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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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to do such an inexplicable stunt is beyond the comprehension of the family. >> reporter: gavin powell's family tells us they were making arrangements to make sure that gavin had the money for college, now they are making arrangement for his funeral. >> and we'll tell you more on what the teenagers families are planning. a walk is scheduled for the two teenagers tomorrow. and gadahfi ended his silence and declared he still rules libya with an iron fist despite the massive protests. and more cracks are showing in
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his regime. rumors swirled today that gadahfi had left the country. protesters burned a police station in a near by suburb. two libyan air force pilots today though defected tumulta after refusing to fire rockets and machine guns on their own citizens and there are other defections being reported as well. on state tv, gadahfi's son warned the protest must stop or quote rivers of blood will flow. but libya's own warned gadahfi to step down. >> we need this guy to get out. gadahfi this is your 32nd year. >> reporter: at least 200 people are reported dead. all employees families are warned to get out of libya. rob roth is live in san francisco with new information
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tonight on how the bay area plans to support the libyan protesters, rob. >> reporter: frank we're learning that a rally in support of the libyan uprising is set to take place here at u.n. plaza in san francisco this saturday. today we spoke with a woman from libya living in the south bay watching the events unfold with great fear and great hope. >> i want to see the international community. >> reporter: elmarati spends much of her day online searching for the latest news on libya but she really wishes she could talk to her mother. she hasn't been able to get through to the capital city. progadahfi people fire guns, she just wants to know her mother is okay. >> if i could just get through and know she's okay i think it would put some relief on us. >> reporter: elmarati left libya and now lives in san jose
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with her husband and three small children. she says she wish she was in libya to help overturn the government despite the risks. >> i feel so hopeless and useless here, we're doing whatever we can, but it's not enough. >> reporter: elm era ti believes the bloodshed will get worse but she hopes the libyan people don't step down. >> fear has to be defeated, this is what's kept gadahfi in power for 32 years. if we are afraid, we will not be able to defeat this war criminal. >> reporter: elmarati and her husband have set up a website in arabic that contain reports of people who know anything from libya, but it does not include anything about her mother. >> reporter: consumer editor tom vacar will tell us what the
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unrest could do to the prices of gas in the months ahead. and at least one person died late today after a bus carrying as many as 25 teenagers and adults hit a fire vehicle. the highway patrol says it happened shortly before noon near lake gregory ine san bernardino mountains. the bus slid off the road down an enbankment trapping at least ten passengers in their seats. the bus belonged to a church group. tonight there is still snow on some bay area mountain tops including mount diablo. before the week is out, there could be more snow. if you went to mount diablo today it was a long walk to get to the best snow, jim. >> reporter: a long walk and a long way just to get into mount diablo state park today. we are just outside the juniper campground, this is a couple of miles down from the summit and people would have to walk, park their car here and walk two miles up this steep hill if
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they wanted to get to the summit. a line of cars was a mile long and a hour's wait to get in. once they got to the parking lot at the 2,900-foot level, the 200-mile up to the summit seemed to be worth the price for people who made it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what makes it worthwhile. >> how many times do you get snow up in the summit? >> i made a snow man. >> reporter: all by yourself? >> my mom helped me a little bit. >> reporter: is that fun throwing at your mother? >> yes. >> reporter: who wins this snowball fight? >> i think i do. >> reporter: have you gotten into snowball fights? >> yeah. >> reporter: who won? >> mostly the other person. >> reporter: several hundred people headed to the mountains today. >> we did have to close a couple of times yesterday just to allow the cars that were in
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the park to settle down and some of the vehicles to leave the park. >> reporter: park rangers say the biggest concern is for people who aren't prepared for the cold and moisture. >> we want people to dress properly. for them to be aware that it's very icy conditions. >> reporter: there should be fewer people here tomorrow because it's a regular workday. anyone concerned about long waits to get into the park can go to our website for information on park accessibility. live on mount diablo, jim vargas, ktvu news. and on a beautiful day like today you could see snow on many bay area peaks. mount hamilton and diablo no exceptions. we are looking for a cold weather system to head our way. we can go outside. we have very clear atmospheres right now. overnight lows are going to drop down. there's a live camera shot, notice the clouds, now we'll go to the storm tracker two. live storm tracker two. there is a big weather system
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out here, but it's driving south. it's going to miss the bay area, there will be some clouds like we have in santa rosa and napa right now. with that cloud cover we're looking for overnight lows to stay cool to mild. it's going to be cold in santa rosa to napa. but temperatures are just above freezing. daytime highs tomorrow a little bit warmer as well. but the real story here is a very unusual weather pattern headed our way. when i come back, i'll have the latest computer model, it's going to show that weather system to you and it is unique. i don't think i've seen one like this in a long time. i'll have the specifics coming up. and in the sierra in the past week they've gotten eight to 10 feet of new snow. and we're looking at the jam pack holiday and the max exdouse on the way. >> reporter: it's like the pipe piper, that snow brought a lot of people up here. this is a look at interstate 80 heading out of the hill, caltranss just moments ago
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confirming for me that this past hour, 2,150 cars an hour were passing over donor summit heading out of the sierra. there were so many cars, so many people out here today that the highway patrol had to crack down on an overflow problem. the crowds, the lines, the parking lots and the waits -- >> this is nuts. >> reporter: this is a look at how crowded in spots it was in the sierra on this long holiday weekend. >> crowded, it's definitely crowded. you would be lucky to find a parking spot. you better get here an hour ago. >> reporter: there are so many people flocking up to some of these onramps and off ramps, with all these cars there's no place to park. in some of these off lamps they actually wrote the words, no parking. two chp officers were issuing citations to several cars who they say parked illegally. >> there's too many people coming up, they are looking for
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places to park. they are parking in places they shouldn't park. >> reporter: the sierra businesses are reporting high business. the exdouse started earlier today. >> you think some of the people left early? >> i think so. >> reporter: with pictures like these some drivers are not looking forward to the rush hour home. >> the traffic on the way back is what's scarying me. there's some serious traffic down there. >> reporter: and back here live the traffic right now flowing smoothly part of the reason because of -- for that is because the chp says the exdouse out of the sierra started at 9:00 in the morning. largely, just how lucrative was this weekend, one ski resort told me that yesterday was their single busiest money
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making day of the entire year. that even includes christmas and new year and that holiday in between. and that is a big change from last week when they couldn't get people up here because it was so warm. you can see behind mike there people heading down from the sierra returning from spending the three day weekend in the slopes. let's give you the road conditions. it sure looks good, no chain restrictions in place here on 80 or over on 50 coming down from the mountain. sounds like what mike predicted is true as well in the bay area. traffic on 80 but nothing much more than we would see on a typical day. traffic moving well eastbound and westbound tonight. there's new information about a six hour stand off in daily city that you saw live on mornings on two. that came to an end in a hail of gunshots and shattering glass. it happened at a house near
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market street in san pedro road where gunshots rang about 5:30 this morning. officers found a couple in their 20s angry and arguing. police tried to get them to come out but the man pulled the woman back inside. the woman was being held against her will. six hours after that happened, more gunshots were heard. officers stormed in and the couple surrendered. no one was hurt but police say it was a tense situation. >> shots were fired. right off the bat, regardless of if the people in the house had warrants, it's a concern. >> so far no charges have been filed. companies are offering a
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big perk, transgender surgery. a restaurant has pulled its billboard that makes notice to the -- jim jones peoples temp began here in the bay area. members then moved to a temple in giana. that's where 500 members died in a mass murder and suicide. the rest restaurant now says putting up that billboard was a mistake. >> a year ago these prices would have been a heart attack. today this is a real bargain. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, drivers react, still ahead. and a deep freeze in the midwest is creating travel troubles for air travel. this is a live look. we have the latest information for you.
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bay area gas prices continue to go up another penny since yesterday. despite experts saying there was a glut in gasoline right now, prices could be headed toward $4 per gallon. tom vacar live in san francisco this morning where prices are consistently some of the highest in the country, tom. >> reporter: indeed frank, we really are getting awfully close to this. given the tensions in the middle east and uncertainty, these prices are only likely to continue going higher. fliers discount gas is popular, but even here it's rapidly becoming pain at the pump time. >> obviously we're heading toward a $4-gallon of gas very soon. the $5-gallon next year. >> reporter: adler may be right. today average prices stand at $3.59. a week ago they were 12-cents
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less, 18-cents a gallon a month ago. and 18-cents a gallon cheaper a year ago. >> reporter: what do you think is going on here? >> i'm not sure, the prices are getting crazy skwráz >> i see a lot of pockets getting fuller and ours emptier. >> reporter: most people here don't blame the tensions in the middle east, they blame the oil companies. >> they think it looks like tensions, i think they're just raising prices to make money more. >> how many can i put in? only $11 and most of that was in dimes. >> it's going to effect everybody because truckers are going to need more money and food is going to cost more money and trains are going to have to deliver with more diesel and i think we're headed
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into an inflationary spiral. >> reporter: experts say if we didn't have a gasoline glut prices here would already exceed $4 a gallon. reporting live, consumer editor, tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. miserable weather is wreaking havoc in the northwest as a mayor storm is bridging more rain, snow and ice. people in iowa are suffering with floods with virtually no warning. >> i heard some cracking going on. the next thing i knew, i looked out the window and it looked like the river made a reverse turn. the water was gushing into the house. by the time i grabbed a couple of sandbags, the water was not quite waist deep. >> a couple of homes ended up damaged, but torch fortunately
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no one was hurt. delta, northwest cancelled hundreds of flights across the region. and the storm is on the move, forecasters say it'll dump a mix of ice and snow across the eastern half of the united states over the next few days. meanwhile bay area weather isn't causing any problems at our airport. that weather in the midwest is having an effect. the international airport is reporting five hour delays. some delights from the mid- -- some flights from the midwest are arriving up to 1-1/2 hours late. on to our weather, we're having some crazy weather. it's interesting driving down highway 24 going east and all of a sudden seeing mount diablo with all that snow on top. >> it's not unusual to see snow
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on bay area peaks. but snow in the valley, it is unusual out there. how low the snow levels got. of course today with mostly clear skies at times, great visibility, great air quality and you could see for miles. see the fair line island and fairmont beach. this is a big deal this system but it's going straight south. it's going right down the coast. it's going to send some clouds in our direction as it has already. let me clear this out. i'm going to switch over now to the live radar. what you're going to see here are a few sprinkles just offshore. now they are in the forecast a light chance of sprinkles. this is not ha big deal as you can tell. but the moisture is just offshore, we're getting a break today and tomorrow and the next day. but then things really switch around as they roll into your thursday, friday and saturday. there's a weather system it's coming from the arctic regions. you know a lot of times weather systems come in and they are called mid-latitude systems.
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they're coming in straight across the pacific. this next system wants to come in from the pole arctic and polar regions. that would mean some of the coldest airs we've seen before. if this pattern develops it definitely will be a big deal. in the meantime we're waiting for something to happen because we're in sort of the a holding pattern. so the story we have is going to be cool temperatures, no advisories. you could see some patchiness on thursday. in its uniqueness i haven't seen one like this before. we're going to watch it closely for you when i come back we're going to have the latest computer models. it's going to take us up to thus -- up to thursday and it'll show us where the snow will hit. and jessica simpson has hit the jackpot, not in the lottery
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but for her clothing line. simpson says she never thought she would be a fashion moguel. secret service is being called in to investigate some graffiti found here in the bay area. we'll tell you why the feds are getting involved. i can't understand it in the way i did today. what governor brown says he understands this time around that he just didn't get in his first term as governor. what a mother says she did to get her son to get better grades. tonight the embarrassing sign he's carrying and what it says. from health concerns to roadblocks. we'll tell you to the south bay where the cold is causing more problems. they say they are just trying to pay their taxes, but the irs says that isn't good enough. we'll explain a confusing
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battle between a california medical marijuana dispensary and the feds, coming up tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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graffiti threatening president obama and governor brown was found in santa ana. the spray painted message says both men must day and there were racists messages about the president. the california highway patrol is investigating, the u.s. secret service has also been told about the graffiti. as governor brown has finished his first month in
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service, he sat down to talk about his experience this time around. >> when i came before there were these senior people who had been around forever and they knew all these things that i didn't know. >> reporter: when brown was first elected governor in 1975 he was 37 years old. now as he tackles the state budget deficit, high unemployment and other problems, governor brown says he appreciates his age and experience. >> i'm also very aware of how important the legislative branch is and how constituency groups interact with the legislature. and how the whole process works, so i didn't understand it in the way that i do today. >> three decades ago, jerry brown also had presidential aspirations and made three unsuccessful runs for the white house. but now he says he has reduced ambitions and his focus remains in sacramento not the east coast of the united states. and a marin advocacy group is calling into attention to safety of p g & e smart meters.
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within a distance of 6-inches from the meters, radio frequency radiation levels are higher than previously thought. pg & e referred us to studies conducted by the world health administration and the fcc that shows the smart meters to be safe. east palo alto police have good news for the public about the city's crime rate. authorities say in 2005 east palo alto had 15 homicides and 120 shootings. last year those numbers had fallen to four homicides and 40 shootings. ronald davis is holding a public meeting to talk about their progress in fighting crime. a mother in tampa florida is causing a stir on how he plans to get her son to improve his grades. she made a sign for her son and says, i have a 1.22 grade point average and honk if you think i need education. she says she's tried everything
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else to get him to study. some experts say that this type of humiliation is a bad idea. so far the son hasn't publicly said what he thinks about husband punishment. and the owners of this hotel say they will sell it and allow the government to follow the plan that's on this flier. what's being done here in california to keep track of four kidnapped americans in somalia.
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atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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and we will have to decide
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our next steps which most likely will include putting the hotel up for sale. >> reporter: that's the warning tonight from the owners of a fairmont hotel, one of the most famous hotels in san francisco. they say the time has come, they need an answer from the city. they say more than just the future of the fairmont maybe at stake here. >> reporter: that's right the fairmont's owners say it could go up for sale if the city stalls on a proposal to convert these hotel rooms to condos. the fairmont owners have sent out this glossy flier asking the residents to contact the committee. they say they want to switch
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hotel rooms to condos, necessary to keep the hotel afloat. >> if we're not able to do this in the next week or so then we will have to decide our next steps. which most likely will include putting the hotel up for sale. >> i will respond to reasonable facts and arguments and not political propaganda. >> and then putting in more high end condos in this area has other neighbors concerned about the affordability of this area. >> reporter: but supporters say the plan will help other high end not hill hoe hotels that are up for sale or in bankruptcy. >> the economics of the neighborhood will increase because they'll have high end condominiums. and a five star hotel. >> what do we want? >> reporter: the fairmont's owners say they will hire more workers to guarantee five star service for the downsized
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hotel. but the entire proposal is being aggravated between san francisco hotel workers and unionized workers you see right there. david stevenson. santa clara city council may need a hail mary to pass a bill to build a stadium. and in sacramento tonight there is more concern this time from health care supporters over proposed health care cuts. a spokesman for the group health access california said that while assembly and senate committees are going along with most of the city's proposed cuts they are pushing back in some areas. >> legislators are rejecting the single worse cuts in the proposal which are those that would limit people the number of doctor visits or
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prescription drugs that people have so that people on dialysis or chemotherapy would have run out of coverage. >> reporter: governor brown hopes to have the final plan ready by march 10. ed lee is going to try to convince brown from shutting down city agencies. mayor lee plans to visit sacramento this week with a plan to shrink but not eliminate redevelopment agencies. in past years, most republicans have been supporters of security along the nation's borders with mexico. they voted to trim $500 million out of the budget. fund aimed at border security and immigration control. >> reporter: the battle boils down to how much money is needed to keep our borders safe. the republican led u.s. house passed a spending bill to fund a government this year that made history.
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it contained the deepest spending cuts ever, including some $272 million from border security and immigration enforcement. >> to help create a better environment for job creation in america, the spending bing has got to stop. >> reporter: missouri democrat claire mccaskel could barely contain her disgust at a recent immigration security hearing. >> i get whiplash sometimes around here. i listen to speeches about border security, then five minutes later the same people that are giving the speeches are yanking out the money in the budget that we need to secure the border. >> reporter: the homeland security secretary confirmed that what this means is that several hundred border patrol agents the agency planned to hire this year won't be at the border. >> i assume what they did yesterday basically wiped out what we were able to add to this effort last year? >> yes it was an experience in
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whiplash. >> reporter: some law enforcement officials along the border say they will have to lead on the feds more to help out. >> in regards to illegal immigration that's the federal job. but if it's a crime that's happening in my community, that's my job. >> reporter: and the senate will now need to take up, both of our senators have vowed to block it but time is running out. senators will only have a few days to take up the bill before the current funding runs out and the government shuts down. in washington, carol han, ktvu channel two news. one of the americans on board a jack high jacked by somali pirates has family here in the bay area. bob riggle and phyllis mckay
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have family in the bay area. today a southern california church held a prayer service for them. >> our prayers are with them. we hope the best for them. looking for a miracle i guess. hoping to hear some good news. we're on pins and needles here. >> a warship is shadowing the yacht as it heads to somalia. the one thing you should not do before undergoing a certain type of surgery, that according to new research from stanford. also the situation that has some bloggers suggesting that apple may be on the verge of a big announcement. and it's catching on, how some san francisco workers are stuffing a virtual suggestion box thanks to a program that started in the east bay.
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the bankrupt block buster movie chain has offered $290 million for the company. financial experts say it's a so called stocking horse bid. block buster filed for bankruptcy back in september after losing business to other rental companies. apple may be planning another big announcement. the launch of a new i pad. retailers around the world are reporting low inventories of the current model. some say that could mean an indication that a new model is now on the pipeline. and they are saying it'll be announced as early as next
5:40 pm
month. though there is no official word yet from apple on this new i pad. government 2.0 appears to be catching on. in san francisco, city workers announce cost cutting ideas through an online suggestion box. we brought you this trend of getting more people involved, that's when the san ramon fire department released an app for those who are certified in cpr can sign up. 10 students are involved in a program helping learn how san quentin works from the inside helping 20 inmates get a degree. the student run workshop is supported by stanford's criminal justice center. stanford researchers say there's one thing you shouldn't
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do before going in for hip or knee replacement surgery. new research suggests that the more people drink before these type of surgeries the higher the risk of complications. researchers looked at nearly 200 men who had the surgery and those who admitted having more than six drink as day were more likely to have complications than those who said they didn't drunk too much. the complications included stroke, infection and blood clots. bone density drugs may, and we have to stress here may help women live a longer life. researchers followed women for 15 years, scientists found women taking such drugs were about 2/3 less likely to die during the study than those who weren't getting any treatment. study authors note the findings don't find bone density drugs boost longetivity. this little device in the hands of a car thief makes it
5:42 pm
very, very easy to break into your car. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, what you need to know still ahead. and there's some rain just offshore, live storm tracker two picking that up. will that mean showers for the morning commute. and how about that snow? there's more cold showers headed our way. from health concerns to roadblocks, we'll have continuing coverage of this winter weather. plus they say they are just trying to pay their taxes. but the federal government says that isn't good enough. we'll explain a controversy between a medical marijuana dispensary and the feds, coming up next.
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now to a story you will see only on two tonight, the crime we've wave in the oakland hills that baffled its victims has
5:45 pm
deepened into a digital crime mystery. locked cars with no signsover entry, however someone managed to fool the car's security system and make out with valuable items from inside the vehicle. tom vacar has an eye opening look at the latest in digital crime. >> reporter: keyless remotes that lock and unlock cars are con vehement. c onvenient. and people believe that the remotes are 100% safe. >> very safe. >> i think they are very safe. >> reporter: more and more car owners are learning the hard way that the thing that makes keyless remotes convenient is also it's achilles heel. with a device i can't show you but it's readily available, i simply push the button on this
5:46 pm
and look what happens. no matter what button i push you simply cannot look your car leaving you vulnerable. another on car, same jamming device, same result. >> they wait for the victim to leave the area, and then they steal the contents of the car. >> reporter: another threat, insurance investigator bender says in some cases, thieves have cloned keys and remotes when cars are left in service. they can buy a cloned key at a key shop and programmable reports are available all over the internet. on the wrong hands. >> any where from 30 seconds to 30 minutes you can make the key to that car. >> reporter: one thief follows you after you park with a fog code detector transmitter. >> he just sends the signal to the other suspect and all of a
5:47 pm
sudden your car believes you appeared. >> reporter: and it's more than just theft. >> if you have someone in the backseat waiting for you, that's scary. >> this is scary. definitely want to look over your shoulder when you take off or as soon as you get in your car. >> reporter: so make sure you see, hear and know your car is locked. tom vacar. we have more news coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. julie haener is in the newsroom with some of the other stories we're working on. >> we will go back to walnut creek where friends and family members are struggling to cope with the death of two teenagers. the latest on that weekend outing that turned deadly. also it looks beautiful, snow atop area peaks but even colder weather is on the way. find out how that's proving extremely dangerous for some people in the bay area. plus a new plan to change the way drivers sign up to become organ donors. and we'll hear from libyans
5:48 pm
living in the bay area about their loved ones. bill monings proposal on tax forms would not expire next year it would stay in place until 2014. the option donations are used to help sea otters from fishing nets and toxins in the waters. things are not looking promising for mavericks. the contest near half-moon bay depends on the generation of those massive waves and organizers right now say they don't see any big waves coming before this year's period closes next monday. 24 world class surfers are standing by hoping for note to participate, but again at least until tonight it appears mavericks will not go off this year. we have breaking news from new zealand where a strong earthquake has caused some serious damage and injuries in
5:49 pm
the city of christ church. it was a 6. 6.3 magnitude quake. new zealand's prime minister says injury news have not been confirmed. and we are seeing more of the same weather we've seen in the last week, right bill. >> offshore right now, picking up some showers. what's unique about these showers is they are heading straight south. they are heading right down the coast. this area of moisture and more is going to end up down in baja if you can believe that. watch this system, isn't that interesting. just drops down the coast. frank was just talking about the mavericks contest. to get wedge from a storm like this it would have to sit out in the pacific. you're not going to get waves over here in alaska and drop straight down. that's not a wave producer. that's probably one of the
5:50 pm
reasons they are not having the contest. that system significant because had it rolled through we would have been really, really wet. the models doing very well showing that will be diverted. nothing out of control, but a cold start in the inland bay valleys as you would expect. there's not a lot of wind. moisture levels, our relative humidity is about 20%. no freeze advisories, you will see some frost. very easily you could see some fog forming in the inland bay valleys. it's going to be dry for a little bit. yet another weather system similar to this in its where it comes from its origins cops straight down. the next one bigger than this, and stronger and bigger. and right over us. so the computer model does this. here's the system we're
5:51 pm
tracking, by tonight it's farther south. and then clears the scene. we'll come in a little closer now. we're into tuesday and wednesday. everything is dry. keep watching, this is going to be interesting for you. it comes into wednesday, here comes the cold air. wednesday night at 11:00, we start to see clouds moving in. then the computer model keeps that tongue of moisture headed our way. what i'm getting at is that area of snow, pink and blue heading our way friday, saturday. so it's more like thursday, friday, saturday. we'll watch it. what i wanted to point out is that very cold air. an unusual week of cold weather ahead. thursday and friday it's going to be downright cold. with snow down to sea level. who's in and who's out. when it comes to the royal wedding. why the betabrakers is on its way down and what
5:52 pm
organizers are doing to try to save it.
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5:54 pm
the invitations are out for the royal wedding of prince williams and kate middleton. 1,900 invitations were sent out to guests. the guest list includes john
5:55 pm
elton and beckham. preparations are under way for the 100 beta breakers. but it's financial future could be in jeopardy -- but its financial future could be in jeopardy. the race has been losing money since ing has pulled out. the wacky race still has its supporters. >> i think it's a little wilder, it has been but it's such a fun, just celebration. >> actually on this block here i've never seen none of that. mostly a lot of people come and they recycle. >> reporter: organizers say they are hoping to transition the race from a boozy one to one that is just simply free spirited. to that end this year there will be a ban on both alcohol and floats. the race will also be limited to 50,000 racers this year. in the meantime race officials are talking with six different companies now as they search
5:56 pm
for a new sponsor to hopefully keep the betabreakers up and running. stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. look behind me, this sight is a big draw. hundreds trying to get up 6,000 feet, why they weren't successful and what's ahead for this week.
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hundreds of people try to get up mount hamilton to see some rare bay area snow. find out why they were turned aid way. we talk to some libyans living in the bay area who say they are scared that whatever they do here may hinder their relatives living abroad. >> reporter: good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. lower temperatures may be under way. maureen naylor joins us now she's in the south bay where the cold weather can be beautiful for some but dangerous for others. >> reporter: julie we've had some spectacular sights over the past few days of these snow
5:59 pm
capped peaks in the bay area. today alone we were told about 1,000 cars tried to get up there, mount hamilton this holiday all unsuccessful. chopper2 caught these images of the snow capped mount hamilton. moore works at the observatory. >> we haven't been able to open up the telescopes yet. we haven't been able to get up on top of the domes to clear off the snow. >> reporter: snowplows worked to clear mount hamilton. workers say when you see green hillsides and white peaks expect orange cones to be in your way. >> it's closed, whenever it snows it's closed because it's very treacherous. >> reporter: car after car, they were


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