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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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another crash an hour earlier, no serious injuries but it backed up traffic three hours. a bus driver pulled off the road when her windshield wipers failed. degree and mud slides covered some roads, and the rio del mar beach these homers are dreading tonight's storm. >> if we get big waves we have big problems because all that damage is caused by the creek. >> reporter: the creek cut through what had been 10 feet of beach sand threatening these homes. another foot of sand fell today. homeowners say at every level agencies still refuse to help. >> well, it's only my house. you know. that's all. >> reporter: as i've been telling you, this is an awful lot of traffic and rain up here on highway 17. that high tide that those homeowners are most worried about comes in about six hours.
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john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. more snow on bay area peaks today. it wasn't just flurries they got some real snow. in the south bay the director of the observatory e-mailed us this imagine. snow has closed mount hamilton road all the way from the grant ranch entrance on the west side to the santa clara-stanislaus line to the east. and for the second day in a row, snow covered the area around skyline boulevard at highway 9 around the santa clara line. it was a rare chance, look at that for kids in the south bay to make snow men. caltrans offered a high wind warning and recommended campers, trailers and big trucks stay off the road on that part of the santa cruz mountains. the national weather service has a winter storm warning in effect until noon tomorrow. we have a live look now of what's happening on interstate
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80 in truckee. just about a half hour ago there are chain requirements in effect for i80 starting in nyack. forecasters are calling for as much as 4 feet of rain. there's a lot of snow and it is slow going, big riggs there appear to be pulled over to the side. gusty winds also make driving difficult today. the storm coverage continues with very slow going up to the sierra. mike tesel has this from nyack and placer county. >> this is the video of interstate 880 today that had drivers calling it -- >> horrendous, terrible. >> traffic is a nightmare. >> just listen to how slow the drive was at times. >> for a while we were going about five-miles-an-hour. it's bad. it took us about 15 minutes to go a mile. >> the biggest issue today wasn't continued heavy snow or high winds or even accidents.
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it was people. lots of people heading into the sierra for the president's day holiday weekend. now watch this, this is another perspective of how crowded it is. this is you're looking at it is the women's restroom inside the nayack shell station. >> reporter: what do you think about this line? >> horrific. >> reporter: the chp is issuing this warning about tonight's traffic. >> we're expecting it to increase dramatically. >> reporter: it could be so slow. listen to this long time chain installer. >> giver yourself six hours to seven hours to get from auburn to the peak just because of traffic. >> reporter: that's reporter mike tessel in nayack we are going to continue our coverage throughout the day and night an online as well. to track the weather on our website just go to ktv
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the father who is accused of punching his son in the face and killing him is charged with murder. sigifredo lua has been known to do the same before. ktvu's john sasaki was in court and has late word tonight on what happened. >> reporter: there's early acceptance of responsibility here. that speaks to his character. he made a mistake and he steps up to the plate when he is caught. >> reporter: his job as commander of the county drug
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task force is clearly lost forever. yet cardoza is defending the task force. >> this is an individual situation. it does not affect other officers at all. >> reporter: the prosecutor argued against a bail reduction after describing the case between the pair. >> this is a sophisticated scene. not just with street dealers but also an officer intrusted with property. taking it out of a locked facility of the sheriff's office processing room. >> reporter: they include possession, transport and sales of marijuana, meth, steroids and prescription meds. but with a value cardoza says of no more than $10,000. >> it is outstanding that one would take a risk for that amount of money. >> reporter: chris butler's attorney was not as forthcoming as cardoza. >> clearly there's been an abuse of trust by a high ranking police officer and i'm representing a private investigator who got implicated in this and the details of this
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will come out. >> reporter: and i just stepped out of a news conference with the public defender, we will hear from him at 6:00. after hours of fiery debates and one startling revelation. members of the house today torpedoed several programs. the amendments passed today may not survive a final vote. but they do send a clear message to the president. >> it is obama care, it's a travesty, it is big government, it needs to be repealed. >> reporter: like a line of dominoes, house republicans knocked down funding for president obama's health care reform law, banned the epa from regulating greenhouse gases and stripped planned parenthood
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clinics of about $30,000. >> abortion dismembered children piece to piece. >> the gentleman from new jersey has just put my stomach in knots. that procedure you just talked about is a procedure that i endured. >> reporter: ktvu's mike mibach is live in congress spears district where she is receiving an outpouring of support after that emotional statement on the house floor there. >> a wave of emotion traveling from washington, d.c. right here to san mateo. inside the congresswoman's district office up there on the seventh floor. her painful personal story really hitting home with some of those she represents. >> reporter: the phones rang,
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the e-mails filtered in. the constituents thanking her for her work. >> i looked across the aisle and said, not one of these members has not had that procedure, they don't no what's it is like. >> reporter: federal law already preventing planned parenthood, but the amendment passed today cuts from breast cancer screenings and birth control. >> whether it's abortion or you know premarital guidance on sexual activity, i disagree with. >> reporter: today in san mateo while some people we spoke with disappeared with the congresswoman's vote they say they do respect her story. >> she put the secret out there. she didn't want to but she didn't have to do that and she did do it. so, she's for that cause. other wise she wouldn't have told you something personal in
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her life. >> she went through it. i mean she knows firsthand why it's needed. >> reporter: the president of planned parenthood responded to the passage of the bill says it does not to reduce the deficit and it does nothing to improve the economy. health workers will lose their jobs. the house spending bill expected to move to the senate by the end of the month. live tonight in san mateo, mike mibach. lawmakers in sacramento today closely scrutinized governor brown's plan to slash the budget. they've already decided to make major cuts to programs like adult day care.
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>> how service is delivered, the nature of the services, the depth of the services, and how we do business. it's dramatic. >> reporter: budget talks are expected to go on for weeks. it's expected governor brown's budget plan will face fierce opposition from republicans, especially on the portion including tax extension. stocks on wall street ended the week with a rally. it was a volatile trading day but that didn't stop the dow from closing in positive territory for the third week in a row. here's a look now at the closing number, the dow is up more than 73 points. the nasdaq gained more than 2.2 point. some pretty decent waves out there today. but are they big enough? what this picture says about the possibility of having the world famous maverick surf contest soon. and live storm tracker two is let up right now. a lot of rainfalling out there. we'll tell you what those oranges and yellows mean when we come back in just a few minutes.
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today was if deadline for caltrans crews to clear out a homeless encampment. some of the campers packed up and moved out on their own last week after they were warned. caltrans says they were trespassing. but the people said they had nowhere to go. homeless shelters are full. the president checked out a high school nuclear fusion project. president also toured intel's factory. and in a speech he said america must invest in science and math education to remain come
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competitive. >> if we want to make sure that intel doesn't have to look overseas for skilled workers, we must invest in our schools and colleges. >> otolino will serve on the new council of job and competitiveness. we have pictures to show you from the president's visit here to the bay area. this is what happened at a private dinner party the president attended last night at wood side. others at the table there include apple ceo steve jobs, larry ellison and eric smith of google. another picture to show you here. you can see from this photo, mark zuckerberg got one on one face taoábg with time with the president -- one on one face
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time with the president. signs were posted stating that due to contract restrictions, anyone wearing a press badge would not be allowed into the speech. and someone walking in the area this morning saw flairs and alerted the authorities. crews brought in a pack hoe. there's no word yet on how those flairs ended up at the fort. you would think these storms would be churning up waves big enough to host the mavericks. but that is not the case. surfers say the waves are just not big enough for the contest. >> mother nature is not bringing us a big swell in the next week to two weeks. it's been a really small second half of this winter and we just
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can't control that. it's kind of a disaappointment. >> reporter: if the contest is not held before february 28th, organizers will have to wait until next year. tonight on the 10:00 news, reporter robert handa tell us why there's such a strict guideline to hold or not to hold the competition this year. and our reporter ken pritchett live in nyack. ken i can imagine getting there was not half the fun. >> reporter: no it's not. we're at boreal ski resort where they reported 34-inches of snow or 26-inches rather in the past 24 hours. let me show you what is coming down here. this is very light. it's very fluffy know. perfect for skiing and that's what they're doing right now at boreal ski resort under the lights. i imagine more people will be staying here for the next few hours to do night skiing here at boreal.
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people are not going home. this is great snow for skiing, beyond the parking lot, you can see eastbound interstate 80 and traffic there is moving very slow. it took us quite a while to make it to this point today. in fact, it took us about three hours, 2.5 hours rather to go from auburn all the way to immigrant gap where the nyack station is. that drive should have taken us 45 minutes it took us 2.5 hours. even though during our trip, during the day and for most of the today the chain rule was not in effect for eastbound 80 because caltrans crews were able to keep those roads clear. that has changed in the past few hours. you want to check the you are coming back here. chain controls are in effect from immigrant grant from the nyack area. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. it has really been coming
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down. and we go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. and we're looking at red but it's sort of misleading. >> you're being a little bit misled by these red and yellow areas. it respects the very cold area. the radar is getting exaggerated returns because of the very cold atmosphere. it's raining, don't get me wrong. but we're getting moderate rainfall. these reds and yellows in fremont and hayward. that would represent heavy heavy rainfall. right now up in oakland we've got some rainfalling as well. it's very light. in oakland and santa rosa, showers are going to continue for the next few hours into the mountains, boy it just keeps coming. that winter storm warning has been extended. we have showers in for saturday, sunday looks like your driest day. skies are going to try to clear a little bit. as they do we'll see
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temperatures near freezing in santa rosa, napa, fairfield. very cool tomorrow morning and more snow on bay area peaks tomorrow morning. i wouldn't be surprise first- degree we saw more snow up in skyline boulevard. chinese new year parade up towards of a million people in san francisco tomorrow. looks like the parade is going to have a few sprinkles on it. 48degrees on saturday, partly cloudy with scattered showers in the forecast. now tonight at 10:00 when we come back, i'm going to have the latest computer model, i'm going to update this for you. i'll have the latest computer model and we'll go through tonight and tomorrow and sunday and check the weekend for you. monday is a holiday too. looks like there's a chance for rain there. i'll see you back here with all the details. a moderate earthquake shook a populated area in the mexican state of baja california this morning. it was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake it hit at 9:47 a.m. pa cy pacific time.
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it was centered north of mexicali. people reported feeling the quake in yuma arizona and in parts of southern california. a story of survival after a majestic bird was shot out of the sky. this bald eagle was found shot, bloody and weak back in december. it has been touch and go since then as vets try to get the bird healthy enough to return to the wild. in these x-rays you can clearly see the fracture in the bone. you can also see the pellet lodged in the bird's wing. >> he's lucky because most of the birds that are shot don't make it. >> pretty angry, doesn't make sense to me why someone would do that. >> it is believed the shooting was actually an accident. the bird was found during goose hunting season. regardless the person who fired the shot could face a fine or even possible jail time. a new turn tonight on the
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case of a transgender woman. what she wants after an officer sent her a letter telling her she's eviled in and a look at tehrer square. and we uncover the controversy plan to flush suers with a potentially toxic chemical because not enough water is flowing through the system. also -- >> reporter: tearing this ship down is going to help build up the battered economy of vallejo. and we're going to take you live to the slopes as the rain continues to pile up.
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in egypt today there was a massive celebration of victory.
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hundreds of thousands of people crowded into the square to cheer, pray and wave flags. they celebrated the one week fall of mubarak. they told the crowd that the protests must continue until they receive what they want. one man said he came from great britain to tell mubarak quote, we love you. >> in bahrain today, protesters fired -- government security protesters fired on people in the square. the demonstrations had tried to enter the capital's main square. at least 50 people were hurt. earlier today at a prayer service, monitors watched over the prayer in bahrain. mr.obama said, quote the united
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states condemns the use of violence against peaceful protesters. the united states urges the governments of bahrain, libya and yemen to show restraint in responding to peaceful protests and to respect the rights of their people. the anti government protest also raged in the streets of yemen today. >> this was the seventh day of fighting in the capital city. progovernment forces clashed with demonstrators throwing rocks and waving sticks. protesters are demanding their president end his 32 year rule. at least eight people were injured during mass protests today in jordan. the crowd of about 2,000 included muslim conservatives, hard lying leftists and college students all commanding more political freedoms and lower food prices. throughout eastern libya today, tens of thousands marched to
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express their discontinue with 30 years of rule. libyan security forces answered back with a violent crack down on protesters. 35 people had been shot and killed during the confrontations. yudafi staged a parade in his own honor. the transgender woman who was sent a letter from a dmv filed a lawsuit wednesday against the dmv and the now exdmv workers. she is seeking compensatory pay. it's the home stretch, the chinese new year's parade is about 24 hours away and the
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last minute push is on. we're going back stage.
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it's taken more than seven years to get to this point. but barry bonds perjury trial is now only four weeks away. that's why what the judge asked both sides to do today was such a surprise. rita williams was in court and is here now with what happened, rita. >> reporter: frank, you're right the judge asked both sides to try again to reach a plea bargain and avoid trial all together. >> we will respectfully talk about that as the judge asks us to do. >> reporter: after today's hearing at the san francisco federal building, bonds' attorney made it clear that
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they've talked to prosecutors before and they're far apart. >> reporter: mr. bonds will not plead guilty to anything. >> mr. bonds will do what he decides to do. but we are going to have a trial. >> reporter: the two are still arguing over evidence. bonds' attorney then searched through his bulging documents. the photos will show bonds' knowledge of quote the obvious and dramatic changes in his physique once he started using metabolic steroids. >> here are the photos. and this is what they say the years are. this says 2002. >> reporter: bonds's attorney who made each photo and when. >> 99. 2004. 2001. they are saying that they want
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to introduce to show that he bulks up during a certain time period. do you think they show that? >> i don't have enough information to show what exactly we have here. >> reporter: now still to come, march first, barry bonds' former trainer comes to court. he's expected to refuse again to testify and be sent to jail until his childhood friend's trial is over. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. medical marijuana dispensary is getting unwanted attention. hover sight center is being targeted by the irs. federal tax code enacted to keep tax dealers can also be applied and that will cost the dispensary millions of the dollars. parents in concord today made a last ditch attempt to keep their school from going on
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the chopping block. that was the same two hours ago when children and parents marched through the rain to help save silverwood elementary school. the school board has decided to shut down that school because of dwindling resources. >> if our school shuts down, our kids will be put into three different schools. we've worked hard to build our community school. california certainly has its budget problems but it's really nothing compared to what's going on in wisconsin. people there are calling the police on lawmakers, protesters are filling the streets and lawmakers are actually in hiding. democrats say they will stay in hiding for weeks from -- republicans called in state troopers to force the democrats back to the table. this is all playing out as thousands of protesters have flocked to the capital and madison to demonstrate against the bill. >> i was really exciting that
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they supported us. but it also makes me wonder what we're going to do next. how long are we stuck here, when do we get back to work. >> we're looking at all legal options, but i have faith that once they do their stunt, they will come back and realize again they're elected to do a job. >> reporter: democrats are not everyone in the state they met some where in illinois. they say they could be in hiding for days even weeks. the governor asked the lawmakers today to come home. rob roth is live in san francisco, with a behind the scenes look with all the work that's been done and all the work that still needs to be done. >> we're here at pier 27 with all the floats in tomorrow's parade. it's a little like being backstage. now workers are still busy putting together many of the floats. now without a doubt the star of the show is the rabbit for the simple reason that in the lunar new year this is the year of
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the rabbit. parade organizers say tomorrow's parade could attract as many as a million people. workers were still putting on the final touches to some of the more than two dozen floats that will be on full display in tomorrow's parade. getting this done was particularly difficult this year because last minute design changes to some of the floats then having to build them in half the time is usual. >> they will be done by the time we leave the pier 27 at 10:30 in the morning with the police escort to the formation area. so the show will go on. just like any theatrical production. >> reporter: ktvu will be covering the event, police will be out in force in uniform and undercover.
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>> to make sure there's no one taking advantage of the crowds. such as pickpocketters or other crimes of opportunity. >> reporter: restaurants such as the far east are expected to be packed. >> we are already prepared, everything. we expect a lot of people coming. >> reporter: we're back live among the workers and the floats. now numerous streets will be closed tomorrow so the best advise is to take public transportation. the parade begins at 5:15 rain or shine. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and for more information on the chinese new year parade including changes to nummi schedules and routes you can go to our website and click on the weekend extra tab. waiting in line for your favorite ride at disneyland could soon be a thing of the past. the chairman of walt disney
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parks announced a new program in the works. it will allow visitors to make reservations. currently disney world does have a fast pass system but they must do it from the park. why some researchers are now saying, don't bother going running. and why a radio cast today was carried all across the country. we'll report on how much michael jackson's estate has made since his death and why it still may not be enough to untangled his finances. -- untangle his finances.
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two new grocery chains are merging and expanding here in the bay area. sprawl farmers market is expanding operation with henry's farmer's market. they will work under the sprout's name. there are two current sprout's. a thousand radio stations around the country simulcast a
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rally. >> without any warning our dj who was on air was just -- he was cut off, couldn't even say goodbye. could not even sign off to our listeners of 34 years. >> for last few years, fans have been trying to get the radio station back. each of the antennas is about a foot tall and would go on the front of the hotel president at 488 university avenue. at&t says it would boost the wifi signal to smart phone users. some of the people living in the unit have expressed concerned about the health effects of those antennas. you see it all the time,
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people stretching before running to reduce injuries. a new study says don't bother. stretching makes no difference in injuries. scientists say the injury rate in both groups was the same about 16%. a new study suggests that speaking two languages could delay the onset of alzheimer's disease. 400 alzheimer's patients that showed the same degree of impairment at the time of diagnosis. the b lingual persons were diagnosed about four years later than those who were not
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bilingual. michael jackson's estate earned $310 million since his death. but that's weighed against the 400 million that jackson owed creditors when he died. lawyers for the estate are also negotiating deals including video game, albums and movies. it is cold and flu season. the four things you can do to avoid from getting sick that you haven't thought about before. it's the holiday weekend and we have some rain to talk about. i'll have the latest computer models for your city. how saving water is causing a big stink in one bay area city. we uncover the controversial plan to flush sewers with a chemical because not enough water is flowing through the system. >> tearing this ship down is
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going to help build up the battered economy of vallejo. and we'll take you back up to the mountains for the latest on driving conditions as the snow continues to pile up. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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flu season is here and you might think you're doing everything possible to avoid getting sick. but in a special report, ktvu's health and science editor john fowler has four places you may not have thought of that could make you sick. >> number one shopping carts. >> the sanitizer that's supposed to be at the door. most of the time they are empty. >> it's also a very prime height that if you cough it's right in front of you. any where from five minutes to 72 hours a virus can live on a surface. anything that you're going to touch, so we're talking about doorknobs. >> number two, go to work. >> i've caught a cold from some where, i just don't know where.
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>> reporter: coworkers use hand sanitizers but -- >> go to the break room, get a cup of coffee. you can pick up sugar, creamer, so it can pick it up from any where. >> number three take public transit. >> for the 350,000 bart riders every day potential contamination is everywhere. >> you're crunched in right next to individuals that are possibly ill and coughing. all these people are intermingling so the risks are very high. >> reporter: pay attention to what surfaces you touch and what you do with your hands afterwards. >> i work with a lot of homeless people, stuff like that coming in. i work with money a lot. >> reporter: can be passed to many. >> avoid touching your face. >> washing your hands frequently is a very important piece. >> reporter: without any fanfare it's also added hand sanitizer to many of its
5:47 pm
stations. it's not just hands, feet too. >> something that you carry through bart, through whatever you carry home to your family and infect your small child. >> >> you have a perfect culture dish for illness. >> reporter: number four the airport bathroom. >> all the people from all the different continents go into that bathroom and touch things. >> reporter: the number one thing. >> stay away from people who are sick. and if you're sick, stay away from people who are healthy. >> reporter: a controversial ban on circumcision could be up to voter in one bay area city this november. that story coming up at 6:00. julie is in the newsroom with some of the stories we're working on for you. >> it is the first of it kind. what mayor island opened up today and why it could be good news for california voters. >> why san francisco is buying up millions of the pounds of bleach and what it plans to do with it all. facebook's friendly gesture
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to same-sex couples. the new options gay men and lesbians now have when they visit the site. all coming up at 6:00, we'll see you then. the launch of the space shuttle discovery has been changed to next thursday. the launch has been delayed for four months after nasa found cracks in the external fuel tank. the shuttle will carry supplies to the international space station. and there's going to be continuance of wet weather tonight. chinese new year i think we are going to see some showers. here's what we have now. you see the yellows and oranges that would normally represent a downpour. urban and flood stream advisory type stuff. what we're seeing is a low freezing level. it's raining, it's moderate to light in this area. so don't panic when you see
5:49 pm
these extreme returns. out toward redwood city, moderate rainfall. basically the aerial distribution, yellows and reds freezing level. if i showed you those reds and yellows, we will have urban and freezing advisories. winter storm advisories. tomorrow as we go through time we have a few sprinkles. if you are headed to the mountains, it is going to linger. let's check out the computer model, today at 8:00 scattered
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showers. tonight at around 10:00 more scattered showers: just this consistent shower activity. not heavy but it's going to keep coming. starts to clear out about midnight. looks good in the morning but it's cool. low 30s. here's the chinese new year parade. if you're going out there, see the showers 10:00 a.m. and this they're all over the place. i have to put in a chance of scattered showers 5:00 p.m. so it's in the area. i don't think it's a big deal but you have to keep the umbrella handy tomorrow. the long rage forecast calls for temperatures on the cool side. one of those mornings when you wake up like this morning when you find some snow in pretty interesting spots. i think in diablo hamilton you will find snow. back in on saturday, sunday looks like your best day in the bay area weekend be you notice cool daytime highs 50 taoegz. so if you're going out to the chinese new year it's going to be in the mid-40s. bring an umbrella or a hooded
5:51 pm
jacket or something. >> thanks, bill. >> sure. a man believed to be the last surviving person to help construct both the bay and golden gate bridges has died. harry fogle moved to work as a painter on the bay bridge then moved over to the golden gate bridge for construction. he worked on the golden gate bridge until his retirement in 1976. and why this day took so long to arrive for bart riders.
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♪ atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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>> tomorrow bart will have a new stop to make. the west pleasantton station opens tomorrow in the median of interstate 680. >> because of this station, thousands of more people will be taking b.a.r.t. daily. >> it's situated near the stone ridge mall. the stone ridge shopping mall and several parks. the station will bring even more business to that area. >> the full area where the b.a.r.t. station sits is ripe for redevelopment and revitalization. the station's completion
5:55 pm
did not come without problems, it cost $106 million and four years to built. that's over budget by $20 million and behind schedule by two years. there was also a tragedy during construction. a worker was killed by an oncoming b.a.r.t. train two years ago. this is the 44th station, and the eighth new one in years. stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. it's a super shoppers dream, the city of san francisco is set to buy 20 million-gallons of beach. and it's not for whitening clothes.
5:56 pm
and it's not to whiten clothes.
5:57 pm
a stinky situation, the common household product san francisco wants to use to knock out sewer stench. a winter storm warning just in time for the holiday weekend. what to expect if you're heading to the sierra. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. san francisco's emphasis on saving water is actually making the city smell. new at 6:00 tonight, ktvu's
5:58 pm
david stevenson live with the simple but powerful solution being used to get rid of the stink. >> san francisco's city officials say this is the solution to a smelly problem. even on this wet and windy afternoon, san franciscans say they could smell it. >> especially over there. >> i think about it as the griney sea smell but it's something else. >> reporter: to put out the smell, the city will buy 27 million pounds of bleach from tanks such as this one into the city's vast sewage system. >> it is a metered pump, depending on the flow. the flow will get higher as needed. we can inject it and get more in. >> reporter: how often is the
5:59 pm
bleach used, this over the counter bleach is 6%. the one used in the sewers is 12%. the use of low flow toilet means there's less water in the sewers to reduce the stench. >> we go from 7-gallon flush to a one gallon flush, it does have an effect. before it goes out into the bay we also neutralize the chlorine because it's harmful to the fish and life in the bay. >> reporter: the county board of supervisors is set to make a decision on the big bleach buy on march first. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a winter storm warning is in effect as we head into the long


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