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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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now. this system is just getting here. there's strong winds and heavy rain headed our way. right now we go to santa rosa and you can see the heaviest rain out there toward sebastaville. the showers are just now moving ob shore. now one of the thing that is we're pick ing up with this system are the strong winds. right now the winds are blowing south at 24 miles per hour. you see we're at the leading edge of this, behind this system there is a lot more rain coming. it's going to come in the next few hours and it's going to last into the late evening hours. strong winds, heavy rain and snow in the mountains. the mountains could see three to 6 feet of snow. a lot going on, we're going to show you the computer model and show you where the rain is coming down the hardest. this is developing, happening right now. this system is ramping up over the next few hours i'll see you back here. from bill we go to sal castaneda who is in the north
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bay. where's the situation like there? has it started raining yet? >> it hasn't started raining frank. but it's very windy. as a matter of fact on the san mateo bridge, they have issued a wind warning and less than an hour ago, they issued a wind warning for the richmond san rafael bridge. the traffic is still doing well here on the 101. it's very windy, we've seen the trees swaying back and forth and we're getting ready for the people trying to beat the storm. we did see a few people walking their dogs before the rain hits. he says he's ready for a long week of raincoats and umbrellas. >> it could be a week, that's fine if it happens it happens. >> reporter: at the car wash some people were getting the car wash. the car wash offers a free rewash after the rain with proof of purchase. >> we never close. the way i felt, if we're going to be in business we're in
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business. rain or shine, no mystery to the customers. >> it's time to wash the car no matter what. we're showing you a live picture of the trees shaking back and forth. our engineering truck, the mass is up and that is thing is rocking back and forth. just looks like you should be very careful if you're driving especially in the bay area bridges. there is a high warning for the richmond bring and san mateo bridge. those warnings could change. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. today's storm is bringing high winds to the north bay along with rain. at the santa rosa airport a horizon airlines flight from seattle arrived more than an hour late because of weather delays. one of the airlines pilots says it's mild compared to what their facing in other parts of
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the country. >> we're from portland and seattle and we fly in montana. mild compared to what we're used to. icy runways and snow and sleet and hail and all kind of fun stuff. >> reporter: the airlines dispatch center told him that reno could be difficult to fly in and out of today. we're certainly in the middle of winter, but the weather is what some consider spring like weather. after investigating crews identified a substance you see on the water there as large build up of pollen. there are estimates of three to 5 feet of snow over the next 36 hours or so. right now i want to show you live pictures, of our web cam near the trukee area. jana katsuyama is also live, she will bring us the later.
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you can go to our website and we continue our coverage of this storm that is blowing into the bay area on our website. you can get up to the date weather, you can see it on our satellite on a delicate rescue operation tonight involving a stranded barge just off the san francisco shore. ktvu's david steveson is stevenson. the coast guard just gave us new information on what's going on. >> reporter: you can see i'm standing just feet away from this clean up operation. what is more amazing is what we learned from the coast guard just a few hours ago. they tell us that about a gallon of hydraulic fluid caused this leak as they leaked from the barges engine room. >> the barge was grounded to ensure the safety of the people on board. >> reporter: the call came into the coast guard at yerba buena
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island at 6:30 this morning. the crew of the tug reported the barge's engine room was filling with water. the crew pushed the barge on to a sandy bar just outside the harbor at the golden gate yacht club. leaving a trail of hydraulic fluid on bay waters. >> the traffic in and out of the harbor is minimized at this point. >> we have taken every precaution that we can by placing bloom around the barge and around sensitive environmental areas. >> reporter: the barge is carrying 4,800-gallons of diesel fuel and 500 gallons of hydraulic fluid. the amount that leaked causes minor threat to wildlife in the area. >> we have no huge amount of fuel product into the environment. >> reporter: clean up crews brought on a tanker truck to soak up the hydraulic fluid trapped in boons around the
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barge. the company that operates the barge brought in a crane to operate 2,000 poundses of cargo. >> the plan is to empty what's on the barge on to another barge which will allow the barge to float higher. >> reporter: another over view taken of the barge earlier this evening. the gallon of liquid that spilled in the bay was hydraulic fuel that was being used in the engine room. crews will continue working on removing sand from the barge in hopes of being able to dock it next to a peer earlier this evening. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. cbs news reported today that one of its top correspondence was the victim of a brutal attack. cbs posted this imagine of
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logan taken minutes before she was separated from her security group. tonight she is in a hospital recoverying. president obama said that egypt's neighbors need to get the message that they want freedom. in particular he pointed to iran. >> what's been different is the iranian government's response, which is to shoot people and beat people and arrest people. president obama said he found it ironic that iran would pretend to celebrate what happened in egypt while continuing to oppress it's own people. google's ceo says the company is very, very proud of gonim the google executive who
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helped organize egypt's uprising. gonim started a facebook page that helped organize the uprising. governor jerry brown today ordered a state government hiring freeze and another move to help cut california deficit. the governor's executive order applys to vacant, seasonal, full and part time positions. there are some exceptions here, including positions that include public safety. bay area people with developmental disabilities are getting word on programs that help them lead better lives. dozens of disabled people,
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their family and care givers gathered today. disabled people say programs from art class to job coaching make the difference between being isolated and living a productive life. >> please just no more cuts. you are destroying lives. we're people not just numbers. >> san francisco's state senator says he hopes to reduce the size of the cuts with money from other sources. the california supreme court ruling about zip codes has triggered more than a dozen lawsuits against national retail chains operating in the state. wal-mart, target, are among the companies being sued because they requested zip codes during transitions. a state consumer privacy law
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forbids the company to ask for zip codes during a transition. and it's only about half of what analysts had predicted -- some of the blame falls on severe winter weather that kept people home and away from the stores for part of last month. those weak retail sale numbers helped push the dow lower today. the dow was down 41 points closing at 12,226. for the dow it was the second straight day of losses. right now more snow is coming down here in the sierras but it wasn't snow that caused one ski resort to close early. we'll explain. plus they prepaid for their funerals, so why are seven bay area families now out of luck? we explain what happened to all the money.
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san francisco public works officials tell ktvu it took more than four hours to clean up after yesterday's annual pillow fight. it just covered justin hermann plaza with feathers. the clean up cost $3,500. that's not bad, the end of last two years combined clean up cost some $35,000. officials say that fewer people showed up this year so there was less mess to clean up. a federal judge in san francisco today ruled that prosecutors in the barry bonds perjury trial can use a recording of a conversation involving bonds personal trainer. we have pictures here of bonds arriving in the courthouse last month for a hearing on a different matter. on the recording, greg anderson talking about bonds steroid use. anderson refuses to testify to back up the recording. bonds trial is set to begin
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march 21st. seven san francisco families will not be getting funerals that they prepaid for. this afternoon, the san francisco district attorney's office announced theft charges against two men who ran funerals by washington. prosecutors allege the men put money that was prepaid for funerals in their operating account instead of a trust and then went out of business. >> they're taking advantage of some of our most vulnerable people in society. they are lying to them, they are taking their money. >> the families lost a combined $30,000, one of the alleges victims who prepaid for a funeral has since died. all this rain we're starting to see here in the bay area will mean snow in the sierra. right now people are bracing for a winter blast that's set to take place in a few hours. let's go to jana katsuyama,
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she's up in interstate 80 in kingsdale. >> reporter: gasia, you can see they've already gotten a lot of snow. but it's starting to come down a little bit. i don't know if you can see but this snow is pretty heavy and thick. it's pretty icy and what's coming down are these little tiny pellets almost like hail. you can feel it on your face when it hits you. the big problem is not this haly snow but the winds. and that caused some ski resorts to close early. there were a few brave souls bundled up against the freezing temperatures. strong winds barreled through the sierra with gusts at time reaching 45 miles per hour at times. >> i don't like the wind. i like the snow but i don't like the wind. >> reporter: some resorts had to shut down some ski lifts for
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safety. and borreal decided to close at 6:00 p.m. instead of the 9:00 p.m. but that did not keep this skier out with this groucho had. he's from africa. >> there could be a blizzard and i would still be here without a doubt. >> reporter: that winter blast is coming with up to 2 feet of snow expected at lower elevations by tomorrow night. and 2 feet expected at 7,000 feet and above. a welcomed storm for business after a disappointing snowfall last month. >> we get about 16-inches for the month of january compared to last year at 144-inches last january. we're looking forward to getting this snowstorm in. >> reporter: there isn't that much of a wind storm right now but they are expecting to pick up. as well as this snow that's coming downright now. for your information, on i80 there's no chain requirements as of yet but that could change quickly as this storm moves in.
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reporting live from kingsville, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. so it's snowing up in the sierra and it's raining here in the bay area. sound like a lot more rain on the way, bill. >> yeah this thing is ramping up. you can see it's one hour to two hours behind schedule. but the rain is making its way south. it's probably behind schedule but it's coming. there's a warning for the next 24 hour, they are going to get some snow. you mentioned, i will get to the snow in a minute. jana was mentioning the roads, by tonight those roads are going to be chaining up for sure. right now in richmond and north of berkeley you're starting to see showers. we're getting a bit of a break on the south bay in the afternoon commute. you can see dry roadways. as this system moves in it is going to ramp up. this is the kind of system you're going to hear it and notice it.
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rain on the roof, wind out there in the trees. and if you go to bed early you'll probably be waking up in the middle of night by strong winds. here's the system as it starts to move on shore. the main system sitting out here is spinning energy our way. it stays offshore spinning energy our way right through the week. so this deal tonight, it's going to be wet. on a scale of one through 10 it's a 7.5 with wind and rain. tomorrow there'll be scattered showers. then the rain keeps coming. more scattered showers. by thursday and friday there's another system that's taking shape that might be similar to this one. what am i saying, don't put the umbrellas away and be prepared for tomorrow's commute. this afternoon's commute, it's starting to be wet. by tomorrow morning the roads will bewet and scattered showers coming down. 43 in vallejo, that winter storm warning in the mountaining they mean it. i would not be surprised if they shut down those highways,
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it's going to snow and it's going to be raining. coming up, i have the latest computer models. it will show you when the rain comes in here and when it should be out of here. two people with ties to the bay area with among 15 who today received the medal of freedom. the recipients included former president george h.w. bush. bill russell and poet mia angelou who was the first african american female train conductor. >> a nation reveals itself not only by the men and women it produced, but by the men and women that it honors. >> other recipients this year
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included warren buffet and cellist yoyoma. and the giants world series trophy is on display right now at linton plaza in palo alto. it'll be there for about another 45 minutes. fans who missed it can get another chance to take a photo with the trophy tomorrow afternoon. the victory tour heads to redwood city starts at 3:30 in the afternoon. 400 super bowl fans who didn't get a seat at the big game despite having tickets are now being offered even more for their trouble. the nfl up the ante again. the league e-mailed the fans today offering them either $5,000 or reimbursement for actual documented super bowl expenses. whichever one is higher. this is the third offer from the nfl and the most available so far. the issue has struck two lawsuits against the nfl and the dallas cowboys. and there's a controversy going on, one is who should pay
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for sex change operations. and another is if guantanamo bay prisoners should be moved to u.s. cities. and coming up, this building was torn down today, and why some say it's a shame. the heroing story this south bay woman is reliving publicly for the first time only on 2. veterans talk to us about their dramatic escape from a group home. and our live steam storm watch coverage continues. we'll show you where heavy rain is producing a treacherous commute, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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in about an hour ago a half, the city council plans to vote on a proposal. the council will vote on whether to fund sex change
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operations for city employees. this calls for the city to maintain a $20,000 fund for sex reassignment surgery. the money would be given out on a first come first serve basis. also tonight the city of berkeley is said to weight into a controversial call. >> we feel compassionate gesture. we're the reason they're in guantanamo in the first place. some have been tortured and treated unhumanely. this is a show of compassion. >> and one man is a russian ballet dancer, the other a chef. both are in guantanamo but neither are charged with a crime and both are about to be released soon. >> the city council needs to be
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focusing on local issue a little bit more. sometimes they think way too high. we have potholes to fill. >> guantanamo detainees are not allowed to live in the united states. we will bring you their decision coming up on the 10:00 news. steve jobs historic mansion is coming down. the mansion is being demolished the work began yesterday. this is ending a long battle by preservationists. jobs argued that renovating the mansion would actually cost millions more than building a new home. an attorney fought to save the home calls this demolition a shame. five wins here on grizzly peak say that the storm door is definitely over. pg & e is also getting ready to respond. i'm tom vacar, that story coming right up.
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people who are legally dumping garbage in one san francisco neighborhood right here are more than a dozen trash bags alone. what the city is trying to do to stop it.
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get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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live pictures here of an ominous cloud over san francisco bay right now as another storm bearing down on the bay area with a lot of potential rain over the coming hours as we continue with our weather coverage. a long along with all of the rain is winds. we just got a picture of how the rain is creating a problem in santa rosa. a large tree came crashing down
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blocking an off ramp on highway 101 to eastbound 12. the highway patrol had to shut down the off ramp for about 25 minutes creating a traffic back up. wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour have been reported in that area. the rain led to minor flooding in the town of forestville. vehicles drove through inches of water. heavy rushes of water could be flowing down a set of stairs to a creek below. you saw the trees down in the north bay. that's the big threat, branches taking out power lines. consumer editor tom vacar is live from the top of the east bay hills in oakland. >> reporter: here on grizzly peak, just in the last couple of minutes the wind has really, really picked up. that may mean some real problems for power lines staying up and power outages spreading far and wide. but for pg & e an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a
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pound of cure. this pg & e contractor crew trimmed eucaliptus tree, it's a preventative move that goes on constantly. high winds sends branches flying sometimes right into power lines. branches may not look so heavy but i tell you it weighs about 20 to 30-pound. if wind tosses it on to the line, it will take the line out and electricity to lots of homes. pg & e still maintains it's meteorology department. it's main purpose, to determine where the winds are going to arrive. >> when storms arrive, additional crews are often needed and they often are needed in specific areas. >> reporter: based on the
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storm's strength and path, meteorologists evaluate how the winds will affect the areas. >> the idea is to keep crews ready at the right time at the right place to cut down waiting time. >> the population has really exploded. it's an area that has been a recent concern for us and we've been focusing on it. >> reporter: the speed of the response often depends on the number of outages crews must deal with with the largest ones getting priority. coming back live. the wind has really picked up and we're starting to see the first signs of rain. we also continue our weather coverage on our website you can go to hayward police added
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another location to a string of robberies they believe may have been committed by one man. they added a robbery at a starbucks. police say the robber pointed a gun at employees in each case but that no one has been shot. witnesses describe the robber as a man in his 20s, wearing a red baseball cap and hoodie. a dirty and dangerous problem is piling up in san francisco. ktvu's rob roth live in the city where people there are trying a new approach to try to get rid of an ongoing problem. gasia, we're in a back alley here in the bay view district. take a look at this pile of trash, old clothe, food containers and who knows what else. but that's not all. just behind it is a plastic toilet apparently ripped out of a port-a-potty torn out and just thrown here. all this in just one small
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area. some people are using areas of the bay as dump sites. this afternoon workers with the city's department of environment went door to door in this light industrial section of revere avenue in a campaign known as don't leave it on the sidewalk. they say the purpose is to educate people about the harm dumping does to the neighborhood. and they ask residents to report any dumping but it seems to happen late at night. >> it's dangerous. even toxic things, you know barrels of who knows what dumped over here in the back. somebody put sand on it, one had leaked. >> reporter: the owners say she can no longer put her trash out the night before it's scheduled for pick up. >> they will take our stuff, they will dump it out and they will put their stuff in. when we come in the morning we'll have bicycles or whatever kind of stuff they have and our trash is all over the place.
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>> reporter: dumping trash is illegal. city officials say people dump trash or old appliances here to avoid the cost of disposing of it properly. >> checking and making sure people have understanding of this and educating people how to recycle. >> reporter: the city also plans to focus on residential areas of the bay view next. picking up after illegal dumpers costs taxpayers millions of the dollars a year. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the ongoing effort to extend bar bart to san jose has received a major boost to the transportation administration. the fta is recommending the extension plan receive $130 million in federal funds this year clearing the way for construction to begin next year. but political disputes could still derail the plan. republicans are promising to cut billions out of president obama's $128 billion transportation budget which includes the fta's
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recommendation for the b .a.r.t.'s extension. b.a.r.t. today introduced four new chaplains. they will provide spiritual support for victims and b.a.r.t. employees. >> sometimes we forget about ourselves, and we forget horrible thing that is can happen to people. the chaplain comes in to remind us to take care of ourselves. >> reporter: the chaplains are all unpaid volunteers. they will have patches that will identify them as chaplains. why hillary clinton declared today there's no app for that and what she plans to do about it. a dire prediction, what's going on with the price of groceries and why it's reaching what they call dangerous levels.
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the parents of an infamous woman convicted of murder are now facing charges of their own. the pair was indicted today for alleging in an interview that italian police abused their daughter. their trial is set for july.
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freedom fighters on facebook. that's just one of the things that secretary of state clinton is focusing on this year. >> the united states continues to help people in oppressive internet environments get around filters. stay one step ahead of the sensors, the hackers, and the thugs who beat them up or imprison them for what they say online. >> reporter: at one >> at one point a heckler tried to interrupt clinton's speech. security escorted him out. home depot plans to hire
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60,000 workers. robert zelick says millions of people could be pushed into poverty. a world bank report says that food prices have jumped 29% in the past year and are just 3% below their all time high in 2008. contra costa county health officials are trying to get the word out about a new state law that requires students show proof of immunization for whooping cough. the law kicks in this fall for students in seventh through tenth grade. contra costa county health officials are urging parents and teens to act now. officials say many teens need a booster because immunity for whooping cough slowly wears off over time. whooping cough causes severe
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flu like symptoms. it can also be fatal. and never seen images of the birth of our solar system. and the national weather service has just issued a wind advisory for the bay area. strong storm headed our way. held against her will at this bay area warehouse and forced into prostitution. >> you're reluctant all the time. >> reporter: the heroing story this bay area woman is reliving in public for the first time. and the happy ending that e emerged from the ashes. we'll show you where heavy rain is creating a treacherous commute tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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a vacant building near the oakland-alameda border has been tagged because of concerns it could collapse at any moment.
5:44 pm
building inspectors visited the site this morning. last night oakland police shut down a portion of the street after someone reported that one of the walls was unstable. the city declareed the building unstable two years ago. >> the building has been falling into disrepair for several years. the re w in 2006 and nothing has ever been done to the building to repair it. and pictures received just a few hours ago from a space comet. >> reporter: this is the first ever second visit to a comet.
5:45 pm
we watched these images released this afternoon of this five billion year old ice ball comet temple one. >> comets may have had a role in earth starting. >> reporter: the start of spacecraft rolled in on the comet last night. that's the impact on the right, scientists wanted to see what was left today. promised as dramatic, these side by side photographs show the target and impact crater. >> we can see it in multiple images. i feel very confident that we did find the site. >> reporter: as it neared temple one, the spacecraft reported remarkable hits. and more remarkable, a target
5:46 pm
traveling millions of miles and hitting its target. >> it's done with mass. >> when i squinted i thought i saw shattering there, i would like to look at the picture again. >> reporter: nasa also showed us another first, what clearly appears to be erosion on the comet surface. you can see these new images for yourself and all the other 72, go to our website and click on web links. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up next at 6:00, more on the developing news involving evacuations on the peninsula because of what happened when a letter was opened. julie haener is in the newsroom now with some of the other stories we're working on. >> reporter: also at 6:00, forced into the sex trade only on 2, a woman takes us into a dark warehouse where she says she was held for months. why she is sharing her story now. veterans describe quick actions that saved their lives. and new numbers that show
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how much california will have to cut if the voters don't support the governor's plans to cut. -- penn founded one group that has responded to the january 2010 disaster. he's also personally taking part in projects in the caribbean island. penn says haitians are still suffering trauma and what they need most of all are jobs. painting over graffiti is taking on a whole new meaning in santa rosa. the canvas, two fences with a history of chronic graffiti. two artists are going to be chosen to turn their sketches into large murals. the aim is to stop graffiti while providing a canvas for
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artists. it's interesting, this is a developing situation. the storm is a strong one. not out of the world strong but it's a big one and it's just not approaching the coast. we have rain in santa rosa, rain in san rafael and napa. north into san helena and hillsburg. the showers are pretty much hanging out out there. it's raining hard in bodega bay, out in stinson beach and toward the point ray station area. the system is just ramping up to get in here. it's going to be an overnight event. we're going to see showers starting in the next few hours in your neighborhood, you see it here. then going right into the evening hours and into the overnight hours. there's going to be enough moisture left over for the morning commute. this is the system i'm tracking, it's a strong one. we've seen stronger but it's one in a series of storms. so it's not just going to be this and done. we have more behind it.
5:49 pm
here is what we get. a winter storm warning in effect for the mountains. as this system moving in, we're looking for showers and scattered showers to continue in the morning. they are fine right now but they won't be for long. they'll be chaining up on 50 and 80. computer models looks at it as this system moves through. wednesday at 7:00, you see more scattered showers lingering. then you see showers lingering into thursday as well. it's a wet period ahead, it's just getting here. the heaviest rain is going to be about 7:00, 8:00 9:00 tonight. so we're going to be here until 10:00. we'll walk you through it. we're not worried about any flooding because it's been dry. in the south bay maybe an inch of rain in a short amount of time you will get street flooding issues like concrete stuff. but nothing big because we've
5:50 pm
been so dry. but if you look at the five day you see it just keeps coming. friday it looks like it might develop into something more substantial as well. right now there's a slight chance for showers on your saturday. this is all just kind of developing so stick with us tomorrow. come back with our 6:00 broadcast, then at 7:00 then at 10:00 as we track this storm moving through the bay area right now. >> even as well as we were in getting in the previous weeks, we need the rain. >> we're going to be fine with that, it's actually a great scenario. this one tonight with the winds, tree issue, we already saw a tree down. that's the kind of stuff we're going to be watching for. >> chinese new year parade is this saturday night. some showers on saturday, what do you think. >> right now the models have been flipping it in and out. but i would think there's a chance for showers saturday morning. >> but it'll go on rain or
5:51 pm
shine. >> yeah. the airlines are raising fares. and the breaks the airlines are getting when it comes to flight delays and why the airlines are fighting back -- the fines the airlines are getting when it comes to flight delays and why the airlines are fighting back.
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5:53 pm
air travelers can expect more fare hikes.
5:54 pm
prices are going up as much as $120 per round trip. air travel experts say that delta started the increases yesterday and that american matched the air hikes. prices have been going up as travel demand continues to rebound. the horror stories of passengers trapped on trains for hours with no food or water appear to be mostly a thing of the past now. passenger rights crew released a report today saying the government's threat to fine airlines appears to be paying off. >> it's cut down delays from 1,200 a year to 15. even though tarmac delays are less than three hours. none are like the eight, or nine or 10 hour strandings like we saw a year ago. >> reporter: the groups fliers says most airlines have made big improvements but that u.s. air treats its customers the worse. >> they had the most strandings, they had the most two hour tarmac standings and
5:55 pm
we had the most reports about agrecious event. like an 80-year-old man who was sitting at his seat, his seat. and when an air flight attendant came to ask him to move, he was unresponsive. he did not speak english, so when he didn't respond, they had him arrested. there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. well the snow is still coming down heavily and in just the past hour, we've seen a lot. there's a new warning from caltrans, we'll explain coming up at 6:00.
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a frightening escape, the life of death decision veterans had to make to escape the
5:58 pm
flames. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we are on storm watch tonight. the heavy rains began in the north bay in just the last hour or so and strong winds are pulling the storm farther south. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm. >> this rain is coming in late an hour or so. but it's bringing winds. winds are gusting out of point rays to 30 miles per hour. we have strong winds up by san francisco airport as well. we have strong gusts at san francisco airport. let me turn off the buoys and look straight at the rainstorms. the rain has been coming down for the last hour. these showers are going to start to trend south in the next hour or so. we have reports of fairfield getting some showers now, vacaville. you see concord, the winds are blowing pretty consistently at 14 miles per hour. over at oakland the wind are blowing south at 24 and you
5:59 pm
have a little bit of shower activity headed your way along the east shore freeway. here is what's going on, things developing, it's just starting to move into the bay area. as we come into the next few hours it's going to ramp up. the winds are going to kick up, the rain is going to kick up. in the mountains that winter storm warning will be in full effectment coming effect. - - full effect. we'll have the latest coming up in a few minutes. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now, she's in kingville with the latest on the conditions there and why some ski resorts shut down early today. jana. >> reporter: that's right, julie. it's been quite a day as bill is saying the winds are kicking up down there. the know has been kicking up over here. this is a parking lot, just about an hour ago there was nothing here. now you can see there's a pretty good layer of snow. still pretty light but they


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