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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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numbers. president mubarak may be getting ready for another tell vietzed speech. why a missing man is also a person of interest in a suspicious san francisco death. a major bay hospital is at the center of a mysterious police investigation. folks at this homeless encampment in concord are about to wake up. we'll find out why they're getting kicked off this caltrans property. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori cam belt reports say that president hosni mubarak has left cairo for the town of sharm el-sheikh. state tv in egypt says an important statement from the
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president's office will be released soon. we don't know what this means but we'll let you know as soon as we know more details. president mubarak disapointed protesters. it is 5 p.m. in cairo. it has been anticipated he would announce his resignation last night. instead, he's transferring some of his powers to his vice-president. protesters responded with disappointment and anger. >> there will be mood shed. >> today protesters are fanning out across cairo. we're hearing of mass demonstrations. we'll have much more coming up on today's developments in cairo, including a live report on the obama administration's
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reaction from our washington, d.c. bureau. it started as a search for a missing couple along devils slide. now it's an investigation into suspicious death in san francisco. francisco. >> the person was found on lombard avenue. the problem is no one seems to know where that address s none of the people at the hotel could confirm anything like that happened there. let's take you over to devil slide right now. that's where a search is getting underway any moment for the search of a man who is believed to be with the woman in that; death. they're looking for a man. the man is billy waterman, 51. he and his wife colleen were
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reported missing on monday. this all began on monday when people reported billy and colleen waterman missing. they came top -- to san francisco. less are doing an autopsy on the body found in the hotel. it may or may not be that of colleen waterman. they found the car just off devil slide and believe that belly waterman may be in the area. now, of course, they conducted a search off devil slide yesterday. it started around 6 and went until 9:30. if mr. waterman fell or is trying to escape, he could still be in the area. they don't believe he survived the fall or he is not dead. they believe he could be in the
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area still. that's why they're looking there. we're trying to find out where the suspicious death was on lombard avenue. we're live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu news. inappropriate actions by a hospital employee has caused action. a patient raised some concerns following a routine procedure. the details of the alleged incident are being withheld because of patient confidentiality. at this point we don't know if the accused employee is still on the job. >> as early as today people at a homeless camp in concord could be forced to move out. they were living in a tent city. claudine wong joins us live from the area. the question is where will they
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all go. >> reporter: they've been waking up over the last half hour or so we haven't seen any sign of caltrans. folks are packing up and moving out. here's what happened. if you pan up the hill, you can seat traffic. that is highway 4. caltrans came in here and cut down brush. that brush was hiding pretty well, apparently, all of the trash. once they started seeing what was left and all the tents and people living out here, people started picking up their phones and complaining about it. yesterday they came out here and started telling the folks they're going to have to leave. we did talk to a man who lives here and knows all the folks here, a man in a blue jacket. that's joe. he said, you know what, they knew this was going to happen. >> it was a cool place. caltrans came in and made this look like a hurricane let the
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place. they came in and they came in and cut all the weeds first and left it like this. >> it looks like a mess. >> it looks bad. got people honking and everything. >> so you knew that the time was going to be -- >> we knew this was coming. it always does come. >> so it was a matter of when. this is video up close of some of the trash piles and debris that we see in the steels and sits next to highway four. you can see it coming off the solano exit off of highway 4. when will caltrans come through. we know it will be in the next few days. when will all the folks clear out. we've seen a few leaving saying they will find another place to sleep. why aren't they going to the shelters. half of the dozen people we saw actually had dogs with them. you can't bring a dog into the
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shelter. they said they're not willing to give up their dogs. they said they will find a bridge. they said they will keep moving around until they're told to move ago. live in concord, claudine wong. just about 35 minutes ago all lanes reopened. one to two lanes had been opened all night because of a deadly crash. the highway patrol says an officer tried to pull over a motorcycle but that driver refused to stop and crashed into the patrol car. this happened near the holly street exit about 9:30 last night. two men were on the motorcycle. one died at the hospital. the other was injured. the officer was not hurt. i was checking at on the traffic section. looks like traffic is fine.
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>> this morning's commute has not been too bad. we had a couple of slowdowns. we had a couple of accidents but it's not all that bad. we have slow traffic, though and you consider that a traffic. i think a lot of people do. westbound 580, a little bit of slowing. it's light are than usual as you drive to castro valley. bay bridge toll plaza that is leet. news chopper 2 is looking at devil slide looking at pacifica on the lind de mar. in case you were wondering, that police investigation on doyle drive has not significantly slowed traffic. i think i see a man and his daughter. >> good morning and clear skies, some patchy fog out on the coast. i think that's a seen of -- sign of things to come. we'll make it two weeks and rain coming back in a big way.
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we've been talking about the 15th. i'm so righten that in a big way. we have only had five days of rain this entire year since january 1st. we had a lot of rain, but then the tap turned off. we're going to make it through this weekend. there meet be local drizzles sunday night and on date rain comes in tuesday, wednesday and really cold. for those that work out, that's the way the pattern is shaping up. today, though, not bad. we're bringing temperatures up just slightly, not a lot but temperatures, core deal yay's at 30. clayton 32. blossom hill 34. mill bray at 36. a lot of 30s. there's also a leet component of an easterly, northeasterly breeze. napa 35. santa rosa. north at fairfield three.
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livermore is tiny, teen ni north. northeast at napa and north, northeast at sfo. we're not done yet. that's great for the coast. liver moorings target forecast starting off at 35. 65 degrees today in the livermore valley. temperatures about the same as yesterday, but a few degrees warmer. a big system. there's a lot going on but nothing's going to change until monday we the whole pattern finally begins to move out and change here. cold mornings, mostly sunny. mild days, some patchy fog. rain will be here on tuesday. take it to the bank. it looks really, really good. northeast breeze, even though it's slight it's still there, especially nor santa cruise. 67 pits bumpleght 65 castro valley and hayward. 68 san jose.
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cupertino 68. 66 half moon bai. 60 daily city. looks good okay. fine through the weekend. there will be fog on monday, rain on tuesday. we just spoke with the santa clara control who will start praying more mosquitoes in an hour. it includes new chicago marsh and zanco marsh. the spray will last about three hours. the goal is to reduce the number of winter salt marsh mosquitoes. while it is not known to transmit west nile virus, they do bite during the day and will fly over 20-miles to find people and animals to bite. in just about an hour from now a carnival cruise ship will sail away from san francisco after docking in the bay for repairs. it is the carnival splendor.
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it will get tested for leaks out in the bay. there it is right there, sitting there, pretty, majestic. that's the carnival splendor. from there it will sail to long beach and pick up their first payings since an engine fire left the ship and the 4500 people onboard stranded for three days. it made big news all over the country. >> we covered it and there was a dramatic story. >> it is after 5 p.m. in cairo right now. we'll keep covering the mass protests there all morning long to see what's developing. plus, the obama administration's growing frustration against the egyptian government. plus the holdup that prevented the school from meeting a deadline. what kind of paycheck college graduates can expect
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compared to year's past.
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president obama said the egyptian president must put for the a concrete path to genuine democracy. part of what's said were comments from the cia director. listen to what leon panetta said at a congressional hearing when me was asked about media reports. >> i got the same information you did that there's a strong likelihood that mubarak would step down this evening, which would be significant in terms vive where -- of where the orderly transition takes place. >> reporter: the cia has been
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under fire for not having better intelligence for what's going on in egypt. president obama has no public events scheduled for today but he is getting his daily presidential briefings at this hour. reporting for ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we're monitoring the developments closely. you'll find continuous updates at our website, just look for the egypt tab. in a couple hours white house press secretary robert gibbs will conduct his also white house press briefing. gibbs announced last night he is stepping down to become a democratic analyst supporting white house positions and television appearances. his replacement is jay cairn nirks the current communications director for vice-president joe biden. a hearing is underway on capitol hill to prevent another
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offshore oil drilling disaster. members of the oil commission are testifying on findings and recommendations following the huge oil spill in the gulf. these are live pictures of that hearing which is going on in washington, d.c. the final report was issued last month with 15 proposals including higher limits for spilled damage. the commission concluded that the spill was dow to failures by three companies -- bp, transopenings and halliburton. safety experts are looking for answers behind a very disturbing trend. they want to know why mistakes by air traffic controllers have almost doubled in the past year. the faa recorded close to 1900 mistakes last year up from 950 the year before. the most common operation error, allowing planes to fly too close to each other. delta airlines has been the most
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complained about airline. delta has won of the worst on -- one of the worse. it also has trouble in the baggage handling department. that seems to be making some improvement. delta is sending 11,000 of its workers to charm school. they will be taught how to improve customer service skills. getting the metrodome back into game shape will take longer than expected. the entire roof will have to be replaced instowed of repaired. this is new video of the dramatic collapse. it came under the weight of heavy snow. you can see some of the snow starting to drip through. the collapse forced the minnesota vikings to play their final home game at other stadiums. officials hope to have the work completed by august 1st. there's yet another delay in the big announcement about the
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fate of five u.c. berkeley sports teams. cal's chancellor is deciding if the men's baseball team and four other teams will get a reprieve from the budget ax. he was expected to make the announcement yesterday but he didn't. a group called save cal sports raised $15 million to pay for the programs. the university said it is contacting each donor to verify their pledge and confirm the money is really there before making a final decision. there's good news for college seniors. a survey for the national association of colleges and employers said grads will be offered bigger paychecks for the first time since 2008. the survey says that people graduating this spring will be offered an average salary of $50,000. this is up 3 1/2% from last year. >> can you tell mi daughter that? >> i will try.
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>> time now 7:20. a bay area country club wants to cut down dozens of tal trees. the reason why will probably surprise you. >> the surprising recovery of a gymnast who suffered a traumatic injury. we're getting word of some major problems on the muni metro subway. if you take the streets downtown, you'll want an update.
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a country club in miller park is asking for permission to chop drown redwoods and other trees. the sharon heights golf and country club said the trees are unhealthy. a specialist hired by the country club said in a report the trees are not healthy because they're too close to one another and they block sunlight
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needed to maintain a healthy green way. the city is looking for community input because of the number of trees involved. some residents are vowing to fight the proposal. a san jose plan who has been praised as a hero for his good deeds will not have to may almost $2,000 because he's a good is a mare tan. the house erupted into flames. johnny fisher there saw the fire and immediately helped out. he kicked down the door and woke up everyone inside. help ended up inhaling smoke and had to be take tonight hospital by ambulance. a week later his wife opened up a nearly $2,000 bill for that ambulance ride. >> i do understand it's a business. at the same time he put two lives in danger. he's got two babies of his own.
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he was risking his life to save somebody else. >> well, fisher and his wife emailed us at ktvu. now the ambulance company said they will take care of that bill. a clam peen gymnast is recovering -- champion jim nays is recovering after a terrifying fall. he was practicing for a cirque du soleil tryout when he missed the landing. he landed right on his neck herniating his spinal cord. doctors feared he would be paralyzed. after intense surgery, he's already walking around and recovering at home. >> an incredible story. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, what's happening on the roads? >> there are some computer issues on new ni. some of the trains are stack up
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on the embarcadero. word of computer delays. you may be delayed in and outbound on the muni metro. if you take it downtown and keep to the schedule you may be off. let's take a look at the westbound 580 commute in liver more. that traffic is okay heading up to castro valley. traffic is moving well on interstate 880 in oakland both directions. so far it's light. let's go to steve. >> lots of sunshine, cold this morning. 30s and a few here in just a second. everything looks good. some patchy fog is inching closer to the coast. that will play into the sunday forecast but overall it will be dry but big changes. high clouds associated with a system. cornelia down to 30.
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blossom hill, los altos checked in at 35, same for concord and livermore, fairfield. napa's in there. san rafael 37. go over 101 and it's about 37. high pressure will hold on. cold morning, sunny days. northeast breeze still. there the forecasted highs come up a little bit today and tomorrow. they level ot on sunday and start to come down. a few mid-60s. livermore 65. san jose 68. everything's okay for the weekend. it will be cooler on sunday. clouds increase and colder, much colder with rain coming in tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> it may feel like winter. >> yes. >> we've been spoiled. thank you. we are following stunning new developments in the political crisis in egypt. one involves president mubarak. we may hear another statement from here sometime this morning.
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also, how drivers may play a role in the lawmaker's plan to preserve services.
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egypt's state run tv said egyptian president hosni mubarak
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is about to issue an important statement. this is after he left cairo. he is in the red sea resort town of sharm el-sheikh. thousands of protesters continue to demand that president mubarak step down. again, these are live pictures of protesters. protesters were angered yesterday when they expected president mubarak to resign. instead, he said hoe would stay in csh -- he said he would stay in office and transfer power to the vice-president. some of the tweets said hosni mubarak will never see cairo again. we've been disappointed before. >> all right. back here at home the search for missing couple from the palm spring area has become an investigation into a suspicious death. that's after a gruesome discovery in san francisco. the body of a woman found inside
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of a hotel on lombard street. hours ago san francisco police said billy waterman is a person of interest. waterman and his wife colleen were first reported missing on monday. their car was found on devil slide. this is a live picture. news chop p--- chopper 2 is flying over the area. >> ac transit bises are goating -- buses are getting an escort in one neighborhood. jade hernandez has more on why the drivers are demanding the service at least during certain hours of the day. >> reporter: there's heavy
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contra costa county deputies out here. there was a deputy following the bus. i asked the bus driver if that escort had been with her all morning. she said this had not. that's part of the problem. a temporary fix is having the law enforcement escort for some of the drivers in the area where the drivers are scared to drive. several sheriff's deputies tailed bus drivers to make sure drivers didn't run into any trouble like they did on wednesday night. that's when bullet holes riddled one bus which left one of eight passengers hurt. eight men approached the bus but more than gunshots rang out. the shooter had someone in mind when they opened fire but witnesses aren't cooperating. drivers said this is the fifth incident. we spoke to an ac transit spokesman last hour by phone. >> we have stepped up our efforts for the evening, but this plan was put in place last
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night. if we need to intense fight efforts during other parts of the day, we will. >> reporter: drivers have also been worn -- warned that deputy shadows could be dispatched. young men pretend to be riders but then they prey on people riding. >> they will get on the bis and show the operator they have a gun. depending on what they want to do, they just have their way. >> reporter: ac transit spokesman said the deputy shadows are not costing anyadditional because it's part of the normal cost. those law enforcement shadows will be temporary security throughout the district for now. the escorts will be in place at night and as i mentioned we saw several deputies driving around in the last 15 minutes. we'll keep you posted on the
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story. jade hernandez. this morning oakland police are investigating five separate shootings that left five men injured. police say the shootings do not appear to be related and the men's injuries are unclear. the first shooting happened at 8th and campbell in west oakland. later police responded to shootings on high street and 70th avenue at international boulevard. a fifth man showed up at a local hospital after being shot in the ankle. a $25,000 reward is being offered for the arrest of an oakland man who is on america's 15 most wanted list. sean sullivan is accused of shooting two men, one who died back in november. investigators said sullivan and the two victims argued over an outstanding debt and sullivan shot boact.
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one man died at the scene. the other is paralyzed from the waist down. the man accused of murdering washington intern chandra leaf vie -- levi will be sentenced. the mother is expected to make a victim's impact statement of prosecutors want life in prison for him. this morning a judge in france will hold another crucial hering in the barry bonds perjury case. the defense will ask the judge to block a secret tape reporting of the former trainer greg anderson. on the tape anderson allegedly describes injecting bonds with steroids. he said the tape is nothing more than hearsay. dpawns spent more than a year in jail for refusing to testify. yesterday the defense scored a victory when prosecutors dropped six of the felony
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counts. however, they retain their central accusation that bonds lied to a jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking steroids. bond has pleaded not guilty. his trial is scheduled to begin on march 21st. round table pizza fight -- filed for bankruptcy protection. the move affects only the 128 stores owned by the company but not the 355 restaurant franchises. round table says it needings to rework a -- needs to rework a line of credit. ford motor company plans to cut its debts by almost $3 billion. ford borrowed $23 1/2 billion in 2006 when it restructured. it still owed $19 billion. ford said cutting the debt further will drop its interest
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payments and it could return it to investment grade status. state senator mark leno will announce plans for car taxes. it would allow counties to ask voters to consider storing their vehicle license fee to previous levels. leno said the money could pay for health and services programs. there will be an 11 a.m. press conference on the steps of san francisco city hall. i'm going to sal now because i think something's happening. right, sal? we have muni delays in san francisco. our news chopper 2 is on the way. i think the chopper is on monument but we can't get it now. there are delays in san francisco. let's bring in one of our ktvu employees who's at the station, greg randall. are you on the phone?
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>> yes. >> what's going on where you are. >> it looks like the entire outbound side of the tracks there is all closed down. there's about 12 or so muni employees in their orange safety vests walking the tracks. i can see a train stuck on the traction going out of the station towards the west. >> i will put up a map, greg. stay with us. i'll put up a map of the san francisco area. now this is the muni metro system. it runs up market to castro and the trains are stacking up. the last time we heard, the trains were stacking up on the embarcadero. are people just getting off the trains here? >> actually, there's no commuters on the outbound platform. there's no commuters. it's all muni employees, and i'm actually looking at the trains. it doesn't look like there's
7:40 am
anyone on the train. >> so now we're showing you a picture of 101 in san francisco. some people may decide to take the car. when there's a shut down, people throw their hands up. how much longer has this added to your commute. >> ima going inbound towards oakland because i work at channel 2. the yowbl side that's -- outbound side that's affected. they're allowing people on the inbound side of the platform. >> very good. that's one of our employees, greg, who does a fine job here. we'll deputize him. we're trying to get a response
7:41 am
from muni. this is san francisco. you can see that traffic is looking okay. san jose traffic uneventful. northbound 280 getting up to 880. that traffic looks great. let's go to steve. >> good morning. some great tweets coming in, sp weather. a big with you on the sunrise. he said one of the best i've ever seen. we have some cold readings, 20s, 30s and a beautiful day is on tap. enjoy today, tomorrow, most of sunday. i think sunday is fine. huge changes next week. we haven't had much rain. we had some on the firsthand second of january -- first and second of january. i remember that rain on the 30th, about a half inch to three quarters of an inch. we haven't had a drop since. it's been sunny side up. it's been warm for many. that's all coming to an you a bankrupt end as we get to monday
7:42 am
and tuesday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday look cold. the fog is also patchy coastal fog, not that inland stuff, coastal fog. but core deal yay, sew know -- sonoma, down to 30. milbrae, 32. a lot of readings came in in the low to mid-30s. napa 35. livermore 35. even santa rosa 32. still, can't get rid of that east wind yet. we will but today a north wind or northeast wind is over by the coast. if you don't have the patchy fog, it's another day of nice weather. monterey to the gulf, it's gorgeous. here's the key. that's going to exafer itself over -- carve itself over us. everything has been locked.
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everything on the west coast has been locked. what's been going on east of the rockies, cold and snow. everything will go like this, come back towards us. that's what we're looking at. cold morning. 30s for many, 40s. by sunday i think that coastal fog comes in. it cools down. rain returns next actuals. cold this morning and sunshine, slight north, northeast breeze, upper 60s to near 70. we could eek out a 70. napa 66. san rafael 64. sausalito 63. alameda 63. 68 san jose to saratoga. 70 santa cruz. so a nice day. more of the same saturday, a little cooler sunday. much cooler monday.
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here comes the rain tuesday. the donald wants to be the president. the influential the group billionaire spoke to and who is is considering a -- who else is considering a white house run. find out how his trip to southern california is raising so many eyebrows.
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we have breaking news with ktvu's news chopper 2, traffic stop -- stacked up at the embarcadero. you can see there's one, a few
7:47 am
more others. we have the trains stacked up. you can push in closer if you want just so people know these are trains here. it's unclear if people -- they've gotten off the trains. they're backed up to at&t park. this is going top cause huge delays. you heard from one of our employees, that he was in the delay. let's bring in muni spokesperson paul rose. good morning. >> good morning. >> paul, can you update me on what's going on with muni? >> it's just outside of castro station. we're still investigating the cause of why it happened. we should be okay inbound coming into the city but it's going to be slow. it's going to be crowded. if you have alternative ways of getting to work, you might want to consider that.
7:48 am
>> can you tell us what happened that caused this delay? >> the derailment outside of castro station, you know, we're still investigating the details. there's not much i can pass on as to what happened. that's why we deployed the teams to see what's going on and how to fix this has soon as possible. >> the derailment was where? >> just outside of castro station. >> i don't know if you can see ktvu, but we're watching the trains stacked up along the embarcadero. does that mean the trains are not heading outbound? >> we're determining whether or not we can move trains alternatively along different rails, but at this point we're not moving outbound. we're trying to pick this up. >> inbound, which is the way most people are going, trying to get to work, those trains are moving?
7:49 am
>> yes, but it's going to be slope and it's going to be crowded. >> that's paul rose, muni spokesperson. we're watching the trains stacking up. it's heading outside of castro station. he doesn't know when they'll be able to fix it. let's go back to the desk. this morning the obama administration rolled out a proposal for winding down mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. the two accounted for nine out of 10 new mortgages in the last year. steps to reduce the government role in the mortgage market would likely raise borrowing costs for home borrowers. they believe any correction could take years. time now 7:49. real estate mogul donald trump is raising speculation he's going to run for president
7:50 am
again. he spoke to a let cal conservative action conference in washington, d.c. he said he will decide by june if he will challenge president obama in next year's election. donald trump could be part of what's expected to be a very crowded race. >> that's why all of our chips are on 2012. that's it. you asked for it. i'm in. you're in. >> that is congresswoman michele bachmann. she is also considering a run. others, mitt rom -- romney, newt gingrich and rick san tore rum. yesterday jerry brown caused a buzz. he took a flit on southwest airlines by himself to address the members. he chatted with passengers on
7:51 am
the flight. today the 211 help line will be launched in san mateo county. it's a toll-free call are. it connects callers with a variety of services including employment stonns of assistance -- employment assistance and will provide critical information in an emergency. a discovery under 14 feet of sand and dirt. the artifacts found near candle stick park. in case you can't get enough of that little darth vader star, there's more of the popular commercial featuring the super bowl's smallest star. ♪
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[ female announcer there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life.
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two century old chips have been found. the organization found the schooners. they were buried under 14 feet of sand near candle stick park. it will soon house a new overflow sewage pipe. the experts say the schooners delivered hay, salt, pork, lumber and other car gee during the late 1800's. the daily deal coupon site groupon is pulling its controversial ads that ran during the super bowl. it appeared to promote humane tarn and environmental causes but they ended up as tongue and cheek pitches for a groupon deal. they were intended to make fun
7:55 am
of groupon. it offers an ad to donate and they expect to get more than $500,000 to the charity. well, he's tori's favorite and one super bowl ad everyone seems to love. now there's more of that ad to show you. the force is with him. volkswagen released outtakes of that commercial. it features, 6-year-old max page trying to use the force around his house with his mom and dad. the original commercial, believe it or not, had more than 26.5 million views on youtube. >> last week it had 16 views. >> and counting. we want to check in again with sal and give you a close
7:56 am
eye on muni. >> the trains are southbound because of a derailment outside the castro station. these are the trains that are stacking up along the embarcadero here. they're coming out of the tunnel after delivering passengers to downtown. they go down to the caltran station and not going until further notice. you can see the trains on the right are stacked up before they get into the tunnel. we just had the muni spokesman on the air. he said it was a muni derailment. they have to fix. this inbound is still moving but with delays. free way traffic looks okay getting up to the 80 split. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's about a five-minute wait. let's go to steve. this will be a cold start and sunny warm day. changes start to develop on sunday, a few high clouds
7:57 am
associated with the system, but things are changing. those clouds right there but no big deal. 30s and 40s, a lot of cold readings but very similar to the highs, strong low top left of your screen will dig in and eventually be strong enough to kick the high out but this will hold its ground for two or three more days. forecasted highs 60 to near 70. it will be mostly sunny, mild to warm with temperatures 68 santa rosa. patchy fog, warmer on saturday. we level out on sunday. coastal fog will be back and tuesday a cold rain arrives. more suspense in egypt this morning. president mubarak leaves cairo. the next big development. >> as sam mentioned there are big -- sal mentioned, there are big troubles on muni.
7:58 am
trains are stacking up after a derailment. it's moving day at this homeless encampment. why the homeless people say they will not wait.
7:59 am
8:00 am
okay. good morning. angry protesters. president mubarak is hundreds of miles away. trains are stacking up after a derailment. also, a search at devil slide is tied to a death. the couple at the center of the case. the second hour of mornings on two starts now. good morning. i'm tori can't bell. >> i've dave clark. it's friday, february 11th.
8:01 am
back in cairo, state run television said a statement from president mubarak will be released soon. mubarak left cairo for the town of sharm el-sheikh. we don't know what kind of statement will be released, but we'll let you know as soon as we get the details. in the meantime president mubarak disappointed protesters last night. it had been anticipated that he was about to announce his resignation. instead, he said he was transferring some power to his vice-president but was not leaving office. >> there will be blood shed. the people won't stay quiet. the people will not accept this. the military knows this. mubarak knows this. >> protesters are fanning out all across cairo. we're hearing of mass demonstrationings at the presidential palace, the
8:02 am
parliament building and state tv headquarters. we'll bring you live report from cairo with the mood of the demonstrators out there today. we are continuing to follow breaking news from san francisco. a muni train derailed near the castro station this morning. here is sal with the latest. >> reporter: the castro station is underground. the derailment is in an area under the street. what's happening is the train's coming inbound dropping whoever passengers downtown. then they are being sent down to the cal train station at fourth and king and they're turning around and stacking them up. they're not running outbound until further notice. they don't want to run them into the tunnel because they complaint get -- can't get through. money workers are -- muni workers are outof the station. they will be running shuttle buses for people who want to get out to the castro station from
8:03 am
downtown. you can also use overhead bus lines, regular ones to get out to that area. again, the trains, in fact, lookses like one of the trains that was there outbound is transferred over to another track. this is a big delay for muni. the castro street -- we had derailments there before, a tight little turn they have to make. this could be the same area that they've had trouble with before. we will find out and loalt -- let you know. >> accusation of inappropriate behavior by a lot employee have triggered a police investigation at kaiser permanente medical center. police told ktvu they began their investigation yesterday to determine if the allegations are true. a patient reportedly raised concerns following a routine procedure. details of the alleged incident are being withheld and we don't know if the accused employee is still on the job.
8:04 am
it started as a search for a missing couple along devil's slide. now it's an sphreation into a suspicious -- investigation into a suspicious death. kraig debro is outside the hotel. >> reporter: we just found out where this hotel is located. it's a row mad da in -- ramada inn. i just talked to the clerk. he said the couple checked in saturday evening around 7:30 up the stairs and on the right hand side. the clerk also told mow that since the time they checked in, he never again saw billy and colleen waterman. billy waterman is missing right now. according to san francisco police, he is also a person of interest in the suspicious death. san francisco medical examiner's
8:05 am
office has identified the body. there less suspicion it could be colleen waterman because the two came together. because the car was found off devil's slide, there was a search for one or both of the waterman's. they're officially conducting a search for billy waterman. it wasn't just that they thought he met his end there or an unfortunate accident, but they believe he may be on the run. the general consensus among the police is that he's missing or run away. remember, he is a person of interest. both were reported missing on monday. a family member went to do a welfare check on the watermans and found they weren't there, reported missing. yesterday, of course of course the body was found in the room at the hotel. a half hour before that, the car
8:06 am
was on devil's slide. so they believe billy waterman may be the peninsula. there's a person of interest, and that is billy waterman. >> thank you. we've got breaking news. egyptian radio -- television -- first, let's look at the pictures. they're dancing in the streets. word has come from egypt's vice-president that hosni mubarak has stepped down. according to the associated press, he's handing over power to the military. this is happening as we speak. you see people cans -- dancing in cairo, egypt. you see the cheering and
8:07 am
applauding and exuberance. egyptian president hosni mubarak has stepped down and turned over power to the military. we're looking live at it. this is history in the making in egypt, and it will have an impact around the world, but, again, if we cop just stop for just a second and listen in and look, this is egypt. now the implications around the united states and around the world preplain to be -- remain to be seen. >> we know that hosni mubarak flew to the town of sharm el-sheikh yesterday. it's just after 6 p.m. there. mr. mubarak has a palace in the sharm el-sheikh resort. so it's not unprecedented for him to go. there were some indications that he may be stepping away even more after he said he was
8:08 am
handing some power over to the vice-president. we have just gotten it confirmed that hosni mubarak has stepped down. he has handed over power to the military. this is what the protesters have been demanding. they want a true democracy in place. it is still a volatile situation, one that's fragile. we'll be having a live report from cairo, hopefully in about 10 minutes and our reporter in washington, d.c. is following the obama administration's reaction to all of this. the obama administration was expressing some frustrations and con fiewrks actually, about what the situation is. >> he announced he was leaving last night. he did not. the pressure has been relentless. these demonstrators, they have not let up at all, and they sad that his -- said that his statement last night was not enough. they marched on to the
8:09 am
presidential palace. the only thing they would accept would be that president mubarak would leave. now, apparently, he's done that. >> these protests were getting bigger as the days and weeks went on, not smaller. the spew ease canal -- suez canal plays a major role in letting oil come through. so that's been cause lag lot of concern -- causing a lot of concern. >> mubarak said he's handing over power to the military. we know there are many other sources with influence in africa, in the middle east. we don't know who will totally filth vacuum and what will be the future of egypt, but what we see at this very second as you're watching these pictures from cairo, egypt after president mubarak said he was stepping down.
8:10 am
>> it appeared at first that president mubarak was a little tone deaf and operating business as usual, but the crowds didn't give up. they remain for the most part very peaceful. protesters had serious clashes. these protests did -- i believe there were 200 deaths and numerous injuries. for the most part they camped out. there were families, people from paul walks of life, lawyers, doctors. that was the straw that broke the camel's back, forcing the mubarak regime to step down and change. >> we'll have time to look at the dome palestinian -- domino effect whether there will be retaliation. >> right now the stock market is up 38. this situation in egypt has certainly had an affect on wall
8:11 am
street. >> a lot of people with family there in the bay area are obviously watching it. >> it will be interesting to see we this returns to calm and when tourism will return. i was there 26 years ago. it's a beautiful country to visit but something americans fled very quickly three weeks ago when it started. u.s. government workers and government workers from other countries fled to get away. >> egypt is also a nuclear power as well. noever is filling that vacuum, there's a lot of questions, very, very interesting, and we see this live here on ktvu. >> we've just gotten word that the google executive, the one who was captured for 12 days, he's the one who apparently started this revolution from
8:12 am
social networking sites. he has issued a statement congratulating the people saying mission accomplished, basically, that this is what they were trying to do, what they were hoping to do. it's fascinating looking at the crowds waving the egyptian flag. euphoria for them. >> the next few hours, few moments, weeks, will be very, very interesting as egypt is at the epicenter of a lot of attention around the world. >> right now we want to head back to sal castaneda and get a check on the traffic. you're following the situation with muni. that's right. just to let you know, we'll be going back to the coverage, just give you a little traffic and weather. if you're trying to get to your job downtown, if you're taking the outbound train, there's a derailment. all the trains are stacked up
8:13 am
outside the embarcadero at the castro. trains are delayed inbound. they're not moving outbound. also, this morning we're locking at traffic at the toll plaza. it's light no problems there. this morning we're doing okay in oakland with slowing in the coliseum. let's go to steve. everything is good today and tomorrow. cold this morning, a lot of 30s. we'll end up with 60s near 70s. a few high clouds, but that's associated with a system that will stay to the north but the changes are brewing. 30s for many, 40s. it was a cold morning. the north wind at napa, fairfield. it's not strong. the mere fact that it's there means temperatures come up. the change in our weather is right up there. it will dig in and do this. i think sunday we get coastal
8:14 am
fog back but it's been a quiet six weeks basically, only a couple days of rain, but the weekend, friday, saturday, most of sunday will be fine. clouds return monday and then much colder temperatures by tuesday. cold in the morning, sunny and slightly warmer. temperatures coming up just a couple degrees each day. the lows are so cold. 60 to 68. 65 antioch. 64 brentwood. not much change interest livermore to loss gatos. if you're heading down to the golf it's gorgeous. rain on tuesday. >> thank you, steve. 8:14. >> we're continuing to follow the developing situation in egypt. hosni mubarak is stepping down. we have some reaction there.
8:15 am
have you gotten word from people? >> reporter: not yet. we're waiting to hear from the white house obviously. their message and statement will be very porchlt moments before we heard the official message from the vice-president omar suleiman that hosni mubarak will step down. president obama said it was a first good sterntion the fact that -- step, the fact that mubarak was leaving cairo and is now in sharm el-sheikh. that's where the egyptian president went to earlier today. we heard that message just moments ago delivered by the vice-president. you can see the images in the streets of cairo right now, dancing, jubilation, protesters. tens of thousands have been protesting for more than 17 days calling for the immediate
8:16 am
resignation of mubarak. today they have made history, have made their message known and have won, a big victory for the protesters ending a 30-year rule from mubarak. we will be awaiting reaction from the white house. we do have knish response from the -- initial response from the military. admiral mullen talked with egyptian military leaders before this formal announcement was made. administration officials believed the military with have to assume control to keep order in that country. they did not believe that the protesters had any faith in the vice-president of egypt. so clearly they want a smooth transition of power. we will see what shape and form that will take in the days and weeks to come. again, history made after 17 or more days of protests. now president hosni mubarak has
8:17 am
stepped down. >> the white house has had to do a rather delicate diplomacy, if you will, during this whole situation. what would be the pie deal -- ideal outcome now that president mubarak has stepped down? >> reporter: the white house has always said egypt has always been a close alley and maintained a close relationship. the white house did not want to tread on that relationship too hard. you never saw president obama call for the resignation of president mubarak. but the president said he supports the people of egypt. he support has free and clear democracy and a free and clear election. that's what you've heard from the white house in these days of unrecommends. however, the white house and the president never went so far to call for his resignation.
8:18 am
now the whole scene is different. hopefully later today he does not have a public schedule. there will lab white house press briefing as they hold daily. we'll see what the relax will be from the white house but clearly a very important relationship to keep between the u.s. and egypt. >> before you go, what are we hearing about the fears in washington as to the vacuum that will be left now that mubarak is stepping aside? what do they fear the most? >> that's a tricky question. we'll see how the elections shape up in september and who will control the country. so far, preliminary reaction is they do feel safe, secure and comfortable that the military does have an authoritative role right there right now. they believe the protesters would be upset if the vice-president omar suleiman was
8:19 am
in charge completely. they need to have confidence that the egyptian people will honor and respect the authority that takes over. they just want to have a smooth transition here. so keep in mind the elections will be taking place in september and the white house is hoping that the elections will be freehand clear -- free and clear and a free democracy and the will of the people will be spoken. >> sandra, i think you did follow this. this whole protest really started with social networking, social websites including a google executive who encouraged people to come out and take a stand. i'm curious whether you think this might have an impact in the development of the egyptian government. >> absolutely, politicians, grass root leaders. opposition leaders know this is an entirely different generation. this is a young people's revolution. they know this is an organized
8:20 am
group of young people, a generation that is not afraid to speak out, to stand up, clearly and you've seen this for days, chanting in the streets, carrying flags, giving up their livelihoods for a better future you've heard this time and time again, just camping out, staying there in the courtyards, in the streets, in the square, just making sure their message would be heard. they're organized through social media. for a while the government shut that down trying to make sure the message wasn't getting out but they overcame. that authorities know this is a completely different generation and one that wants to be heard. >> live from washington, d.c. thank you so much more keeping us updated on the situation there. i just want to read a little bit of the statement that vice-president omar suleiman announced in a statement on
8:21 am
state television. it says mr. mubarak has decided to relinquish the offer of the presidency and selected the supreme council to take over the affairs of the country. what's interesting is why mubarak did not say this last night instead of waiting today. maybe this was a trial to see if it would apiece the protesters and it did -- appease the protesters, and it did not. >> as we look at the pictures, on the phone we have someone from egypt right now. lamese, can you hear me? >> yes. >> what does it feel like? >> i have never been prouder to be an egyptian. i feel like we were have achieved the greatest dream. we have reached lengths no one
8:22 am
imagined. all of this from young people, my generation who everybody underestimated. we finally did it. >> were you part of the demonstrations in the last two, three weeks? >> i did attend the demonstration. i'm a doctor. i work at the largest publicly funded hospital in egypt. so i was very bis sit first two -- busy the first two weeks, treating a lot of the protesters who got injured. >> this is like a tsunami. >> it is. >> income the mid-drel of this, when did you know or did you ever feel like this can't be stopped. >> i'm an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor, a patient was discharged and going back to the square. that's when i knew we couldn't be stopped.
8:23 am
>> we're looking at live pictures right now. >> of course i'm going to celebrate with the people right now. >> how are you going to celebrate? >> i don't know. i want to be with the masses. i went to hear their cheers. i want to see their happiness. i want to see the people who spent the nights there. i want to see them elated. >> are you worried at all about the future of egypt at this point? there's still so much uncertainty. >> of course, but i'm not worried. i don't think we should be judging in the next year, two or three. we should judge within 10 years. we overcame a dictator. we can do anything. >> what do you think should happen to president mubarak? >> i think he should be tried. he's a very corrupt man. justice has been -- for the people, for the victims of these demonstrations. their rights have to be ensured.
8:24 am
>> and he was in power for 30 years. why do you think it took so long for people to stand up to him is? >> i really don't know. i think the instigating incident was the last elections of the parliament that were so blatantly corrupt that people were appalled, that they couldn't hold back any longer, and that conditions for the middle and lower class became so atrocious that they couldn't stand it. it was the final brink. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me with you. >> it's been wonderful to hear your voice and excitement. we want to go again live to cairo. weave have leland live there in cairo. can you describe what you're
8:25 am
seeing and experiencing there? >> reporter: this is a celebration unlike anything i've ever seefnlt the last -- seen. the last time we've seen something like this is when the berlin wall went down. people are cheering in the streets, absolutely incredible here in cairo. >> and this, i assume started 25 minutes ago. how did the word spread that the president stepped down? >> reporter: it came out. there was an incredible roar that went out. 30 years of president mubarak and now the military is back in charge. back to you. >> we're looking at these pictures. thank you for taking the time to talk with us live from cairo,
8:26 am
egypt. every street there appears to be pill passible. the crowds are clearing. the flags are waving in the area. the enormous shouts. >> we have a new statement from the leading egyptian advocate, mohamed el baradei who said this is the greatest day of my life. he says he expect has beautiful transition of power, but that really is the question mark whether there can be a smooth transition of powshz -- power. >> we're also getting word that president obama will make a statement coming up at 10:30. it will be very, very important and keeping in mind that this will have a ripple effect from iran, syria, israel, all of the surrounding countries in that area, plus the economic
8:27 am
partnerships and military allies. this is history. this is an incredible time. >> it does have an impact on all of us, even with our pocket books. wheat prices could be impacted. again, we want to show you -- draw your attention to what you're looking at on your screen. looks like people standing on top of a bus waving their flag. what's interesting, there's a lot of celebration. there doesn't seem to be any kind of violence, any kind of vandalism going on. tens of thousands of people on the streets. >> we heard the comments vive the -- of the doctor. we can see in the pictures, but she said i want to celebrate and be out there in the midst of it. i'm looking at these live pictures of egypt wondering how this will impact other countries
8:28 am
tarp looking to overthrow government, whether they'll feel empowshzed -- empowered. >> this all -- started about 18 days ago with social networking. they made some connections and said we don't want to take this anymore the protests kept growing and growing. president mubarak said they weren't going to change. even a few days ago said that the protests had to end or there would be a crackdown. there was this big change yesterday where the military officials said all their demands will be met. after waiting for six hours, president mubarak made a statement where at first he said he's not going to step down. then he will hand over some of his powers. he has left the capital of
8:29 am
cairo. he's at his palace in the sinai pen then sue a. >> we're repeating as we watch the people standing on top of this vehicle and also waving flags. we know that president obama will be making a statement at 10:30. president obama has -- president mubarak has stepped down. that will be interesting. and where he will go next. we heard the doctors saying the egyptian people still believe he should be tried for crimes they believe he committed. that's another big question. >> there are concerns that he amassed billions of dollars
8:30 am
during his 33-year -- 30-year reign while the average pay for an average egyptian is $2 a day. there's a big separation, if you will, between the haves and have nots, donkeys next to mercedes. >> part of what fueled it is the average living conditions of egypt. many of them live on $2 a day. with the military in charge, it will be interesting to see if that will change, if that will improve things. who knows. we're only speculating, but that situation fueled all of this, so will that change under a military regime. that's what we have to see. >> and whether this spreads. we have a statement. one of the chants, the people ousted the president. so when people see this kind of
8:31 am
impact that the protests had, whether this will continue to spread. it initially started with an uprising in tunisia. >> we've seen this happen in greece, all of that. >> live pictures from cairo. it is 6:30 p.m. there friday evening and a lot of people milling around. they were jumping for joy. car horns, we heard them. celebratory shots in the air. for the most part not too much violence but a calm atmosphere. >> this will be interesting to see what happens to egyptian television, if there will be an attempt to take over television. that will be interesting to watch. >> again, all the americans who
8:32 am
watched. it will be interesting to see when outsiders will come back into the country. >> i was listening to one of the reporters, we know some foreign journalists were attacked. whether it's safe for foreign journalists to roam around and be out there in the midst of the jubilation, look at the cars. the cars trying to move around in all of this. the streets are filled. the emotions are running high. it will be interesting to see. when you finally get what you want after years of waiting for it to happen, how do you express yourself. >> we have someone else on the phone. we are talking to a stanford student. you're live with us. you're from egypt. can you give us your reaction. >> this is a historic moment. i was just on the phone with my
8:33 am
cousin who was on the streets. it's a huge celebration. everyone is hugging each other. it's a very joyous day and i'm so happy this has finally happened. >> for those who have never lived in egypt, why is this so important? >> well, when you look at a regime that's been in power for 30 years with the same president, when you look at the people, 44% of the people living on or below the poverty line, when you look at the huge amount of income and inequality, it has taken a lot. it's not serving the people, just their own interests. this is a beginning step but hopefully there will be more and a peaceful transition to democracy. >> i assume that's the goal right now but there's a lot that
8:34 am
needs to happen between now and then. do you have any concerns for the stability of your country? >> i'm concerned, yes. we have hope. the people of egypt have shown they have enough strength and courage to take this into their own hands. the fact that the military council is taking over and not vice-president suleiman is very significant. in my opinion, the military government -- council is much bemplet i hope this will be a transitional government that will herald free elections. >> do they feel safe now? >> they feel incredibly safe. they're saying that people are so happy. people are hugging people that they don't know. they're congratulating each other. there's a huge mood slough celebration that's been
8:35 am
unprecedented. looking at the live feed from fumes channels, you can see that. it's difficult to hear my cousin speak on the phone because people are celebrating so much. they're so happy. no one right now is afraid about what's going to happen. they're so hopeful for a better future. >> i assume you go to egypt on a regular basis. paint a picture of the country. what is this like? >> reporter: it's a very, very beautiful country. there's so much pride, national pride of the citizens that have been under the yolk of this regime for so long. despite this, even under the regime, there's been so many accomplishments made in egypt. it's sad to see things ruined like the artifacts, but egypt is
8:36 am
such a resilient country and such a great historically deep country that i believe it can get through this and become a much stronger country than this was before. >> tell me the moment when you heard that he had stepped down. what was going through your mind? >> i was watching the news channel that brought up omar suleiman who less than a few hours after the president, he had gone to sharm el-sheikh and tensions were reising -- rising. i was up all night to see if this would and new a good way or with the army doing what everyone didn't want, turning the protest violent. i heard he was stepping down. minutes later, eruptions. the people sitting there very tense. for the past hour they've been
8:37 am
telling us -- it erupted in clears. i was sitting at my come tirp and screaming and laughing and hugging everyone around me and waking up my poor roommate, running down the hallway screaming that he's stepping down. updated fie my -- updated my facebook, my status. everyone is so speechless and ecstatic that this has finally happened. it's been 18 days and 30 years. >> you're a perfect example of tweeting and facebooking. are a lot of people asking you questions about the situation? >> there's been a lot of awareness on campus. there was a demonstration last week for egypt. a huge group of students showed their solidarity. there are plans to go town to san francisco and tomorrow have
8:38 am
a vigil for those who lost their lives. there's a lot of support in the community for the people in egypt, just through all types of people. not just people in the eastern background but people who hate oppressive regimes. even people like the filipino student union have voiced their support. >> it's fascinating to watch. how would you speculate -- we're all speculating as we continue to watch the pictures in front of us. how would you speculate egypt's neighbors would be reacting. >> i think libya would be happy. i was looking at some data compiled by the economists the other day listing the countries next to erupt. yemen was the top of the list.
8:39 am
libya was the top of the list, with the exception of the richer countries and the gcc. i think this doesn't bode well for the dictatorship for jordan. it's not a happy situation for people getting on planes leaving their country. >> will you be in classes today? you sound a little too excited? >> i think i have to go to class. >> i think it's fare for you. you have to attend all your classes. i assume this topic may come up with some of your classes. >> i hope so. >> we want to thank mara from stanford, originally from egypt to share your comments and feedback. it's nice to here your enthusiasm. appreciate it. we've got two pictures that we're showing you on the left. that looks like tahrir square.
8:40 am
for days, now, you've seen those white canopies in the center, circular motion. you can see some flags being waved, just the euphoria that's being expressed in so many different parts of egypt that president mubarak has stepped down officially, not just handed over power to the vice-president. >> we're getting word that mubarak has stepped down. one say last lady selling bread on the street was crying and came up to hug me saying the youth, the youth. there's another tweet. tunisia's revolution took four weeks, egypt 17 days. who's next and how much time do they have? just a couple tweets we're getting already. we anticipate many more to come. >> also, we've gotten more information that this step by mubarak to step down is boosting stocks around the world as hope grows for a peaceful transition
8:41 am
of power. you can see the dow still up right now. it's just up 13 points and was up a little bit more than that earlier. this is certainly good news, something that's being watched closely for the investors at the moment has this political standoff and uncertainty that was being seen for two and a half weeks is over. one thing investors do like is uncertainty. this is good news for the stock market. >> as we continue to look at these live pictures, we'll take a break. we'll be back and talk a lot or about the breaking news that the president of egypt, hosni mubarak has stepped down and there's celebration in egypt. we'll have much more coming up on the ktvu's mornings on 2.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
as we've been telling you, the major breaking news came out of egypt within the last 45 minutes. egyptian president hosni mubarak has stepped down. look at these live pictures, just a portion of the live pictures, the streets filled with cheering people, cheering the fact that mubarak has left,
8:45 am
waving the flags and an incredible situation happening as we speak. president mubarak, now former president mubarak has deep -- bowed to the demands. they have filled the streets. they're all over cairo. we're told the military will take over control of egypt. president obama will be making a statement about all of this about 10:30 our time. >> we'll stay on top of this. we also are continuing to follow rake break from san francisco. -- follow breaking news from san francisco. there are delays as trains have derailed at the castro station. >> reporter: train service has resumed in san francisco. i can show you. there are a couple trains behind me.
8:46 am
these trains were stopped a few minutes ago. i spoke to one of the operators. he told me they could go at any time. i just got off the phone with the spokesperson for muni. he said service has now resumed. the reason why, they're running service over the castro crossover. there was a derailment. there were passengers aboard. no one was hurt but that derailment slowed down the entire system. they can't determine exactly or couldn't determine how exactly, how slow that was going to be. you're taking a look at news chopper 2. it shows you that cass strow -- castro station. it caused a muni delay into san francisco. i want to bring you out live here. these are the trains that were slow along the tracks this morning when we pulled up. again, service has resumed into san francisco. paul pros told me he wasn't sure
8:47 am
how long delays would still remain but there were going to be some delays for commuters this morning, so be patient. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, channel 2 news. i hear we'll toss to sal castaneda. sal, you have monitoring this for the past half hour or so. >> we will stay on top of it. there's likely to be delays. let's go to some of the other traffic areas. 880 northbound. traffic is moving along slowly. also, this morning, we're' looking -- we're looking at the bay bridge. if you're driving on the sowp south barks 237 is looking good. let's go to steve. sal, sunshine today and probably tomorrow as well. i think the coastal fog will be back and rain returns. we have sunshine today, a few high clouds are driesting --
8:48 am
drifting by. a lot of 30s, 40s. it was a cold one. had a few upper 20s. that system, that's not the front. it's the low that's coming out. that's going to finally edge the high out and carve itself out over the west coast next week but not for most of the weekend. cold this morning, sunny, still a little north, northeast breeze. that means warmer as well. low 60s, mid-60s to upper 60s. could be a 70 near santa cruz. then we will ease off. increasing clouds monday and cold on tuesday. as early as today the homeless at a sent city in concord will be forced to move out. ktvu's claudine wong has been out there talking to people in the tent city to find out what they're going to do next. >> reporter: in the past couple of hours we've seen people pack
8:49 am
up their things and move out. even after they're gone there may be a lot left behind. we're on cam trans property. if you're driving up there, that's highway 4 up that slope. if you're driving by, you can't miss this. caltrans cut down a lot of the brush and that made this very obvious. >> it looks bad, especially on the free way. got people honking and everything. >> reporter: so you knew the time was coming. >> yes. >> reporter: cam -- caltran is promise to get people out. they told me they know crews are coming to kick them out. it's in the pan if but a when. >> really, they do it all the
8:50 am
time, kind of used to it. >> reporter: just move your stuff and come back? >> no. i just go someplace else, really. >> reporter: why not a shelter? because of your dogs. a lot of people have dogs? >> only three. >> reporter: only appears about a dozen people are calling it home. it's off of highway 4 near 680. if you're coming off the solano exit, you will definitely see this on the side of the road. looks like several people who live out here have dogs and that keeps them out of the shelter. only one couple was willing to take contact information and they never called. as far as where folks will go, i keep asking where are you going, and the answer is the same, we don't know.
8:51 am
live in concord, claudine wong. >> 10 minutes before 9:00. continuing coverage of this historic event that's unfolding in egypt. we give you live pictures from cairo. president hosni mubarak stepped down. this follows the biggest days of protests when he refused to resign last night. he has handed over power to the military and egyptian erupted in cheers. again, live pictures of people streaming in the streets in cairo where it is 6:50 in the evening, so early. you can see cars, motorcycles, people walking, waving flags, chanting. there's been a lot of car horns being blared, general excitement. some of the people we've spoken to, just cannot believe they are so excited. >> that it timely happened.
8:52 am
>> we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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these are pick chirrs of egypt -- pictures of egypt where the crowds are still waving flags and expressing celebration. president hosni mubarak resigned
8:55 am
and handed over pour to the military, bowing to prodemocracy demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. the resignation of mubarak is being called historic. it was only 18 days ago that protesters first took the streets demanding his resignation. they organized using social meet media -- media websites. there have been reports as many as 300 protesters were killed. we're monitoring the developments in egypt closely. you'll find continuing coverage with the latest updates at we also want to mention that president obama is going to be making a statement about the situation in egypt.
8:56 am
that will be coming up in about an hour and a half at 10:30 our time and we'll carry it live on ktvu. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. a search for a missing couple from the palm springs area is an investigation in a suspicious death. billy waterman is a person of interest. waterman and his wife colleen were reported missing on monday. muni said this morning's derailment near the castro station has now been fixed. however, delays continue for a lot of san francisco street car riders. that derailment was first reported about an hour ago. safety experts want to know why mistakes by air traffic controllers have doubled in the past year. the faa recorded close to 1900 mistakes last year. the most common error, planes
8:57 am
flying too close to each other. >> that's not good. >> that's not good at all. >> let's check in with sal. obviously, a lot of events going on, but traffic is a concern as well. >> getting up past 66 off-ramp, getting up to the toll plaza, it's only a five-minute wait getting into san francisco. there's san francisco. yesterday was so terrible, i think today we'll welcome that muni service getting back on track after a derailment. they're fixing it. there should be some residual delays. 8:57. let's go to steve. >> we have sunshine. this was cold. we'll end up with 60s near 70. more on the same on saturday. some coastal fog starts to creep back on sunday, increasing clouds on monday.
8:58 am
i know. and next week much, much colder. >> all right. we'll be prepared. as we go we want to take you back to egypt where the big news, the president has resigned officially. the military is taking over. live pictures of all the cars and people walking around. we'll continue our coverage nonstep on our website also, we'll carry president obama's statement live. he will be making that coming up in about an hour and a half. thanks for watching, everybody.
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