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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 14, 2011 8:05am-9:00am PST

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this valeine's y t th expect rain woulcooperat anstayaway for otheday, that what ey e hoping. on avera abt $6on this valente's y. the eakdn tween men an womeis tremdous. thsurv says mewi spend out 58. peop are still loing for bargns busine ownere pple nt to y lol d they wa to buy green. the owneof onlyflowers mpany ys imports n be cheaper. t threnyed -- newe interestin buying lol and cuttg wasthas givehe busine a boos it's huge. e can otprint
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eaper. repoer: e didvange fr ying fr businees ke this riety. she sa e buysthe best ow she can buthe's variet u see a lot ofthese. cordg tothe naonal reta federatio $1llio les. th yeaexpeed r that 11up fr st yr. repoing verom n fransco,kraidebr ktvu channel 2 ne. thk you,kraig. > 8:. at look ke gooddeal for valentine'day is reivinreal bad--ally bad revis from shoppers. usercoe
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reiredto use a specia webse where the ices werehier t webse. sounds li a lilebaitan swch groupon says custers arwelce toply for a creditor a fund >>we have some messy stf happing in our coute. what's e late, l? we, you know. fligs d thers alady worl me. the athedo tend to dey the lights. afte9:00is whenhe lays get wors you are tang a flightat sfo, eck wi ur carrr. thisis a ok at hhway--
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10 e traffic ay. but me busy busy conditionsd me rainvi inthugh the. a lo the bay bridge is westboun thatrafc wi be back you r abt a 20 mite dela let's to stev > thk u, si very happmoay mning. the's yo y. mostly cloy, ndy,cooler me rainif u ve some eet infoation. twte sp athe st yohavebeen compining, sang wheris the su u've had two eks of son. it ti for a an. anby thwathst coas call ansaid can yoplease send th highprsureour y. the in now --k wess.
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e stem mingby nally ma it. that good >> ma ren unty, mostofthe north bay tang the lk of anrainhere. 49an rafa, 49 san je, speakingf san jo, ey started f at . 'll go 58, . m st d rvous out at 63 buthat all rit. we'lstaywithit for now. ould t some afteoon sun. w, torrow we'lfocu ouatteion onhe this -- on th syst whicwill be he. a one s a lomo cold air going. it ch rong. day is wind, raintomoow avierainnd then morr, coder r. at lderaicould maket
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down by sohernalifnia before thed of e week. ndy and olery noon there habe lot 50s weaid odbyto the s. we'lsee a t of 4 and 50s d may. some of th co air willbe ungi in re espeallyon thursd anfriday. >> thank you, eve. >>you tcheit live lt hour right he on "mornings on 2,present obamunveiled his .73 illi spending plannean we'll ve t -- and 'll ve the relts -- highghts anre good news about gabrlle giffor. ey involvmuc and our space. masooncost you more buy mo threads. what expted behi -- wh's bend t expted incrse?
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od morning. okfor a raer uste, wind cool day. hey ra ves in on esday. > within t last ho, pridenobamtalk about budget pl hese tongre is mning an alison rns portit cuts or iminates morethan0 govementprogms. ley son? >> reporter: preside oba is looking -- pridenoba
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isloing toslassome progms ile osting up others. his al i$1trilonin ficit rediionsover the ne -- er the nextn ars. the present red up upa ur oa scho inbaimor maryla. eveas cut t thin that wcan fordo do wiout,wehavea responsibity tinve in those ars that willhave th biggest imct oufure -- fure. shot of thesidt's dgeteo we arriving ocapitoll. it calls r ts inprrams r heing asstance forlow- inco mili. >> he alsowas x creases
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r thwealy. repuicanare readcaing this a jokillinproposal. theywao gornme programand the ghabout l ofth isjust begiing here oncatol ll. repoing ve om washington d., alison bur, kt anne2 ws. >> tnk u alison. > more gns of prre fo a wound congressma gaiellffor. a tv interview this morning, r husband said shcawalk while holding toa rt and is starting eak a t. she'beenrkinso hard, her spch trapi wantheto slow aun sl do ttle bit. she n mouth wordto song like twkle,wink little
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ar. d bl was to play rerdin th --blojevh was to pl cordgs that sayare prove that did not try toll present obam 'sate seatfor a prit. rerted, critics of rothy duggers nt to rce her out ofa.r.t., unhappy abouhoshe ppen e 2009fatashting casef car ant. one board meer saysdugger will prablynot mountain t up fit --probably ll no
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puup aight this ue. >> idon't e her icki ou. >> todathe wi two meetgs ab.r.t. headarte, thothee the ard esidt andugger. > 8:. e sendlaest okste chn uld le fobankrucy -- nkruptcy toda e boers grp th owns bords and one other company is a nfli of inre. if borders files for barupt, hundre of peop could go to me oahom okhomaklahoma okhoma coon, one hadoled in spce er the past year. d synthetifabric costabout 50% more they say the biest crea
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ll me in the send half of thhour. a votell be take tonight ona ple where u ght be ab to -- to go fi more affoable clothe, the ci counl se decide if a ne-- a w mallhould be but. the velor ys n marc st-cl store willbe on in anors. the yes ago milaplan s proposed by so people in th prect. buwas deyed -- a derailed by theecony. actreselizabeth ylor wi st a w more dayst a hospal iloangeles. a okespersonor hesaid yestday doctors willkeepher cers-sai il.a. fofurtr treatmt. she s takethe r con ssisheart ilure -- congesti het faile. no rd wn she willfilly be able 19. a vantine's y kissing
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contest ntins thland aftesevel coles be a rld cord thcontt begawith4 couple ven madeitpast a -yea olworld record the's-the int see, a diond -- incentiv amond ng a re th ,000 in dash. th arepretty-- cash they are pretty tivad. severaarticts disappea from museum. d thwarning at afct ur smer cation plans. >>good mning trfic going to be afcted movi thugh man unty rning commute, saighthe ahd.
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nerd coming infrom ir abt clashes. ov the weekd, ros esident, mahmoud ahmadijad, prsed this. but en permission wasked abouhaving a rally toy in suort ofthprest in egt and nisi
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the vernnt said noanpu them der use rest >>wellthe u. state depamentis using e per unst thelpreadtsown messag er t weend, lo is. the ate dertme arteto nd tweets farsi, language of iran one them acces the irian vernment being hypoitic freedom exession. we've en epinan e this and ght now, ihas ar 2,00foower > police egyphave revered me of e stol itemtan froma cairmuseum duri rent o democracy prest es--pro-democrac otes. the officials founa few items bume arill miing, cluding a statue ki tut and statue fair we --
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t rey. wecould bepang $5 bore suer arts rit w, thavere 4. icesare ually at the the westvel of the ar, sie e dend creas as it gets waer d peopleve more me off. $4 a llon! yikes! t's eck with l an sehow traffic is movi. >> highway 1 ifront the wine. lot people who go up to thwine one insonomaknow thatarea. therisa crh here. 121, 116, ght areawah for a sldown. factmakesurethat you gi youelf tra me beuse the weatr ismoving thugh maricounty it'srettavy trafc fr
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noto tsan rael the on thcommute downo san rafael. so watch t for ow trafc. it'ssual tenicay -- i t itwa-- met itwas arnold drive. webouny idge. it bacd upall the way t to t tollplazmacarthur it's out 20-minutdelay. looklike thers indrops thlens heavy tryi to get in sunnyvale. t's go to sal. anweatr infoatio weatr. thers be od infoatio comi in. fous, we'vhaso ra. e heiestems to wa to takeaim atthe north ba t evyoneis der scattered in. righthat you ther
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e marin coun over san pao bay. north bay annomacoun, napa unty40s an50s. upper s, oy hayward the rmest at 5 everyo pret cle. windy at tis, ol heday, mix of ouds and so off d on rai recaed hh is s ana few low 60s. thos and the sunshine isdone -- go. peopleare se th artweengit's upt. torns willbe oppi offthe table,espeally we head towas thuray d frid. 'lstrule tget intothe low 50s by fday,they. ay. thk u. 8:27 thdiscery a dden treare laysplanfor new bay area perrermark, let fono >>repoer: 's atemt todrawattention betwn
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thinuality beten stight find out what'sbeindone rit here in the baarea-- ming. so -- new report ys those popular er drin, th cabe dangerous. y the iswarning going out to pents
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weome back is is valentins day, whh yokn, d somesame-s coups artryi to get married tau. th arhead to t clk -- marrieday. th he e heed toth erk's offis. jadeernaez s mo. >> rerterit's stemen to dw attention to the ck
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equaty tweestraht and gay couples. so onceagn, they ll apy for e cens and told that they are not loweto marr ople lined herwh ney- ectegavinewsom d th ci ise licensesto marrd coup. ght w, the ci of sa franciscand other rts -- paies e chalnging prop 8. thse has reacd e 9th u. rcuicourof apals. during th tim toy arens abt thimpactthe
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some me-s coles ar expeedto requesrria licenses. rallisalready en scheduled cona coa coty in martin. e gaerinheld -- he at the untyclers office is exctedo be ld tay om 3: to 4:. > chels chels all er t bay areaare expected bepretty sy today th coups geing rried. no and zel sied for marriageertificate >> our hedus we available for is moment righw. >> specl da ye is. itl work ou > well, unlike her counes, n mateo ofrs cole atern conntion and camera pable of broaasti a wedding that
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iends anfamilyall overhe world -- to iendand fami the tra featurwillco couples about 0 on toof e rmal weddg e. a nerepo ys aupgradof &e's recorkeeping stem may havecaused it tose shalinformion out the pipenes. "t safrciscchrocle" repos th pg&einallee comper syst in 19 quirg employeetoput infoatioand somemes formion s avlable or diffict toterpter. according to e repo at may explain y pg&e d not knowhe at plod la yearad en builwi a le. federal investigors had termed tt the deadly asoriginat at a say weldon that ene. >>in easaon work at e tighis on ld, d th mainof the indians re
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found ea bern avenue. dianemains havbeen und inthe area befo. rk thsitehas been mporily suend for cavaon anthatcould and at procs cod take the mohs. >>a w report at jt ca t sa engy drin n have destating altheffes. live wh moreon ese inks >> reporr: t driv clai to providener but e ctorat the unerty miamscho medine say they increase bld prsure and srupsleepattns eir young peop and say th dierences can ha harmful efcts --armf efcts we con bacallied wi -- effects th comned ergy no accordingto one of the udy'auths, thdrks
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specl se sks wi diabetes. now the udy a --stdu arthurre -study's ger is tryi to t the sympms notid. >> knick ce, know thata lot ofteenagerll oen drk ose ergydrin afr theyre ay -- after ey e playg a li tha i ow tt mit be baand are thengy ink companie sponng therert. >> well, e firspart, ah, thisis auths talk abt. somepeop do assoatio drinks like red ll with
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garade so chiren bo do drk -- so peopledo drinred bull it nogoodon. on top thcingf the heart thathappenwhenou exerse, you will get anded effe the engy inks rebu tual camet an repe-- and respondeto th nepapeand used thffee anogy, sayinthe at oflf feelin an.4 n oflet bull isabt the sa onecup ffee >>hankou, cole n jose mar uck reed ys retirent benefi and si ave pauts e draing money from cityservices. atthe top, b davi o took me $534,000. that clud a $1,000lary
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us 27,0 in sk and -- in sickd vationayou. thaveragpoli ofcer and fifighr th's rered ov the st ten ars is drawing morethan $1,000 per ye in retirent. and at'sa oblefor e people of se the e verygeneus affo to contue thatn' a policeunion p sa ort affi meanle time off. the ci council ets toy and is excted ar dire numbers out is if coessis art made. >>caltin mmuts, y will get a chan to speaout abouthe seice ts. theyarhoing etin in n jose, safransco,san car rose and gioy. now,ltrain prosin cling to 16 statns and also raising fare 's part a an tope out a rerd budget deficit.
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ose cu ardue to take efct thissumm. >>antraving anfrom scol masoon geeaer for me w income students in n frcisc day'supeisorare expeedo vote a resotionthaturgemunito --to prove freerides fo the rest ofthscol year. the ck --ba in apl, noon aged issusses foloincome studen. t that hasn'tppen t. 're just geing rd of a wer outa in coord -- coor went chec wi l. >> wve stconfirmed at without por because ofa transformethatent out at abt 8:15 wee ou20inut into it. pg&e way he d't ow help thpower wi be back on -- wn the powewill back . if u ow somee in concord or ayt
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call them mike su th e for hoolnd in. webouny idgeit's baed uall thway out e macarthur ze. the teng rigs lights are on. windin n fransc northbou 101s you t upto the 80 split -- mygoness. itlooks ke aamusment pa. > let's go toeve. >> way t the. >> yes. y outhe. stlyoudywiy. me great eetsby e wa weatr if yoveny infoatio pele e trelinthis anwe have had ve out of six weeks ofdry weher. thttern finay chging it's nounusual r us.
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it'sot li tom jone-- it's not un the winter i'showg you the der ot becausthe green turns to whit at'snow etty go rain near shasta, lass -- shta/lassen. fit w cong in. temperaturesll starto warm mean, alaska ld. d-- i that filly changing. ansomef th snowis ginninto lt. for we y goodbye to 7 and nshio clou, stly cloudy and much lder weather ll finitely rainvi thugh.
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the stronger systemfor tuesday is taking shape. th hasa t ofld air. it'salready ppinin moture. a -- a ttle bit, not a lo we've t this up. heier rain movesinon tuesy. windy at tis. cool, cool up ir50 mid 50s. a good- 6263, 64 f n jose but i ink by torrow reood ty, 60. think eryby ll be the s. wilbe ruggle to t out ofthmi30s. all rit. bay ar trav probms gh no yocan ame today'wet and wiy weher. so airtravels re ready
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afcted. wr
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it 8:4 t's ing u uptoate some of the p orie 're chking portat form ypti predent hosn mubak is ill and may even be cotose a newspaper iro rert e at -- port that. >>al this morng present obama s in baltimore spkingaboud dgetfor 12, at nt congre toy. the esidt's dget wod trim t decit 1.1 trilon er n year weve replica say even more cutsarneed. and ok outside atthis ve picte. therare new trav problems ed toth morning's ndy anweathe ain 're looking li outse, fghtsin d t of sfo the cifirthwt deyed morethan ho. that's beuse thiny
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athe both inhe pific nohwest and ght re in e bay ar. ere's no wo of any lays oaand rport or at n jose mineta. ac. trant budriv is schele terrying ordea odater t tyne lsonnow refus dre today orany other day witht ard precti. has behi the whl of th a.c. trsit bus at beca th taetf guire nort richnd last we. lsonsays deing wi violencrinals -- crimals is rt -- is pa of hi daily route no it st the wi, wild west out hereantheyse to have wo for man life it's likeitesn't matter >>wilson sayse's d nitmares ever sie nman shot at s llet >> sheff depues ha been
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traing the buses ince days t ere'no guartee ose paols will contue evacuationrderfor a n frcisco recycling cent being foht th morng. the parks department nts to ict e haig-ashry's reclincenter out of its lotion on fredick reet. the citywas to reace it th a counitgaen. now,they willolhearg 0 thpark -- parkeparent' desion. > suppters thereclin nter ss it pa out mo than $5 miion ar and at alot ofthat moy goes loinco families and dividus. dalyci coulban plasc gs. the ty coyne will intduce th ideatoght. 26calirniacies alady
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ban astibagsncluding sa franciscand san francisc and n jose- sase. o bay arealawmakers will officiallyanuncelitition ton shark fin terial. othebay area 's ldina prs conferce at 110 a.m. > diyou tch the gram's wards last nit? so are callg thammyas nit of upts. therwe some surprising rdros to se d cour, a ry usual entrance by dy ga. r reporter joing usli fr f isall ofthe deils. >>t s a verytereing
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light night la nit. therwerea coup of mbles. stinbieber, everyone was waitg for m, yoare watcng osely in the background, u can see one of his baup ckgrnd dancer ll behindhi someof s fa ha apparently en tive on ittetes and the wier's website, maki some disparaging markthatwe detand be msels verygrious-- eberhimsf s ve acious. i have ask yoaboutlydy ga ga expln a. >> reporr: whearabout th bere e deth entrance initiallshe me to the rehearsal a hearse d i guess th was thdeatand
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thiswas threbih. thiswas to ti-- is was al ti alg her so. e was carrie egan apparely incue led incubated ring t fit rt of thgrams d en rn. thisoes aro "borthis way"for people who feel -- it'souose who ally feeloutside, d e wants evybody to feel like supersr. thisas rt bringing it t anprestinger n song. >>eforyou go, talkabou so of thwinns aneven so of ose who dinowin. >> yh. ladynteblum,rely the big nner. to homfive ase fromthe speccle,n and e g peon who -- e onpers opledidn't ink was gonna n, chivfive,
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everyonese inthe cagory r bestabums platum recordses anthisgrould lessthan 500,00foe album ich ok ho the big pre. you n see on eir faces that th we in a biofshk at ty won. thk yor beg wi us ne mites before9:00, ndre of we-groed kay nyesrehitting -- kay ny are ttinthe t dog in new york the dog showisunrwayin madisosqua gud be. re an 00 dogsare partipatg. new cludes, the st ishow tle will be handedoulate torrow i wayslooking thgetu
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e do arput . . >> there'rerts that a w d en smallehoneis cong on. >> w. also thnew seon offially benstodafothworld chamons of basall.
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>>the ants starthe press deefending thr rld seriestie today.
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it'stime for spring traini. antspihersnd tcrs -- and catcrs porttooots da. will-- sctsdale. plers portomorw. > wee been checng ou twter. gits ago clos, brn wils, eetespring traing, ic ath compitioane defending begi. sergioromosaid, good moing, eets. todais ficially t raft y of e offseason. and -- ifwecan roll up thank yo 're ju arning that ge woodhajusten fined by the eupean tour for spliing during th-- the bai assi e isdenthappened ter missedthe puttfor pa he ver recored from th
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matcaftetwo geys. onrerts ods itti here, e of the otr ings yowi er e on a golf urse. > applwill repoedlybrin t a neipho thatwi smler,lessexpensive. this all according " the the w repos will be -- portedly they wi be so to cellular caiers th rerted wilallow th rele coanietosubsize the iphones d ing theminto thprice rangofthe va prects. so f --prodts. sofa notha world from appl itwi be a --this wld a valeine'day gift deliver by by a armedor car. lo 'sa 1100aratpe-shad fr afra. it's for le, ich has only
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hied at whatit uld cost. thcompy spesman said it would be aneit-figu mber that's - uld aneight- gurenumb. let's chk ba in with saone re time >> stilvery wiy, starti th 0, rth and southbnd, wi gonnbe an issue. tollplaz nestalonhe bridge andackualmo to the maze ki of a big dey. sanfncis alsa t wind and some sl affic on1. let'go eve. thk you, sir. the sunny and rm rerd- settg rerd. stng ra, stnger system moves onesday, e cold air arves dnesday. >> torrowllt >> okay. >> a at wi do fous.
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anksfor wahingeverody. >> e no
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today o"t dr.z show," al new,irstime ever, the
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nake ur. get ked wit dr. oz metabolismosyo dr. : d youhinkou wl get exaned ned on natnal tevisin? my bigst fr my husband ♪> next . e.


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