound lanes of highway 101. last week the crews chopped down trees on the 101 median. 6:48 is the time. let's go to sal to check in on traffic. how is the going? >> last week i was doing a live shot. when i go on the air a siren goes by blaring. it's just part of the job. live television. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. the traffic is okay on highway 4 as you head up to the will low pass grade. slow traffic. there is not a lot going on which is good. we are not going to question
6:49 am
it. westbound bay bridge is light. also this morning when we look at 237 we are starting to get a little bit of a slow down there. good morning, happy friday. today's weather is very simple. it will be cold in the morning. i want to draw your attention. you have to put on your weather remembering caps here. we haven't had much rain this year. and on january 1st and 2nd we had rain. these were measurable days. after that we didn't have much. we had rain in the 30s. after that we didn't have any. january only five days. what about february? we haven't had any. the pattern this is six weeks now where everything has been east of us. east of the rockies. brutally cold snow. it's a teeter totter effect. things will change.
6:50 am
our forecast models everybody brings rain. we are running out of time. you get to march and things start to wind down so we still have a ways to go. we've had six weeks of dry weather. today will be dry as well. if a few high clouds. 30s to start off with. livermore 34. 39 oakland. 37 redwood city. there is also a hint of an easterly breeze for some. everything continues to go up and over that ridge which has been happy to stick around in california for awhile. everything is pointing toward that high moving off and lower pressure settling off the west coast. not for the weekend. we're all right. today is fine. a few high clouds. overall temperatures -- two for tuesday. we'll have cooler weather and rain. a north, northwest breeze. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. 60s for many. could be a few 70s down toward
6:51 am
monterey. santa cruz that is what i meant to say. livermore at 65. i like monterey so i said it twice. patchy fog otherwise fair into sunday. increasing clouds. it the -- the national average for a 30 year six rate mortgage pushed past five this morning. it's not enough to discourage most new home buyers but it could push people who are on the fence about buying or refinancing. checking in on the numbers uncertainty overseas plays a role in global stock markets. taking a live look at the big board. dow jones down 32 points to 12,199. i want to talk about the obama administration is caulk talking about housing overhaul plan. we got a lot of calls after
6:52 am
doing that foreclosure story. keep your home we have a link our on website of how homeowners can get help. >> very interesting. they are coming and one northern california community couldn't be happier. what is giving sonoma county a reason to smile and a big jolt to the economy. plus what will be coming soon to sfo. the long wait is almost over. good morning, if you are driving in san jose right now not too bad i say. trying to get your morning off to a good start. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather.
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welcome back. our time now 6:54. new accusations in a murder case could mean the death penalty of a 21-year-old man. that man is charged with murdering 19-year-old jared afool. on wednesday prosecutors added murder while lying in wait. that means the man is eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without patrol. sonoma county hopes the new ad will bring more people to the county. last year the hotel business was up 7%. they expect another 7% increase this year and that will support
6:56 am
about 17,000 jobs in the county. the newest terminal will open its doors for the first time. our ktvu cameras took a -- the terminal is being hailed the most modern in the country and also the greenest. >> we saved about 12-18 months off the usual construction cycle. and the project is also being delivered under budget. the building has increased natural lighting. it also features restrooms with recycled water and recharging stations for electronics. >> looks good. time now 6:56. san tran users you can use clipper cars. they join bart, cal tran in accepting clipper cars. you can buy clipper cars from any of the transit agencies or
6:57 am
at a local retail store. let's check in with sal. >> vta will start using clipper also. that traffic looks good here at the toll plaza. no problems on the bridge. across the san francisco it looks good. things are light so far. this mornings commute on 101 in san jose also 280 in san jose looking good. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. the weather is looking good too because big changes next week. today 30s and 40s will give way to sunshine and upper 60s. probably leveling out. and rain yes rain on tuesday. first one of the month. >> okay, steve. time is running out for people living in one bay area homeless camp. coming up we'll tell you why some say they have nowhere else to go. is the another surprising
6:58 am
development in the escalating crisis in egypt. it involves the whereabouts of the countries president.
6:59 am
angry protesters are taking tohe


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